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The Nassau post. (Freeport, N.Y.) 1914-1918, December 08, 1916, Image 4

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rvuB THE iriSSAV POST. FSIBPOfcf. K. Y., FRIPAY DECEMBER 8, 1916 r alt|f Naaaau post Oflcia l Hepublican Paper o f Kamwu Countjr. Ofn<:l«I Paper o f Vllla;?e> o f Freeport. PubllKhi>el Friday* b y THB WA«»AIJ HOS T CORPOR ATION JAMK H K .STIHKS. Prculelcn t 33 South Orove? Street . Freeport. N, Y. nn Ktxporea Apri l 3, 1914 Kreeport , N. 1 Marc h », 1879. t till un fl e <i-'lao s fl.,Mt r tb e mattf-r Otne-e a l Aft of The NAS.SA H te; Hie Eelltoi All letler n run name* anei Held re- for piihllcatlon , iroexl faifti. I'OST Invlte n letterie 11 tfipicie o f IntereHt. be- ae-cfimpanle-d b y MRarliy but HS an evide-nc e oV Tbe NA.SS.M; I'MSr i-e H.-iv.-d ev . ry - whcre- fu r 2 i-<nt(< H w<-.-U. m n-nt ^ a montli . Jl.iili a ve-ar. .Siib;-ii Iti.r.s are- re,-qiiesl'.ej If, iiiforoi the- cire-iila- »lon el><|ittrtiiir:nt <if nn v ralliii.^ t.. re-- <«-lve! th « pap.-i o r fUla y n ile-livf>ry, Bubsciilii-rM u.Hhini f l o . li.-uis;.. tlo-li adelri'HK mu»l «ive the- iiUl ii.e •* ;|| a\ tbe ne-vv H.lilr»-'.i<, Siil.sf-rii.eri b dy - ing th r village iriuy havr lielr papir »<>rwarde.il hy mul l b y Inf-irmlni; the- 'parti m III, eirciilallo n ArtdrortC fill f-«,iniiiiinli-,ntii>ns |,, \^i\? VJ?\*\ '••>'\' « ORIMIlATIOJ k .Main Om- i , i2 .Sonlh Hrnv- Stre.t Fltl':^'!^^ Tolophi.n « 61. FKIDAY, IlKIKMIiEK H, IJH«. FOir FAT FEI.I.Ons. DOR faneier.s have loriR neiie-el Hiai >^beii a boii.se dog beBin.s to gii fai and wbee'/.y ii is pretty apt to be ai- laeked by a Htiibboru .skin di.si'a.se. In Hueh a ease tbey cut down Hu- diet and ine-rea,s.- tbe open air exercise, thus |-eliLviii« Hie over-bnrdened body of poiHonoii,s Kubstances, The sin of gluttony i.n lennuion and therefore' iiii;f-b condoned, but like every other uolation of nature's laws bas a iK-nall.v. Fat ineffie-ie-ncy, sliig- Kish ineiilaliiy. Hie reddened nose, the pimpled fan-, e-e-rtaln of the chronic skin eriipHons. and much fatigue and nerveiousnen.s are due to ibe abu.se of tbe diKistive- apparatus, Kicb, indi- Kestible- foeiels In large eiaiintiles, highly sea.soned to stiiiuilate tbe i jaded palate, are- forced into a body already leb.'llieius from repletion, Kx- erclHiil- Is largely liiniled to walking to and from tin stable' and bodily deter- ki atljili ineie e e-els iiipiilly. .Muii} an oierfeil ily.sn.-piie, suddi-nly dragged b)- the' sie'in band of e-ire-iimstaiicc from a life- eif pbysle-al ease- and ple-nty and fore-iMl to weirk nut of doeirs sud- denly di,sceive-i-s tbal his semi-invalid- 1-sin bas gone-, ihai a (hronie- skin ' derange-iiii-ni of many years Klandlng has disappe-ai 111 anei Hial a ui-w vlgeir and zest eif lifi- has been given bim, Nol I'veryoiie eun s|iend his whok' time in the open air, but a certain , amount of exe-re-ise and iiliiiu, whole some food in an amount not i-xe-eeding thc body's m-i'ds can be had by al moat everyoiii. Simple moderate diel and exercise make for health. These are not faddish food theories; tbey are just plain e-ominon sense THE STATK €0.«3HTTEF« NoYcmber 29, 1916. .My Dear rommltteenoan— j j For aeveral months it bas been my der,ire to resign aa Chairman of tbe | j Itepubllcan Stale Committee at the end ' 1 of the campaign which has just ' closed. The demands of my law prac- ; , Hee make it impossible for ine longer i to give the lime necessary for the en- [ groHslng'duties of State Chairman, I belieie that the Party service ren- dered In the last three campaigns en-1 titles mc to eyk that some other man ; take up the work, I wish to acknowledge ihe fin-? and I loyal siippejrt I bave bad from you and j • the other members of tbe- State Com- | iiiiilee, and. eirsani-/,ation leaders iliron;-'hoiit ibc State. , The Ui-piibllran victory in this Stale was primarily due to the belief of llir peoiile that ibe-ir own InU-rests ari* best H;ifi-,;ii,iielift and sir\e'd by our Tarty. Hut Hii,s alone- does not ex . plain why .N'ew 'Vork, ge-nerally classed as a \doubtnU\ Slate, wont strongly He publican, while .New Hampshire. ' (Iliiei, Kiins.'is, California and olbe-is. -.'riie'rally elassed as safely Ki'piib'i- lan, we-iil llonioeratie, It is bee-ause we bill ied minor elifferences, and pre- se-nti'd a solid front ihat we met with siierces,-^, 'I'll this harmony, and iii HK hearty siip;iori ef the- thoiisaiiels of e-lecHon disH ict workers, who receive but little honor or profit from theii i'rfort,s. It, line- tbe victories which w; iia-.e achieved. To you and to them I make- my ;:ratef'/i acknowledge IIH'III , In le-nde'iiiu' my resignation, I sub- mil lo you a brief account of my stew- ard,sbip ,sliiin I took office in H.iH, The' Uepiiliiican Harty in HH i-aine a mimirity parly, and bad lost eontrol of binh the .Nalional and Slal. Hoverniiieiii,-., Since tbat time' a Ke- jiublican Ho. ernor bas been elci-U-iI and re-elecled, and practically a '^vo- tbirds majority obtained in boHi biHiie-he,s of thc State l.eglslatiii e-, W'e no« havi> L'li nut of H iriernborK in llu- liiwer house- eif Congress, and lioili rnile-d Siaie-s Senators are Rfpubli- e-aiis. In tin- last e-iinipaign, accord- ing to tbe unofficial figures, this Stale was carrieil for Ihe Kepiibiican Piesi- de-iiiial c.mdliiate fty a vote exceeding tbe (-iimbine'el Tafi and Hoose-veli vol,- in HH2. I'lie IlKiin ^ iif HK- M>I< HIP a lows: Ke-iiillilii-an .••to. i0^m0^ 1 ,\, V. Stall - (e'.-;I,l !•' Ke-pnblie-an .\s- •^ 0 111 b 1 /ynii-n iiiiul iiiiinle-i of -Vsse-mlilv^ men. ISll 1 . Re'iiublica n Siaii - S 1' n a 1 ei 1 s , iTotal n 11 111 lie-r, ili.) Ui-piiblU-iui ('.111- H V e s snie-n 1 Total d c 1 e- gation f r n m Slate, 1 II J. ,'i,l8T IL' IT II l'lll. Ill KS»;,7iil Kr li'.i ::i •Jl PRE-ELECTION DAY OPERATING EFFICIENCY. 'J'lii' ellii-leni y o f the Klei Hmi lijiy tclephoiii ' se'r\ il I- has lie>en wlilel e e-iiin nientei l iijiein. Ill Tbe Ti'le'|.liiiiii' He'Vle'W. .\, V,, a|i pe'ai-.>> a le'lie-i li.ii u ii i-iimpiil;,-ii wnrki-i whieb tesiiiie's lei lhe fae-t iliai ilii- pre- Klee-tloii l>iiy se'iv b f was t'i|Uiilly line-, l-'n-ild H, liiiiiliHiii, Aiioiiie.\ m i.nw. r.nliiviii, N, y,. Bi-pt. -211, IHlii. Mr A, M, l''.iiMU.r, .Mnr,. New Vi.iU rele- plume C'oiii|.ieii. , Hiiliivlii, N. V. Hea r Mr, l-'urHli-r: In behalf of tin- He publleian Ciiiiniliieei, 1 lien to expre's.s lo yem m y pralllli-alloii and ihiinKs foi ilie \ t l y e.M-e'lleiil He-i \ ii:e- 1 oliil.-i eel by .mui Coiiipun.e to u s >ee.Hieiila.\ aiiil tin- eilii-ieiit milliner in wliiili Hie nuiii.i- i-ills ue-ie un Bwi-ie-il 1 Will i.-.iiistiinlly nl ibe- ile>Hl< in the- Uepuliiii-i.n Hi-i.li|iiiirlei.s rimii IIIHUII »..!li A. M Illl i;,;!i. r. ,M. miel I lin\ e no l'e-1 bap-.i Hi • fad most Indicative of HK- hi-altby e-einriiiion of tbe Kepiibii- can Party is Hiai in I'.tti,, although 11 was an \ofl .M-iir,\' and only minor officers we>i- e-heisen. Ihe total vote for Kepublie-aii .Assemblymen In the State increased lo 70O,23.'i. which ex- ceeded the nepiibllcan vote for Gov- ernor In Hie year previous by about 11,000, 1 shall formally lender my resigna- tion as Cbalrnuiii of the Hepublican State CommiHi-f- at a meeting to be e-alle^d in tb\ ne-ar fulure, at which HK- eleelion ol a new e-halrman wil be tiikeu bp. Faithfully yours, iSiu-ne-d) l--Ki;nFKICI< C. T.VN.N'KK Chairman HI: ITY SPEAKS. M.riy Christmas time la here, THE FASHION SHOP Offers extraordinary bargains for early Christmas shoppers for Ladies and Misses Coats In all wool velours, Navy, Green, Brown and Burgandy. 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The Keivie-e wan I Ful l o f ji y ai d gladsome cheer, exf-rlle-nt iiiiil I le-i'l li.ee e-xle'iiilinn io> Per , And , tbo' e'Verytlllng' s expentlVe- . semul tliaiiU.x 111 yiiu'iinil lei llu- very elll e-liwit operntiirs wh o hamlleil lliin nintli'i for u s Willi lliei leuat piKiwilile elel.iy aiifl wit h uiiiforiii eiiiurleay HirouKliout Ihe day, I kno w non e of Hie ii|ie-iiitors wlm handleil this, peisonully , bui 1 wi,'<li you woulel accep t from m e anei exten d tei the m my ver.\ lieurty thaiik.s for Ihe splonellel servle-i- show n in you r ollle-e Very resiiertfuily yoiir,i, (Sinned) FttKDU H, DUNHAM. TKMiPIIOM, IMUrATES (iROWTH. The teli'iibiviii\ Is ilii' inilse of prog resa. It Is Hn- sure imli ninr of Indus trial heiillb 111- the revcrs '. With Ibis a.s.se'i-tlon-wble-h Ibe stn dent of telejiibiine HtaH-itle-s woiilil rend lly admit The Telepiione Iteview, N, Y., Introiliices an in-i-iiiiiit of 1 In- New York Slate Parge I'amil and Iln- nntielpated erfe>ot of Its nin'iiing iipmi the commercial life of tbe stale Accordlnir as tbe telepiione growtb N normal, or rapid, or be'low piir, tin- community In pri-tty sine to be eiiber normal or thriving or slagmiHiig In \Blzlng up\ « town Hie ti'li'jibiine growth miiy \ve'll be i-einsulte'el lis iiii Index of Its Imlustrinl temper, l.lke the pulse, bowi'ver. It re-glsters a e<iii ditlon wbli-li exists and Is not a propbi' {^ pt more than the near future What's H e iiBi\ of being penslte' Other times b o ghout the year vVben lh.- ,< hi- a e dark and drear, .Ine- can hesltaie- -remember— Tout exiK-naes, But December Oh! Dei-eniber is so gay Aith the joy of giving—say- I jnst wouldn't want to live If I could if give and give Only yeste day I bought 1,0 s of things 1 hadn't ouuhi To buy but, then- Oh! whai's Hie EAST ROCKAWAY Mrs, Calvin Beam and family, ol Mineola, were tbe guests of Mrs. Heam's moHn i. Mrs. MacPherson, on Scranton a',eniu', last week. Till Tteiepbone Company, tberi>foi-e. bas to make Its own propbi'e-les. tei provide tbe facilities wbi'ii and wliere Hie>y will j he needed fpr Ihe evindltbins as ihey i arise. To do this Is a sclentltle- study and the estimates arc made by eiigl neera who have worke-d e>ut the rela tlonsbips of hundreds of details, LEHERSFROM TBE PEOPLE Editor Nassau Poat: ' , , In Mr, Grcenleafa article in last week's i><siu. was a statement that all the veterans of Mott Post were be- yond 79 years of age. I am certain UUs should have been 70 Instead of 70 for 1 know of several who are move kld.i. only a little beyond the three M-WO ;-, d ten mark, and to see Bt.moof the, I n,.,', con tlu« street >.>u would thUiU ti-.c;, NX ere under U' >\f \^ of age, (Signed) M.I- Good Adviea. Double tbe crop to the acta and i fealTO the ceist.—Or. Se-amau A. Ixnapp c^hrl-tmas is ils own excuse, \nd I got tbe cutest fan Fov my liltle- sister Anne' - \nd tbe iiive'liesl blouse- for .Mother And a sei eif boo' a foi Hrother-- And Dad's heart wi.i burst to breakln' Cause 1 ll d my pic;ures taki n 1 re-memb id other?, too. Aunt Mari and Cous'n Sue, All 1 have- left Is a dbne; nut. Oee! I bad a glorious tinu- Huylng thipga—so 1 don't care If I bave tei live on nir h'or awliib , 'cause, when you give- All you IHll—you really Live, \nd tho' r >i hanging up my slocking n a man er bold and shf eking. And ray g'ai'sonie joy 1 sing, Josb! I d n't expect a thln'^. \nd e-»en ibo' my moo'y's sprni, I know iUj'^i why and where it went. My purse is light, but my heart's lighter, • .And all thi- e orld is better—brighter - And eTin tbo' the World dccehes. And Life is bard If one bfleTes In Christmas and the Christmas spirit, U isn't Heaven—but pretty near it. UNCLAIMED LETTERS Haiiei. Ml Houis Itauscbba' I , Leinhaid. r.ragdon, \rs Irving I.. Carman. lUv. R. S Cadman, F (;reisi>. Ml Douglas Grant. Mi W, A, Meiidiick.^on. Mr, lOddie, Lay. Miss Hernle I anluan. .Master Gwirge Pratt. Mr, -V L Pavton, OlH) Smith. .Mr r.ert, Trescott Fruit Grading; .'.lacbine Co. Towhoy. Mr, Martin, (Signed) T HKNSO.N SMITH, Post Ma.>«ter .\lr. and ,siin Kiibe-rl, giie-st,-; l'l' .\l ker , of H:i day. .\.is. II, 11. Harrisdii am! I.I Oe-ean avenue, were the and .Mrs. .lobn T. Bar- !H\-il. (in Tlianl;s,i;i\inii .lose-pb Moll , Hi e feiurle'eli-yial-eil n son or .\li, ;-nd .Mrs, S* ,Mi)tl, of Pros- pert avenue, died at I! oelock Thanks giving morning, after a few weeks i illness with iJiiinsey .sore throat, which ; de\eleipe-el lii'ii diphtberia, Joseph was vei\ we'll kiniwn and liked by hi.-' school e iuiiii,^ and friends both young and old. One of bis notable charac- teristics was his ever ready smile, and be will be greatly missed and mourned for by many people In Easl Rockaway. The body was Interred in the Old Chiiie-h e-emetery on tbe Mer- riek reiad, l.ynbrook, Friday morning • • • • Th Kpicurean Bridge Cliin va.-- e-ii tertalned at H-e resldeo' - >t I s Hon ert Davison on Ocean aviiiir. \\\'.-<lne-s- da\ afternoor. • • • • .Miss Gertviide Jordan, of Rider ave nue. was the guest of the Misses 1,'Homniadean, of Huniinglon, ovei the \v<'«k end. \-»»i^ • • • ' \ '-••' S^r. and Mrs. Charles CurtiES. ot Rba^ avenne. were the quests eif Mr, and ^ll•s, Coinelins, of Henipstead, la.\' Thursday. • • • • The Bethany Circle of King F Daughters, held a ineeting at lhe borne of Mrs, Winfleld White, on Front purpose of lurihering their plans for tbe supper that will be held tbis ce-nim-', 'I'h'irsday, at the Firemen's Hall, on .Main slreet. Fancy articles and home made candy will be on sale, Kvery one is cmdially invited to at tend. • * • • I'liailis Pnipps, of Rhame avi-ni'.-,', anei llmvai I Phipps, of Hempsle-ail, ^•penl the weik end al tbeir farm in -Massae-busetth. I'ards. biMiai-els and scbuffle boanl were- iiiuch enjoyed al Hie- Rocklyn Clnb Satiiriiay evening, by a numhe: of the members. During Hie evening sandwie-hes Tind coffee' we-re- se-rved, • • • • .\li. and MIS .Martin S.-u-kman anei son. eif .AManiie- a\eiiue', spent Tbank,i- glNiii;; day \iib Mr. .Sackman's falber In ,\ew York, Xmas Gifts Good The Year Round The Chi-i.-<tmas Kxererlseis. of the Bethany Sunday School are in charge of the .MisSe.i Isabell I.angdon, Marie Jeihnson. Frances Smith and Jessie Burling. TeiaNter .Sto>e only ijili.lKI .\> iiip I'ot Type IVreiilator only. i(S7.(K) Luminous Itadiator oniy JHl.'.O Ciirllnfc Iron only JW.;.'! ,Mrs. Robe*rt Davison 'has had the '\'•\'•ver T.iasler. only U.tHl interior of her lionie on Ocean avenne « Inch IMse Stove <H.7r> to W.a.'i redecorated. <> p„und Iron only M.OO * • • • 11 I osj Glow Radiator J>H.2.\> Mrs,*l>ykers 'While is still v ^t ber bome on Fronf street, * • • • Siiiiib Combes is still confine-'d tei bl residence ot Plfllnfleld avenue. WeKHnghoiise Pnprtric Ware. James F. Campion 'e TJEWELERJ, / 440 FULTON STREET, BROOKLYN, NEW YORK. STATIONERY DEPARTMENT 'W^edding and Society Stationery. Attractive Christmas Greeting Cards. Complete Line of Leatlier Goods. Mahogany and Bronze Book Ends, Desk Sets. Fountain Pens and Pencils. QUAUTY ALWAYS THE BEST COUNTY DIRECTORY M .\'X'\:, oil- u I vi,,>« CllHll Kl i .-,- t^. Wliiuiiiiii, l.i.-iili-niiiii-i ill varil .Si-luM n.-ck, .-^.-.r. taiy e,i ant-iii .M Huinu, .f .V.- si-i llio , nf S.'l I Ul II.-- . suii<-, \\ lel.-i li.wii. 1, HuK.., Howard < i,-ili-i hum, l-'n-.-p.n i (•••inplnill.-r, lOieB-iii- M, Tiavi,-., l;i..,,klM i Tl. u.-^iir. I, ,liilll.-.i 1.. We-ll.s, .\,-w \u-,\, fit, .VUnl-ni-V-C'-lll'llll. i;MlM-it I-:. WOIMIIHII.N, .liiin.-,st.,,wii .--;',el.- Hiiiiin.-i-r ami .\^iii v<-\ eii, I'luiiU .\t. WTillimii.s, l.;.,.slipn 1'i.|imii.s.sli.|i(,| 1,1 .^Kl i< llltllle-, I'harl.-s S, \Vil,i<in, IHiaiii. .stat e .-\i-rliit.-i-l, l..-wi,H F. I'lle-liPi, .\i-w Yor k i'il.\. Siipcrinti-nili-iit nl Hunks , l-;ui;e-in- Huinli Kiehanl,-^. I'on,-*!-rva Hull Coiiinii,«,siiini-i. OeorKe) IJ. I'luU , (ili-n e'ove- Stat e .Superlntcndin t ut l-;ii-i-lioii,-< l''reel U Mar.xhall. N'l-w Vnrk City , CommlHsloiie r of Kxe-lse, He-oruei K, llree-n. l!int;liainton . .State Health (\omnilie.-iliineT 11, M. Hi-iKRji, Ni'W Yoik City , .Slain Hlgliway Ciiniinls,-<lorii-r Kdwin Iiiiffey. Cuitlanet, Suit e Siipeiinti-nile-nt nf III,MII i mif-i ,l.-,i.M.- S, Phillips , Hornoll . llepreHeiitatlv p In ConprenH, 1-' r IH.-Un, I'nit Wa.shingteiii. .S.-i-i-i.tarv tn Mr. Hicks. ,1 Huyli- r l-;ill,-on, l-'rei-port. Siiili- Ki-iiator. 'I'nii;.- I.. Tlinlii|i,Hon, KiiiK,\ Park .\l.-nilii-i- o f As.i.-niblv. •riinnui.-e .\ .Mi-Wlilniii-v, I.HW-r.-nr.- •I.'.I..11 .\..el.,ii. Hulii- e nl lh e via Al, Itui.siK. own JInaid ai I H.-ullh, HiulH i Din ^^ illia m Khaiii He-Ill 111 111,-^1 \liailea isiniih. U iiiilaKli. l-.-ae-.e. e'eilurhur,-it. te; -.tn Iho ia-t.X ov. -. W'll II lanil. -.-Il.l. Huldwin Tnwn Tre-uMiirei, nlin A. Uulh . Hawrene-\ r.naul n l AH«eM,-'orH, r 11. Hiiiwir , Inweieid, I'. ,\ l-:<lwai(l, I're-i-peirt, :. .Xnki-r.H, Kockvilli - Centra. - Ill Ile- Hnu i d nf .\n,Me8aor«, I-: l'llUrr,snn. H.IIipilt..H<l. K.l. r -lh 11 ll.'U l.l 'r,ixes , iti-r, Inwood 11 I III AlKlll.llH, . llliiw.-l, lliwnix l li.-iini'tl, Hi-inuHtnad Uhi-I.lnn. l.yaliroo k IOI Nil or i(- | \i.s Bnar.l e.t iiniun . I'luli p Tl, • f X.nt l l,Hl, .V.-W li s 11. iiin,-r.-uii, linrl. 1\i • w n IliiHiii H SinlHi, l-'iii-p. Hemp,-itiiiil lain.-.- II I'll.-Ici, IJv.-l.-i-'; ei>,s|.-i Ha y l'l. l k nf Ihl- Hoanl , i;. .ir^.- .M e'.nnilali-, I'nri WaHhiiigini i -Xssii^Liint Cli-lk am i .SI .-iioc riiplo'i, .\liK,-e G, C Hiiiinu.- d ''.iiiiitv nniir d nf runva.-i'^i-r!-, •|h . Hoar d n f Sup . rvl,.oi s. The rounty rierk . r,,iint v , i:.-iin<- riiniptroll.-i , K-U, l'...ckvill.- lii.jpii-loi . I'ainli-r, ttt-to niv 'Pieiisi H.-K-miiii. i|.>-i inll n.|' •fll II \-r. W. ll n SI. r.Ill \\iiit.- i •IXlC I. I k T ^itii I- 1- ifl. nil. I- 1. i|...i I Sh. riff. ,M..|, ililllu-lll .I..Illl ,1 Ciiiliaili, Sv..-'-< ,,r ll..- SllllnHlll.'' . rnllll U'rlfflil. Hew-kvill'- r.nti. HWIii.l ,Ml.ii-ni-v, -4 I S;..iili, H. l ip.-l. a.l • istim l Hislrli-I ,Mlni-ri-y. H Wi-e-k.-^. P..rl VViiMlilii^^li.i I'oiini y n<-t<-i-Hvi , i.« ,' S.ani.i n Himiwtend ri.iinly ,Itielffp, s I' N'i'iiuiiiii, I.v iilii-i.nk r-nurt ri.ik, I,l.l I-. Ttansniii. Miii.-nla roiir l ri-l'-i-, liilill F i;.-'k.i , I,v,il,,o..l, -..nirnl.-'-'liiner nf .fiirorK, s F ninwii, \'»ll<-y Rlreaiii .iiiinli.Hlnner,'< of Kb-ellon . Kiiwin, HempHli-aet. Pri-si'If n rlia.-' r .Slow.-, ITpnipHliM'l, S.-.-r.-iaii I'..tints Siippiinlendeii ' e.f Hltrbwnv - W. Frnl .'?tark,» Hl.-ii fi.vi- rr.iint v Attorn , v, Charlpn T, Me-Oarlhy, Ole n rov. rminty Se-nl. r <.f WPIBTIIIX iiii.l St'-n- ure», Frank A ^Vood, IIOO,SPVI1I. Pliln. ii.in. Iiinif r T: r.in,itabl.-.^, 1-'. i.liiiaiid S. Miller, SeafoNi , ,lt-,.<Mi- Mntl. Inwood, iliniKi - S, Sllllth. 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Hl'-hard Gullfoy , f;ie n r.ive riarene. C. Dovid, Parrnlngdale , rtecelve r o f TaxPie, IriinUli n MeQue.-n , (ivHier Hay . Tbe members of Bethany Cburch Sunday School and their friends do- nated one hundred dollars for the re- lii'f of Ihe' suffering in Armenia. • * • • Violet Bang is 111 at her home eu. Centre slreet with scarlet fever, • • • » .Mrs, W, ri, Simiimns, of Brooklyn, .Mrs, Ft. I. I enbani and daughter, of Hempstead, anil Mr, and Mrs, Filbert Osborne and family, of Southampton, were the giios-'ts of Mr and Mrs, J, H Osborne, of ,Mlantic avenne. Thanks giving day. « • • * Mr. and .\l ,-;. Harry Macguire, of At- lantic avenue, entertained guests a- n KAIHROAD AVI-:. FRFJEPORT Tow\ OF HEMPSTK*!! OFKH IAI,\ tree-!, last \^ iie'sday evening for the tbeir home Sunday. PAINTING PAPERHANGING INTERIOR DECOR- ATING OF ALL KINDS ARTHUR F. RILEY Charles Street, Reose\ell L. I. Tewn ne>«rd, .-ivlsoi- II n , Si.iitl. K-i-.p rhnlrmnii Tnwn rierk nUlin r e-;ili,.-,-t. Il.i,,,,s| . .Ill.slli-e ..f HM- p . I..-.-. i-alt'-r H .Ton.--, H . nip.<|.-ie. Ju«Hr e ,.f th e T'.iipp, FdwnrI T N'en, I.snhrnn k l.lKtii f th e TV„e,., Inlin S Fran k flen In Tho I f Th VKO Vl in Tl. H nai- W •Slip .l.n -rir S • nHtahl. oinpsein, rahlll. VlVH Glen iw.-ll, Farrnl eh ,Ir , HIe l ri-ane, f'.le lenrtenl Hurke , le i n fV.v nK'lal HVllle n rov of HlKh e RTOHM. 1 'Ive-rBeerH of fhe Poor, lolin K ,ToneH, .I.-B rilff •riy V Wef>. r fUen rr, v VIOLIN INSTRUCTION Thone InlereHted In learning and practicing upon (be >|ei||n can obtain Ihe H»'r»ice'» of one whose many yeane of experience in le-adlng. A*, well as iDHtmrtIng, ai«<inre« proflclency. Having rHiinii-d to FwH-port will be pleaded to reeelve piipIlN a( my renldeRre. I, 0 r I S « 4 F K 77 WFST >»KAM*V AVVfI K fPhoneSOO-W) PRKFPORT

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