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\- This is ineffectual, in Mr. Erick: A Dead Following Mine - ._. Explosion mes nd High Court Decision May Not Compel The K. K. K. To Reveal Membership List Albany, N. ¥, Jan, 14-(AP)-when it changed its name from Whether the Ku Klux Klan will be|AlDh@ Pi Sigma, ostensibly a Greek questing competied to revent its memt arahip| \Wet aumorities be Sut im New York State, despite mmanWmmm‘mlsmmm-maemv v years It is believed by village board that the expenditu will be repaid in increased val tions of property in all parts of community and that the plan wil «do more to stimulatedevelo and building operations than any-/WW! | TO RLAME HER UNETT SENT T0 MAN IN COURT STATE PRISON Dim—GT“ Testimony) Judge Smith Says Freeport That She Would Not Give and Corcione Is Convicted \Knights and Women of the Kujoluded in the law whose constitu- Klan,\ obtained October 30, [tionality was upheld Tuesday, with any to criticize the present officials,\ Presiednt William H. Schnelder explaining the action his associa- taken. \Even the import- business handled by our courts by our state and national legis- tive bodies is done in the open, and thirik the same 'should be true of our Vilaige Board.\ 'The association also passed a reso- lution that will be forewarded to the board endorsing the proposed Free roadway with Appropriations last year by patching streets and using ® lighter and less expensive paving. $1.0on. ed is not substantially ter and the village, at the end of the year. tw left with roads aw badl . in n~ 4}\ of repair as they were at the begin- 'Two other projects were taken up, that of 'holding its annual frolic and dance the evening of aJnuary 30 and \ OF | | I | .‘ T. if & hind - an - automobile, | narrowly escaped being crushed to death W{Tuesday night, when the sicd on which they and about ten com- panions were riding swervel into taxicab traveling in the opposite direction. 'Tony Pellegrino of 558 Merrick road suffered concussion of the brain, being knocked une n- to C “O t ly 12 he M F scious for nearly ours, an - Opal: c.\ “Mtd' juries to his leg. Peter Bruzzo of H 607 Merrick road broke his wrist Mineola, Jan. 14-Drunken aufoland his forearm was badly gashed. drivers bad a bard day of It in the! 'he group had just made their County Court yesterday and Jud®e|sted fast behind a Ford racer going 1:31.01}:th “awl?\ “OI-h a\: east on Sherman avenue. Nour the han given 211,2‘; rma that m' corner of Summit avenue they s ar dan Kin?“ *|passed a cab of the Lynbrook Taxi tention ing what he could to/ Company, driven by Raymond make the roads safe for the average Gounod of 14 Vincent place. As the car owner and drive:. sled was nearly abreast of the cab John J. Breen, of Freeport, whol; suddenly sung mharoly to the mmnunxltmmm-MAndm~“-.v thud against the rear wheel of the LONG Judge Smith Deals Out Severest with another car, was sent to Jull for 30 days. taxi Frank Brode, of New Hyde Park, P who was drunk while driving but! Gouned stoped his machine and, not in tollision, was sent to jail for|=@Bt back, to find Peliegr'no and 10 days. Bruzzo on the ground, P+1egrino Louis Kock, of Merrick, who,{Unconsclous, 'The other lads had while drunk and driving his car tn|been thrown into the yoad clear of Make Local Gov't | Supporting To Reduce - Tax Burden Says mational banks of Lynbrook were held Tuesday. The meetings of the stockholders of the Lynbrook Na- tional and the People's National Bank & Trust Co. were followed by the election of officers. In all cases the d'rectors and officers were re elected, with the exception of Carl ton Macy, who was replaced by L. B. Bermingham as a director of the Nassau Bank. Lynbrook National Following is a list of the Lyn- brook Na:.nal; President, J. F Felton; vice-presidents, A. G. Kel sey, - Sylvester | Pearsall, . Joseph Simonson, A. D. Jaques; viceprest dent and cashier, Geor, H. Jacke son; assistant cashiers, T. W. Tal for, R. J. Combs, Myron Simonson. The following directors were re : W. N. Ridge, A. D. Kelsey Walter Johnwon, B. A. Davison, Delmater Denton, Sylvester Pear: sail, G. W. Smith, E. J, Schmidt, J. 8. Simonson, A. D. Jaques and J. F. Felton. Nassau Bank The following will be the direc in the|Roosevelt ran down m child, was|the wheel Gounod carried the In-/tors of the Nassau Bank for the ' ensuing yearr H. B. W. Hatt, Max |\54 of both classes. John from Hig h who was living in Freeport Irion \ but who left her daughter with February husband because she had nojavenue school. d -/ alwaly 3-- {fum- mfimfi 2- _. Improve ttona who use fl.mv at the Franklin avenue school. _ 321i B 16, ti: il ; |rot 10 days .\ vice. Ho was arrested by Patml-|covering, Pellegrino jured boys to the office of Dr. R. iph Dery Sharman avenue, 'Both 'to b6\re- having re- sent to jail for 30 days. Alexander Hacker, of Elmont, the same cf. Btrasaner, M. L. Levison, B. Lovi- ; C I. Jacobson, B welser, G. K. Hart, W. ©. Présonted a purse of CoB j C. Schratwelser, Self \| The rapidly growing @r burden from local can only be decreased by maili= ing as many governmental & tivities as possible, self-mig= . porting, Director William ®. Capes of the state bureau wf municipal | information, - & clared last night at the annua banquet of the Nassau Cou®t= ty Village Officials' Asgocits tion at the Pavillon Royal ® Valley Stream. After prolonged study of the at hand of reducing this ever4m~ creasing expense, it is Mr. Cap@H belief that few other ways offer ate stantial hope. Some reduction nite be effected by the state's curb wi municipal expense, but it will be material. Retrenchment is ofilip possible with the federal and sti \ governments, _ which _ accomplisi@® this by abolishing certain activity These immediately devolve upon @i local governments, which \have @@ lower government to pase the bW@i to\ Sounds a Warning A warning that the importan F food distribution must be given ##e ous attention by the public was ge en by George G. Royce of the stii department of farms and mark % With & constantly increasing mW ber of middlemen between prod@@#® and consumer this question: {# ©## « which shousd provoke serious During the dinner Secretary HW» _ ard E, Pearsall of the association tahting about ml: $80 by man Ricon, of the Nassau County|ained consciousness early yester-|Schratwelser, H. L. Borland, P. A.|G°O®e E. Winter in the name w Pol:ce on Monday, He- waived -ex-{day -morning---Gounod -will -be ex- amination before Justice ~of the/amimsd today by Judge Edward T. Peace Walter R. Jones, in Hemp-|Neu in Lynbrook Court atead and was held for the Grand Jury which body was in session Tuesday. He was indicted, pleade and yesterday got his jail term started. . Glowing Reports Aunual Meeting of - At the annual meeting of St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Baldwin, Wednesday evening, Walter Eifert, Robert Huck, John Krochler, and Charles Bchuise wore elected mem- bera of the church council, Mr. Eifert for one year and the others for three. Rev, H. C. Fry stated that the membership had increased to a total of 160. Forty-nine new mem- during the course thé Nassau Village Officiais|of the year. There were also 14 i on| baptisms. Since October, he said, $1,200 had been pald on the church mortgage, besides meeting all the other ex- SAYS LAWYE “Tusk Jan. 14.-At & were received Borland, Py . G. &. Win. ter, Charles Guden, G. Thomp- son, W. K. Taylor and L.. V. Her- mingham. People's Bank & Trust Co. The officers of the People's Bank President, A. C. Steele, The directors are: (Continued on page 2) the masodation. W. 1. Vanderpoel, president of Freeport and of the #i (Continued on page 2) Ponzi's latest enterprise, the Chi © > pon Land Syndicate, is under i4 tigation today by state muthoritiem ° _. Attorney General Jay R. Benton @i dered . the - Investigation | fol state \blue sky\ Reports of all the organi-] Philadelphia, Jan. of securities. of the church showed mark- Mrs. P, A. Conard, today hope. to pleree the mystery have just returned from £ iss g mity of Pennaylvania student reoaived broken 'back. Physicians last CK

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