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The Concordiensis. (Schenectady, N.Y.) 1877-current, May 18, 2000, Image 15

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OP/ED Suspicion ~~~~~~~~sro~~~,~!~~t ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~t~~ Dear Editors: I am writing to express my dis- appointment in the actions of Andy Markowski, senior trustee. Markowski, in his role as senior trustee, is charged with the task of running the elections for the Stu- dent Forum. After the elections for the Student Forum positions al- most two weeks ago, Markowski reported tpe results to Concordiensis, but failed to report the actual vote totals thateach can- didate received. I fmd this to be very troubling for two reasons~ First, Markowski's actions are troubling .because of his past his,.. tory offraudulentelections. After last fall's debacle in which he as- sisted his fraternity brother, Matt Rapoport, in running a bogus elec- tion with imaginary candidates and fabricated advertisements, Markowski should do everyth:iiig in his power to regain the student body's trust of the elections pro- cess, whose credibility, was shat- tered after that incident. Withhold- ing vote totals is a backhanded move that adds an aura of suspi- cion to the elections. More importantly, Markowski's level. Markowski broke the prece- hides the rd .. -etails of its ~lections dent set two years ago of releasing should lJe q11estioned. Imagi.J;Ie the vote totals to the press. Two the outrage if this were to bappe11. years ago, Senior Trustee Ruthie on a lar~er ~c.ale! .U the FEC po- Strosberg and others used tbe ar- litely told tile Washington Post gurnent that the Forum would. not that Clinton defeated Dole, but release the vote totals because they · not by lu'W much, the nation feared this would detract potential would be 11p i:na[]JJS and think the candidatesfromn:mrringforfeartbat FEC is a sham. My frie~ds, · an embarrassingly low vote total Marko~ski's elections are, :iu- wouldbeprinted. Finally, itwasde- deed, a s:liarn. I can only hope cided that the vote totals wereto be that Mark~wski will change his released as it was the fair and..demo- tune fortl!e upcoming class rep- era tic thing to do. Aftet they were resenta:tive races. released, Concordiensis published a news .story with these vote totals. No candidates reported embarrass- ment at seeing their vote totals in the paper. The year after the article was published, last year, there was not a significantdrop in the n1,1mber of candidates who ran for positions on the Forum. This year, Mark()wski has taken the same line, that the S-ni- !fent Forum does not wish to detract potential candidates from running next year. This stance is undemo- cratic and should be changed. Ad- ditionally, it attacks the credibility of the Student Forum. Nqt releas- ing the vote totals furthers the not unconnnon notion that the Forum is not unlike a eli ue-ish smoke-filled Si:ncerely, Jim DeWan ::··········- .. · .. :~,~~trl~.~~:'.::';;:·.~··- ·· c -·. -· ·:-:· DeltaGa:tnma-- Keep digging ladies! ! ! Wereached '?5bowmanymore feet you thhl til we hit '89'? GPhiBXi:s~ \Because we want to!\ Love, She-R.a !feyBobo- HubbaHubba Love Sweet Titties Rach, Happy Alllliversary!!! ~sloan · the Elinrinat<Jr- ·Todd and Mom, B . M·H C ;~: · ·L • · HI I Ju· st · . a.~.e .... ove 1,t. ... Miss .YOU both!! Can't wait h .. t..:-1,' J:'.• • Ill . · enyouuwm.1tssa1e .... supnse .... to see you again! ITB-capt.obvious . Sloan- Watch your back! ll :-Jess ·Annette, Only you couldpull off the pre.tty, dorkr gardner. It must ·be because you love crypts. • -Les femmes de la France Dad- Sorry we didn't get to do enough par~nt everrts better . com.e to a1Ulll11i weekend instead. · · Love, KettLe ... _.- Love,. Br<Joke Happy 50tli Anniversary Grandma Rose and Grampie ·Bud!! Love Your Honey Pie Congratulations Xi's! YouDidit! Love Gamma Phi Beta . EpsilonAlpha- We'vehadfun ... We've heen crazy .. . Most we remember .. . But some is still hazy!'! H Agile .... 999_/.2000 eeting and

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