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The Mid-island mail. (Medford, N.Y.) 1935-1941, July 30, 1941, Image 19

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> •\*• ' • :¦ • . , • * . - >-. .-I- Mortgage Money Available F. H. A. MGDH;RNIZAfiiON LOANS I Door and Window Screens f ? ?si^M^^i A* «*- .a* ;.»l P^*. - , 3 ' ANYWHERE ON At Special rncea j LONG ISLAND ? T^ & S. tumberi & Supply Go. . ¦ ¦ . . ' ¦/• •' ,. A \ ' ' -INC. 5 '\ '^^^j *JF ^\' y iSiS^' - \ PATCHOGUE RIV^RHlXb B, Maitt St. :«} .Grwe Ave, , Roanoko Ave . «t R.R . St, Phono 914 - 915 ' .;, ,_t.^A -: . Phone 8430 *fitT7ry^** yr^y *' . *? > * ! ! L '* - \ . \? , ^*T\*^ w ' . 'w*? ^ ?*y i ' r *i^ > rT!*^?^ \i ?^'^ \ y»?—«»* y i»«w- vn - t n . ¦- ._ L ' , - „ ' , - .,,,, „ w . .^^, ' .„ - ,, ,, - . ' County mosquito €omm. Urges Help Of All Residents Says Household Variety of Pest Is Homemade Advice to Be Careful o-f Allowing Water to Stand—Discarded Cans One of Worst Features The Suffolk County Mosquito Extermination commisson an- nounces tliat it is making stren- uous efforts to make this sea- son the best in its history- -But complete success , it explains , depends as much on the co-op- eration of the public as upon the . work of the commission. In spite of high tides and nu- merous rain s saltmarsh and woodland mosquitoes are pret- ty much under control. There is another mosquito how- ever , which the commission cannot combat unaided. This is the house- hold mosquito which breeds in cess- pools , tin cans , rain barrels , buckets , roof g-utters , auto tires , fish pools , bird baths , fountains , open drains , water in the cellar and under the porch. ' \This mosquito , the commission says , \lays from 50 to 400 eggs at a time and only takes ten days to hatch so the rate of propagation is very high. It normally lives six to eight ¦week s , but can survive in the female stage all winter hidden in sheltered places. It is very persistent in enter- ing the house and is the only mosquito which bothers you when you are try- ing to sleep. . \It is not too much to say that if you are annoyed by mosquitoes at night it is your own fault because these mosquitoes breed somewliere around your house. Every year it is necessary to call the public ' s at- tention to: this matter but this is a very seriQus situati on in the county which property owners must recog- nize and act accordingly. \A list of the precautions which property own ers must take in order to ' prevent the breeding of household mosquitoes is given below : \Cesspools should be sealed up tight so that no opening exists through which the mosquito can enter and lay its eggs. If it is desirable to keep a- vent hole in the cover , a sheet of screening inserte d between the cover and the top of the opening is effective; An open or . overflowing cesspool ean supp ly the whole neigh- borhood with mosquitoes. . \Rain barrels should also be sealed up tight. Very seldom do we find an open rainbarrel which is not breed- ing mosquitoes. If the barrel is used to collect water a spigot can be in- serted on the lower .end but under no circumstance should the top be left uncovered or unscreened. We know of one community where every house has a rain barrel and..every one is breeding mosquitoes. \Boats hauled up on shore and filled with water are prolific breeders. If water must be left in the boat , the fop of the boat should be covered. \Buckets should always he turned upside down if allowed to stay out- side and used tires should never be left out of doors. \Roof gutters should be kept clean so that the leaders do not stop up and cause water to stand in the gut- ters. \Fish pools should either be stocked with fish or drained. Fish eat the mosquito larva. \Wa l ter in flower vases ancl bird baths should be changed every three or four days. . .; \Do not allow water to stand under the house or porch ov remain in the cellar. If you do it is your own fault if you are bitten by mosquitoes. \All such ornamental fixtures such as fountains , urns and flower pots should be kept empty of water. \Probably the worst condition of any is the tin can situation. Thought- less or lazy people continually throw their empty , cans in the woods or nearest lot. In some casos the own- ers have cleaned these np, only to find more thrown on their land. This practice is of course a \violation of the law but it is almost impossible to catch offenders as they usually are very carefu l not to be seen. \We cannot control tlu s situation any: more than we can control the actions of the residents of the . dif- ferent towns. Mosquitoes will ol- ways breed in tin cans until the in- dignation of the public roaches a point when people will no -longer throw cans around promiscuously and the penalty for this practice is made so severe that it will sto p of its own accord. \Associations that want to help the mosquito situation can do a great deal hy . helping solve the tin can situation . The best thing to do with tin cans is to cart them to the public dump or bury them, \By observance -of the above sug- gestions the number of mosquitoes in the 1 county can be greatl y reduced if not eliminated. Until the public be- comes mosquito copious and every resident cleans .up - frit* own place; the mosquito problem will always be with US. \ . * ' : . SeM&it Mews items Mrs. Richard Henry A reception was given Mr. and Mrs. Fred Nieman of Evergreen drive , who were married June 29 , at the Community house last Thursday eve- ning. The hall' was decorated with p ink and white crepe , paper , with , a centerpiece of a cottage complete with evergreens and potted flowers , enclos- ed in a picket fence , made by Tilden Ryman and presented to Mr. and Mrs. Nieman. Guests- were Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nieman , Mr. and Mrs. Tilden Ryman , the Rev. and Mrs . A. Philip Tuttle , Mrs. E. M. Hiltz , Mrs. John Monahan , Mrs. John McCabe , the Misses Maybelle and Lucille Still , Mr. and Mrs. Richard Henry, Mr. and Mrs. Otis , Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Hough , Lee Smith , Mrs. George Tepper , Mrs. Leonard Petrucelli , Mrs. Webster Dayton of Selden and Miss Thelma Terry of Terryville. ' Refreshments were served. Webster Dayton of the Middle Country road is attending the annual Interdenominational Young Peop le ' s conference at Stony Brook , as a dele- gate from the Selden Community church. Mr. and Mrs. George Waldroxi and daughter Gertrude , Mrs. Barbara Blettenberg and Mr. and Mrs. Louis Duk e attended the card party of the Ladies ' auxiliary of the Holtsville fire department Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Saalwachter of Astoria spent the week-end at their bungalow on Woodlawn avenue and entertained Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fields of Cedar Manor , Mr. and Mrs. Ed- ward Petrat of Jamaica , Mr. and Mrs. G. DesForges of Astoria and John Munro of Miami , Fla. . The men -went fishing at Mattituck on Sunday. Ralph Rogers , a local boy, who is stationed at the Canal Zone , is con- fined in the Soldier ' s hospital with a leg infection. Mrs. Mabel Schramn of Brooklyn spent the week-en 'd at the home of her nephew and niece , Mr. and Mrs. Richard Henry of Middle Country road. Mrs. Luella Keefer of New Jersey is visiting her son and daughter-in - law , Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Keefer of Hemlock street . Mrs. Lenz and daughters , Sarah and Regina , are moving to Patchogue this week . Peter Panse of Naomi court had his leg amputated at the knee last week , as gangrene had set in from an in- fected bunion. Mrs. Richard Henry, Mrs. James Davis of Blue Point and Mrs. Mabel Schramn of Brooklyn were dinner guests of Mrs. Joseph ' Kucera of Sayville last Friday. Arthur Welcom of Dunmore , Pa., spent the week-end at the home of his parents , Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fi- carra of Cedarhurst avenue , where other guests were Joseph Nuaro and son Frank of Brooklyn. Miss Dorothy Clarke of Deferiet , N. Y., has been engaged by the Sel- den school board to teach the fourth , fifth and sixth grades for the coming year. Dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hanson of the Middle Country road last Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. John Sheean and children, Jack and Pa- tricia , and Mr. and Mrs. Mack Mc- Lean and friends of Kennelworth , N. J. Louis Duke has returned to his of- fice in Philadelphia , Pa., after spend- ing the week at his home on Middle Country road. The interior of Selden school has been redecorated by Siegfried Peters of Patchogue. Mrs. Leslie Hough and Mrs. J. Lo- gan Dare , attended the Red Cross staff assistants ' class at Huntington last Wednesday evening. A birthday celebration was held in honor of Clarence Dare at the Dare bungalow at West Meadow boacli Sat- urday. ' Miss Jeanne Haspel of Adirondack drive entertained over the week-end her cousin , Ellen Jane Judge of Elm- hurst , and Alice Stroh of South Oxone Park. The Fire department , the Ladies ' auxiliary and the Juveniles each re- ceived a prize at the Sayville fire- men ' s carnival last Tuesday evening, and at Sound Beach recently the Juveniles received a cash prize. At a tournament at Sayville last Thursday evening, the Selden Juvenile band won first prize and the band leader , Jeanne Haspel , won second prize for twirling, In co-operation with the Civil De- fense program a drive is being made for the collection of aluminum all this week. Housewives who have old alum- inum pots and pans which they wish to donate , should leave them at the vegetable stand of J. Logan Dare on Middle Country road and they will be turned over to the proper author- ities. Fire department and Ladies ' auxil- iary will hold a beach party this Fri- day evening at West Meadow beach. Mrs. Anna Bergstrom of Pleasant- ville , N. Y., is visiting her son-in-law and daughter , Mr. and -Mrs. John Monahan of Ferndale avenue. Miss Alice Winekoop of Pleasantville is also a guest. Donald and^Joh n Mon- ahan , also of Pleasantville , visited their parents for the week-end and Sunday guests were Mr. and Mrs. John Waas and son of New York . Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Anderson of Corona are spending the summer at their cottage on Ferndale avenue. Miss Henriett a Hough , student nurse at the Brooklyn Norwegian hos- pital , is visiting her parents , Mr. and Mrs . Leslie Hough . Mrs. George Wolf and daughters , Carolina and Shirley, are spending the summer at their bungalow on Evergreen drive. Shirley is recover- ing from an appendicitis operation. Mr. and Mrs. Emil Haardt and daughter Virginia are at their bun- galow on Evergreen dri ve. Mr. Haardt is having a two-week vaca- tion , but his famil y will remain for the season. Sylvia Goetz Mr. and Mrs. L. He fferman and children spent the week-end at their bungalow on . . Ormon d avenue. Mr. and Mrs. DiCorso of Brooklyn were at their bungalow on Daisy place over the week-end. Mr. and Mrs. R. Rugolo of Brook- lyn were week-end visitors at their bungalow on Daisy place. Mr. and Mrs. R. Raimez and son Robert of New York spent the week- end at their bungalow on Blue Point road. \Week-end\ guests of Mrs. B. Chann- els of Blue Point road were Mr. Ch a nnel's and daughter Lorraine of New York. Mr. and Mrs. D. Evans and children of New York are spending the sum- mer at their bungalow on Wyona ave- nue. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wihsman n of Ridgewood are spending a three-week vacation at their bungalow on Mag- nolia drive. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Schneider and Mr. and Mrs. William Seyfried bf Glendale were at their bungalow on Magnolia drive for tlie week-end. Mrs . . George \ Wolf and children , Shirley and Carolyn , of Glendale are sepnding their vacation on Evergreen drive. Mrs . Michael Cjcciarell a and daugh - ters , Dorothy, Carolyn ancl Gloria , of Brooklyn are out for the summer at their bungalow on Plan dome place] Bernard Fox of Richmond Hill visit- ed his mother , Mrs. Anna Fox of Bel- laire avenue , last Tuesday . Mrs. Jacob Norman , Miss Anna Norman and her fiance , Alfred Hop- fensitz , Mrs. Claire Hopfensitz and Hans Norman of Nfew York and Mr. and Mrs. ' Alfons Brendler and son Robert of Middle Village were Sun- day guests of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Goetz of Kensington avenue. Mr. - and Mrs. Gaspar Frisnia * and children have returned to Brooklyn after spending two weeks at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Oneto of Rose place. The Oneto family has al- so gone back to . Brooklyn after a few weeks here. Mr. and Mrs. A. Bezack of Ozone Park were at their bungalow on Adirondack drive over the week-end. Mi: and Mrs. Peter DeQuarto and children , Fanny and Concetta , were at their bungalow on Rose place over the week-end and entertained Mr. and Mrs. Doniinick DeQuarto of Brook- lyn. Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Rudolf Lauturner of Argy le avenue were Mr. and Mrs. Mathew Raduano , Josephine McQuillan and Theodore Lauturner of New York. Miss Mc- Quillan and Mr. Lauturner were also out last Wednesday. • Mr. and Mrs. C. Rocks and son William of New York spent the week- end at their bungalow on Dai sy place. Week-end guests of Mrs. Gildo Civitella of Ormond avenue were Mr. Civitella and daughter Frances ' of Brooklyn. Mrs. J. Orlando has returned to Brooklyn , after spending a week at the home of Mrs. 'W. Reilly of Argyle avenue. Week-end guests at the Reil- ly home were Mr. and . Mrs. M. Shae and \James Orlando of Brooklyn. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ireton and son Edward , and Harry Ireton of South Ozone Park spent Sunday with Mrs. J. Ireton of Argyle avenue. Mr. and Mrs. John Bossert and daughter Marguerite of New York were week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Sohl of Adirondack drive. Mr. and Mrs. Heinz Schultze and baby Gene of Evergreen drive and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Burns and chil- dren of Blue Point spent Monday at Wildwood State park. The constant drip of water Wears away the hardest stone ; And the constant gnaw of Towser Masticates the toughest bone; And the constant , cooing lover Carries off the blushing maid ; And the constant advertiser Is the one who gets the trade. —Adv

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