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the cutting -w o u ld-be 4,500 feet, or some­ thing over half a mile. The effect of cut­ ting this chanael, it is urged, would be L ; beneficial in many ways—in the drain - ■ ' aq^e 1,180 lots— the reclamation of low . fou n d s now pregnant with fever and ague, enhanced commercial advantages,and aug- ihented facilities for manufacturers and the (Aeapness of land.— Tribune. W e have not much faith in Long.Island Canals— that is to say, judging from pefience, there seems no probabilitjy-that our Island will ever be graced with one. Some twenty-five years ago, an-'attempt * was made to locate one on the south side ' of the Island, connecting the Says that ' are linked along the whole coast, from Southampton 'to (Irav^esend; it fell through * ht that time, but prettynear the same pi .?^ect was revived about three years since, ^ 'and the Legislature of 1848, finally incor- l-porated “ The Long Island Canal and - Jfnvigatiqn Company,” with a capital stock ^ o f $300,000, with the privilege of com- ‘ mencmg- operations, so' soon as\$50 ■' should be subscribed,- and paid in; but jinfortunately the stock has never .been taken, and thus the matter stands— a fail­ ure. The v\^illiamsburghcrs’ held a meet­ in g lately to consider the first-mentioned proposition ; but the German population who reside in that portion of the village, ' wherein it was proposed to locate the ‘ canal, being disinclined thereto, voted it ■ down. Hence we apprehend another fail­ ure. ( B e n e j t a l N j e w e . I mphovements in the ^M etropolis .— The Tribune has for several weeks past been giving a series of-interesting articles, showing the “ improvements” in and about that famous city of Gotham, The fol­ lowing table shows the number of build­ ings therein erected from 1840.:—j 1840 850 increase ,, ' 113 1841 971 do 121 1842 . 912 decrease ^59 1843 1,273 ’increase■ 311 1844 1,210 decrease 6'3 1845 1.980 increase 770 1S4G i j n o decrease 70 1847 4 S4&- \ do ■ G4 1848 1,191 - do €55 1849 i;495 'increase 304 1850(9 mo’s.) 1,912 do .417 15,409 in eleven years;— The remaining three months of this year, will increase the total number to over 2 , 000 . M ilitary Y isit to E ngland .— I ho N. Y. 'Sim says that the New York Light Guard,” one of the crack” military com- panies of that city, under command of Capt. Vincent, are making extensive ar­ rangements to visit Liverpool, London and Paris, in June next. They contemplate ■ mustering one hundred strong, “ rank and file.” One of Collins’ magnificent steam­ ers is to convey them to England and back. In furtherance .of this brilliant de- ■ sign, we are informed that one of the hon- • ,orary members of this corps has signified • his willingness to subscribe |5000 towards ‘ defraying the expenses attendant upon the jaunt. This is a splendid idea— a voyage to Europe in these times is but a - boliday excursion. How delighted the true republicans of England and Prance .would be to see a Yankee,Volunteer com- - pany parading through the streets of Lon- don and Paris, and bow the eyes of the - autocratic rulers would open and twinkle K, at such a “ sight” from the new world. has been proposed to locate somewhere in or near N ew York, a Zoo- . logical and Botanical Garden, somewhat .after the style of the Parisians. There seems^to-be some probability that the r project wiM»e consummated,. The Cou­ rier and Enquirer, says that it- is in the Bands of an association of gentlemen, and • that it is proposed to. locate the garden on the property of the Audubons, adjoin­ ing- Trinity Cemetery, on 155th street, aud obtain from the Legislature an act of ; incorporation, the capital to be 1300^000, in shares Of $100 each, the whole to' be under the control of a Board of Directors. flOOjOGO'of the capital is to be devoted to the purebase^'of animals, embellishment of the grounds, etc.,- while the remainder is ' to be invested, and:-the interest of it and the receipts of the garden are to be ap- - plied to the incidental expenditures, divi- - ^ends, etc. The location has a wharf on ■* the Hnfison river, and a front du the Hud­ son ‘ Bailroad, near the\ -station- bOUSd* I t contains twenty acres-of -fine , ferest afid undulating'table land. 133=* The Cholera is committing the most fearful ravages at the Island of Jamaica'. Large numbers are dying daily. * | l a r k C itp Nems. James Gordon Bennett was cred­ ited with his ninth cowhiding on Saturday last, from the hands* of BIr. '.John Gra- ^ham, the New York Democratic nominee ‘*Tbirl)isfcrfec Attorney. Mr. Graham had allowed himself to be exasperated l y a series of gross and insulting attacks in the Herald, and thus paid the debt. We do not approve of the proceeding— it is paying too much attention to so miserable a rep­ tile as Be.nnett,— besides that, it is in viola­ tion of law and orJ-er. Graham has been arrested and held to bail to answer for th:=‘ charge of assault and battery. |33=» Another large fire ha's‘^occurred at San Francisco, destroying^property to the amount e f a nilHiort of-dollars. |I3=* The people of Texas have conclud­ ed to accepftheIjoundary proposition, by a majority of 2000. A CiiPiTAi. I d e a .—A medical gentleman in England, has adopted a very excellent plan for answering night calls without get-, ling’ out of bed, which might be success­ fully followed in -.the-'IJnited States. Be­ neath his half door bell is the mouth-piece of a gutta percha tube, which reaches to bis bed-side. When a call is made, he is enabled by the tube to hold a conversation with the party, whoever he may be, and get up and dress him.selfj or remain snug in the blankets, as the case may warrant. Now what is to prevent our American doctors from adopting the same method ? The ex­ pense of consti’ucUng such apparatus would be trifling, and would^soon pay for itself in the additional comfort they would gain hy it.— PkiL.Post. Tke Baltimm'e Board of Trade, and Hunt’s Merchants’ Magazine. — The following letter addressed to the editor of the Merchants’ Magazine by the President of the Baltimore Board of Trade, in his official capacity, expresses the universal appreciation ’in which ihelabors of Mr. Hunt are held in a department of literature that was entirely unoeeiipie'd until entered hy him some elev­ en or twelve years since — O rncE OF THE B oard . . of T r ad e , \ Baltimore, Nov. 4th, 1850. J S ir — 1 am requested by the Direcior.s of this Board to express to you the high .opin­ ion entermined.by them o f your “ Merchants’ M agazine;” its utility .to the’ commercial community— as well a.s fheir appreciation of the propriety-and-ability w ith ’which it Is conducted. In view of its great merit.s thi.'- Board de- sire.s a wide circulation of your valuable monthly publication. 1 am. sir, truly, Your most obedient servant, JOHN C. BRUNE, President Baltimore Board of Trade. |33°A 'ia'rge fire oceurfed'on the llih inst. at Fredericklon, ’ New Brmiswick. A-bout 300 building.s, many of them stores, were destroyed-, and some 2000 persons made houseless. Tiie Democrats have made a com- pie haul in New Jersey. They have elect­ ed their Governor, by-over 4,000’ majority, 3 out of ^‘Congressmen^ a Democratic L e g ­ islature and a U. S. Senator in place o f Mr. Miller, vVhig, (in prospective). In Massachusetts, the election has' been, very close— ihe Democrats gaining ground —Horace Mann, the Free Soil W h ig candi­ date for Congress in the 8th Di'Strict is elected, b)' Democratic votes, with a majority of 244, over the regular Whig and Demo­ cratic candidaie.s. -How does Mr. Daniel Webster feel about these time’s? . The coalition party— composod of Dem ­ ocrats and Free Soilers— have a large ma­ jority in the Legislature, which body will have to elect the Governor, no choice hav­ ing been made by the people. Gov. Briggs lacked over 7000 of a majority for re-elec­ tion. Mr. Boutwell, the Democratic nomi­ nee, will undoubtedly be elected Governor, and Stephen C. Phillip.’^-, (free soil) will be sent to the- U .’ S. Senate in place of Mr. Winlhrop. O ne l i t t l e l i t o f sc a n d a . l .— W e have an invaluable lady correspondent in Paris — a belle in its gayest society— and she mentions, among other gossip, the present­ ation, to her, of one of the famous E a s tJn- dian Princes of Nepaul, who have been all the rage in London and. Paris this year. She says :— “ He was dazzling with jewels, but the nasty creature is oiled daily from head to foot, and it was so disagreeable to stand near him tha-f I was obliged to plead faintness arid leave the room !”—Home Jourr.al. M a t r i m o n i a l .— The following singular advertisement appeared a few days ago, in thecolumus-of a London paper:— “ To E l­ derly Gentlemen. ■ A young lady, of highly respectatle connectionsj rather above the middfo height, of an amiable disposition, agreeable temper,etc., is df.sirous of forming matrimonial engagement with a gentle­ man (from deckled .preference) some twenty or thirty years her senior. To one of 'sen­ sible mind, whose tastes and dispositioLS resemble her own, and who could, conscien­ tiously, having no fortune of her own, offer her to share with him the re finemenls and luxuries cf life in exchange for the cheerful society and undivided affection of a confid­ ing wife, this advertisement, which is o f no common, character, may be appreciated, but it will require an explanation before; it Ean lose the truly unfeminine CRSt it must ac­ quire in the eyes of itsTreaders. It is re­ quested that no gentleman under fifty, and none'from~\klle curiosity;.w-iil respond »to this, s ince a mo'St carefal-iuvestigaiion will be made and courted, and inviolable sacre- cy imposed aud relied .on ere an interview be granted. Address, with leal name,” etc. |33=^ A%reat blast was made on the Hud­ son River Railroad last week, by which nearly 80,000 euBic feet o f solid rock were loosened. The blast, in^which 36 kegs of powder were used; was successfully set off bylfie action of a galvanic ibaitery, under direction of Professor Morse. More lh a n three miles o f telegraph wiresused iin the occasion.— THpawALDSEN.—The Scandinavian cor­ respondent of the Tribune, thus discourses cancerning the genealogy of this celebrated Danish-sculptor;— “ About the year one thousand, as well .known, the continent of America, was dis- ’’covered by the hardy and adventurous Northmen, and a temporary settlement ef­ fected in the neighborhood of Narragan.selt Bay. Then and there a boy was born, who was the first of the Caucasian race whose eyes had opened upon the light of day among the forests of the new world of the West. T h is child afterwards married and settled in Iceland,and from himThbrwaldseu was lineally descended. So the great sculp- tol was of Yankee blood, our worthy sharp­ faced and sharp minded Down-Easters are proverbial for their love of carving and cut­ ting, ana thus his taste for the chisel may be'easily and satisfactorily ‘aceounied for, by the doctrine of the hereditary transmis­ sion of character.” The Sacramento Transcript, in speaking of a soiree given by the mayor, say?, “ The mayor of the city— thedadies, «S:c., were ap-. propriately and elegantly drunk, and the pprty separated in fine cheer.’’ For the. PdairULealer. H o rse-Racing D ear P laindealer : The Editor o f the American Agriculturist in a review of the June number o f his m ag­ azine makes the following '.judicious re­ marks in speaking of Race Horses. “ I have no objection to the race nor pop­ ular trials of speed. But as things are, and have long been conducted in this country, I have-beeonie so disgtlsled’ with the very nam’e of'race.horse t h a t ! can no longer look upon the subject without prejudice.” And again “ the race courses have generally be­ come sinks of immorality, every way inju­ rious to the community and I would no sooner publish anything having a tendency to commend them than I would any other matusfactury o f clrunkard.s*” Tins’is a-stfong'lang^nage, b u l l fully en­ dorse it. I have never been in the habit of frequenting such places, but in the few cases where I have been inveigled into an attend­ ance I have witnessed such unblushing im­ morality in the shape of drunkenness, gam­ bling, betting, swearing, &c. &c , that I have almost made a vow never again to lend my countenance to such-^spoii:. N o w why should this state of things exist ? There is certainly no objection to a contest of speed -between two or more of the noblest of the Inferior’animals— there is no cruelty in it. These horses are rarely or ever ovei-tasked. And their love o f the sport and emulation is ^uite as great as their masters. Iti is evident then that the objections of the Christian must lie in this, that it .must be'an accessory o f vice, or vice would not so abound in its neighborhood. .What then must be done? It is idle to say “ do away with the sport, if sport yon call it.” It will not be done away with,-.with.a cei- tain class *(and a portion'of •that c lass,’ a highly respectable on'e,) it is at-certain sea­ son.'? all engrossing. I f therefore the evil can­ not be done away with, how can it be m ili- , gated ? I can think of but one way. let the respeetable portion of the community of .sportsmen, form-clubs among themselves and let stringent ‘ resohuions govern their conduct.— such for insl’ancea.'?iiicfollowing : 1. No person shaVl be admitted upon this coursewithout a ticket endorsed by Dire of the proprietors, who will thus be a voucher for the respectability of the holder. 2. The horses entered shall be ridden or driven by their owners. 3. No betting shall on qtnj account be allowed upon any horse entered for a race upon this course, and a violation of this rule shall be .cause sufficient to ex pel I the offender. 4. No bar shall be allowed upon this course, and gambling of all kinds shall be expressly prohibited. 5. An entrance' fee of — dollars shall be demanded of every owner entering a horse, and this moneyj after deducting the expense of the day, shall be devoted to the purchase of a ------- whlclTshalLhe bestowed upon the winner. 6. As by-the strict e n forcem entof the fore­ going rules, everything calculated to offend the most •fasiidio.us o f the fair sex, will be done away with, every-ind-ucenaent shall be made to* induce the Ladies to lend us^tbeir support upon such occasions. As Lty-so^ doing we believe that they Will pUt a gfeatfif check upon immorality thancould the most stringent resolutions. Now Messrs Editors, I am awar^ that many objeclions-oan s till be made to this mode of amusement and I am disposed to admit their force in most cases, yet assum­ ing that ihis f o lly cannot he done away with at present, do you not agree with me, that a society based upon the above resolutions would go far towards mitigating the evil, and that therefore I am entitled to some thanks as the onginator thereof? I n n o v a t o r . IVew Yoi-fe markets. FLOUR AND MEAL.—The market stands thus .-—Flour, prime Genesee,—^5.a6. r Ind'an Meal,—3.12a3. • W HEAT, Genesee—$ l .a l .l 9 . RYE—83 1-2. CORN—70a7X BUCKWHE A T -^^c. OATS—Northern 40a41. N.Jersey 37a39 HAY in bales,—50a6D 62 1-2. Beef Cattle,—$5a7 50 C«ws and Calves,— ^ 2 2 lo $ 4 7 50. S h e e p , - $ 4 50. Lambs,— ^1.25a$2 ^Pji3 |Q. jBounty l.aud Bill, ilB until V^N“ Beekman Street. ^ e r d o n k , Manhassp.t, J^ov.'r 8, 1850. M ■ M produce. -Thanktul fijr past favors, a continu­ ance of the public patronage is solicited wc trust perfect satisfaction will be given i •e8-n\o\pains,will be. spared on our part to merit J. VAN WfGKLTN. JAMES MUT'rEB, Roslyn Bept. 20.18-50. M O N E Y WAfl&JL’-A O . CH'O S2000, ^1.500, $1000, $600 and $6U0, wanted on Bond and* Mortgage, on good property, at 7 per cent., payable half yearly, uire of EUGENE \VALENTINE 87 W all -S treet , New—York- On Wednesday morning, the 13th inst., in the Church of the Holy Trinity, Brooklyn, by the Rev, Dr. Lewis, M r . R ichardson G. L at - ?ON*to MI*R M artha G lover , eldest daughter of Major LeGrand G, Gapors, all o f that city. ''On Tuesday morning, in Calvary Church,^fcy Revt Df!*Hawks, M r . C harles R. L incoln , ed- itor of the Flushing Journal, to Miss S arah E. D avis , bolh’of Flushing, L*. I. ■Wo’are exceedingly rejoiced that our friend Lincoln has at last committed matrimemy, and if one' shade of sorrow cros8eS\US upon the dccasior, it is?s ------- tiat^ the printer- toa$ iHoi rmembered, NEW-yORK CyiNING PCST. , C I R C U L A-R . ' O ff ic e , N afsau St;, > N ew Y ork C itv . ( th e WEEKJ.Y. EVENING POST is now published upon a sheet o f the same size as-that on which our daily ^addition is prfcted. Thi.<3 enlargement, which e nables us to print twelve additional columns of matter, or. what will be equivalent to more than one thirds^nore than the previous contents of that paper, has been resolved upon from a desire to make onr week­ ly edition more cdmpletej but without intending B MOBTBACfE SAtE. Y VIRTU E of a power h f Oohtafrcd in a raertgago dated the first-day ..of May, to increase its cost to subscribers. We cannot permit the Occasion ever without freminding our frii to pass, how- iDiinding our friends’, that the Heriaily inci hildren, ‘ persons- ____ ^ ___ , . . ng claims against the G o v e rnm e n t, a re informed t h a t the undersigned is p repared to o btain land W a rrants and Patents, and to aid in securing such claims, on reasonable terms. \H . W. EASTMAN Counsellor at Law. Roslyn, Nov. 8,1 1850. % M a c y & Sons^ Epei'm C a n d les. W e call th e a ttention of buyers to a superior article of Sperm Candles, of the above Man­ ufactory, and can recommend them equal to any Candle ever offered in thie maiket. Tl'rU S & CHAPMAN. Mankasset, Nov. 8, 1650. To Let, A couvenii-nt House, in good order. Imme­ diate possession given. Apply to A. W. LEGGETT. Roslyn, Nov. 8, 1850. E a m p O i l s . A fresh supply of Lamp Oils just received by us, v iz: PURE SPERM OIL. ELEPHANT OIL, warranted to stand the weather. BLEACHED W INTER OIL, all of which wc offer at market prices. 'ilT U S & CHAPMAN. Mauhasset, Nov. 8, 1850. ‘ Fo Sale. A.low priced ponv built horse, also a. light huggy waggon. Apply at this Office, or to EDWARD W. LEGGETT. Roslyn,-Ni.v. 1, 1850. BurRing Fluid# I keep constantly oh hand William’s -supe­ rior BURNING FLUID. Also an assortment of Glass and Metal Fluid Lamps. ^ 8f E. LEW IS, Ja. Weslhury, Oct., 25. 1850. ______________ Turks’ Isiaucl Salt. ' 3 0 0 Bushels Turks’ Island Salt on hand, direct from on board Ship, for sale cheap at our stores. TITUS & CHAPMAN. Mankasset, Nov. 8. ' T H E ' i m ’G ISLAND AG&lCtffS^rURAIi WORKS, Hempstead Branch, L* I# GEO R G E F. JER O M E, Manufacturer of Whcelor’s Patent Chain Horse Powers, Overshot Threshers; Separators, and other Agricultural Machines. * Hoi so Powers, from $ 5 5 to. $ 8 5 with the privilege of threshing fo r their noighbore- T h resher and Separator, 25 to 36 Fanning Mills, 19 to 22 Clover and Seed Hullers, _ 28 Corn Shellers, • 7 to 8 Straw and Stalk Cutters, 5 to 25 All arliclcs warranted to give ratisfaclion or may be returned;'Within a reasonable time, and the money will be refunded. All orders by mail or otherwise promptly at tended to. 3wf RlOarElX' T O A.OAN-. One sum of $ 4 5'K). One sum-of $2000. One sum of 1 100. One sum of 4000. Also, several smaller sums ; from .$500 to $1090. And the following sums will be ready about the 20lh instant. One sum o f $4 300. One sum of $2 700.^ One. sum (f 1 500 One sum of 7 000, which will be divided into smaller sums if dc- Persons wishing to loan either of thc.se sums offic< change very mat,eria)ly increases our expenses^ for which many thousand additional subscrib^ ers will be necess ircss, for ten dollars. In its former shape,? we belicve ii to have been the cbeapestjourual. published in- the UnK ted States. In nearly doubling its size, w*e feel tJiat we establish a claim upon onr readers and friends, to Which we hope-they'will texcuse -lis' for directing their attention.• The Evening Post is the oldest democratic paper in the state of New York, and one ot the oldest, in the United States. The plan- Iculated to secure for. it any but dfeinterested support. Its editorial columns have been uni- foimly appropriated to tvhat were deemed mat- upon which .t has been conducted has calf ’ ' ” \ - ' — ■ foimly appropriated to what were deeme ters of public concern, and lh /3 pfoprietoi fidently appeal to \its who’e history, now a period of only one year less than half a century to shfjw a single instance in which .it has cif- posed dio not lend to tue public good. =*-ln pros, ecuting lhis course .tliey have been frequently brought 111 conflict with t h e ....................... individuals, and of classes ; ogle instance in which .it has culated opinions which its editors did not en­ tertain, or advocated measures which they sup. sd did not lend lo the public good. - -In pros. ave been frci 5 private inte 1 ; * they hav — ----------- ^ ---- - and valued -jiionus, to assail hoary aird nonsecrated prejudices, and to denounce wickedness and crime in high places. More than twenty years ago, Ilia Evening Post began to plead for the doctrines- of free trade when every Northern Journal Was either silent or openly advocating protective tariffs. The'' Evening Post was one of the earliest n frequ 5 interests of inaivmuais, ana oi classes ;• they have been compelled to disoblige old and valued -firiends’, mg champions of state rights against the encroach­ ments of the federal government; it has resist­ ed with unceasing effort, that system of inter­ nal improvents which at o-ie lime threatened the budding enterprise of this country with the ■unequal and lolal competition of the general government; it has opposed special legislation and all grants of special privileges, wherever and whe never its opposition seemed to be required; it labored with no ordinary devotion to rid the country of the national bank, and to establish in its stead the sub—treasury system, which now remains one of the most durableaiid con'spiLu- ous monuments of American statesmanship ; it has steadfastly defended the right of petition it resisted the passage of the last bankrupt law ; it resisted the as.-uniption of state debts, and it lias resisted every effort to extend the area of human slavery. If each of the’presont subscriber.s of the Eve­ ning Post would send us one, only one, -addi­ tional subscriber—and that could be done with­ out an effort--we should have nothing more to desire. That would fully cover the outlay which we haye incurred and encourage us to make other impr6vein:6n{&--in the character of our paper-whieff wpnl# perhaps as materially add to^rt-s intcrcgt'and value, as' its, projected erilai^em«rrt. s^Is-it-'too much to-ask of those who have thought our paper worth its fprice, and who have satisfaction in perusing its con­ tents, to bring it to the notice of their neigh- -We-wodld be glad also to hear occasionally from onr friends, by correspondence, in relation to matters of public interest ocouring in their spective neighborhoods. \Prompt and reliable counts of the'proceedings at Pnblic Meetings and Phebe Ann his wifev*iti 0 rlgagor 8 ,*to.?ecufe’ J. Polhamus, mongagees, and, recorded -m- — Queens County Clerks r ffice .in -5^ pf Mortgages, at page 253; ■nn^Janna’ry 2d 1849. On which IWortgage iherens eiaimed to he due at the time of-the first publication o£4kiB-npH«« ___ _ eleven ii undred and severity-fiye dol’ttir; .wSl be \' sold at Public Auction; at Titus’& Chairman’s Inn, Mankasset, North'Hempstead, Queens., County, on the- T H I R D day of FebruhPy, the huirdiftgs thereon, situated-^dl'^bfeirg4n\ ■- the villnge oiGlem Cove, Town of-Gy-stsfrfciyv »• County and State aforepaid,'-bounded as'fol­ lows: being on the soulh’wdraiy'Mde dr the ( road leading through the said vlflagc and*at?-^ '. joining the mill pon<t, to wit, hegihlng %l 4he > north west corner of flie .said lot and adjgjnJn’g^ the' land’ o f Joshua Kuk, as Ihe fence-n®W- stands, luhiiinsr sonthwm-dly by said'Kmk#^- ;* •land to the inijl-pond ; theiice eastwardly ^by . •Ihe mili-poTid |o land of Nathaniel Townsend) ' ‘ thence by said Townsciid’s landf'-riorthwafaiyy ■ •: to-the road ot .highway ; thenc^ - b y ' - ^ , purtenances. Defautt-hrorin been made in the payment of the moriey afore-_^ faidj Rod n’6 suit or procebdmgs’ having^ beei:^ pfi con- instituted at law to re cover-the debt now re* ';-i maining secured bv said Mortgage, or any part thereof. Dated November 1, 1850. * ' JOSEPH Wf-FOSTER* Jr. * f RICHARD- m o l d AMUE. . ^ H. G. ONDERDONK,A«V. Manhasset, L I. - - • . \ a s s l i v a l J ; $ 1 ,0 0 0 W o r th o f . FALL AMD W IHTER^M M ^l - X T IS ASTONISHING W HAT A t p K ''' M tie money will do in this enlightened : « g e ; '■> —for instat—e, \ '—teresting \ been robbed cy will do in this enlightened : « g e ; ' ,nc an in stranger had i of all his clothing in California.'^ uotv/oi,,. laiiiic. ijggjj jobbed or all ins clothing in California.-r- ot the earliest Indignant at such treatment,-he shook* th'e’-^^sf '^ I’he first was speedily re-', lieved by a little, “ Long Island Balsam,*’ arid\'*^ the last be found in great abundance on*'oiit shelves. Down with the dust he cried,-as die jumped into a pair of oiir best boots, and wfig-’ ^ gled into a suit of fine broadeloih,—stuck a new hat on his head, a sugar in his mouth’, sat down, looked at ns for a minute, and then burst into the following thrilling song : “ Here’s sacks and coatir-and jackets too For Farmers, Fops or Sailors, •* And legaloons ol every hue. To glad the eyes of Taifors. . ’ Here’s vests, and.drawers, and bootS,ahd ctCps ' And shirts for every fancy. Cravats, and socks, and-real silk hats, -A-nd.gaitcrs too for^, Nancy. ' Hermgrown up men, and'litlle boys, I The LUdy fah-iand-Bifliy “ , . . May gather shoes, or clothes or tovs, .nd other needful.«f.eedful.«f, n maybe. Cigars for those who nee-d Tobacco for eschei ers, .a pvff, Ol all but quids in quantum suff, In other words for cliewers. - ’ In truth a fist of every thing W ould tedious be to m ention, ^ ,, So let these words through wavldom riflg ‘ They mexit due attention?” Well, said he, as ins last sWeet note dicd'Up*- on the air, a-man must be=poor' indeed*, *who has not enough to buy what he wants here, when he can get a suit for a pinch —of gold.—■ in their when he can get a accounts ol the proceedings at rnblic Meetings which wbuld be but a trifling tax .upon the time of the writer would add’ greatly to the variety and iriterest.of our columns. Suggest­ ions as to the state of-*publie opinion, in differ­ ent quarters, and the-views there entertained upon the questoins at the time engrossing pub-. lie attention, might serve to lighten our labors and rfirect us safely in the path w'hich it is our ambition to pursue. TERM 3.- The Evening Post, daily , per annum; ,$10\ 00 The Evening Post, weekly , • for a. ” ■ 1 00 10 00 t for a pinch —o f gold. The fellow keeps everything, let me sees whaPs his n a m e and num h ei ? Oh, I see. , JAMES M. S T I L L W E t X , ^ Tariefy Stol’e. no .’ s 3 AND 4 KOSLYN HALL. Roslyn, Sept 6ih, 1850. single copy, payable In advance. E leven copies of do., to one addrei Evening Post, sejii - weekly - . for single copy, payable in advance, 3 00 T en copies of do., to one address, 20 00 of copie 20 00 For any number of copies of do., be. tween five and ten (per copy) 2 00 WxM. C. BRYANT & CO. ■■ Near York, Oct., 1850. .JGREAT JBARCIAIMS - /O D S ,sli| onsisting O O D S ,slig h tly damaged by fire and water V j r ° o « s is tin g of B R IT T A N I A and JA P A N w a r e s , E N ’M E L L E D K E T T L E S ,S foons , , The Sloop Sarah Elizabeth; CAPT. JAMES M UTTEE, WILL LEAVE MONITIOSE DOCK, NEW-YORK, / - \ N AND AFTER &EPT.'= 30lh, ON\ SATURDAY NIGHT; INSTEAD OF Mondays as heretolorc, - Returning, will leave New Y o ik from t h e foot of -Pik^street every C utlery , &c..ju.st received,and for sale at very low prices by ■ S. A;'KETCH AM, Store opposite W m . H ick ’ s s-roRE Roslyn, July 2, 1859. autbor -of hipp L e >WELL. RAIET EXCERSIOIVS. NEW YORK M I FLUSHING. ■•FARE ’ 20 CENTS. The hew- Hnd Cowimadioug Steamer I S L - A N D C I T Y , Will; on apd a'’tcr Monday, September 21 leaye FuUon Market Slip daily, except Sundays, at ’10 A. M', anU 4-P. M. Eeaxe F lL tJS IU N G a t 8 A. M., anil 1 1-2 P.M. This is the most delightful ’excnTsion thaica'n be madenearthc city. The exto.isive nurseries and gardens are now in their perfection o f flowers and the proprietors pleaded to receive visitors. Stages to and from RSslyn, Manhasset, Great Neck and Little Neck, run in connection w'ith this Boat each trip, at Reduced Fares. ’ THOMAS. CORNWELL, Stage Proprieioi F A r llE - - R F R U C E O . G R A N D D E P O T I . t J M B B R , a W t IIE YARn OF ISAAC PECK & SON, F i . u s j a i . a i a , — Where can he found :— A large and extensive assortment of all kinds y \ of LUMBER and building material at the l o w e s t c a s h p r i c e s / Those about'bu-lding, will find it to their ad­ vantage to-examme our stockf before purchas. ^^^Flushing Landing, Sept. G, 1850. ' 6mo ^ T e “ h a v e JU S T 'O P E N E D A NEW ; ' W fMSortffient of BOOTS and -SHOES,* araong’them Bomb very Heavy Boots made ex- preasly for the^ Long Island Shore trade, both pegged aVtd sdwed,' which our custonieri will please ball and examine at our Storesv^ . . TITU S & GHAFMAN. Manhat~»ei,Oci.\l8, 1850. r- E o r ‘ Roslyn, Manhasset, Great Neck and liittle N^eek Q ^ K E i m IN 1851 a ; GRAHAM ha.s completed the most exten­ sive airangemenis to give still higher-charao-» ter and value to his Magazine for the comiiig volume. G. P. R. J- asies , the celebrated Novelist, has been engaged to’ give a sciics of. qpleHdid-«ro- manecs. G eoikse D. Pr.ENTiss, the Poet\of the^ West, will write exclusively a poem for every num- G race G reenwood is engaged to giTO a series of her beautiful stories. J, M. L fgare , of South Carolina, tribute a brilliant set of papers 1851. M iss F ennimore C ooper , the autl Rural Hours, is also engaged, with Wi and-L ongfellow , B ryant and L owell . T. - B. R ead , the A-rtist-and Poet, is riow-at Dusseldofffon his way to Itafysr-t'o-famish from the Galleries a superb'set of drawings. -‘Ar­ tists from America have been sent fo London and Paris, and a splendid set of highly finish­ ed drawings by the renowned D avid , of Farij, are to be furnished for Graham’s ineornpaj'abJe Ladies’ Department, which wilhexccl anything that has ever been produced in-Paris,Engtend or the United Slates. ' The first appears in the December nomber.' • All this forcfells a y'eaf of splendor in' this ’ Magazine for'1851—and as ever, Gr«ka«n’s readers will-be astonished; • G’ralmm-“^aiso abolishes tiie system of canvassing agents, and constitutes every Postmaster and Editors • Agents. - , Now is the time to form Clubs, as the ~ . December number closes the Vofuille. TERMS —S ingle C opies $3. ^ P rice of C lubs for 1851.—All orders for Graham’s Magazine^ commencing witb'i85L will be supplied at tha- folio win g-ratei subscrib $10: , , , pepy to the . person sending-the club of ten subscribers. These terms will not be departed from by any of the three dollar magazHtes. A ll orders address, d t o ' - 4 -- GEORGE R-GRAHAM, 134 Chestnut 8t,;P-hifaft#bia;.jPa. ■ New XHmfeer :-¥ard 11 • -' rp H E UNDBRSIG NEDdiave-now-uif haiid^ i a lull -supply of LUMBER—comprising ailfhe varieties wanted FOR BUILDING PURPOSES. Which they will sell at the lowest - MhrKet ‘ Price. • ALSO ---- Lime, Brick, -Plaster,*- Gemdnt, Masons’ Hair, Lath, &c. ’ ; , PECK. & FAIRW EX t h IER. Flushing, Oct. 18, 185U. ‘ AtecdMaiOBA'IlDlV I.I3V12 b y STEAMBOAT AND STASES. On and after Monday, i?ept, 9tb, 1850 will U’C-Roslyn 5-1-2 o’clock? A M., and 12 o’clock Neck at ( , will leav or' Island City from- Fultoi Market -Slip, at 9 1-2 o’clock A. M., ana 4 3^2 o’clock R M. leave-Roslyn 5 . P, M.; Little Neck at 6 1-2 o’clock, A. M.,and 1 o’clock P. M. R eturning , will leave Nf W York by the steam* •* Island City from - Fulto I -Market -Slij ^ _ to procure their*tibkets of the captain oil board of the-boat. . Fare to Roslyn 56 cents, M a n h a s s e t 5u cts.. Little Ncck'44cts., Bav Side'3s. THOMAS CORNWELL,.PrtopKiE-TOR. JPeedI Peed!! iber has constantly oil id assortment of foedf ___________ axidi *FINB SiiO R T S f. R i m . F £ E D ,.G ,» „ . ■’OctoberIP, 050. . ' ‘ * ' ^ Uoat fouiid. , ■iRIOl/ND, on the shore of the^ubscrlbeH a P small I'ow -boatr vvhich'-tlrt owiief have =on applidatidh>to ; , V V M .M lTC H E L L ^ S k ttH . ■ Great Neck, Oci. 4. 050^ ' . •’ S t e w a r t ’siSyriijP. We havh -justTeceived a. new B ' ■*’ \efined fined ^ t ’^R SyfUp, 'which we^ffeir^ ■ Titus ■&: ' -^Mankasset, Nov-

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