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The Mid-island mail. (Medford, N.Y.) 1935-1941, May 07, 1941, Image 5

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ICE » |j* TJ IJ IN: : ' COLpWEr . J-i A. KEGS *Hi& *Zim p l ui) I>ei)oiiH mid.15c. -Tnx ' <wwwW Bellvcrod .lo your, ll&mc In % KcKD - Equnl to 50 10- OJ - . GI I » HHO « , HE D AQIJ. 'C- Groccrlefl , UmU IWOJCi fcJ Cold Cuts I HORSE BLOCK IW„ PAKMINttVrLLK I TBI* SGLD.IW 1830W2 I . . .. ¦ - . - .. - . ._ ¦ _. - _:;. ' . . . ¦ M>'HH~ ™'M>MM a^h«M^HM Mlaa « H,MWHIHHHH ^,Ml ^ ___ l ___ll ^M^,|^aI__H |||Hl ^ HMHIMh ^ ^^ Jp ^ Our New Quarters WE ARE NOW LOCATED AT i 414 East Rlkiit Sfc ? Patchepe; where we fcave greatl y improwed facilities , both f or the disp lay and sermmg of F0R0 , MIRGUM and IIM€§iNr ZEPHYR Cars. <$ We cordially invite you to inspect owr new quartets and a welcome awaits you at all times. Hi Ea st Main Street i\ iii ' - ' I: ; ' ¦ , |: TELEPHONE 1 134 ; ' •: : ' ¦ ' -I :i; ; .i: . ' ¦ ¦ • ' ' . : :¦ __ . ¦ - - ¦ ^«MM|pMMNMM) *HW^MNMMp<M«Ml *«MMMM *alM>M*iMBaMM«MB* ^^ ' ¦ . . I- ' , f, h P. WATERMAN Ki P. flOST President Treasurer if 414 EAST MAIN! STfcEEtf ' Telephone IlSSi k PATCHOGUE , N. Y. AV ' ' - ~ \ . ' . r* i II -- .. M i -- II * iii . i . ¦^¦i^^* r > fc _^ w ww«** M W»*^M^»iwiwiMwiiii*i ^i^Mi>i g i M iiiM!iii -^ Pupils ' Spelling Bee , Second School Dist. At Medford May 14 Schools in the Second Supervisory district , which includes all of Brook- haven and Islip towns , except the village superintendeiieies of Patch- ogue , Sayville and Bay Shore , are being- asked to send pupil-representa- tives to the Medford Grade school at 4 p. m. Bfay 14 for the district' s an- nual spelling bee. The May 14 competition , which is directed by District Superintendent Walter M. Ornisby of Bayport , is open to two pupils from each school , and the winners will participate in the county -wide contest at Riverhead in June. The names of the contestants are not generally available until the day of the competition. In former years , an average of about 15 of the 42 school districts in thte Second district have taken part. Teachers accom- panying- the pupils to Medford will serve as judges. . •Far IMMS g ville Mrs . Olive Munby busily gathers items of interest to Farmingville residents each week. Contact her whenever you have any news. . Selden 15I8-J2 The Farmingville firemen had no rest- last Tuesday. Following in quick succession two fires which had been put out earlier in the day, another blaze reported at 3 o ' clock in the afternoon burned a small area of brush o-n. Adirondack drive near Edgewooi avenue before it was ex- tinguished. Again at 4:45 , the fire- men were called to a brush fire near the E. Neilsen place on Hors e Block road. A field of grass on the Neil- sen property being burned off under permit had started a small blaze in the surrounding brush. Last Wed- nesday at 5:15 p. m., a small fire on Portion road , west of Washington avenue , -was soon extinguished. Sat- urday at 1:40 p. m., a fire in the hill section called* out two departments , because of high wind fanning flames toward many summer homes in. the heavily wooded area. After about an hour ' s work by tlie Farmingville and Holtsville firemen , the blaze , which had been confined to one block on Glemvood p lace between Brent- wood avenue and Falcon court , was extinguished. One small building on the James Wall place was burned , but the \Wall cottage and other bung- alows in. that section were not dam- aged. ' . Mr. and Mrs . Robert Neudecker of Brooklyn have rented their home in Farmingville Gardens to Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Deniao and daughter Katherirte of Brooklyn , for the sum- mer. Mrs. James DeRose of- Horse Block road , accompanied by her sister-in- law , Miss Helen Ee Rose of Brook- lyn , attended.the all-day and evening- convention of Grocers and Delicates- sen own ers held at tli e Hotel New Yorker , New York , last Tuesday, un- der the auspices of the Metropolitan Delicatessen Merchants * association. Among tbe many features of inter- est was a food* clinic given by the famous chef ,, Oscar of the Waldorf , who discussed and explained the dis- play and preparation of foods dem- onstrated by his assistant , the New Yorker chef. ; A floor show , moving pictures , music and talks by out- standing leaders of the trade filled out the; program. ' Mrs. Hose Xittlefield , a frequent visitor of her granddaughter , Mrs. Arthur Terry o>f Portion road , is ser- iously ill , folio-wing , a stroke at her home on Shelter Island Sunday eve- nings „ , . ¦ Arthur Bahnmuller , Sr., chairman , and . Frank Simpson have assembled a large number, of. fine prizes for the card party* to be givex Saturday ove- ning. at the fireball , under the alls- pices of. the fire department. • On the occasion of her birthday last Friday, Miss Edith . Calhoun en- tertained in the afternoon at her home on Horse Block road , Mrs. Peter Ga-rite and son Carl , Mrs. Wil- liam Manning, Miss Frances Wood- bury and Mrs. Arthui Munby . A -Bing Crosby- movie and a **Si ii g . in ' which the audience participated , made a fine .accompaniment to the feature picture , \Whirlwind Horse- man , \ at the fh'ehall Friday, evening. This • Friday ' s program , premises to be even more thrilling, , with , \Pilot X\ doing his daredev il flyin g stunts; Shoots and a comedy will complete the bill.. ' • ' ' . ¦ „ , Mr. and- Mrs* Charles Nolan of St. Albans- were at their place , in Farmingville . Gardens- > Sunday and started Avork on ihe foundation ol their guest- cabin , also - on; the addi- tional room to - be, constructed on tli e rear of tho building. . , , ' Miss Edna Hawkins , vice-president j>£ ' the. * Ladies? auxiliary of the - nre department, . is- now presiding as the president , - Mrst . Clarence la Fever , is.temporarily- away , on,leave of ab? 'lienccr voted tb .lier at the .meeting ol ¦ th-e- - - 6rga3)ifflatio3i . last Thursday -ove- ninc -afc the. .Koine- of Mrs. . Retort Karr iri, HMts. viHe „ -At th* meeting •Mrs;- Paul Gorwiseiv and Mrs. Alex Sipos were * appointed ft committee in ' •ch a rge oi them&xt, card party ; tq- be .given , in, Juno. . . Ethel . BaKwnullOr , Lilalt Holmes , Ruth Wcitistfi and- Jane Fogar , ty at- tended tlie Senior , class ' . . -play , \One Mad Night, \ ab the. Bayport High school la st; Friday evoninfc, •¦ Miv a*idi, MtSi' Er«i; Bruno of Brooklyn . who. ' spent Svmdajy at thoir place on ftaeatep- .:, avenuoy M entertain- ed Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bruno , Jr., Mr . and Mrs. P. Fabbricat and daugh- ter Nina and son Vinnie , Miss Lee Baldassari of Brooklyn , and Miss Rose Dagostino of New York. Walter Anderson and Genevieve , Arthur and Alice Sheehan of New Vork were guests Saturday of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Boone of Cedar- oaks avenue. Small Thomas Shee- han returned with them to New York , following a visit of several weeks at the Boone home. Mr. and Mrs. S. Maronni of New York and Woodmont place spent the week-end here. They are having a large porch built across the front and entire north side of the bunga- low. A brother and sister-in-law , Mr. and Mrs . F. Maronni , also of New York , who own the adjoining- property on the north , have just com- pleted a large room and screened porch across the rear of their cot- tage. The Maronnis also spent the week-en d here. Mr. and Mi's. A. Matlak and : son John of New York spent Sunday at their bunga l ow on Rexmaire avenue and entertained Mrs. E. Sullivan and Capt: and Mi's- . - . William . ML Robinson of New York . Captain Robinson , who was a captain on the first con- voy- in the last World - war , is now pilot for the Manhattan Lighterage corporation of the Battery. A surprise party was given Sun- day evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Gibaldi of Woody Crest drive in celebration of the fifteenth birthday of their son Anthony, which was the previous day. Among- the many gifts received by Anthony was an-exceptionally large decorated cake from his father. The guests includ- ed Mr. and Mrs. James Ferlise- , Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Noble, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Verruso and Anthony ' s sister , Grace and grandparent s , Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gibaldi and family of Brooklyn. For warm vacation d ays ahead , the DeEose General store on Horse Block road has again stocked eighth-size legs of beer , which proved so pop- ular last year. Arthur Bahnmuller , Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bahnmuller , cele- brated his tenth birthday at: his home in Farmingville Gardens Sunday. With his severa l guests , including \his grandmother , Mrs. Lena Bahn- muller of H orse Block road . , he en- joyed a big birthday, cake and other refreshments , Fifty littl e chicken s are getting their first feathers in the recently- completed brooder house on the Les- ter Crawford property in Farming- ville Gardens* Mr. and Mrs. William Hanrahan entertained at dinner Sunday at their home in Farmingville Gardens , Mr. Hanrahan ' s brother-in-law and sis- ter , M T . and . Mrs. Edward Donoghue cf Jackson Heights , who celebrated their thirty-ninth wedding, anniver- sary on Saturday , April 26. Their son , Edward. J. Donoghue, Jr., will he married June 7 , at the Church of the Sacred Sacrament , Fillmore ave- nue , Jackson Heights , to Miss Cecile Camus , also of Jackson Heights. A business meeting- of the Ladies- Aid society of the Congregational church will be held this Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. James \Wetsell , Horse Block road. The art- nual card party given by the organ- ization Saturday evening at the Holtsville school was exceptionally successful and many, fine prizes were awarded. Mrs. Arthur Terry and Miss Edna Horn , both of Portion road , each received special prizes , a linen scarf and a pair of embroid- ered pillow -cases. Mrs. Christian. Neilsen is recovez* - ing. from : illness which confined her to her home on Horse Block road , all during last* , week. . S. E, Terry- of Portion road , ac- companied by, his son aii d daughter- in-law , Mis and Mrs. Millard Terry and fam-ilv. of Holtsville , enjoyed : a motor trip - to Orient Point Sunday. ; Arth ur Kelly, brother of Mrs. Ar- thur Terry of Portion road , is sta- tioned with , his company at Gamii Kustis , Va, : Mr. and i Mrs. John Jensen of As- toria luve hacl their* bungalow moved from th'e roar of their property where itt faic-ed Granny road . , to the front of; the ; plot: facing- Woodmont place. Mr. - Davis of Blue Point; is the contractor in charge of- th e work - On Sunday IMlv and Mra. Jensen en- tertained: at ! dinner Mi\ and < ' Mrs, Edward Neis of Astoria and Jens Jensen (no relation) of Miami , Fla. , Mr. and Mrs. Philip Zinimer of Pinedale avenue entertained at din- ner Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Ziminer and family of Brooklyn , Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kraff miller and daughter Mary of Richmond Hill , Miss Helen Donovan , Miss Ruth Smith , Lawrence Ochs and fiancee , Miss Virginia McLaughlin , of St. Albans and Segt. Lawrence Case of Fort Slocum , New Rochelle. Mrs- . Edith Smith of Portion road suffered a relapse in her condition following an eye infection and re- turne d to the Westhampton Beach hospital last week for further treat- ment. Mrs. Smith had been home from the hospital for three weeks , as the eye condition seemed to be greatly improved. Mrs. Andrew Larsen of Granny road is under medical treatment for a throat ailment , following the lodg- ing of a fish bone in her throat last Thursday. Afte r a stay of several months in New York , Mr. and Mrs. Napoleon Riouel and daughter Eosellen are re- siding at the home of Mr. Eiopel' s parents , Mr. and Mrs. E. Riopel of Fairmont avenue. William Clendinnen of State high- way acted as installing- officer at the installation of officers of the Med- ford Fire department Monday eve- ning at Medford. A party was given Monday after- noon at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gormsen of Farmingville Gar- dens by their son Paul , Jr., in cele- bration of his eleventh birthday. His guests , who enjoyed indoor and out- door games and refreshments , were Arthur Bahnmuller , Jr., Kenneth Terry and Arthur Terry, Jr., Alex and Gloria Sipos , William Hanrahan , Jr., Jean Taylor , Florence , Jack , George and Andrew Crawford and Paul' s brother , Walter Gormsen. Mr. and: Mrs. Daniel Caiey enter- tained over the week-en d at their home in Farmingville Gardens , Mrs. E. Lorrigan and Mrs, H. Koegel anc! son William of Bay Ridge.

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