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The Mid-island mail. (Medford, N.Y.) 1935-1941, December 20, 1939, Image 2

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Roaches , Bedbugs , Ants , Rats , Mice , etc. ; Qulcltl y - Economically - Confidenti ally Exterminated - Fumigated —- CA.LL — • Fumex Sanitation , Inc 0 PATCHOGUE 376 ¦•¦ FOR • * ESTIMATE - NO ' OBLIGATION BONDED TERMITE CONTROL l-- - - - ' : -V -- . ¦¦ • ¦ - -- ¦ ' - - ¦ - ¦ ¦ ¦¦ ¦ ¦¦ . ¦ ¦¦ - . . ¦¦¦¦ •- - ¦ ¦ ¦¦ ¦ jettonst* -- '^^ $. - CAN D IBS I §| • MADE OP PUKE SUGAR S W HARD CANDIES ' f 9 PEPPERMINT STICKS 1 S . AMERICAN MIXED f iff.. NUTS and FRUITS % H CHOCOLATES 1 9 CANES ll H' A Complete Assortment at Reasonable Prices |;: : ' \ GERKEN'S 1 1 Confectionery # Delicatessen | 1| Hawkins Ave., Lake Ronkonkoma j S\ B WHERE SANTA STOPS TO FILL HI' S- BAG 1 jfg ' • \The-Standard of Good Cahdies M l^m^^ (frffid Jp^ . Brbccbnei Tried to ^dte in Miller Place — Clayton Indicted For Giliiarn D eath:/ . —- Five Secret Indictments Handed Bbwii Out of 47 Cases -^ CHhef Di^bsitibns \. ¦ John Broccone of 2374 Sec- ond avenue , New York , who was arrested on Election day at the polling place in Miller Place on a-charge of-false reg- istration , was among more tnan a score of persons indi ct- ed by the December grand jury, which handed down its presentment to Supreme Court Justic e Isaac R. Swezey at Riv- erhead Monday. Broccone is accused of having filed his nam e in the registration . hooks at Miller Place and by personal regis- tration in New York . At Miller Place , a large number of residents of the metropolitan area , who own summer bungalows there; came out to Suf- folk to vote on-Election day . Also indicted 1 by the grand- , jury was William E. Clayton of Sayville , first .degree . manslau ghter. Clayton was held in the death of Stonewall Gilliam of Holbrook , following a side- walk brawl outside a Sayville bar. ' The grand jury was headed by Foreman Selah S. Brewster of Port Jefferson . Frederick H. Hiittenl o ch- er of Patchogue was clerk . There were five secret indictments handed down out of the 47 cases presented to the grand jury by - Dis- trict Attorney Fred J. Munder and his staff. Other indictments follow : ¦ John Koski , Yaph ank , second de- gree grand larceny ; Paul McDade and Leon McMillon , both New York , second\ degree forgery, three counts eadh ; Adbfest Powell , New York * sec- ond: degree forgery; Frank Kun sig, Conimack, second degree statutory charge; Paul Obexmaier , Brooklyn , secon d ' -d e-gree statutory charge; George DeMeyer , Hollis , and Walt er Schlmeyer , Richmond Hill , b oth third degree: burglary. Also Eober-t E. Simonson , Hunting- ton , second degree forgery ; Trygve Lofstad , .. Bay/Shore- , ' drunken driving, second; . o ffense ; Bruno Seaglia , Bay Shore , second* degree forgery ; Thom- as Fallon , New York , second degree statutory charge; Henry Beeker , Manorvili e , third degree burglary ; Frank \Weslowski , Calverton , second degree forgery ; William Linde , North Babylon , second degree gran d lar - ceny. Also George J.. Myers , George H. Champion , both Mattituck , both third degree burglary; Frank Freyherr , New Suffolk , -third degree burglary ; John McCarthy and Walter Romaine , both Bay Shore , both second degree forgery ; William Rice , Bay Shore , second ; degree forgery ; Ignatius Davidson , Wyandanch , drunken driv- ing; Harold J. Cooley, Amityville , third degree burglary, and Jay N. Everett , Syosset, second degree as- sault. Recommend . Storing Co. Voting Machines In Yap hank Building Recommendations that Suffolk' s several hundred voting machines be stored in the basement of the County home at Yaphankj that additional space be provided for storing records of County Cleric Frank M arkvart and that an auxiliary water pump be . in- stalled in the boiler room of the County home for emergency purposes were embodied in the presentment of the Decemb er grand jury handed down Monday at Riverhead. Since election , the county ' s voting machines have been stored in the automobile building on the county fair grounds, at Riverhead. Crash Damages Car , Occupants Unhurt Three generations of Glovers were involved in an accident at Yaphank in front of the Suffolk County prop- erty on Yaphank avenue , . -Shortly aft- er noon last Wednesday . A small sedan owned by William Glover and operat- ed by. his daughter, Miss Phyllis Glover , both of Yaphank , had just pulled out of the Glover driveway going north , when the car shot across the road , and struck a tree , then glanced off' and went throu gh a wooden fence owned by, Suffolk County. The left front side of the car was demolished. Miss Glover ' s \brother Stanley, aged 14 , of Yaphank and her niece , Doroth y Glover , aged three of East Moriches , were with her hut all escaped injuries; Miss Glov- er ' s brother , Town Officer William Glover of Medford , connected with the Fourth Precirict of Center Mor- iches , investigated^ The car was tow- ed to William Glover ' s home. The accident was blahied on defective steering gear. Revolvkg Musical Tree Stand Nbvelty At Gerken ' s Store Almost lost in the large stock of home-nlade candies that , abound in Gerken ' s C onfectionery and Delica- tessen store, on , Hawkins avenue , Lake Ronkonkoma , is a 20-year-old novelty that is causing * much comment. It is a musical Christmas tree stand , hold- ing . the sturdy, decorated., tree that is the center ' of the Gerken window and store display. _ . The . tree : stand , which measures about 15 inche s in diameter , is own- ed by.:William Callmeyer , predecessor of Mr. Gerken . in the delicatessen portion of the business. Mr. Call- meyer , whose , home adjoins the Ger- ken: establishment , purchased the tree stand in 1918. It is wound with a key and has a device which regulates the :-speed at which the tree revolves. . While: the tree is going around , the stand ; plays- ., two Christmas hymns , oneifeeing ^Silent Night , Holy Night; \ This nickel-plated stand was -made for -use with unlighted trees , unless its ' owner preferred to risk the use of 'candles. . It was impractical to use electric lights , because the con- stant . turnin g of the tree would twist the ' . ' -wires. ' During; the years that he used the tree \ 7 .stand , ' - ' Mr-v . Callmeyer experii- mented . ' with electric lights; on the tree . by using ; i dry batteries , tied to the tree.' This eliminated the vise of wires- leading ' away from the stand. Mr. ' .Callmeyer . has had a- number of offers for the stand , which is • be- lieved to be a rarity today, but he has turned them \down because of the s entiment he .attaches to it. aar-arwa-r-vv w-v-^r-v-a-r- ** ¦vw-^-vw-vv-ar-'ir-* Eed^ Cross; Rcill- Call . . ' . \ Iii Yicinity of Lake Shows $51 Collected The annual roll call of the Ameri- can , Red : Cross in the Lalce Ronkon- koma vicinity, which, closed recently , showed , '/a/. \ total\\ of \\\$51 eolIected .,JJa substantial increase ' over* last - ' yea 1 !* . The • local canvasser s we ' re Mrs. . . * Jos- eph A. - Kirk and Mrs. Richard New- ton. ' . \ Subscribers are as . follows : Wil- liam ' Merritt Hallock post , A. ,. L., and Ladies ' auxiliary, Lake Ronkonkoma Fire department, Duffiel d Construc- tion : company, Mrs. Joseph ' A. Kirk , Mrs. Frank Newton , James Agnew , Otto Weisensee, Mrs. Alex Mattson , Ronkonkoma Wine and Liquor store , E. Conklin; Otto M arx , Mrs. A. . G' eh- weiler, John Gerken , Mrs. F. -Roet- tinger , Mrs. Daniel , Seibert ,. .. Jr., Charles Seibert , John Overton , Edwin Risch , the Rev. John R. O'Mahoney, Mrs. Dorothy Raynor , Mrs. Harold Sorenson , Mrs. William Sorenson , Mrs. Maude Chipp, Alfred Kunsch , Newton ' s garage , Lake Ronkonkoma school and Mrs; Bert Court. Mrs. Court also donated a hand-knitted sweater , as also did Mrs. A. D' - Agpstino. jerry Coe Says : Dear Editor: , ,„. If Mr. Roosevelt should \be nominated and re-elected he will have accomplished it without the advice and help of those first rate capable friends who aided him in '32. and . '36. The White House inner circle today, is composed 1 of fellows like Ickes ,. Corcoran , Hopkins and Mbrganthau who would be poor coaches for a national championship. _ - - . - ' Yours , Jerry Coe. Metaphysicians Give Up Buying Pepperidge Hall On the grounds , he said , that the owner , of Pepperidge hall at Oak- dale failed in her promise to restore certain panelling aii d art pieces in the 1 building, James B. Schafer , lead- er of \ the Royal Fraternity of Master Metaphysicians , has announced the Pepperidge hall prop erty has revert- ed to the owner , Mrs. Eegina M. Wiedenhach of New Roehelle. Last August , Schafer announced he had purchased the mansion for $15 , 000 as part of a plan to enlarge the facili- ties of Peace Haven , the former Idle- hour mansion , now used as a retreat house for the metaphysicians ' group. He said he has no immediate .plans for acquiring other property for his followers. . POLICE RADIO POLE MOVED The tall red' arid whit e painted pole to be used for carrying, the antenna of the Brookhaven Town police two- way : radio system , was moved last week from its original location out- side the southeast , corner of the Town hall in Pat chogue to a- spot ' at the northeast corner of the -Town hall property. The moving, done hy Davis brother s of Blue Point , was under- taken in an effort to eliminate static believed caused by high tension wires oh Baker street , along the south end of the Town hall property. Huge Christmas Party Planned lor Children Middle of Island A Christmas party for . children of C entereach , Ronkonkoma , Lake Grove and Selden -will be held at the C enter- each- firehall Saturday at- 2 p. m., sponsored by Superintendent of High- ways Harold F. Davis , Town Clerk Andrew D. Havens and the Brook- haven Town Hi ghway association , of which Timothy J. Morrissey is presi- dent. A toy, candy , and fruit will be given to each- child and part of the entertainment will be a movie program- A large Christmas tree will be a prominent feature and Santa Claus will make an appearance. The school buses from the 'different secti on s .will provide tran sportation for the children. Mr. Morrissey j s chairman of the mid-islan d , com- munities; The sam£ group will sponsor . Christ- mas parties for Patchogu e children at a local theatre on -Friday at-2-p: TO . and for Port Jefferson children • at their local theatr e * , on- the same day. Chairmen are Sylvester McCann for the Patchogue party arid' Charles Scribner aiid C. Herman Floyd for Port Jefferson. ' f^^ f \ - 1 EH I 'ii Will PS I ''' I il ' . --. a, !- _ I W' pcg^'j^^a^Sa^Ma ^ t^a^Ma^ 1 '^ , '^'\¦ a, * , a* aa**BjeJB\nj \< \\ \ ¦ ' ¦ AdTertisfn^ Kateir ' fbr This Column ? A 5 lines oir Jessj' first 1 insertio n .... 35c ? 4 - Each additional , line €c ? 4 Each additittral insertion of not ico 30c r 4 No fea *3er r iii \ - thda ' : : cdlatrin shall ? 4 eifieieti' 1C Iineiirj- r 1 * ** ? 4 Christmas Gairte Social j to- ? 4 niglit (Wetihesdia-y)- Veterans I i Hall , ' Long Island Avenue, Med- y 4 ford. Turkeys , baskets , grocery ? j awards ^ etc. ^ * mm. -, * 4 . •' ¦ , ? 4 Moving Pictures at Farming- '^ *<; ville FirehaU , Friday, 8 P. M. { 4 \Charlie * s Aunt ? ' with\ Syd Chap^ ? < Iin and \Should , Sailors Marry. \ { ] Adults 1 15 c. children: 5 c. y 4 - . +• • ' - - > 1 Christmas Greens and Food y 4 Sale at Toth' s Meat Market , ? < Medford , Friday, beginning at * i 10 a. m., auspices Medford Girls y 4 4-H Club. ? V * I 4 A pleasant farewell to the y < Old Yegr , a pleasant greeting * 1 to the New , at Jack Yerk' s Pa- > 4 vilion , Lake Ronkonkoma , where ? <¦ ' it will Joe Open House New * 4 Year ' s Eve. Free novelties. Din- > 4 ner optional. ? Marine Corps to Seek Suffolk Enlistments The educational opportunities avail- able to men serving in the United States Marine corps will be stressed during a Marine recruiting drive to be made in Suffolk during January, according to Sergeant Andrew J. Cooksey, who will be in charge. Saying the Marin e corps is seeking young men as re- cruits , Sergeant Coolcs©y explained that the principal requirements are that applicants must be between 18 -and 30 years- of age and in good health. Temporary recruiting stations in Suffolk , he said , will be set up in Patchogue , Riverhead , Huntington and Babylon. In Patchogue , the re- cruiting will be done at the Patchogue postoffice , sometime late in January. The date will be announced later. If Richard Newton of Lake Ron- konkoma , and Miss Myrtle Ruland of Middle Island will clip this notice and bring it to the office of The Pateh ^ ogne Advance and The Argus , Patchogue , • within the next three days! , they will receive a free ticket to the Granada theatre \with the com- pliments of this newspaper to see and , to hear the entertainment sclied- uled in this issue, No tickets will be iss* ued Saturday afternoon , - , as tho offic e ' closes at: 12/o-cloek .noon.

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