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Bes k OT wee] Merrick Ave. and Kitkwdod Ave. 11 Keeler: Avo. and\ Kirkwood Ave; ~23 lie-51A roud and, Lindeomere drive _. x* Merrick Ave. and Byron road... 35 Mergick road and: Hempstead- Babylon: Turnpike ......«... » 26 Kirkwood Ave. and Hempstead: Pabylon Turnpike ., BF | Howlett Ave. and Kirkwood Ave. 31 «positions by April 1 it the belief of ti . und, Merrick road.. 32 Samual B.. Foard, weecretary of 'the Hu- ma: Avo. and Byron road... 34 reau (for the Unomployed.40f orpick Avel and L+ I. K. R... 41 in Nasewn County. ; Merrick Ave. and Bmith St.: .... 42 To- this end and. to relleve $h¢ ©00\ | | omostead-Rabylon Turnpike and Headquarters of the'Y. W. C. A. at r3 R 4 Mineola, desirous, of increasing the none. This is not n. time; to eplit hairs f value of Blue Triungle work in Nassaw over the wording of x tablet when n County, offers this statement of the reater Iasue in at stake, TM and aspleations of the organi- tlon: Mineola, -March 9.~That all unem- ployed men of Namiau County wil} have Jn January, in 'the home of the Rev. Henry M. Barbour, gestion in the office heve as well mm for | [p, lq gr. BQ. i222 lente + .... 43 | [ing the funds to make possihie the me. | Pastern Parkway and Van Buren street, Blue Triangle Stands For the purpose of making, it more con- mpatead-Eabylon 'urnplke and morial in our Village, It has succeeded; is developing rapidly through the untine The all-round. devel t-physical venient for both the man seeking & Job Gyiiny Bi. o ...0 01. 2.000. co ...» 45°| |The monument with the tublet is here DE efforts of the broadminded clergy at, 'socie i a ab und the employer seeking. help' Mr. Beard: plans to open branch employ» ment bureaus in all important centers jn the county. The first of these- will be opened In Rockville Centre by Ramuel-EDis, setre- tary of the Merchants Amocfation. The Roslyn Nelghhorhood. House 4s another branch and more will be added. Thero. will be about 20 such places. ready to be erected.. The foundation 1s | \80 in charge, sandn or $1]: LL\‘$£.\§§“§.‘.” most of the in the ground. The monument and| Dr. Barbour recognized the need Of AM countries of the globe. foundation 'has beer fully paid. for, Is mm] (“Rich and 1:20\ ”fizzy it fair that now this memorial be denied eager listeners to proposition The The Coun a mince in the publlc park hecause a few t0 establish a mission. (He offered. the /u , 0, The G aut ost tous,, that ds needed for (he current day's |men do notWlike the wording? use of his study, where fifty /or shity ./. (0 Prim th vides as he applies, \The Chamber of Commerce in a spir- bersons can be comfortably accommo- Wm; fm mgr): oorunl‘rly-Wld. ml He says the demand for help is $JUAt/1t of appreciation of the bravery Adelity dated.\ The . congregation . has | now eh bf.“ s t: M l and high 4 B reached such proportions that it will be{ ©1058; Educational classes under volun- being felt. Recently 1% inquiries American ideals, self sacrifice and teer leaders; Organized play; The nec- Wélp came in one day and six people patriotism of the young men and women Merrick: Ave. und Loing Ave.... 6% Hewlett Ave. and Smith St..... 5% Only recently they took or thereabouts to rob .a store in 'the same village, The County Court House is concrete and can't be moved 's good. neenee Headquarters at Mineola will then 20t peported positions secured. Who servet thai cognte (help c. |eesity sor achelving. maximum service 0\ m mt m VM* T “0 z A ay clearing house for all the branches | _ A. short-time\ ago- there-were-some |Great world War Invited contributions \ * he Ani will be able to rend direct to the 350 people unemployed in Nassau Coun of money for the purpose of erecting To the Girl in the Cit By Samncl 8. Board people all inquiries for labor that come ty, most of them in Mineola, Hemp [this memorial. Acting as trustees for 'An attractive, wellsagipp (y'hunun Vocational Secretary of ¥. M. C. A. and Director of United Employment a\ (trim. T.\°J'm‘°3.’“ wtllll ”l?!“ (lullz wtead and Rookville Centre. It is this |the contributors they succeeded in get- with a xym and a “if: where ghe oan Service, Nassau and Suffolk Counties hat applications they 'have for Work work and, a place to put each worker |ting a beautiful Burre granite stone . . a - and what inquiries Yor help are receiv- supply of lahor that is expected to be [bearing a tablet in bronze worded as $1331 *A filig‘rr’rfi «tho?! Ssh! is: Watch for this department weekly. It will minim) to read it carefully. ed. In this way it is hoped to: give taken in a short time. above. mil ctr-fume (léni ”T AP r): a ‘l'flfl. > The information is authe Better and quicker distribution of avail Mr, Board, say thase who have bene- \It was necessary to place some in- become a u|mre-151:e‘%e:|h:r: (53:11:17: ahle Imbor, fited through his bureau, carries On A\ |seription on the monument that would for the playing, clubs for walking, clubs WID you flout an appilcation please? work which is 'broken down and dis- § Mr, Board in his statement that all/ important work since he serves as. a * whow the contributors that this is the monument erected with their contribut« ion and in order to do this and prove that the Hempstead Chamber of Come merce had fulfilled their trust, there was placed on the tablet the words in small letters, \Erected with contribut- fons raised by the Hempstead Chamber of Commerce,\ \It is the intention to place an ad- abled or are you bringing him a healthy body ready to do the bidding of your brain promptly? 'Which is it to be? It rests with you, _----A-¥-_..«.. BIG TIME IN OCEAN SIDE AT REID BAPTISMAL FEAST Ocean Side, March 9.-A house party for doing; where an employment secre- tary stands ready to help her find the| turned with dread to comply with this job she needs und the job she fits; clean, convenient cafeterias; a comfortapie|Cam® (hat doesn't ft! Nearly every community home; an investigated, ap- other attempt to picture young?! in & proved registry for the girl who must | request. Another _ application!. An br prefers to live outside the association | ON€ Who has to do it during the quest residence; an ' uccessible, inexpensive! (Ot % Position seems to feel the same vacation home where she can step from | shout it and yet after \l. it in the business grind and the city whirl to|OMIY the result of our not presenting i \ How many men and women bave the unemployed will have places by sonnecting link 'between the man who April 1, does not mean that there will| wants a job und the job that is seeking bo whortage of help. He feels that at|& man. It may seem unusual that all the rate Inquiries are coming in for|the lack of work centers around the help & large part of the unemployed will man. True there are some women who be taken soon and that within three or| Want jobs and they get them too but four weeks there will be an even situa-| for the most part the inquiries for tion, with about all the available help| Woten help outnumber the available WOFKETS BOUT 81% 10 ONC. C s Working with Mr. Board is a comzait- Mr. and Mys. d lor country hous t . our case clearly enough to those whojteok place at the home of I tee of earnest men and women who, al- ditional faniet when posse is dockured ry houseparty rest and play may wish our services, You think George Alexander Reid, Bay avenue, + . upon this monument bearing the names Side, 1 evenin It - DON'T FORGET though having many interests, give hose - he Gi vaguely that the application does not do [Ocean Side, last Safurday g. ; The First Annual Vaudeville (TY Of their time and knowledge of of 5:41 whrzaxilnfhgr$pvq 7:1)? 3m A Bi Tog. nal IL\ “(1:11 you justice and yet can you really de- $was the occasion of the baptisma o: ° i ste re ives wl - ue Triangle ruse er own, _. % J Motion Picture Show of conditions to help those who seek might be made safe. 5 scribe yourself any better? George Alexander Reld, Jr., born Marc ployment. HE NASSAU ENCAMPMBNT The committee is ‘mmle up of Elmer Memorials adorn the public parks of . ities New York, Baltimore, Bos: ASSN No. 2 H. Howell, chairman of the building (h ities Of New York, Baltimore, Bos . 7 - atwtans t ton and Chicago bearing the namesof To Be Held At frm of R. W. Howell, Babylon; Fred 1s rac podies responsible for their erection. L ho . Curran, personnel manager: for the |» i R . The PPM Auditorium Paubleday, Page & Company, of Gar. The question is simply whether the peo within a stone's throw of the factory or | ** * store where she can play with other Yourself\ in this case does not mean r n That is only girls, entertain her men friends, form | YOU® APPearance alone. 1 classes or clubs or rest from the day's| the Outside coating, It Iinchuides your work. Self governed clubs where she | @@u@ation, your experience, your likes is given opportunities to develop lead-| °M4 dislikes, your relations to the rest 25, 1918, at Lynbrook, 'The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Gustava Laass, pastor of the Ocean Side Metho- dist Episcopal Church. Supper was served at 6.30 p.m. 'The tables were artistically decorated in ; Ish to be pre- irie h le the Village of Hempstead desi ership. Special classes where the girl| Of the world. If you w e red. The ladies received MAIN STREET -4 den City; Alexander F. Hans, manager I: ‘rnSnt’nzzrl‘nl‘lL Int; Salon-enflfiné E4533 who went to work at fourteen can mike pared for this test, look yourself in the rhha‘:MI::ddn|-l pincushions dressed in '. March 11, 1921 \\ the Piping Rock Ciwh, president 0f [women from this community or not, be- - Hk B lp. for the shortage in her education, \4¢¢ and study the Nige Aud a nat, m red silk and gold lace, and the gentle» . Tiekets 55¢, War Tax Included ilm Matinicock Neighborhood As#0ci2- |eause of some fancied slight, to prevent| I\ Charge of All 'Sai Episcopal Summer councils where she and other| O\ itl that you 1:1“; are\ hrs“: men red carnations. In the centre of | 8 P. M. Sharp . on and director of the Farm Bureau: |ine monument being given a proper Mission at Baldwin Harbor Industrial club girls can meet to talk (0 SPend too much time on it, * fthe table was a large bouquet of red DANCING AFTER sHow Mrs. Frederick L. Keays, of GreAt|place in the Village, . over the problems of their work. yourself is the one a ithe “if“ f; carnations\and at each plate, in addi« Alt eli NCCK: Who was chairman of the Ited + HEMPSTEAD CHAnir op |MMESSATY to obtain larger quarters, --- never get away ® fain to Fok, [ton to the favors, were tiny red baskets Cross Committee of Civilian Relief and COMMERCE. \By Jacob L. Kornicker, MOC®, Centrally situated. Thia will To The College Girl in getting acquainted may help t0 MaKe Aanied with saited nuts and trimmed with other county 'organizations; Mrs. Wil- ~- - ° * ' |doubtless be sccomplished soon. At a ‘ An opportunity for Christian leader. ©6Mtions more pleasant in the Tfin' ship exemplifying in her college réla-| ,, In the first place, as a pre In?!” tionships the ideals for which the v, . (Mlz@ up\. and introduction, consider C. A. stands. Spring and summer con-| Y°U\ height and weight. ferences where she learna to. yjsualize| If you are a man who is big and the challenge and the mmn‘ly for| husky, but _perfiaps a trifle slow your bor about six years serv - chances as a stenographer will be . Me now uses his house as an all- handmade flowers. Thirty-five were seated. Mrs. G. Lamss, soloist\of the local Methodist Church, sang several selec tions, and James Brewer of Brooklym--- gave m series of progressive magic tricks. . mmememmz . Score hf“ Freeport 64-R Ed Ham C. Ferguson, of Hempstead, presi- \ Her Hempstead 'Post, American DE. H. W. REID dfnt of the Community Club of Garden last evening went sn record as oppor Dentist City and directress of the Young Wo-|to the men's Christian Association: Mrs. E. C. [Commerce monument - in - its . present agar-a. ear-hm... Framort, REY. Henderson, of - Cold Spring Harbor, form. ! ”mm-um“ enings 6-0 or president of the Vocational Employ. Brooklyn Offlcest Myrtle and Oypress| Nt Service for Juniors, of New York recent meeting a committee wus lap- pointed to select a probable site. A fund for a church building has already been begun, Dr. Barbour established n summer home at Baldwin Ha erection of the Chamber of _-_-4____. Aves. Rideewood National Bank Baildi Cit 1 & D BEEF AND * rather poor. Sponsors at the baptism were Miss ves wow ntional Ban! inc. 'ity; and Samuel R. Smith, of Free- SBF AND\ ound abode. *He is in his seventy- are »mall Sllzabeth-Killman -of -New York and -*- emma R p I To The F Born It.on the other hand you \ 4 =~ == Port, former president. of. the. Bank. of |. . AD .A€quaintance . dropping. .in ..unex: | third: year,. -and 'did: not-feel: nble 10° con- 'A\ doorway mammflwfm and| and lightweight your brains wil} have [James Brewer of Brooklyn. ALFRED GLIEDMAN Long \Talnnd. ° pectedly upon a friend for dinner the|tinue longer in activ ange Of % NeW ingrtutic Mow al - insti_| to be alkin int infutead of your Present were. Mr. and Mrs. Howard mvent H . lke h f , ons-the international insti-} to your talking poin 9 - - So other evening rim»? puzfuso gllologh: York parish. Me is still in vigorous gutes, where the workers speak her brawn. Teed, Jamas Brewer and Miss Florence a Complete Line of PM“??? (£3; MLslert-n'e 21mg. a mausolfigecrm‘x”all)?rm was decorated health, and greatly onivys the work Of language; where she can learn to keen| If therefore you wish work which . t entre, larch | 8$.-A - de- ° \ \ - house on the \American plan;\ where! seems to demand a particular bulld r P ferred Washington Rirthday surprise _ m tus of the Church of the - f M Brogan of New York City; Sporting Goods party) was given Miss frome Smith at Kindly note the word \decorated.\ Beloved Disciple in New York City, and Tho ond ho Blind tn the seks Joh or to you must be prepared to show that ¥0U Mi- and Mra. Robert e - nti F the Wome of . I t is used advisedly. Js giving his services to the Baldwin . . rexe of Woodcliff, N. J.; Mr. ° shame” and C13.\ c ime of her aunt 74 Maple Ave, The family which boasts n generous ter job; where she can learn the English : miuion gratuitously. For nearly fifty years, Dr, Barbour has been in the ministry, He was rec- tor of Trinity Church, Trenton, N. J., Among those mt were the Misses anor Fletcher, Alice Kenney, Iys Patten, Rleanor Hebard, Edna sau, Anna. Weher.. Thy rooms were a distinction should not apply. H. Shipway, Mr. apd You may find when you come to Silvers and Miss Ethel study the matter that your weight and [gitvers of Lynbrook; Mr. and Mrs. Wil- l physical condition really need attention.{ liam F. Wilkins and Donald D. Wil- language and so swing wide open the door to mutual understanding betwéen her and her American sisters. It's n Pleasure to Fish With Our Fishing Tackle portion of this wholesome, nutritious dish once a week, or once every two weeks at least, is indeed fortunate. Just when, where and by whom t rated in red. white f i ears, .n p enty fv no Physical condition has a wonderful ef-|kens of East Rockaway, and Mr. and r 52 8. Grove St. Freeport, N. Y. Ing J\: 031-35“ “(lzxfir‘uewsjmklm’filai‘fig DH], corned beef and cabbage were tagged ggisilfifi’u; 0:2‘IChLTPh 1x33 1:2: What It “PM“ To 'You fect on courage and the nbility to work. Mrs. George Alexander Reld, Miss Rdith . “ * Opposite High School occasion were played and dancing w“; ms indicative of a lowly culinary stand loved Disciple, When he was made Rec. Happier, healthier womanhood for If we are in shape physically and keep| H, Reid, George Alexander Reld, Jr., 2 te Telephone Freeport 402-3 enjoyed. Special features of the eye. |A i\ NO important, i tor Emeritus, the Rev. Dr. George m.] YOU® Alster, daughter or grand-daugh | mo by proper exercise, proper bathing, Mr. and Mrs. George B. Wilkins, Miss b, y Avent ning wore a George Washington pie it 2215320??? ”mgnffnt‘migpgzzflx Van De Water took up the active ree.| {°F Happier, healthier womanhood for and proper food, we go out prepared to| Dorothy Barnum Wilkins, George Bar- the girls of your town, your city or your county. And because happler, healthier womanhood, therefore a better town, a better city, abetter nation, a better world. torship, Dr, Barbour was educated at Willis- ton Seminary, Easthampton, Mass.; at Trinity College, Hartford, Conn, from which he was graduated in 1870, and the General Theological Seminary of New York. While in Trenton, N. J., he war for fourteen years chaplain of the old Sev- enth Regiment of the New Jersey Na- tonal Guard, He was also a deputy from New Jersey tothe general con- vention of the Episcopal Church. He io & thirty-second degree Mason, and is Prelate Emeritus of Coeur do Lion do things and be somebody. num Wilkina-Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Samual More than one boy mnd girl has been Killman, Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Lyra, rated as below the average mentally |Fred W. Lyra, Jr., the Rev and Mrs. G. because they were having the wrong |Lamas, Miss Mildred and Miss Gertrude diet and hadn't been taught bow to live. Letass of Ocean Side, | We hear a good denl about teats of effciency nowadays. All sorts of tests have been suggested to gauge one's physical ability, but there are a few simple questions which will help to give us an idea without being too compl cated. The first in the one suggested an to'how your weight compares with your height or age. .' Most people have noticed the table of tirely wrong. Start a group of half a dozen chil dren out'on such plain foods ms corned beef and cabbage; start a group of like uge and number 'on some of the in: tricate, highly . seasoned, rediculously expensive concotions by effete chefs. At the expiration of a few years compare groups. If the future of the U. S. A. de- pended upon the latter group of dys- peptics, flabby-muscled erotics, every- thing. would be over with your Uncle Bam but the funeral flowers, 1 It is the healthy young huskies who pack away m set of eggs with home fly nitrile MERRICK +_ FREEPORT CLUB DINE Major Simmonds to Speak and Miss R Tydeman to Sing Are You Interested in Saving $1.00 to $5.00 on Your YoU LONG ISLAND'S FINEST THEATRE Fulton St, and New York Ave. Phone Jamaica 3948 ry 1 'Can po $0 At EXCLUSIVE SHOWING IN Commandery, Knights Templar, of New [Price Simmonds, Fifteenth Infantry of| Weights printed on the dials of the LONG ISLAND : Big Millinery Store | | cooked potatoes for breakfast,\ many York, Regulars, U. 8: A;, is an expert military DenBy-In-the-slot scales, Theo are 2 it, tae io LCOX®: } slices of good wheat bread with vege Dr, Barbour's American nt observer. He was detailed in 1914 by If your wel l - CECIL B. S LATEST SUCCESS table or meat or both for luncheon, ANd tonds back tors“ men 03.232,“ the U. S, government to observe the M A” llrllu ll ' « one of mother's Home-made boiled din-| tro 1s a son of the late Judge Heman|Getman Kaiser Manceuvers, where he er Theological. Seminary. The othérs|tic Circle, and on into the Far North, a ners every second day who go over the | gr, took note of the' rapid mobilization of © v J (4 ‘FO DEN FRUrll,’ top with a whoop at the zero hour. _ | of the ints Joseph Ln Barbour,\ mE | the German forces just prior to the out | Should try to find the reason. _ BROOKLYN, N. | © I | } were the Rev. Dr. Herman H. Barbour,|in the interests of selence and ablity to Largest and Lowest Priced © tuther was a Baptist, and he had. thrie| rOAk of the Great Wary o on the Show brothers in the Baptist ministry. Only|. Major Simmonds has had wide exper}. ¢XPand and contract the chest as mess. who had charges in Newark, N. J. manship. He has a world of e Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Tretand. . to relate and knows how to MARCH 7-8-9-10-11 « ¥ ug Freeport, March 9.-The Freeport Club will hold ita annual dinner at the Clubhouse 'this evening. The speaker of the evening, Major A. One is now living, the Rev. Dr. Clar-fence as a lecturer and explorer. He s D AYS ONLY ¥ ence Barbour, president of the Rochest-| has made sixteen trips across the Arc- s Afternoons, 1:30 to 5 Admission, 15¢, to 30¢. Evenings, 7 to 11 Admission, 20c. to 40c. Mmm.mwmhwlflbuhfl Village President /. ~ CREELECT

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