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SIX THE KASSAl TOST , FULEPOBT, :.. V, FRIUAV IIKCK.MIiLR s, l.iK BALDWIN NEW5 week end with Mr. .-\.nd .Mrs. David Brown in Philadelphia, .Mr. Frank Golden is ill at his hom e on -Men ie-k road. .Mrs, Ixiiiha J. UaiUe r, wiileiw -if Daniel Barker , died at Ihe home- eif he r daughter, ,MI-H. Daniel BiirdeHc, fli < i^ntield cimietery of Centra l avenue at 10 o'clock Wedneselay nigh'. .Vovember 2;ilb, .Mrs, Barkei had bee-n confiiie-d lo l.er lie-d for almiit Iwo weeks. .MIS,S PHILLIPS KMKKTAI.NS. membeis. Th e installation of sieani A little party wa s given last week bcHi has added materialiy. by -Miss l-'iances Pbillips, on e of the-i The regular depariment iiionilil.\ teacher s in Baldwin School, to b- r i nieetin« .will be em ,Monday, December se-holars. The soe-ial began at 2:i;),'18lh . .Mr. Golder wa s Th e studens each brought some- .Meeling for Honk and l.adder .Nd, lh .son of Morris an d Klizabeth Gold.-r thing to add to th c feast, an d a jeilly i 1 an d Hose- (\impan y .So, 2 will be and wa s born in Baldwin, He is snr-'lime was had, Those wflo lemaineel on Dee-embi-r llth. Host- Company \jved by twi dauubiers .Mrs. Wiiliani for the fnn were- Grac e Pearsall , John ' .No. 1 will beild lis ine'eling on De- Frank (iolder, seventy years oin, eliee] un Sunday night after a linge,- liik illness, Tbe funeral wa s held on \Vodne,selay al 2 o'cock, th e Rev. .M, O, Kepley ofniiating, Interfnenc, Several iniriibei;-, of the .Ma-ionir fraternity frnm .M.t.-saiH i;iia altendetl the (HanU iy-dixe session of .Massape- ejna Hodge i-\ A: A, M,, at Roe-kvilie •'i nli e .Mn; el;.y i i lit. SMITHVIUE SOUTH Phon e 368-M H. (;OLI>FARB, Ladies an d (•entii Tailo r FIRS RKMODKKKD AND RKPAIR l D :;:> Railroad .Ave,, Fl-eeport PrWLir NOTICE. II, Raynoi anil .Miss Kthel Holder. .Ml, and Winle-i- tbare. Tbe funeral servire s we-rc held len o'clock on Fiida y morning at the '-•*\\ •'\h\- ,'1'j\*\. home ol .Mrs Biirdeite, Rev Warre n Florida on .rhursda.v, r. Bowma n oflie-iaiiny. Intermen t at Cypres s Hills. .Mrs. Barker is sur - vived by two daughters, .Mrs. Bur - detfe; an d .Mr-^. J, R. .Sherwood of I'ark avenue . Joh n O'Coniifll anl JaeksonN Mb', 1 spe'nd He •Uiilkfns, Viola Hedenstrelt, Alice reinbe r 12th Peace, .Margarel Bedell, Floreme White. ,\lai j-'iieiite Bedell, Irene l^ewi.son, Frank Kewison, Fran k Dewez, Krnes! .Miller, Alcn ,^ider.soi Ralph .Miller, Jess e Beiity, Lewis Ber Prcp.-i ral i-.r;: ;•! nie-rlainiiK . : in if tbi.-. 1 .-,. HI a 'iiitluilU .s-iiiili. iie-m.; iiKiele tnr an 11 he lel nil tb o llll b Hie lie- Hal l al fill Ilie' ti.m til of i)0 minute s ea.«t .114,.SO feet to a post thenc e north 57 degreea 9 mlnutei* west 194,11 feel to Foster s MMMIOW Road at fhe point or place of be- ginning; the last three eounses an d di,stance» being alons the land of lhe KImont Ometery, Inc.. rontalnlni: . within said Iwunds tw o hundre d Pl IILM >OTI( F thirty-three and eighty-foirr. one- bundredlh s acre s of land. accordin«: .-'e.-:ieil Hifls will be received hy the to aurvey mad e bv Evan s Brother>. iindersinnid, Cleik of th e Board of June . 1910, Si'l.er\:sois ci-\ the Cotinty of Na.^.saii, Dated December 1. IJHti. KKMONT CKMKTKRY. INC. Ileci-mher s. HUB, mi l»:.1ll By John H. Van Nostrand . prern- dent. IHdiij a. ni 'or fiiini.-^hlr Hi. The- Ladie* Aid Society nf Hie .M. K. Church beld a successful fair in th e chapel Wednesday and Thursda y evenings. .V \ Supper\ wa- ,Mrs, William Bi-iiclihaiiser enter - tained the Tiie'sday tlve hundred e-lnb at her ho m - on .Milburn avenue, Tbe members presenl were .Mrs. Wal I.-r Shubert , .Mrs, K. O. Wildberger, Mis, A, B Rickelts , ,Mrs, Andrew KlsHi , .Mrs. Hiither Kice, Mrs, K, W, Bishop, .Mrs, K, B, .\lullene-r, .Mrs, Richard Suits, ,Mi-s, Henry Opperman, Sr,, .Mrs, Henr y Opperman , ,;i , and .Miss Mott. Till Central Athletic Club of Bald- win lelebraie d Thanksgivin g on Wednesday night of last week at the Baldwin Hose Compan y No. 2 build- ing. The hall was artistically deco- rate ei with eom stalks , buntin g and Vjolored e-repe- pape r of all colois. Dane-ing and iniisic together witb a nuniber of popular games wer e e-ii- joyed during the evening. Among those present were ttie .Missi's Rmh .Meadi', Phoebe Wliite. ity, Constanci '\\ilson, Lillian Brow-'Ser\ed e-arly in the evening under tbe er an d lOiniiia Browei These stn- supervision nf .Mrs. Joseph R. Sher- dents were fioiii classes 4A an d 41'., wood, the .Misse's .Margaret Opperman,. Mabelle .Millei, Hatti e Smith and Ruth E. Wheeler, The fancy table wa s in charge of .Mrs. K. T. Soulhard . .Miss K. Slouhoff, -Mrs, John Kusch, and .'iHs. \'alentiue Sober, cand y lab!.-: .Mrs. Henry Oppernian, Jr., .Mrs. .-M- bag table; Mrs. Wil- liam Colden and .Mrs. .Albastine, aprons; .Mrs, R. H. Homan, ,Mrs. JHc- coiinsul to Briisit, Turkey for two i^;^,.f\ .\ioit an'I .Mrs. F K>TF;KTAI.> VK K (OI.N.M I.. .Mrs. F'rank Hurle y entertain , d Mr, an d .Mrs, Mwin Kange and Miss Agnes Pell at dinne r on Wednesda y evening of last week, .Mr, Lange. who j,j,p, ppai'^ai is a class mate of .Mr, Hurley ai Harvard, class H1/:i, ha s been viee year.s past. .Mrs. Kange Is th e foi- I). Smith, home .Mrs. I-;le1iiii Hurley and hi-i lifle- daughter Jane-, left Baldwin nn F i- day for Bosioii to remai n until aMi r the ChriKliiKi'^ holidays, Mr. Hurle y will join Iben. feir Xma,-; ,'•1, Haiiiaiia Caihnlie- Ciiuieh in Bc-ll- ,iiiiie', 'lhe I iinniiillee in ( hai i^e of llie allaii i.; e .inipn.'-e rl (if .Mr. and .Mrs. Reiian. .Mr. and .Mrs. .i. i: i lal^iiade-, .H and ,Mr,i, MeC;.!., , ,i, s .4n'al>e. Mrs. Phillips, .Mi,^, l'.. . . e, .'i:i,s .-Vn- liower. An eluboraie- in-iiMraMi i.-i be inp ai iaiif,'ed fen ihf enlei laini n nt, wteili v> ill lie- reille>wed by a ilai.. • . The e oiirinnation i-l;is,s of ->i. .Mark's l^pise-i.pal Cbiiiib \I'; iie'eM ai t::',n ein Sunelay afteineior ;.: ilu- i-luli house III S-iiithville- .\^en '.-,. .\n>i.i>i lie-:.ililll^ lo attend i'od :':niliii;; tbal Innir inconve-iiient, a\ ii-e.iiested lo e-oinmiinle-at\ with Hie- paslo r after the- servie-e nv at his hom e on Henry -tre-et, in Kiin^ievi-lt. lie- nrne-.-e all wbo an- mil rnntirineil m ain-nii ilii' e-lass. -itll additional furniture for the two Cenii-t RiMims. in aci-oi dance with pee ;(jeatinn,s ibeiefiM- prepared by ,lr. Williain B, Tubby. Architect, Sl Ciill'in .\^liei'!. .\\rw Yorli City, .\, V. r!,\- mder e.f Ibe Board of Supervisoi ,-- C,I;IIR(H ; M. (;ooDAi.K . Cl^rk. iMie-el al '^!jre-nla. 1,, 1., .N'nvenibei , 27, HHti. Conniy of Nas.sau KLVIN N, EDWARDS, ESQ,. Attorne y for Petitioner. 1 Freeport, L, I. Railroad .\venui TO WHO M IT MAY CONCERN '•1,1'ASK TAKE .NOTK'K, Tbat the Kli;iniif Cemetery, Inc. a leme - teiy eeirpoi ation organized and ex- i.^ting iindn- and hy virtue of the laws of Ihe .State of New York, own- inp and operatin g the Elmont (^eni- ^\^ etery, formerly known a s Fosters FOREn.OSrKK XOTIfES. Sl'PKKM K COHHT , N,\SSAU COCNTY —.Anna F. He>dsln.«. Plaintiff, ajmlnc'- S'-ll;.- Theuiipaoii, el H1., r»<'fenj:int» ACTION NO. I tn pin-Kuanee- of a JinlKnn-il ..! fi'.i • • (leisure anei sal e duly mad e an d <-ntcre-l in th e above- enlitle-el uction . an d IK-«I - in>; date- Ihe 31,«t da> of C^teili.-r, 191< I till- underslirne'd, the Refi.ree in aal a jiidBme-iit nainrel. wlil .«ell al publie iiuetion al Ihe front door of th e .Nassau Count y Court House . Mineola , Count y l.l ,\a«>iaii, .sinti- of X.-w Tfork, mi tb. 20TH DA Y O F DECEMBER, 1916, lit U' .ii-loe-k ,Ne>e.n on tha t diey, lli. pr.iiiiseK .rir.-e-le-d by ,v.ild Judgmen t I'- ld, mid tber.-in .l.',icrib.>d ;IK fol- Bedell, Waller Robins, Oliver Bedell, followinK Hi, dinne r party, .Mr and Harry Homan. Charle s Rider, Fred Mrs, Kldon llnrley . Miss Marguerii e .Schneller, I.. Lewis, George Jackson , Scheile of New York Miss Vei a Bob Bcii'd, Bill Rob.son Hr, an d .Mrs Liith«»r Kii-e, and her daiighter Janet, spent the- Thanksgiv - ing Willi JTi-. Kiii-'s father in \\b;:i ton, N, J, llarniek. John Hrbert , Oeorge Vin- eent, Job n Keller, Samuel VerHy, Peic.v Sweezy, Arttel Strang, Theo - dore Fische r an,1 Ktbe t Greejie; ,Mi - tnn fiiei-ne Walter Greene and Hany Tahla u of Hrooklyn, Mr, and .Mrs. West, of Virginia, are makinR an extended' visil at tbe Georg e Roach, of New Rocheile, MVa; BeYle i'.\\\.^' \^ I'.'*','.' daughter, .Mrs, Williuin Tli^i' \Siiiiie-n s Cuilil home nf .Mis, PetHt i a\e'nue' and .New Hi idt o'elnek on Friday, Il-ll.- a! Hie- 1 Jerusale-iii inad at 2 Wheeler, nf Great Neck, an d .Mr, WH- lls Duruz spent'lhe evening a s .Mr,-.. Fran k Hurley's guests . A. Coote of HaniHon avenue Mr. Rie-hard Siilfs wbo has ben very ill with typhoid fever. Is v-'- e'oveilng, and Is expected lo be able- to leave bis room In a few days. Mr, an d ,\;rs. Fred .Southard and family of (Hand avenue , will lea^-e Baldwin afier the Cbiistmas hnlida.-s to spend lhe Winter in .N'ew York Citv, .Ml, an d ,Mis, C. K, .Milkins of Haye s sireei entertained .Mr, and ,Mrs, Geo, S, Talley, and also ,Mi-s. .Mllti\m<;> ei, of Brooklyn for Tbaiiksgiving, The- Mrs, Jeihn H, Carl, Jr,, entei taim-d at tive hundred lasl Friday afternoon at liei- bnnio on Grand avenue . Fa vni,^ were wnn by ,Miss .Marion Brainard and .Mrs. Paul O, Schuman , At Hie ose of a Miy pleasant afternoon. dances l-'riday will be •^ive n every second i-vening in place of eacb week. ,Mr. anil Mrs. l-'ie-d .Sonlliaid enter - tained .Mts, .1 P, Ke-enan, ,lames Ke e- nan, Jr,, and .Mr. .Nicholas Ciinnin^-- hain at Tb iiik,-i;:;iving dinner on 'h.t day. .Miss Giae-e- Hurley, daiighte-r eif Mr, and .Mrs. F, K, Hurley, retuine d fron New Paltz , N, Y, for Thanksgivin g holidays wbe'ie she is altendinc ceil- lege. FIR K IM-PAKT.MKM .NOTK.S. Chaile,s Jansen , Chief of Ibe Bald- win Fire Department , calls attentio n to the fact thai th e Telephone Com- ,iai,iiy refn-sbment s were served, pany has this month sent to its .sub-lAmonK thosi- jire'sent were .Mrs, John scrlbers, the \Fire Call\ cards , and | H, Carl, .Mrs. Joh n H. Carl Jr., Mr,-, urges ttiat. tho.se leccivinR them will | willia m P. Carl, Miss Kate .M, t;arl. plae-e them at a convenient place iieaiM,-s. Oivill,- .\l. Hawkins, ,\lis.^es Win- Couuny Club elance vis the telephone, so that prompt and | jfr,,fi and Ivstlier Smith, Miss Marian postponed from Frida y night of luiji , eflacient service pan be had on 'bi s u,,aii,da,-fi -,;,s. Paiil H. Schuman and week to to-niglii. After which the most serioii-i matter , I Miss .Nellie- .'ililler. The first rail Flre! is of vital im- ' ' porlanc e to the e-eimmunity an d ihe- : \ijss Fire Deparlmenl: and as little '''\e yj^j|j|i„ as po.ssible should be lost in soundin g ('„|,|i„,s lhe alarm. With the eo-operation of ; the people' in this matter, th e men, who are glad to give their tim e for Ihe protection of th e life and preip- erty will liieve a better chance to prepare themselves with promptnes s and greater speed than they hav e h-id in the past, riie fire call for Baldwin has b«ten e-hanKed from Frpt , 146-W, to Frjii, 66, Janie s H, Rogers, recently appoin Till- rake ,sale- and ilaiiee held lasl .-^ainrelay night al Hie elub boii^c. tor the- benefll of the Christma s Fund .11 St , .\daik'i-i l-;pi a sue ial iinel liiiaiie-ia that e-.rliUn pie-.-.-, plot or parce l .if land wit h building s mid linprov.-- Meadow Cpmeterv, wil l present t o mi-nlH th.-reon sltuat.-, lyim; aniJ boinn inridi', in the- Tow n of Hemp - iiiity of Nn.s,«Hu. .'^Inte- of Ne w ow n illl.l d('Hi»:nati-il an I.oi - 6\. in Blo.-k 8 nn a .-.-rtain ittll.-il -Ma p A, proii.rt y at I- Pnrk. .N'li.Msiiii e^mrity, N, T , l.iiiid anei Iinproveini-nl Ce-., HiiildiiiK. llreiiieiway an d 4In<l llillan , 'r.-niide Itiir Huild- 1-1, IlKMiklyii, ..^iir v.->.d O.-tober .Intli, 1911 C \\ .-^mllti, .-lurv.'ynr,\ b. - r.-i-t front .-in.t illld h.-liiK tie- invcye d t<. N. Ili.- Oci'an,.\!!!.- Iniprov. the Board of Supervisors of Nassau ^ . ^.^^ County, New York, at their chamber s 'Yerk. kne! in the (''ounty Court Hous e at Min i. f.9. and eola, .Nassau Countv, New York, lhe 12(h DAV OF .IAM AliV, 1917 at 10 oelock In the forenoon of tbat '^,^'\ ^^ i^i'.'iiri day, or a s boon thereafter as a v.->'.d o.-tober hearing can be had, its application ^''v'l KnKin<-.-r and . ... ini; a plot *if liiiiel 1.(1 for the permission and i-onsent of ,...,,. „„,i j,,,, f,.,,, ,i,,,,. on •\-'! Tlm. the Board olh Supervisors of N'assau aenu. |ir.-nilKe,s •opal Chill ill, vvas coumy, to th e extension of the said Thompson by H Miss Smith Happily Surprised. KImont Cemetery, by acquiring, taking, setting apar t and using for burial purposes as provided by law-, all that ini'iil deed d.-il.d F.-I. .•\ surpris e party vvas give-n certain lot. piece or parcel of land, Vifdnesday e-v.Mli.i; laM, to .Miss IHI- contiguous to the said Elmont Cem- en Smith, The affair wa s a masked etery, situated, lying and beiuK in one-, and Iiml been aiiangcd wilb '^e Village of Elmont, Town of -;reai lare Th e uni-si.-; rushi-d in Hempstead . Counly of Nassau , Slate upein Ibeir ,Mirprise>d hosiers , e an-, - '>f ^•*'^^' York, aiid more particularly ing with the m a feast of greal variety, bounded and described as follows: .Al Hie' Thre e Day Ceinfereiice un- dei Ihe auspices of the Young .Men's Christian Association held in Rock- ville Centre, Charle s Miller, Paul .Southard. Krnest Sprague , Wesiey Siiragiie, Alan Smit h and Robei t .Slory we-re' some- of the lepieKenta- Hves of Baldwin at lhe- e-onference, Mr, Walte r Shubert an d Mr, Rowlanel Hawkin s were delegates. Aliee Ceimbes, of Hyiibrook, is .Ml. an d .Mrs. Thompso n .Mr. Franeis W. .Miller vvill lead .be Kpwort h League meetln« in the M. Ft. Churc h Sunda y evening, topie-, \Th e ,Mission of the. Reli.qioiis ,\ew-s- paper,\ ,\Iiss Olive Homan is pianist for the- month of December. whie-h they enjoyed afte-i manias harl been played anei dam-ini,; ami inii,;ii enjoyed. Seime of Hie gnosis weie- .Miss tb-i- trude ' llubbaid , Leonard Hiibbanl. .Miss Jan^ .-\mes, ,Miss Clara \\ ii- liams, ,Mis,s l.auia Williams, Robe-ri Williams, .Mr. and .Mrs. .lacob Wil- liams, .Mr, and .Mrs. Charle s Williams, p|.\|\ .Miss .Muriel Wood, ,Me'i-vin Golden, rioyil P'lsl, Knioiy Washlionin, .Mi.ss .Mabel .Seaman, Aithni Seaman , Mr, and .Mrs. Fis'i. .Mr. and .Mrs. Raymomi Fi.sb, Murie-I Woeirl was dii-ssed as a I'lii- I \.iiiipiiii' i',iii-v- I9ili, 19l:i. I>jil.-<1, ,\ov.-iiiher Ul , 19111.^ Iieili!I,.-\.s s I' H.^WRHNCK , Befer.-.-. HAHeil.l ) e- K ?Je IKPPHI., Adorn.•> fi.i PlniiiLIPT, f. n.'ekmm i Sir.-el, MoroiiiH ..f MiuitiaUmi. ,N.-v\ Y.irk i'il.v. ,-<iH'UKMi; i-iii'irr . .NA.'-J.SAC -'OCNT^ — .Ann.I F. HeielKin.i, Pliiintil't, ,-i»(nln,-i .\.-lli.- I luiiiULsoii, .t . III, H.-r.-ndant.\ ACTIO N NO . II In pui-fluane.' of a Judgm.-nt of foip - i-lei,«iir.- mid sal. dul y imidi- an.l .-nt.-re.l in 111.- aliiiv.- .-nlitl.-.1 a.-t i'.n .-inil be-arlnc llal.- <r ;ilsl il:o ol lle-liiti.-r, laiU, 1, thi iind.-i-HlKni'd, tin- K.-fi-i.-.- in .-i.-ii.! judg - men t niini.-ei, will ne-11 at puhlic leiictlein Ml 111.- fie.iil door of lh.- \:if.,vjiii I'.iunlv ('.mrl HoiiH.-, Mlii.'eila, C.iunly uf N-n,-,H(iii., Sl\t.- of .New ^ it'.!.- of .New York, fin.lli. - 20TH DAV OF DECEf^BER, 1916, t 12 o'eloek .'vlllon em that (l;i,v , Hi- ——— Miss ,Mai-i;iierile Se-heilc of ,\'ew- ,Mlss K, Swift, former teai-her in Vork an d .Miss Vera Roche of New Baldwin School, spent Ihe Thanku - Rochelle were the Thanksgivin g and ed janito r of fire headquarters build- giving holidays with Mi.ss .Mrgaret week end gucste of .Miss .Mildred Hnr- ing. has made several changes which Opperman. - I ley. will make for th e comfort of the .Mr. l-'ran'i B, Colder died at !,•; home on th - Merriek road Sunday niglit from a i:onipIicatiein of diseases after a lingiiin g illness. H e wiis TO'Japanese, J-Jnmy Wasbbiirn as a Beginning al a point on th e easterly #!ide of Foster s Meadow Road where' Ihe northerly boundary line of the> land now set apart and used for cemeter y purposes and knovyn as the KImont Cemetery, Inc., an d the land herein described, meet al the aforesaid F'rslers Meadov* Road: at iinning tbence along th e said east- f'r''nil,'i.',s direct.'d by said jii.i(;iii.-nt i ide of Fosters Meadow Re.ad. [ll^.^'l\'\ '\'\ ^'\''\\' \\«••••\''' -''-•' \•' •2ii de-gr*es .''in minutes east 212.-12 All' thm e. rtain pi.-e.-, pl,.t or pill,-. feet to a stake; thence still along s fid \t land with buiidiuKt. *n.i impr.iv.- inad nnrl h 111 detiree ^ 1-^ minilles nieiiln Ili.r.-oii slluat. - Iviio; .,i,d b.-iii; loa o nor m in oe^,r(es i- minute s .,, („,,,„,i.„j,i,, ,,t ,|„. Town ..f H.-nip I'asl 86,80 feet: Ihence still aleing ...t.v,,,). cmrn y ,,f N;i^wa,i. smt- ••i ,N>\ said road north east ILan maiil, Arlhur .Seaman as a e..i- formerly of Daniel Stattel : ihence ,u <ie,.mi..i:.i. i-urk, i\ii»weu lege- profe.'-sor. .Mervin Holden as a south 64 degrees .58 minute s east 'V'^. Wlndwir^^Umd mid Inj^p I1I56.51 feets to a stake : tbence' south •\\ ^ .......... —.. oa d nort h T elegree'S r.3 minutes Ve.rk, know n mi d de,sii.Miiiled ii,-< H«t> 200,10 fee t t o th e lan d ne,/m ,•:^,;:iJ^ ..f^^/l'llli.^.^, '?,„::;-!( , '^,„':,.. rly of Danie l Stattel: ihence „ i <I.-,.,II,.M:.I. Park, Nn-sieu Ce.unly, N While Your Goal-Hod has been shrinking KEROSENE has stayed the same Coal has been going up—and up! The papers say it may jump still higher before the winter is over. Go light on coal—burn SOCONY KEROSENE and cut the high cost of heating. A gallon of Socony Kerosene costs from 10 to 15,cents. Burned in a Perfection Oil Heater it will warm any ordin- ary room for 10 full hours. 10 or 15 cents wortK of coal is about half a scuttle-full—and there'i small comfort in a .scuHJe «;( coal these days. A Perfection ison when you need it and off when the weather turns mild. ^ ou carry it upstairs and downstairs, wherever you want it. But the furnace stays in the cellar, steadily burning up the dollars. Get out your old oil heater, or order a new one today. See that the grocer delivers Socony Kerosene and no other, because Socony is the Standard Oil Company's best grade of refined oil. Look for the Socony Sign in his window. ^!S% STANDARD OIL CO. of N. Y. I Principal Officei) New York Albany BufTalo Boston tmm^ SUMlARODlLCUIlYl year s of age'. Funera l services were held from hi:, la' e bome M'ednesday afternoon. Rov, M, O, Upley, paslor of tb e ,Methodist Kpiscnpai Chure b nf- flciating, .Mr, Golder was on e of Hie oldest lesideiits of Baldwin and w,il known is this vie-iiiity. H e is. sur- vived by a wife and two daughteis , ,Miss Klhi'l Colder and .Mrs, William H. Raynor, both of this place, * MKKKIT-dlLHI l{.\ M PTI ALS. On .Saturday night at six o'clock. Hairy ,Merii')t, .son of ,Mrs. Sniitb ,Mei-- rit, wa s married to .Miss Hele n .Mil- biini by Rev, Jame.-; Hall, The bride caine all the way from .Milwaukee-, Wlsceinsin, to marry the man of her e-hoie e. She arrive d on Thanksgivin.; da>. Mr. .Merritt met .Miss .Milburn aboui a year ago, whle he was away on a trip, an d tlu-ir friendship cnlmiiialed in the- wedding nn Saturday night. The niarriage took place at lie home of Mr, and .Mrs, Fran k Rotn-.-is of Oak street, Mrs, Roberts wa s ii,o bride's attendant , ^Ir, Robe^-ts, best inan. Following tbe ceremony a snp- per vvas enjoyed by their immedi:iii' friends. About ^:e,iii o'e-loek, fhe semnd i.i iiiusie- broke upon the stillness of ttu- niglit. and it wa s discovered that Hie \CH-een TuiHe\ club, consisting of about ten pecple, vvas seranadin g tm bride an d groom. After playing and .singing tbey wer e finally induced m go to Ibeir respective homes, but it was sometiiiie befene the faint sira.ius ,of the- violin and tbe tinkling of Hie mandolin could be no mnre beard in tbis distance. .Mr, Me-rrlH lefi Sunday afternoon for Conneclie-iit, wher e be is cemnert- ed in business. Hi s bride is living at tbe Oak street residence wilh Mr Merritt's mother. peidler. Ceil rud e Hiibbaid as a baby, Jane Ames and Clara Williams ,is IWO e-leiwns. Robert Williams a.s a porter, ,Mabe| Se.-iniaii as a elane-er. There was a vai^e-ty i-f nthe r i-os- iiiiiie,'.. .Mabi-l Seaman wmi Hie pii/e leir lUe- ladit-s e-ostiliiie- and Kinoi y Wasbbnrn , llie geiille'iiien's prize- \Chiropractic 19 .spinal adjiisfnienls, le-niove's tbi' eause- nf h'-ndae-he, slomaib ami liver triiilhle.\ nei-.onsiie'ss, nen i ills, infantile- paralysis. Patients iTrtended to :i' ihen- re- sident s nr m.v oflle-e Mm. valiiabl informalinn ean be Innl li.\ ;i-''lres- sing F. E. BOGA lEroeiklyu, \. V. IO.'»ft Bergen SL Lh:<;AL NOTKKS. MASSAPEQUA NEWS The- Thanksgivin g eve enteriaii;- nienl and d.nne-e of the ,Massapei|iia Social Clnb ,>-as well attended. SI I'HH.Mi: corirr NASSAC COCN- 'lY Tlioma-- 11, Haiie-b, Plainiiff, againsl Miles llariiiiaii Builiiin.g and I Lanei Coriiorai inn, Defendaiii,. I'll tile iibove iiaiiied Bel'eiiilaiit. Non are- he'teby siimmoiie'el to ans- w.'i Illl- i-'iiiiplainl ill Ibis ae-iion, ami 111 serve- a eupy of yoiii- answer on lhe- PlaiiiHlT's .Mtorney within twen- ly elays afii-i Hie servie-e of this siim- inons e-xe-lnsiv*- eif Hie day eif servle'e, an d in ease ot .vemr failure- Iei appear nr answer, .ludgmenl will be- taken iiuainst yem In ,,di:faiilt, for llie- ii-lii-r de iiianeled III the- i-ompliiinl Da'ed .VUH'ISI :HSI, HiHi, ,\DRIAN H.COrRTKNAV Plaintili s .\llriini-y, ,\o. itil ,Maiii Sin-i-t, Heinii- stead, ,\, >'. To MII,i;S HARr,MA.\ HIILHIX H ANII l,\.\l ) CORPORATION ; The foie-.;oiiig suniiiions is se-iveil 66 degree 34 minute-s eas t 548.11 feel to an old stake: Ihene-e seiiith 66 degree s 48 minutes east 788.50 fe'i-i feet toa monumen't: Ihe last three course s and dlstane-es be-ing along the- land of Daniel Siattel : thence soutb 21 degrees 20 minuie s west 1152.50 feet to a cedar tree: thence soulh 67 degrees 48 minute s east 737.80 feel to a stake : thenc e soilth 70 ile-grees 19 mlnutt-s e-ast 954,5.\. feel to a stake : the last tliri'e i-ourses and distances being along the land of John Ludlum : thence soutb 21 elegre-e-s ;!8 mnutes west ^20,67 fe-et: Miene-e- south 66 degre'es 16 mnute s east 167S.12 feet to a stake: tb e lasl Iwo courses an d distances being along Hie- land of ,reromu8 Vande-rveer; thene-e south 16 degrees 2 minutes west 569,85 feet lo a monument; Ihe'nce nor»h 62 de-gree'S 47 minutes west 2:'.!!,02 feet lo a stake-: thence seiulb 29 ilegrees 509 511 feet lo a «laki-: tbence- south 59 eb-grees ;'. minute s east 174.20 feel to a stake : ibe-ni-e soutb 58 decree s l» minute-s east 170.80 feet lo a slake : the last tive courses and distnnci'S being along Hie land now or formerly of William Hrush : theme soutb 14 degree-s 26 iiiinute-s west 110-10 fe-et lo a stake-: ibe-ne-e- soilth 6 di-gre-es 28 miniites west 102,50 fee-t to a stake-: tbence soutb 9 degri-e-s 42 min- uie s w-e-Kt 183..50 feet to a stake: the last Ihree courses and distance's be ing along the land of .lae-ob F. Oak- |e-y : thene-e north 82 ib-gri-e-s 18 min- ute's west 184.85 fee>l H, a stake-: thenc e norlh 87 degrees 50 minutes wi'St Hi4.00 feet to a stake': thene-e- south 78 degrees 42 ninuU-s west 72,.no fi-i-t to a stake: Ihence' south 74 degre-i-s 27 ninnies west 103.60 fei-I to a stake-: Ihene-e seiiiHi 60 ilegrees 20 miniili-K west 24.4,5 fe-et to a stake-; thene-e soiitb 17 eb'grees 10 ninute's we-st 76.20 fi.e-t to Black Oak Tre-e: Ihe lasl six eenirsi-s and elistanceK b»-ing aleing th e land now or fornu-rly of .Nicholas ' Hoeffner: thenc e south ;!7 degrees 21 minute s 40 see-onds vvest 95,82 fe-et to a stake ; thene-e seiufb 27 di-gri-es 16 nilnutOH 40 se-e- onels vvesl 222,58 feet lo a stake-; Hiiiii-i- along the- land of Job n Hoff man neirth 52 d<-gri-e»tt 40 ininute-s 40 se reinds we^st 776.00 feet Io a slake ; and 42».< Sli'-.-l, .VImiliiillaii, 'reini.le Xinv lluilrilai;, H fmir t S(|.-.l , HriK.klyn, ,.<iirv*yp.l n.l..IM-I- llillll, flll. In- i\ VV .Smitl. I'ivil Kiigiii.-. r iiiil I'ily HIII v. .vor.\ fce- inn .1 pi'it 111 l,-iiiil un l.-e-l Inin i sn<i r.i.r mid imi I'.-l eli-ep .-mil hein « ttt^ I'lini.- )ii-.iiili.(-,s 1 i.iivi ye-il 1.1 Nallik '^ll..lIlll^.lll by the- I >e-..aii,.;id.: Inipray.:- III. Ill I'liiiipiiiiy by ' 11 d'-i-d ilul.-d Ffh- iiimj ttitli. I!li:i, I Illi'll, Nov.'iiili.'i 1st, llllli HIirCI.AS S C HAWUH.NCK , Uet.ree ICAUeil.li c K,\'OKPPh;H, .Mtorne y »»i I'li.iiitifr, f, II.-.-hman Sli.et Horaiisl .if .Mi.iiliiUliiii, ,\'.-w y.iik <Mlv. Sl PRK.MK COIRT NASSAI COlfN TV William Sutherland , Mai«i iff, agains t ixittle Okerholm, DAIAAA- aiit. In p ii-!;tiane-e of a Jiidgenrttat lit' i-'ore'i-l'isuii anei .Sale bearin g dsH Hi.> llth dll.', of October, 1916, aa d entere d in the oHice of the I'lerk of Hie- Ceiunty nf Nassan on the llth da.v of Oe-teiber, HlHi, I- Ibe undersigned . miniile-K west \\^ Ref<>re:e in said jndgeintmt named will i.i'll at public aiie-llon, to Mji- liigbesi biilile r, at tbe front eliKir of Ibe- County (\•urt House, of the Ceiiiiily of .NaKsail at .Mineola, Na- sau Couniv, New Vork, on Ih'- lath DAY OF nKt'KNHKK , lAKS. at 10 o'e-loe-k of said day the pKemisr- de',s(-iibed in .'•aid jiidgeine-nl of fon- e-lostire sab ' a s follows; .Ml Ibose ce-rtalii lots, jiii-e-rs, en pare els of land sitiiali-, lying and be ing at Fleiral Park , In lli|. Tow n o! Hempstead , (\eninty of ISJass.-iu, an.i Stat e of .New Vork, know n and de-,.- Ignateil by th e lot numbe-is Two Hundred an d Hilrly-lbre-e (2:):ii, Twei lliindre-il anl tbirty-feiiir I2;i4l, Tw o lliineiie-d ami tbirty-five (2,'!5|, aii'l Two lliindre'il ihirly-six (22.6), on a mail e-nlilU'd \ Nei. I of Ihe Hof-e properly at Floral Park, Leing Ifl and. Surveyed and drawn by F, Sf Rudige-r, Jr,,\ anil tiled in tbe- oB\i e ol th e Clerk of Queena County. nOHCHAS S CLAWRKNCF Refer«-e-. Cl,,\('l)i : I. COON, AHfini.-v f.. Plaintiff. Oin.e and P O Ael'lren 2,3o Hroadwny, Boienigii eif Manhat- tan, nty of New York The- re-gull',; ineinthly meeting of tli Massapeipia Fir e Departmenl was Court ;i|iiin >oii by ptiblieal iei'i iiiirsiiani lo an nrdei of HON, JA.Mi:S C \'AN Hi.-nee. north 38 degrees 39 minute SICLKN, Jii,-:lice' of Hi.- Siiiiri-me- 20 see-einds wes t 20,71 feet lo i dale-d the 27lb da> of Novem- B«\1« held a t Paiivicir evening. Holel \\'eelne-sd.iy .Sei man y ;,ii|f plave-is lainlili-d nw i the links of the Massapeiiiia Golf and Country Club Sunday , that tbe bu m of Ihe ball s caused several of nm friends Io lak e 10 ilie cellar. Commodore Jaekso n gave bis raie- lilt part y tn the Kadies' Aid Soeieiy as aiinoiince'l. an d il was som e foast. Miss l.ois Feix, of .New Vork and seven of her eliie-uHon e-lass enler- laiiie-d and ull tJial hut, the gallani host wouldn • li'll 'em heiw b e mixi-d Hie- iiiipeti-/,lr,7 Ihing. anei we- nnd.r- slaiiil a i-eia\iiig e-ommittee- bas be-in appoinied. .\ se-te-e-t co'eile of Mas.-iapequa Bn- liemians se- m to favor the l.a'oy on Wi-si 39Hi street . New- York. Th' s l-l nnt an ad but a tip. ber, HiHI, and tiled wilb plaiiil, ill Hie- eiffie-e of the- Cle-ik ,\'assaii Countj , al Mineola. N V Dated Noveinber 2\lb HiHl. ADRIAN H COFRTKNAV, Plainiiff K Aiiorney, Office and Post Olfii-i- .Veldress, ,\ii, 55 Main .Street, lle-inp- •^lead, N, Y, thene-e nortb 37 degree s 11 he eom- iniiuilis easl 2t:;,74 feet to a line div- „f Iding the' land formerly of Fre-ye-n hagi-n and tin- latjd now or late- eif Danie-l H Baylis: thenee neirib 56 di-gre-e-s 36 minute s west 2452.(;(i fe-et lei h stake-; lliene-e- neiilb 60 lle'grei-s 0 mlnufes west 415.50 feel to a slake ; Ilu-nce north 57 degrees 56 ininules west 324.05 feet to a stake ; thence neirth 56 degrees \15 mlnut»'K west \28.00 feel i\ i stake , Ihenie north ,'.'. ili-gre-es til minuies wesl -162 10 fee-l Clerk nf the Bnaidv nf 'o a slake ; thenc e nonh 56 degrees 50 minutes west 445.50 to a stake ; ihf-ni-v norlh 57 degrf'es 45 minuteB west 264.05 feet to a stake; Ihence norlh 60 ile-gr»*es 45 niinuti-s west 185.90 feet to a posl at the- easterly side of Fosters Meadow Reiad; tbe foregoing !u-veral couise-s anei dis lance s be-ing along the- lanet\nov^- or formerly of Daniel H. Bay along the easterly PHH.K >OTI( I,. .Se-alert Bid-; ^^•ill be re-i-e-iv i-il b. lb iindMsigiud Supervisor s al Ihe Chanibeis of said Board, in iln- Ceiiirl Hi^iise., at .Minen- la, on .Mondti.V. Dece-nilii-r llth , HHIi. at t*:.*tO a. in. for fnrnlshinr and lefinisbing elei- iiii- liglit iivuiie.'-, in the- Main Build ing of tbe .Nassau ('ounly Court House , in ae-e-ordance with speriti cation s iberilor by Mr. Willinm B. SI KROGATKiS N'OTfCKK- MKrii I-: ro « iiKi»iroit,<i ,l'l.i:SI'AN'r '1(1 A.S' OHMKU OK Hei,N- JOH.V J, OKAMAM .SiirroKal e of Hie Ciiiinl y of .\a,''.'<aii, nolie e IH lier.-- by giv.- n to all pemoii B liavini f e-la.ni-' ag-aiiii't H.-wlet t .Snrillli, lat e i.f tl,. Town of HeiiipHte ael,, i n Hie nal d i-eiiin- ty, ele.-ianed, l o prenen t Hie Maine wil h til - v<.ii.:her,s thereof , tej Hie HuUxiril,- • 1 til\- adipinlHtriilo r of Ho- Roort,- .-liattelM anil cre.lit a e.f sui d d.-e-.-Mied, al lii.-< plu.:.- of transai-tln K biialnee f a t H'lliiinre , NaRKau County , N. w- Voik , o n o r hef..r e tlii> fliHt da v .f tJi-.-einlier nex t Dul.'l , ,\tiiie.,la, N. \ . Ma y 11, I'JU. FRANK .S.MITH, AdmlnlHlral', ! c\.(0-i< t .SI-.-.\.\I.W, .MIoiii.y H f..r AdPiiiiU I I ;,l',r, !-'re<-|,',_;-t. S'tv Pt'R3VA.N T T O AN OIlIiK H e;K HO.V. IOH N .1. (HtAHAM, .SiirioKSt e of th e Ciunty oi' NaHxaei, notice: In Jieri - b y glv.- n t 1 al l pemoiii i iiavlni ; ' laliiin aKaiiint i-:tla O, Powell , lair of 111'- 'fow n of Heiiipiitead . in tli.- «« M '-ounty . elee;ea»ed. t o pr'-.sent th e Ibenee name wit h yoii'-lierw tliereof , t o 11,e ide o'f said road T.'-'n*\.'\\'\' \'* *'>'\'\^'\''' \^ \'- '»\' nort h 27 de-grees 26 rniniites east Tb e Massapequa PrCKliylei ian Chiiich Sunday Se-hool Junio r Class well' th e hosts Tbanksgivin s ev - Mr an d .Mrs. Thos Brown spent tin- Tubby , 81 miton Slreet, .New Vork si»9 10 feel to nail In post, thenc e at lh City, N. Y. \- - Ry orde r of the Board of Siii.irvisi of Nassau County, .N, Y, OKORC.K M C.OODALK. Clerk Dat.' I 111 'ttioiH 1,-1, ' I l.-ii •!, v., Nnvemb.-r 24. HHi;, wil l an d leHtaioenl . of i<ald d.-eeaaed , a t thei r plae i; o f IranMaclInK liii<ilnei\i ifflc if Clo'k slill along the- easlirl y side of said roiid north 29 elegre-es 20 minute s east 453.07 fee-t: ihence north 35 de-grees 25 minute s east 208 91 feet to the KImont Cemetery ; thence south ' 1 .'. -jr\s 26 minute s e-ast 199.47 feel .1. ,, , ,^! lU.-ne-i- noiH i 3 4 iK-gre-e-i- Freer.ort , .-Slew Vork , flriet day eif Iiee;embe r next , fi.iled . Miiiola . N. Y., Ma y 1 r.. litis . MAPy F SCiCTHABD , FRf.' H KVKBITT POWKHH , I-Ixecutiii n Ct/yCK & HFAMAN , Attorney n fo r Kxeeuteirn , Merrie k Ron d an'I Chur.- h Slieel , Fre»i,eirl, ,V V.

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