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Page 12 ·May 18, 2000 · Qloncarbiensis OP/ED Suspicion Surrounds Election •The Petsona Is! De~ Editors: I am writing to express my dis- app{)intment in the actions of Andy Markowski, senior trustee. Markowski, in his role as senior trustee, is charged with the task of running the elections for the Stu- dent Forum. After the elections for the Student Forum positions al- most two weeks ago, Markowski rep()rte d the resu Its to Concordiensis, but failed to report the actual vote totals that each can- didate received. I find this to be very troubling for two reasons. First, Markowski's actions are troubling because of his past his- tory -offraudulent elections. After last fall's debacle in which he as- siste<l his fraternity brother, Matt Rapoport, in running a bogus elec- tion with imaginary candidates and fabricated advertisements, Markowski should do everything in his power to regain the student body's trust of the elections pro- cess, whose credibility was shat- tered after that incident. Withhold- ing vote totals is a backhanded move that adds an aura of suspi- cion to the elections. More importantly, Markowski's actions are troubling on a broader level. Markowski broke the prece- dent set two years ago of releasing the vote totals to the press. Two years ago, Senior Trustee Ruthie Strosberg and others used the ar- gtunent that the Forum would not release the vote totals because they feaFed this would detract potential candidates from running for fear that an embarrassingly low vote total W()uld be printed. Finally, it was de- cicied that the vote totals were to be rei eased as it was the fair and demo- cratic th:ing to do. After they were released, Concordiensis pablished a news story with these vote totals. No candidates reported embarrass- ment at seeing their vote totals in the paper. The year after the article was published, last year, there was not a significant drop in the number of candidates who ran for positions on the Forum. This year, Markowski has taken the same line, thauhe Stu- pent Forum does not wish to detract potential candidates from running next y·ear. This stance is undemo- cratic and should be changed. Ad- ditionally, it attacks the credibility of the Student Forum. Not releas- in:g the vote totals furthers the not uncommon notion that the Forum is not unlike a clique-ish, smoke-filled room. An.y elected body that hides the details of its elections should be questioned. Imagine the outrage if this were to happen on. a larger scale! Jf ~he FEC po- litely told tlie Washington Post that Clinton defeated Dole, but not by how much, the nation would be up in arms and think the FEC is a sham. My frie:nds, Markowski's elections are, in- deed, a sham. I can only hope that Markowski will change his tune for the upcomi:ng class rep- resentative races. Sincerely, Jim DeWan Retraction Concordiensis would like to correct a photo credit on the back cover oflast week's issue. The photograph was taken by Calvert Crary. We apologize for the omission. Delta Gamma- Keep digging ladies!!! We reachecl. '95 how many more feet you think til we hit ' 89? GPhiBXis- \Because we want to!\ Love, She-Ra the Eliminator- BMH Cafe .... Love it!!!! Just h .. t..~- 1. • ~ . ' IH wl en you uw111. Its sa1e .... supnse ... ITB-capt.obvious Sloan- Watch your back!!! -Jess Annette, Only you could pull off the pretty, dorky gardner. It must be because you love crypts. -Les femmes de la France Dad- Sorry we didn't get to do enough parent events better come to alumni weekend instead. Love, Katie HeyBobo- Hubba Hubba Love Sweet Titties Rach, H A . Ill appy runversary ... -Sloan Todd and Mom, Miss you both!! Can't wait to see you again! Love, Brooke Happy 50th Anniversary Grandma Rose and Grampie Bud!! Love Your Honey Pie Congratulations Xi's! You Did It! Love Gamma Phi Beta Epsilon Alpha- We've had fun ... We've been crazy .. . Most we remember .. . But some is still hazy!!!! OPENING NIGHT TONIGHT!!! .. ' M .. _ ' ~ .. ~ . ~ ~ - . ~~ : =; . .. -=.- .. ,= .:3 . -.·.·. I Agile .... 999/2000 eeting ~~~o and ge campus- VUIITian BB-6545- ' .. '. ··-' ---- • I • • '

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