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Page 8 • OJ.omnrhl:e:msis • May 18, 2000 Student forum Elections Candidates or Senior Class Re • resentattve Jon Tower We are entering our fmal stretch here at Union, a place that we've called home for about 3 years. Since we've arrived here, there have been a nurp.ber of physical and social changes that have impacted our ev~ryday life. Many of us have fond memories of our time. here at Union inside and outside of class. We are now approaching a very important tirne in the school's history with U2K and semester/trimester debates. Five years from now, our school could be completely differ- ent, socially as well as academically. With these two major issues along with many oth- ers facing the student forum, wouldn't you like someone representing your class who will make conscientious decisions regarding :subjects of such importance? I'm willing to put the time and effort into listening and de- termining what's best for our class and Union. Our senior year is quickly approaching. Personally, I'dlove to look back a few years from now and say that my senior year was the best time I had in college. I believe everything's whatyoumakeofit. But it helps when someane already has something planned for you, so you don't always have to make the decisions. That's where your class Jordan Lippman My name is Jordan Lippman and 1 am running for student forum representative of the class of 2001. Much to the chagrin of the Administration; I have recently forward to organizing and .taking part in a · ·elected to become a proud. member of the number of class events. Along with such classof2001 inordertoaccomplishmyaca\\ traditions as senior wine and cheese, senior demic goals. This gives me an advanta- week, and senior nights at Chets, I'm inter- geous perspective not unlike that of a pro- ested in implementing your ideas about ac- fessional senior. The strengths and com- tivities fol!' out class and starting new tradi- · mitme11ts I will bring to office include anew tions. I'm a hard worker, willing to listen ·perspective, an open.nrind and persistence and put the time and effort into doing a good and determination to fight for student is- job. sues. Some Qtf my personal goals will be to en- They also include a need to see results, a hance.clu.b~club interactions to offer more desire to work with you to take back our social activities for the campus, improve educational eXJ?erience. I will promote pre- upon existing senior events and create new grams that will assist students in their ef- activities for our class. forts to secure jobs. I will help to enhance So Cla:ss of 2001, come out and VOTE the intellectuallife on .campus. For instance, FOR JON TOWER on Ftiday May l9 1 h for Union must allow students access to the SENIORCLASSREPRESENTATIVE. library or other academic study locations 24-hours a day. In adilltion, I wish to help a smoother transition to college life with programs such as a stu- dent-mentoring pn>gram. We ma~tadaptto the changes about to take place at Union, but these changes don't have to detetmine how we live our lives or how we have fun. I want to facilitate student :involvement in gov- ernment by using open forw:ps and ideas from the class to create ameaningfUlsenior year. I will use your ideas to develop creative, en- tertaining and c·asual social e~ents, which are necessary to develop an ideatity for the senior class of2001. Together we will create a meltlorable se- nior year. While we cannot relive our college experience, it is not too late to have a lasting impacton Union. Vote Jordan Lippfflt!.n for senjordass rep- Candidates for Sophomore Class Representative YoniMalchi My name is Y oni Male hi and I am running for Sophomore Class Representative. This past year I was on Student Forum as the Freshmen Class Vice President and I feel I learned a lot about myself and the politics of Union College. This experience taught me the importance and power of my position. l feel I worked extremely hard to fhndraise and set up fun events for our class. This hard work gave me the experience I will need to continue to represent my class in the future. will take every concemseriously. Listening With one year of leadership at Union Col- to who I am representing is what I feel will lege under my belt I know what it takes to make our class more active. Having a class make important changes at thi~ ::::chool I will that is active in the school and community a be to and I will allow to have more fun. !2~~ua'!!.!t~~ry am runnit~g for representative of the sopho- more class. Some of you may know me as ••Grandpa,\ the kind old man. I feel I need to address this, because it seems more people know me as an \old man\ than by my real name. Call me what you will, or call me the twain if yau want the best of both worlds. My home is Wrentham, Massachusetts. I am a graduate ofXaverian Brothers High School in Westwood, Massachusetts. I came to Union College with the hope that I could have a positive influence on the student body. This is a fine opportunity for me to make a unique difference on this campus. The qualities I possess have been a life- long, growing process. Highschool is where I was able to strengthen my integrity and learn what qualities are necessary to live a life based on good morals. I have a unique insight to the world and the ability to make decisions that please everyone and let no one down. I will listen to the requests of the students and utilize my own goodwill to make decisions for the class. What I bring to the class will undoubtedly produce creative re- sults that wiU only benefit us as a whole. I want what is best for the class as much as anyone else. OK, enough babble about my character that is probablyundistinguishable from any other candidate. We all believe we are good people, that is why we are running. The nick- name was instated early last fall. There are two possibilities for the initiation of this nam.e: 1) I possess a unique wisdom of someone who has lived a long, prosperous life; some- one who· has seen the world and made his deductions about what is right, or 2) I am a wackjob kid who acts senile and cailllot con- vey a thought without demonstrating sure signs of Alzheimer's disease. The latter is impossible. I am only nineteen years old! The only way I can justify this is to assume that 1 am wise for my age. How about some cool changes in the school'? We can change Dutch Hollow to the Max and drink strawberry milk shakes and play pinball just like they did at Bayside back in the early 90's. No, you don't think I'm seri~ms, do you? I don't want to bring us bacl< in our evolutionary progress, be~ cause this is a new millenium. This is Y2K, or G2K if you will. That' sright, Grandpa Two ThousatJd. I will bring us into a new age with style. I have only one thing left to say .. To those of you who j.oke around with me and say that I am not playing witl:la full deck or that I am not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, I will say only this: I willalways throw down the ace, and I will always shine bright. Vote for Grandpa on Election Day. Steven Weintraub My name is Steven Weintraub·and I am running to represent the sophomore class . ~ext year. I feel that any class officer should possess a few qualities in order to truly be effective. A class officer should be active in school~ctivities, have leadership experi- ence, be a people person, care about the school, and most importantly care about what the student body wants and fight for it I feel confident that I fit all of the afore- mentioned characteristics. This past year since I have come to Union, I have become active in many clubs and taken on leader- ship roles. I.am currently the secretary of Union College Emergency Medical Ser- vices, a floor delegate, and the Presidentof the Kosher Kitchen. In addition to these two leadership roles I am a Gate Keeper, in the International Relations Club, the Israeli Culture Club, I tutor kids weekly, take Ka- rate, participate in intramural sports, and I am in a fraternity. As can be seen from my activities I am knowledgeable in many parts of student life making me very aware of what the school · I also feel that in addition to ex:perience, a class officer should have ideas for the future of the class and to promote unity. So far, I have come up with a few ideas and have re- ceived a few suggestions from friends in re- gards to some fun class activities. However, I am always open for more suggestions, and everyone should feel free to email me at weintras@union.edu. Currently, I would like to see the sophomore class have a dance at the end ofthe year in recognition {)four half- way point here at Union. Another idea that I have is to have a beach day at west beach. This would consist of a day filled with games such as volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, capture the. flag, as well as water fights and possibly a giant slip and slide. Pretty much just a fun day for all of the sophomores to come on out and enjoy themselves. Class unity is iinpor- tant, and the best way to do it, is by having fun activities that everyone will enjoy. If elected to represent the sophomore class, I promise to do so to the best of my ability. I will listen to what the srudent hody wants, and act on it. So I hope that everyone comes out and Votes for who they feel the best can- didates are, I hope you come out and vote forme, STEVEN WEIN1RAUB.

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