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Last Call on Pen And Pencil Sets , New Subscribers . With a few sets remaining on hand , Tire Mid-Island Mail is making: its last call to new subscribers to come in and select one or mor e of these fine pen and pencil set s , one of which is given -free with each new subscription This gi ft has proved one of. the most popular subscription offers The Mid-Island Mail has ever , been able to make. In the first place , we were able to obtain a gift th at has - uni- versal- appeal , something- fox which almost every man , woman and child has daily use. Second , the sets aro beautiful , well made and -write as well as any you have ever used. - , . (Continueaf. onp '^ge' W) ' , Pfeiffer to . Retire , Middle Island P. 0. Job Held 38 Years In compliance with a new Federal ruling requiring retirement of post- master s at age 70 , Edward Pfeiffer , •wh o has conducted the fourth class postoffice at Middle Island for the last 38 years , will soon relinqu i sh the position and devote his full time to the operation of tbe general store he bas run for a half-century. According to Brookhaven Town Democratic Leader Fred G. Skinner , Everett H. PfeifFer has been recom- mended for the postal position , now held • by his father. The recom- mendation was sent several day s ago to Suffolk Democratic Leader Charles Sullivan , who , in turn , has forwarded jt to Washington for confirmation. The eld er PfeifFer was first appoint- ed during the admini stration of Pres- ident William McKinley. Town Board Votes to Raise $16 , 500 Start Meet Cost of Home Relief No Budget Item—Will Isssi e C ertificates - of Indebtedness — ' ¦ Some Investigators ' Travel Charges Are Questioned Steps toward the financing of Brookhaven town ' s home relief costs for November and December were taken last week , when the Town board voted, to raise $16 , 500 on certi- ficates of indebtedness for this pur- pose. The borrowing was foun d necessary because the action by. the Board of Supervisors , in recently turning, back the administration of home relief to each of the county ' s ten towns as of November 1 last , foun d each of the towns , including Brookhaven , with no budgetary funds to handle home relief costs. The bills of several investigators , particularly th os e . from the North Shore , failed to meet with the Town hoard' s approval at last week' s aud- it session. In the bills m questi on , the invest- igators charged travelin g expenses for the trips from their homes to the Patehogue office and return on the grounds that they made business stop s en rou*te. Each of the seven investigators is allowed over and (Continued on page 14) Revised Estimate of Cost Medford ¦ Project Is $249 , 000: Not Including Land and Prop- erty Damag e — R. R. Will Do • Certain Work W:i t h Own Force * The Public Service commis- sion has approved contract plans , sp ecial specifications aft d a revised e stimat e of cost in the amount of $249 , 000 in con- nection with the elimin ation of the Medford road crossing of the Long Island railroad. The revised estimate of cost amounting to $249 , 000 does not in- clude land • and prop erty damages and the estimate and plans ' and speci- fications have been approved by the State Department of Public Works. The commission also auth orized the Long Islan d railroad- to do cer- tain work at actual cost in connect- ion *vv-ith this elimination project limiting the amount to be expended without contract to $45 >O00 , which was the amount of an . estimate- sub - mitted by \the- railroad company for the w ork it is to perform with its own force. The work which the railroad com- pany will do by direct employment of labor and purchase of materials consists of , making temporary and permanent changes ' • in v its trabks j signal system ,, telegraph . and ; . tele- phon e lines , making temporary and permanent station and platform light- ing and protecting traffic during con- struction. \Death by Exposure \ Is Verdict In Case of 92-year-old Woman Body ol Mrs. Dowling, Selden Buisgalow Occupant ,. Lay Outside Home—Lodger and Friend Are Questioned . \Death due to exposure \ was the verdict given by Coroner Grover A. Silliaman of Sayville late Monday in the case of Mrs. Elizabeth Dowling, 92-year-ol d widow , whose body was foun d ab out 10 a. m. Monday less than 100 feet from her * four-room bungalow on the south side of Mi ddle Country road , Selden. The body, accordin g to police , was discovered by George -Helliksen , aged 55 , a laborer , who lived alon e -with Mrs. Dowling. . Helliksen tol d p olice , they said , that he and a friend , George Schling, aged 55 , who is employed as a handyman on a -nearby prop erty, had left the Dowling home about 5 p. m. Sunday after having some beer there , which Sehlin g had brought in. They visit- ed a nearby bar and . had some more beer. Helliksen invited Sehling to spend . the night with him and th ey returned to the D owling home ab out 2 a. m. Mon day, they told police. At that time , they believed Mrs. Dowlin g to be asleep in her room and did not look for her until they got up about 10 o ' clock . When Helliksen failed to find her then , he went out- side in search of her and came across the body in a hollow ab out 80 feet from- the, dwelling. Death was pronounced by Dr. Wil- bur S. Stakes of Patchogue , who . had been called , and who later assisted (Continued on page 14) Paroled Convicts In Suffolk Make Excellent Record Miller , State Officer , Reports on Conditions Not One of More Than 90 Had Ser- ious Lapse in 18 Months—Local Co-operation Praised* No.t one of more than 90 ex-prisoners living and working in Suffolk county under State Parole supervision were convicted during the past year and a half of committing a felony while on parole , Alexander Miller , state parole officer in tke county, wrote in the report of his work to the State Board of Parole covering the period from March 21 , 1938 , when he was assigned here , to December 1 , 1939. Credit was giv en to Suffolk county authoritie s for their co-operation and under standing which helped make this record possible. Mr. Miller , a . civil service employee , is a graduate of New Y ork university , and attended the New York School of Social Work before joining the Parole division. The work consists of helping parol- ees and their families- solve problems which j might tempt a return to crime , and of. sup ervising, their , living . so that \if- ; they begin to lapse , their conditional freedom: is : taken awa y from them. .. tinder the New York State \ Parol e System, home-an d em- ployment visits are made regularly by the officer supervising. Only seven of the more than *90 under parole supervision had their parole rescinded and were returned to prison by the Parol e board , Mr. Miller reports. \Because they were (Continu ed on page 5) Two Charges Follow . Double Crash Case Dri ver in Collision Fined .$50 for Intoxication — Another Summoned For Hitting Inves tigating Officer ' s Car in Mixisp at Sel d en Two accidents within the space of a short time at the * same spot on the Coram-Selden hill on Middle C ountry road , Selden , about 11 p. m. Saturday left in their wake a total of four damaged cars , a $50 fine on a driunken driving charge and a summons allegin g reckless driving. The first half of the dual accident , according to the report of Brook- haven Officer . Charles Trywusch, in- volved an eastbound sedan , owned and op erated by Harold K. Davies , aged 3S , of Montclair , N. J., and a westbound coach , owned hy Alfred Algerio of Selden and operated by his brotner-in-law, Thomas F. Mur- phy, aged- 38 , of Northport. ( Continued on page 14) Changes Are Sought In Zoning of Town , Various Locations Three applications for changes m zonin g classification from \\ residen- tial\ to \business , \ one of them pro- posing establishment of a tourist cabin camp in Middle Island , wer e re- ceived by the Brookhaven Town boar d last week and referred to the Town Planning board for report. The tourist eabin idea was men- tioned in- the applicati on of Leon A. Mott of Middle Island , c overin g property, on part of which he now operates ' a gas station on . the north side of Middle C ountry road. The Mott property has a- 100-foot frontage on Middle Country road and extends back 400 feet , connecting in \T\ shap e with a parcel 100 feet wide and 405 fe et long. For the first 10 0 feet of its depth: off Middle Coun- try road , the Mott property is-zoned for business purposes , but the rest is zoned , \ residential. *\ Mr. M ott stated he plans to erect tourist cabin s on the latter portion , that this \ portion w ould th en be sep- (Continued. on page 14) Christmas Services And Retreats Flamed At the Lake Ceka cle With the coming Christmas holi- day s , many applications have been made to spen d the week at the Cen - acl e , Lake Ronkonkoma , wbere any- one is welcome. Last Thursday the meeting of the Cenacle guild had an attendance of 72 members. Confer- ences and instructions were given by the Rev. Christopher Weldon. of. New York. Instructions were given on \Why The Cross?\ , , written by the Rev. Edward ' Leen , 0, S. Sp, -of Dub- lin , Ireland. The Polish guild of Our Lady of Chenstohova will postpone its December meeting and meet next month , wh en a Christmas party will be held. Midnight mass for the religi ou s . (Continued on page 14) • aaiAA^AAai^lAAAAAAAAAAAAaiAaiAAAAA^AAaiAAAAAAAAAAAXaVAAA^ ¦¦' - . ' ... ' \ . , - . -¦~._--.—¦—-—-- -..a w - urmrii/ia mW tmm ajum- urii njj uu -a-i . au.mi-i «. «_W Jay Is Elected Town Police Pres . Officer Wallace Jay of Lake R on- konkoma was unanimously elected president of the Brookhaven Town Police associati on at its annual meet- ing held at the Town hall , Patchogue , Monday night. Officer Jay, who served as vice- president for the past year , succeeds James McGrisken of East Setau k et. A contest for the post of yice-presi- ddnt provided the only excitement at the meeting, Officer Clarence Samson of \B lu e Point defeating Officer Fran - cis \Pitzpatrick of Port Jefferson for the office by a vote of 10—6, Officers Jacob Baczensky of Coram and Albert Quattlander of Center- each wore unanimously re-elected trojft&ttre-j and secretary, , .respectively, ,

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