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Ocean Bide, -March 30.-There be three changes in the teaching at. the Ocean Side school when the term begins. Mary A. Douglas teaches the fifth grade has tion in Yonkers, N. Y.; Margaret H. Findlay, teacher of the sixth grade, will -go to New: Jersey that she might be nearer her mother and spend the week ends with ber and Mrs. Mabel Smith, has decided school life. Charles A. McGuirl, President of the Board nf Education, sald 148t M&B] suey. might ensue that would end in that the other teachers had been M8\ uns post losing its charter. ed up for continuation as Instructork;| ppp Henry: Morrison Post is the only The three who are to leave had intends] most of colored men in Nassau and for ed to do so long since. Many APDICA | mat reason ought to the the largest. tions. have been received to fill thes¢| an -effort will be made to get every vacincies but no decision has b€E4| man whois eligible to join. made yet. « s Excepting the three who will retire, the faculty consists of 8. Taylor John- son, principul, Miss Eunice R. Pearson preceptress; Miss Adelaide Lucey, Miss art, ; Miss Anna. D.. Hartter, Miss Phyllis A.. Martin, Miss (Florence E. Case, Miss Florence M. Fullagar, Miss Lena S. Moore, Miss ,F, Pauline Haller, Miss Edadne L Heisler, Miss Lora Hill 'Miss Elsi L. Hewitt, - Miss «Magda Holm, Miss Evangeline S. Heisler. ~' » lzdag - CAMP LEADERSHIP COURSE _- games @ source of inter- to the foot Every colored war veteran of Nassau County. is: eligible to join the Henry Morrison Post, but it is necessary to be to reUre' MOM), veteran of the World War and to be { NOTICE TO CREDITORS order of HON, LEONE D. Km. “halt-Conn of Nas sau, notice is hereby given to persons unuufiflhmwm-m de to present “clan-r- , on or be- 2. 1921. ecutors. WALLACE & PATTERSON, Attorneys for \uite tane t + - vi Lv. State and Teachers Colleges Plan _ ro omenrrors __ _._. a ursuant to an order . . . Series of Lectures > HOWELL, Surrognte of the County of Nas: - nuinlnotltfif In hell-“x, given to all persons | having claims againat n . Prescott A. Sherer The - New York Colle®® O50 FOD |une of garden City. in the mid county, de- estry: is cooperating with 'the Teach | ceased, to present bru- same with the vouch o tv thereof, to the subscriber / th tor ers College of Columbia University infirm! last: Will and Testament a: flaw“? a special forestry course which will nan-5,1; lwr (“finer gun-rem. bysiness be held under the auspices of the Camp nt the offer, 9° Philip Muntington, (City ot . . before the first Department of the Palisades Interstate] day of May next. -\ are Mie af Park: munagement. Butea, Minton: y, v.. october 16 A020. The occasion will be the second Camp _ Executor. Leadership Course for camp «lirectors 'T&;§3‘i§f‘gf£fi§;h and camp leaders, 'The course will be Fot ”Kym“ largely attended by those interested in | Chs af Gien Dere M _I. ___ the conduct of camps for individuals or | p Norick To i . ursuant to an order of HON. LEWIS I. organizations. 'The purpose 08 thik 37\ yurt County Judge, as Acting Surrogate struction is to develop a wider an Vt the County .of . Nam notice . in . hereby ANNAH J. craft and efficient camp management. | | iate of Baldwin, in the said county, to present the same with the vouchers there- Professor Francis of the Recreationiul’ to the subscribers the executors of the department and Professor Sanderson of | mat will and Testament of said deceased, at the Extension department will repre.| (helt place of transacting business at the uffice of Sidney H. Bwerey, Froeport, Ne sent the State Forestry College. Pro-E York, on . or ‘b’etan the Tom mu“ June * f next. fessor France will lecture ON CMRP H3) \Those N. Y. November 27. 1 outs for eMeclency and. attractiveness, h ANDROS J. SEAMAN, types of structures for camps, trails! Ba6wen and sanitation principles.. Professor - Executors. Sanderson will take up general forestry | “Tfifif'mfivfifisfl. and discuss problems of camp admini«- | Freeport Bank Building, tration and maintenahce. . 'The course! Protos N 5 will cover a period of one week begin- | NOTICE TO CREDiTons ning April 26. \\ _ Pursuant to an order; of Hons Lowis J. The New York State College of For-) Amith County Judge and Acting Surrogate estry has been taking the lead in pre‘zfvxflommtggfmfw'mhnffimr aim paring men for Recreational Forestry. | 588.111?!le N?:““:D'a R . f Into of ord, in maid county, deceased, and routed a demmial tor a mare nor | o in noe f emand for a more per-| to the -subser executor of e In fect understanding of woodcraft as it) wite \Wf Wanmaeting business: at the ofice relates to camp life and preservation of | of Sidney H. Swezey, Freeport, New. York, the forests, Much of the dextructlvo’“;zu='?h:?: r: kal mg: 1020. waste of 'the woods 'his been catised | HarRtet a through the ignorant use of the forests #. SWEZEYT, gusttiik by campers who were unaware of theI Attornéy fog alumna-h. A great purpose of the trees and the mn~| nym' port, New York. ner in which to obtain from such recrea- | ; . NOTICE TO CREDITORS tion . places the 'greatest «benefits: in y order of HON. health and pleasure. . \ 1mm“ afi- 45”: w hereby given to all persons anes ® NOTICE 18 HEREBY GIVEN it the SALE OF SCHOOL he ' of Union 'Proé Naawau County, N “f'ark. val“ inty, New bids for twelve bonds of aiid m at Ad a Dollars, mt the Océanaide High Sehool xg. ts, wl in nent at or athe . at. eight o'cioct, 'P.\ M. of gald da aiid bonds -will then and person who will tke wating One Hundred Ten Thousand (film end to end. of the county. Rach house in\ shipped b» soctionk (not, pertable), . may be 'erooted by \makilled labor.\ Por hnmediaté of 'of: Cyril-L'African, Maurice Gilmartin, «the gir is the| william Agnew, William. Kelly and ' rman MiraM 'R | Henry Bolger. h, of the Board of Supervisors, has or his mind. : With Major The Leonhardt, of the A8r0) (George's Guild has been postponed un- Mail Service, Chairman Smith made an | ;;; Monday, April 18. airplane flight from one end of the coun- | ty to the other and saw the @reRU Mre W.; G. Teasdale is entertaining [beauty of this part of Long Island £790! | yrs, A. J, King of Jersey City and Frank the observer's seat of the big airship. It, Klnl‘o! Seattle, Wash. The flight was from Hazelhurst Field, | found soz. place, as his many friends in the coun-] Mrs. Joseph D'Atri of South Main [ ty have reason to know, donned ME®S | street, with her two children, is spend- garth, clambered aboard and with'a Wave | me the week at the home of friends in of his hand to the spectators, \hopped | perty Amboy, N. J. off\ for the dash through space. | Pilot Leonhardt mounted to 1,500 feet | and then circled so that his passenger Little: Miss Marian Dillinger of Co- 'umbia street spent Easter Sunday at could gét a goodlook at the COUNt/ins nome of her grand parents, Mr. House, 'the broad lands and the fine/ang Mrs, Charles Oliver of Riverside villages that seerffed to 'pass UBGET/ prive, Manhattan. quarters of an hour they went: baCK, Miss Verona Oakley, who has been at home on account of illness, has re- | turned to the Asked. foday how he liked it Super- visor Smith said, \Fine I'm going. up again some day.\ as the big ship gathered speed and took fight. M I Chairman | Smith thought that he} traveled at a rate of about 150 miles] an hour; but his pilot did not think! they went quite as fast, to which the! supervisor said, \It seemed as fast or| hiker.\ ------4-____ OCEAN SIDE side Methodist Episcopal Church will \ European Ch racet Thursday afternoon, April 7 at) fight of his life the home of Mrs. LeRoy Newton, 108| Liberty avenue, Rockville Centre. . A bus will leave the parsonage, 48 Davi- son Avenue, at two o'clock to take any who wish to attend. | iHILLY LA r 10 rounds with w Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Hutton of 197] JLena avenue and their son Albert, Jr., {JOHNNY MURRAY have gone to: Langley Field, Hampton, | A Va., to visit their daughter, Edna, I A 6 ROUND mood The Men's Club of the Freeport M. E‘ Church will give a reception to Dr. monthly social. meeting of 't. The Ladies' Aid Society of the Ocean-|fall and shortly afterward went to Eng! c for which he received $25,000.00. He will take on the the home of, Mrs. H. Clements, Trolley, Stop 87, Friday. evening, April 1 at 8: o'clock. The newly. elected officers. of Hemp» stead Lodge of Moose were installed at the meeting of the lodge Monday »eve- ning. 'The officers are Joseph F. New: man, dictator; Jacob L. Kornicker, vice dictator; Osear Hoffman, prelate; Louis F. Huleu, secretary; ¥. A. Williams, treasurer, and Lewis B, Haff, trustee. Success Council, No.4, P. & U. A. M., held a very interesting session last might in the lodge rooms in the stead Bank building, when- another large class of new members were in- Refreshments were served after the meeting and a social hour.en- Joyed. At the Armory tonight the second game between the Legion and Co. M basketball teams will be played., An- ------p-__ Mount Chimbroazo, Ecuador, South America, is the highest volcano in the 'onvent of the Sacredworld, 21,400 feet high. He said that he enjoyed the sensa-) \ # \:e (ia xifizhzzszfi;;.:t:°;1‘nx3FTGEPOPt Audxtorlum Monday, April 4th, at 8.30 P. M. ENGAGEMENT EXTRAORDINARY The Ex-Champion Bantam-Weight of the World PETE HERMAN The boy who received $40,000.00 for his bout in Madison e Garden last land to knock out Jimmy Wilde, the JOHNNY SOLSBERG Any time Solsberg hits 'em they fall no matter how great they are, and he can take it | ANOTHER .STAR 10 ROUNDER - «~ JOE RIVERS ANOTHER GREAT 10 ROUNDER vs. AL. KETCHELL SLUG-FEST SAILOR MeGEEHAN - vs. : YOUNG SCOTT hmmkémhmm Red Cedar Posts, Red Gedar Trim and Lumber STANDING WHITE AND BLACK OAK TIMBER Cut and Sawed To' Order Estimates on Lawns and Cellars Will give figures on any work from bending a pin to changing tmmdlfllmm R -O. H. TUTHILL, Manager REAL WARMTH | WHERE YOU WANT If - WHEN you wart It || The ehilly moments breed the colds. 'A Vulcan M Odorless GAS. HEATER is the first aid-the little W sun you can regulate yourself. It will heat ev- \ ery room in your house or will economically sup- 0 plement the work of the furnace. M SAVE 'COAL SAVE MONEY HEAT WITH GAS WE HAVE VULCAN HEATERS IN VARIOUS - SIZES ORDER ONE TODAY - g - | NASSAU & SUFFOLK LIGHTING COMPANY | MacDONALD, President 59 and. Mrs. W. E. Thompson Monday! No Better Show Than This Ever Offered by Any Club | ® evening, April 4. It will also be the: I annual ladiew night entertainment. 7 SPECIAL BARGAIN PRICES: . \|I - Admission, $2.20; Reserved, $3.30; Ringsides, $5.50 - || There will be a benefit for the Vic-! ADVANCE SEATS at Cbnb’lflli‘l rug S’tor. md’Unihd Ciga’Slorn, Freeport (If p j trola fund of the Freeport High School | White House Barber Shop, Hempstead; {hind Cigar Store, Lynbrook, and Wild's {| at the American Theatre on April 5“le Store, Rockville Centre. ° matinee and evening. W | - _ eyecare | ROCKVILLE CENTRE | terts tidy s typ ty ti « MWMMMM? Lailies' Auxiliary of the Temple at $ > \39 , * Rockville Centre met Wednesday andl * JA K S SHOE SH enjoyed -an address \by Mrs. Mchameéd | g J C j . . of Far Rockaway. Mrs. B. Markowitz|% * o , . - A til l 2 é is president. Homemade cakes and cof-| 4 t l fee wer§ served by the hostesses, Mrs. | L SD Y TURD --March 31 a % Stavenhagen and Mrs, Rathheim. - 1 q THUR AY’ FRIDA and SA AY p 4 * | 4 2 . & » % % . A birthday surprise party was given _- A S ' S Thursday .evening. for Miss Lillian A. dvat‘lce/ ale In Prlng Styles Wood of 109 Banks avenue, The even: © ' mm. mg was spent in various games and Footwear for the entire family. Excellent values at remarkable other forms of entertainment.. Refresh ;. ments followed. Present were: Alice j , . * A R = Boyden, Ethel Smith, Jennie 'Midmer, H - 9 a * Nellie Johnson, Jennie Munitch, George W PM Kid > Children's P umps ‘ ht“. Mu, Shoes : en mek oot cooke ~LADIES' PATENT KID, Dull CHILDREN'S PUMPS - Patent um? 02“ SHOES—tim- \£ , Cia ie, i ia f brde a e © Anockabout, a ~a George: Irish, Walter Sein- . -Anltqn.inOMsidp-po,at and gunmetal, at metal. Fine M Schneider, soth, George Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Wood and Mrs. Krug -_ $345 ¥ $2019 y Values up to f $1.95 | ' ~- Values up to $3.50 | $4.00

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