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Manhasset mail. (Manhasset, N.Y.) 1927-1986, July 29, 1927, Image 1

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Manhattet News for Mankasset M^M^ssE T M ail JIANBASSET, NASSAU CO., N. Y., FRIDAY, JULY^ 29, 1927 ______ ' ; ; • , I ______ • • -T ' ■ ' '■ I ^ ^ I I ■ ■ ■ — _ _ — ____________________________________________ M«nhaiset*s CMy Home Newspaper VOL. 1. NO. 4. PRICE FIVE CENTS •: 4 MSS mCE BECOMES BRIDE OF MR. MALCOLM EPESIW .iX 7X|, ^etty Wedding of Manhas- set Girl is One of Sea^n ’ s Leadin^g Social Events. MANY GUESTS ATTEND Following Honeymoon, the Couple Will Make Their :: __ Hom^ in Great-Nei^^^X^ important ' ‘ soc- .-laPavST ot. tbe BKm{h -waa the'xnar- Tiage^f Mi«B Evelyn F. Plac^,dangh- ter of Mr. and^ Mr«. Edwin L. Place of Manhaaset, to Malcolm H. Nine- aling, Bon of Mr. and Mrs. Henr^ 1 NineaUng, of Great Neck, which took place last Thursday afternoon 'at 5 . o ’ clock at the Methodist Elpiacopal \Chnrch of Great Neck. ' Tto main auditorium and. the re ­ ception roona - of — tile church were -crewd^ relatives and friends, df-ue hrida and groomjto^giv^'tSe jWeddihg^ne_:<4H%::^Spt attfewt -eveglof tte aeason, Ifw Plado it o'lnenber of one of the ^heat -fcnoii>n JCanheMri^ MaO k landed As Wordiy Project By Leai^ Fpres Good - Will T\ w- BiudoiMiA^ from Cigarettes Scarcely a week after The Wooda Sfabppe, Bohacfc ’ a and tbp A. A P. had ^ honor and the groom ’ s brother, Kbm Nlnesting; was best man: The bridemaids ware the Misses Emma SgSl*l)S^%^\%git'Biitler ’ 8; and ( from Wemger-a Hcrbart Tayl^, of Knhaaa^ V bridt BiAde a chAmiing peuaaee in a dkaas of white a^N reaw and KUas Tha maU! af heaer wars a piafc drew with jdetnre hat and Sha canted pfaik IW WdMM aida.WDra aflwr w S m S s fa ttair and Mlrar Aoaa. AO eairlad yaDawfMaas. io Come in From '^®^T*rpmment Citizens. Though still only in its infancy the Manhasset Mail, judging from tee rapidly growing regular list of permanent suhscrifaerr and from-tfae^ volume of newsstand sales, has not silly filldd a distinct \iant in the sup- idying of a home newspaper for the aommunity, but also has found favor from ma^ outside sources. ----- ------ L e tte rs ' of-— a^ — e ongratulat o^ nature have continued to come in since the first issue and it is with pleasure that the Mail publishes several of the pi^ week. The Mail -- deeply appreciative cf this inter- aBd„appfoval and will eiuUavor .tarahdw th is appre ciation by giving ^Ufahhasaet and teT dihm interest^ __ , a paper tha t na i'meet-the ireeda of teit coiupiMRy and fi^l.the most 4Wt ■ rtSy be expected of it...— The letters follow: _„,™™Ihaado«e' Roosevelt Oyster Bay, Long Island « July 20. “ My dear Mr. Cenper: “ Our mutual mend, Mr. Leonaid W. Hall, tells me teat yon are start- ^ a new paper at Manhasaet. f \This is jinst a line to wish you all mceas in your venture. I am sure tee BCanhaasab Mail sill be a well- Wm Saaal Fauiek, af Itate Tm Bfiyi T^'toladiM I ff , , . 8 ^^*2* P®*>Iic spirited publication. Break Through Wmdowsf | ‘ Kioodjack to you and Take $60 ' itiiS^iSii: 8h,'jgrgrBH “ ag5aFgpr. i s 3^ a. . ........... . '■■■' ' ffr asily Thonday monteHT, ean- teab aetiritiaa to Wwnigsris ..awan and Tamaa Botlar'a. It hbo taportod teat tew h>d tecam Into tea Pfaute Markat, hot te KM danlad by tea Flan mm >hon B«^a tha hinglan fte |«0 __«■ tea caak raplater. At Wa^ wf> tear teoad Mly tf ia tea aSh dr a wee after tvhdag tea dnwar by gteaqriag It vpmm, bat teay tote Bsay dwlaia araate at a l g ar a tte a. Ia ▼iaw af tea fiiet teit h ai g iM teak 100 aartaaw af «lgiirittif fran tea J l 4 F. a waak aga, te* pottn ha> Hafite ll» Joha MrtfflawM haaa doaa by. teo aana ssaa aad teoy an aew mamd to n tea Ntgar^ta* bair> Ia n nanadw^ robboriM wan rteoct- ad to Cai^te of HatnWaaa lOar a* lOBaela aad datoetHaa wan faa- SwfteMdtirakTbM mS\^m hate wladiwa. Mia. Walnhi W aa k ali a a laet alB ad at hnteaaa aad bri^ aa Thanday. Maard HaH^ G 1S& aka NetM HanmnyBx- : iAiac A jm I w Loeil BoA- aus; SfaarlEttgr KatlS FoaM. ^ War Department Office of, Aaaiacant Saeratory, Wathington, dear Mr. Cooper: ! *T have loaned of D. C. ' July 19. jwS?rSlo\'&i a p pi Kteufty To ^ WIDENDK OF PLAMXIME ROAD Wni GET ORDER WAY SOON All^ Up; Circus Cominf: Wi|b Wild Beasts; Five Bands Don ’ t crowd. Ladies and Gentiemef, the circus (Walter ej L. Main's) is coining to Port ' Washingtt^n- on Monday, Aug. 16, (two weeks fr om next 'Monday) ^an<LwilTTSernn:^in two appearance 2~ p. m. and ^ 8 p. m. (doors' open at 1 and 7, with grand street parade at U)-i ___ This infonnation-, was brou^t to Manhasset thisj|eek by J. C. Admire, who palm an officitl^ visit to To-wn Clerk William N. TTaHon^^ilrj Mill­ ion listened with wide-ey^ in ­ terest while Mr. Admire reel^ off to him the wonders and revelations of this coming at ­ traction. It seems that from the open ­ ing spectacle to the closii^ overtore, the air, the rings and the tsrck wat ' be ’ wrte acrobats, aerialists, clowns and perfoswning animals of all kinds, anik that practically every known j ungl e onimsl wiU be represented; and not only that but included in the eht£re col­ lection of 563 beasts there will be many denixcns of the arctic regions. Mr. Admire declared that tee Main ’ s street parade is now the largest one in existence. ' The Manhasset Mail, Manhasaet, N. Y. Gentlenen: “ Tour issue of July 16 baa just ooiBS to ms, having been forwanlad by a- fritei la Mteteaaaek. I eorttet- 3Sf. j A> Bot kaov a great teal about tte bateMSB at rnatafHng a p&«r but I do kaoer tept papan, coa d nc teg tesag daniv«at, iafr aad foailow. H m parft ▼ana I fuaetion of t a to tea ABflBAmitlAA tihix ttte tea MawbanM MaR erfll terin to BHiateia tea Ugh iteala of Joun. teWk iatogrtty aWte imm Uftad tea An nic a n pm to tea t us p s w i bi s Mteisa it o rcup tea ia oar doasaatte, Mtenaa aad puhIU Hfa and I an aura tite yaar paMteatiaa ▼ahubla UatrawaiiialHy ia S T l i aS lI ^ te **** ** oadpcaqinity l*Tltetea>liit >iy bast witeaa for ^ nceaii aad p r aapnity of tea IQabinit Mail, X mm ~ \ W ac anl y yoacB, \F. Trabaa SaaiaoB, -- . ^Anlataat «aeiteMy < War.' • • • ' Coagran af tea UhUad Statea Bawa af KMtanaaiathraa. jS|E2&Ss^S~s qm I whaha t ®* w FW t aacaab aa jfavf ^ yttsr* W teUg tea g ^kan ahiaya baaa a giaat ba- Bam ia tea wately tsua af tea ofpaaki ' . aatiag tea cMa ^ PI — aalty ia aUte M to MM IM k fik( K t« i< nri ,» ^ te tea aannaallg;. I ani|B|ilB> SfM «n7«sStete fay a^ aka» . yaa pi j a f i ja ka. i anagM ---------- ------ ~ SssnTisSte lagtega. Mte&yteaf graw aad davalop during tea laat aiz yaaia aad have often wo n da r ad why aoBMona dM not gira na a aawapapar of our own. ( “ Whaa I return to Mawhaant in Sapteatear I shall maka it a point to tate oaar with yaa tea aiattar of gMn^ateool bows teo piaM it do- aaraot ia teo local papar. *Ti %a power to ram wMi ovary <' THactfaly, “ Vinal H. Tibbatta, \ Snpar viat iig Principal, ScboUa.** ' . flaauaat addraaa, Now Hdtbor, Ma. j • • • Kateerina WaOa Tabar WaaUagtoii. D. C. Jaly tl. *** * * I aaa ao iataraatad in yaur aaw fcoiact. Tan hava aqr boat all^ af aaecaao. I aa> Work Will Provide 50 Foot Higbi^y With Sidewalks Of Eight Feet BOON TO THE VILLAGE County Standing Expense; Property Being Deeded By Various Owners. The widening of Plandome .Road from North Hempstead Tunwike to a point 100 feet north of. (Colonial Parkway, which -will give Manhaasrt a 60 foot highway running for more . than 1,000 yards through the heart v of the main business section, and which is expected, to be the fore ­ runner of othfo: improvement and de ­ velopment looking toward the 'vil ­ lage ’ s growth and expansion, is ex­ pected tp get under way shortly. The County Board of Suparvisors last Monday opened bids submitted for the altenUk>»' and ssoving mt buildings, which work will be re ­ quired on the west side of Plandome Road south of the railroad bridge and o n the cast gjdo of t he h igAway ---- north of the bridge. With tee work of moving the' buildings completed, the actual road-widening conatmc- tion will begin which, it is sxpected, 'Will not be later than 'October. Bread Highway Is CoeL With tea road 'widening completed Manhasaet wil have one of tiie fin­ est central hiitewaya of any town on . Long Island. The value tUa im ­ provement to the. bnsineas of the town and to motor traffic in general will be of inestimable worth, accord iag to local civie antboritim. The road at preaeat in front of the poat- office is only U feat wUa aad great- Ig bamgosa accaaUURty la coauactlsB wttkte&raMtHter tooraateM stream. S^CtoS^SSSTte teSTSti tion aad movtag of baildtnga. One wan frwm M. K nekok, Menbaant. for tea app rea dam tefiyra ^ fTS,- appnodmate (MM and tea etear fiuii J. Great Nate, The bMa to for C a aak r Ba eaaBMB aad to Fimi Mr. oral plaaa for tea read widoatog aad be win report Us findtogs to tea board next Moaday. At tittd ttom tee contract wiU ba awardad for tbs buOdtog Bwvtog. Te Mews Ig It wffl ba -iTrimaij te It bafldfawa to iHteaifar Joyed ^tes^ten^capia^^l^^rseaivad. Tbber, “ <Had te aaa yaa -fvi^ yoor ba> bUii ^ a ae ^ ap ar.* J >' Laaaaad w. HaB, iteaatetaaaaa, Naaaoa Co. * * * alUbaa aa yoar aaw ___________ aak waat to Daa> . C aia , aad beat alteas far year fataae saeaaaa. I hop# far a af ear vary ' •* to tea T ig a kat ^ktoaaa aad ia eqairalaBt apaM bant aa to tea rear; teaogk to oteaea, tea buBdta«a wA ba awvad baafc as mtle ^ ■ iatirt w i dt h let w aaa baUtags aa ekber aMe «f tea ak^ wte fid tt fiMt at- lawfag to adMttaa ta tea M teat Mod, ddewalte ef t taai aa aaak DOW9EYS aad Mka DawMir taaoleat a antear gw.'te ’ feJtaiS.Tg SL m U'

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