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Page 10 · M 18, 2000 · OO:oruormntsis U2K ... continued from page 1 changes will be. The current housing system is wholly unfair. It is hard to argue other- wise. Male Greek organization:s existed at Union long before women were admitted or Theme Houses came imto being and, as such, they have a long history and are fim1l y entrenched in the most ideal housing. How can Union, a school in which the majority of students are not Greeks, and certainly not male Greeks, continue along this path of ineq- uity? The answer is that it cannCl'lt without sacrificing the quality ofboth faculty and students. Gi vcn this, we must decide h ov,, bestto proceed. We now have the opportunity to let our voices be heard on the issue. We should bear in mind that if the current system js not changed, given the national shift a way from the~e organiLation.s~ the school will move to eliminate the system as a \\hole. The lJ2K Iteport is the result of the hard work of stuJcnts, faculty membt:rs and administrators collaborating for two years. We owe It to them to at least co nsidcr their proposal before once again hlmdly defending the ()reek System as. it stands. It IS easy to understand the concerns of Greek organ.izations with re::,pect to the proposed I !oust.: System, however the threat is only per- ct:Ived. The intention of the new system is not to replace Fraternities and Sororities with twelve new independent houses, but rather to take the emphasis ofT of the Greek system With respect to social and residen- tiallife. lJnder the new system, every-student will have the opportunity to be a part of one of the nicer hollses on campus. Fraternities currently occupy some of these houses: Elhi Delta Theta, Sigma Phi, Psi Upsilon and Ch1 Ps1. Though these organizations will lose their claim to the houses they currently reside ill, and in which they may have lived for many years, there is no fairer 'l\''a:y of redistributing the most favorable housmg on campus. This process is entirely necessary. How can we claim to be a modern academic institution, welcoming students of all races and regardless of gender, when tour guides, upon being asked who lives in these huge \manswns must reply \Frate mities, •· which, in essence means white men. Thankfully, tours are n()t given of the interiors of these buildings so that prospective students may tmly see the difference between the rooms in Ps1 Upsilon and Potte-r House. If the Housing System is imP'lemented, we can then proudly proclaim that any student, regardless of cace or gender, will have such a house as their '\hvmg room\ on campus, and have the opportunity to participate in events at that house on aTe-gular basis, in addition to having a fair chance to live in one. We should not mistake this for a dec1sion motivated purely by a nega- tive appearance; in fact, it is neccessary for our very survival. We cannot contmue to allow our school tOo be perceived as a beer-guzzling, Greek- dominated campus. It can he- argued tllat these are no more than stereo- types nr that we are no more guilty ()f these transgressions than other mst1tutions of equal or greater academic standing. It is only important, however. that we make every cHort tl> combat this view. We should do everythmg necessary to Improve our reputation so that we may both recciYe the best education p<OSsJble and have the greatest pride in our col lege. When cm1s1denng till:> prop osa1. II IS important for the student body to recogmze that It does not tnd.ude a fundamental change in the Greek sy:>tem. Sophomore Rush wasn()t implemented by'thiscommittee. By embracmg this proposaL the Fr.atemities and Sororities may in fact thrive undt:r the new system. which, if not supported, will at least not endure the constant pressure from the- faculty It is. in fact up to the studemts. You now have the proposal in your hands. If you choose to play am active role, you have the opportunity to make a meaningful contTibutioOn to the decision-making process. The contact information for comrn<ents is included in the report on pages six and seven. Offer your opinion.s, provide insight, and feel free to write to Concordiensis. Play a role in the future of your school. MSM Letters ttJ the Editor can be submitted in several ways: concordy@vu.uni()n .. etlu, the box outside of CC303 or to mailbox #2577. Please write all letters as Word Doc11ments on PC disks. All/etters need to fJe submitted by the Monday before publication, no later than 5PM. OPtED pen-Minded Greeks Will Survive Dear Campus Conununity, To begin this article, I would like to say that I am a member of a Greek organization. I respect the women in my house and the traditions up- held over the years by these women. st-udents. I must admit that when I read th.e first preliminary report put out in. Feb mary, I did not agree with a 11umber of the changes dis- cussed. It seemed as if the ad- I am proud to be Greek and I have ministration wanted to abolish the no shame in openly associating myself with my house and my Greek counterparts, male and female. One would feel that after reading the U2K preliminary report put out on May 15, I would be incensed at the suggestions made for the future of the Greek system at Union Col- lege by only a small group of people. It doesn • t seem fair that these people want to take a way the housing from a number of Greek organizations on this campus and redistribute the Greek system because they felt it gave the school a negative con- nutation to prospective students. N\ ow that I know the issues more thC>roughly and understand the lo~ic behind a number of the de- cisions made, I can see why some of the changes should be imple- mented. I'm not saying that I agree wi1h e\erything that is being said, but I want to contradict the feeling that has infiltrated this school that rooms to a more diverse group of a 11 Greeks will be opposed to Letter Poli~y & Disclaimt!.r Letters to the Editor should be ad<ltessed to the OF/ED page and must be-received by 5 PM the M{)nday before publication. Letters must be. less than 500 words and' sllould pertain to an issue that concerns the Union College COIDI!lu:rtity. Final oocisions concerning printin.:g and/or editing a submission bebng to the Editorial Board. Allleoiters must ·be signed (though requests for anonymous publicati<Jtl :may be considered by the edi- tors) and saved on a high density dis1. Letters do not necessarily reflect the op:inion of the Editorial Roar d. Editorials reflect the opinion of C\ilncordiensis but not necessarily of each member of the Editorial Board Any opinion cohunns or car- toons reflect the opinions of the write:rs or artists, and not necessarily the opinions of the Editorial Board. . . A~ve.rtjs~m.ents appearing in Ct;Jrt.r:ordiensis .do not necessarily .teflecttheopinions oftheEditorial~~ard.. · . . , . . Co11COrdiensis is prlntedby s~~J<f'Priuting, 750. Pie!ce ~oad, ' Clifton~~k:,N\f~ 12~5. . . . . : · . . • · .... •·· . . ..... , ... these changes. Tndition is impor- tant, any membera~f a Greek orga- nization can attest t() this. How- ever, Union Col\ ege cannot be stuck in the past, \Ve must move toward the future.~vllereequal op- portunity has Ion~ since replaced the notion that we live in a male- dominated society_ It is no secret that tile prime hous- ing on this campus is primarily oc- cupied by male Greeks, and it has been occupied by these organiza- tions for a numbe1 of years now. However, high q~ality living at Union College shillu ld be a right of everyone at this ::5chooli, not the privilege besto'VICJd upon a few small select gwup!> uf stlidents. In other words, inferior housing should not be a plltlishment at this school for being i11>(\ependent or fe- male or freshman. Living options at this school are severely limited by the requiremeillts needed to es- tablish residence in a Class \A\ Housing. Although it is dttfficuh to let go ofthe tradition held by the house of a Greek Orgait iz:ation, it is not impossible. If a Greek Organiza- tion is strong eno-ugh, then it can exist in the house it has resided in for years or a few blocks in Davidson Hall. It should not mat- ter where you a.re- 1 iving, but who you are living witll. -Su.bnritted by a S'ophonrore Greek Woman M from; S~ Spete,e~ \We are not the creators of tension. We merely bring to the surface the hidden tension that is already alive. We bring it out into the open, where it can be seen and dealt with.'' If you need help, call the Safe Space beeper at its NEW number: (518)349-4629 ! . ~ 1 Th~ source: Many it in th ever 11 inforr prov1'1 the h1 an int' Bee ex pan ogy, peopl condt ton.T g1es, \ acces. The a tion b a rap leads both comn Thi ideal cific and lc cient1 about foml< notre tion. Th form; Wide of in I the u cornr cffici and c cate c book coun With s De I h my li ther, to re gamt of'O and' had perf{ rem< it all. 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