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Braf i B® FraiJi Mghsf ao Hurley Is Secretary — Office in Town Hall-— Procedure Exp lained Siegel Advisory Chairman ; —Commissioners Commend Reg istration Helpers : Following his election Mon- day ' as chairman of the : draft board of District 702 , that will operate from Patchogue , serv- ing all ' of Brookhaven town excepting the area from - Mas- tic to Eastport , Frank Light- body of North. Ocean avenue , Patchogue , said the local board will \ begin its . activities in the Brookhaven Town hall within a few days. The election of Mr. Lightbody as chairma-v and Robert G. Hurley of Heliport , as board -secretary, took place . at Mineola , where members of draft ' boards throu ghout Nassau and Suffolk counties were called for in- structions. The . other member ' of tbe loc al board is Earl L. Vandermeulen • ' of Port ' Jefferson. The three members of this board , each of whom serve without pay, will , as their principal duty, pass on individual applications for exemption and deferments. Maurice Siege! of Patchogue was elected Monday as chairman of the local advisory board for District 702 , and Herman J. Schoenfeld of Patch- ogue was elected its secretary. The advisory board , whose three members also serve without pay, also includes Roscoe C. Craft of Port Jefferson. The advisory, board are to familiarize themselves with the provision s of the Selective ' Service act and be ready to consult with men whose* names are drawn . . '- . —• * As one step in the work of organ- izing\ its -headquarters , the draft board will hire a clerk who will be sta- tioned in the dr aft boar d office , Mr. Lightbody said. A telephone will be installed there. As the numbers are drawn in Wash- ington iiu pie n ationwide lottery to select prospective draftees , the names of those registrants in District 702 holding corresponding numbers will be posted in public places and will be given, to the local newspapers for publication. The draft board will then send a questionnaire to each ol the men whose numbers have been drawn. At this point , \ the advisory board will function to a large extent in advis- ing the prospective draftees on any questions they may have in filling out the -questionnaire. The blank , in which the registrant will set forth all personal facts re- lating to the service , must be filled out and returned to the draft board within five days from the mailing date. . The . d raft board then sends the registrant a notice to appear for a medical examination to be given by the physician appointed for the local hoard. Tlie appointment of physicians for local boards is expected, to be announced within the coming' week for the entire state. Before the registrant is classified by the draft . board and placed in a permanent class , he will appear be- fore tlie board in reference to any claimed, exemption and deferments to he judged whether or not he is to go into the service. Sneaking for the draff board, Mr. . Lightbody. said , \Everybody will he given utmost con- sideration: on the question of exemp- tion or deferments. \ Mr. jLighthody is a retired, vetcr-- an employee, of. the- New York Tele- phone company, being the former commercial district manager of Suf- folk . county;. Mr ¦ Hurley is also re- tired , and. Mr.; Vandormuelen is prin- cipal, of the> Port Jefferson schools; Mr. Siog-el is an electrical contractor , Mr. Sch-aenfold is an attorney , and Mr. Craft , is the former superintend- ent of the Second Supervisory School district. . ' . ' ¦ ' The sou theast section, of Brook- haven .to*wn ,, - _roi*n Mastic. to Eastport , will be served by. the draft hoard hav- ing its .headquarters in Southampton , the liei ' rannenfc . location for which is expected to be announced ' tomorrow. Regarding s the, registration for the draft , whicli was handled in Suffolk county mainly-by regular local elec- tion officials , as volunteers , R. Ford Hughes and Robert H: Hairston , coun- ty elections commissioners say : \We feel that an important job has been well , done and we take this op- portunity to expr-ess publicly, through the press , our de^p appreciation to those . persons who volunteered their services in connection with the Selec- tive ' Service registration held on Oc- tober \16. \Approximately l , Q0O persons as- sisted in this work : The election in- spectors in every election district throughout Suffol3. county ; the county organization of the American Legion , especially Past . Commander . .Maurice Siegel- of the . Patchogue post and County Commander ; Ralph Piper; Christian: Williamson • and . members of the Suffolk. County Mosquito Ex- termination commission , all public and individual property owners who permitted the use of their premises for this purpose- \without any charge , and all employees of our . own depart- ment who received no compensation for their work in connection with the registration . Thank you one and all for your splendid co-operation. \ A. L. Post and Booster s Present National Flags (Continued from : ¦ page 1) companiod : , by .¦ Gustavo Gchweilor , president of the ,(Booster ' s , clubj and a large delegation of Legionnaires in uniform and : Boosters: wearing, arm bands . . bearing , tke . name , ;! of, then club. Speeches ofv acceptance ¦¦ and thanks wore mHida in each' instance by the pastors- ^ namely: St , ; Mary ' s Episcopal church; the . Rev. John Til- ley; St. Joseph' s R. C, chu|cl)*: the Eev, John ft. O'Mahonoy: aiid Kon- konkoma Methodist church , the Rev. Charles. S. Gray., • : \ ¦ • The ¦¦ ¦ purpose of the presentation of the flags was to ' encourage a more popular display of the, National colors , and. in f oncl and. loving- memory of departed comrades. . Presentations wore made at each immediately after their regular . services ¦ and ¦lieforo the entire , congregations . of each. ; Tho Rev. ' ^ohn vll' .: O'Mahpnoy, : who tea W orld War veteran , is also the chap- lain . - of tlie William Movritt i Hallqck pOSt. , \ , ¦ • ¦ , ;¦: ' •• . '.! ' ¦ ' , ' • y . - ¦ \ . L -. i . f He ' s Arretted Twice * Within Four Hours (Continued from page 1) became abusive when Williams was placed under arrest. The two pleaded guilty before Jus- tice of the Peace Donald W. Shaw of Eellport , who gave each a 30-day jail term , but suspended execution. Just before 10 p. m. Wednesday, according to a report of Brookhaven Town Ofllcer Albert Quattlander , a westbound sedan , owned and driven by Williams , struck the rear of a truck , owned by Marie Smith of Quogue road , Eiverhead, and driven by. Vincent Bar., - aged . 21 , of 29 East Main street , Riverhead. Ban* told police, tliey say- that , , because the truck' s radiator-was steaming, he was driving the vehicle onto the shoulder of the road off the north side of the highway, when the collision occurred . The . injured ,, all of whom , were at- tended by Dr. Walter F. Roettinger of Ronkonkoma. were Fred Williams , driver , injuries to both lenees ; Leon Williams , aged ten , his son , ! of Yap- hank , - lacerations and fracture of the nose , and Mrs. Lambortson ,. lacera- tions and fracture of the nose. Williams was then arrested- on a drunken driving charge made by Barr and , arraigned before Judge . Arthur It. Reich of Medford , was ordered hel d overnight in the Town - hall lockup in Patchogue. At a hearing Thursday morning, Williams pleaded not guilty and was released in custody of his attorney, Justice of the Peace Kenson D. Merrill of Port Jefferson ,, pending trial Thursday on Medford . . . -: - (Continued., from page 1) - . —— —— : —*-*-**-—TJ . * - Long Island avenue , . eastward , from Farmingdale. \Each of these efforts has been un-- successful ,. despite the- fact . the argn- , , ment in favor - of this - improvement has become increasingly stronger , be- cause \ of the extensive building up, of the _£j*eas adjoining this arterial high- w&y,^articularly -as far - .east.as Lake- Ronkonkoma. \Time and again during . this ten- year period , the State Highway de- . , partment has pigeon-holed the pro- posal on the grounds that ho funds \ were available . . for the . .work , Oyer this same period , however , State funds have been found or were made available with which to undertake more extensive road-building, projects within . Suffolk. . \Annually for a .lumber of years ,, the Suffolk Board of Supervisors has . ! adopted: resolutions, which ; were sent to the State Highway department , stron gly advocating -this , project. . As ' ? early as .ten years ago , . the proposed., improvement of Long Island avenue was listed . by the state On its con- , templated program , and , while the state never turned down the pro- , posal , similar . improvements , which the state found ; to be ' more important , ' such as the . Sunrise highway exten - . sidn and State parkway extension s and spurs , were started and comp leted.; \To the pryamid of argument al- ready assembled in behalf , of the . ' Long Island avenue . improvement is . now added a new and equally. , import tant reason why this work should be , : delayed no longer. It is Camp Upton;. at Yaphank , the increased use of which , is going to bring heavier traf-; fie into the center . section , of Suffolk- . : * Long Island avenue would . be the, logical thoroughfare for most . of this; traffic. \Long; Island- avenue , as has been , pointed, out so many times before , is • perhaps the most direct , east-we , st highway route in the , county. . It passes close by many real estate , sub-^f division s in . Western Suffolk , as. Well \ :: as by two of New ' * York' s , largest \ ! State-hospitals , Central . I S I MV and Pil-^ grim , west -of Brentwood. \ vThe fasW growing community of Lake; Ronkon- koma and its environs is also on its route. \To effect this improvement , little or no additional rights-of-way would have to be acquired. \About three; years ago , Suffolk; county purchased rights-of-way for State road improvements at a cost of about $1 , 500 , 000. Today, practically all of these same rights-of-way, which automatically were removed from the tax rolls at the time they were \\ ac- quired by the county, thereby result- ing in a loss in taxes on the proporty inv-olved , are still awaiting roadway ' construction . ' \ \ \If the present development along the route of Long Island ; avenue ¦ is still considered by the state as in- ' sufficient grounds to command instant action , then the revival of the, use of Camp, Upton , on a large scale must, be seriously considered:.as one of the principal . reasons , for the undertak - ing, \ Sfcarp Advocates i -Action-, li. ill 'Aveifue- - Dear Editor: They say the earnings of the \ Roosevelt family, for the. past eig ht years , will run around - $2 , 50O , 00O- This goodly sum could never have, been reached , Mr. Editor , without the help of Jimmy and Elliott. These hoys would have shown a profit if they'd spent the winter with .Washington at Valley Forge. Yours , J err y Coe. A i. Ss _ r- — . w- Jerry Coe Says : (Continued froni page 1) by the registrars , practically all of whom were the Regular : election: in- spectors in the various districts , who served without pay for the day ; When these routine questions were an- swered , and the registrar studied the color of eyes and hair, and; type of complexion, of the registrant , the lat- ter was. given a small, card, .wiih , in- struction s that it must be carried on the holder ' s person at, all times. | The registration cards will , be grouped as to district as quickly as possible. There are eight- districts in Suffolk. Each card will be given a serial number. These ; numbers . may run from one to 4 , 000. \ The highest serial number in the county is sent to the Governor of the state , who sends the \ highest ' number in the state an to Washington.. • How Draft Will Work In Washington , the War depart- ment wilh mark slips of paper from No. 1 up to several hundred beyond fhe highest number it has received from the governors. The extra mar- gin is an allowance for error. The slips are to be placed in gelatin cap- sules and dumped , into a huge bowl . At .a time, still to. be set , between October 21 and 25, the capsules will be drawn , one . by one. . If ¦ the ..first number pulled out is , for instance , 662 and the second' is 2 , 715 , the man in every district in the country with Serial No. 662 gets Order N'o. 1 , and . becomes first to be called before the local draft board. The man with Serial No. 2 , 715. gets Order No; 2 and becomes the second to be called. • • v .v An official-list , a fewnlays after the Washiriigtoh? drawing, . \Will lie . inib- lislied and sent to local'draft boards. Here , \Order numbers \ will be placed on all registration cards , and the registrant , whose serial number had been drawn in Washington , will re- ceive Order No. 1. Tlie; next step will be the mailing of questionnaires by the local draft board , starting, with Order No. 1. In a six-page document , which imist be back in the hands of the draft board within five days of the mailing date , the registrant will, set forth all personal facts relating to the service. He may then make what claims he may have for deferment. He will fall into one of four classes. Class 1 includes all men available for immediate service; Class 2 , men whose call is deferred ' because of essential work ; Class 3 , men who have dependents ,^ and Class 4 , men whose call is deferred by the Service act. Before the registrant is placed in a permanent class , he will appear before his local draft board , which will judge whether , or . not the regis- trant is to go into the service. \\ Office in Town Hall The draft board , which will handle nearly all of Brookhaven town , ex- cepting the Moriches area , is ex- pected to b . e , stationed in the Town hall in Patchogue , under an* arrange- ment made last . . week by th_ Town board and Attorney. Herman J. Schoenfeld of Patchogue , represent- ing the local draft board , - which , as- suming, that ¦ County Judge L, \ Bau- ron. . Hill' s recommendations are ; fol- lowed ^ will consist of Franl* . .. Light- body, Patchogue; Robert G, \ Hurley;. Bellport , and .Earl L. Vandermueien. Port Jefferson; advisory board-r-lter- man J, Schoenfeld ,. Patchogye* : ;Maur T ice Siegel , Patchogue , and Roscoe C. Craft , Port Jetoson . ,, - . The actual . appointments have not yet come through ! from;,Washington , -.¦—¦II ¦¦- - ... :_ - ¦ ' - - - ' ' y ~ . . : : - . 23^042 iii the County Reg ister f«^ Draft Fine Rjifhday Vdues Featured at Penneyfo (Continued from page 1) an ever increasing- patronage from.; all parts .ol this, section of ¦ Suffolk county, Co mplete and varied ' stocks; of . merchandise ..for ; every , member, . of . the : fai-Hli * . plus ' .courteous • ser- vice - has : proven a: big factor, in , thes Penney store ' s successful growthi-v here. ' . With the . expert buying, ; resources. of more than 1 , 500; i stores loqatcdv thiroughout i the: / nation ,, the J. C- Penney firm- , is ablo - to afford its customers unsurpassed. values ¦ in , a wide variety, of; ' merchandiae, , TPov, : this, birthday party Manage v Thomas has : combed ! the . markew- ' to. • secure ¦ ' for the ' eustomers of the local store values that they will long remem- ber for , high quality at. .reasonable ; . - prices. \ ¦•I . * , ¦*\ , ¦ ¦ ' . - .. ,.,;,;. \ •• . ¦—. . , ' . .. ¦ . -¦ . . ¦ ¦ . Poultry ^breeders and. hatcherymon./ in ^4-states ' - are . . continuing. ' .to : expandi theiri¦ imprpyemont, „ work , under ' the , ' v - naWonal poiiltry , imnrovem-bnt plan * * ,: Supplies of oat' «, .barley» ;and jWjieat on hand this f9.ll;.are said- . jtb ¦bQ. ' .above ' V; norm_»l ,;, hut the , supi)lii5S ,, oi! e ' axr cbpi, buelswhpat ^ncLcorn, .s 'ilftffi j tm ¦ , .hblop;.; ,. - normal^ ' . .: • ¦ ,, , ¦ ¦ • 1 ' , - . . . ¦ . - , '

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