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MANHASSET MAIL, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2S, 1927 Geor Mars , Men Matoone leorflUCMT A, The PENH POBUSHIWG CO' SERVICE Aren ’ t p»«tor and PoItuK, and — their brare and jtallant ma^fter, to share in yonr salnte, oh, moa EPneral? ” ‘ Thia general decorates but one •hero tonight and that It Shot, ” she replied archly. *Tli8 devotion bat been proved. ” “ And mine? ” She would not meet his e.ves. “ Oh, my friend,\ ’ she parried, \we have helore us — a bitter Tstht- for the life ’ of a brave man. Why think of onraelvet? ” In the^ee of the sled. Bpped on its *Mev Its tanvas cover stretched above her Mke a shed tent to redecf the heat of the fl*. Joan Qnarrler slept, warm In ! her otbes, until wubed by the ■ • cnlcklng bf the Are at dawn. ‘ tQood ^omlng. Healer of Wounda Tb|e tea It almost ready: the \bacon dohe,; tbs bread cut. Win you wash yoar face and hands In th(B snow, and partake bf the bonntles set before you hn these beautiful plates of tin?\ , Throokfa sleepy e.ves the girl smiled VPiMt the men who bad labored for her comfort. “ Ton are very good to your passenger, Mr. ExIle._.J shall recommend this line to all who con- tenfplate a night voyage op thia cnaht\ \!We odght to make Elkwan by Doon. I -fonder what well find,\ he anld, ponitog the hot tea. “ W^tever we find, MaJ. Garth Gutiifle; ]|on have squared your debt ^But I Almost l.o«t Vo»b , Ko t^n ootild have done amre for hia friend.\ - “ Bft I almost lost you — “T^iat would have been the fortune of war. ” “ And the Irony of fate, with Ktienne and Galbraith waitlhg up there at Clkiiran for two who never came.\ CHAPTER XIII women. “Dcy turn de beeg Islan ’ .\ When the huskies that had traveled forty miles since da.vllght drew in to the cliff trail -at a slow walk, Guthrie hurried to the waiting Etienne with the demand; “ Ton got him here? He ’ s, alive? ” The half-breed nodded, then with a wide grin tamed to the girl on the sled. “ ’ Alio! Too welcome to Elkwan, tna'm'selle ! ” os _be.,.assisted her out of the robes. “ rm mighty glad to see you, Eti ­ enne. ^ow are Marie and the chicks, and dear Old Anne? ” “ Oh, veri fine, t*anks. Ton have hard ride las ’ night? ” Joan and Garth exchanged smiles. “We surely did. ” replied Guthrie. “ TVe camped at the Kapiskau. ” *' “ At de Kapiskau? ” - ' Guthrie ’ s thoughts were of the man at.^hl8 quarters and he “ 316 not ex- ^plaln. With Joan and Savanne be hur- ^ried across the clearing. “ Well? ” he questioned, as the army .^nrse finished taking the pulse and rtemperatnre of the man whose Tough breathing filled the room. Without answering die placed her ear to the broad chest of the man muttering In delirium. After a space she turned to the waiting Gnthrie with puzzled eyes. \I don ’ t quite understand. Pulse almost normal, temperature only 101, respiration hot high, and yet he ’ s de­ veloped pneumonia In cme lung. I can eAslIy hear the rales ! ” •Tton mean he has beaten the flu?\ “ I think so ; he ’ s ap strong. But pneumonia — ” \It hits the big men hardest, ” he said glocmily. Joau gave the patient a hypod^rml-; of stryclinia and left the room to make some gruel. “ Craig Galbraith — ^..aughlng ! Mc ­ Donald ” mused Guthrie aloud. ^'To^ gave ail you had for Canada, andinow Canady hunts you because a woman without eyes could see only jyouT ” scars. ” On her retnm with the nourish ­ ment, Joan fowd Guthrie still gazing with somber eyes at his friend. With her well-equipped medicine kit, and her wide eii>erlence with In ­ fluenza and pneumonia cases in the anny, Joan Quarrier gilve immediate battle for the life dei>endent on her <* 06 , Bnt-\the problem confronting Guthrie was more complex. What was to become of Galbraith If he liked? Cameron would waste no time In tak ­ ing possesaion of the schooner and Its vaittable cargo, which be would hold fn the disposition of the authorities at Ottawa. But the schooner and car- -g»^d)elongod to the estates of the dead men. McDonald waa officially dead. He, a hunted man, $oald not claim Who. beside his wife,, were bis At .Boon|| that day, a lone figure stood,in t^ snow on the clearing at Elkw^ a^lff searched the river-ice belowi the post. With a dnblou shaliet of t »e bead. Etienne returned to 34 Aime and his wife, waiting In Gnthrw ’ s qharters. \VleP bladk night ; hard to follow de shore. Scnietfalng happen to M ’ sies ’ G o U b ^ c . IBebbe de woman not come wld heem.\' “ Sh* cem^ ” Insisted. Did Anne. “ She come ^cn he esk. She come. ” “ Del Ifc^nal', be veri seek man. She bleeng 0e med-ceene eef she coins. 1 go ski* hs*e s look at de traa. ” Agats Sttenae stood cm the rfiw above Bte WIfalte Elkwan and watched the moving q>ot on the Ice, which would snsril the approaching toa m DIasivolatBA, be was about to retnrs to tha wom| B in the home when his keen eyes lit with exclte- meat. Ear in the white shall of the river sifsd to move a bla^ ^>oc a space half-breed studied the bsrriy ^dlatlhgaishabta ottfsct Thee be trsdhd to toe quartors. “ Pegbspar he oM.to the wa|{tog heirs? Garth did Cot know. Tb^n CaOieron had said the police were coming shortly to the bay In search of the mas 'who called himself McDonald. Failing to find McDonald ’ s body, which Gaiyh said he bad seen on the boat, they wonld nateeaUy come to Elkwan to talk to the man who brought the news to Albany, If Craig lived, he would he weeka In bed, recovering hia strength. Where could they hide a man needing con ­ stant care If a police dog-team ap ­ peared on toe Ice below toe post? Eti ­ enne could be hustled into bed end bandaged to corroborate the story told to Cameron, but Galbraith — what of him? Accessory tbongh It made him to the crime of bis friend, the gray eyes of Guthrie hardened et the thought of Oalbralto, V. CL, Galbraith toe trench-raider, whose name waa ^kaown toe length of the British trnct, being hounded down la Ids dire ex­ tremity. Garth langhed as be pictured the p<dlee attempting to take Lsaih- ing McDonald on his schooner In the fullness of hia strength — McDonald Ha! Ha! and the bearded mate irito limped, with Lewis gnns and tbs snipers' rifles tocy had al^t with fbc tour years. And Joan — ^ had sMide bar aa ae- e esio r y aa w^; adked k« to g a r s a a maa knew, bow , was WMtod tor mardar. How was b* to -sqaars Ms 3 BBS mr B. jlat| BBT blf debt to Galbralto be not only had asked her to throw her repatatlon to toe winds, bat to defy tbe law — Joan Qnarrler, who had stepped iato bis Ufe to become bis World. It stripped down to this: If the. police found Oalbralto at Elkwan Garth Guthrie was done Cameron might fix It with the compsny, but the authorities would be merclleae Then tbe smug Charles could revd in hlS' “ I told you aos. ” and Ethel — he had not thought of Ethel, whose Christmas letters be had not answered, since be found Joan Quarrier on tbe Albany clearing — she could thank Heaven for her lucky escape. '. “ But tbe police won ’ t find him at Elkw.an Guthrie rasped through bis teeth,-and went to the trade-honse ^o make his plans with Etienne. “ Did yon have any trouble getting him up here? ” Guthrie asked. but he. “ No. he holler some, lashed In good. ” • Then Guthrie explained the . part Etienne was to play when the police appeared. They would want to-I»ter- vlew him, and must find him In bed, a sick man. Accordin'gly, he must Cave the bandages;*-which- Miss Qualjrier would prepare at once, ready to put on. The children wonld have to be coached and kept out of the way. “Have yon ever been badly hurt, Etienne? ” The half-breed smiled and opening Ws shirts, drew them back, baring a long scar acroes tbe muscular chest. “ At Henley house, at de New Tear dance, I get dis, nianee year ago. I was ver ’ seek roan. I know. Wen poleece dey come, I be ver ’ seek man once more. ” Guthrie laughed outright at tbe gravity of his head man. •Tnist you, Etienne, to act your part anywhere ! Now If we could only keep them away from my quar ­ ters, but I ’ ve got to feed them there. That ’ s where the danger Ilea. He may make a noise. He ’ ll ha^e to have an opiate to keep him qolet If ftey hear him. It ’ s all. up with as. ” Savanne took the pipe from his mouth and leaned toward big chief, toe mnsdes In his swart face knotted with the Intensity of his feeling. For a space the two men hardly breathed as the narrowed eyes of the half- breed bored into Guthrie ’ s qnlzzlcal gaze.' Then Etienne jsald slowly : “ Ton are good frien ’ to n)e an ’ my familee. I feex dese pol oc c o : If yon — say so. ” Slowly, as he rea4 the stark sincer ­ ity 6f the offer In the other^ face — sensed that his friend of tire dnsky skin was bringing to the altar of their friendship the supreme gift, the hazard of his llfe,^ Guthrie ’ s eyes softened with the affection which two years of river and 'coast and trail with Etienne Savanne had kindled. He reached out a long arm and took the sinewy hand of the other.. ’ T won't forgetr-my friend. ” The swart face of the half-breed lit swept by a wave' of pride in thh nUunebneas of the girt of whom be ’ bed |sked so mach. “ Tve got to feed them hsMt Can yon keep him under an oplatet\ . “Yes,, he ’ s under one now. If be grows delirious, ss some do, bell in--, J uts himself — try to get np, '^e ’ ll have to keep \him lashed to the bed. ” ; “ Til get them over to to# trade- -boqse as soon aa they eat. They nmy not stay more than a night, but wtimi' they, f^l to find his body -gt tbe echoener, they ’ ll want to aee me. ” “ I gave Eltlenne hie bandages and showed Marie bow to adjust tbam. ” “What a- Wonderful coconsplrator yon are. Healer of Wounds ! Bow am I ever to repay yon?\ He sat;from habit with tbe unmarred left. slSe of' his face quartering on toe glrh Sad-, denly she straightened. startUpg hlnr wlth tbe tenseness of her look. , \Why do yon sit that way?\ 'she de ­ manded angrily. • “ What — what do you meapl ” he asked, confused by her tone. “ Ton treat me as If I were — oh, like toe one be came back to. ” She point ­ ed toward the adjacent sickroom. Vaguely her meaning dawned on him. Scars — to her — wene gn ac ­ colade. Those straight eyes sf hers ^erer turned in' horror from a wound. “ Forgive me, ” he said, and fats eyes clonded with mist. \I knew the day I met yon — that you saw. beyond — the scars.” For an Instant her face was radiant with a look that stlrtod the man with the mad dMire tq go to her — take her In tals arms — wring from tkls woman who doubted him — big love, the ad ­ mission that she too cared. Bat no, not here, bis ward and guest, helpless to avoid him. His chivalry checked fals impulse. She knew he loved her; tbe should have fafr play at Elkwan. Mattered words from the sick man drew them to his bedadde.' The great frame, banded by strips of doth to confine him In hfs delirinm. rendered ‘ the bed he lay on insignlflcant. His heavy russet hair, smoothed ‘ by the nurse from his wide forehead, :framed the deep blue eyes which stai^ un ­ seeing at toe celling of the roqm. Be­ low leered the torn mouth, ghastly In . its distortion. \We were happy — before, ” they heard him mutter. “ I know — I know — It waa hard. But couldn ’ t yon bear It — for the sake of — the old days? Handsome, Galbraith — It wasj — once. Then — that sheltf Good-by, Handsome Galbraith ! — But yon — I loved — seeded. Tour eyes ! God ! the look In them — when yon saw me ! ” The eyes of Joan Qnarrler and .Guth ­ rie met Two tears. Ignored, slowly wet her cheeks. ThC face of the man was twisted with pity. \ “ AVhat hell he must have i lived : ! through I ” j • “ And shfrr-why are such cnagtnres j put into the world? ” said the' girl. — ..u . . 1 , ___ 1 . i huskily. \When his need of her was '.rsiv's ___ • How unerrinelv she had characterized “His temperature ’ s risen io- 103. I can bear it In the other lung now, ” Joan Quarrier entered the living room, from which Old Anne bad taken toe supper dishes. “ Double pneumonia! ” Gnthrie mut ­ tered. “ Not a chance, after the flu. Is there? Poor <dd Craig! We|ye done what we could. ” ’ She raised her eyes to the man who slouched, head In hands, elbows on kneea “ Friendship U a very real thing to yon.\ He looked np. “ Tes, to teal thpt without a thought of the cost to you, I brought yon into tola — ” ‘ That was rather a floe compliment to me, Mr. Exile, that yom should fed tore of me — know that I Iwonld come. ” ^ thought only of hla» — of what I ow(Sl him. ” For an Interval he waa tUeiit, then continued wltih a look that brought toe blood to her face: “ Ton? — I knew you would come — when yon nnderatood. Bat It waa nnfatr — wrong. ” “ Why wrongl\ the demurred. “ Etienne or tolti man, what did It mat ­ ter? Ton needefl me to help yon and I caare.\ “ Bat Fve doi^ woraa still, if the police find him: here, yoall be anb- ject to tbe law^-oa acceaaory. I did not think. I waa mad, bat I want to get yon out of thia before IVa too late, ru take yon to Albany tomor- rerw. ” Aa Joan Qnarrler stared at to* speaker, her turpriae alowly shifted to anger. Tbe dark eyea Ut with a look new to tot auu srhe watched. “ Tou mean tiiatf Ton thtak Td de ­ sert him, dying, your frleadr* He abragged hnprtiady la the fhe* of her detocmlaatlea. “ TeaYa la a falM poaltlaa. I had mm right — ” “ Stt^r aha roMaadad, ralatng her hand la dhallty. *Ttow, lf they coamb itoat will yaa doT* | r«» • ■»« fet oot apawar^;! Ethel. Bad she guessed, he waoqered. “ I can guess what follcwed, ” .l^arth replied.' “ I know him. Heart-bi^en — be often spoke of her — be went to drink, to forget. Then it happened. ” “But after all, are* they sure he ’ a the man?\ \The clrcnmstantlal evidence puts It beyond question — the description, hiif~heing here In the north. ” While *.Joan caught a few bonri ’ sle^p -ln tbe'room of Gnthrie which he had again given her, toe factor sat be- alde toe nnconscloas man, whose tore tnred lungs labored for breath. Before she lay down the glri stood quizzically before toe photographs which atlll stood In their places on hia dresser. Ton ’ re very lovely, ” she munnored. Tt ’ s not strange that he can't forget yon. He still remen^ers oryon'd not (Continued Next Week\) TROUBLESOME VOWELS “ Can ’ t be veak plainly? 1 beard him say certain vowdU gave him trouble. ” ! JVfltaral DmgMmn Saaa people maat hava ad to tham totnci ttet ate avidwi to otoan. They are Bit MceaHUrfly MB- taUy chtoas, h«t Ilka Tk bai ss of old. Deabtiag ThnmaBM we atm kava wttk as. — Grit Pkone BepubUc 7671 Emwgency (3all: Lanrelton 2761 Cesspool Cleaaingiaiil ~ bBstraetiin Co. ' 90-67 Sutphin Boulewmrd Jamaica, N. Y. Cesspools elesaed mad built. OverBowa built and connected. Cdlars pumped oat. Terraa arranged. SEAMAN & HICKS Studebaker and Erskine Motor Cars On the Mill Dam At Roslyii, N. Y. Charles Snedeker General Insurance L ’ Eclnse-Washbarn Bldg. Manhasset Tour Patronage Is - - ■* - - • Reapectfally SoUdtod S. Kline & P. Zakrzeskil Coal Company ^ AND EXPRESS Manhaaset R. R. Station Phone 349 Residence Phone: Manhasset 679 EAST NORWICH ii HUNT STABLES East Norwich, N. Y. i' Careful and Competent INSTRUCTION in Riding and Jumping First Class Hoaters sad Hacks FOR SALE AND HIRE HARRY PLUMB, Proprietor. Phone: Oyster Bay 721. , Dine At The BANK DINER Maahasaet ’ s Laaeh Car PLANDOME ROAD, MANHASSET QUICX SERVICE WITH THE BEST POODS SPECIAL DINNERS DAILY SPECIAL SUPPERI SERVED 6:00 to 7:00 P. M. 24 HOUR SERVICE— — RADIO NEWS BOOST MANHASSET! Cigarsv CaocKe*, Magasinea, and NewqMpart Bek Afeat Bertolt lee Ctmm FOaM Developed — 24 hour earviee B. GIBSON M PLAinKMX BOAD l MANHASSET, L. L L,;

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