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3j ¦ ' . . ^^ ^^ Busy on Building Sites , Water Lines , Sewers and Road Repairs Islip Town , Like Brookhaven , Has All Its Employable Re- lief Men at Camp The extent to which- the Works Projects administration , relieved of ordinary work in this section , is helping in the restoration of Camp Upton at Yaphank , is indicated fn a re- port giv en Monday by Col. C. W. Baird , commanding - officer of the camp, in reference to the work that is keeping ap- proximately 300 Suffolk W. P. A. men simultaneously employ- ed in the camp area. Several of Suffolk' s ten town s , in- cluding* Brookhaven , recently shut down practically all town-sponsored projects so that the Joea ] men em- ployed on them could be shifted to Camp Upton , which was given the preference becaxase it had a bearing on national def ense. In Brookhaven town, the change- over affe cted about 200 men , some of whom liad been employed on build- ing projects at Kings Park State hos- pital and on other \W. P. A. jobs out- side the . town ' s borders. Islip Town Supervisor Charles H. Duryea has announced that all em- ployable men on relief in Islip town , 3 26 in number, are now engaged at Camp Upton. Islip town is co-operat- ing in the centralized effort by hiring- four bus-es to take the men to and from Camp Upton . A similar bus plan is operated in SmithtoAvn town. <$> <$> | Many Jobs Undertaken 4 « -» The W. P. A- . program at the camp, which is sponsored by the federal government , includes the clearing of (Continued on page 4) Robbery Attempt Thwarted at L. R.; 2 Get Probation Two New York youth s , who were arrested last August on charges of breaking- into the pavilion at Be-verly Beach , Lake Ronkoxkoma , were placed on probation for one year by County Judge L. Barron Hill at Riverhead last week. • The two , Joseph Bruno , aged 23 , of 2301 First avenue , and Tincent Pa- ceili , aged 19 , of 407 East , 118th street , both New \York , who were in- dicted for burglary, pleaded guilty before Judge Hill after the charges had been reduced to unlawful entry. Fred Santcrello , aged 18 , of 2306 avenue , New York , also was ar- rested in the case , but was not in- dicted. The trio was arrested through the persistence of pa jama-clad Anker Andersen , aged 30, operator of Bev- erly Beach , who was awakened pt 4:30 a. m. oil Au gust 8 last by the barking of Putti , pet poodle of the Andersen family. Mr. Andersen scrambled out of bed , and as he . did , the intruders ran , got into their car nearby and started in the direction of St. James. Mr. Andersen gave chase in his car. Al- thoug h unable $o overtake the flee- ing car , he got close enou gh to note its license number, Several hours later , he came across the car with its three occupants. He detained them until tho arri val of Smithtown police. Rev. Philli p Tuttle , New Pastor , Churches , South Haven , Selden The Rev. and Mrs. A. Phillip Tuttl e are now occupying the. Presbyterian Manse on South Country road , Brook- haven. Mr. Tuttle has accepted the call to become pastor of the South Haven Presbyterian church and the Selden Community church , succeeding the Rev. George Borthwick , who was called to the Arlington Avenue Pres- byterian church in Brooklyn. He is a native of Chicago, 111., and a . graduate of Tilton Technical High school of Chicago and the University of Illinois and ; holds a Ph.B. degree from the University of Chicago , a B.D. degree from the Presbyterian (Continued on page 4) Cost of Home Helief Shows Big Decrease November Total $9 , 595 for 1 , 255 Persons Compares With $16 , 947 for 1 , 845 Persons in Same Month Last Year iA A marked , decline in Brookhaven town ' s home relief costs for Novem- ber , as compared with those ' for the same month in 1939 , waa shown in a report of Tow n Welfnre Officer Howard I,eClune , which was filed with the Town hoard last week by Justice of the Peace Harold C, Sorenson of Lake Grove , wolfare committee chair- man, (¦Continued on page 4) Samson Elected Pres. Town Police Assoc At the annual meeting of the Brookhaven Town Pojice association , hel d in the Town hall ,. Patchogue , last Monday, Clarence Samson of Blue Point was elected president* suc- ceeding Wallace Jay of Lake Ronkon- koma, Othes officer s eloctod were: Fran - cis Fjtzpatrick , Port Jefferson , vice- president * ; Albert Quattlander , Cen- tereach , secretary, and Jacob Baczen- sky, Coram , treasurer. Tho officers will he installed by the incQijuing president of the Suffolk County,.Police: assoclation J . at, a dinner in Old Oak hotel , Patchogue , Wed- nesday evening^ ' January 16. L. RoEihonkoma P.T.A. Asks for Co mbination Auditorium and Gym Will Peti tion School Board — Sees Need for New Buiiding for School and Community Affairs By a \ vote of 34— 2 , the Lake Ron- konkoma Parent-Teacher association last Wednesday decided to petiti on its school board to have plans drawn for the constructi on of a combination auditorium and gymnasium of fire- proof construction , approximately 50 x 75 feet. The petition asks that the building, which should contain stage and two dressing rooms , have a seat- ing capacity of approximately 350 persons and gymnasium equipment , and be -connected to the pr esen t build- ing by a passageway. The petition also states: \Tin s building shoukl not be considered an addtion to our present school , but rather as-a unit of a new school , and should be used both by the pupils of this school and the children and adults of the community for recreation . and civic purposes. \ The vote followed a comprehensive talk by District Superintendent Wal- ter Ornisby on State Aid. Mr. Ormsby lef t immediatel y after his talk for another enga gement. Preceding the vote , Mrs. Mary Hugclmeyer , president , spoke on the urgent need for a place where tho young peoplo of the community could gather for wholesome activity aii d where civic meetings could be hold. Only a small discussion followed, , Plaits for Christmas were further (Continued from page 14) Enumerators Are Selected for Dog Census of To wn -Preparations for Brookhaven town ' s 1941 dog censu s , which will begin January 1 , were begun last week , wh en the Town jboard appointed the enumerators who will handle the work in the several election districts . The enumerators for thre e of the town ' s 39 districts have not yet been appointed , but this will be done at this week' s board meeting. One person is appointed for each dis- trict , except in District 24 , Patchogue , which is divided between two enu- merators. The census-takers receive 20 cents , for each dog counted. This is paid by the county out of its share of the dog license taxes. A year ago , 4 , 550 dogs were counted at a census-taking cost of $910. The enumerators and the election district each will cover are : District 1 - . -—- James E. Gould, Ston y Brook ; 2^-George Hulse , Setauket ; 3—Myron Osborn e , East Setauket; 4—Pearl Bayles , Port Jefferson ; 5— Catherine Slaughter , Port Jefferson ; 6—Florence Sawyer , Port Jefferson ; (Continued on page 4) Farm Bureau Asks For Deer Hunting Claim Animals Damage Crops in Suffolk Also Seek Benefit of More Research —Hear Talk on Industry ' s Increas- ing Use of Agricultural Products An open season on deer of at least one week a year , because \deer cause considerable damage to crops on Suf- folk farms , \ was advocated by the Suffolk Farm . Bureau at its twenty- fourth annual convention held in Riv- erhead last Tuesday. The farm unit held its session in conjunction with the annual meetings of the Suffolk Home bureau and the 4-H group. The open season on deer proposal was contained in one of the several resolutions adopted hy the 70 persons in attendance at the Farm Bureau gathering. Suffolk' s representatives in the State legislature and the State Conservation department will be sent copies of the resolution. The farmers also requested the seed potato certification services to conduct winter tests of seed in Flor- ida and urged that radio station WOR continu e t to quote early mornin g prices on ' its \Farmers ' Digest\ pro- gram . The Long Islan d Vegetable Re- search farm was asked to conduct further research on improve d formu- (Continued on page 4) l. ' --. \ ¦ ' , ¦¦ ... — . » -, ' ¦ ' ¦ — -, - - mm- !¦- ¦¦ ¦ ; , ' . Schoolboy ' s Death Shooting Case Given to Probation Department District Attorney Says \No Criminal Intent , \ Victim Van Valkenberg ' s Companions Under Regular Court Age — Whose Rifle Fired Fatal Shot Not Determined Saying that his investigation of the case showed there \ was no crim- inal intent , \ District Attorney Fred J. Munder said yesterday that he does not intend to take any criminal action in the fatal shooting on De- cember 8 of William Van Valken- berg, aged 18 , a student at the Lake Grove School for Boys. Young Van Valkenberg, who was 38 years old and lived at 320 West 18th street , New York , left the Lake Grove school on the afternoon of December 8 to do some crow shoot- ing. With him were two fellow-students , Gregory Walsh , aged 15 , of 1451 East Secon d street , Brooklyn , and William Grosse , aged 13 , of 150 Har- old road , \Woodmere. E ach carried a .22-caliber rifle. Crows wer e scarce in the sandpit the boys had selected as their hunt- ing ground , so the trio indul ged in a mock battle , each picking out a protected spot from which to do his firing. Van Valkenberg sustained a forehead wound th at caused his death three hours later. Asked by this newspaper as to the next step in the,action , Mr. Munder said , \From my- . investigation of the case , there was no criminal intent. It was not a murder and as far as I' m concerned, there will be no crim- inal action taken by my office. The two boys involved in the case are under 16 years of age , which means they would have to be prosecuted in the Children ' s court. \ Inquiry as to any further develop- ments in the case was referred by Coroner Grover A. Silliman of Say- ville to Mr. Munder. Dr. Silliman conducted an inquest in the case. Mr. Munder said that if any Chil- dren ' s court action were taken , it would have to be handled by the County Probation office and County Attorney Edgar F. Hazleton . Dr. Silliman said that it has not yet been determined which boy fired the fatal . shot , but that the entire case is being referred to the Pro- bation office for consideration as a Children ' s court matter. - ' ~~^ — Because of the holiday the next issue of The Mid-Island Mail will be published on Tues- day afternoon. Persons having news or advertising copy are asked to keep this in mind. 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