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The Mid-island mail. (Medford, N.Y.) 1935-1941, October 04, 1939, Image 4

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,v \^~^ H ^ v \^ H \ aB ^\ v \ Bl ^^ BW \-*\ va \\* H * ks ***->--*--*->---*WIH-l^ INTEREST DEPARTMENT 2% Paid on Balances UP TO $7 , 500.00 INTEREST BEGINS THE 1st OF EACH MONTH The ©YSTEWMEW^S BANK atiatl TitUST COMPANY SAYVILLE , NEW YORK MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE BANK MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 1. tt. ROBINSON 10 SQUTH OCEAN AVE. P A TCHOGUE PHONE 1005 Jg^ Scientiiic Eye '' •fi-S^ Examination and Correct Glasses I^Qise Applies • For ' ^ipjiffltiieiit , Town Welfare Job HOWARD F. LeCLUSE of Blue Point , county deputy welfare commissioner for Brookh aven town since the administration of home re- lief was turned over to the county three years ago , filed application •with the Town hoard last week foi the position of town welfare office* under the new town system , which takes effect November 1. Under the town system , which was voted, during the past week by the board, of supervisors , - each . town board will appoint its own welfare officer. Mr. LeCluse ' s letter was placed on file , Supervisor Edgar A. Sharp explaining that appointm ent of a welfare officer will be made early next month. Saying the position, for which he is applying is one ihe held b efore the administration of home relief was transferred to the county, Mr. Le- Cluse said , \As county* deputy wel- fare commissioner , I have represent- ed- the county department in Brook- haven town. \As county deputy at the present time , I offer my full co-operation to your board in estimating a working budget and in s etting up the prop er organization for transfer to a town welfare system . \ If and when a. position pf veterans ' home relief investigator is created by the town under, the new system , Edward Brett of Port Jefferson Sta- tion should be considered to fill it , it was stated in a letter received by the Town board from E arle R. Snow , writing in his capacity of welfare , service and employment chairman of \Wilson Ritch post , A. L., of Port Jefferson . Mr. Snow said Mr. Brett is well qualified for such work by virtu e of experience. The letter was pfaeed on file. CENTRA L BROOKHAVEN REPUB. CLUB MEETING TONIGHT Tlie Central Brookhaven R epubli- can club will meet at the C entereach firehall tonight. Mernbeijs of the new ItaLian-American Republican club of Coram will be guests. There will be speakers and refreshments will be served- . \Plans are completed for the card party to be given by the or- ganization at the C entereach firehouse this Saturday evening. Farmtsi gvMle Mrs. Olive Manby busily gathers items of interest to Farmingville residents e a c h week. Contact her whenever you. hare any news; TWIR. and Mrs. William Clendhmen **•* of State highway entertained Sunday, Mr. and Mrs . Roy Lam ont and son Rob ert of Keansburg, N. J., Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rehder of Pat - ehogue and Clifford Clendinnen of Brooklyn . Thursday evening their guests were Miss Blanche Knapp of Patehogue and Henry \Worthington of Riverhead. S. E. Terry of Porti on road , and son and daughter-in-law , Mr. and Mrs. Howard Terry and . son Howard , Jr., of New York , were dinner guests Saturday evening of Mr. and Mrs. Arden -Perry of Portion road; Chairman Arthur Bahnmuller and his committee have ^arranged liovel entertainment for the dance to be given by the local firemen , at the firehall. Saturday evening. Olsen ' s orchestra will play for dancing. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pless of Brooklyn spent the week-end at their place in Farmingville Gardens. Exceptionaliy interesting and time- ly was the film \We Americans , \ at the firehall Friday evening, showing the loyalty of foreign-born citizens to their adopted country , America. This Friday night Matt Moore , star of the silent screen will be> featured in \His Majesty, Bunker Bean. \ The amusin g antics of \Our Gang \ will be seen in \Tin Hoss. \ Mr. and Mrs. Peter Garite and Mrs. Robert Neudecker and daughter Pat- ricia of Farmingville Gardens visited in Bro oklyn over the week-end. Mr. Garite^s father , Charles Garite , who sp ent the summer here , accompanied them and will remain for the Winter at his home in Brooklyn. The twelfth birthday of Grade Gibaldi , daughter of Mr. and Mrs . Angelo Gibaldi of Woody Crest drive , was. eelebrated . with a dinner party Sunday ev ening at Gibaldi' s restaur- ant on Horse Block road , - attended by many friends and relatives. Eight members were present at the social meeting of the Ladies ' Aid society of the Congregational church held at the home of* Mrs. Wendell Still in S elden Thursday evening. Cards , games and refre sh- ments-were enjoyed. The next busi - ness, meetin g will be held at the home of Mrs. Leigh Stuart of Portion road , Tuesday evening- , October 10 , the change from the regular date of October 12 being made because rit is* a holiday . . X . Mrs. Paul Gormsen of Fartning- ville-Gardens was given a surprise stork shower last Wednesday evening by Mrs. Arthur Terry and Mrs. Alex Sipos at the home of Mrs. Terry on Portion road. Decorations were in pink and blue with a large umbrella of pink and blue tissue paper shelter- ing the many lovely gifts , comprising s complete layette. Other guests were Miss Edna Hawkins , Mrs. Philip Hagenberger and dau ghter Ruth , Mrs. Robert Neudeeker , Mrs. Peter Garite , Mrs. James De Rose , Miss Marion S chwenk , Miss Helen Kins- ley, Mrs. Arthur Bahnmuller , Mrs. Clarence Le Fever and Mrs. • Helen Terry. R efreshments were served. Mrs. Hagenberger and Miss Hawkins were prize winners at cards and Mrs. Neudecker and Mrs. Gormsen won first and secon d prize in Chinese checkers. - Mr. and Mrs. Bert Clendinnen and daughter Emily of Cape Elizabeth , Me., were guests last Tuesday at the home of their brother and sister- in-law , Mr. and Mrs. ' William Clen- dinnen. Mrs. Edmour Gagrion has been quite ill the past week at her home . OM . Granny road. .. > Mr. and . Mrs. William Horlocker of . Farmingville Gardens entertained ove# the weelc-end Mrs. Horlocker ' s mother , Mrs. J. Cernik of Ozone Parki Mr. and Mrs. Leigh Stuart of Porti on road accompanied by friends from Brentwood , attended the third annual police show , \Around the Clock with New York' s Finest , \ at Madison Squar e Garden , last Friday evening. . Mrs. Nellie Gordon of Patehogue was a guest Thursday afternoon of her cousin , John Bates of Horse Block road. ; xy . Mr. and . Mrs. Charles Larsen and daughter Barbara of Jarnesp ort were guests Sunday of Mr. Larsen ' s par- ents , Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Larsen of Granny road. Al' s Tavern on Horse Block road is being shingled in . multi-colored brick design and small , well-designed arches are b eing built over the doors. Further improvement is a one-car garage being- built at the rear of the tavern . The contractor for all the work is Harold Keddy of Selden . Willard Peacock is returning to- morrow to his home iri Columbus , O. after a two-week - visit with his grandmother ^ Mrs. Lena B ahnmuller of Horse Block road. While at their bungalow in Farm- ingville Gardens over the week-end, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph De Mario picked their crop of watermelons , which consist of only two melons , but ex- ceptional as to size and quality . The watermelon patch was a surprise to the amateur gardeners , as last spring they , had planted what they thought were squash ¦ seeds. Teft tables of beards and bunco were in play at the party given by the H oltsville Democratic club _ at Al's Tavern Saturday evening. Fol- lowing the \ games refreshments were served. Prizes were awarded to L. Fischer , first , Mrs. Daisy Van , sec- ond , and Florence Peter s , third , in bridge ; first in pinochle , Mrs. Eva Farrell , second , Harold Frost and third , Mrs. William Horlocker; first ih bunco ,, John Daly, second , Mrs. J. Stepanik and third , Lester Craw- ford , Jr. A special prize , a box of cigars , was won 'by Mrs. H. Stiriz of Patehogue and a hostess tray was awarded Mrs. A. Elsmann ; of Fiarmingville. Many guests remained to dance to the music of the Keystone orchestra . Mr. and Mrs. James Riendeau and family, with Miss Nora Spillane as their guest s-all of New York , spent Sunday at their bungalow in Farm- ingville Gardens. L Mrs. William Clendinnen of State highway and her sister-in-law , Mrs. Henry Rehder of patehogue , were guests one day last week of Mrs. Frank Evanlioe of Center Moriches. Mrs . James Wetsell has made a deeided success of her experiment with a new variety of m orning gloxy .at her home on Horse Block road. Tliis new flower , called Scarlett O'Hara , for the heroine in \Gone With the Wind , \ is of a scarl et hue with double . and frilled petal , blos- soming profusely over a large vine. A large number enjoye d the hos- pitality of the local firemen at their initial \Guest Night , \ held Saturday evening at the firehall. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Petit enter- tained Sunday at their home in Farmingville Gardens with a dinner party in celebration of the seventh birthday of their son Francis. The i&ble was decorated in pink -and white : with a Wrge birthday cake , presented by Francis- ' grandmother , Mars. C. Jonason , as the centerpiece. He received many gifts. The guests were Mr. and Mrs. C. 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