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The daily review. (Freeport, N.Y.) 1921-1926, March 09, 1921, Image 2

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ment and-also offer to reduce “m The - entire service vm‘ burdens of the people, 'be conducted by the girls. Members 'and friends of the Y, We c _| A. are invited to attend...... ‘ W199. 1° ms, > doysex -J c Iw‘ - . _} Miss Margaret Johnson in charge “F “Mmmfl.m4i‘m In“ W T UM m u.- upon any mfltor We haye always had Post, American Legion, is the only post| ing villages, states that this vesper son P y port M Has Pro-. vs the question bf thx burdens of colored veterfins In Count¥. '* | vice Jw-ome/of the most- important thithss - ° ly the best a uf the people. 'The Vilage of Freeport Aithough formed but a Sbort time arof that the organization has atmupted and #4 growing rapidly and we are to keOP [the members have been active and ind for that-reason it is expected to be iango- , --8 ROU! “3332-13: growth it is mum ae baseball nine in the field all last yum |!y, attended. Al tetchg“ y L Y M11!“ y! Installations _ and other numerou® 1M; 2; ime just election, the following f+ f o f of Freeport ihmce Ac Mr- candidate Provemer; ta.\ fleets were chosen: Commander,-Jeseph NEW YORK BAKERY Dunbar on Onslow - or reclection at the coming village \Fifteen years ago it cost consider wallace; Secretary, Herbert Carter A. FRBEUDENBERGRE, Prop | Murray claims he will defeat Ketchell in a returp bout, -but Al. says if: 7. at her home, I \tin has taken exception {5 some. of ably.less to run the Villuge that it costs |eopding secretary. John Campbell; he does he can have his salary for that night ~ ¥oraier m Comi “Human. minute\ charges brought to| to-day.\ When a couple js first married furer, Sumuel Collins; Sergt. ms.| 24 m 51m HEMPSTEAD ¥. Wond of 17 North avenue h Mt by' members of the opposing fact the gost of living Is at a minimum. When [pierce Gray; Publicity Committee, Sar f | mses -A ~d Soars recovering from illness. gal-Ma\- come into the family and the fue Colins, Waiter. Withams, Honry Aun Kmns o \6 Rounds-YOUNG DOLAN vs. _ TER THOMPSON ant | in a. statement made- to a Daily 'Re- mily grows expenses naturally OW Toomer;\ Chaplain, Henry Toomer. of Brook] n a 'The Electric Washing Machine Co,| yiew reporter on Tuesday MF. Edwards 35:4”. The . Village “Fri-9°11\ m: A membership: drive will begin- im- BREAD, CAKE AND P NSTRY __ yr of. Ocean Sh at 22 Mercick Road, (mg Plano satd: very materially to its Vt fl: mediately to get members from all over x - a and Gilbert, is now Godfrey Gilbert & | apn 'your insu \ot the Tth fostant I fihfltnfieflfiTLfififfifi (Lu: 5\: o‘mflwd a Ladies' Auxiliary Win BAKED PAW ‘5 Rounds— BERT WILLIAMS vs. YOUNG SCOTT 2 h tome Nahr n sn ot note 2D cont uy eenies Seite aint i ie rien 0 donee fl be ho on March 20 it prt ror Francy. cares |\ of Camp Upton «- of Lynbrook & * 1 sary to spend money to keep Pce} Roslyn for the benefit of the Post . - -= B 1 should be confined within\the p Orders Prompty Delivered 50. A atuce by ine mut on Mount! shoud be confined within\thel with te growth. 'the Vilage Board in| many other activities have been plan PRICES -: $1.05 and $220, Includbf Tax > Hoe Twig-313.1” “maximum poses by the people.\ Mr“ m’fl: Jaw as to the amount we can spend, but} \~- R ADVANCE SEATS at Chubbuck's Drug Store and Unifed Cigar Store; Free: onging to 8, Baul in MQD 8 | evidently. is- not: very well 'acquain . \ thi u | with section 110 of the Village Law. zrfirfizan‘wmflnz‘, took, _\ **/ THREE BROOKLYN BOYS l port; White House Barber Shep, Hempstead, Wuited Cigar Store, The Ladies' Improvement §0C6Y 0\) jo supstance this sectiont provides that the Pfflflbgwfinfihugh KfiTfiijzg: {a sim not exceeding three-fourths of one nesday, Ma . al ig Ball Team Will Present Play SOUGHT IN FREEPORT & N Lynbrook and Wild's Drug Store, Rockville Cditre. Freeport, March 9.-Three Brook! |-- --- Stns per cent of the assessed valuation O| Mineola, May 9.-Olle e. h ; , Inc. L_ « Box luncheons will be served it ips yiiage may be raised or expended ,,. 'of the Myimzuu fish-$17 31.31\? prj ”£13331? fiffifimi‘flifilpfifi % hie rove eae ven e rer me marine rer ve + re mr Wie chapel. | for unduzhcr purposes was. put; chtnhv preparing to start the season right.] and Mitchel Field. ' to Alvin G. Smith, C. E. | LEX D |ges and propositions voted for by the] The Broadway attraction, \Officer 660\ yivia Difiore, 15, -Jo- Na Boys M Lamps. |eople 4¢ the usual ainual election, will be prescuted in the Firemen's Hall 55:33:55,033 iD bun Anthony Bets. Extablished 1890 t A A A a H6 further states that the municipalf hore, a short tine after Easter. RC] mone 15, all of Fourth street, Brooklyn. ' rreaport, March 9--Harry Wa (0: pant should be so improved that thel ccipts from this play will go toward] mney haye been missing since March 1. electrician, has reported to the (ongumers would derive considerable] properly equipping this year's nine for| p}, & - Policeman Frank Fisher, who is rapid- Iy making a reputation for good jude ment and kindness, believes he saw the and Civil Engineers | 11 LANDSCAPE GARDENIN | Agent for STUMPP & WALTE p ~-. .poliee that boys near Connecticut av‘f‘bur‘cfll from it. break street lamp globes. The heD OC). clearly indibates that be is not % the police was asked to prevent TUMD@T!;; touch with the/work of the Village the swiftly approaching: season. _-__4____ Eastern Star Notes. . deprodations. Board. For the benefit of Mr. Christie, boys in Freegort, Sunday, At that time 1 FLOWER VEGETABLE AND FARM [SEEDS ® fear—3d |as wen as taxpayers and citizens, |_ Freevort Chapter, O. E. S., will meet \01?!sz and 0;th “all\ 0x\? ffilfi‘hf'lm- Telephone 205 E - R * 5 a en determined by the Free te Hold Hruwe | would suggest that a visit be made tof !\ the Chapter rooms on Saturday eve- 14 hms Deen determined Dy (he bist \| 49 West Merrick Road Figeport, L. I. s I | the power plant where he can. see that March 12, 'The worl of the eve. DO © \ ME p =} Freeport,. March #.=\The inawest into | C00 PECE\ have been made;} NIP Will be balloting and initiation of| th€ description of the missing boys were | Telephone, 1027-J \asd the death of Mrs: Annie Creighton Of) AC Talinayon of a tenon crame, also| Candidates. A large class will recefve [at Mitchel Field on Sunday. | maine mon wine anne ana ao we ane Brooklyn avenue, who died after NeiDE| 02°,\ ,ow engine to produce a greater «ECCS r Th]? buvs‘l all come \(rant very “flood mam“ fuse ave suus ang icin aioe aas sie aon aan une can hit by anautomobile, will be held in the | \ supply of electricity at a eonsiderable| The regulat' Friday afternoon event hfl‘ugzu‘tms {Ow'l‘L \Mme rc slur“ I'M-y . ia |*=== - - me- Frceport Pofice Court on MONINY @t/iowor cost than heretofore, all of which Will take the form of 'a rehearsal and mong them. 'Two were RAYMOND J, MILLER, Mgr. } 10 A. M. Wilbur F. Southard will P\®\{are for just such a purpose as my op side as coroner, ponent mentions. a--#--_-_ -- - |_ For his benefit, T might add, that the MERRICK SPORY NOTES Hoard of Trustees» after very careful is gottn® : some baseball , s lk ‘,,3‘F:Ir‘¥.kw}flifl: 1'th ina1 consideration, decided upon this install- two more wd toward the sunny | ation in the Spring of 4920, almost one in knickerbockers and one in long trousers; two had muckinaws and one ha a long overcoat; all three wore caps. The Freeport police are on watch for theif reappearance. li oly tp litte a rile Do Your Sprmg Cleaning | every officer and member is requested to be p nt at the Chapter rooms at 2,30 P. M. sharp. The committee f the afternoon is as follows:-Mesdam Schloesser, DeMuth, Strock, Randall and Verral. Pole nial dual erty lpi tity Auto, Plate Gian. Burglary (# Life and Fire = t spring training. \Babe\ year ago. |___ On Friday evening, March 4 a large Ins * Mufiz‘fi‘sd “in, \fist Phillips | - \As to holding Village Board meetings | delegation of officers and members of \WE CLUB RESTAURANT urance have offers of good terms with the|2t night, I cannot see where the pre-| Freeport Chapter went to Far Rocka 343 FRONT ST., HEMPSTEAD , Cleveland Americans and the Boston|sent Board has committed any serious to visit Olympia Chapter, 0. E. 8. , t Nationals. Tt is believed they will ac.| offense in holding meetings in the after-| The Siar Degree was exemplified to a Dinner 12 to 2 and 6 to '8 hapemend ® - cept the former, Mulcahy is a catcher hoon. If the cofintuters or any tax-| class of candidates, Frecport Chapter, « and \Stringbean\ pitcher. payers desire meetings to be held at! has reason to believe they will be favor- night am quite sure the hmg) ed with a vigit on Saturdey: evening, Price 60 Cents | | Furnished Rooms by Day or Week l“ S. Grove St. Freeport, L. I | The Merrick Men's Club fell victim gladly do so. 'The fact that no pfotests| March- 12 from the Patron of Olympia to a team from Doubleday-Page & Co., | have been made to the Village d Chapter and a number of his officers j}: 4 plant last Friday, 30-26. Otto starred for|is to the holding of afterngon sessions and members. 5 BECAUSE * Merrick. . |= n ae - & \\~ £ Bartow's All Stars were defeated the WWWWMMWW duine as t» E R C. HAUS E : R & same night by the Baldwin Hoosicrs, g é: r F * The Early Bird Gets (Rid (t sommtmacc i The First National Bank FLORIST e -- The G f road h sl vena s $o. mms opie * ont fret FREEPORT, N. Y. 98 Pearsall Avenue B e Germ = + I ‘i. Anton Beyerto, Park avenue. and| F P \& & daughter, - Jennie have returned from un l g , dd g ~ Florida, wi'hm'ts the Beyeries have un cx-T SECRETS OF SUCCESS ara es' \s e l n ) p tensive chicken farm. | a H Decorations, Cut Flowers Phone 356-w Freeport. is the title of what appears to be a book. Upon examination, it turns out to be a home bank truly saying that the secret of success is thrift. We charge you one dollar for one of these banks ~ which is refunded when you return it in good condition. % The contents are credited to your account as often 1 as you bring it to the bank. \ . ARE YOU INTERESTED? 'Then Call On Us Today and Start On the Road to Success NASSAU Electric Carpet Washi g Co ® 22 West Merrick Roa Lumber and Building Materials Telephone, 1312 FREEP 'v:' T, L. I. Timber, Siding, Shingles, Doors, Sash, Trim hoover e ree e ee rete e enol Brick, Lime and Cement - , Builders' Hardy-ye and Paint JOHN J. RANDALL CO. Kugene Harry Rebers, son of Mr. ant | Mrs. Henty Rebers, Jr., was born on Wednesday, March 2. n ++ Two Merrickites in regular service| are seen around town, Royal Schade of the Navy and Richard Thanim of the Marines. a w fl Niss Vera Thamm has been visitiig at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs, Conrad J, Thamm. It was a treat to see William Gray nmong his friends the other day dfter being confined to his home for the past few months. Co why 4 nter Little Walter Nurmi is i. - \- Marle Carpenter has recovered. in The Sunday Schoo! scholars of St. THE BANK ON THE TRIANGLE ec. Sorng puthsats Wi Ruane | THAT TREATS YOU SQUARE 15 N. Long Beach Ave. Tsi s2s FREEPORT, L. I. s Easter carols at 2.80 Satupday, Church helipad disp Geat y its tt [ members have responded generously tof bas the.drive to raise $1 for relief work =-- \R . - ~- - tae in Central Europe, the Near East ind > a | + . pc cs China, and held by the Allicd orzini-| @ Arla Path , , 4 re ~a 4% zations. of Merrick under the stuspices ~ « < a % 2° *% bp sts tp iy t i of the Merrick Civic Leafue, 'a ° ~s t uk a __ - emunce | - fey: ”an. and melamn. or Otd | Bj M I. Road,. haye ret their home ta here atter sponding the lust few mon ths gi EsTA'usuw 1907 x in the city. They expect to reside i} BI t Merrick. _- -% fas Chs Sins ¢ \le Nes. TT. RotUor, president of the new- C ly reogunized Parish Ald Society of St. Jobhh'® Lutheran Church, says the go- ~s clety is going to: become one of the mout & ++, active of its kind in the United Luth ( » cran Clurclt. FAY AND F Y UPHOlsTERl-ZRS & INTERIOR DECOR WE an LOCATED IN FREEPORT -ME- Witham 8, Chrlgty, atthough extrono- Iy busy in the business world, finds thmo to serve aw sectatary ot the wide-}. A awake Merrick: Civic League. A M'“ SOUTH m S T E \ A. pinouhlo gwite and dance will be * a Fo: hold is Wiremen's Hall 2 on S#turday Opposite Post Office & y )- evento. March 13. 'The next roqulst t b f H $ - Gutice will be held Saturdiy bvebing, prs . Marcly 19. I <9, The nest médtifig of the Pariin Aid| i ' o ase ns F ae + 4 is ' WE ARE HERE TO ST . ~ ber igi OH; wf m.“.$'§'¢2 a . p** * «p | Our Lift w Workroums oh; us every f@W@llity for doing your Ih = $. Isunch of Tho F 36.000 i ( Ye - wak-dnh'fwwrfl Sbrrich Firk Comparkt -# will held n pecial 'meetin®. or «vining |. CM,\ wt Stal thine thie ' “W1,

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