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The Mid-island mail. (Medford, N.Y.) 1935-1941, December 25, 1940, Image 15

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National Defense Moves-on Various Lines in Suffolk U. S. Takes Title to Land for Plane Factory Supervisors Have Closed Session— Plane Parts Factory for Sag Har- bor?—Suffolk Airport May Be Used Long Island' s part in the National Defense program took several new forward spurts over the week-end , particularly in Suffolk county. Firs t , United States Attorney Har- old M. Kennedy in Brooklyn filed papers im the. Federal court vesting title to 232 acres of land in East Farmingdale , near the Suffolk-Nassau border , ior the federal government through condemnation. The land is alongside the Republic Aviation corporation ' s plant , and it is expected that the government will build a modern airplane factory on tlie site. The plan s call for an ex- penditure of §5 , 210 , 000. The Re- public plant now has government contracts totalling $56, 399 , 000 \for pursuit-interceptor planes. With the filing of the papers , Mr. Kennedy also posted a check \for $111 , 809 to cover the cost of acquir- ing the additional property. Under an arrangement between the govern- ment and the plane company, the government is scheduled to build the new factory and the company is to use it to fill government orders ex- clusively. On another front , the Suffolk Board of Supervisors \was considering de- fense matters that were discussed at an executive session in Riverhead on Thursday. No hint was given as to the nature of the meeting, hut developments within the next few weeks may bring to public attention the proposals placed before the board. The closed session followed an open meeting at which Supervisor Edgar A. Sharp secured passage of a reso- l ution appropriating funds as need- ed for technical training schools. One of these schools will be opened in the abandoned Fourth Avenue school in Bay Shore after January 1 , and a study is being made on the establishing of other such courses , in which aviation trades are taught , in Patcliogue as well as in River- head. The plan to establish a factory in Sag Harbor for the manufacture of airplane parts was also advanced over the week-end. Mayor Albert P. Loening of Southampton is head of the corporation that has been formed to operate the factory in an abandoned village-owned building- in Sag Harbor. The corporation is known as the Agawam Aircraft Products , Inc. The building will occupy fronts on the liarbor and adjoins the torpedo test- ing plant of E. W. Bliss company, •which also may he reopened soon. George A. Dippel , former village trustee, will be superintendent of the Agawam plant , which will start operations February 1. It was said that the decision by ¦the company \to occupy a p lant in Sag Harbor was because of the prevalence of skilled labor in this area. . It was -pointed out that many skilled men , formerl y employed by a Sag Harbor \watch case company, are still available . Mr. Loening- has long been identi- fied with the . -aviation- industry, He is a . dire ctoi ' , ' ' of the Grumman Air- craft Engineering corporation of Bethpage and is a former director of the Curtiss-Wright company. His broth er , Grovcr Loening, is chair- man of the hoard of Roosevelt field. Por several y-cars , the brothers op- erated \the Loening Aeronautical cor- poration in Lon g Island City, which speci alized in the manufacture, of amphibian planes. It is also re-ported that the Suffolk 'Airport , a privately-owned flying field between Westhampton and Riv- erhead , may be* leased by the Army Air corps \ next month for use in maneuvers. A squadron of fast pur- suit snaps \Would be kept at tho field , according to thc report. Last Call issued Men Residents To Sign Register Last call for alien* registration , be- cause Thursday at midnight is the deadline for aliens throughout the nation to comply with the provisions of the Alien Registration act. Patchogue Postmaster Edgar M. Mapesl said yesterday that during the past fo ur months , more than 1 , - 400 aliens have been registered at . the Patchogue postofflce , which is serving a large part of Suffolk coun- ty. Mr. Mape? *said the local , post- office will be open for final registra- tions from 2 p. m. -to 5 p. m. today and from 2 p. m. to 5 p. m. Thurs- day, the last day. There will be no registration tomorrow , Christmas day. • More than 4 , 000 , 000 non*-citizens already have been registered throu gh- . out the nation , as compared with a preliminary calculation . . of 3 , 600 , 000 , it was announced over the week-end by the Department of Justice in Washington. - The nation-wide flow continues at the rate of more than 50 , 000-a day. Some officials believe the fi-nal figure will run as high as 5 , 000 , 000. One factor which officials said helped swell the total above the early estimates was the large registration of alien s who had entered the coun- try illegally. No fi gures were avail- able on this , however. : Official s expressed the belief that , in general , aliens who entered the United States illegally but who- have behaved them s elves since reaching this country may expect lenient treat- ment . Those who entered illegally prior to July 1 , 1924 , may legalize - . their presence by formal applica- < tions provided \they have no criminal record. . . . - . • - . ' ' Those who ' entered illegally since that date are subject to deportation , but siich action is discretionary with the Attorney G eneral , whose decision is final unless overturned by v Gon- gress. Under the law , all aliens over 14 years of age must register person- ally and be fingerprinted. . Children under 14 must be reg istered by their parents or guardians , liut are not fingerprinted. , The penalty for failing \to register - \ by Thursday is a fine of $1 , 000 , six month s in prison , or both . Once the ; registration period eiids , a large squad of Department of Justice men will be put into the field to check np •on aliens wlio have not registered. To date , New York leads tie 48 states with about 1 , 000 , 000 aliens registered , or more than twice the- number reporte d from second-place California. Hairs Vote Is Cast For Overriding Veto Of Walter-Logan Bill Representative Leonard W. Hall of Oyster Bay cast his vote last Wednes- day along with 152 other memb ers of the House of Representatives in an • unsuccessful effort to override Pres- ident Roosevelt' s veto of the Logan - Walt-er bill to subject rulings and regulations of the administrative agencies to court review. Thirty-nine Democrats and 114 Re- publicans voted to override the Exec- utive ' s veto , making a total of , 153 \ against 127 votes cast in favor of sustaining the veto. The veto was upheld because a two-thirds vote, or 187 , was necessary to override. The successful minority of - 127 included 123 Democrats. ' Funds Released From Road Reserve To Pay Bills Now The holiday spirit pervaded the Brookhaven Town board session last week , when the board , with the approval of County Highway Super- intendent Harry T. Tuthill , arranged for releasing an additional $7 , 895 from , the Town Highway depart- ment' s reserve account with which to pay outstanding bills before Christ- mas. Because all available funds in Item 1 of the Town Highway unit have been spent , it was the second time within a month that approval of this kind had to be sought of Mr. Tuthill , who supervises the . use of the reserve fund. Just before Thanks- giving, $18 , 000 was released in order to pay past due payrolls of $(j, 145.67 and bills iox materials totalling $11 , - 808.80. The latest release action provided for paym ent of payrolls totalling $631.06 and bills of $7 , 310.28 for materials , track hire and other inci- dentals. The $45.58 balance left from the $18 ,000 fund release will be applied to the latter bills. The- reserve fund , set up in cpn- formity with the law , is based on ten per eent of the Item 1 figure , which this year totalled $30 1 , 664, and of tho annual state aid received by the Town Highway unit , •which this year was about $23 , 000. Alto- gether , tlie fun d totalled $33 , 720.58. With the two funds deducted from this sum, there now remains $7 , 824. - 77 in th© reserve account. \~ - 9 ¦¦I ' M IMI . m i- 1.99— — . urn — ¦¦¦— Ono dollar ancl fifty cents is nil it costs for ii subscription to Ther Mid- Island Mail. / MARY ROSELLE'S WILL The lat o Mary Roselle of Kon- konkoma , 'who died December 6 , leaves an estate valued at more than $8 , 000. Her will gives it equally to / John JT . R-oselle , son , and Marie A, Roadie , ' (laughter , both of Ron- Iconlcon-m. More Salary Raises B y the Supervisors Three new salaries increases , total- ling $620 a year , were granted by the Suffolk Board of Supervisors at a special meeting held Thursday -at Riverhead. All three employees af- fected are on the county treasurer ' s staff. Mrs. Sophie . Leonard received an increase from $1 , 080 to $1 , 200 a year , George V. Conklin ' s salary was raised from $1 , 200 to $1 , 500 , ' and Auditing Clerk Jesse Rhodes ' titl e was changed to senior accountant and auditor , and his salary increased from $1 , 700 to $1 , 900. A month ago , the supervisors granted salary increases to 34 county empl oyees , the raises aggregating $11 , 694 a year. S CLEMENT CLARKE MOORE § —. *** ¦ Jnf ei &£¦ * #/§ ?W 'Twas the night before Christmas , when all through the house : __ ) gg Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; l|| £? The stockings were hung by the chimn ey with care , #j| 5 J 3 In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there; - ^fc &¦ • • The children nestled all snug in their beds , . - - . $$ ™ While visions of sugar plums danced in their heads; : -}& ] *$ And mamm a in her 'kerchief , and I'in my cap, ^ & Had just s ettled our brains for a long Winter ' s nap, fff l 1$ When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter , • ¦£§ 8% I sprang from the bed to . see what was the matter. $j| Jg| Away \ to the window I flew like a flash , '36 ] |j» . Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash . %£ *?• . , The moon on the breast . of the new fallen snow ^ ff Wf Gave the luster of midday to objects below , ' v® *£. When , what to my wondering eyes shoul d appear , ¦ ¦ *$j| j » But a miniature sleigh , and eight tiny reindeer, _ s 3& With a little old driver , so lively and quick , ' -JS , m% I knew in a moment it -must be St. Nick , ^ S jMtf More rapid than eagles his coursers they came , t|V jjj &\ And he whistled , and shouted , and called theni by name ; . J& $j W \Now , Dasher! now Dancer ! now Prancer and Vixen ! 0 _ % On Comet! on Cupid! on D onder and Blitzen ! Ji S| To the top of the porch ! To the top of the wall ! W $£. Now dash away ! dash away ! dash awa y all!\ « £ §Si As dry leave s that before the wild hurricane fly, *|s & L When they meet with an obstacle , mount to the sky, 0% 35j> So up to the house-top the cours er s they \ new , \Js _l With the sleigh full of toys , and St. Nicholas , too. - Tw 52 And then , in a twinkling, I heard on the roof •» S3? The prancing and pawing of each little hoof. &S &? As I d rew in my head , and was turning around , , $§ j5 | Down the chi mney St. Nicholas came with a bound. *•}& egr He was dressed all in- ; fur , from his head to his foot , JS g S And his clothes were all tarnished with ashes and soot ; _ „ > Q£ «*£ A bundle of toys he-had flung on his back , v5v fig* And he looked like, a peddler just opening his pack. J|j[- Wj His eyes—how they twinkled! his dimples how m erry ! jj& *§? His cheeks were like roses , his ncse like a cherry! J& i&\ His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow , «g | s|f . And the beard of his chin was as white as the snow; *|g lSt The stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth , JH? Wt And the smoke it encircled his head like a wreath ; ' /g ? M& t He had a broad face and a little round bell y Xjj ? sT-v That shook , when he laughed , like a bowlful of jelly. **? m ' ' . ' ¦ •!& S ** 5 . He was chubby and plump, a right jolly old elf , Js* & And I laughed when I saw him , in spite of myself; Jf* M? A wink of his eye and a twist of his head , ' /jf ? llgg Soon gave me to. ' -know I had nothing to dread; $5? \m He spoke not a word , but went s traight to his work , ]j fe g* . And filled all the stockings; then turned with a jerk , W §j£ And laying his finger aside of his nose , vek \M And giving a nod , up the chimney he rose; - ' jgp £K£ He spran g to his sleigh , to his team gave a whistle , jfe t And away they all flew like the down of a thistle. *A But I heard him exclaim , ere he drove out of sight , '| s£ S£ \Happy Christmas to all , and to; all a good night. \ $« f mwmMmzmmmmwMmi&mmMm^ if J\. $fett Jfnmt jil |M TC Juilas I JpHMmmmBNw^^ JyJ Season ' s Greetings to all of you , ; a -fi M We Hope: your Wishes all come true ; M •2 . ' And may the New Yeaf bring to you J§ 9 All possible H*appine8s and Peace, , ; m\ 1 / ¦ , \ _ ~*\ — ' - ' • ¦ ¦ ¦¦ .. ' • \f .j K We Invite You to a Pleasant Party on v M- \ p. New Ye^ 1 : I W $1 Mi<Mle Country Rd. v. '^^ i V,; ' vV ' ' : ;: . ' . ' ;^ M . ¦ ' • .;• ¦ ' . ' ¦ ¦ • ' • ¦ , ¦ * , :i , ', ;;¦ .. , WR »; AMD ': ' ] JI 3R|. ' . - G , - imtm^^^m i

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