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P a. ¥ ee q 40 3! g 80>» Hipiem : Review Building, 64 Bo. Main Street, Freeport Building, Observer Brest, Rockville toquirer Building, 48 Main 8t., Hempstead NEWSPAPER for Incorporated ot United astern Dieriot of New York, OFFICIAL - NEWSPAPER for Incorporated Village of Great Neck Eatates. OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER for Incorporated » Village of Long Beach, Published Daily Except Sunday Hntered mt the Post Office nt Wreeport, N. Y.. as second claws mail matter, under Act of March 1, 1879. Bubscription, $6 per year in advance. Single coplen, two cents. CHARITY IN DISGUISE The Nassau County Association in- vites various welfare organizations of this county to come in and be gobbled up by them. In a carefully worded letter, the association, through its secretary, proposes that organizations having names with a national and some an international reputation, lend them- selves to solicitation of funds in which the Nassau County Association will share. The letter is one of the cleverest that could be produced. It provides for absorbing all other welfare or- ganizations, to collect funds and then to spend that money in a manner that is prescribed, not by the- contributors or those who solicited the fund, but by a board of using them trustees selected, one from each or- ganization, entering in the project. Of course the control of the board of trustees would be the first thing sought, for in that body will rest the control of nearly all the welfare work in the county. Certain organizations entered into the project, others are opposed to it and it seem@.as if it must fail because of its very clever. ness. have not --o-- SAD DEBACLE The Village of Sea Cliff is about to have l; special election to elect @ governing body to take the place of three men who have quit their jobs. Whether or not they are to blame for leaving their trust before their terms expired does not enter into the matter, but it is true that the village people themselves are to blame pri- /marily in that they do not elect off- clals of sufficient strength of purpose and sufficient ability to weather any \storm and to discharge their duties as their conscience dictates. A village is no better than its people, . 'The officials are no better than the people want them to be, and they cafinot hold office if the people do not want them. The people have the electing power in their own hands, Awde from the fact that the special election will cost money,. there is always the unpleasantness that comes from things that cause a change of officials in mid-term. In this Instance charges and counter-charges have been made, there bas been mud- slinging and some ever were going to exchange blows.. This all brings unpleasant notoriety to the village. It ~4s a sad condition that will @oubtless be smoothed out by the elec- tion of offtcials atrong enough to stand public Hf. A It may be a:leswon to the village folk to take care {n selection ot their officials the next thine, dune \Student\ Out Freaport, June 11.-The finul number of the \Student the Freeport: H. 8. migptine; bi appelined. It is the bost Of the The editeria} \And They Closed the Doors Behind 'Then,\ by Kdtor Martin RapBacl, by far better than the ordinaby school prin Thé rest of-the néaguiine abounds in good gute snd jokes and the firat full- number will be looked for: with interest, rza onl c Bvery ~cent ~apen? in advertishg in The Daily Review will return dividends Increased A conaletent loca! keeps people think Ing atmut you, your aforée. your service im brusln oes or whalsder your are The stagehands and the managers ; Have started a flasco, Complete disgust is registered, By Cohan and Belasco. George is fighting the In Equity these days. \quit\ He will not close his shows though because his shows have no clothes any: way, a George made the statement that the dancers were the only guys and the others were all wet. Gee, can you pic- ture artists like Leo Carillo, James K. Hacket, Dave Warfeld and Fred Pi- sano suffering.from '\De-fect.\ HELL GET IT NOW! The Ingersoll Co. employee who swiped a carload of watches was out for a good time. FRANK UGH \Price to lead city campaign.\ then they do buy the votes. Gee, \I STAND BY EVERY woRrD\ SAYS ADMIRAL SIMS, AS MESSAGE APTER MESSAGE ACROSS THE CABLE SKIM. ® The admiral has a \naivel\ way about him all right. Mexico is ready to accept the U. 8. Terms, Well then, the Boarder will not have to move for awhile. THE CHAMELEON One Day \No war with Japan in sight.\ Next Day apanese war . supplies in - South friend State Bonus has had an other relapse. The son of @ gun never will get healthy enough to come home. Our FoUR YB ARS AGO THE 9TI or THE PIRST,/PROOPS SAILED AWAY, CHEERED LIKE THE DEVIL ON THAT MORN, FORGOTTEN NOW TODAY. The Nassau Rowe Exhibition is now on at Glen Cove. It's another Plant trial, fellers. Nea Cl is now without a village gov ernment. after all. THE SLACKER LIST OF MAIN, HAS REACHED THE LIGHT OF DAY, CONTAINING ALL THE - USUAL ONE wito Fo our bo- GHT ACROSS THI WAY. \Two Naval Bases Offered U. 8.\ Nothing less than a home run will do. \Squirrel attacks ville Centre.\ people in Rock- Hm! after due delibera- tlon we cannot comment on this one, but you can use your own judgment. MISS HAZEL WORMS OF WHITE sToNE, HAS CHANGED HEK MAIDEN state, Now THaT SHES cavgHtTt A HUB, BY, THERES NO MORE NEED F0? BAIT. The Freeport Chamber of Commerce is in favor of having Main street wide open. We are with you, fellers. Wai ox a. A BEAUTIFUL THOUGHT A heated argument generally leads to coolness between those who make it. You probably don't get all you de- werve-and you ought to be glad of it. We know no better T c of encouraging chil- dren to acquire the Bank Habit than by the use of Discount Checks. The mer- chants expect to give them -you are en- titled to them - see that you get them, then give them to the children. They are as good as money Guess the Clif is not a bluff | E a WLY AL Rockville Centre, June 13. -George Coffin, chairman of the Arrangements Committee of WoodJand Hose Carnival, sould not find any better \hot dogs\ than they had last year, so he has in- duced the manufacturer to stretch the skins and make them a 'half inch thicker, f Woodlands carnival will be held at Lincoln and Driscoll avenues, July 20 to July 30 inclusive. The proceeds are to be used to build a new and larger home for which the site has already been. purchased. The committee is keeping back some of its innovations because so many car- nivas are announced that they dare not tell what they have \up their sleoves.\ Just before the carnival the Woodlands intend to distribute nevel souvenirs, as a reminder that the Woodlands will hold a carnival on July 20 to July 30. The committee promises, however, several novel, sensation producing rides. What these things are they refuse to divulge. The bamboo slide is now being pre- pared. The work of scraping it down to a smooth surface has already begun. Chief \Larry\ Waterman will be the first to go down the slide to test it for strength and to see that the width is comfortable. If be gets stuck on the descent, the committee will immedately enlarge it. _---_--4----. SMALL HONEY HARVEST IN NEW YORK BEEKEEPERS Ithaca, June 13.-The bee men at the wtate college of agriculture here, re- port that many New York beckeepers will harvest little or no honey from their bees this season even though clovers are in excellent condition. Brodd rearing they say started carly and was unusually heavy during March and April, so that the bees used up the honey provided for them last fall. Thousands of colonies almost starved in early May and reared few young bees Just at the time when brovd rear- ing should have been at its best. The moral of this, says the college, is that beekeepers should prepare to leave more honey for the bees next fall. It is also pointed out that requeening time is late June, | July and early August. All queens worked later than usual last fall and earlier than usual this spring, which means many failing queens this summer, \Requeen all colonies this with the best Italian stock obtainable,\ advise the aplurists. __-__---4-_-____- Begins Sermon Series North Belmore, June 13. -The Rev. Herman F. Reissig, | pastor of Grace Lutherian Church,. yesterday began a series of sermons on \Some Lessons Taught By Jesus.\ His subject yester- day was \What Is Faith?\ __---4--_- A clean tongue is the best indication of a clean mind in w clean body. summer Stops Bob Hughes Rockaway, June 1%.-Able Goldstein, . Brooklyn buntamweight, at theSteeple- chase Club Friday night, knocked out Bobby Hughes in the last round of their scheduled 12-round bout.. A right to the jaw put Bobbie to the floor for the full count of ten. Joe Mooney and Red Mc- Donald fought a fast 10-round draw in the semi-final, > o TuouguTs Thoughts, like living winged things, Will flee your mind, and then- Muking a circuit of your sphere, Return to you again. Bringing you that which you sent out, Malice or doubt or fear; Fair Courage crushed, Hope all aghast, Disaster hovering near Or if you think with all your strength, Success, and Faith and Love Willing to do the best you know, Trusting God above. You'll find a world of happiness, With each day's task well done; And in the eventide of \Life, Peace with the setting sun. -France Frederick. LEGAL ADVERTISDN Nomick or MEETING or Avprror® contRAcTiNG C0. Tho regular. annual meetin holders uf the Auditor Inc. not having been held wc laws on January #. en pursuant to law. t holders . und . member tracting Company, Inc. ting: of Auditure ar ix. hercy. calied will be held at the princinal corporation . at - No. 78. . Street the - Incorporated | Villag Long . Mew mau County, City of New York, the ® wiso being known ws the res of Charles L. Apfel, on Monday, Jun orl a atclock p.. m directors of unul January 2nd. 15 ure elected und. ulso for the purpose of elect- img. inspectors of. election, und. for. the triniwcting . of. uny . other. business . which might be. tranmucted at. wnnual meeting. of ion uf the Corporation 1981. unul ing the members of the The stock be will the on 1 mg of the 2D, June 1 rita Prowid Avi wrore: .( Stockholder of con shee d) womck or meting 8 oonrany, The. regulr annual. meeting of the stockhald ers of the. Susguelama. Inc. not nie i held wccording. to its: by faw on January 2. 1821, notice bt whven . pursuant to how . that a meeting.. of stockholders wnd members of th us jus hani > Stonmehip:-Company,. «dnc. s. hereby ealled und will be held at the princiul « of the corporation ut No. 79. Hudson: Street, In - the | Incorporatel Villiage uf Leas Beach, Namsiu . County, af New York. . the « wiso beini known ws the i Charles L.. Apfel. on- Mondays | Jun 27th, 1921 «t 6 o'clock p. im. for the. purpose. of electing. director of. th poration () wery untll January 2nd. 1 ur until their succemsore elected and alw. for the pur- pore of, electing. luspectore. of tection, ond wiso for the trunmactine of wny other L ® which . might | be transweted at. in. annua meeting of the members of the cosporat The - stock . books of. the: Carbor ation will be 1. dune. 140 1 untit utter the hot the whuve meetine DATED, dur 1921 FRANK: AUDITORE | President & Stockholders By Herman F. Relssig With an intense hope burning in their hearts, people called the last war \a war to end war.\ No war has over yet brought mbout permanent peace. No war ever will. The Civil War was not the cradle of the good will which now exists between the North and South. There was more bitterness after Ap- pomatox Court House than there was before. The peace that now exists is a result of the bealing agencies which were set at work after the end of the war. Peace is a product of peaceful agencies. The way to put an end to family quarrels is not to have one awful seene in which all parties become completely exhausted. - Domeptic peace cun be brought about only by calm, unimpassioned discussion . when the storm-clouds are out of sight. Now is the time to fight war. Now is the time to set our teeth and determine that \it shall not be again.\ There is one way to put an end to war and all the barbarism connected with it. That way is to get behind the most implac- able eneiny that Mars and his tribe will ever know, the religion of Jesus Christ. The remedy is simple enough. We do a pot. dave to Inn-7 Vin; arguments against war. clearly and firmly. the teachings of We need anly to assert right thinking, let us give our support to our local churches. The Lutheran Church ut North Bell more sends out an invitation to every- one within reach to worship and work with it. Those who come will be helped. Indirectly the entire cammunity will be influenced. The next call to arms is a call to a moral warfare agaiust the enemies of Christian civilization. If we will raily to the call the victory is ours. ~--_-_#_ MINOR MUSINGS Ome who is proud of the title he bears usually hasn't anything else to be proud of. Every cent spent in advertising in The Daily Review will return dividends increased | business A consistent local advertisement keeps people think ing about you, your stores, your service or whatever your are s in elling.. ANY times a checking ac count at this bank has Helped to es- tablish its own- et's financial standing in the ommunity. Paying bills by a check on this bank indicates that you manage your personal financial affairs in a business-like manner and that you are getting ahead in financial matters. We invite you to discuss opening a checking account here. Ask for booklet \Women? - Because!\ The Citizens National Bank of Freeport, New York \4% interest paid on special deposit accounts\ Christ, and the enemy will begin to weaken. If we care for Peage and Right and Love and, Justice; if we care for site streets, for children and docent amuse ments for the communifty; if we want a force which makes for high living and Essex Announces - Lower Prices Essex Motors advises that, effective June 2nd, the prices of all Essex motor cars are again lowered-the second reduction since last fall. This time the reduction is $150 on each P model, making a total reduction of $350 in eight months. The new prices, f. o. b. factory, follow Second Reduction in Eight Months + Touring d $1445 Roadster .................... .... 1445 Sedan ............................ 2300 Distributors Rockville Centre,L.1. e & Motor Co. L. L R. R. Time Table ROCKVILLE CENTRE Ys Kaxtward .. Station-A Leave Mroskizn. (Platbush Ave A. ML. B47. 8.37, 7.08, 8.44, 16.0, is P.M., 12,30, K1.98, 1.00, i268, 34 BAL Malar, 4.00, Midi, 4.57 8.82. k3.52, 20. 10.23, 11.g0. 8, ©31, 7.11, 8.41. . 1.30. Westward Trains Leave Rockville Centre-A, M.. 5 ©.30, hé.i, Wd, MD., 8.00, hh.s2, he.45, 9.04. ho L4, t.49, s.to 41, a.30. 9.90, 11.20 sUxpars ¥aatward N. ¥. Poon. tation Mosca v1.40. an Ml t > 6.15, 8.06, 9.08, 10.17. 11.30, Nig Leave Brooklys (Flatbush - 8.20. 10.0%, (1.6.9. M. -L 4.84, 6.1%, w.07. #37, 10.19 Westward Trains Leave Rockville C s, oad. bn 8, 1.10, 8.23, 8. HEMPSTEAD winekpays Eastward Pean, Station-A. M ._ hod, 7.40, 0.00, 0.08 86, 12,30, 1.1%. 1.08, ked bl04, 4.64, 8.10, 3.11, 5.41 10.24, 11.30... Night, Wont ward Lcave_ Mempstead-A. M Leave N. Y. 1.00. M. 748, 61, P. M., wd, aeg, 4.99, 5.06, - round, Night, 1.39. stUxpa¥8 Kustward wave N, ¥.) Penn Stution-A, M 4.9.00, 0.30, 11.18, P. M., lon ¢ £18, 5.25. 6.18, 6.40, #06, v. 40.) 11] Nix 12.3 Leave Mempstead-A. 10, 11,00, P. Ms a%a7, P 24. 5.28, 8.50, 6.20, 7.30, K.97. ad. FREEPORT Trains: Leave N. ¥. Pear Station i.. . . he.13, Night st NDa¥8 ._ £80, 98, 8.30, 11.30, dn M., 8.06, -0.0% 10.17, nu 11. w Leave Brooklyn (Flathish bays Ave. to. us. 10.30 a5. 30, mal wid, Night. - Sundios, 6.0 A. M., 1.0%, 3.00, wor, 10.0, iia r. #204, A41. 1.00, a.. 10.02. #4 . Night. Trains: Leave Freenort fo Brookis n . ¥ it hak 18. hil i7 A. Ml 12.10. 2.04, New A. M, ublect to Chinge Withou Only. ent ind Molidus®, olidays. Only, r. ar woopwarkn, General Enssoner Agent, smerny manpage -me AL ADVERTISING SUPRISE - CoURT-QUEENS - coUNTY William F.. Bebell: ans W. Hodis, Pliintiff=, aix ducab M. Kistelle: M Ehrlich, . hia wife, . Emery 100 Syken, ma Trius In Hankruptey of mid Jacob M teary Whrlich, Bankrunt, Kate A Amron and Emeline Roffe, nee Poppler, Defendants ® In pursurnce of w judsment of. foreclosut and sale duly made and cnt in the abot entitled metion, and. bewring dite the 18t wii of Murch, 1921, and in pursuxnce of an ordat amending muld Sudament duty mace wind entered in the whove ontified ction rnd bem Img dato the 25th day of March, 1921, 1. thi undoralgned, | the Referee in mild fud named, will mell ut Public Auction to highest bidder at the front door of the Nik sau County. Court House. in Mincoln, Namal County, New York. on Tuen May - 2404 1821. mt otclock in m. the. fals lowing pr@niaos mentioned und. described. Ai wald. Judgment. ALL thome certain plots. plccen of parcels of land, situnte. at Hempstead: Gardens, lying: and being Town of Hempe ad, County of Nummau and Htate of New York, known nd. desig d on w cortain map entitled, \Map Homp- mtend Garden®, Queens County, I Aled July 14. 180%, in the Queene C Clerk'® Office, and Murch 6. 18 Naamau County Clerk's Office, wn Number 12, on Block 2; Plots Number 28 and 86, on Block 6: Plot Number 4, on Block 6; and Plot 2, Jald down on sald ma» BubJeot to covennnts and reatriction® If any, contained in former recorded. In« atrumenta @ffecting mild. preminen Dated April rith, 1921 BTETSON C. DAVIDSON, Refores, GEORGE A. NAGLE, e., Altneney for tT **New # \~majon. N. Y. commits HEALED PROPOMALS REALED_PROPOKALA tor Improvements t on Block 11. aw Dradnwie Hymtem und Reprine: to. Romdw a Mitched Wield, Mincoln. 1. L.. N. Y., will be recelved and publicly opened at 11 A. Ms June 24, 1921, at Constructing: Quartmantor® Reem $11, 30 Whitehall #t cov. 0, mation. at ubs Aren i nment remervem the right to pt or reject any wt all bide for (thin\ project NOTICE oF ANNUAL ELECTION NCORPORATED VILLAGE 0F Lox EACH LONG N. v. NOTICE 48. ove that the num! election of the officers for the: Incorbd rated Vilimge of Long Beach, New York, will be held in the Village Mall on Park Htraity lama Meme, New York. on the mat bay or gunk, iof, between the hours of 7 s. m. and % p. fig and - wt. mach. election . the following . offceri ura to be elected. Officers Term To June, To .de .. To 1 ri To 1 One Trustee. . ... To U a. i%. 199 WILLIAM M Dated,. June win son.086 Village Prowidentb AGNE® wnACKEN erk, Assiosoms' NOTICE THIS ARRMANONA of the Town of Heme stand. her give notice that they huve cots pleted . the t Rolle for /the eur your (1937). «nd that & copy thereof been Neff with. one of their number wt office of the Room 206, Town Halls ta the Villa Hempstead, where It. nay men and esmysined by. any person until witn Afumabay or 1994 went following and that on tat dar. fo B. 1931, from 9 A 4 selock P. M., said Anmewsire will moeet thatr wald offi in he Town: Malt: (Vilegge Hombwiead. in review their. to hear oanctainte 10 owe lethm to Dated dune. 1991 Thomas n. CLARENCE It. ANKIRE CO2 Asdssmore of the Towa of

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