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Pulr toolrbi ate temporntuire; sand Auntiy; moder gentle to moderate variable winds. GlRlSOPBBWflTiSUPPER Three Hundred Y. W. C. - ade & A gal!!! 'l‘roo|>o*|u'..ni4t m 1m“! Dorothy Lott, Huntington; \Moonlight; | Marjorie Adams, Greenport, \Btarligh h Michael Blake,: John. Kehoe and Wil- heated ''The . rest of. y en are. excused ; t ion, | {._ ' the way.. In the airplane with Diggins ea: e.rest of you men are excu und 'Lols Rainger, Bay Shore, \Sun- | ummow the date of their original reglstrati0h, | ;;. , (all of ‘yk‘ Lioyd Berteaud, of | _ TC JUYOr®» #2» this one who seem| for the baiance of the term. You re Ment Le ARR J \ a> recorded at National: | oy , wore prought Into court by. At,| ant Were 1MOY4 DeVC2UI»OF| ed to feel that he spoke for many off turn Monday, Mr. Driscol! and I'll see A The Revs. Frederick H. Handsfield, of] A hl r ‘ The purpose of this action is several Chicago, who will also pilot the PlAN® | them, felt that.it was a shame that] what T. shall do about you then.\ Ascension Church, and Alexander . F, | AERIAL CIRCUS To rected the, release of Patrick White, bers\ of: the: troops in with fold; For one thing it distinguishes a |forney Charles Wysong or a writ of wined, will pilot the machine part of and Alfred Brick of the Fox Film Com saying after the debate had been very they could not return a unanimous ver? 2~Woodmere Troop One 64 October. 24, 1911 p ~. A. Members Attend An-|5 :-Buwin Troop One .. .. -- .May s, 1913 \& le Releases Defendant Under $10,000 Bail And Sets E % * g~§lornl Park Troop One ... . July 11, 1914 $ SIXTH ANNIVERSARY Or -Rockville Centre Troop. Two . . August 15, 1914 JA CS M fl M nual Event Now In Session In Rockville Cen- i= glen cave oue n.. .l\. s..... i2 detailer p. LUSITANIA SINK onday, May 16, As Date For New Trial- tr & 7-Port Washington Troop One - ...... December 10, 1914 newsd F hmmtu Come Fm An w $~-Glen Cove: Troop Two . reas April 22,1015 New: York, May 7.-Today. is t Di An T ial J But Willia J » f 9-Freeport Troop Two ... . . May 12, 1915 alsth anniversary\ of the wars ismisses s ury But m J. of Nassau and Sufiolk Counties I- bien Cory Prop Five - : Moi \5 1912 ereatest sinkine «of the Driscoll of Ocean Side 12-Glen Cove Troop Four ... October 14, 1915 ~ 13-Franklin Square Troop One . . March 11, 1916 Rockville Contre, May 7.-The rain did ' ¥ot deter: the- delegates to the (“MIAUNY PETTIT TRIAL TO {gjfijfimgzg 33:5 {3:2 {kg 00:33; t {1:11}; it Wit marine U-39 in the afternoon offf| Mineola, May 7.-Denouncing the} \Unfortunately I left it at home when Christian: Association, which be. |__ OPEN MONDAY AT MINEOLA B Centre Troop Thrée ...... .. July 25, 1916 §rmay 7. ims. with a Joss of 11048 failure of the Jury to agree as a \gross} 1 took out a waltot in which 1 carried is statins al ths atasonts Templar § iii—Xi'lfigyfixpflfie'” .. . 33325: é? 13}: miscarriage of justice\ and declaring] it,\ said Driscoll % - incoln, May 7.-Aubrey Pettit, of a ~* * © > t t C P1 c > covery r haat.» Auditorium last evening at 7:30 o'clock, | n Yet ¥ 19-Inwood Troop One ...... ...... .. October 30, 1916 Bit Carman Plant/onmer count? de It is very unfortunate for you, following a get-together gathering and Baldwin, will be placed on' trial Mon- 20-Lawrence or Cedarhurst Troop One .. December 4, 1916 tective, must stand trial again on May] retorted Justice Cropsey registration In 'the Public: Library in | 48 before Justice Cropséy: and a jury, 32312121133: Egg: gs; Dacexmplienr 2, is}? 16 Justice James C. Cropsey in Supreme Driscoll then attempted to explain Z the late afternoon. on an indictment charging. him with §3_M°mck Troop One M April 7. 1917 Court here yesterday afternoon dis-} that he? is a detective sergeant for the 4 About three hundred young girls en- criminnily receiving stolen: goods, spe- 24-Massapequa Troop One June 11, 1917 missed the jurors for the term with af Long (Island Railroad Company and joyed m pleasant evening while serted cigog;1 25-Bellmore Troop One .... o .. June 22, 1917 single exception, Plant is charged withf that he had a badge, which he showed P y mentiomng u motor car. i * ' ft four long tables in the nuditorium: | Cparies R. Weeks, distfict attorney, 26-New Hyde Park Troop Two December 10, 1917 criminally receiving stolen goods.\ Thef and other credentials, to show that, he The theme of the, affair was 'Follow | wij represent the state, and 'George gg‘v‘vlflm‘lh 74:09 One a Mimi!\ 11“! {gig specific charge is that he purchased aff was an officer, the Gleam,\ and lighted candle bUrD-\ Morton Levy will appear for the de | 29-Manhaméet Gas : \ apm to Ihig Buick car, knowing it was stolen \What has that to do with it \' asked j ¢4 merrily .on the tables, while the gi fendant. 30-Lynbrook Troop One .. 'October 24, 1918 The juror not dismissed was William the Court. sang and cheered. 'The toasts were ex- | 31-Westbury Troop: Three ... December 9, 1918 J. Driscoll, of Ocean Side, and thef \I couldn't have the badge unless T 4 eeptionally fine. $2-Rockville Centre Troop . January 19, 1920 characterization of the outcome of thef could have the revolver,\ said Driscoll. ) Hand drawn and hand colored ment BoYS PLAYING 33-Roosevelt Troop One ..... J.... April 16, 1920 trial by the Court was no less startling Driscoll Gives Reason cards, made by the \Y\ girls of Rock: | | ‘gg—Hggfifl‘gm 745321\ P31“: T if]? f- {gag than was his denunciation of Driscol:f He then explained the reason he fle Amyl‘rp'vl’mvm to. hey protty. sou I My WA saéfieeport Troop Four .... «+> Augusi’ HI, 1920 w“, Mlll Flue Pilot ”I on As whom. Jusurfilt‘rnphffiv ordered to ap.) carried the (emu-m- was because (he venirs, They bore, two. blue triangles 37-Oyster Bay Troop One .. , . .. November 11, 1920 I pear before him on Monday morning had agreed with his superior officer of and a bursing candle in a candle stick, $8-Rockville Centre Troop Five ..... January 10, 1921 Pathfinder, It Leaves For Fast| next the railroad that while be was juror in with the slogan, 'Follow the Gleam.\ w' b M. 39-Oyster Bay Troop Two ..... .. . January 10, 1921 . & This was because Driscoll, a Long the daytime, during this term of court, ‘ t Trip To Chi At 6.30 This & The supper was prepared and served | {40-Rockvilie Centre Troop One .. February 15, 192} mip 10 cago «- {Island Railroad Company detective would cover his territory as an by the Woman's Guild of the Ascension | 1zl'csiiiméufemfiofi,“eggs; kgr‘fiflzg' iggf Morning-63 Year Old Aviator| the ffth juror in the Plant case, had} officer at night. Boiscopa! Church, and though the menu 'Twg Belfmare Youths Fail To 15-Ser CT Troop One ... .. L222... May 4, 1921 An Enthusiastic Passenger carried a revolver into the jury \You haven't done much night work & whs limited, it comprised carefully. se- | and had displayed it while the deliber.f since last Monday, why didn't you give lected and tasty dishes, Show U Nmpaflh Them % --- ( ation was underway. the revolver to some one or leave dt in Village President Welcomes Guests | O‘Trmlgmdflmm inns May 7.-Charles DickiNSO®, | go pprmed was one of the Jurors your room? asked Justice Cropmey. Gladys Hill of Rockville Centre was | --- 6% years old, who has just received his| Louis C, Allen, of Locust Valley, thati) \Why did you have it in the jury the toastmistress.- fhe. explained the|- Freeport, May 7.-Police Chief Plurt-v | license to pilot an airplane, was one of | he reported the matter to the room?\ continued the Judge, burpose of the gatheriffs and then in-! man of Freeport picked up two boys on! | p mengers in the six-passenger An- officers in attendance and they in turn \I took it out because 1 was sftting troduced Kdwin W. Wallace, president Wednesday, who were loitering around | ‘ the passengers _ __ told Justice Cropsey. The latter calledg and it pressed against me.' I wanted & of the villge, who extended .a hearty the street. Upon questioning them salido airplane, which left HaZeIRUTSt| yy jury into court yesterday morning] to rest myself,\ said Driscoll. welcome to the girls. they guve the names of James noym‘,‘ | Field at 6.30 o'clock this morning in the | ang disarmed Driscoll, at the same time \It that all you did with it? Didn't Miss Kllzaheth Herring, county ”Pl. 1%; and Mughen Hoyce, <g@e 11, of a £4 009 ti. did 3 M . | wake-0f.the merial mail.,plane for Chi- sharply, admonishing. him, you. open... it dnd: take ~out: the _.cart retary, Northtwestorn Field, YAW.C.A., Smithville Sonth. . i | cago. Dickinson, who has many friends| Irving, D. 'Punison, of Ocean Sideffvidges®\ asked he Court was 'the ¢hief speaker of the evening, Chie® Hartman. put the boys on a the svuitors use it is his| 5014 tbat previous to this incident Dris-] Driscoll admitted that he done so She took as her subject,. 'Follow -the} train for Belimore and thought nothi among. the AYR!OT®, 3\ ‘ N coll had called) one furor ile and said\ that 'he\ blew into it to get le Gledin,\ and in an ithpressive manner more of 'the matter. Thursday the custom to \grub stake\ them it ”“wmnd bat. used loud and abusive lan-f the duit out. | brought 'out the- necesnity-of -sincerity ant offieer of.the Bellmore sith b land in Chicago dead broke, is 2h guage. Mr. Tunison quotes Mr. Allen The: 11 men with me knew I meant Ha I'lzd rrVk‘e as the essential qualities of‘ mrttww “rm f lhumafilc aviator | «s saying, \This man ta\ goini Chazy. \\) no Nara,\ Ne- said. he enidship. search of t 8, sal t I Revolver Displayed t { \God k ra there. w \ In- k M7 and that is Feat sport, 'he told Edward | v to Intimidate lod knows there was no wrong in Mrs, Loren .H. Rockwell, president of | hadinot 'been seen afTheir: homes film-e.> RN 4 f A p \ “In by A% K i C: of the Nassau #o.| Anther , Juror. who>. withholds tent,\ he said. the Board of Directors of the Long Tsl-| Residents of Belimore bave professed | ”man-r Eli-«int cm. propiictor _\ _ name. from and who said). He hid given his badge into the and Y.W.C.A., talking under.the theme, | to' kuow riothing about the case, and | 0 te “n | te, and advised him to. £0\ in for 3t| may tho jurors. balloted «long hours'} hands of the court at Judge Cropsey's \Heavohlight 'on Long. Island,\ 'told of | no general alarm has been sehtiput for | | He talked nt length to Gilligan: last/ standing 10° to' 2 for conviction, said}| demand apd the latter said: I!\ things done on Long. Island by thefnny inissing (boys,. so .It may .be 25 |- Practically every Boy troop i» nigh, and this morning when the An-| there was no doubt in his mind that \You 'bring your permit to carry Y.W.(.A.; of thie need of the organi- | sitmed that the little thugrits, St@¥60) yo couy County was given a new nua FOUR MANHASSET MEN Ido was preparing to start. He re th€ revolver. was displayed to intimi-] that revolver here on Monday morntrig #ation; of the service which -it renders , Way until hunger» foaly drove them her byltBe aoth f the Nasshu Codut “CAPE JAIL SENTENCE hale ® date the other jurors and that it wawjand in the meantime T'H keep this and explained the reasons why it should | home to a slipper, maybe, but lonwurm! r by the action of the Nassau County flected his enthusiasm. on the table before Driscoll all the[badge and if I have the power T'll re receive the support of the cummunities. | meal, which was best of an | Boy Scout Counail, at its meethig: in Minecols, an 7—Junflce Jamés C |_ Raiph C. Diggins, president Of the| inne he was talking. voke, it. Other spéakers were; Violet Allen of | Gien Cove Thursday. night,. whem /a ripley, 'in \Hupretie Cbuff© thany (n. Ralph C. Diggins Aviation Compdny Of|~ \For God's sake put that thing} \We don't whnt people like you Océan \Bide subject, \Candle Light' revolution. was adopted. Rxing, the num: |- \\*** \09°\ ***\ | chicago, to whom the machine is con-| away,\ this juror quotes another a«|around. We are going to take care of you if we can.\ Motion For Retrial Johnson, of the 'Bapfst Church, ocen Plow 0“ n 4 trbop according to its seniority. 'It habeas corpus, and the judge sustained any! dict after the long hours they had been| Assistant District, Attorney Charles pled seats at the guest table. Giv- At m *~ |imfeans also that when a large number th¢ Writ. su, in trial and after the long time they |R. Wood then moved the court for a Ocean: Side. Starts' the Cheering Weather Permitting of boys 'are in camp or at another| All four men had been sentenced to| Pilot 'Allizon, of the mail plane, who} 1. /\ (2. LM 2,\ st Punt\ bo \the imdiotnicht Songs and cheers marked the session. al y, * | place: there' will be no mix-up by rea-| \not more than 90 days in the COUDtY recently established a new trans-contiD-| yo coiq that it was impossible. ta) charging him (with criminally receiv- Ocean fide was the first to give a cheer. Mitchel Field, May 7.-Weather con.) Son of the fact that there are several jul,\ and. Mr.. Wysonk yuan!“ \If\ entail record, will be pathfinder. |Atjargue with the one obstreperous meme] ing ste #oods ard. anked that the But: Southampton Introduced @ hovel ditions permitting, the aerial cireus, | of the. same number in tne \elease on the. ground that the Justlce| . / /a ohio Angola will pick] Der. case be tried again on Monday, May 16. song, arid in 'the course of its rendition, |- It. Invited the \¥\ girls to hold the next conference's theif home town. The whole assemblage thy, Follow the Gleam.\ This wong has a moral pe- sullarly befitting girle. It was the prize wom written by the Vassar: College Gifts, and won the designation at, the Bilver Bay College conference last year. The four> clubs of Centre, the Alpha Chapter, Beta Chap- to» and Delta Chapter of.the Blue Tri- angle Club, and the Morrls Avemie Girls' Reserve Corps, were represented to Chs number of 118. Program For Today At the Masonic Club, this morning st 9.40, the wirle met for devotional mer- m To m m wre given 'the. new- numbers, the. ald h of M=fl 1h m, they 'had reached a verdict and their} about the bail. bond and whether it i ¥ies, land by Mins Alice Webb, of soullhl [nu-m- wind. the' date the originat To ev Trouble © © 'IN DISORDERLY CASE| roroman James Stephenson, of Roose: was continued Justice Cropmey maid % jock t “Li’s\. Bri fi'ifx: 13:3 TERM OF.COURT TO HANDLE |rewistration acording to records at M‘- m | Home , wand y velt, .sald they 'had. tried many times| that it did not exist «ince the defendant - e s a . on ow tas Parone | DRY LAW VIOLATIONS headquarters. Hempstead Prodport, Muy crags. DUU hnd tilled to mitis, had been taken dnto custody when 'he I (iv In only one cuse has al troop “I Ad mel of 45 Bennington avenue complain: Justice Cropsey then announced that was delivered Into court and added thit is tril Aibany, NQ Y. Mi wima'number as under the ofd arrange Hempstead, May 7-Thomas A. Stod- after commultation *. with: counsel. for| Plant was remanded, meaning that he Northopstarh Fiell, Viene the search. Maler wary e ed t6 the police Thrusday that one M i A ha MIMG annowhced definitely. 'today 'he Ment. fnd that in Troop No. 1 of Ro» fdart, a lawyer with offices at 2 Rector p Baten hoting: h dinor would 'have to go back to jail light hOn Our Dr. would call an extraordinary, term of} Which was the fifnt troop in 'thefstréet, New York City, and residing at wee seing A Plant Released on Bail A. MinNair, of- the Smale che Bupremeé Court /New York Oounty, county to Aifiater and therefor, retains }11% Greenwich street, this village, died manner An front of his house. Att Beck ~at' once\. moved for Iio Puny,\ ap oo \OP. thpmess of Dri Liv | the number 1: lat 'his home yestirday, sifted 57 years Bater was arrested on a charge of i. Me, wand ana The. compl igles (Darihd Funs, of the Women's] violations. It will be noticed that the table{Ee hail not-been feeling well for the| Msorderiy conduct and disturbing 'the fixed it @t $10,000 which was fhe fuze Traan' Ynion Teegbe, Wiked oR \The) Lower court, efiendare .are Wim- bw6 Hémpatond troops were [past three wesks, but was about most D°AC® When arraigned before Judgs to think D HmiQh.> of dirt In Twik. consluded .the Up Jabhiwon: ”Mn-”m,“ giv: p o - -George D. h , , Nartimg semaine, and the glrle udjegrned tos lunch Prigram Nincattenmoow. phig mem. meliiest: -which ; was noun-M last Sunday be- cause of the norm. will.be held at this - Reld tomorrow, with the fame program That was arranged for last Sunday. The astial stunts {will. bligin at. 2 o'clock .in 'the. afternoon, , There 'will also be exhibitions and demonstration in verions hangars from 10 o'clock in the morning. man parachute jump, forination flight, races; bemb.dropping; ten: gate, prizés, rides of 'tan mfhutes sach, ambiance plans exhibition, and 'other, thrillers. Some of the foremont aviatorn' 6f the service: will- participate. . Thr, nor the prodding. justice. / The aerial program indludes a (Ove | [.. The: Governor. mild behad, not \yet detirmined -on' the date for 'the Bpecta) of the' peace had no right to impose | gathering. an indeterminate sentence in the county Phere is also a further added\ ad- | vantage. 'Should, as seldom 'happens, *! however, 'any troop /or group fron a The prisoners were part of those im- trbop be mccused of any wrong doing plicated. in a fight in Manhasset Hill of any kind and be identified by the Sunday 'night. The\ men 'are said \to mumber he might be wearing, that have taken part in a row that started gm might apply to several troops, in & Hungarian dance hall. -They were and In' that case it would be hard to sent -to jail by' Justice 'of the Peace: distinguish 'which body of scouts should M#b°Tt Le'Cleuse. ni mess. THOMAS A. STODDART LAWYER, IS DEAD found up Investigation that nelther of the troops was. gullty, it caused aime umhmnmtum | & List: of New Numbers l In the table in. the panel herewith, ‘Muth-mm “smith-limo (Death was due. to\ kidney [ord how that they were recorded-at | the sams. hoor and, minute andthe Ir.wmu-nrmtol only Way (40 distinguliny the. seilerity [this village for. the past? eight years | was \by the Dumber of the Yeplatration Ha was born in Rahway, 8; J., and wis up. Miss Jessie Bradiey, aviatrix, and take her to Chicago. * The Ansaldo carried a letter. of greet: ing from 'Mayor Hylan of New York to Mayor Thompson of Chicago. + The. plane is capable of 118. miles an hour, and is designed to meet. the re- quirements of business men who want to travel faster than the [trains: take them, -It is so constructed \that 'the cabin will carry six passengers. 'There is a room forward for two plots It is driven by a 12.cylinder Fiat motor of 200 hore power, on. a> mupended adntence. , apon $100,000 FIRE IN SOMERVILLE N. J., May 1.-PFire de- The Jurors were: Walter E. Stephen son,Rocsevelt; Charles F.: Egan, Free: port; Irving D. Tunison, Ocean Side; William R. Cochran, Lynbrook? William J. Driscoll, Ocean Side; Louis C. Allen,. Locust Valley; Averall A. Marlow, Freeport; Frank R. Rider, Oyster Bay; John W. Waiters, Syossett; Frederick .C. Van Nostrand, Freeport; Ehert T. Hoagland, East Norwich, and C.. Nelson Hicks, Rockville: Centre. It was when the Jury finally reported to the Court that came in for the scathing denouncement from the bench. Justice Cropmey maked the haggard, tired and plainly worried Jurymen m Peter Stephen Beck, of counsel for the defense, in the absence of George Morton Levy who had tried the case for Plant, objected to the time set saying that Mr. Levy, knowing such motion would be made, did not think he could be ready on that day, \Why. can't you he Justice Cropmey. \We can't get our witnesses in time,\ replied Mr. Beck. \Nonsensol\ @nald . the Pour! \you can't get witnemmes until you do get m date set. \I'll set it for the 16th and it wills be tried on' that. day with or without Mr, Levy.\ Auked by Court Clerk Daniel Sealey ready?\ anked Hempstead, a friend cand asmochite. of Plaht went on 'the ball bond and Phint | was Aisistant' Attorney: Bdwarda. for Dis: trict\ Attorney Charlis R. Weeks, guve Ng no ce hers -I - Settifieite; -- , the son of (Juinex. H.) Suoddart, 'one of stroved the. magnificent 'minmmer ré@-| for 'the result. + 1 tement. fo: qafation wind D Warring | m ON mf Nei 'Eraaps to Get Succeeding Nos: the famous old-time notors. ' . , hein early today 'of (Mrs. Geont® pro geelayed that it would do rio harm 21.21: mm?:‘n. revn|v‘rr and ligh fil» Hos col: Treck Mest, In f Nun‘mummm(m‘m.mmnuwummhtumMMMflummmm-u-nlmm - thes Meli Wuith, Puvewiet | May L—quuun- fet || 110-00 itven the #uccérding mimbore, |Emble nuts,, and ~was Tor many, years, the borough. The loss, due to The ©00M-|an investigation was already underway (\On' hearing that William J. Drisco\! Lijas Dine. C WICA, \Nes® Fork | (he settiement of the marina strike Af€ | gag) in, cess a troop. distands, tha num- soloist In St. Mary's:Rplscopal Church, PItlé destriction of both hounre and 600°| tn. the past reeard 86 one jurot -under|had heen displaying a revolver in The i+ _ , | sunpanded todey. With @ecretary Of /La)| ney wit Cromain® hiink. nies a new |New Tork -He was a snember of the (Fats. was extimated at mpppjrilion Jury room daring the 'hositi' The \ , hor ('m ria\ in) Prtdbwngh, (troop .t. ereantand 'in -the pisces with [faw firm of Burnes,, Halstead and Chil. - Waatice Cropmey thin (Atrected the pary weenout and. pom Judge Cromer Senile Mibmicin.~ Ray )- In the contmricap sal- be | Arte wer cenr of The oid froap messhors. Be is by his wife and AMERICA WINS PORLOGAME mrors \to\ Female In Their wats while demanding that Driscoll turn The /* v5 a ue Naith) Newhman . at lled a'rlest Monday mornin®, \ \'The morting Toureiay wight wes 'dnr.. Jadte B., Mary {Ger-| Londen. May: American Dolo n, caged \Woréian Btephinein inin [vgiver ever to the Couti, whith e did. 60000] -we uh Yp) Diet fon wie trcen, . ctmren st Glee and Rose Ateddart,- 0d team match .at Ranolugh claw,\ conddenitinl tilk. the [District Attorbey wot in commun) c rhere (wit (give feciriary faris 0 (Cave. cad. wan (larguly: sitemind. © 30 Mary C. ait «flu in & The 'Anioricane» played. a Than Justice Cropm? bad been direct: cation cwith thi: police. depariment in 230). od EML FIC One jude \ ndawer ns h Whether thay. | ur, Augerson, president of tbe .council, Rénsetend trim! of! Oritich nod Ametioun Ing bis remarke (o Driscoll wis plain. the Clty ot\ New York and fourd (hii noufhac as ell en th # LEME @qieg lary: The Th per Gene wage reduction | 'The |rounciimen were, md um will (bo alf st) fhe Mt nig ag .[ Me Tous him: Aipectiy asging:| Driscel/ had bein' fromm its naa + < 400, Cro R shen intake uga bor b Bremeng . claped by tbe five,. Pyeok RD (Copen, Mender maraing ut 16.20, oth (Mr.\ Drisrall, you hada revalver/in reroe faf «siiscondiunt Tune (C) TBL and - 6f the agt / Af lye (Msivic [FRO Rev, Chigtee H. rector / the (Yury room? Uhe \waw dadiered on \ miarhe Co ve ar ena he on are, ia Mew ThrQ evater “Wm“..qps-‘m ONO Gprpty Wircorer Chara. om (22, \Tus ab utes, \hy M. hade s peralit to camry AE\ avend Serconr Ab ihe Bi end prow ne Worn og fhe ony nomic prisr in pawns Legue of the rboerh, catleg. anf nmeratat wilhte in Wart n &n \01.2. Awh— Drtanadt. . degrea) wes Abanmed ))). e+ - r. worl rar pieeciased on page (bi . wmod cemater s. Nahway. hod. reais Lied jal t eg Mey ® mie M| jae me RaveNIt ay,\ eb the Pomc N aariimared an pag's (ts

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