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Cooperstown independent. (Cooperstown, NY) 1996-199?, September 06, 1996, Image 15

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Frlfei Mmtmhm 6i 196 ItO liM O S S '- SCHOOL ANNUAL NOTIFICATION NOTICE TO PARENTS OF -TO: m m m u m m students of ttie SSWdots Listed Below: .. You qre notified fte t you hove the foltowiog. rights in relation to stucTOm redbrds: records. 2> The School shall motion contdined in the student’s education records except: a. ) By prior written con­ sent of the student's par­ ents or the eligible student, b. ) Directory Information, c. ) Under certain lirhited circumstances ds perrnit- ted by FERPA 3) The light of a students parents or an eligbfe^dent to seek to correotpdil|of the student's educofion records which he or she belietes to be Inaccurate, mfefeddingor In violation of student Itghls. This right includes tho ught to^ a hearing to present evi­ dence that the record should be chongedi# the Disirlct decides not td alter ft according to the parenfe m. eligible students requesfv 4) The right of any person to f e a complaint with the Department of Educbfton of the School violates FERPA. © If either a students porentsSon ; eligibl© student d^sfce-tp' obfoin copl^ of t h e / pertaining to ci sfut records. notifisailQn _ . be presented to thOMBi uol named below. You ore further a^ised that you have the foliowTng rights: Parents and eligibl© stu­ dents have the followirig rights under the Famfty Educational Rights and Privacy Act and the Board Bylaw: 1. The right to inspect The Maty imfflSiHe Bassett Hsgpif Federal Credit Unior has a full-time TELLEB;,':;;; the Credit Union by provMng efficient, courteous service to members and helping' to maintain; accuracy' in all members trans- acHons and accounts. Candidalea must pos-' sess a High School 2 & r S . S , resume to; Janet Butts, niari^gS/ treasurer The Maty Wegene / Bassett Hospital Federal Credit Union One Atwell Hoad, GoopemtownrNTISaiS. Nophone^c|llspleaae. ifaa»notic98 : dehfs eduaatwgn reeord. , 3. Tip right to seek and w e c f the. student’s edu^ Department of iducation, i5' informed about FiRPA rights. rights and prctecttons - I l l E PQf^nts ^ FisKrAandthis pollOytraiiisfer to ‘the student when he or shereachesage I0or enrolls in a post; secondary-school. The dudent then becomes and \eligiiastudenf. DlRiClomr iNPORim- ■HOM' The Bchooi ^proposes to designate the following personally ideMlRdtel© infor­ mation contained In d sfu- denfe education records as ’directory Information*, ortd it may disclose that infor­ mation without prior vwitten consent at its discretion. 1. Student's name. 2. Names of the sfuder^'s parents. 3. Student’s address. 4. Student's telephone number. 6. Student's date of birth. 6 . Student’s class designa- .Jon Ci.e.|iM grad^fenih', f , - — I. Sfudinfs eKiraclJiiM' for p@rtici|otion., - 8. Student's achievement awards of honors. d. Student's weight and height if a member of an athletic team. 10. Student’s photograph. II. school OF school dls- tfiot the student atended before he Or she enrolled in the School District, Vou have two weel® to adMse the Schoolin writing, ':dlfecfed--tO\ the' Sehoot Superistendent (or the per­ son liated below), any and df items which you refuse to permit the. DisMet to desig- , note 'director fnforma- ■ Ron about the student. \isfaleHCJFSeHOOlS:. :, f o r , t|e„,pu®05e of tois noJlce, 'Sofiools* Include! . NgMB/ABDRSS | r T - m - ' T m e .. * MYSTERY SHOPPERS needed foi local stores. $ 1 0 . 2 5 + / h r . Plus F R ffl products, FREE food & more. {818)759-9099 iggal w o tie^ ANDES' CEMTSAt .:SeH©Ot.And«,Ny 1S?31 tegal Motlega „CHERS¥ WUE¥-SPI?iN®- FIELD DENIRAL SDMQOL, Cherry Ydloy, NY 11128 CENTRAL SCHOOL, Oooperstown, NY 13326 EOMESTON CENTRAL SCHOOL, Edmestom NV ,13335, . ©IbBOA-eONESVIUE CEWRAL SCHOOL, Sllboa, NY 12076 HUNTER-TANNERSVitLE CENTRAL SCHOOL, Tannersville. NY 12485 JEFFERSON CENTRAL SCHOOL, Jefferson, NY 12093 LAURENS CENTRAL SCHOOL, Laurens, NY 13796 MAROARETVilLE CENTRAL SCHOOL, Margaretvllle, NY 12455 MiiFORD ' CiNTRAL SCHOOL, Milford, NY 13807 pORRiS CENTRAL SCHOOL. Morris, NY 13808 ONIONIA Q IY SCMOOIS; Oneonta NY 13820 ■ ROKiURY CENTRAL SemOL, Roxbury, NY SCMiNiVUS CENTRAL SCHOOL. Schenevus, NY 12155 SOUTH K0RTRIOHT OEN^ TRAL SCHOOL, So. Korlrlght, NY 13842 STAMFORD CENTRAL SCHOOL Stamford. NY 12167 WINDHAM-ASHLAND- JEWETT CENTRAL SCHOOL. Windham. NY 12496 WORCESTER CENTRAL SCHOOL. Worcester, NY 12197 Septdegotc 8/8/96 SEM ie g q l . ', . t e i ’NOllCg ■ .Notice, of•formatih of iimifed llQblllfy company CliO). ■ Hdrne: MAC, STAR Oigonfedtion fifed with Secretory of State of New York CSSNY) on 7/10/96. O f ice iocatlon:' -©fsego ■County^. S3NY designoted as - '.agent- of 'iJO.' uj^on whom^ process against it may be served. ^NY shall mail copy . of . process to: t.R.' #1,©oopemt0wn, NY 13326, Furpose: any lawfui act. 6Septl3leggie LEO/^tlOIICE PURSUANT TO SECTION 4- 118 Of the NEW YORK STATE ELECTION LAW. notice is hereby given to the enrolled REPUBLICAN voters of the County of Otsego: TAKE NOliCi: A PRIMARY ELEOfON will be. held on TU^DAV. SiPTEMBER 10, 1996 between the hours of T2:G0 NOON and 9:Q0PM in all polling sites In the County of Otsego. l e g i i i i i i i l p j f f CANDIDATES A|?E • 23rd CongressioRdt iistSet f SHERWOQDL BOEHLfRT . 20 Stone iridge-Rodd New Hartford New York ■1^1,3 - ■■■ FRANCIS A, « O U K ' ^ . RR#1iox2l4A . - Burlington Flife, New York '.13316 WltilAMTAPLEY Lyon Place Foiesfpod/^NewVbik 13338 Sept^egoto ‘ ' LEOAiNOTiCg Notice Is hereby given that the Republicarv Caucus of the Town of H 0 rtwiok, will fee held on Thursday, September 12, 1996 at 7:3© p.m. in the Town of Hartwtek Municipal ■ Qfice Building on County Routell. The purpose ©f the meet­ ing will be to ncminate can­ didates tolillany vacancies of our Tdva Offees, and such other business as shall legally epme before said Continued ofi Next Pago 40,000 homes and businesses for our amazingly low price of . Mn: Readers! Once again, we are offering you a coupon READER AD. You can use it immediately or any time during the motiffi of September.* (*must be used by Issue of Sip*. 27) Your 20-worcf ad liflll ton for FREE Send Int this order form. Good through 9/27/96. ^ ^ ‘ ' . ■ ' ' ' ■ • _______ ........ . ................................... ........ . ........ ------------------------ r ---------------------- --------- . ------ -- I P ' - ? \ , >: ,.EIP. FREE AD Ad Runs For 1 Wk. Ad Category:. Total Am ount Payment Enclosed; FREEI ^ ■ 3- - '/:\4 r .: \ f 9' ' . .'v 14-■ .' :v \ / ...' 15 ' - I i 6 - - . ^ t7 '■ , is: n m Ma//arf to.'PO BOX 1091. Cooperato 13326. For more information or for display advertising rates, call (607) 547-2546 ' • I

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