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Roslyn tablet. (Roslyn, Queens County, L.I. [N.Y.]) 1876-1877, March 09, 1877, Image 3

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: : ........... ■r Boslyn 'Tablet KOSIiYN, t. I. MAH. 0, 1877. , clujrch, anil mny. lier .folloivera 'proudly, yet piously, enter her sitcred ^>r<-%-nie_ts. kpmial notio pt. ; (jopir.a of the, \llortynTablet'' rmy be fh- titinfJ at .J. I j . Prarmll'e Orchard. Hotel, rncar the ratlroftd stalUin, of AUr. Jfil'pa/r rkk, from. U h tinker wa^dn, or at the puh- Xlmny office, nejir the lioalyh dray More, Price per copi/, Four cent*. ;-. ■■ ■ Mr. likhard Craig U an authorized agent for the “ Tablet^ at Rockville Cen. . Ire. Paper h Mag he procured of [him at any time. NOTIGH TO OUR PATRONS. We rer/uest our padrone to report to ithis office any inattention or incivility on ,the part of the carriers of the. “ Tablet. BOSLYN OHUEOH BE00P.D. Voaean ’ M. Cjumcu. — Hi-rvicce ;U ! 10. 80 A. Si. ; ond A.V0 li. M, , Bmiday School at 3.30 V. M* Bov; J. W. HFABHa, Rector, ng at 10J30 _ .. oot at 9,r A. M. : .Buy, B. F. JoBKSos, PaSior, PEEKnviBuiaM. — Prpaohlng at 11.00 A, M M ethodist E kiwodad . — P roaching A. M. and 7.30 P. M. Sabbath Bcliool at 9,00 Sabbath tfcb'jol at 0:46 A. M. Evening at 7.30 u ■ f ;i „ j « j * to . .■ .ti •. ei 'Qawtnn at 9,” 30 A . M- , B. <3. PtmutB. . , .flabbatb Hcbool at OtOtl A- , . ’ Father M- C. B bknmah AfRtOAN M. E. __ Pioaohing at 2:3p and J 8;00 1>. Ml Sabbath Hebool at 0:80 A. Jl. * Bov. D ehj . L vsch , Pastor. AB1UVAI. A DEPABTUBE OF TBAIMS. Fltoaf BOSI.Y.S TO I., t. CITY. .Cdfi. 7.58; H.24, A. at. 2,42; 4.13, 5.20 p. M. Sunday Train, 7.M4, A. M. 4.48, p . m , AltmVE AT BOStYS'PBOM b. 1. CITY. 11.10, 12,41, a m . 4.30, 0.41, 042, 7.42 p. m . Sunday Train, 10.44, a . ar. 7.14 p , : W b learn that Tbos; Boyle tvill launch into the hutclier Ihusineas abcul April 1st. He,takes llte'shop formerly occupied iby Isaac Bell An fncf eascrl Circulation. B kh . o B' b — Our readers will 1 remember that Mr. T. A. Bellows of this village, while on a visit to New York City; during tho Christmas Ilolidays, was taketi alarmingly ill. His symptoms were apparently jvety obscure, and greatly pusaled ihe physleian; . who was called to at teml him. Althciigh somewhat improved, hut yet exceedingly ill, Mr. Bellows managed to reach homo about three weeks Since, He then called hi hid, family physician, fir. H W. Uutebeeon, who diagnosed an abscess of the right kidney. The doctor: suggested that relief might bo obtained liy a surgical operation; and,find ­ ing the symptoms did not abate, but Tiilji- (st increased; Mr. Bello vs eonsenied to iiave the operation performed, which was done on Tuesday morning, in 1 the presence of Ifev. W. Wicly and Mr. Abbott Combs. A hollow sharp-pointed, needle wi$ passed through the ; loins about two incliee-iuid a half, arid then, by means of an Instrument called an Aspiratdrjthe niatter(jKi»)waB drawn out. The icllef was prompt and decided. From being drawn' up and unable to lie on Bis hack, aud suileririg stiveroly, he was aide hi a few bonrs to straighten himself, arid to He in any position. JTis fever, more ­ over, abated, and lie has since rested com ­ fortably without the use of anodynes. Tlio Immediate danger attending his illness be ­ ing now removed, hopes are_cntcrtained of ids ultimate recovery. — ObxcrcFrr' HEMPSTEAD. tfaTWork on ilio Garden City Momovlal Church' liBH been commonced. f . A \ V-'- tXAUGUHAL. “ The new president has been ielecti: d, taken the oath of office nnd entered upon the duties of one of the mo t important posi­ tions on eatth, notwithstanding the teuihle - denunciations of partisans and we aro sorry, to ftay, in many instances, the press. We predict for Mr. Hayes a prosperous administration and believe life has before him an op­ portunity to become one - of the most popular presidents that ev­ er occupied the White House, and if he fulfills hisv inaugural y ■will have done much to perfect ' tee machinery of our great re ­ public. We have np doubt that he will do all this and miioh more that will prove, tp the, doubting ones he is ^.inferior man. Let fis then apply our ­ selves earnestly and zealously to our various pursui s, speed, the plough,.ring the anvil, let the humming of the loom be Aieard, merchantfarmer and inechah e have confidence, put your shoulders to the wheel and all will prosper. Legality, fra- teruity and equality. \yiU settle all disputes, and the old flag of our union , will float as ever triumphant. Be wise, just and fearless, drop all political dis- conssioiis or any thing to interfere ■with your business and with oitr Best wishes all hail our now president Hutherford B. Hayes. — Jfepublinh t/tis Uu its'ottr own m-.'t/rml'eilitarial, Times. '' : ®^*At their Juflfc meeting the Literal^ Society debated ‘ .Oiiglit Capital PuuiBbmeut bo Abated v tffif A Kindergarten school hae boon eHtab- lished hero by Mies JL 8. Spooner, and ia now in BUccGBflful operation. ''. Tliis Hyatoin ia the beat for learning young oliildron now known. tSvTThoEO ia conaiderablo rivalry for Pbat Master hero. , B. V. Glbwoa, Eeq., J- B. Curly, ■ and'Df.i M- Snodikor, who ; now ocoupiea the poaition. . ; ; ^Tho Local Yiaituig Committee met hero laat week A sample of water from tiio now well oh Bamum Island waa sampled by all Tjroaent, and was found to.bp ua good aa any need.bo. A aamplo ia to be taken to Dr. Ofdro- u aux for analyzutipn. (f5f*Mr. Bulmer'a remarks: before the Cpm- mitteo oh Civil Division ‘ ‘ that the town meet ­ ing hoJcf lioro to cohaider a diyiaion of the coun-. ty was backed u)> by a few drunkarda and-ahoul- (ior-liittei ’ H, ” ia tlib eooldef immit. I ever board of, I ’ he mooting was attended by a class . of people who a o not fohml at\ public nieetinga, aa often an they bad.ought to bo. Tlio i-e- apoctable portion of citi^ona whore Mr. Bul- mer got hia information I do hot know but it la evident he waa not proHont, or_lf„iio.wiifi ho. ia a poor ijudge. of human nature. But you cannot expebt raueii else from him. • - ; : As promiB'ed I now send you the first of-my Hkotoli of nempatead village. I do not intoud to go back but phly to malm aomo remark a of it aa ’ it is to-day; Aa moat of the T ablet road- era are. aware, Hempstead ia ono of the oldest yiriageH v oh Lohg . Ialaud, At tbo present day It has a population of abou t 4,001). Hompat ond Haa no natural beauty worth speaking of. It hftB. good communication with Now York City and itviftkea about one and one half hours to i^ ’ casca c A few week ago ihe Flushing .TivrUt publiaiicd An item Btulingtlmt its circulation Had iricreaaed five imndrqd within tbo laat. year. Many of tbe Island papers have re ­ published the item, with complimentary editorial notice appended upon the success' achieved by Mr. . Burling, the publisher. For information of those' newspapers, that they may likewho double their circulation, the con versation, published below, between tbC assistant editor, of the Times, and one of our (iienwood gonliemen, is respectfully put into pfirit JbV- u 9 - Tiie Times employs its assistant editor tii scour the country for, subscribers, and Burling, we are under the impression, has told him lo.'get subscribers: whether they ever intend to pay or not for the paper. This is the substance of the. eoiiversatio i tiie assistant editor iiad with Mr, William Canoif, a geutleirian of Glen- wood. : , Mr. Canoff — No sir, I do not care to euh- seribe for tbe Times. Assistant editor- -Well, but you can't find a better .paper in the country. It# '' tilled with the local nows (copied , .Of ail our towns, beskj.es containing ' many enterlainlng and iuetructlye arlleles of botii fact and fiction, spec ­ ially adapted to the ignorant aa well as the educated, arranged to amuse botii old and young, in no way . re ­ pugnant to either rich of poor, high or. low, intended to advance, know ­ ledge in the world and educate mor ­ ally tiie wicked ant) make them wise and good. Mr. Oanoff — Yes, I know all that but I can ’ t afford the money these hare) ' times. Assistant Editor — Money I wliat only two a year? Hold oh ; I.have the idea; Give, me a dollar mid take it six months. . : Mr. Canoii — No, I tell you I don ’ t wish it. Assistant Editor — Well, I'll put your name down anyhow for six murithfl, arid if you like the paper, why. I ’ ll send it to yoii a year and if yoii ’ don't pay for it then l ‘ H continue ... . two years, and then, now mind what -. *J say; thop-if you don ’ t 'pay ut), I ’ ll LONG llUifl AUO OT HER NEWS. J.M. ChapneVs grocery store at Hunting- ton was totally destroyed by fire on Sunday night last, as lie had no insurance on the goodsheisa loser to the extent of about l^ 000 ' Since Ibe Koekville Centre woodpile rob her got SB for her trouble, we expect to 'see tiie stock of kindlings grow gradually less all over the Island. The six teachers for the new Catholic school at Bag-Harbor have arrived. They came from a Convent in France und the ex ­ penses are bmiio by a Sew York lady. Boss Tweed has not paid.his. Bong Island fellow can expect no mercy. He must time under the hammer. — lrm ‘ J Island City Star. There will not be any growling about pooNca and coffee, if you buy Ikem at Acker ’ e. — ads. A verdict of $17,000 has been oblalned in the Brooklyn City Court against the South Side Railroad Company of Bong Is ­ land by Bernard Stamlor a truckman, for the lots of a leg, the plaintiff having been run over, by one of the company ’ s dum ­ mies.'\ yi Nassau will be strong in area, strong in population, strong in wealth, ami strong in men of note. It is the home of Bryant, Modwin, ’ fiana, Barlow, Ordronaux, August jb-OMotiirn. AVa rule its people aro.henlthy, J 'An to tlio people, they ave.-upt- luolinSiV to bo social, and, nn to tlio last your or no, wore soc- iariivn.Tmt.tbat la gradually boing done away with- Hempstead bus iivo otinrehou, tliroo good hotels, ono public ami several private sohoois, two largo liabs, two woelily newspapers It can boast ot.Bovoral.il >o streets ami munor- oub lioiiBoa..--Its main buainoss Btreet namely Main street;Winning north ami Houth, contains noveral liae brick buildtoRa. Tiie only objec ­ tion to tlio atveot in that iu narrow. On tiie HouthwoBt corner, of Fulton and. Main streets I b Seabufy ’ s balterv: and rouitlonce, a largo three Story FUlladalpblah brick bmldiiig wbioh was felit about throe, yearB ago to take tlio place of the, old rosidonco and store whfob was destroyed by lire. Tliia ie a Iiamluomo biiilduig oorreapondent is one of thoae who tliiiik brielt inuldinge lire out of nluee in tlio country. Noariy across the street biiiMi ’ ng with a sign of Q iikexb C o , KES riHEL,. ‘ I bilildhlgEott.Van Du Water liolds forth I f you want tlm aiid cheapest cigars In town, call on Titos. McKee, Burt Wash ­ ington. — urii ’ . : t / ip : ca TjroLic ciruTicH, v M.A.If. Tp ANN COOEUY. ^ : With every conVtesy to Ann' Cooney I .beg leave ito still be lit varlanco with Iter on ,tbe question of Uie ilbuation of tho St. Louis r ■oiiw.dml to tlmt cltv bv tlm King of France; .. to Ukt city by^ King of.F . , . Anu Cnimuy ttikoa wxceptipUHlothe oonccv iiuss of my Biatemont tbat.tke.Utbedralwas xlomUccVby King XiHUia XVI* tnul asks It it was not Louis iX,; but? w tb aU due re- snuot I would say that I Ulink B»y flgWft were not erroneous. There is undoubtedly a misunderstanding In tbe matter, and It is here i Ann Cooney is under the impression tout I liave refereuco to the Sainte Ohapcllo in Franco; wlillo I am wriling of the Ca- Biedral of St, Louis, Mo., in America. AIv . aliuston lit thot article to tiie red mtm should 1 have biion suIUcicnt to bavo shown my con- .trovertist this. . : . : 'i' : The-pages of history are ofllimca sad .enough to ohiil tlm frame of every reader, nnd milieu tho hardest of licarts iri depicting the heai trondjug scoiiea of loug long ago. ■ Certainly those who have recorded the - eventful lives of lying Louis nnd his ‘ consort, Miirln Autoluetto, fraugbt, as tiiey wore; with the trlumiihaut rant zatton of joys ahi ’ ost unspbakaoje -ahij- then wtyi sorrows iu tin b nature almest dvei wlielm- inu, call fdrtli the very deepeat Bvmimtliics which lie hidden awtfy down in 11m almost tiiiiieiieivahlo iCeeBSes of our ffl^ty. heart, Willi dlfinasslonute eyes wo ntay read, and reading judge, yet, let the mistakes be what they weie. wo can hut domoru so n.teL JibbUply an euumg t but led to tlio block ana bloody knife. , ’ ,7 . v „ , ■ Tlio French of St. Louis city idolized tliis monarch. »rid riiany were the fervent ayers that roBe from tholr. altar in behalf lull one story In tliiB buikbaff- T , . . and eoileotB the toNYn news. Next door but one Houth ia a two story brick bmUlmg pied by a mtiopn on oiieHiuo, Bogar Btoro on tne o'lher. Farther do\yu on bho Bamp Hide ib a largo brick olotliiPK ' oBtnbliflhmoiit owned and oeeapiodty Mr. Bidoubovg. At the leer of Mam, on Front street is'tiie I n ^ iumeh omoo. Tho Rboriff ’ s office in at corner of krout and Grnonwioh uttaqtfl over the dnyr ntbro, und nia room has hoen nowly ilctod up and it mauas a fine office. A b to businoBB, ItempBtoftd • haa .& lar#o country trade and i« well auppHod ..witp storoH. In, iinnnng the'tlnnB I will naiji City taxes, and city Treasurer says the old fellow can cXnect no mercy. H Belmont, and others of natitmal reputation, editors: scientists and peels, hiBlonau's, editors . firiancieVs, and all of 'these gentlemen earn ­ estly hi favor of Nassau. Wiiore can you find a County to match it?— Budget A Western editor who thinks tlio wages demanded by compositors an imposition lias discharged Iris'hands, and Intend!, doing bis own type-setting in the future. He says: “ ovrinG To tua eXcubitAiit WaSes d E- maufied by priuieRs wE I ioao C on CI u - ’ C kss - euaso * H a li . G one . — T he beautful staucture known as Tempc-rauee Hail, Ros- lyn, the lower part of which is occupied by Mr. SamuellHoopcr as a drug'■store, and Mr. liemsen ns a furniture establisiimeiit, will not be known hereafter as Temper ­ ance Hal). The upper part of which has in fomaer years been tliejrendeivuus of the temperate is beingconverted . into rooms, which will be occupied as soon as liuislied by Mr. Remsen as,n residence. Tiie build ­ ing was erected iri the .year 1871, by Mr. Silas Albertson, and wms early christened as per heading. At first a strong Temper emee fiivishm nietlliere weekly which event ­ ually dw'iiidled down j; until the attendance became so limited that the idea of pennant, ly establishing a successful society was abandoned. We are sorry to say in con ­ nection with Ibis that rum rules supreme. — The Flushing Times mill please steal this item.' .'2 : — Choice Italian oeacbes, French and TurkiuU prunes'at AC.'KEttA — arfr. ; H ate you read Mr. Hlbbcn ’ s hook? E ooe out for Babon Tlunowoa'new adver. tiaement next ween. : ■ , . G laxce at our neiv advertkeinents, it reqriirek no;blue .gliiss. apeotaelea to etso them. , . \ HAXau>o isn't pliiycti out in Roslyn. If you dou t believe it, ask Top Vanwlcklen; The only (thing lie needed to Accomplish bis design was a blue glass rope. W e arc in receipt of .a let ’ er from a Sing Sing clergyman, giving us an account of his interview with; B. Frank Raynor, a pris ­ oner in States Prison. The writer says : I found Raynor to be a very intelligent. Interesting young man, and he almost made trie feci tliat his incarceration is unjust. He says that he is .well, anfl doing as well as could be expected under ilio circumstan- His task is very easy arid pleasant, ded to do onR owm 1,eTns£ t iN *■ “ * — \ :n aLTliouGli wo lEarued Tu-o fuTtirE ; YNe, ------ . Business We dO Not seE ax.f gRc.vf mys- TejY iu * 113 ; aRt.\ We _ T wiliiiuftie tlioiri hvoraerof tiie aiiiount of business'^ In the: - and Eouoml uieiiiharioiaoM ush . r-V; erct 1 . ............ ......... \ \ and Main BtrootB,. . stand tlrut, Coopor A Powell Post, uoribwost opfnor of Fnlte OibWoBrSmith\ ’ * Co., Jeimliign-Bi'os. and Bmitli A Co. who deal in anotlou Koods. . In the (It'ug buslncBB I. Q, WillottB & Dt). ■ami ' i). I . RuBbmoro A. S ohh aro about oven.- Ibo bak^y buBinoBB ia load by J. S. Niehola, lua atoro on Main sirGot, middle of. tho block. Seabury is tbo otber bailor, ond althmigb lie , dooB not, do as much as Nlohola ho has a Biiod trade. Tlio S entinel ond iNQUiakr circulation w about onuol. Tho S entinel in iusupa .every, Thursday mortllng, it in a little lurgor than tbo T ahlet , and Coutalua.moro . of tlio local nows than Ith ooutemporavy. Tbo editor, Lott Van DoWator, is a man v of modimn boiclit, botwoou 40 and 00. years of ago, wiieu walking stoops considerably, ho is not a man of much educa ­ tion and it is very seldom bo writes editorials, in foot I do not ever remember of seeing one in Ids paper. Ho always bus a smile on bis face and looks happy, but when be speaks to von bo is apt tq startle you on account of the loud tono in wliioh bo speaks, -I suppose this is a a habit with him, us ho ie somowhat deaf himself.. Ho is married and lias several child. : v I -;' strip ymir paper. Mi Oanoff said all right, he now-rccehes tlin Times eaeii week, expecla to dotliri'for' two years, and'has no idea of payirigTor .it, and we don't blame him for so doing, lie is one of the live-'lunidretl newyeub- seribeia added to (lie list witbiu the las? year, und we arc prepared, W .produce a host .of peopk I i m Gltmuwd wjixi ai receiving 1 lie Flushing \t'Uh di tincf umlerstiimjing thttt'tliiy rife' beiug -n.ipin i i l> it '* f ritn , ,. . (j « l ’ ) iuu.vr 1 Roslyn,. and' ie'a very clever fellotv-t The 'J'unti ediioy latf>ul)imer secured! a,; soli - aep pllon of six inorillis and Uie money v/as paid. Some time ago the time expired, and as a perusal of six months had tUorbjigbly. disgusted Mr. Pago wilh the Times, he told the editor, a few weeks ago, to diseoit' tiriuo the paper to him. Tiie editor made very little reply, and for tliroo weeks there- after flic paper kept coming, Iheu be saw the editor again, arid bo said : What makes ymi keep sending me the Times ? I told yoii I did not want it any longer. . , Afctanl Edlior — Oil well, let it come /for old fi iendsliip sake ; if you .do not cafe to pay for it, then read it for nothing. Mr. Page is another of .tiie live bun. died new subscribers added to Uie list with ­ in llio last year; ;aml ‘ he Is receiving Uie] paper and docs, not intend to pay a cent for it, Wo are prepared to bring i'onvai'dmiiuy more in the vteinUy of Roslyn wiib'are gel ­ ling tins Times without cost, and all of whom go to make up the five hundred new sulisoribei's added .to tlio list within the last year. And so we find the same old old story iu all tbe villages where we have investiga ­ ted the umtliT, and numbers of those who have, really paid for a year's, subscription, 'inform us that ns soon as their time expires,' Support your home merchant first, have no sympathy for .those people who complain because they cannot find what they want in our village stores, and yet pat- ronizfe every traveling : vender who comes Uirough Uie streets.- When you want con ­ tributions for any charitable or worthy pub ­ lic enterprise, you always go to tbe village merchant for his contribution first. Dion help to build up your merchants, nnd you will help make good stores and to improve the prosperity of the village and town. On the night of Feb. 10, the store of A. Bcnkert, ut Jerusalem Station, wns entered by burglars. Their entrance was effected through a window over tbe door. About *4 00 in cash, a quantity of muslins find flannels', ‘ arid other smaller articles, amount ­ ing iu all to about $100, were carried riff. Their turtber progress iri their nefarious work was frustrated by the sudden appear ­ ance of the old gentleman, who wns awa ­ kened by the noise. No cltto has ns. yet been obtained to tiie burglars. In the office of a Wisconsin journal there: is a compositor who sets type so rapid ­ ly that Hie friction of his movements fuses Hie leaden emblems in Ills •stick, making there solid, like stereotype plate, ihe way to prevent this is to have his case submerged in water; and tiie rapidity of Iris mououe keeps tiie water boiling and .bubbling so that eggs have frequently boiled iu Hie space-box. Fines lead from tiie (bottom of ins case to a boiler in tlio press room, and Ibe steam generated by Hie fast compositor's movements Tims Hie power press. In one day lie set so much tliat it took allhands, front editor to devil, two weeks to retid Hie proof, and it was not his good day for netting type, either. Tlio Legislature Coininiltee on Agricul ­ ture is doing an important work for Hie pe ­ culiar character of the fipitz dogs. Ihe committee lias accumulated a mass of evi ­ dence from every section of tlio State, all going to show that these dogs are 1 highly darigeroua arid a public nuisance. Itaceins capable of proof thal the bite- of a biulz ddg. cven wlicii the ammal as in lienltli, Ly, likely to produce the horrible disease, hy ­ drophobia, in both human beings and ani- niafs. Mr. Alley of Wenliam testified Unit ill March last his little daughter was bitten through one of her fingers by a Spitz flog, tbe net of a neighbor, Tiie dog drank wa ­ ter given it by the little glri five minutes.be- forc,biting her, Him showing Hint it was not in a liydrophobic condition, lyvas no ­ ticed, however, that Hie dog ’ s eyes were glassy, and it was very restless, tliough this breed is remarkably nervous.' In ten dnyn the wound had healed, and Hie paienls iell no particular Apprehension. But towards Hie close of the inoutU of. May. tlm cltild s finger, hand, and arm pained her. She be ­ came restless and feverish; 1 be. futlicr ic- callod the Incident of two months prevlous- W e learn througli a reliable source that Re\x Win. i ’ lalts, stationed at Pearsalls, will leave that Ilk soon, owing to inability on the part of ills congregation to meet hia salary without undue taxation. Probably Rev, Smith Abrams will fill tlio vacancy. Religion teat low ebi) there. ___ K eei * i : ’ s LKOinitF, — The Roslyn Metli- odist Episcopal Church Society lias engaged Hie editor of .the T ablet tileetuic-.oii tiie “ Fojneil)fFo9Ul<5H;\;;iiA'tlieirtchm'cb on next Tuesday 'eyeuing, March 13, at 7.80 o'clock. The admission will be 10 cents, and should the weather be stormy, Hie lec ­ ture will bo*given on Hie first clear evening following. — TVasAinp Times will advertise this. . . . . ; ■, ilic^ purpose to discontinue the paper. - ’ J ’ bey. read the same items ’ that arc dished up In the Times, iu the olhorifpapers it week before, tiiey say, and they liave thus far been unable to notice in its columns an original editorial Hint has been' worth tiie time it took to read it. The editorliijs cop ­ ied from thO'New York dailies were quite able, however . — Times will phasc not copy- BOLL OF HONOR of tlio North Side Scheol for tho mouth ending February 28, 1877. .......The standard of aubplarshipy-liSj Bailie Albertson, 'Evelina Williams, FamiTC Hyoon, Pater Post, Eppie.'Tiles, John Velseb _____ _ _ jppie.x ... aSilaa WilUams, Annie Javiio, Martha lluanmore Willie AI coo U h , George Roe. Joaio litua, Sam ­ uel Yelsor, George Greeu, Wilham MaHon..^ DHEBE E. WEEKS, Teachor. only requiring about I wo hours each ( ’ .ay. He says if he chooses he can (1o all that is required of him hv 1 i/hours. I have liad subsequent inter view > jwith him, and with the ohaplaiu of the pj-mon in reference to him, and if the story ho leils is true there ifl/but little doubt but what with uJittle, well- dhected, earnest qffott,. he might be ptirdoir ed. He says he was stopping irf New-York* wbero he hired a room. A young nuai cumeto ium and proposed to room with him and pay Iiulf the relit. After a wliiie the young man brought some goods there and he, learning from whence they came, jnforml-dJhc party. But hi* (Raynor) < was arrested, and his inurm-mato in the- meai'- time nmde his esenpe. The case was push ­ ed through with extreme h?i«le l he not be ­ ing able to show, for want of time, as lie •.could have done, Ins unquestionable imi(r cenee. ' We apprehend nil effort will soon be made to obtain young Raynor's release. We think it will be no difficult job to eslab- isUdds mental abeiration, if, indeed, his iiluocence of the,act can not be show-Of New Advertidcuunts. NOTICE I .... BEBECOA PATTEIiS-QN,. my wife, bus left my bed and board, and I forbid nil pernoua harboring or trusting nor ou iny account. E. PATTEItSON • Port WuBUington, Mar, G, IB77. ' 22~it HlIlEE ’ gS t Polkiofi iesued from the Gontinontal Ina . of New York, N. Y. and Yonkora Ina. Co, pf N. YY, Loiig island I db . Co. of Brooklyn, American of PhUadolphia. TIIK SOCIETY OF THE HAH ENGAGED Pierre L. 0. A. Keeler (Editorlof the Roslyn Tablet and the youngest lecturer that has.eoer spo- ken publicly in the Slide of Netc ■ ‘ fork) TO ; . y ' ' riEt.IVKIt Alls OBLBim.VI'F.D LHCTDltR BNT1TI.I1D “ Follies of Fashion, ” IN THE CliUROH ON Tuesday Evening, March '.3, 1877i at 7:3$ o 'clock. Admission, v - ' 15 Cents. ss-lf Blormvrfirit fair eVeningi^SEJ jy\and fearing liyilroifliobia, callei.l in physician. In a few days . tin: il FOR SALE TO OLOSE AN ESTATE the'oldest, Lott, Jr., boing assistant in tiio “ udirbu isssuod on Friday mor* offioe. ThelNqmnuB isssuod . niiig, it is rioarly the aamo size as tbo S entinel . It eontiilna Diore general news than Us aontoni- erary and eontama mariy' good editorials, m porary and eontams many'- gt . foot some of the .best that I have seen ' eamosubjects. Its editor, Hon. H ; M^Ondor. T iik . Flushing Times iri a recent issue said HmtvJudgo Btistooil waa seiilericeff to statesAjfisoii for life. L V.ery reliubie news 'we iuliiilt, but that you see wiis original, no effect of • ’ OldiTom\ tlioqi. y>\ ' talker, a person of largo aud liberal yiews,; and , well educated; He is sociable at homo.or abroad- His editorials are brief oud to. the noiut. He is a good .judge of bumau nature, tTmeinber amt I ’ resiifeut of Hie , Board of it i . I../ 1 H 1 el An) i rr n7 ul fllAltl 111 ieililei tionaliiy mill religion bourid tUerir In leitaer rrii« nlmitt nrUtHt blossea each ondearfneiit. / Tlie pionS ’ priest blessed each .devolve Unit offered up daily l»»yet-W«u- less of color or clime luiul as a new eoun- try, White, Red and Biupk — Pale-laoe I “ ; diim and Negro — stood alike beiurc him at the all|»' erected to tUe ) llviBg; God Edtioat ’ ion'at'tho present Aimo. Ho is/Btroiigly in favor of a now county and lias written aoino coed articles on the subject. -Is married and bus several elilldren, all grown and some mar ­ ried? In polities, ho is a strong Djiinoerat, and ,o, K.u ^ la a member of tiio Episcopal Cluifoh, I believe but deplore so mel. Zut^KhS 3 do? liked by toe majority of people iri tlio village. I think myaolf bo .ia given too much to ebojy. tlonal cohnuu in the iNqmBEr, and judging from bin wr.tinge Ue would m»ko a more sue-, In lonelusion 1 would remark that it seems to, wo tout no ons of us can oim- toimi — (that all must admire — a .i.aitli that ■\ev ” )s rillVoriVly distinctions, idUfui';»S Ayp; Biav b. general epiulon ; again let me ooaaful writer ttari a teaobav. He ie stoiiKlit, •W* 8 “ “ , 0 'S odieogroeal little tp any .one, or unpleasant looK, nnd save fact nil\' , Cj?d Htc Roslyn CivtbnHt' r.sldence\ 3\ “ ' In fact-ill tho omall sebol- m me afraid ol him. Up is also ineliued to be aevore ojj the teacheva who uro under mui* RUdependfl a gooff many lioure In exammax tious and promoting poto ways,(baoaward and forward) which -my readere may tbimt strange nrid-tfo <I« !. Ho is married and lias ohildreu who reaide near Isllp, L I. Next wook ! will write of the olmrehoe and desoribo n »« “ -\• W<iNDi;iti--ni. MiBTAKB.L-Somo persons make a great mistake, and think it is the editor and not ids newspaper that they buy ior-tbreo dcllais tv year. — New YorkSutl oj Jan. 14, 1834. J. fiomiiiBitTY, Henry TownsemL Joltiv Peterson,-. Samuel Hooper, and William H, Smitli ’ s; dogs liave died under ‘ peculiar eir- emnstauccB.- Times note. Wn are jileased to state jlintTMl'. Jacob Kirby, who hue been quite ill, is much im proved in iii allii. Iri a few dnyBvtbe (lai'liug of Hie honBeliold dleif, .after enduring torments and agonies. 'Die story was but one of ninny which are now. matters, ot evutence. It is very probable that a bill will be report ­ ed compelling the putting to death of those dangerous auitnuls. _ • o„e fast road mare, kind and gentle, can bo driven by a lady. Two farm horses, Four cows, good milkers, Oho set single harnossi One sot double harness, noil her much usad, Ono sleigh, Set of.shafts, single and double, and-one:buggy,-both comparatively new,..Ono wlillolui)! boat,- One piano, Schciiiioker A Co.i makers. Address BOX 58, ROSI.i'S. POST OF- FIC'E, or apply al tliti .residence of the late GEN. ABERCROMBIE, neat the village. : “ JAMES tI05 ( I Any person 'that will invest $1.50, can Ipive the T-UiLiri' one year for nothing. What a South Side Wearier Says. E d ITOH HOHLYfT TMil.KT-- J)t ‘ .(TV Sit' i Eo not ffei iuy auhscrlfftion expire without giv ­ ing nie due notice to that effect, aa I wish it continued as do a number of others. ■-AN e have been reading the Bmitli Bide papers Imt they give general dissatisfaction on _ ac- OoifuKoriox.— Tbe article on uiamtre transportation in lust issue, should have read, now carrying on three cars more ma ­ nure tbau was. fonneriy.carrioil on four. XTxnoiniTEni.Y Mr, Hayes was? feiriy deleted (by fraud) but there is no fraud in Tims. McKeo's groceries arid dry-goods. — , ado. a -,:- Mu. D. K. Ei.MBNriuiiF haa closed T Ida public hull, at Pearsalla, for lack ,of p»t- rontige. An.vtliing pertaining to public industry soon finds an early deiilb ut Pear- salls. . Go Hiere and ,dle,- everybody will attend your funeral. A t Institute Hall, Roakivlllo Ccnire, on Thursday evening, Match Ifitli, a Icfilure will lie delivered by P, L. O. A, Keeler. — Tillies will republish this, . count irf stale news; and too many clippings from North Side journals. I liave been taking Hie Rockville Centre paper, which is the worst I ever saw, witit Ha copied coih L ' iriKinal — I tell ym i* caiities disbud up as original- . don't set on my stomach, and it lias caused a number of my friends wlio have read it to vomit freely. ■ yours, O --------- B- . HBM.K11 IX ' CIGAKS, TOBACCO, AMD XXTRA ALES, 7 BUNKER HILL, LONG ISLAND. 22-11' ’ ■ . J. Ward Lydecker, CUaTOM HOUBE A FOKWAItDING AGENT, NOTAHV PUBLIC, \ . I V. 8. F assfoiia liOllKAtl. 09 Beaver Bl., N. . V- C ustoms AqBXTFoKAnAMsExi'iiass Co, NEW BUCKWHEAT FLOUR Atjlotilyu Mills. 1 Niro luHU-ranoe* Fred. K. Eastman, AGENT, INSURANCE BOSLYN, L. I. Cs DWELLINGS and FARM RISKS A S pecialty. Promptness Guaranteed. ROSLYN Eire lusuranee HEPUltSKXmo TUK FPM,pwiNQ OOMFANIEB. HOME, .. “ \of 7 ; . fETNA, of NIAGARA, of HANOVER, .of GERMAN AMERICAN of WILLIAMSBURGH CITY oj New Yorf:. Dwelling and Fann Proper ­ ty a Specialty Insurance. New , York. Hartford^ New York. New Yoiikj New Yotrii. Live Stock' Contained in Buildings or in Fields Insured against Los's by Fire or Light ­ ning. ■ BEMJ, HICKS, Agent, L HICKS & SOUS L U M U E H and T I M if E It, Masmie ’ Building Mnlcrlal, .t'hestnut ami Itocuat Ports, Moulding, Doors, Sash Nulls, nuifDERS' HARDWABE, PAINT, GLASS,, 4 & 0 ., tfca, -&0 ■ COAL, WOOD, &c. BOSLYN STEAM SAWING AND PLANING MILLS. SO BOLL SAWING and TUUNINO, l-tf WM. H- SMITH, oenERAL A lmost a F atal A ccident . — Bridget SIC Carthy, a domestic in the employ of Mrs. Jerome Murray, was frightfully scalded last Mouday inorntrig By her dress catching in ii tea kettle of boiling water r-PAd kiteh- at romancer of the Flushing j Times tall please copy, ’ _ ■ Tenders will he re oeived by Rev. M. C. Brennan, for plastering the walls and ceil- ing of . St. Miry ’ s Cliuroli, Roslyn, np to the 1st of April, 1877. Wot obliged to give to lowest ten ­ der. W b take pleasure in calling Hie iittep- tlim of the public to our advertising col- uimia, and moro especially to the new udvertiBeuienta which la the most substan ­ tial manner in which our friends can show their appreciation of our endeavor to make ri good local paper for their perusal. Items ot local interest are solicited i.if each person would! contribute somctimig in the line of news each week, it would greatly benefit ua, and help to place Hie I abi . kt above all other Long Island journals as re ­ gards a chronlcU'.r of passing events. A NSW BOOK, itapaaa-Word Pictures, Ar NAJfR ’ S niB/iN.N. Price* $1.00. ’ \ ‘ JOS. Ir. BURTON, Respectfully announces to the people of Roslyn and vicinity Ihid be is u itii WILLET TITUS, ■ . ------ TO IH^ — .- PLUMBING In .oll lte brariclics; ut rcasoualdi; rates BLACKSMITHING & MOBSESHBEING Near Hieks ’ Lumber Yard. Garriugo work et flll deaeripHens promptly attemlad to id abort nothin. , • Plow and Plow CasihiBB, .Oyster . and Clara Balies on hand and made to order. Ulf W'l. II. S mith . LAW OFFICES OF OeoFg$ A, Mott, SEABSALL8, QUEENS COUNTY ^rNOTABY PUBLIC j l . a. and evening, «t his residence, Pearsalls, L. AGENT tor too NATIONAL FIIIE IN8UB- ANCE COMPANY. Atoney CAREFDLLf a U amliTia fcoir LOANED in BOND Am) -MORTGACB,

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