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The daily review. (Freeport, N.Y.) 1921-1926, May 06, 1921, Image 11

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N.C.. _]\ i. Nv ; TO OTHER VILLAG@ gOARDS frond The Board 'of Trustees of the Vil- lage of Hempstead have deciged that the bus lincs must operate under the state: transportation laws. That decision is only fair to the business people of the Village of Hempstead. The trolley company said it could not exist if its revenue wad taken, and that meant the aban- dokment of the inter-village traction | service. No same 'man will advocate any such abandonment, for .that means a tremendous loss in business to ev- ery local merchant, besides meaning a great inconvenience to every resi- '-dent of the village who must ride by trolley. The north side saw the trolley; line abandoned through nq fault of its own, 'They haye seen the great loss hat it meant to the village business Adt The north side saw the bus lines m Bole control of the transit service and those bus 'lines are not carrying passengers for 5 conts or for any is controlled by 0015? \Mayor Yrolds $0 Cent \Gas Invalid.\ Agos. Hence, to those villages and village officials who have dallied with the matter of the regulation of bas lines, the fact is presented that if the bus- jness life of/. their community is jeopardized the business people will hold their village fathers responsible. i «-q- FALL OF THE GERMAN MINISTRY The fall of the German Ministry, the imminence of which 'has been forecast in confidential state depart- ment advices for a. week past, did not surprise official Washington. Notwithstanding that it was ex- pested, however, the. actual collapse of the Febrenbach-Simons adminis- tration was viewed here today some- what in the nature of a calamity be- cause of the possibility that in the chaos and confusion that attends a A no.decision battle means, They'll end with having two, Your hard earned cash you'll have to spend, 'To seo a battie in the-end, Boxing is a lovely pastime. Maybe that is why they have it on July \2nd.\ + ' It seems that they are using up a whole: lot of oratory in the Plant trial just to get one little sentence. Levy, and Fishel, and Beck, g, Are burled in work to the neck; $5111“ work «il the white, u In masterly style, To get Carma» out of the wreck. BABE RUTH STUFF But the District Attorney is working to put onevover defense. UP \No prospect of highways for at least another year,\-Albany. By golly that's all -we have had since the war, high ways. N. Y. has di ed booze being smu» gled In inner tubes, No wonder they say, \Take the tube home,\ Nussau farmers fear a loss, To.all the summer spud, \Paters were not horn to thrive, In all this springtime mud. Doc Reed says, \'The Proprietory Pro- pensities of the male is responsible for most 'of the marital difficulties.\ Out- side of that we're O. K., huh Doc. -N. Y, , Gee, if that is an invilid they ought td see the healthy $1.60 bandit we have in our town. \Manhasset Pluns $100,000. Memorial.\ Oh well, Freéporthassct out to get one too. f DARK DAYS \Roosevelt Suffers from Wunt of Lights,\-Roogevelt. So does Alabama but you don't hear them kickin', AT- MINEOLA (Continued from page p democracy means, Here we are all one,. no matter from what land we came, if we want to be citizens. CH. 3. change in governinent, the settlement \Juit here I wish to state this, that of the Teparations problem miay be|J. Am also a naturalized citizen 'and I mune ~ complicated und delayed. In one week the Germans ate lth uwmmtorr-finmnlhlll- timatum. A. week ds @. short-time for the formation 'of &;new ministry wnd. the consideration 'of the -Ailtes' lait tordy the decision or #ejection | pf which/Wm affect Germany: for generations to conic, L dnathmigs This would u bo rétused, to the of 'and' tha ~result would | be- another | nevinial with France \poised and ready to at Cormaiy's richest Industral region, . a j 4 ’ ‘ Ped -v, a ATtoRNEY Por NEW york at Mow York discuaged New York poll Hos and patronage . with Ma¥ding Yeatarday. Millca anid that St in genevelly. madoritend RML Cal. Nlayward will te U. 0. cis-. t 20.20.48 . -m proud that it is so. You have the wate opportunities .to tlo as \have those who came before you. 'The op- portunities in America are just great now as ever before. of 'you may have. the otherg have not, still there de- for everyone. \ * Saia \I would suggest to you that w have (a number. of :schools in these mwwtmmv *) body, c cnance if ness In the world. Night Train- Ing Class runs seven days, four days of one weelcund three days ot another Via—Harm,- 6. to 1:30... Write ¥. J, Byrd. Phone Mutray Hill 1704, Call 24 East * 42nd St., fourth floor, New York City, between 11:30 and 6 o'clock any. day. except Monday. and Saturday. | | | { ROOM HELP wanted in shoc |_ factory, Apply Alexandre Works, | Inc., Garden City, opposite Curtls Aero- | plane Works. ° 62-1 w’L‘H/H‘I‘WFHUR for Ford truck. Refer- ences required. -Apply The Alexandre | Works, Inc., Garden City, opposite ,L‘urt1§ Aeroplane Works. 63-3 | BUTCHER WANTED - Merkel Bros, j Pork Store, 23 Main St., Hempslznd. 3-2 | WANTED-Maid.. for general work; no laundry; 2 adults, 3 Freeport. MJLLWRIGHT~-Expevienced millright wanted. teferences 'required. Apply | The Alexandre Works, Inc.,. Garden L. I., oppoosite Curtis Aeroplane | : 62:3 I [ FITTING ROOM HELP wanted in shoe | factory. Apply Alexandre Work, Inc., \ Garden: City, opposite Curtis Aeroplane Eyrgs. . 631 | For Sale-Automobiles ”PU“. SALE-One Saxon runabout; one |_ Jackson runabout; one. Ford sedan, $475; two Ford runabout bodies; one {Ford touring body; one Dodge touring Hempstead Auto Wrecking Co., {282 Front St., Hempstead. Tel. 547, ‘ 622 I | hous Phone #68 For: Rent-Miscelianeous FOR .SALE-Swing saw, combination cross and rip saw table; hollow chisel {mortising machine; all new. machines; {Mil sell cheap. 36 Union Ave. Lyn- brook. Tel. 1007-R Lynbrook. 8 a. m. to 6 p. m. # 3-63 FOR HALE-Counter account' of in- stallation; entire new fixtures; will sell cheap; 13 feet long; good condition: 'Cannon Restaurant, 11 South Main St., Freeport. 2-63 FOR SALE 1,000 lilae shrubs; best pur: ple; 3 to 6 feet; 3 for $1; larger it wanted;~ delivered and planted; guar- anteed. to live; grounds must be cleared for other' purposes. Telephone. 621-W Hempstead. 8-3 FOR SALE Cleveland vacuum cleaper; perfect condition; price $12, 1319-R Freeport. 3-68 FOR SALE-One gas heater, ohe dining room rocker, one full size bed and box and feather mattress parlor stove, - 17 tie Junior Oak, Mrs. Cronin, 270 South Main St., Freeport, Call afternoons. {60-8 8. WI ter a cl hite m a“! 16) From Cornell certified | yearling: Tenn: (Not pullets), Tom Barron strain, mated to Cockerels from 240 egg thorough bred. hens. - Absolutely mm erim h \Breeders were not with arson o h Sag y N. ¥. i |» | them wore Jocat in: Ciamcter: Included | Rar have refused to accept the reduction and in some lostances 'have demane higher -pay. + \As a result thousands of building! workmen, according to. reports which | have come to this office, went on strike | on May 1, and in many places all con- struction work is at a standstill... Of| the billion dollar total, approximately | $250,000,000 : of 'the construction, work | Is in Chicago alonc,' Conditions are much- worse in 'the north and- east than in other sections of the country.\ inde... BAG OF JUNK PROVES TO BE $10,000 WORTH OF JEWELRY David Tallmaeh, Brooklyn merchant, has great faith in the honesty of. the of human race: und especiaily policemen now. Southard A boy found a heavy deather bag in : uch | a subway station und took it to a police} ers thercof, to. the au I station (remarking. \It must be. full of | Junk\ | «t the office of Stoll & I ; a be- When Tailmach Tater inquired: for it, | (PE ,MP® fi'gmyukbfiunu? ®\ fore the first day he was asked what that |. Pated Hind-hm?“ 10, 2921. 7 Executor. \There's $10,200 worth of jewelry | * 6 ror momew\ nil ind cash-all my life's savings, 1m1 Attorneys ecutor, answered. 66 B way, When 'opengd the bag was found to} Manhatten, M. X. Citz. / << @t contain a $1,800 pal of diamond car- | ing i a | 'm wo creprroms rhush $400 in goid and $050. in cash and Farman o tn Sram \qt hon. % other miscellancous wealth. Smith, County Judge and Acting Surrogate of the County of notice is. herchy | v | given to all persons having siaims against AWS | . ROSE O'RYENE, | into af in the suid county, deceaned. to present the mame with the vouchers there- of, to the subscribers. the administrators of ceased, at ber place of transacting business the Goods, Chattele and Credits. which wore of said decensed, at their piace of transact: ing: bawiness at 135 Whaley fitreot, Freeport. Forks. 90.95 befase: thn Dated, Mincola, [N. Y., Decomber #6, 1920 RoBkIT o' MARIE P. MeGHiE, Administrators. NOTICE TO. wTOLL & LAW! 1A inl ict NEW Albany, N. Y., May. 6.-Governor| Miller added fifty-three now the statute books of the state. laws to | Most of in the number was the Belts bill, to eliminate untrue and misleading adver> tisements, by making it a misdemeanor Is wer o at | CHARLES 8. HAYES, totpuhhsh advertisements - of that 'Aftornay for Adminiatrators, vature, 32 Court Street, »# Brockizn. N, ¥. City. | aran | |- county coum or NAssaU COUNTY dati x TROgE HABBRLYT and MATILDA | HABBRLY B Plaintiffs ngainst FREDERICKA | HABERLY others SPECIAL TO THE PUBLIC ! and Defendants -x $ | ty pur#urnce of. an- Interlooutory dudgnient | MADAME ° KORMAN |. & n * | the above entitied Action and dated April 4th, 1021, 7,' the undersigned, the Referee. therein | | named, wlll mell at Public Auction mt the | front \door 'of 'the County- Court Houne h'I‘ | Mincola, - Nassau County, New York an | Anturday, May 24st, 1921 mt nino o'clock in {the morning, the lands and premises in sald judgment mentioned and described as follows |*.ALL those certain lots, pieces or parents of | rand situated in the Town.of North Hempstead. County of Namsau and State of New York, and) shown and described on a certain man. is now ready to take your order for Tailor-Made DRESSES and SKIRTS of Nasszm on the 1ith day of August, 1908, and entitled \Map of. Westmoreland, Property of Rickert-Finlay._ Realty Company, 1 West 34th Streat. New York City, Surveyed Decem- bor 1908, by Charles U. Powell, C. ©., Flush Ing, N.Y.\ -by the lot and (block numpore following,. namely: Lots numbers Fifty-nine (59) and Sixty (60) in Block -number sevens t G7). % 3 a \fut-11 the estate. right, title and Interest of the partion to. this sult,. whether pr a or future, vested cor. contingent of d courteny or othorwisc. and the right to which any other. person or ”rm-gnu horetter become to. the . Fogster wit use and inter» of, a Mun-63m EXQUISITE wWORKMANSHIP ~ -at- REASONABLE PRICES ~ the eentre of suid Road. Dated April 6th, 1981. HOWARD F. vA wat. CLARKE ROK, F'iktntiffe® Attorney, « Office and Post Office 375 Fulton Street N. ‘ 32 SQUTH GROVE STREET Tel. 1263-W, FREEPORT ¢ | nowmut fled in the office of the Clark of the County in of ork a e - £ eat o ann aa nip n as sau, notes Winn-lupin:- nvnsd-w, - ias A. Sheree Inte of Garden City, in the maid county, do- “whammy-sawh- the inst wit at the \ wubscriber the executor 4 and meuot said. de- ransacting busin t Sce \of 'Potrip haunt-nan, City. of en Cove, New York, on or before the first day of May next.» Dated, Mineola, N. Y.. Octobér 14. 1930. BMILX LUCIA Executor. TO CREpTTORS Pursuant an order of HON. LEONE D. neg tein Aire o a Tome wau, ven having claims against i Mary E. Pewors Inte of Baldwin, in the maid county, deceased, to present the same with the vouchers there- of, to the subscriber the administrator of the woods, chattels and credits which were of anid _ dec . at bis m of transacting Business at the office 0 vien, Boardman, Barker & Fox, 120 Broadway, New York City, on or before the 10th day of September next. Dated, Mincola, N. Y., February 21, 1921. WALTER E. POWERS, Administrator. O'BRIEN, BOARDMAN, PARKER & FOX, Attorneys for Administrater, 120 cadw NOTICE TO CREDITQRS Purguant to am order of Hon. Leone D. Howell, Surrogate of the County of Nassau. notice is hereby given to all persons having claims against - ADELGUNDE L. $CHLAEFREIDT, also known as Adeigunde Senf, late of Free- | port, in the safd eounty, deceased, to present the same with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber the administrator [of the goods, chnttels and credits which ware of smid. de- at the office of Seabury, Seaman and Gobrig, Hempstead, New York, on or before the 20th day of September next. Dated, Mincolm, N. Y.. March 8, 1821. ILMA® A. WALKER Administrator. xkumq- for A’minlalranr, Mempstend, New York KOmIOE TO OmmDrrons Pursuant to an order of HON LEONE D. Burrogate of the County of Na#- mam, motlce is aeraby given to all person having. claim .gainst Bmith F. Pearsall lato .of in the said county, 'de- teased, to present the same with the vouch- era thereof, to the subscriber the executor [of the lant Will and 'Testament of maid de- | conred. nt her place of transacting businos at the office of Rdwardw & George, Freeport. Nassau County, New York, on or before the 10th day of August next. Dated, Mineola, N. V.. Jamoary #7, 1921. MARGUBRITR A. PEARSALL Executor. EDWARD & amore, Attorneys tor ixecutor, 1-7 Railroad Avenue, , Freeport, New York, NOTICE To okxpifors Purswant to an order of Hon. Leone D. Mowell, Surrocate of the County of Nissan, notles in given to all persons baying claims. against MARTHA A. MOORE, lite of Occanaide, in the said county, do- med. to prosent the same with the youch- ers thereot, to the subscriber, the executor of the last Will and Testament of said decensod, at its piace of traimacting businoms at 2% William Street, Manbattan, New Pork City on or 'before the first day 'of Muy next. Dated, Mineois, N. Y., October 12, 1920 Tex FARMERS LoaR &ND TRUST Co., Executor, t to. an D. Burroj f Nas Bra.\? Ba, an 4a win having claims against ; wiLdON . flle Centre, in the said sounty, o - proscnt the same with tha aubscriber, the Ex- $1 mnd Tertamont of her place of transacting of Wright & Wright, i next: N. X., Pobramry 24, 1921. Mary ®. PTlLBY, Executor COUNTY [Court or NASsAU COUNTY cen in , the ~sag. county . de- comsed. to present the sume with the vouch» ere thereof, to the subscriber the excoutor last Wil and 'Tostwhaent of wuld do wb his pince of transacting bust aftice of Sidney H. Swosey, Prosport ing. Freeport, New York, on or 14th day of May next. Dated, 'fincolu, N. Y., October 30, 1910. WALTER M. NICHOLS, Executor,\ b. swezny, At tor Exceutot, Banic Buitding, Freeport. N. \Y. NOTICE TO CREDITORS Pursuant to an order of HON. LEONE D. HOWELL, Surrogate of the County of Nas- wa, notice is hereby given to all persons buving claims against s late of Rockville Centre, in the said county, deceased, to present the same with the vouchers thereaf, to the subscribers the ex- ecutors of the last Will and Testament of smid deceased, at thei place of tramsacting business at the ofice of Wallnce & Putter- son, Rockville Centre, New York, on or be- tore the 20th day of August next. | Dated, Mineola, N, Y., Pebruary 2, 1021. WILLIMM E. SPRAGUE, FRANK DAVISON, Executors. | WALLACE & PATTERSON, | _ Attorneys for Executors, No. 15 Front Street, | Rockville Centre, N. I ot the conned. at (the Bank before ¥. NO#ICE To |. Pursuant to an order of Hon. Lewis J: Bmith, County Judge and Acting Surrogate of the County: of 'Nummau, motlco is herchy given to all pergans having claim» agaiost » sMILY THOMPSON, late ot ille Centre, in. the sald county, deceased, | to present the Aume with . the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, the exne« ntor of the last Will and extement of said deceased, ut his plass of) transacting busl« mek» mt the office of Mictiy A. Springsteed. Lombrook, New York, on or before the firat duy of dune next. Dated, Mineola, N..¥., November 17, 1030, IRVING iL. ThonrsoN, Executor. MARTIN a. SPRINGSTRED, Attorney for Exccutor, 6 Atlantic Avenue, Lynbrook, N. ¥. NOTE TO. CREDItORs Pursuant to an order of HON. LEWIS I | MUTH, County Judge, ms Acting Burragals of the County of Nassau, notlco is hereby given to all perwons havin claims mguinat - HANNAN J. BRoWER late of Baldwin, in the amid count to present the ime with the vouch of. to. the subscriberi the exccuto last Will and Tostmmont of said. decoamed their place 'of tranancting business ut 'the office of Sidncy H. Bwekoy, Frocport, New York. on or before the 15th day of. June next. * # Dated, Mincola, N. %., November 27. 1920. + ANDROS J, many | sftower. FREDERICK BRoWER, sDNBY m, swiasy, Executors. Attorney 'for Executors. Freeport Bank Bullding, Freeport, N. T. oocaned, NOTICE TO CREDITORS Pursuant to an order of HON. LEONE D. HOWELL Burromnto of the 'County of Nas- mau, notlos is hereby given to all persons having claima: against Arthur Paul Hammond Inte of Rockville Centre, An the mid county, docensed, to. present [the (mame with the vorichers thereof; (to. 'the \the ud- ministrator of the woods, 'chathws and cred Ms which wore of amid deceused m* his place of transacting businesm nt tis afico of Weight & Wright, mum- Now vorlk. on or before the day of August uext. Dated, Minoohi, N. Y.. 3mwary 26 1921. wiutray #. Loverer, A# County Tressurer of Nassau County, Adininlatrator. WRIGHT & WRIGHT. Mooi tare th: > ® NOTICE, TO COREDiTors to an order f Fon, Lowlt 3, : Agting Surrogate of the Botics in haraby given tou elim wiinat AND. Inté of Bomtord, An the said county, to. protent the swims. with the vouchers (heraot, the executor of the Inst , of. mid dscensed, nt hor aw, at the affies .fim. New. York, cd ., December 1, 1080, A. WAN NowritAni Pur Smith of on or, bet \The .Rockyille Centre Savings -and Loan Amsbelation have moved their errick . Rd., ~ Rockyilis thi8 out and wiihin a Oat rtsuryt,| Nas: which work: mmerg eomatruetion of cln« m . o wnt. canon rating and at p\ uw. of wht Hoan of FAu- of the df Codartrurn unto) A a mik Ld ee MAY. ros: Aiyect, w Nork wad ~Aescription if 'the Martins Your \be sean sod forme\ of af - mavmend . 6 Drilling 'on taw Cader» by i sort' . in sui /sf biro Inwalend ee pangltn [(n Ritwerd: M, Nasbs+. .\ Grown wm or (n' meer me ed to soy, ture trv aunt too th Count c ut. umes caqpt of @ he (Ns Cem std Ciof Sy sd ap) # mu“ oC 9 Wat + dake wih jhe Ty ton squint | 'Team fhm the |i.) An the F4 of t nants, 1006 anil ‘I’hfl to arden t, twat-mun“ me EJ a Resat int. \Traders (96 ite /

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