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sy TAKE HAEL ALTIEH , ple: Mis. Daniel J. Sullivan, Mrs. Bes- permanent home for their public 1i-|vice. 'The vessels were presented to and to maintain the library for} the church~as & memorial to the late mittee of the Legion from June, 1919 benefit of the whole community.| Theodore Schafer by his wife, Char- to June 1920. His new job is to look i a cost of the. building as now pro-| lotte Schafer. after a billion: dollars worth Of. Get- [posed is $10,500. In the dedication address the 'rector, man and, Austrian property in. this) 'The library committee through Grace|Rev. Frederick °H. Handsfeld, spoke of country taken over by the government/w. Smith, chairman, and Ida E. Bixby,|the consistent Christian character of when war was declared against the |reagurer, have addressed a late Mr. Schafer, referring to hisd Central Empires. tion to the. people of the community in| loyalty as a friend, his publi¢ spirited: roam wiith they set forth that two years of| ness as a citizen of this community, his A. ' protest, alleging \discrimindtiOn |oxperience have amply generosity of beart and hand, his pains~ against. postal employes because they the need for a public library. They taking and capable services in behalf werved. thotf counthy durhig the World [point with pride to the fact that over| of the church in this parish as a vestry War,\ will be placed before Postmaster 5,000 books were taken out last year,\man for several years, and his devo General Will Hays by the American The present quarters were given rent/tion at the services. It is fifting that Legion, according to Lemuel -BOle8,|rese-the first year and are occupied at his life so actively devoted to the cause National Adjutant of that organtsa. present at a rental much below market|of Christ and His Church on earth tion. The Legion charges that pro- value. The. lease expires May 1. It | should be commemorated by these ves- visions of the act giving war veterans Cagis ht mot m An EXQUISITE APPAREL \ ing. cannot be hoped to renew the lease ex- sels which are essential to, and con- celine preference in civil service examinations - The traps 'will be set towards the cept at market. value, which would stantly used in the highest act of wor- ; FOR WOMEN and MISSES R southeast. The rifle range will be} al have been ignored. The COMMitt®@:| mean a marked increase in rent. 'The|ship of Christian people. ® which will take \the matter up with Me present quarters ure far too small cast of the traps. s ure far small. m forma nian . Hays, will be headed by Theodore py I7 that 16 in mesived EASTER AT BALDWIN o That Wears Longer, Looks Better and Cost Less c roper a U es t Roprevelt, Assistant Secretary of: the Purchase, at the junction of Grand ave. ' . -| The next regular meeting of Pree. R SMART DRESSES, SKIRTS, BLOUSES ayy. nue and Foxhurst road, is almost idea Pretty Decorations and Fine MUSi¢| port Chapter O. E. S., will be held in the HOSIERY and LINGERIE . ...... both in location and arrangement. The! Feature of Service Chapter rooms on Saturday evening, \ tween Cnadum and American vet- to be. onable. ‘. Baldwin P . ‘ o RFE Beem temporarily omllted. On ’ More or less fear has been expressed !\ {¢ Methodist Episcopal Church Wer@ pyigay evening, April 15, Freeport an am wa e aol Chapter will give a Barn Dance at the would not entail carrying charges that | A99 Were well attended, most attractive affairs of the kind held Branches : . ' in Freeport. ° ng Beach, L. I Lo , L. 1. Far Rockaway, L. I. v 9+ To, further better understandin® DC | price set, $10,500, is generally admitted | April 9. The social Friday “f\‘mwn'wg F Mow conducted by the Rev.Daniel M. Lewis whether possession of the property| \°\ e a Freeport Club. This is to be one of the E 26 MAIN STREET, HEMPSTEAD, L. 1. a % canes sie Sunshine. ; Freeport, March - Baldwin, March 80. good folks| At the morning. service the rector Freeport, M -The oP t above Freeport will look like the Fourth cauous : of the Amm- community are engaged in a\dedicated a solid silver Chalice and iClub flmlth‘: or Tht Woodeictt, Realty, Oo. reports the , ;5 - of July 'celebration or the signing of| 1919, one of the drive to get sutficient funds to purchase} Paten-for use in the Communion ser- Oman” quarters. on their shooting TOHOWINE sales Andrew Carson, .J: Jay ald the arinistics . tomorrow ~night . when | Randall, Leslie J. Ronai, Frank Willpts, grounds at th Main a * sodth Mrs: Ida Westvelt, all of Hoboken: Mrs. a E, V. Wheeler, Mrs. A. John The s were designed by. the set- A, Behr, Mrs. Margaret Kroos, Mrs. retary and provide: for 'one building thirty-two feet in length, sixteen feet| ABI I. McCord, and) Jacob Judd, of [op Mootle Avenue, Rockville Centre lid width, and sixteen feet in height. *\°° 99 here will be two entrances, one at he east and one on the west end of EHENEENENZNENETNEHSNENEN® S the building, between which there will wat + ® be six windows, affording an opportuni« ’ ty to view from the inside all the m meme mm s E I D S + shooters as well as all the targets on the outside. I « c equipped throughout. On the east end Wreeport Lodge of Fiks makes merry. 'The occasion will be the burning of the ©$27,000 dollar mortgage that has been _ hanging over the horns of the Elk for 'some years. ~ At exactly, 9 p.m. nine large. and «molsy rockets will sail upward. 'That \Will mean that the Freeport Lodge of Hiks is nine years old. C }) At 11 minutes past 11 a match will be touched to the edge of the mortgage by Exalted Ruler: Albin Johnson and the roof of the club house twenty» 2 en. red fire torches will burst into This-will signify that the mort: burning below was for $21,000, If .you are not able [to count all of the Awenty-seven red flares on the roof look ¥ 'for m fallen Elk, for it will mean that «& brother has come to grief and fallen oft 'his perch on the roof. «» As the. torches flare from the roof, forty-eight toy. baloons will be released from the ground, meaning that the Elks Js American all the way through. << Each of the balloons will have a small American flag attached to it. They rep- esen he number of states in e Union. Fach balloon twill also have a tag . on it and any child who finds one and - brings it back to the club will receive The wit be stectricatly New Store Now Open an ammunition house will be construct. * 0.-Ea eran enta o ume Legion posts at Oswego and Water- town, N. Y., have been invited| to at- tend the annual banquet and celebra- tion of. St. Julian's Day, which will would be bérdensome, but the facts are| TD® Attractive floral decorations in- I that the reverse ds true. cluded ferns and palma, with lavendar, 1! & dollar. be held at Kingston, Ontario, April 22| »phore ure thrce buildings, or parts r and white hyacinths-and Easter lilies. - . and 23 under the auspices of the Army wt f These were arranged by members of n but buildings that can be rented until mor \ ‘ fo the zznmfxgznnfimflfiiflfi and Navy Veterans in Canada. St |room is needed. for the Xill:--llv 1mm I: the Epworth League. CLEANING PRESSING E- of the r in N. Tublaw i iy © ars ®! Several of the c pyEmG | ' Exalted Ruler and the clevation Of|of thy mar poon mas stank Opti} |DCCded At Present A very conserya.| . Of the vount foe from the REPARING uy . > °\ [tive estimate of the tal is $900 in| PUNCAY 5C c receiver o- © Ono;ge H. Papenmey: and his staff the Germans made on the Canadians year; while taxes are e mm”; «31> $160; bationary church 'membership and a __ Re : .to their “roll-M; “I‘m“ wilt pe[Ne@® Ypres. The Legion's action [interest at $438; repairs and insurance| 0f Others were admitted to full | “shim”: a\ “dam“; i Boche propaganda was char-|ay goo which, in addition to getting NEW YORK TAILORING CO.) many changes. The rule of Albin Jonn. by the Canadian. society as tno space used for the library rent free,| \\% CHO\US Choir singing was a fea- miany changes. e rule of m YODM-)ca splendid stand in defense of our would le a balance of some $10 2 ure of the day and services. J. LISHINSKY, Prop. mon was made prominent by the large ould' leave a balance of some $100 a common. liberties,\ es GRAPHITE INDUSTRY IN 19%0 LADIES' AND GENTS Mumber of members who joined; and year which would be a material aid ._ While all the fun will be kept Up, it iS) visitors to Gotham from the in supporting the library. 'The difficul-! ,,, aan wil d ranks 14 miu . - .| The quantity of domestic flake and - expected that changes will be seen im|of the American Legion are invited to tie’f‘lnifiulfll‘lifiix‘: a?j£;‘)r?e(l»:\(u:l\‘|fl' if), |amorphous graphite sold by producers TAILORING the club house, which is not Jark®/nave their mail addressed in care of pairin ml‘i'n carrying um“\\ 3m)\: in the United States in 1920 'amounted W at L“: \2m“ it!!!“ to care 0° (g, Rankin Drew Post, 101 West Forty- aftev'wix’rd arrying short tons, an increase of 28 per s members at one time. Second street, New York C - | ee r th ity sold in 1919 The past year has been made mem- aw York City. The best thoughts of the cent over the quantity sold in 1919, The| Suits made to order best men | f R . , value of the graphite sold in 1920 was w 4 P ges; scie fac e ork Called for and Delt p grable by the efforts of Albin N. John-] Tho of all ages; the scientific facts one must , .. _., $626,201, as compared with $78, d Delivered © Boi Archer B. Wallace, R. P. Georgia | Department - of the-k r to I1 isely: the historie m m American Legion has just complete] {0 NY® Wisely: the historieal g57 ;n 1019 'These figures are based fs mil-am“ S. P. Shea, the Membership that enable us to better understand and | \ m combined membership and service w lon reports made by producers to the| 12 NORTH VILLAGE AVENUE i Committee, Johnny Mchee and Fred|drive that netted about 1,000 new better grasp the conditions facing the re FREE SERVICE It means a lot to the captain of the home- Pisano, -and -2,000 successfully: cop. are all to be found (os ateggy s er oo onn Department Cay. ROCKVILLE CENTRE Of course 'she wants to get out nowadays- _ ©'Rogether Nght of life, ms of claims of veterans, puo| \ NDraYy, conveniently located and sup- | ... Of course she knows the value of time saving- E such as street parades and clambakes, a plied with the necessary books, is a drive took two months. | Representa- , R 'the Riks have shown that the serl0U8) ives of the Legion, Bumaulot C, | Public asset and so considered by those | b. side of life has its place with them-| Risk Insurance, Public Health sery.| UVUPZ !\ the community and those con-| A : Poor and unfortunate haye AlwayS/ne and' Federal Board for Vocational sidering moving here. It is an import-| $o; found comfort and solace when-needed;|fiqueation visited ever antfattor in making a bigger and bet-| f y. county in the ; I {I} The Kiddie Christmas last year Was 4|state. and interviewed men who hai) \\., \\\\\ ir . striking example'of the benevolence Of|claimg for compensation, education. or 1t is estimated that an average con-| MORTGAGE LOANS HOMES PREFERRED VACUUM CLEANERS, WASHING MACHINES, And NOW- She knows we will put 'em in and look after 'em for a whole year- 5 - ibuti 5 fn ; QUICK ANSWERS LOW CHARGES That's our- . 1. “1:3,me- {riad ther of th i hospitalization. Former: service men g‘mmf: of samrmmxert Imus; “I\ B. not afriad then of e were not members of the Le w the amount needed. Some houle . I d d FREE SERVI \_ . an not atind men or the red glatt |who more mot monton of Os lego apn onc osc || Long Island Bond & Mortgage CE port, shortly after 11 p.m. tomorrow. 6 % more. Be ready to do your part when | «uphl‘ be the warm light of the heart! Contributions of more than 39,000, the canvasser calls or send in your con- Of America shining through the spread-received for a proposed memorial to tribution, says the committee. Time Payments-too ! Guarantee Co. & ing antlers of the soft eyed Elk. veterans in Twin Falls County, I‘m-m, From the Greek come the feminine! , 375 FULTON STREET, JAMAICA ”Tl-LEFIELD a] GER \ ELECTRIC CO b The in“?! Sui:- has lppoliltzd were turned over to the local post Of} names Eudora, meaning \a good gift;\ | SIXTH FLOOR in * those who sign @ mortgage (Who|the American Legion when it was pring = ¥ m edo i were officers and committee-men when deemed inadvisable to carry on the iizylgz‘ivelx: iszxmwukh, and Thimo‘! ROCKVH'LE CENTRE, L- L | depron £ Chanmngs, £. Harter |\ *' - o 235 MERRICK ROAD, - - _- TELEPHONE 1470 R. C. Stophen P. Pettit, Chairman, J. Huyler mmm f Ellison, Roland M. Lamb, Thomas F.! A call for all members of the Ameri- NEW YORK BAKERY |p 09 uflbvoovtoE’meo NW a Tierney, Ernest 8. Randall, George M.\can Legion to contribute ten cents to A. FREUDENBERGER, P a Levy, Roy D, Pearsall, Thomas S. Che-\the Memorial Day fund for the dec- & ¥en UR PLATING E shird, Aubrey Pettit, Franklin G. Hil, ration of American 'graves overseas 24 MAIN STREET, HEMPSTEADq DONE IN ROCKVILLE CENTRE 'Walter J. Moore, Simon Mayer, William} was sent ovt in a bulletin from Jon Modern Equipment and Expert Workmen will give you a sor- A J,, Rohr, \John E. Nolan, (William: F.| National Headquarters. . ALL KINDS OPF vice you can't get elsewhere on Long Island [) Woodlli, Frank H. Stevens, Perey Ar: Kms . REA AK TR Brass Beds and Electro Plating in All Its Branches itk, and also Moses Da Silva (as repré-| , standard bale of cotton weighs B D, C. E (AND PASTRY We Do General Mill Work and Can Care for Your Home Alter- menting his deceased father, Isare Da elz! BAKED DAILY | 500 pounds, 'the cotton weighing 478 ried ations of This Kind pounds, the barging and iron banas woh rafloy KLASS AUTOMATIC CORP, Orders Promipty Delivered D.R. Wm, ) I; [El-{5m H. Weber Observer St., Tel. 28 . ROCKVILLE CENTRE, N; Y. w ** Florence Oil Stoves - = LYMAN N. JONES -- < SPORTING GOOD ___. MOTOR __: Bva), to do the honors. _---_-4_--- « i R i *_Miss Mabel .Wupper was pleasantly surprized with a miscellancous shower \by Miss Ethel Tlemeyer of Clinton »treet, March 24, She received a num» ber of beautiful and Gsoful gifts.. Her engagement. to Robert W. Maccubbin The human foot tain - con s twenty-six Cop 1843 Hem: ~DO YOU KNOW R * “whiudhdw Waterproof Cellars... tum-arm i fire swe wodalies 1 C2 \C % ~ 5 _FAY AND FAY - mmmmumuaflmumgpumwmm outil % ©9100. r ie i hmu-fiumhfi

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