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The daily review. (Freeport, N.Y.) 1921-1926, May 04, 1921, Image 4

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mummwm { mm dwellers.. ra c ae ae w oro “xm'zmwmtmubmtfi-mnhmwmth m méy “In”: railroad men from: seing 0B strike M \There is another. good thing about ee: . ut as they used to.\ this board. If 'the rillroad ' employee article about my. \dog \Scrap in \Here here, what's 'all nw exelti- ntent?\ called Uncle Ped from thp beck porch, where he was: planting flowers ln a row of window. boxes. \L thought thie Review, A lady brought her back to. ins qmsm Bh6 said sho and the railroud managements got info a dispute it is the duty of the board to watch this dispute closely. If the time comes When the board thinks this tit in: birds wings, thon fish mmmmtwfllbuhonflflnm palls or something like 'it. I to mature you kiddies had gone out to play ta®{(fspu(o may mean the stopping of rail- , Jami-r:- at“ wk and here you are fussing again,\ , road traftic and bringing danger to the s l\ cale. The tfilglJruk' Nhe 'm feyhlon nel gobs m \We aren't fussing,\ said Jack. \Ruth public it can call a conference to null. the matter.\ sate: one .to. says the railroad mien can strike when- ti. 16th rmhmwm Review, mwfimfimmm ikkn Detict io\ s griff'fi ¥. er w o ~s Ut - ald mssau County, A; ever 1h” want. to, and 'T 'say they 'What it done so far?\ nuked to the bide ) will tuke {them\ wt ha ki o 'that he can get 4t back right s ; wart 0 Jack. loweek inte «of intercst which rate hall garding a “flu: in the villain of| away. My 'c out (Lt yhe sees 'And neither one utflyou knows wlu‘zt \The board, Jack, recently banded jf b-Aw-e charm. Soke: ot ma Homputead \I8 9? Hittlo wonsequence. Thank you, Uy bo. tam“. g the *_ [you are talking about,\ interrupted Un-! down a decision doigg-away with' the s Board of Education for 5 per gent of the par tt io Io nave JIM WILLIAMS a y bonnet came “f“! ll 1m. cle Ted.. \You are both Wight and you! national agreements and pulting in i mfbfl “atonhdfmbfl 5:21 “22251133533 The question is, are we going May 1, 1934.\ «A fl: ‘f‘lf'mfl\ cvagy fool notion are both wrong. Look here; I'm abotit] their places & set of sixteen principles. i to be paid at the First nal (Bank of a memorial to those who died in the o carry a fish fail on ne, § through. Suppose you run oit to the\ The tWo important ones were that labor] him ° wie Aas sets Bode se ie int dnt .r i \ swing, and I'll be along just as soon a8) should give eight hours' work I (I l d red. The Board th : 3 World War? If we are, It behooves COMMON 321me WALL OR But if you want to be in tho 1 wash my hands. 'Them if you Aro hour; aus. deg sho malo‘nh\ (22.1315? (16, Eighth; The ood me ae i <_. everybody to drop all Min: pult to- - girls you'll have to do it, reat good T'll tell \you something about E noun: and get busy. ; * 7 ers should deal with men representing ) Dated, Seaford, N, Y., April 14, 1921. ; e d of Education of Unio 4 j n Hero's A Wotan “gm A [hug our. railroads. their émployees, no matter whether or oss \ “hf-“Ian?“ Emil MED-2 _ i p i had L Gent a # a . ho I sat iltse (in Ehirge finds tank is 8 Inches long, 4 Inches wide ends and 217. We reli 4 ,(“,fl' Uncle: Ped, \wmmuximl Jack not they were employed upon the foud kmCKWORK ngathceflg‘xgn nNrrzlegnxtz-‘d. - T and inches thick, and containg 64 * gn She \You're a good scout. on wliich the dispute occurred. This] Five courses of brick will make one | by f - any. way that the monunient already cubic inches. believes in holbys instead of hubbys, It wasn't long before the three chums [would make it possible for all the, en-| foot in height on a chimney. | MILTON xm' LAWYER purchased can be used, well and good; de Pwenty moverr brick make one .ouble <\ o ibd were -sittiog (tn the' liwit swing; duid!gineers to select one man to deal tith| One cuble foot, weights from 100 to | Aetinw Clark i oot of, wall,. without motar,' and it Shirtwaint -- Dance or 'Ted bad started his sto It t i u I md. go at the : 4 + abigha I # All the imilroad mapagements of the| 110 pounds. . Af not, let's forget it and, i takes frohi 20 'to 22 bricks, accoriiig} Home.\~-Garden City. Oh, welll @| \Im going to explain a little abott 1x png IC - matter anew. Let us not fal} any fur- d country on matters affecting en to the amount of motar used, to make shirtwalst is better than a \\whiminy'' a Nit age A- east | of lime - will make mortar @ what is known as the Rafftroad Labor] \'The borTd has selected as its cBair-| sufficient for 1000 1 . | ame ~rsovus .or Inte.. state or ther. behind the procession, of other |& cuble foot of yall with motar. wher it comes to dance. d, that came Into being through |inip, Judge R. M. Barton, of Tennessee, | wiil to Witlfith ”Mdm'fl Konk Gardiner; Hers communities in this reapect than we are| ULE:-Multiply.. the length of :the - ransportation: wet, of which # hive! who. was formetly & member of the} For PLASTERING 1 'bort> Arthur Gardin : p ® wall in feet by the height in feet anit oUr TROPHY told you before. This bourd Is made up| Court of Appeals of Tennessee. Henry|. Kix bushels of lime, 40 cubic feet of | gy Plofer Nellie “my f = nom flat by. it. t tost sud then of nine mei. Three of these mow rép-| Hubt, former mayor of Cincinnat}, Who {sand and 1 1-2 bushels of halt will bush | ford, Latian Thompson, Charles Gardiner, Let us have a monument and have Multiply the result ly 20, and the pro-| , (The Legion in- Freeport bas recelved| regent the public-that is, You and your recently retired from the, board after els of hair will plaster 100 square yards Willis Gardiper. . Swan . Hisckmar. Jounla 3 It aeon, duct will In? the number of bricks in the|'a gun from St. MihicD). and Johnny's father-when dis-|serving his one year term, has tecn| with two conts of motar. m Pred Whivp Ao Smith, . wall, a putes come. up, so that strikes can be [succeeded by Benjamin W. Hooper,) There are about 11-4 cubic feet of| ir er o g ran m iigetcns e mete N.B.-Bor a wall 8 Inthes tlmk mul-). Come on you old trench mortar, stopped and our food and- clothes can |former Republican Governo? of Ten- | sand in a bushel. Bhermn Now FoR BETTER SERVICE ilnlry tth lfnstht in Ifiitlbyltrhe 115171!\ You saw a bit of hell, continue to \be shipped. 'These thied |ressee. Walter L, McMenimen, deputy Corio \Aurain I bs ,r [Jn feet and that result by 15, and the| Wel treat you as we are appointed by the President. Then president of the Brotherhood of Rail- ~ W. Gardiner, Jeremiah. G =I L Aum‘hwzrzuza’rhfnzximtw salt-lam win eqmlll the nuinber of bricks. |- . Ole Pop from St. Mihict there: are three representife the rail. | way Trainin, has becn £1,100?“qu ts | LEGAL ADVERTISING Stats \aan \Resi. ‘ idation, en doors and wmdujavu occur Th the You sont some red hot greetings, roads, They are picked from « list of take the place of J.J. Forrester, tep.) ~~~ -~] * has been of service to the villages it| Wall multiply their height, width and Some sassy billet doux, I six given the-President by the Railrond Many a fightin' Dutchman Executives Association. Just died, because of you; watson, \Manford Searle [gamut Sear resenting Tabor, Samuel Higgins, for- NOTICE Mclisga. Matbewpon, Alburtuy Searle, Lucian thid : f o Frank Hearte, Hinomh S Serves: In out to the 'oftiiony | -- togother :-sthd--educt. . the The list threo | merly 'general manager of the New| The Rockville Centre' Sivings | and| wanes, ®dwin 1 amount from the solid contents of the and public officials. the necessity. of try» Rearle, ropresent tho- anilroad -men, as you chit [York, Ne . n Wither ) { i z d their Hima Arnold Will before multiplying -by 20 or 15, as A . C ; sika you cf or x.‘N1\v Hayen and Hartford flfauv Loan Association have move l‘t T An = » So welcome to the Legion, them, that -is, viftroad Labor, Mhese [read, takes the place of W. L. Vflrk4ofiicc to 252 Merrick R&, (Rockville | y f_ Meroy Bw c ing to prevent the suspension of inter. |the case might he. O14 Timer, you're al} there, three are. appointed by the PFsident representing management, who retired | Centre o os PPM 3 lie. ant Ohh village trolley Servite by the @imibtation enon , We'll never'let you suffer from a list. of ten him by. the ApH] 15. N. F. O'NEILL, Treasure® | Parson i ii whose piacon of rofidents I i ka For want of tender cire. rallroad :Jabor «organizations.\ \So you sce, kiddies, there Is.a body % ens : canmot_ be as ned, of Af thay be: dead ot the ruinous compelling! of binge}. A ' zla . If nother: wht should come, \But what do. they do?\. asked Rufh: «Song 'step in' this direction was thken ¢ me to try to b s odbatt their . . beimeat-law, 5 bnt m5 < f : persona) -vepromntativen. i mg Q s d f We want to tell. you, bo, .. \New - wait amity . ' Ann C s nd placcs of e are Suse , y a 37 cluwfi' 4T (iC) tete Buminy wants un fife not\! Tee no Pomel io an fang 7 feat Tak at as a 'big (step in the | oHAki®s wiring known ai | vo ante Mo L osx n f dnd h sit, D To. the kin and pore night. We hope Freeport and the Town Methodist Episcopal - Churen wit ue WOU man a crew and go. aes ta ithin aL mine dale.. null Pelt JD! ,, elin\. . ae buss\ * a > Northeut dinar. en jamin «with take 61m- wetfon. huis hos Cronin. 1%, at tho P rojects =-- f | () @bmuNb 3. RY and Rathbone Gardiner, Pavia Gardiner, James 3 ad church. The congregation is invited, J. intepded to ay ivan: |a) nfi; Emmi?) \Strict; Samanld‘uxnr'dwer‘.‘ an“) TS! 4 i S I PF 4 wite. wayy Co au ardiner orthrdp. an a <> Active as thikpatier He beots in at- to brim: the children. - There® will: be ¥ Teace TIMELY TOPICS on Ml. ToPics ®, nasieie\ aid (o) ous 216 af anl ound Boe ing to ulna!!! fair treatinent' for & ventriloquist, ~a magivian -and (re- E everyone v sk *+ _1AV\§§)F‘ulAua§Yé-h win-E111! “1wa of “Mr! mramu. sill of w'hum name; fresfiments. ' > [ any: LARA . and\ plubew of rewiderice\ wre unlorgnen, \and the trolley company, it will whow just £ meh ths, = Wiliam H Kmffm. Jr. | o ats. 1.1011?! )fifi§$}v \We Rent siction. whose noice and al ; c a r 4 a ifo, if any:; (#) LMO moh lade: of (reildenco are. unknown' and. cane *f as much activity in. Insisting that thé ovtrllz‘ihesla Edi”; whok {0521635- ror | dr RtKKVlLLE CENTRE TSK ana 19) MS LEON)M:H: & Rot. with \due diligento Jr.“ «1&3;de ie - trolley company do what is right by the dt 'of Mainnin g “initial: € N othing Instructor On Banking in. New York Univetsity I LFnhfizavflkkufirg' 331MB; WHEREAS, Rosetta mil? éhT‘L'l’fiTAn, Be 2 ! E Ise. ISAAC °C. DUIGMAN, his wite. at (Bellmore, Nameau County, New York has I communities ft sorves. purchased the' Pitterman Market on ; I6 an; (12) AUGUSTUS 8. 150“: lately applied to the Surrogmte's Court 'of a * | honk , snore p - nd (18) f. AUGUSTUS ®. our County- 6f Nami, <to Nave. a cartain ¥iveryone mun ealizg that no con- finalist: “2:3? jzzfir‘xfigfmm The Daughters of the Revolution &rc PENN: CUTS DIVIDENDs ; I tec huh-lily solyent today; and the Pore, bis \wite. it “nz‘klgl? t o\ Tim: a coils! (o foci: Tod Amanat win. xz rat showing of thoy is made by one (6) (o er an \ua sone a p ' + « R n ARLHS dB there Ma 1 20, Joss. Thre trolley company mist be © Mig, Robert t.. Chriatic, of Mu puy\ |atofety, tnt feat Ametfean wam-| .One of the most, significant happen-| Which excent for .a relatively \““\‘?$>\ * Jing: “AlmxAvn'g‘n \and rating to. Soth rear i Froporty . But It must also, if it] view, gave a tea yesterday for the an, give four children to the world, to huts in -the domestic. fnencial field bart, of its system is not in tho United BARLES, his wife, if any; (I) Notice duly proved wn The Last WIT and Tostamient he\ . given a mt * perpétunte 'the real Yankee, who, thee during recent months: is the: cutting States.\ 4 OLR JOHANNESSIEN BATHIERAction To of: Sarah Jolizabeth Clement.. who. was at the & ts' to retain the support and' re- DMeBt of the building fund of. the ,,, Indian, the Suffal id other thai a & and (12) NRS. OLE JOHANNES-Nores Hime of her resident .of Belimorn, Pe expe P Church of the Transfiguration. The tea h 6, and other reall of the Pennsylvania., dividend. 'The Whatever sins the man@iers 'of tho| SSN SATHRER, Na wife. if any; Trans Town of Hempitead, \In wald County of spect of its patrons, give the very best] was attended. American things; fre becoming extinct.] Pennsylvania is our greatest rallrdad mviceunMn-mmucmwwl tion will permt. |- , By this is not meant thit the people railroads may: have committed th ddys \“ P %. ain aes o l o* \ol i fl M THERWRORE you, and each of you, aro past, the truth remains that thousarids ) M. m; D8: (fl, elted to- show catise 'before 'our: Burrogate's of have bought the scour | Court of our County of, Numata at. tho Sur- ties of the railroads in good: filth, with any: 1m mum»: mvrumm Nusa on the \Tih day 'of Mny, »| It's a case of \My Country \Hs Four Ind Plgario, of the well-known team thee.'t of Pisano, & mum wits \orced to clincel' An engagement last week be- system, . It 'has ' always enjoyed the highest credit. ~Its stock has alwilys been classed as. a prime dnvostinent Offfce at Mtneoin, In the County of We looked 'for Wiood and thunderi 1921, at v -| and its bonds aro one of the few, is good money, earned by. honest tau Pook \hie wor. A ay. (10) AK. wig. the Sofa \Will \And and cook. wily be content. to walt until the: com- | Catise of throat trouble. This week pon the, first of May,. sues legal for savings, New They bave; or should 'have, the : 48) ANN dilk 'ahould hot be dmfited to proba(s us m y gon Fount ihe populur : eduple at work 25+ every York iate, For nearly & quurter:cen-| to fair play and proper compensatl a win ot oor P pitateras. 'pany 4s paying dividerids before im» .. . He stayed in bed, tury. it has 'paid dtew stockbolders a| They do .not ask double interest or Wm “fwnulfi woul whereote wo have. exuted the _ provement .is made.. 'The public can _- f otter Aes: return (of. six per cont, and it. has dividends to meet the high Cost of 12. MBS e nn‘mTS *\\ on Leone, D. e? exphotod to: sufter: to pelp any 313\ will have a pfnochle and darice R au La | Mam-m dividends throughout pric-| living. | 'They. aro satisfied 'to get the WOLPFRAM, his wite. if any; Rurromite of \our sald § of st Sint .be 'the firehouse Thursday evening. \Hermbstend to fiaye four nel police moany, jty WW *ho\ Féhie:| nccustomed return: but Iabor clatins G8 aomer.\ rt the Mutrogate's attic; nt - mumm “MM“ hive 'been \made tor a NOn.\-Hempstead Mush-rpm 1tmgrmmuawnofimmuuf=h . ravi: \o BJ .\mflrw'$.;fl: - mumgflmm MM-vntmmmw‘w “flew“ - fefJow .has a) Hight to. hothing. Nevi hundred; and twenty-one. \ \EDWIN OW. Wishit®, Clork of the Murroiite's 'Coi (Houl) Tt bas been well said that tho text war in. this country will be a wate | t woos fo cxmmnmons 4 M3: wb. order of Mov. 1 to 'of thi County of Nuk “kw La m wiven to. wll persond haw h ¥ Tayhom, ses mm ho a and ar P. Donthee, \ Koon LUW . came a,! um\ Mi.“ - MELON: © mo- haat - tour - brs - » dout'> wind rican H nak “a”??? pre “fl 192“ ton oh “m Was , F ite 'an? things icludes: tha constriietion. af alas wwm~f~ s fig.\ a Tihs at) Sufi l' 3:1 Coia» m Now ork b Haig. ot bel k 1!“va Maite,

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