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The Mid-island mail. (Medford, N.Y.) 1935-1941, August 07, 1940, Image 5

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•FariaslaagvSMe 0m- -- 'Q^ : imms^ \.htyti$&i \ gatlie# \- itMBf' •• pf-v . Ififce . pifasfj\- ;- H»- - • ' . FajroiB^iii.^? 1 ^|4fKt-P r- ' _ fiftj -ltify ; *$9& - . - . \;0Bi«i*(si i ; 1 |$ r>yfc$#my$r. yam $M<tf Sti#F . . lii' wiiw:- - - - • ¦; !. Recent guests for a; week oft Mr; ^d^s^ v P^i- iB^ck; of -S? armirigville Gardens vfere I^p; ¦ and - Mrs , M-M-hsw Curl and chi^^ ofrBi'oeWy.n, While here tti$y : pwmm e# four lots on Josephine• strfee # . in E^rmihgyiile 0-firr: dens^ which ' they' : have stayted ' clear- ing to make ?e*ad y..f or ' i-be ¦ con siioje- ticm of W bung^ow next spring, : M& m& ^M -:Bm^- - -J^m^- 9f 'M^ ' York were ; - guests; $5jnday of' . ' Mr . and MfcsS*- \Jipsep h / ' m0 of ; Pine* dale ; aveiyae, ; Mi*; , -and ' A li/f ks. Arthur '$erry . re- turned to their home on, Portipp: road last week- froni a twor-week tpur through the middle south from tbe eastern seaboard to St. Louis ,. Mo., where they visited : Mi* - Terry ' s- cous- ins , Mr; and , Mrs. WiUlarn Terry, While in Missouri they spent seyerial days motoring throug h the scenic Ozark mountains. •Mr , and Mrs. George Mptta of Woody Crest drive entertained at diw- ner Sunday Mr. and Mrs! John Scian- calep ore of Jersey City, N. J. Mr , and Mrs. M. Ansejino of Brook- lyn are spending two weeks at their summer place . an Clearview avenu e and have as. their guests Mr , and Mrs; J. DeMaria of Brooklyn- . . Mr. and Mrs. H. Perl , Mr. and . Mrs. F. Perl and Ernest Hoffman pi Brooklyn were guests Sunda^'of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hoffman * , of Farm-* ingviiie- Gardens. Mrs. Hoffm an re- turned to Brooklyn with them Sunday evening to ; rem ain - for the week. - Mr. $nd . Mrs. Joh n CJane enter- tained . 40 guests at dinner Sunday on the grounds of their hom e oil Woody Crest drive. \ Mr. and Mrs. James Menhenik of Pinedale avenue entertained over the week-end Miss Charlotte Lindberg of Brooklyn. Mrs. Rose Matlat of- Westchester is visiting for two weeks her son and daughter-in-law , Mr. and Mrs. J. Mat- lat of Rexinaire avenue. ' Merton Harwood of Cuba , N. Y„ was - a guest Saturday at the home of Miss Frances Woodbury of Horse Block road. A new well has been installed on the corner of Glenwood place and Brentwood avenue for the conven - ience of ' those living in that vicinity of -Nature ' s Gardens. Mr. .arjd Mrs. M. Mangum . are en- tertaining for two weeks at' th eir bungalow on Oaklawn avenue Mr , and . Mrs.. Paul Balqg and ; daughter Evelyn and sons ,. J ohn and - Paul , Jr. and Richard Holmes of Brooklyn. Guesfts , . Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hubner of Rexmaire avenue were Mr. and S|rs. WUH- afn Densau and children , Nahny and Harold of New - York, Friday 4 night ' s bill at the fireball gives premise of many thrills iri \Galling All Cars . \ A comedy, \Col- lege Daze; \ also a cartoon and shorts will round out the film program. - Mrs. Jepy Rose |s recovering from a knee injury received in a fall recently at her- home on Bex-kshire drive . 'Mr. and Mrs. pick Chapmap of Brooklyn have recently completed .a large bungalow on Rexwairo avenue , wh ere with their sons , Ric 'iiard and John , they expect to make their all- year home. This we ek thoy have as guests their daughter , Mrs. D. Staiano and her son John of Brooklyn. : Mr, and Mrs. 'Frank Ilougherty of -Woody Crest drivfe entertained over the week-end Mrs, Dougherty^ brother , Charles ' Berry of Jersey City , N, J., ;and George Lee of Philadelphia! Pa. \ . Miss Ei*{inccs Seamain, a ' niirso in the cEiayonne, 'N. -J., hospital, was a- gue<ifc Friday, of her brother , arvd sis-* ' ier-in-law , Mr; and Mvs. Geopge Sea- jpftan of Pinedale avenue, * Mtr. arid Mrs. C. Wlndelfa.org and A. Steli^jfsen of , Brooklyn WPJ'C week- end , guests, of Mr, AV0 & , Mi's. . Sain Stelitf son , who- ayo spending ilfteU fjrst , summer <vt their¦ ¦ plqe© oil Rox- maire avenue, ' whioli , - -tjioy expect to make thoir \ alUyoar . home, \ i Mwrofipe, Case of Pinedale; avenue, accojnpan^ed , by Pefcor Mopclel q f Queens, }f qri a va?atk>i. of two wookt* in , \Washington p, ¦<?. ' ,,. xn , o-fco- vi.n g through the Pocon c mQimtftiils , , I^iss FrancQS Woodbury celebrated hoi' seveuty^sixjih ¦birthday . Sunday 1 at hor bonj© , on Hoi's© v Block r oad. \ .. ' ' : , ' . \;¦ • ' . . ¦ . • ' .. ' , ¦ , ¦ ' - ¦ ' ¦¦ ' „ ' . • • , ¦ ' ¦ ' • 4.., : , '' \ii ; :' '). ¦ ' . '?» . ' '' . . . ' ¦; ' ;. ' ' \ • ' . ¦ • ¦ ' :i , \ ' -v - Callers during the afternoon included Mr. arid Mrs. Jariies Wall and daugh- ter Mary and Mrs . Arthur Mu-nb y. Mrs, Lou Davis , daughter Ronnie ^nd son Mathew of Woodside are j Spepding. the suinmer -^t their cottage pn Ridgedale ayenue. Mr. . amd Mrs . Philip Zimmer of pinedale avenue were dinner guests last Friday of Mr. and Mrs. PWli p dimmer , Jr; , of Brooklyn, : Mrs. A;i . Ejlsmaniv- .of - . \ Horse BLoek ro^d-receiyed congratulations on Sat- urday, it being her birthday. Mi% and . Mis. 'Clifford' Varn er , who hta-ve just completed % Urge extensiton to their bungalow- ont Rexmaire; ave- nue , entertained over the weekren d Mrs. Varn er ^ s mother , Mi?s. J«ne Bile-, Aufey, a?id Tbeodore- Mulbns of JSrooklyn , ! Mrs. Otto Fischer of Knollcrest ayenwe h^d- ^ her guests Thursday ber sister^, Mrs , B< Patarino arid four daughters, Josep hine* E)lizabeth, Llilr Jian! and Roberta Batarino and son- in-cl^wp and - daughter , Mr, and M-irs; Robert Richie ^ all: of' Brookl yn , ; Mh a;nd Mis; Shepard Clark suid daug hter of Clceanside were guests ^Sundf^y of My; and ' Mrs; Arthur Terry Of : [portion poad , , ;; My, ftpdt : Mrs, Paul\ Gormsen and family, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Sipos and family, Miss B]dna Hawkins , Sammy Robinson and Florence and Bml HaucI ^ Venjoyed a ' picnic and bathing at Westhampton beaeh Sunday. > ¦ William Clark and daughter , Miss Gertriide Clark , entertained at a diai- ngr pat cy Sunday* on - the grounds of their home on Horse Block road. Their guests were Miss Jenny Fousi- tain, Miss Emrna Gpych and William Gouch , Samuel Martin and son Gra- ham , all of College Point* Last Wedr nesday evening they entertained at dinner in honor of the birthday of Donald Goodale of Qupgue , guests including Mrs , . Goodale and son Dpp - ald , Jr., and - Mrs . Edith Smith and S. E. Terry of Portion road. Edward Stephens is enj-oylng a two- week vacation with his family at their cottage on Glenwood place. Last week their guest was Lorraine Pryer , son of Mr. and Mrs. Warren Prye r of Valley Stream, who with ' Mrs. Fryer ' s mother , Mrs. Lena Pryer and Mr. and Mrs . E. Kohler cf Freeport , ¦were guests on Sunday. A week-end guest wfis Miss Jane Davis of Jersey City, N. J. Mrs. Otto Fischer had an unfor- tunate experi ence last week , when , after ' parking ber ear in; the yard of her home on Knollcrest avenue* she looked back to see it rolling down the hill continuing across the ave- nue ' and stopp ing against a larg e stump. Considerabl e damage was done to 'th e car when it struck a tree on its downward journey. One door was torn off and the handle of another was broken. Mr. and Mrs. Phuip Rogers of New York were week-end guests of Mrs. Mary Sanders of Woody Crest dri ve. Mi* ,, and Mrs. Nicholas Cavirro of Elrhhurst are spending tWo weeks at their bungalow op Ridgedal e ave- nue. Their guests during their stay here are Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Sar- acco of New York. Mrs. William Gilligan entertained at a party Sunday at her home on Falcon court in honor of the birthday, of her daughter Arjene , who was 14 years old last Wednesday, Guests included her brother , George Gilli- _gan , Katherine and Mary Wicnner and Theresa Carlson , S. iE. Terry and Mrs. Edith Smith ¦of Portion road and Mrs. Millard Terry and children; Jean and Millard , Jr., of Roltsvillo were guests Sunday of Mrs. Emily Gordon of Orient Point. Mrs. Arden Terry was hostess Sat- urday afternoon at her home on For* tion road to eight members and five guests of the Francis Spjnola chap-, ter; Daughters of the Union. Guests wero Mrs. William Wentjsch and daughters ,: Ruth and* Esther, Mrs, Leigh ' Stuart and Miss Laura Eboll. Included br, the refreshments served fro^n a ta-jil e . decorated in pink apd white was a large birthday cake in honor of the birthday of Mrs. Wendell Still , regent of the ohapUr, The September meeting will be omitted , the next meeting to be in October. Mrs. John Kaffka returned to her home on . Kn ollcrest avenue last week from a two -week visit in New York. Ales Sipos , Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Sipos wa . s host to a party of small friends at . his home on Portion road Saturday afternoon in celebra- tion of his birthday. Guest s included his sister , Gloria and cousins , Betty, Mary, Louise and Allen Sipos; Paul Gbrmsen , Mrs. Gormsen , Mrs. Alex Sipos , Mrs. Allen Sipos and his grand- mother , Mrs. Julia Sipos. Mr. and Mrs. John Alberts and daughters, Dorothy and Beatrice , of New Hyde Park and Mr. and Mrs. E. Gans and son Edward of New York were guests Sunday of Mrs. May Hol- den . of Ocean View avenue. Mr; and Mrs, Paul Dentel enter- tained at a family party over the week-en d ' at Hickory Hill farm on Portion road, guests including Mr. and Mrs. George Dentel and family, Mr. and Mrs. Russsell Dentel and family of Jamaica , Paul Dentel and Miss Patricia Cannon of New York. Mrs . Gfeorge Dentel and sons are remaining for two weeks. Last Thurs- day tl_e Dentels entertained Mrs. Fred Vogel and son George of Cy- press Hills , Mrs. Katherine Freeman p f Ridgewood and Mrs. E. Kabolla of Altoon a , Pa. Mrs. Kabolla arid Mr. Dentel are cousins and this was the first time tliey had met. Mrs, Frank Wienner has been con - fined to her home^. bn Pineoaks - place for the past several days with a badly injured knee sustained in a fall last week. She returned to her home in New York yesterday for treatment , James Wall of South Ozone Park spent the week-end with his family at their bungalow on Brentwood ave- nue , where other week-end guests ¦were Mrs. Margaret Delaney of South Ozon e Park and George Grimce of Brooklyn. Week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. P. Sokol of Horse Block road were Peter Sokol , Jr., and Steve Smith of Brooklyn and Miss Helen Pazderski of Maspeth . Miss Dorothy Zey returned to New York Monday, following i\ visit of three weeks at the home of Mr. and Mrs . Ott o Gra ff of Glenwood place, Mr. Graff' s mother , Mrs . Rose Graff of New York , is a guest this week. Mr. and Mrs, Allen Sipos wove •guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Wil- 3iam Reilly of Babylon. ^mtim>mm$t and I^iake ®_rova Miss: Groben has , a large area to epve-rwHelp her by phoning!. . . Eonk. 8458 Nicholas Callan of (Dalian lane has sold- his home to L. Martin. The speaker at the Congregational church 1 next ; Sunday evening will be Jt. H<?dger of Eastport , The ' Rev. CnapieS ' Furtnan will occupy the pul- pit in •! the Manorvihe church' next Sunday. i Ki«hard aiid Joap Doyle , who have been spendng: the summer with their grandparents, \ = Mi?; and Mrs . T> Mor- rissey^ of ; Liake Grove , will return to their home in Irvington ' , N; J ,, next IMonelay. •j The Gentere^eh fire department was awarded a large tr ophy for general appearance in- RonkonkQina last Wed- nesd3y. This included tbe firemen , equi p-ment and the Juvenile band. To- morrow evening' they will parade in I?eer Park* ¦ ; The Juveniles will meet n ext Mon- day at; the fireball. The Gentereaeh softball club ' mem- mers wore their new uniforms for the first time last Sunday when they played a scruh team , winning 12—8. Mrs- Elizabeth O'Connor of Brook- lyn is spending several weeks with her family on Howell avenue. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kuhnan of Lake Grove observed their fourth wedding anniversary Sunday. Sunday was the fifth wedding an- niversary of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Sehwamb. . ' , .;¦: : Mrs. W. Schramm of Brooklyn vis- ited Miss Alice Rogers for several days last week. The East End Bombers s oftball , team defeated Holbrook last week. Mr. and Mrs. Harry DufReld , Flor- ence and Alton Duffield , accompanied . by Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Thomas and son Daniel , were guests at a surprise birthday party for Daniel Miller of East Hampton last Thursday, ^ Jean Fogarty of Holtsville . is vis- iting her aunt , Mrs. Viol$ Campbell for a week. . TPhe . -i-H Hub-Bub club is spending the day at West Meadow beach , ac- companied; b y Miss Dorothy Ulrich and Mrs . John Pearl. Sunday supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Campbell included Mr. andl Mrs. Alvin Smith and family and Mr- and Mrs. Hiram Darrow- of Bay- port. Mrs. John Pearl and Miss Dorothy Meckel , spent last Friday in New York. Guests of Mr- and Mrs, Harvey Wil- liam s last Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. R. Newbold and family of Southold and Mr. and Mrs. Minot Preston . of Riverhead. Mr. and Mrs. M. Olsen of Wood roa d entertained Mr. and Mrs. Wil- liana McShane of Flushing over the week-end. The Monday night bridge club met at the Ulrich . home this week. William Tordich , Jr., is visiting his grandmother , Mrs , William Tordich of Queens. M T . and Mrs. Frank Walsh and family left last Friday for a two- week vacati on in Canada with rela- tives. A few days before they left , a falling log bruised Mr. Walsh ' s foot. This delayed their trip, as they had planned to leave earlier in the week. Mr. and Mrs. John Schotennan of Northport spent last Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. Albert Schoterman. H. Corey of C onnecticut , brother of Louis Corey, died last week. Mr. and Mrs. M. Ittelson of Ham- mond road are having two rooms added to their home. Peter and Paul Groben attended a \ wienie \ rgast given by Gwendolyn Seibert of Ronkonkoma Monday eve r ning. The 4-H Nic-Name club plans to go crabbing at West Meadow beach next Wednesday . AAM4fAA > AA'A- |t ' \AAAA'*AAWi4AA> George ' s 3»rl?er Shop NOW wm MPBRT HAHl CUTTING Hours 8 A. M. (e> 8 P v M, . ^Mw , 8 A. M. to -tt P. M. . Sftstuvdwn . 530 Woedye ,rijBt Prive. I'fts VmliriaivMle Np«r I.co ' a Storo y *<*'¥'V^V^'*'*'v*'r'v , V'**'+- *'*rv^y r '- V'+ir\ t V/^*MHAAi|.A**A4 H |^44^k******** A»-.*A.*A*'f*A^ SWElEl CO-IL&FEIBCa. ¦ - : .. . . ^OM» ' IWRD' - wW iWEL (MI* . ' Ml ii . . ill \ X '» ' ii «. |. m i)i.i |i..( -i.l | i IIIIII ,* — >¦. i n — ¦ W4«rAv«nue »ivd ton^ I^nd Ra^^ PA;TCHQGUK > N* Y. ' , \ . • ! . ' ¦ ) ,. ' . ' ' ¦ . ¦ ' ' . ; . ' . ; T-lSI^PHOE^. '' ^70 ' ¦ ' . - ¦ . .-. ; r,yy-'«~— •tr-f'V\vVT , l*Tvv'r**\ — - rTT^V^ mmmgmm *jmm ^y* it*m **tmfmimmmmmm mi\ William J. E: Adamec , Jr. PUNBRAI- HOME MQDERN CHAPEL I Usage No Charge I HOME IF DESIREP I , I-hone Sa . 'vllle 60ft li- Locust Ave., Bohemia, L. I. IwiiiiMiiiiiwiiiiiiwiBiimiiiiiiiiiMim iiiii - *\ ¦ \' ¦¦ i ' . \ \ -- . ¦ ¦ ¦ ' rr^i^imJi jjL^ J-i/V*/- / ,,.. < ( * * ' / -^-_--_ D ots and Dashes \Dots and dashes \ were first sent over the Atlantic . cable between New York City an-d . Europe ' 82 years ago , August 5th . Our first message to the peop le of Patchogue and vi- cinity was made 48 years ago when we Opened our doors to protect the savings of the thrifty. Today \ , more than 10 , 000 people bank part Of their earnings here. $1 OPENS ' AN ACCOUNT j , Sflfre Deposit Boxes For Rent to Our Depositors . . THE- UNION. ¦ .mmms MAM ¦ , Ocemi Ave. cor. Church St. ; . jf avmoevK hA %» Gnk$ttvings 'BanK> , dn Twoolthavm f twa . I * W », I , ....^----^ . I . 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