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ToL «, .<fo. 19. OFFICIAL PAPER OF TH E YILLAGK OF FKEEPORT. THE KASSAF POST, FREEPORT, OFCFrMIJEU S. 1»I6 OFFICIAL REPUBLICAN PAPER OF .N.4SS.41 COCXTY. PIIK F TM O I F.>TS 'L! BUSY SESSION OF VILLAGE BOARD front of the houae of Hose Coinpar.y .No. ?, wa s ajiproved. Theodore .MfHJie\ was approve\! a.s a meniher of the re- cently formed Flre Pati-i>l, The following apidie-ations for wat- er were granted; iharlcH RenKstroin, I SEVERAL AHENDED THE CAUTHUMPlANS LONG ISLAND R. R. FROM FREEPORT HAVE MFJ{RY TliWE WANTS INCREASE Flre Ordinance Repeal- ''\\\\ \'\'\ \^ '' ^\'\'\^'^ ''Older Boys Conference Parade the Streets Un- Asks Permission of P. *^ (trove .stre-ei- He-orKc (loHHelin Harri- ' ed in Certain Cases »««avenue <nmon Hrown. N Ber at RocKvdle Centre der the Leadership of -S. Commission to -» ,, •»* . »Ji'\ I'lace, ai.d W, 11, Patterson. H. • - . -.- - ^, .-- -n .... Routine Business Main street - i Last Week. Sheriff Pettit , Raise Rates The following aiiiillcatlons for light .vere Kranted: H, D, Combs, 459 S. ' The meeling of the Freeport Uoard i l^'^J ^''«-'^' avenue; Kleanor .S, Roe. ^ Th e third annual Older Boys' Con- of Trusteea c n Thursday waa eveM-• f,*^/'\\'^^'••^'•\ V,^^'*\'*\^''^\\?,'.^^'\ i ' '^''^'^ ^^^'^ »» R.ckvul e Center la.t ,l.nd aNeiiiic: Grace Ja^ps. AHantu- , , , ,, ful In many respects. Considerable ..i^,.,,,,,^. £> \y Pierce. :H .NO. Orove *'\'' breike all pie.lou s records lor routine business wa« transacted audi street; .M,-8. Klizabeth DeMott, 47 >^'^ conference on Long I land. Th e several inatttrs of vital importance to Kaynor streei; .Mrs, .M K, Gra.sar. lin'il final count showed that 495 me n \and the taxpayei s were given eaicHil eon- ?\'' «'|'^«V *'• ^*»^'\»'a' '''\ OHee]b,.yB had reKi.«ierfa from 46 comrau- boulevarel; 1-,, (',. .lohnson, S. GrovP ! niiies. The \illage of East .Mnrion ha d the The CallthU'npian parade- e n rhanksglving Day was a pre-at sue .\-ess. e',e plte the rain Th e f. a Irities *-e;e delnyed some-wlat, but the en- • -ire I rpgram waa cariied out as ar- sideratlon at on e of the lemKcst ^,,.^,,( .„„, ..j,,,,,, j, Hcslan , Glenad a meetings held durln^ the Randall ad- eeniri. ministration Ib e Hoard ree-eived an invitaUon o Dr, F. W. l-'letcher addres.se-ei ihe'^l\''\^. \'.^ \•\:.'.'.'\^^ \' \>«= Kpi.^eopal board relative to the efteet fo the i e- The up 81 ItH I'libl c .-^ervli-e (.'nn mis ion began h e rin^s upon t! e a;- plication of t e Long Island Railroad to Increase its rates for mileage books finni tw o to t'vo an,l o:ie-h.ilf een s a mll<v in the colnnlis^ion's rooms in H e <'hiiii ll l-'aii Tbui.'iday evening, A coiniiiuiiie-aiioii wa s ree-e-ived from tbe «.*. L \'\M\\\\ r'\'* -f -^I«'f'e'-« f\'\\ reeiuesting the ere-clioi, officially known as 38-C, Th e Innits :„^ ,,,.j,^,, ^,,„„i ^^, .^ ,^ ^^^.^^.^^ prescribed in the ordinance are such „ , „,^. ^,.,^,^,^, h„i,^j„^,, T,,^ ^,^,,,^ that Dr. HeM-hei-^is prevented fro. i ^ ,,.^, „^,.,,,„,,, ,„ ,,,,,,„.^, ,,„j,„^„,, ,,f erecting a biingabiw on his prop.-, •>'^^^^ ^^^^ ^„^ „^^, ^^.„ ,^^. ,.,,^^.,^.^, 1° ^'^''i «\-'-'«>t^ between Pine and , ,j,^^ , ,,f j.,,,^,.^ j^^^^j^,^ j,,.^, t^A i\\^ '.'!'\^- •'* It \'\-jfo r the montb of .N'ovember, showing sidcred H.e ordinance was working an K,,,, ,,,.„,.,,,(,,„ „f ,i„„, j,, ,.,„ ^^,„„„„^ „f injusuce and suspended its operation L^^,, ^.^^ received and Iiled, The le- in the instaiie-e cited, pending thc en- „, ... , r ,.,,.„ , ,., ,, , r , 'i \ . ... port of .^trcv-t ( oi'iimssioner Bond for actment of a ne w by-law which will .;.,, , , , , „,, ,..„ ,.,, . ;, , ,,,,.,, ., , t-l . . fl'c past montli was duly ree-eive-d ar.d e iminate th ,s particular Orove stie . t j^, | section and several others which ha'.e been called to the attention of the Hoard of Trustees and the Fire Coun- cil, As adveriiried in the press, resi- dents of Raynor avenue, Kussell ave - nue, Klllott ;--lreet and Sigmond lan. , ('(iiueiied as a Board of Heallh, Or, h(-nor of bein g the nio,-t distant point fre,in which a delegation came, while Glen Cove, with 25 boys aud 7 lead- ers, sent th e largest delegation out- side of Rockville Cenire, p-rom the banquet, which filled t!.e ;-aded up gymnasium of Hie Rockville' Centre Cub, on Friday evening, to th e last session of th e confe rence, on Sunday evening, at which Mr, C. V. Hibbard spjk e of his experiences in tb e prison and'concentratie n camps of Euio.e, the troys had a r.ire experience. Th e addresses of Iir, Bigen e LH Furrei-t Swan, David L, Fuliz, W, J, Burns, Rev. J. H. HoUister and others made a profound Impression on both boys und adults. F'reeport wa s represented at the ranged, H j Sheriff \Steve\ Wt ii led tbe pa-1 M< tropoliian Tower, .New York, at 10 .ae, f lo.ve d by a laige number tf'^''\'\\!' Thurs lay nioinlnp, D cnib r the menibers of the Freeport Polo Cf great p r onal inte est to th ,„ ^ „ w . , , l''i'st army of New York commuters on Club, a s well as horsemen from neigh- ,he l,ong Island, Ihe ca^e will also be b ring villages. In fan y and lud,I ' carefully \watched by railioads in the crous costumes th e meiry makers pa-j 8l«'e other than th e Long Lsland, and down tbe streets ofl'''^'^ '^ J^*\ ''\^ ''^s.- of the .-eirt to . , come b.-fore Hie e onimission sinee tbe .ne village, ! Courl of Appeal-\ decided that upeu Tbe races held at the pip,- Ine la [ p op r .-h iwlng t'e comml si n ha s Hie afteinoon were a special attrac-; ehe power to pemiit a inlb'age book tion .Sheriff Pettit won th e first race rate of 'over two cents a mile, not- Run(-ie made a report on ibc condition e(-nference by Mr, Mllton Rayner, J. ot tb(- village at the present time. He -\^'(JiK'y (Jould, Harold E, Brown, J. M, also made a writteu report on b.-,-.t : Keegan and (', W. Raynor. leaders iiie-thods of garbage and night soil il piisal. ,\fiei- an iiifornial disciissj'ui, lhe mallei was le-ferred to Counsel.ir were invited to be present to con- .,, , „, . ,.,„ .„,,„,„.• „ r .- ,. ,,, . „ ,1-., ., 'Fishel for the preparation of notices suit with the Board relative lo the ) , „.i,.„..,i.,i„„ ,„,. i.,-j„ „„,i ,i,„ . „„ . , .,,,, , u - .1. r of advertirilnB for bids and the tenl - desirabillty e.- e-hangiiiR th e names of ' the respectHe street.!'. Residents of Raynor avenue were present and LUI- anlinously le commended the name' uf the- street be changed to St. Jeihus place. Th e change of Ihe names of the other stieet s will be consitlered at the next meeting. Th e prope-riy owners on toe respective streets are urged lo sul.mil appropriate nan .s which are not similar to other iiaiiK-d streets in th.' village. The Fire Council thioufih Chief, Victor Clodlo, th e famous tenor, I'earsall wa s requested lo submit a i died a t hi s home o n Centre avenue, i-e>#l8ed boundary to be made a part j f^eeport, on balu-day last. Mr, Clo- of th e ordinance specifying the 'iic^i\ ^\^^ been sufTering for the pa,-t i;.«ii„ ..,1,1-1. I . »„ -.:„ i.., A I flv* years, and died of heart aff iction, limits which is to be re-enacted, j ^^ ^^^ ^^^^ sixty two years ag o in I'st, Die, in the Vosges, France. H e tlve contraci. It is probable that a I special village election will be hold I tiefore F''-biii'ary first DEATH SATURDAY OF VICTOR CLODIO and by A. H. Brown, E. G. Davis, C. I Fulton, C, P, Gould. G. A. Gl^sel, G. E. Heming, G„ B, Heiwell, J, B. Kidder, |C, J. Ma,rtin.-J. W, Meyer, H 0,-ter- |h<iut. N, Posl, B. L. Ravnor, George jP. Baker, Dallas Reach, Wlllard Hel- land, Holmer Swezey, Stanley Raynor. Merrick wa s represented at tb e con- ' ference' by Mr, W, C. Mepham Ba'dwin wa s represen ed at th e i conference by Mr. William R, Haw- kins and W, Ft. Sprague an d by Charles E, Miller, Alan B, Sniith, Paul I E, Southard, Everett Spraeue. Wesley IE. Sprague and Robert Storey. Ill class A, riding \King Pepper,\ H e made He fastest time, twenty fl\e seconds, Grover Walsh came In sec- ond on \Queen Anna,\ an d John Do- lan finished thlid on \Mamie Third.\ George Bennett Sniith wo n in class withstanding the siatute pre.-eding tlie lubli c S rvic C minlsslons Law which limi 8 mil a e i o'k s tJ that rate by act of t';e Legislature The Long Island followed tbis de- (Isi-^n ironiptly by tl'ing its applica- MEMORIAL SERVICE HELD BY THE ELKS B, on \Mabe. Anthony Fedden came I tion to inereas- its inileai;e book rat in second on \Buck\ and Pettit, r.d-j in .May of this year. Th e matipr has Ing \Claude finished thlid, I not been urged, however, 'until the H ruuiJi Ho: n on \Star\ won ihejpreseiit time, when th e date for a flrst race tn c'ass C in 28 1-4 sec-;heir:nR ha s b.e n se t upon tho re- onds, Arthur Thomas on \Brown |newed insistence of th e railroad man- Bay\ wa s second and Anthony Fedden , agemeiit. Rail h I'eter •;, pr.^-ld nt of finished third on \Jack Max G:lf-|the Ixmg Is'anl, lald In t'e i r glnal fenbagen, ex-Sheriff, (ame in fo.ir h • application that, vshlle it had been , i hoped that the conipanyii' prowinc irnflic wi.u d wipe o m the d.>ticli which ba s sleadi y resulted for the last ten years, the growing cei-<i of la nor, in rea'-ed taxes an d ether it m s of increased expem-e made it seem Impossible ibat Hie road could pull out without an inoiea e in its pis s n f;er revenue. While some- improve-- Ward C. Moon, superiniendent olnunt 'n Hie c-mpin.\\s net n turn is Freeport school.*, gave out ihe fed- visible in the report s o far made since lowign statement today: i the api.licatlon. the re.iuest that the •At th e regular meeting of the ifP?''':'''.']\'!.''«_ P5r?P'.'>- ••\\:.'J:;'!:^.,i: Board of Education held November an d tb.- many addlUonal e ro.-sing I , watchmen rtquired by ihe trtnien- dously Increase-d vehicular traffic on Ithe Long Island highways Ti'e cmipany, says Pre,-ident Peters, now ha s a debit protit and i le-,.^g account aspr e a'ing over seven rn.Ilion dollars, \Therefore.\ he- coiic ud s, ' with the above gen. ral facts as a basis, we believe we are fu l y justifl. d In makn^ this petition The increase -K-ould not atlert lh e dally rider, and would be- we-ll distributed. W e c'alm that a standard railioad with such a larg\ percentage of its rei enu.- d. rive'd frmi pa-s nger traffl', (unnot make both ends meet ve,i;h a revenue per pas,-^enger amount- ing lo only l..*?l cents p. r mir\ I Noiwilbstanding tbis condlti m the com any's app'l,-ation has already produe-ed a small ste rm of prote.st at the Albany olllce of Hie (Oniurssb n • Individuals and organization,s protest- in?: an I dl iiiaiiding to be present at the bi-a lings, have in some eases I charg( (1 Hiat th e l.ong Island ha s bee-n 1 un at a loss because of ex- cessive I harges against it by its own- er, the Pennsylvania Among lhe o gan z tions and indi- viduals who have protest.'d are the ' followii g: .lames .\. Cantii-bl, secretary. Patchogiie Board of Trade; Joseph Kratovill.\ s. creiary. Republican Club, Rl vert-ead: Robert Nurens, se-retaiy . Sayville Board of Tra'ie: Marv n Scbiebl r, secretary, Suflol.l Couny Taxnayi rs' A^soc a i in, Bookl:,n ; W lliani 11. ,'-;warthfiut, Brooklyn; B. B, Kahl'r, li-llp; Malcom E, Smith, Ne w York Clly: Hon. John F Hylan, Connty Judge,, Hi'hoklyn; E, S. Gar- nett, N- w York City; C. B Davenport, Cold Spiing Harbor: F. B Reeve, mas'er, Sound Avenue (H-gng.-, R'v- erhead. SUNDAY SHOWS ARE DECURED ILLEGAL Text of Decision by Ap- peUate Court Regard- ing Movies NIGHT SCHOOL TO START IN JANUARY SUPERVISORS LOOK FOR HOSPITAL SITE Mak n to mean that the improvi-ment of tb e last year do s m.t warrant a 28 it wa s informally-«ecided to beg n °^„^'^''„/' ,V >7\°°.^ °',^,,,,™^^^^ evening sch.iid work aHer th e holiday ^°P*' \' •\^\'\' '^' '^^^^ '\'^ **' '\ Afte r an infoJ-mal confercnere wli h i Iiollci-man Dunbar and sevei-al of Hio studied music under Dupre and Roger, taxpayers present, that iMirtion of or- ^nd sang In \Alda\ in the >i-ar 1876. dinance No, tl , limitinK the time- in | ^r. ci,;dlo, In iSSl, camT to this which dogs could not roam the streets ^-ountry and sang In the opera sea- eif tbe village iinmolested from Api il i i^on under Hie nianayc'iK nt of Colonel hiindred [icrsons were in attendance Ist lo Neivembe-r Isl Inclusive, wa s re- , Maple-Oii, Il e sang with Pali, and H-valle-d Uuiie-i (ieorge .MeiiKui Levy pealed, and from no w on dogs will Aas seleeti d by 'V'erdi for the role of pie-sided The annual iiie-inorial servie-es of Kie-eport Ixjdge. So. 1253, li. O. i', Klks, were held Sunday aftemoon last' at i'l eeport in the cUib house, Seveial evenin g vacation. Inasmuch as n o evening classes h.ive ever Le n maintain d lu Freeport, it i exactly what thi- line of work will be This win be d te;mined by thi- de- mand, 'Classes will be formeil In any sub- ject, providing the nuiubi-r d e Iring that subjeet is sutlicient lo make it practicable lo organize t' e class, Esie-ia l i t'e,tio n w.ll be g:v>n to not be privileged In Freeport, The i O h. Ilo. Ile created th e tenor role '1 be e.xerciies opened wiili tb e play-i the fund-inn ntal subjects of grammar, trustees desire to give ample iiotue'tn \Lakme and sang b'-fore Kiigmg eif Chopiii's \Fiiiicral March\ on | Engl.sh compniti n, writing, re d n--,', that in the lulurc dogs will not be Humbert of Italy and Kaiser Wil-|ti,c jiipe- organ by Henry V. Woller, ^rolling* and arithmetic. permitted to travel the streets unae;-i he'ni, a German Prince at that time, ; fallowed by th e rltualisiic lueiiKirial \Classes w,ll undoub e-.ily companied a', any time in the year,: Mr, Cloillo conducti d a coaservii- And In all probabllllv fewer chickens ''^'\^ \' \'\^'^^ \^ °^^ •'\\\' having iinong bis pupil-i .Mnn-, M.'lb.i and Marq-.ileRe of 'V'iln. uv--e Bonoraiie, li IK- nuirdercd these' and old hen cold nights. The Board made an oflicial inspec- tion of th c nnclorlzed lire engine re- cently completed and delivered by tbe- Itit Fiane-e' (-onipany. It wa s ae-cepl-'d subjee-t to HK apiuoval of Ihe l-'iie Cdiincll, The- bill ivas aiidiled sub- jeerl to thai appieual. The ri'(|iiis;li(iii of Hie Fire- Depail- lucnt calling for the purchase of an electric seare-h light at a e-ost of $12.50; the painting of thc hou-.e of i;nglne' Cnmpany So. 1 inside 'ind •ut , an d the placing of a red lifbi m Stop That Bark With White Pine and nee Balsam grand niece of Napollan Bonorart Mr, CIocllo is sur-. Ived by Maigue- rlte Walinez, bis M-dow ; a daugiito-, Mrs. Marga'(-i I'lace. of B Idwin, an d twe) sons, Paul V, and Min-.Ti- Tt. Funi ral si-rvices took plac? on M n- day alleinoi n at Mr, Clndio's 'a e [lome. Int. rm'nt wns In Gri C- met ery. LUTHERANS GIVE ENTERTAINMENT be in which all the ollicers ;if f-^rmed In the commercial bramhes, nd f-ir tbe,se students wh o wih to prepare for eivil se'rviee- examina iJfns. Tie school will open for reg- isiraiion ou Tue.-iday evening, at 7:\0. January 2. \It is bope'd tbat a large number will take advantage of this oppor- tunity. N o one netd to hesitate on account of age, for tbe chief aim of an evening peo lon circumstanc s,» were forced to le:ive scliool early and now feel th e need of year in i taking up study for practical pur- pos-s^ Foieigners who wish to I arn service Hie I dll p.-u-Meipated. One al- a time, lliiitj I.nnle:-, will- exlingiiishe'd, rep- ie.;entiliS tl... bieitiien of the- leidge who have passed to tbe .ureal be-yeind, 'I'IK- oration wa s dilhe-red liy .lay l-'il;:pati-i( k, f-t N'ew ^•(lr!( Lodge .No, I, and '\I'liaiia'dpsis\ va s rende-rtel by Pa. 1 HxalH'i Hiller l-'iaiikiiii G, Hill, There- were vocal seleelions by ,\Iiss fie'ld Haviis an d .Miss Kdna Kimball ami il.(- Phoenix .Male Qiiaitel, and a sinl-ii •solo by Roswell F, WeitzCl. The names of thc decease'd i e.e-is of the lod.ce, with lh( ubie-li they died, follow In many respects th e cemipany's re- = .-r- r>^.„eHia i„ ...11 P'rts t o Ihe Public Se^rvice Coinuil,'-- 8 nfl poasiDie to lell \ , ..... i. .• « .u .,.. iiU,- „# ..1, ...111 ».„ sion show that the situation of the Long Island is uniepie. Fifiy-nine-p'r c.nl of its ri-v nu'» come s from p:iF- S'-nger ope-ati n. This Is a treiiien- dou-ly larger latbi of i asseng. r reve- nue tban on any other road In th's Lir Hoy. Abnormally lari/e propor- tions of pai-senirer r. venue. Ho, are derived from commuilng and o'her tic' el s a s low- as sev- n nii'l-e a in-le, \r tar b -low the s andard passe-nger rates. Th e e-onipa-y ha s thus not tieen on a par wth oHier road=< In taking ad-an ag - i f inc ease-l fr l-hi bus'iip s a' 1 ctl'r ra'( s, F rtber, the growth of Is I a a n'( r busines i ha'< bssn largely In lh\ s-cii-n-- in and rl ISO to Ne w Ycrk CM'y, wh'-re t'e rt'^ nre part'cilarly low on account f (-onipetltion with (ityowned transit lines and motor ve-bicle transportaiinn at both freight and nnssengers. Pi'sielent Pet'r-l in his aiiplication 'I'hi lioard of .Siip»-r\ isors on .Mon- day apjirove'd the- asscsHmelil roll of the town of Ileiiipiitead and issued tbe warrant for the colle(-ti(in of taxes, dated December 4, J, li:dw-ard Downing was designateil to apiiortion the tax on mortgag«-s in Hie- (ouuty as Iiled li.\ Hie eoiiiily clerk on .N'eivciiibcr 27, for the v.-ar ending October 1, IDl6, The Board appropriated an aeVl' tlonal .f2,7ijri toward thc (-(uiiil..'. share of tlu- work on the l5oii,i(-var(l Burnside aveliiu- and Roe-kaway tii'ii pike. Notice fremi the- state liigbw.i.N e-onimission staled thai owing lo g.-o logical conditions it had been foiiuil Ihat is would be impossible tei do HK work for lh - original estimaU-, .\t Friday -: meeting. Hie e bailm.-ui was iiaiiuii a a (-nmmiliee to-use.-. tain fur wliat Ibe- >-(iiiniy can obiaiu a tiae-t of land of about inn ne-r.'' ne-ar Ce^iilial Park for ibe site le.r a liilie-rciilosis liostiiliii, REPUBLICANS WILL HAVE FINE DINNER evenin g ^chool i.s to help those , n-v.-niu- rr due ng pie who , (ither through lack o <^irr, ,en: .•'as-es of tick.- s -sii^bl in tbeir youth, or because of !\ 'foUows On .\ioiiela.v night. Brooklyn llal was (-rovvdi-d when the Lutheran ,1-'eriiando C ChuK h of i'^ieepenl gave Iheir annual 'llose-y, Geori:: 'l'h<anksgi\ iii;< soe-ial and cnterlaiii- lueiil, .Nearly three hundred pcopie attended and the special program | Forbes, was fully appree-iated by the enthu- I P'L''' Henry siaslic aiidicne-e-. l{e\. A, C, Kai kail, thc pastor l'H2 Fredeiiek i;. i',ilele-r,--le esc, ' the English langiiai;e will be esi e 11 .Muller. llariV S. Tweedy, I ci illy w. Ir-om-, Pii:! -Fraul: Haves, ,!aiob Mun/.iii-! \Any on e wlio wishers t o take up a r, Hanv P, S-cger, ,lelin J, Conrt- | certain line of work should make a Ke.e-seb, Ha ll. HaK. r, | canvass among his frb nd Parsons, Jaiiie-s .\l, Kriek. I ne-y, .loseph K HIM- Thomas Butler. Lusch, Thomas 1'. Gilbert, ,lolin (., Jr., ,Iiihii and try [, ito oiganlze a class of at bast ten i All wh o are Intel esled ar e eainestly to- ! requesiad to send in their names, geiher with tbe line of work desired 4 2 ' r,.4' \. Rapp, Henry Gass, Jr.. Kdward A, Si-bi-eibe-r. Allan .Mor- rison, Thomas ,1. Kllison, Jame s P, I'tSt If you have a slubiMirn e-ough, if your lungs are in- flnnafi unel your air passages irritate>el, this splcnelid Cough Syrup will alleirel tlie rclie'f ye>u seck promplly and with- out nnv hiirmrul afler-e-fl'ccts. Pcnslur White Pine and Spnicc lial.-uiiu is a lie'aling remedy compounded o f , I'ine liark, ^prue-e Gum, Taniarac Bark, \V ild t^herry and other wi>ll-kiiown ingredi- ents of recoguiztnl merits. Get a bottle of this effect- ive remedy as soon as posaibli; an d ri d yoursel f o f tha t Coufih. Sold in two sizes, 25c and 50c opened the entertainment by an ad-I-Madison, William N, Lampe, Saimiel dn-ss. followeil by \Hail Colupibia.\ ! S, Goldberg. sung b\ Hilriecn girls; a piano solo I HHti—John P. .Morgan, Alexaneler .Marlon Kobin; twelve little soldier : R Rhodes, Alexander Maier^ Harry boys then rendered a selection, Mas- K, .Ness, Rowland H, Mayland, George ter Fred Hottschaldt presented a H. Cahill. silk lianncr. Inscribed \Ood is I.ove.\ I Fieeport IxieUe- now has LnlK iiiem- to tiy primary departmenl of thej hers, Sunday Se-hool, A piano and violin APPOINTMENTS IN THE TOWN OFFICES CHUBBUCK'S Drug Store FREEPORT, L. I. WA duet by lirai e an d Lillian .Meinen eight Utile girls sang the next nuin- Sl PKKVISOR OPK>S FAIR. Preparations bave been e-oinplei-el ni^-hi at the Church of Transligura- tlon. It Is expected Ihat this bazaar bci, \Topsy Turvy,\ a pretty luiiii-i for Ihe openin.i.': of Ihe fair Thiirsd-iv ber by .some of th e little folks wa s followed by a violin solo by Grai e .Meinen, Flowery Garlands by fiftteen girls and a good night song completed thc program. Refreshments were served by the Ladies Aid Society, and an offering was taken up. Th e affair proved to be a success, both finane-ially and so - cially. ! Th e Town Uoard, at Tuesday s j meeling, appeilnted Charles K, Schwit- zer, of Lynbrook, town auditor to I suceed B, F^rank Wheldefi, wh o re : signed lo aeeept a position in the , offle-e of the' .receiver of taxes, 'Mr. S(-!iwil/.(-r is a lawyer. I The resignation of Caiiiian Plant, [a constable of Lynbrook, to take ef- I feet December 31, wa s received and acce-ptcd. He w ill become county de- pos(»d Increase in th e m'leace rate as follows. One w.iy t'ckets, av. rag.- 3(- per mile 9 9'-! Roiin-I trip t c'en-, avi ra'-'c 2'4c per mib- 28,2'! Ml'eage, 1 ,(iO0 and T.OO mil s, 2c Ifll'/, Comni'itation, average 7 mills per mile 24 2ni 10, lO and rO-trip family, 2c per mile .Mlantic Ave. lor-al fire-,- average 1,07c per mile, Coa.iiKlors' col'ecllons an'I niLcel'aneous, av.^rage 2e- per mile 13,09'r The ap'lieatlon ihow s that, while the number of passengers carried dou- bled from 1906 to 1915, being 42,fi29,- , S25 In th e latter year, the average i haul and aver,-ige n venue per p-'B- ; .lenge r were re.-^u ed in such proper-1 Hon that the average revenue per pas snge'r P'-r inll\ up'n which service! cost must be compared, wa s ri-duced from 1,522 cents in 1906 to 1318 cents. In 1915, VXev^e growing traffic a, ^ImPar decrease nhows for the year I ending June 30, 191fi, for whe-h the average re'.enue per passe-ngi-r mile, was 1,^07 cents, p p sident Peters says that the pro- Tbe decision in retai d in picture exhibitions on .Sund.ay ha s created .-onsiderable interest, an d Th e Post lias l^ie-n re-queste'd le. publish the nilin.i; e.f Hie Appe-llate Division, ' u liii-ii IS It:- leillows:- The relator was arrest, d charged with having vlolati-d s-ction 214,'') of jthe Pe-ua Lrtiw in having willfully a\.d knowinMy uialiitaii.ed and con- ducti d a n.ov ng pctufe show as a publie show-, to which th»' publie- were .inviie^d and which the i ublic ai'ended jal a theatre located in the' City of .Alaiy. em Sunday, .Hily 2,\. 1915. ; l'pon bein:; arrai4iu'(l e>n siieh chaige, .the relator was e-einiiiiitt. d pending trial to the- custody ef thi- Slieriff of Hie- Ceiunty of Albany The-reupon a wr t of ba'ii'as corpu- was applied for and eib-aineel for r,e purpeise- of In- i,u,r ng ii.t 1 i\:e i-aus.- e>f bis imprls onment and, if unlawful, of rehevluK bim Iber trom Tl e b.;.-.is eif lh.' «p- plieation for the writ wa-; that the liu- lirisoninent wa s unlawlul, tor ihe re-a si n tbat g,ving a moving piciure show was not prohibi I'd by Hie- Penal L:iw. Ipiiu th e hearing bail In-fore the Spi (ial Term th.' w il wa s sustained and He r lator orderi-d dise barged from I ustody uinin the- ground that sii(-b show was give-n indeieirs in a llie-atre buildiiii; and, not being an outdoeir shiiw, wa-i nol prohibited by Hie se-cliein of lhe Penal l.aw above I ile-il, 'rbi' decision of Ha- justice lioldiiiA; Ibe le-rm was place-d solely upon Hie authority of th e case ->f People r. Hemb-b (127 App. Div., 3061, by whii-h he consid.-red himself , bound Tbereupein an appeal wa-i taken to this courl frenii the order •entered upon such decision. ! .Section 2145 of lhe- P.-iial l,4iw I (Chap, 88, Laws ed HKI9) pi-eiv,di8 A* follows: \All sboolinn bunting, flsn ing, playing, horse raciiit;. gaining or olher public spirts, e'Xi rclses or shows, upon Ihe llisi day of the iweek, and all noise disturbing the peace of th e day are prohibited\ Tln- e-onstructiem whirh slioulel be giveu the pr«)visions ol tbis se'etion has been lhe subject of divergent dee-lslons by the e-ouils of Hils state In the case eif Ihl- Peoiile v ffs ule'b (supra) the- Appe-'lale Di\i,^;on oi \e Second De- pa; I'-'ent h.l d that till- phrase \or or 1-1 puMii- s|iorts, evere-ise's or sh(iw-s\ applb'd only to out of-door spoils, i-x- rclses or shows, and lien.e Ibal I'll SI I lion in (luesHon, Hnn s.-i Hon 21,''. (if the Pe-nal Cole- did nm probibi' an indoor eibi'Ition of lU'iv- iiiK pie-iiir.-s on Sunday The- prevai - In ' o- i i 11 sl .tes that tbe charg.- v^a^ no ma le .gain t lhe eb feindaii' eif having c arged an admission f e Two of th e live judges e-- mpilsini: V e couil dls>-»-nied tn an opinion, h-lding Hiat lhe s''(-ilon pro!iiblt,d nioviiii.' piciu-e- exbibiiiiiiis on Sunday, ai ,\^ thou-h given Indoors. Late-r this que s- ,1.1 la : I- '. l-l\. 'h.- AI pi I'ate Dl 1- s.on of 111*? Fourih Depaittinnt 'U Ho; e-ase. of Hamlin v, Hendi-r ( Anp. Div . , 15't N Y. Supp . 1117) That (i.iiii whib' alllrining Hie d\- e-ision of the- trial court (92 Mise , HI), stat(-d that it did nil concur in the vl ws w-'-l b rirevaib d In tlw cn. e e.f til.' Pe.pl e V Hniile-b Th e pro;i(-r con-iruct-ein lo be- giv. n the- pr ivl si ns of Ibis see-tion b.-is several ti-es b n eon ide'ied l y the court at S[ie clal Term, resiilliiig Pi confllcHng (b- cisions, th e more proinlne-nt of w-l i. b ,-i'i- Hie fo lowing: ,Moore v, Owen (r8 I Vise, 3:12), Hamlin v, Bend< r (92 .Misi-,. 16), P.opb' v. Finn (57 Ml <•,. li,''i:H, People v. He-lcberg (43 M sc., 30), P(opl e v Po lie (44 MIsc, 118i. Fox Amusement Co, v McCb-llan (62 IVli c , inOi, v. bidroiiie Co., Inc, v 1 111- Ke-pul/iii-an le-ad(-is of .Niissau t'liiiiuy, wllil ll iiK-ludes the Ceiiiiiiir- 'i-em.-ii from lhe- various dislrie-ts \* ill lender a <-omiiliiiientary dinner to the- -^taie and Cuunly olIl(-ials who wer.- vie-iorious at th e pedis at the reeent Uction, 'I'he banquet will be ,Heiieil ,it the Garden (\Ity Hotel on Dei-e-m- iie-r 18, and will be one of the tine-sl il'fairs ever gi\(n in .Nassau Coun'y. uiiong the giie-sts who are contidcit- .\ expie-tcd lo be present are Govi-i-\ ior Whitiunn, Senalor-eb-cl (\aider '••iiator WadswiH-'b, State Cbairinan lanner and Colonel Roosevell, The e-eimniilte-e- in charge- ceiiisisls .1 Jeremiah ^^eJod, ehairman. Uobe-rt 1 Rtenge-l H.ii Mse-, 5X0), HrH'hton Atli- I. Bae-im, ircasurer, Byron C, Gould, ! lell- (lub v .Me-Adoo (47 Misc., 432). A. Burnside - Cheshire, (J. Wilbiii loreater Newbiiii.h Amusement Co , Doughty, W, H, Seaman, Hlia m R, ! Inc , v. Sayer (81 Mis.-,, 307), Ontailo Smllh, George L. Hubbeli and W. W. , Field Club v McAdoo (T.B Ml (-. Cocks, Seals at the baiuiiie-t will be twe) dollars and tickets may be se- i-ure-el from any_'if the committee. rcl Harl 285) DenieiOBl will attract a large crowd, not '\''y ,^.^,,4^,, .^..jti, H.e beginning of the new , «iii no t fall upon the da'ly rider, and from Freepoit. but an equal nimib--r 1 ^ ,.^^. ., .^ u,„lerstood, that, while its burd-n will be fairly land P'-opb- I (5i; Misc , 2^7). ! That th - (XbiblHiU whicli wan j II ainiaine-d and eondii'-i'd by the- re llaioi uiion lhe. ocasion of his arr sl I was a public show wlHiin th e conli-m ! platoon of Ihe statute ha s not been I questioned by the relator's eouns.d I ellll. r npein Ihe argument tiefore us !or in bis brief It was , in fact, a j busincHH venHire e-arrled on by the re- : lator tor personal peiunlary gain Tb e igen.ra' piib'le wa s invHcd to a'l nd .\s lhe bildBc wer the Ijovxyr, Heach , tjje exhibition a s a Sunday enterlain ASK DRAWBRIDGE FOR BEACH ROAD PROOlCIXi ANCHOR ITL.MS. 'I*he Anchor Film production Is now- being filmed In California under »he direction of Charles K, Bartlett, for- merly of the .\inerlcan. .Mutual an d Balboa companies. Th e leading wo - man. .Miss Grace Davison, left he-r home on Ixmg Fteach last Salurdav lo he away for several weeks. Anchor Films expects lo star Miss Davison in several of its-releases, and in ad - dition will feature In tw o produc- tions Miss \\Baba \ Castle, lhe talented ymm g artist formerly in support of Nat, Goodwin, Productions bv the An- chor Films will be ou Independent schedule, controlled by the- manager, Jame s A. Sti\^ , of Freeport, L, I. from the siirrc-uiiding villages. Seve-n pieces of music will welcome those wbo attend th e opefllng nighl, and Supervisor .Hiram R, Smith an d Sur- ro.gaie- elect Leone D, Howell have promised to be on band to open the fair and to address the spectators, Thc voting contest ha s already at- tracted much aitention, Santa Claus will bc ttt the fair to welcome ilie- childrcn. and nothing ha s been left undone to ai'd lo the entertainnieni of those attending. .Mr, C, .M. Vanderoef. .Mrs. Kdward Cheshire anei a number of others have- mnde every e-ffort to make this fair one' of the most successful ever hi-lel in Freeport. Supervl.sor Smith wa s authorized dl-^trlb'ited. It will b e enough to con- to execute a contract with Falrfleld ' vert th e annual drflclt of the com- & Dow for the preparation of the pany, averaRlng 1354,000 for the Ia'_t town ma p .'it a cost of $Lfl.OOO, This ; ten years, to a smal \\'.P \«; IS preivld'ed for by the ne w tax >aw -|; J-^S^Xr L^Si^e-^S Thc several other engineers in the ^o i^ay ^g^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ I town will assisT and co-operate in .be \^ j^p^j^ yearf. Through economies of operation th e company has already making of (be map. shown a s'lrplus of $195 000 for the twelye months ending June 30. 1916 President Peters csUs attention to 1 the fact that the company ha s put bick l\to Its propert'es over $50 000,- j Thc president of the Woman Suff- OOO since 1900 in sf'e l cars, e'edr l SUFFRAGE NOTES .'be presieb^nt of th e Woma n Si , . , rage party rf .Nassau countv e-alls a flcation. grade crossing ePmlnatlon meeting at 1 o'clock for Thursday, D. - ,new running tracks a->d «tafon» and Novelty Then. \When Adam and Ev e learned of their untoward future, there wa s some novelty to th e comment thnt It wa s i of hearing Mrs, Brown an unusually warm seiisem, but never | since then.—Milwaukee Journal. Read th e Nassau Post, cember 14th, at Real f^state offlce .ip- posite the Massapequa depot. Mrs, Brown, a prominent speaker, will ad- dress the me«-ting. It i s hoped all in- terested in the subject will avail theinselvt-.; of the rare opportunPy th\ general Im^roTements to mak\ It lhe first clars transportation-machine it no w Is, But, he nays. It wl'I still bo ppcessary to cintlnu e large ex- pendltiireo parHc'darly for grade- crossing elimination. The application further calls atten- tion t o tb e demands for increased wages and extra guards which the ! rompany has been conapelled to meet. load at Barnum Island creek Is a n ob- •iti-uctlon to free navigation of the ( reek, by reason of It not having a draw span, Frederic V. Abbot, o n lie- lalf of the Secretary of War, ha s ad- , e-rllsed a hearing at the Ne w York ('ustom House- on Di.rinliri 11 at l\:30 a, Ul The proposition Is to have- the town . Hempstead install by July 1, 11117, a draw bridge having a horl-/.ontal - icrtrance of at least thirty feet, or a brio ;e having a fixed horizontal clear- anct^of al least thirty feet and a ver- liial .Me'aran(-e of not less than (igh . feet a' high wateo As ail the papers will be sifljinitted to the Sl cretary of War, it Is requested that atl iho-ie wh o appear or ar e in- te-rested In the matter, proposltioi.s in writing. ment by alliring p isters dlsplaye'l at the doors. An admission fee was ex acted from those entering, A moving picture wa s displayed, Thereuponjhe arrest of th e relator foPow.-d The relator bases his claim of ri-.-M to be discharged from arrest mainly upon th e grounil upon whii-h Hie Henileb cas e waa de-cjded, to wP, tbiif the phrase- \or oher pubi c spe rl , exercises or shows\ applies only to acts conducted out of doors, aa Is nec- essarily th e case wl'h th e sports of fishing, hunting and horse- racing Tbe statute certainly makes no s'lch distinction, but In effect declan-s such ac'a to be- prohlbted wbenere r and wherever committed on .Sunday with out distinction a s to whether commit Hd Indoors or out of doors The r< lator'fl counsel founds bis ar gument upon the fact tbat when thn orginal statute prohiting Sunday sports wa s enacied in this state more than a century ag o th e law related ilciiit their I mainly to out-of-door sports, or things ' Conttinued on Page 8,

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