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The daily review. (Freeport, N.Y.) 1921-1926, June 14, 1921, Image 2

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CREMON | is AT FREEPORT MERRICK ‘ @ 37 Lobes, \Tos hy me ne WM. G. MILLER, Inc. OF IAI'I'IN AND m welical Lutheran Church of Mervick- will commen hold its annual strawberry featival and W Masons Devote Time novelty; sale an S#turday afternoon o Patriotism-Summer AUTO, PLATE GLASS, BURGLARY at 4 o'clock. The affair will Schedule On » held on the church grounds. s f The affair will be under the 5 - Hempstead, June 14.-Morton Lodge|The first five rounds were of fastest ) }\ \ »wt Te\ vision of the Parish Ald Society. Suc- LIFE AND FIRE of Masons conferred the Entered APD ghting seen at the Aud.torium in some preotice degree at last night's meet {uing _ © essfully reorganized through the Rev time. In the fifth Wiliims was 80)j (;. Snyder, the new pastbr: of the ing, the last communication but one Of reogey that he was out on his feet, but mus .. ¥ hy UW © n U9} church the society in working | the summer. The regular officers Were Marin was all in from the terrific put ; . ai vigorously to make this festival sur Nance in the stations. and could not land the blow thit w9ul1| wuss preceding ones | Coming on the eve of Flag Day, the qo the trick |\ * + - | lodge held a brief ceremony in /the bell in the fifth and from theu on Malone, N. Y., has a publicly owned tion with the day. The flag was until the ninth both were tired orest in which 45,000 trees were plant ‘24 S. Grove a wented at the altar while the Crafts men sabg. \The Star. Spangled Hin pack ner,\ followed by the détdaration of ul |hoys fighting hard azrin leglance to the flag and sulute. Invo cation was offered by Wor. Walter N. fone of the DeNyse, one of the chiplains und Wor. Frank M. Kerr, the other chi lain of the lodge, made a brief nde Brother | Valentine Willis | of - Minci \Columbia\ . and . the RAYMOND J. MILLER, Mgr. Freeport, June 14.-The fight that the fans came to see lust night at the Aud) June 2 tyrium was the 10-round go betweer Frankie Wiliiums and Terry Mari Williams waw suved. In wostuged a we rful come «l last spring. | ind the ninth and t th found th Martin: won | a well urned decision. The bout was leanest and cleverest Free haus stie its opening. | The | & last time that (7 WOMEN'S WEAR OF THE BETTER SORT met it was a draw | @ all t was winner take Last night's Mike: \ s . posing of Pim: Kelly in the had no trouble in « sang as solos, scheduted | 8 \Battle Hymn of the Republic.\ The next and last communication of | fifth the symmer will be held on June 27, | warn Mike when the Master Mason Degree \will | Kelly At this communication. | tar bout of 12 rounds. winning in the Iteferee Hill McCauley had te about his elbow in the thi was in no condition to stand DRESSES _ - - SKIRTS CORSETS WAISTS _. HOSIERY - ting. . In the third he was blecdi ind the galf of Mik be conferred. Freeport Chapter, Royal Arch Ma could not sta mons, will be the guest of the lo ick Ri. Wor. Frank B. Hawkins will |_ The tw bout between Johnny liver the Historical Lecture on this oc Webb to Kelly in the aad.y out. The Vehlr won 1» and Marvey: Kelly was a casion fifth: when Web last time these ln: the K. 0. route Hi out of kilter last night Morton Lodge was represented by | about fifty members at the constitution and dedication of Bethpage Lodge sat Was obviously In the opener of homas won the decision over Hermic all througt ! urday night. A delegation of wbout six rounds And forty were at the Master Mason degre« communication of Olympia Lodge of! who was game Far Rockaway last Thursday night. Manager Kerr announced that fans wr SEIDS 26 MAIN STREET HEMPSTEAD, N. Y. being Anstalled 2g _- ROCKVILLE CENTRE Louis: Maxnolia and were referees of th Pill McCauley -BRANCHES- FAR ROCKAWAY, N. Y. LONG BEACK. N. Y. evening A sale of homemade candy and me #~ will be held on the lawn at San eHow did you like my: file Davison's residence, 66 Lincoln avenu (ood eom said the professional on Saturday afternoon, June 18, 1 10 humorist thood works\. YBut you wirls of Miss: May Edwards' 8 y didn't hough.\ \A_ brother artisan his at good work.\-Balti school class, | Thiy sule is for the benefit of the building: fund of St. Marks | Church. - _ nemen oo weer coun Upholsterlng and Interior Decorating Telephone, F reeporl 1132-J l nore: Sun season at Mrs. D. A. Warneld's rell avenue and Mrs. D. G. ,) Regular Dinner 12 to 2 and 4 to I Price 60 Cents Furnished Rooms by Day or Week on June 16, at 10 a. m. Miss | Edith L. Russell of Paris France returned on the is .at .home. visiting. her parents at. 8 Marion place, Rockville Centre. \ is: | 64-6 } DR. H. W. REID Steamer Dentist e 35 South Ocean Ave., Freeport, N. Y.! The Wednesday evening prayer moet Office Hours: Evenings 6-9 or by ap- Ing services. this week in the pointment. © terian church of Rockville Centre will Brooklyn Office: Myrtle and Cypress be conducted by Przwh~Webster Hillcy. Aves., Ridgewood National Bank! The topic: will be: \Confidence Building. Aequitama and --- Itussell is a survivor of the , Titanic. The Loyal Temperance Legion had a lawn party: Saturday. at 60 Brooklyn avenue. | Games and refreshments wer enjoyed. The L. T. L. meets eve day at 4 p. m. and children from 6. to 11 are eligible for membership About bouquets were given out to the sick ry Pri FAY AND F AY SPECIAL MattressesRenovated $3.15 EQUAL TO NEW STERILIZED IN OUR SANITARY PLANT APPROVED BY THE STATE OF N Y. feeling tells you : Re-Upholstering of Every Descri a | APPETITE CATERERS so, and your watch confirms it. \Ve R P f e- amtlng o and will fix you up. The joy that] CUSHlONS attends good eating at\ this restau- | DRAPERIFS Saturday by the Le clon Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Pisino, of Vii Atlantie entertained company on Sunday with a real Italian dinner avenue, FOR SALE | THREE NEW COUNTRY HOMES | -in- That VALLEY STREAM on Slope of Hill in Fine Residential | are Section. Winding Roads lead | through beautiful shade trees to | dodrs. - Brook nearby. SIX ROOMS, ALL MODERN \ JUST TIME FOR LUNCH | \goneness\ SPECIAL PROVEMENTS ' rant is never (‘qudul hv embarrass- | Pi Opes ou Con shoe 99. CABINET MAKING _ | Window Shades | Prices: $11,000, $11,500 |__ CALVINS RESTAURANT _| POLISHING 301 Front St., Hiupstead and $12,500 CENTRAL HOTEL $3,000 Cash is all required. TerMS preakfast, 7 to 9.30-Lunch, 68e, 12 to t ROBERT _M. DIBBLE || sesciat cmicken Dinner || Our Sanitary Work Shops are | VALLEY STREAM, -L. I. Sunday,- 12 to 8, $1.00 A lo Carte All Da ome s Vils sven | po toa Located at 48 Son‘s \gig St., Freeport, L. l.‘ [Opposite]Post Office | cmh 95cm! Residence: 320 Valley Stream »sb& COCKERELS $35.00 Dor. \Puritas S. C. White Leghorns\ Special Pen Mating Record 270-280 Eggs C EIGHT WEEKS OLD-VERY SELECT Hatched at Puritas Springs, O H. W. JENSEN Baldwin, L. L., N. Y. 5 Riverside Avenue LYMAN N. JONES - 5 South Main Street ->» FREEPORT, N. Y. Telephone, 60 Freeport WWI-fly Fora Woman With Experience in acturing Bungalow Aprons: and House Dream We have a splendid opportunity for a woman. of ex ence who could manufacture (in your home town) Sun- yalow Aprons and House Dresses for us. We will supply all work ready out and will put up all the machinery nec- aseary if desired, or we will offer a paying position to am executive forelady who could take entire cha of 'm plant. 'The mpplicant must be familiar with the class of help required to make this gurment, -and be thoroughly reliable. Apply giving full particulars to BOX- No. é DAILY REV OFFICE, ROCKVILLE CENTRE Timber, Siding, Shingles, Doors, Sash, Trim Brick, Lime and Cement - Builders' Hardware and Paint JOHN J. RANDALL CO. 15 N. Long Beach Avo. ® 14.125 FREEPORT, L. 1. hm: 321-W° Main and Front Ste., Hempstead Formerly Office of Dr. Ray McCombs | §2 Bull DER. LEON AXELROD Denier y Trolley Junction PLAY «« FAIR PAY Indifference to the welfare of your gas company is, in reality, indifference to your own welfare and the welfare of your com- munity. I\ 'To continue to render its best service and at the same time to develop the growth and prosperity of your community, your gas company must be permitted to charge rates that will enable it to earn a reasonable interest on its investment and thus be able to attract new money for extensions and jmprovements. Inability to do this not only cripples a service which is a daily necessity to you, but makes it impossible for your com- pany to enlarge its plant and system to meet the growing needs of your community. How will this affect your own comfort and convenience? How will it affect trade, real estate values, and the progress of the community in which your life is centered? You know the answer You and every other real American want nothing so much as you want fair play. This is precisely what your gas com- Let your voice be heard. pany must have. \Y NASSAU & SUFFOLK LIGHTING C0. GEO, MucDONALD, President Rockville Centre o Offices ut : mcm R or Minenia A s s 0 CTA T i 0 N Meipatend. . Freeport, t kir A Mk iT CA N thin HIM rev ttt O j ( Present lines of new Buick six-cylinder models will be carried thru the 1922 season. Beginning June 1st the new series and prices will be as follows, f. 0. b. factornes. Flint, Michigan. Old Prices Model 22-44 Three Passenger Roadster, $1795 Model 22-45 Five Passenger Touring, - $1795 Model 22-46 Three Passenger Coupe, - $2585 Model 22-47 Five Passenger Sedan, - - $2895 Model 22-48 Four Passenger Coupe, - $2985 Model 22-49 Seven Passenger Touring, $2065 Model- 22-50 Seven Passenger Sedan, - $3295 New Prices | $1495 $1525 $2135 $2435 $1735 // ) | % BUICK MOTOR COMPANY, FLINT, MICH Pionser Builders of Valve-in-Head Motor Cars & Branches in all Principal Cities-Dealers Reerymhere Local Dealer Rockville Centre Garage, Inc. Tel. 323 Rockrille Centre Daniel A. Eldredgt Tab. 748 Hempstaad ~BETIER AUTOMOBILES ARE BUNT. BUICK WIL sVUDP THF»

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