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nGHT THK HAMAP POST. FBEKPOBT. >. Y., FRIHAV l>»:( b.MRF.B S, 191C Btilcken out by chapter 358, Laws of 1*83, cjnstituling tie I'i nal Code, can be r-a o.-iably con-trj- d as relalirg SUNDAY SHOWS ARE DECLARED ILLEGAL H'oniiniKd from page one.) ia the o; en ft p ohiblei \Khootng flshin?. sp:iiiirg, playing, bor,-e ra-- ing, hunting, freeiueiin;.- eif tpping hous-s or any utilav»-ful exi rclses er pastimes by any person or person.\ within this slut • on t^ii- flr-t riay of applyi'ii-' only to pvr ons or thlnKi Ihe wiek, ca'l'd Sunday \ CneiueK 'Le same g«>niral klrd or class ah tloiiably the-.e acts rela'ed mainly ti 'hose spcilltal.- me ti-ne-d (BL^ck's O'li-'ofdooi activitie,^ ; nd the «oun e' Law Hi d ), hence i.iuil those woids argues ther. fiom Hat I'le word-' or -boiibi be- e-on,strued as re-adine \\or other public .speirts, i-xe rcises or cth r like p iblic » ort-, exercLses or shows,\ which were addi-d by chr-p er shows' that 1-, o it-jf i:oor a tlvitl s 676 of the I.aw8 of 1881, logi tlur A similar construcilim was apparently with the word \pastimes wh'ch was urged upon tbe court in the case of the Sabbath are remidlal statutes and Klr'itham (102 N, Y., 593). are to be con trued liberally in oth r en- upect of the mischiefs sought to only to public oUt-of door acts. As tbe eed d by . the bas 8 of Bupfort of his ursnment he eonitdy, opera involu-H lb • rule of eju,-edeiii generis, that is, that wi.ere general words fol- low an i-num< rati n of persons or things by words of a par icular and spee-ific in anlng, sucb ge-neral -»-ords ure ne.t tei be e-onatrue d in inelr widest ex ent, but ar-- 11 b,- h li as if CEO.V. SLO AT, inc. I GARAGE OLIVK HOI LKVAItO (OKNKK MAIN SlUKKT \Sir Thone \Ulh A(i'>IS KOK OAKLAND CHEVROLET AND REO MOTOR CARS SillM^S ON IIIL I r (;i{Ai>K H you; e-iiKini- is neii lookeil af le-i reijnlarly and maintained ai lis-bes., your supposed 10 hor.-e pnwer will d(-generati. into In nr l.'l horse; power, particular if if >ou bave many grades to illinli, Thc wiser and be-tte-r plan 1,. Io l(-t e-xperienced no - e-hanics sui-h as we employ, go ove-r your ear al regular pe- lieids and ke-ep il in perfeci i-iindii l'lll. Help Wanted aniJ Furnished I'O.MPHTKNT, HXPI-UUKNHKH .M'JL'^H.S; MAIOS, COOKS AND GKNnRAL HOrSKWORKKHS; rilX'K ANI) l-^A.Mll.Y l.ArNDHHl.NH,, linrSK AM ) PT'K,MTi;Rl-; Ui:.\OVAT- l.\0, MF.S HV DAY, \VI-;i;K OFJ. .MO.VTH. ALL KINDS HK WOUK nv CONTftACT, Anderson's 12 WAVKRIiV I'LAI K. Employment I'ele'phoue H!MI. Agency ITM-Kl'Olir. \. V. J. HEWLETT Mn (OIL Will «lose Hay, 'ket and (inrden Feed, ,Si-eds. S« ( IIIKI II STHKKT AM» lit 1 l>. M. en Bundle I'd I'otatoe-s. 1 Wood -rtlli/er. Dried (im NKM KOILKVAItn. FKFl-l'OKT. i Siitiinhi.vs iliiring .lulv . Aiiiriist and S -pte i Ins >-. V. j mber j i IT WILL BE INTERESTING TO YOU TO VISIT 01 R srOKK ANO SKI. THK PRFI'AKATIONS FOR TH E HOLIDAYS Paddock in which the clause, -dny tertainment of the stag,-,\ was pre- words -'-. . . iragedj, . . lulnsiieisy oe dan- e-ing. \ The court held that t.^ie clau.^e 'any other entertdnmen i of the -stage\ was not Jin.lied Ly the sp cii.c nntT'iis Which pr. Cl ded it, but I at '.he cause was v, ry Lr.md ai d co ,.- prehens.re. and c-italn acts h;iv,ng teexx .\peciaeally menlio el , t.e woiding i f the caus- inipli d that here were other entertainments to lie lutludeJ. In concluding l.e opinion the curl .said; Taking tne s.atute in ail its term.-i it ev,dently mi-ant include ail class s ol pub ic exiiL 1 tions, such as are usyally conducted upon a llag e for the obBervation and amu ement of the public, and Wi see no good reason Ior narrowing eir n-- itrlctlng I 8 obTious ^c ?e and pu:- pce\ The rule sought lo be invoked by the reL.t r was qu t e fully discussed n Mater of City of Ne w York (57 Misc, S2), and the c-mcluslon reached by Ju,'-llce O'Gjim n that a prov is on It tbe Charter of the Ciij^ i f New Y'ork, which af er declaring unlawful C rtain siecifl-d pei formance; or m - lertalnmeniR on Sunday, declare^d un- lawful \any other entertainm n' o.' the stage ' Tho opinio;i In that c se holds that s-uch e-lause is lo be bioad- y interpreted and not to be restricted to other ente rt inmi n's cf like na-. ure to those speciHed, but should be htId lo prohibit all performanc.s in ibe-atres or placi s of public amuse menl and e nt rta-nm nt on Sunday in seeking to arrive at lb- proier ap- plie itl\n of il,e e-omprehenslve wurds, 'e.r oHie-r public sports, exercises or •ihows,\ it Is proper lO consider the condiiions in d ne'cessUie,-! whch alle-el feir the- e-mbeidiment of these *•' rd-i In the statute relating to Sun- ,lay observ an- e In th- early period jf siHie exlsteni-e- th\ r cre;;lbins .•ere- natuialH' main y out o'-do ir ac Hvl is. In lal r years e-ame the , heatre and other irdoor public at- trac i ns, VK i b t-n-ir te-nde-nie-s to res;iass upon the- eiuii-i anil samtl' y of tbe Sabba'b of earlier y.ars, and AO then find legls'atlon enc ed re- iatin:i mainly to in'!oor activities, and ,nore' e-le-arly de-tlning prohibited jets a-^ we'll ns iiiue-b olln-r leglsla- .lon f-al Illall d to render si-cure to -mployefi and oihers the Sabb ,lh as a day of resl. It Is also prorer. in s- ek UK 'O a-- rive- at the consti uc ion wb'c\. sh ud be given the ianuuage of section \145 .bat we consider tbe provisieins of the n-igborlng sections i-f the Penal I aw. Section 2140 provides: \The flrst day of the week being by (general consent -le-t apart for rest and religious usese, the law- prohibits tbe doing on that day of certain a-t,i herein:'ft r spe l- tied, whieh a'e serious inti-rrupHons of the repo e and re'lglius H'eity of lhe communl y,\ S.-i-tlon 2141 pro- rides: \A violation of the foregoing prohibition is Sabbalb lire:ikinK\ S c- ilon 2142 rris rl'es tba' l:'e punl h- cne'it for Sabbath breaking is by fine or imprisonment eir both. See-tion 2113 proviilis: \All labor on Sunday is [irohibliid exeejtin.u the works ef ne- c ssliy and charily. In works eif n • CPFsity and charity Is Included what- t'ver is needful durin-,' the day for ihe> g od orde'r, beallh er comfort of the community \ Section 2152 decbiris ibealrlcal and other perfornia: ce.^ on S:inday to be ml di-nit-anor;!, Ci r- lainly the.«e sections of Ihe Pe'naV»Jjiw strongly negiilve any claim of in ent upon the- pait of Hie- Le.u'islalui e to exe-miit puMic luovins picture shows from Hie- inhibition of t'he statute, but do not appear lo bave been urgeil by ci'Uns-ei In tbe llemleb case, Tbe Iread of ree-i-nt b g'.-^l Hi'U bas leen to so.far as i;os-lb'e protect the employee in his rif-'ht to re-st from la- bor on Sunday. No good reason is ap parent for denying Hat privileg.- to th • tirket s.-lb-r, the- ushers, the- op eralors and H e other enii'oyes In Ibe thou-ands of plc ure- shows In tbe -^tate, while granting it to tbe em- ployes in various o her linos nf em- ployment throuRhout tbe state-. It will not be ciainv d H at sucb exhibitions fall wibin lh<- exeiiip ion of seition 214'3 a- w rks of c'.niri'v or nec--s?lly. If lb. y do not, and if included In the I-rm \iiihe-r shows\ in si-ction 2145, tl'.e giving of sicb ,'^hows const'tutes Sabbath breaking as defined in sec- tlm 2141, and su'jcts the vlola'or of that law to lb*' P'nally provided by section 2142 above fiuoted. The relator further contenels tbat a movine plclnre exhibition is nut pro- hibit'd unl. 88 11 cnaies a nol e dis- lurb-ng tbe peace of the day. No ' sucb exempton Is found In the law, but, upon tbe other hand, s-cHons !2140 and 2115 negative Its existence. The relator al o cont'nds that at the • session foUowlni? the decision of the Heraleb case tbe I.«,2;islature, by re- ennctlng section 265, Penal Code, as ! section 2145, Penal Law, thereby i adopted the construction thus given the section. These provlsiOTis of the i Penal Law should be construed not las te-enactments. but as compila- tions or conlinuatlons of the like pro- visions of tbe Penal Code. , t Unauesllonably the Legislature pos- I ses-^ed authority to regulate the ob- servanci- of Sunday (People v, Moses, 140 Y,. 214; People v, Havnor, 149 N, Y,. 195; People v, Dunford, 207 N, Y,, 17), In the case last cited the court said: \That the Leglsla-1 ture bas authority to enact laws reg-1 ulatlng tbe observance of the Sabbath Day and to prevent Its desecration is not. and cannot well be, disputed. The day is set apart by the statute for repose and for religious observance: objects which pertain to the physical and moral well being of the com-, munity. A s to the acts which should be prohibited as dlstu' bances or prp-; fanations of the Sabbalb Day, the Leegislature Is the sole judge,\ Th e Legislature alone can ileclde. how Sunday shall be kept, and is the sole judge of acts prorer to be pro- hibited (People ex rei, Kleley T. Lent, 166 App, Div., 550, aff'd 215 N, Y,, fil6). If the e-x'8ting law is In any .-rmedUd (!?milh v. Wilcx. 24 \ Y 35t), The vital question io be decided -jpon th's a peal is: What dd the Legirlature mean when it wrote in o the staiute rehiling to the obervanc' af Sunday. f;lio*-ing the prohrblHon agan-:t s ooti g, bu;it nr. Ifel.lng. playing, liorse raclnK. gamins;,, th'- wor28 'olhe . p.;blic tporis, e.xercls [s or s'ows'\' Dil it inlen I to prohibit ?xhlb tions in tb-.- naiur.' of the ord - naiy no i lU pi tuie .--how? It wou d ieexTx cle,ir that lie an.^wer to iljat ll question mu I b in th ' a'lirnal v e. The order of the Special Term m i.'^t therefore be rev. rsed, the wilt of ha- beas corpus di-missed a-id the r..- lator re.Landed t i the i-ust til> of t; e Sh riff of AIb;ny C nmty All concur except Woolwar', ,1 who dissents on the autho,iiy of Th People v^. Hemleb (127 App, I) v.,r!'.fi). mind .'=houleI J>e built on the present si'e sinee same seems to be large enoufih to meet all requirements for many years to come. The propefty occupied by the Town ha.s a frontage of 111 ft, on Front .itieet and 185 ft. on Libertv stieet with an easterly lioiindaiy Iiii.l 185 ft. in extent. In \1 one lii.sii n let me suggest that we all put lllll- .--hou'lder to the wheel anei «no the idea for a new town hall a big [lUsh and way a spirit of co- iperation b-.- lorthcoming wlu-reby llve 1 .esHoii iiiMi!\e-d will bee-eime' a real- ity aoil a town ball see nml lo none in I.is griiii .-;i; u- of .New York Itte built I i,i;i.l lie-re in the Viiiage e>f Ili-mp- . Ililll and v. ben ibis liiippens wc ean -ini ly be' Hiankfnl. yours, FKA.N'KLl.N\ Hempsteail. .N, Y. .'November :.Sth, HHli He-spe-e-tfull HlLnKKT. SHOWS NECESSin OF NEW TOWN HALL Town Clerk Gives In- teresting Facts of the Present Building WANTAGH ITEMS •illll a.ll .Samuel Chester, oui maker, has closed his sl IO Se-aford, and will i i ..in '•. dausbie-r. vlr. Cheste; •.- i.i.iit.. ' .' been penir of laie. In.: u, IMIK- II-.I. It may improve nov\- ihai lie will IUKI a resl frotn business. .\l ilaughlei llolioken Wan ,lame',s i;i Howarel visiting bet Keteham, ai In an ar^niiu-nt for a new To- n Hall, Tow n Clerk Crllbert lias given .some interesting fails regarding i^ie- pre.-ee-nl bui lei ing. The story of t lie- efforts to see-iiie tbe present hall a.nl the small needs of tbe lown lifty years ago are slreiug reasons why tbe To\ n should liiilIil a .suitable- obkt; .•^Hue-- Iiire- feir the- use- eif the- eifficials wi'ii Hie- manifeild duties plaee-il iipeiii Ihi-'ii today, .Nol only feir the safety eif the- records, but i.s a malte.r of more- e-.ei- iioinie-al sysi, ms and town pi iile-, ii is encumlie'iit upon the taxpayers lo e-iecl a new e-dilice, i:elilor .Nassau Post; Dear Sir; H i;i Il'lli I ll Jielillii'^ al lliis liiiie iil llie yi-ai io i.l'fe'r thanks lo .Mmif;bt> Cod for Hie- many blessin.;; bi-stowe-ei upon lis during the past year and in this ri-speet Hie people of tbe town of lle-mpsle-ail can Iruly feel Ibankfiil lliat the Town Hall is still with ns and tbat a e-onllai-'raHon such as took plae-e last evi'iiini; at tbe establishment of .-Mexander Campbell .Milk Cei,, or Hie one last winier at tbe treille-y june-tion has not visite-d ibis, their uuiniciiial biiildiiin vvbii-h is conceded by the .Stale De|iariiiie-iil of Publie- Kee-ords lo be a lirst class tire Hap, .\eivv for a liltle- lllstory. At the iiMiiial lown meeti.ig of tin- Town of lle-mpsti-ad held Ajiril 2nd. 18(i7 al the home or Thomas A-, Smith in the Village of Hnnpsiead. I We now have 4:> sue-h vniing plai-cs,! It vvas by an ail il Illative vote. Resolved, thai Hie lil I en and iniblii- groiiiiel in froni of Hie lOpise-opal Church in the Villafje of lle'iipste-ad be .i^lveii Io Ihe l.ailii-s Wa'-liiiigloii Si'wing Seieie-ty feir tin p111 pose- eif building a village hall on Ihe same land to revert back to Ilie 'i'own, unless always iise-d for Hie -,ilieive» puiii'ise- and Ihe- l-^ngiiie anei llook and l.adili-r lioiise-s to lie- n- meive'd,\ .\l Illl- annual lown nu'e-iint; lie-liI .\i.:il I, INVl, 11 v,,-i,-. Uiseilve-el, Ihai Illl- land in fniiu of Ibe- l-^pise-opal <'illll lb , a pail of wbii-li is now oe- iiipieei by WashiiiKtoii llall lo be- seilel III Ihl- l.uilie.s \\ asliingloii .-\ssoe-iaIion III Illl- villaire ul llenipsiead f'lr a niiniiiinl siiin. In wil, one dollar, aim till- Sujie'ivisor is beie'liv diie-e-liil In malie and execute a deed to i-aiil ,\s.si. 1 laiinii lot the- .--aid lanei. Two vole-s were taki'ii nn Hie fol- lov, inn wllieli was eventually carried ill ,\|nil, 1S7I, \Hcsolved ihai ibe sum of f'l,250 iie aiyiropriated by the LJeiaid l.f .Aiiilii from ibe .surplus fiiiieis of the 't'owii arisin.u from the sale of lU-iLipi-l 1 Plains (wlilch land wai-, -nld f'l . per acrcl for the- pur l.iise 111 iniii-basing the Washingion Hall fill the use of tbe Town, .-\ mortgage daicd .May :!n, 1S71, in Illl- amount of ^:),nnn ltiled in Town Cl.iks Olliee-) was given to WUSIIIIIL;- tein Si'Wing Seieie-ly by Iternarilus lli-ii- driekson, tb'-- money to be used,fn r pnrpose of building ball above- refe-rr- ed to, A elecd dated .May 7, 1871, con- veying land as above mentioned by Hn- Laelie.^' Washington Association (so in the original) to Hie Town of Me-mii sie-ad feir the- sum of $,'i.25il was exe-^ culed and Is now on file-in tlie- Teivvn Clerk's Offlce, These Ihlng,s are all very inie-t i-siing and are real fads and show- the- iiro- e-eiliire- some III years ago in re-fer- ene-e- lo Ibe i e-e|uire-iiieiils of tbe- Teiwn. .N'eiw IO present day fae-ls. Jusi imag- ine a Town like tbe Town eif lleiiip- • sie-ad whle-h accordinii lo slatisHis. is the- wealthiest Town in tbe Kmpire State as to assessed valuation and the largest as 'o population, bousinj; lis records v^hicb arc invaluable, anil its offlcials working under difflciilHes in a $5,2.iO frame building. A little ariib- metic wodld seem In gisid order. The assessed valuation of Ihe Town in round figures is $70,000,000, Let ns assunfe a new and adequate town hall could be built for $70,000, Let us deeide to issue bonds for Ihe $70,000 and pay $7,0C0 per year for 10 years. Figuring as to assessed valuallon lliN' would mean- that for every $.100 as- .sessed valuation 1 mill v^otild be lev- ied and as.siimiiiA the average tax- paye-i as beinf, assessed at $2,000 this would mean that a tax of 2c per year would have to be paid for 10 years or a total of 20c to each taxpayer hav- ing an assesseel valuallon *of $2,000 for a tine new tovVn ball. Surely no The- .-\u\iliaiy League- helel a Iwei day fail in llu- Parish hou.se- tills vvi-i>k. William S, Wells was taken ill in lhe .Memorial Cburch lasl Sunelay moinin;; diiriiii; the- service and bad to be taken oni of ihi- i-biiri-b, where he ree-eivered. .Mrs. Thoma,- lertaininj; liei I\ Ithaiiie fo. .Hislice- 1 i-til' ne-d niKht, Cou fl-Oli ,1. Davis has In e-n i-n- daiigbler, .\lrs Frank se-ve-ra! days lion .Norton anil family I'liniie-i-l ICIII .Mnnil.iv l-;dgar ,1. .'-^e-ainan ami Wiliiam 1- Dean, both of this plae-e, are- makin.L: arrangemen'-i in go iniei the lumber and i-oal biisini-ss in Heilmore-. Tb-y vvill lie locatetl on He'dford avenue, I lose- lo the ,slation. .Mr. .Seaman li,is been for yi-iirs in business in H-i- cily whfle Mr. De-an vvas foriiH-rly clerk for Yniiim Hrothi'i-s nf this place and also for tbeir sne-e-essois. Cox, Wendle - St Van Tuye. Ill II li.-lii- Durability of Sycamore. of Ibe' iiiiisi iliiriiiili' vMiiiiN Is lie, .\ slal 111- nnnle frnm it, now imisi-itm nf Hizeh, nl Cairn, is ll 111 111- iii'iirly six Ibiiu-iiiiid l'lll. It is i-iiiii-il>' ,-~iiiiiiil and I ill :i|i|n,-!il-iini-i'. Shoe Shining Parlor HATS CLKANKD ASD KKNOVATKD CIGARS, CIGARKTTKS .1. A. ('H\KkALIS II So. Main St. KKKKFOK'I FKITTS FRUTS YK(;KTARLKS VF(;KTARLF.S ilest of the Se-ason's Supply .(OIIN INTKI.ISAXO In front of llagans .Market Main Street, Freeport Doll Vasnelts in White, Auto Racers for boys, propelled by the fexit storing power, in various sizes and at vei-v moderate prices, Sniall Chairs, In Reeds ! ^^^y unsatisfactory or unjust, the rem- i,road mindeel individual would coin- oaks. Mission and White, A lar.e assortment of Doll Carriages in^ Reed i^^.^/r/^U^ff-rnurit^'n^ot't??\ and Orasa fabrics, plication to the court, whose sole duty Is to construe lt» and say what the Legislature meant by passing It. The words \or olher public sports, e-xercises or shows\ are presumed to have bern u?ed by the Legislature in their ordinary and famllicr senre and OPPOCm POer OPTICK SO, MAIN >*'r FIEEPORT N T mPi^lnR' a°^ \\^ ^o •»* •<» understood ' • - and construed. Arts r-latlng lo the obserYance of EAGLE Fleetrli'al Shoe Ke-palriiig Hiiliber;-! ami Slioes Repaireel .'.-bile vou wait All Work Guaranteed Reasonable Piii-cs JAMES PISCIOHA, Prop. 35 RAILROAD A VI.'Ml; Freeport, L. I. Scratch Feed $2.45 Laying Mash 2.30 That make the hens lay. Corn, »hole 2.40 Com , Cracked ?2JM) Oyster Shells, 3 sizes .60 Grit, 3 sizes 60 Charcoal, 3 sizes .'>0 lb\. M Be**f Scrap (the hest) 2M Nill Shaving for litter .07 >Ve handle all kinds of feed for the eiultrfman. These pr'ees are delivered at your place. .Small orders taken as well as large ones. (ilVK IS A TRIAL SKM» FOR SAMPl.F.S EDWARD H. OLSEN plain as to such a tax being unjust but on the e-emtrary he or she would regard same as nn economic one and tbe money v»-tll expended for a sood and needy purpose, I understaird the Trustees of tbe Vlllage are v^ilUng to grant necessary consent whereby the present structure could be removed on Harper Park property during course of construe-- Hon of a nev» town hali which to my Deliveries made in Rofisevelt, Mer- riek, Rellmore, Kantagh . and Sea- ford, SUNNYSLOPEFARM! Grand Ave. Baldwin Ted. 1940 Kreeport BELLMORE ITEMS The followtng pupils eif the lUll- more schoeil of which A, O. Nye is principal, wci e neither taidy or ab- .-ent during tbe monib of Novemher, i:i;:bth graele. Kdwin Hitch. Helen Miflei. AdoHib Jaeger. Rlehard .Meyer, .Seventh grade. .Marian Smiih. Rolic t Drake, Percy C.anglofi\ Tony Manelra- cciiia. Cbarles Russell, Harold Smith Harvey Sniith. Sixih u'ta.le, Viri:inla Maxfield, H;-- ze-l MUle-i, Wiliam .Millman, Kelwin Sitter, Fii'Hi eiade, .Mfred Harse, Hulh Hudson. Ann.i Line, Howarel Wern<-st, Henty Wolfe. Fourth trade, \iai-\ Haldwin. .M.ir- e-e Malletibert. F-ani is Harinett. Day- ton Millman. Kvelyn Smith. Mary Van Vosirand. Kmilie Weinnier. 'I'biid ;;iade. Heiniird Ceillcttc. Je-s- ^h- Diake. Kvelyu Miller, Kdith Lue-e. Se-cond siaele-. Henry Kalein, .-Vnna FREEPORT BUSINESS SCHOOL Freeport, L. I. A ll « :;: .| •'-— ---A-^ IM4C PiTMUi tMooruuie MO BUSIIKIS SYiTtiu rMtcn- Sheirlband, Toiie-li Typewriiin^, Iius ini-Ks iiracHi-e, Individual instruci ienis, peisilions for graduates. Abeive school will be opened shortly. For further iiariiculars, address, Mrs. ,1 O'Keefe. e-are of .Nassau I'lisi. Godfrey Gilbert, Jr. 11 AKANTKKO VULCANIZING IIKLS AMI \nO SMTI II s Diamond Tires Ti-liplione 1:',1L' il «i-st Merriek Kd., Ireeporl Hartrett. Walter Jaeger, Mattie Rus^ .«ell. Rodney Wolfe. Charlotte Gang- lolT, .Marie H}.rding, Gertrude Hulse, Ruth. Luce, Huth Ijtce. Geo.- Smith, Virginia Smith, First i;rad.-. Kmma Drake, Florence F.aton. Mildreil Kress. Heirtense Mat- tei-8. ncginning grade, Harry Uct/.. Rosetta Drake, Veremira Gangleifl'. Roasi Mandriie-e-hia. Millle-ent Smith HciiiicHa Siieider, i;diia Voeiris, Ge-ei Wanse-r • Germany's Honey Production. I'.eiUe-i-ping wns nil important in- .lu-rr.v .-imuml Niire'iniiv-rg, (ii-nminy. u.s Inii.i; .-:fo as the- Hilrte-e-nih e-e-ntury. Gi-rm.-itiy'.s t..t:il prniluitinii of linne.v .s now nlninsi .fT.IHHl.lKHl a M-ar, A! WAYS ON TO F\ I'O A 1,1 YOIK ITS TIIK JOW I'll MRIX; RRAX'IIKS Lcaki'iig pipes, Inose jeihils, dripping fame's , escaping gas ; cost -a lot of money that eaii be : saveei ve ' -i little ntteniion, j Nil \iasie nil I.ns small bills. W. F. PEARSALL \>eiinl> \\o. mai Nn-ihaii Keiad Riiosi'vclt LET ME KNOW Wlial pll.peltv Mill have- flll sale , e-xebani-e-, ni re til. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE TO RENT OR EXCHANGE \l,l , KINDS OF INSURANCE See- me .iliinil thai .i iilniiiniiiU- in- iiNCE I EoiRDS Real Estate anil liisuraiiee Agt. FREEPORT. N, Y. \( SETON C. BENS Chartered Accountant f 33 Railroad Ave. Freeport, L. I. T Illl i,111.Ill i-'i.-i-|.iii! : : A Wn.ilwnrlli liiiiiiliiit; Teli-pbnin- Han le-> 7I,M; ' ^u^iH get eggs and have healthy sturdy chicks ifyou use W'r'-iJ'jCy<'. . ~t—,^ yt •,/,<, r y - \-/ \-r;, .' • y 'l-i'', V j, / V %'l'y\lyr:irs'^,y^,i'- , hri --^i^ './%<p /'/-'-: i\i<i/^'<^,^^l^-l-'','.'.- SHAW&lRIIESDIuCoi^ m Manufiichired I^y Shaw&'lhiesdell Co. Brooklyn.NY For Sale by aU Dealers

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