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The Mid-island mail. (Medford, N.Y.) 1935-1941, October 25, 1939, Image 4

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iTl li il « ; NEW Topcoats! \ . ' NEW Overcoats! ] i iBi^y!^. ^ ir- *' ' ' Mii - ' ii- Twijtiffi^^ - . • - . tiimm- immt *^^ Wear Itfaem *i;#hen ;y o,u want \ tkem l rPay , smMl weekly . amounts «¦ • out of : income li lt ' s: reiUy aiamart \yay ' ' vtp ' -k hay %emd ;;,a ; i srnart •¦ 'way : ' Yto.\:tess. . „ i Matt , SiMff ner & Marx Clipper Graft - iYearcraft All Well-known Clothing Names fl».9S up FREE ALTERATIONS «m ; Swezey $c Newins PATC H OGUE 280 :! ' • :• ' , ¦ ¦ i ' - \ : ' ¦ , ' ' ' ¦ ' ¦ > - ¦ ¦ - ' . ' ' . \ ' •; I^ ersrltiire to lii ^^pr^ii ^l is. fi wi th famous 5 -$tar amstructipn ^* Scientifically constructed \Illustrated Above hardwood frames. ,- K1 ii .1, , An Exact Reproduction *• . INon-collapsible spring- filled sekt cushion. $ PleCCS '*• Only clean , sanitary fillill§S' ^tfl ___% ll% tKll . \\• , Non-sagging steel web Vg jfl wy ' 'B j Bpjii' \ seat under con s truction. ; TO<i ___r llm «• KROEHLER QUALITY ' »W 'W ¦ CRAFTSMANSHIP. MS* TERMS ' ; All Kroehler furniture is made with ' the famous- '5-Star Con- struction. This., assures , , you of .precision .workmanship that . .is so ,. . ¦ -necessary for your complete satisfaction. Fine hidden qualities . under the cover take time , cost money. But they . make . your .-furniture last longer and retain the original beauty. Ten large factories , employing thousands of skilled workers , costly equip- ment , and expert 'designers build quality furniture that outsells ¦ any other make 5 to 1. • FURNITURE DEPT . -^SEGOND FLOOR ;#S|f^l_^^ V . : 17i:;'Y.,Y . .. . - .^ H-©It ©raM _& Dorothea Feyk Miss Fe y k, a our busy Bohemia news-gatherer. ,, ha8 a telephone , ^Say- ville* 1463-M, so you can call her if you - have . any news. She ' s always interested In items for her column. JV7FRS. Joseph Vo jvoda and daughter A * * Emily of Locust av enue are •spendin g a two-week vacation in Boston. Mass., and Bridgeport , Conn. The n ew ly -organized Narodny Zdruseny will meet , at the C. S; A. hall this ev ening. Mrs. Arthur M. Garypie of Patch- ogue entertained at her home Friday evening at a miscellaneous shower in honor of Miss Margaret Campion of: Blue Point , who is to be married next month to Joseph . Tmay, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tmay of Locust avenue. She received many gifts displayed beneath, a white umbrella. Delicious refreshments were served at a. table attractively decorated with white flowers and candles. The guests were the Misses Margaret , M ary , ^ileen and P atricia Campion and Mrs. Alfred D eVito of Blue Point , Mrs. Henry H enken , Mrs. Garypie and the Misses Lillie Valentine , TClva Walker- , Gloria Forbes , Katherine Shumskie and Doroth y Henken of Patchogue and Miss Dorothea Feyk. The members of the Bozena Hra- decka , J. C. D. lodge, entertained at a surprise birthday party in honor of the eightieth birthday of a member , Mrs. Frances Nohowec of Sayville. The party ; was held - October 14 at Stej skal' s Central hotel , where Mrs. Nohowec was given a lairge birthday cake and a sweater. The - rummage sale being hel d by the Ladies 'Altar society at the Ruth confectionery store is doing well . Frank Rehak of Locust avenue is ill and under the care of a physician. Miss Dorothea -Feyk of Locust ave- nue entertained her club at her home last Wednesday evening. Those pre- sent were the Misses Jeanne Hen- rich , Ann Loughlin , Catherine Arata and Anne Kelly of \ Sayville , Miss Isab elle Coops of West Sayville , Miss- ' 1 Theresa Jensen of Oakdale and Miss Johanna Cizek of Locust avenue. Joseph Steffi of New York , who is photographing the Senior class of the Sayville High school for the year book , is staying with Mr. and Mrs. William Tepley of Locust avenue. Mr. Steffi is Mrs.. Tepley ' s son. Mr. sfad Mrs. Anton Feyk of; Loc- ust avenue had as their guests Sun- day Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brodsky, Louis Feyk and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Organ of Woodmere. Mr. and Mrs. ¦ Emil F eyk . enter- tained Sunday Mrs. Feyk' s brothers- in-law and sister s , Mr. and Mrs. Peter Cudlin of Odessa and Mr. and Mrs. - Henry Brotman of New York . Miss Lillian Knakal and her fiance , Ladislav Knakal , summer residents , spent the week-end at the home . of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kovarik' of Ocean ..avenue. The young people are to be married next month at the Madison avenue Presbyterian church , New .York. . The Misses Johanna Cizek and Dorothea Feyk spent the week-end in N „ ew York. \ ¦Mr. and Mrs. . Lawrence Veprovcky and son s , Lawrence and . Arthur , .of New York , spent the week-end ¦ * at their summer home on Karshick street. Mrs. Winnie A. Benedict of Church street has returned to her home, after undergoing an operation at the South- side hospital , Bay Shore. Mrs . Frank Cizek , the Misses . Beatrice and Johanna Cizek and Frank Cizek of Locust . avenue visited Mr. . and Mrs . Joseph Chvatal of Val- ley Stream - Sunday. The marriage of Miss Elsie Al- brecht , daughter of Mr. and ' -Mrs. Stanley Albrecht , Sr., - of-Smithtown .avenue , and Arthur Krepela , . son. . of Mi. and Mrs. -FrankFjKrepela of West Sayville , will take place Sunday at St. Ann ' s , Episcopal church , Sayville. &. successful pig -roast was held at I Pilnacek! s Sunrise hotel . Saturday evening. ¦ *• ' Mrs. George Humel of Locust ave^ nue was given a surprise party in 'honor of her birthday . at her home by.: a. group of friends \ Thursday. ' Mr. and Mrs. Frank : Kubat and son John oi Astoria spent the weekrend .at'their home \ oh Church street. - . > Mr. * and Mrs. Thomas K ennedy of Astoria were • ' week-end. . . guests -at ;the home, of Mrs., Kennedy ' s par ents,; Mr. isind Mrs. Frank Kudrna \ of Smith- town .avenue. 'The Ladies ' and Men ' s clubs of the franklin D. Roosevelt Democratic club will hold ; an open meeting, at the firehouse on November 2. ¦ Mrs. Charles Bernard , Mrs. Joseph _j.uea and \Mrs. Charles Kovarik rep- resented .the Ladies ' auxiliary of' th e Joseph Kovarik post , American Leg- don , and 1 Mrs. . Mary Cervenka repre- sented the Smith-Wever pos t , Ameri- can, Legion of Skyville , at. the meet- »ittg- of the Ladies ' auxiliaries of Suf- folk county held at Islip Saturday. May Bernard was elected . presi- dent of the A stronomy club of Say - ville High school ' Monday, Mr. andr-Mrs. Emil-Cejka of Smith - . town avenue motored to New York •iSaturday to ' attend the wedding of f ri .nds i at the - Little Church Around the Corner. They remained in- the city for the week-end. The wedding of Miss Anna Rosch \ of Ronkonkoma and Arnold Lee Brandt ..of - ' Sayville will take place in St. Ann ' s ' Episcopal church , Sayville , Saturday, The young people will reside in their Smithtown avenue house which - they .purchased sqme time ago from Joseph Kosatko, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Krepela and daughter Edwina of Walnut ave- nue visited Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Dcubrava . and family of East Islip . last\ . ' Sunday. They got a preview bf the beautiful ston e Czech ; * .. astle on 1 : thcMMontauk; highway ; ' at. .. Is^p,--.o|j f iWhich;.,^r!,,Dw ^^ fSiMi^»7 ^^--^aiM ^ :v ^ wnfly^/V' - ' PnT ' M^iltevllie i- HoltsyiUe , j s : -w«LI covered each week ' ' ¦ for -: news \ ' • by Irene Jo nee LAST Friday afternoon a p arty was •given for Joann e La Fever in honor of her tenth birthday. Her guests included Jeanne , Ann and Carole Vautrin , Betty and Louise Sipos , Kenneth and Arthur Terry, .Gloria and Alex Sipos , Florence Crawford, Jean Terry , and Margaj et IVrobel and her brothers , Robert and D»avid La Fever. Others were Mrs. Arthur Terry, Mrs. William Wrobel , Mrs. Alex Sipos , Miss Mari- on Schwenk , Miss Edith Calhoun and Miss Helene Kinsley. The children played games and refreshments . .were served at a table decorated in pink \ and -yellow with two -large can dl e decorated cakes. Mr. and Mrs. Sal Franco of Flower avenu e spent several day s in New T. ork with\ - rel atives. William J- Graham visited his daughter , Mrs. Georg e Kowtna and family in New York , over the week- end. : Mr. and Mrs. C. Mathews , Hoyd Overton and Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Kreutz attended a card - party on Saturday evening at the \Methodist parish hall , Lake Ronkonkoma. Mr. Overton was first prize winner. WILLIAM LESTER , accomp anied .. . .. .. by -Wesley Little and William Brown , representatives ' of the. Quaker Oats company, recently took a motor trip of 270 miles and visited poultry farms at Milford , Pifctstown , Flem- ington and Clinton , N. J., and a flour mill operated by Mr. Little ' s father. ¦Francis Lester celebrated his birthday on last Wednesday. His grandmother , Mrs. William Rhode and his aunt , Miss Magdalene Rhode of Miller Place , jfver e dinner gu . estsA Mr. and Mrs. Martin Geis spent last Friday in New -York. Mr. and Mrs. A. Caccaval e and two children of Brooklyn sp ent the week- end with Mrs . Caceavale ' s parents on Lon g Island avenue. Miss Blanch e Calhoun of Delhi , sister of Mrs. Clarence La Fever ; spent Tuesday with her. Her moth- er , Mrs. Alice Calhoun of Delhi , was a dinner guest. Mr.,:and Mrs. Thomas : Murphy of Brooklyn recently spent s everal days with Mr. and 7 Mrs. • Raymond , Simon - ton of Woodycrest ; drive. Last Tues- day evening moving picture s were shown by Charles Reylek , representa- tive of the . Purina company of; St. Louis , Mo., at Lester ' s Acres Poultry farm , on \How an egg is jnade \ -and \Before the chick is born . \ Mr , and Mrs. William Clay . and family and Mrs. Ella ; Pedrick -sp ent the week-en d at \U nion City, -N. ., J. Miss \Ruth \ Esker of Brooklyn :also spent the week-end with them. Mrs , Ella Pedrick is visiting this week her son , Larry Pedrick and family of South Ozon e Park. MR. ahd Mrs.-Hans Glaser of Brook- lyn , Mr. and Mrs. R. Bachman and daughter Ruth of Woodside and Mr. and Mrs. C. Hansen and son Norb ert of : Freeport were week-end guests of Mr.: and Mrs. Hans Kropf. They -all -attended the : dance given by the Steuben society at Islip Ter- race on ^Saturday evening. Sunday a dinner party was held in honor of Mr. :Kropf ' s birthday. Mrs.: Millard Terry spent the week- end at Ossining as a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Weeks. Mr, and Mrs. George Avery of- Ossining mo- tored here on Sunday with Mrs. Ter- ry- What' s wrong with this sentence? \Before I go shopping, I drive around and look ifor iliargains on the bill- boards. \ —Adv*

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