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Long Island graphic. (Freeport, N.Y.) 19??-1964, December 30, 1961, Image 7

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I 4 « MIT 1, 'nobs m s y t hk Us i i ^ ' ™u traan, I iw h c s ^ l •Mu*. , ' ttHirim t, P»c»int«r SS, LOIW ISLANt OltAPHtC. NASSAU nm O N ; ‘P olitics In T h e Roagh* Bj B. W. Gi^ie I |Wllie*l eanoonbi W l f i i i i tv Mr. G M o i s aat . ............. rcaoel |tb M «( (bs m n H v it aer Its shrwtiiiac » a r tid |u to — M . Swetmtf T t M i s For D shat i t \Vum IT W * Bsam ii* For r e a m or r e a m s not tmniedlsMT elesr. Rempstsai T n n i t Board will convene at U A J(. e< Tloes, Jan. tnd, to consider to- Isonms MOM ftC3^ (in K«cnpa(et4 TowtU from Indu«(rl«! or IBesidenee B to Restdroce A-l. the k ttar bdnr ■ etaseiflcaHon r»- I ittirinf • minimum house pint of lOXW equere feet. Ap^^szlraetely llTO ecree^qf. the totel to be coosldered eoen|r1ee tbt tofttrovertit} I \Com S f ^ e n ^ situated within the bom^taries of Freeport's ITnkm U * ^ SchpoLRUtfrtetll^a.- _____ ___ The move hot aroused the fightlnf spirit of '’Slugger” 3ob |8wfeney, Freeport VOUge Mayor who ihberlted the Xww MeadW* Iptoblem when he and other village Party candBdatei upset the then Ifocifttbent Unity Party back Ih March of this year. 'The retulu of la survey requoted bv Sweeney ses-eral months ago proved sH civic |W>clatlpDs ol the South Shmre camm;jntty unanUnoudy against Ithe conarroedon of resident dweillnga on the controversUil acreage. Sweeney, la a flghltag moad rendnlseenl of Ms prwelectfiM esnh 1 tsttcs» Is sugcmGiig aB Freeporters Jots wHh M« al B n a r I Tewa Rall^-Fr«fi( Si.. Hm p d ead. oa the moralag of fan. Stsd |*to rate their vdcca lood and strong to proiea* sgateat the re- ■ln« of the Meadot^ profMcty.’* In an Intervliew wttfi m ebvtoaaly omgrjr Mayor Sweesmy. be to'd this reporters ^ the 178 acres arc resooed. K means Rfo. Horn- (owner of the “Cow Meadow\ property) has won his victory Hhout a battle, stoply beeaaas the *defeate^ taso^yers of F^epbrt I not been ghrea an oppertmrtty to flglti.* This surprise move on the part of Hempstead Town Board, said Jthc Mayor, conxk as a shock to FZeeport Village Board as the Ut- Iter group already has aulhoctied ao appraisal of the “Cow Meadow\ p operty, u well as the preparation by engineers of a “taking map\ por the purpoee of condeomaUw of the property by the Village- \Disastrous.” said Mayor Sweeney, \ it the only word to describe Jhe impact prohibitive taxes would have on Fiaeporl Village if real- lent construction Is permitted on the 'Cow Meadow* property. \The seed for adxfitlona] polleemen, fire proteettoo, ■sallslinn tdlttleo, water and sewerage faelUttes — as watt as almost k n m ^ ' seed for a 52 mOlkm school addHioo — eembtne to make the I itf this move by Hempstead Tbwu Board the worst blow the Itetbooks of Preeport taxpayers have ever sbffered. \1 call upon aU VMage of Freeport taxpayen to be with me at I A.M. on the nornlng of Jan. 2. 1M2 a t Henvatesd Town Hall. 1 wrtsln that bjr uidfled actloa we eon deter Bempstead Towa ard from deaHog a death blow Is Ihs *oople of our VBlage.** There U no hH ibt_^t \Slugger** Bob Sweeney has donned the and If ready to do battle with Hempstead Town Board In de- of the nearly 40,000 Freeport residents Be represents. I f these are Interested in their pooketbooks. they wffl be In Sweeny^ hni#*r at Hempstead Toom HaU on the morning of Jan.'2nd, A« we view the sftuatlon in light of Mayor Sweeney's determiii' btnn to save hfs constttueau from an almost unbelievable tax hike, Vempstead Town Board-had better gird Itself for a bitter Imttle oa P>n 2nd, And each of ita cnaxibert — their posts are clectWa — ^ I d be wise to remember that kxal R^ublican vtetoty is cooaid- ^ difficult to obtain wthout a Freeport plurality. Propoaltlocdof 1 n»ve which leads to an especially heavy tax load la not comhictvp ” \’inning friends. Nor votes. Taxpsyers DO have long memories! • • • POTPOUBBl Wnly Asst DA. riseeaoe Byaa Cminiiia aMresMd reee^ mast' Bepedr CsrowWeemen; soms eyes pepped wlsaa OOF B*By IMi udauLd her W Uds msaoert \As far a t Fis M the WstutBimii* aaswur t« Bes BatsMa** , . . • rpoe4en a te edhig «w Vttage Imdgel haarlag darn. Mh w « ^ w r n t m o t rUfk m M « a< ^ **— ***» daaailtaUaaa . , . “ite m U a ^ ^ tu m R«*» a t «•«*« Bsaw OMk, has Ms l ^ r e n U a a a MHk h * > ■<«: A r . hnk at «w im M CM s M m - ....... \ i , « - - ‘ !« ■ a*a» UM b v i r a ^ •a tha k a a . BUk M art wm M ta« a kacMse ) “\ t •\* MA •» “tmm at Ms BMIa ttm ___ 1 at nsarMc Ir a n . — n t eM w a mmtt IBwa. aitM ; aaiJM . IMk « » k » F J>. Atmm i Mmt. M M aiaM iaa ' •< OM CasMlij Btaaar M WiM^ • • F ■ *, m o m ! o r n u c s i u n t *-en>b»r‘S H a » » Oa« C a rtw a x m t • Si. lallout OHtter (naaa 'B tVMT a w i »*— r»a GOT O w u l i u m . .. T o x ttt^ , „ j i a a t *«■ W . V t a a T l S t i A V f c a ^ ' ‘.iS T * * * \ **“ \ • • W** *» Kift X itaM r ***-l^fc Si 5 ZL*!^ 5 ^ tn aft li'j ) upcs4 ve ndci ded. annoi Ike Buki Je to 1 its I t ai tWs be rsM 4 rcociw m WoM lir, ddi^fer t man Bsltr. 1S| ort, aM 1 and Mia Vhl klynwerei lore. _ 2:30 P. B •Sm\ iff manlagil (Myn rsMt^J lb wii iDtdi Itewaii boMr. la r. tm FoBMki the Wfc4»l !fs wd* JidL .pdaaRt I SuOnaO*] nooB-Ttg*, p. tB J BalMa (V j Faltierg Is Promoted Asst Vico President Of James Talcott Inc. Fraaport VUlsfeTruncc O t t r f t R Falrfcar^ hat been alectad to the oOlce a t Aaaistant Vie. P m - U u t at J u n e . Ihlcou, Ion, 325 Park Ave. South, MuihaUca. Mr. Falrbei-K an attomoy by profewion, w u tonnerly counial to the Induafrlal Tbne Salet Dlvi- oloo at J a m Umtott, Inc., and lUt~hbib'Seen erotnoted to haat t^ N e w York otflee ol that DWi- Jain u Talcott, Inc., ii an In- duttrto] Cthance oompany and baa boon U businea. lor 106 yean. It has too otOoa. throush- out the United Strile. and atttU- ited compantaa Ih Canada and .Puerto Rico. During 1961, the company employed Mndi amount- In* to tl.32S.00a - Mr. Fairbert eaaldaa with his wile. Ruth, and dao(htor. jni at ltd N. BrookaiAe A ee. Freeport. PERSONALS KBEPOBT MOSPITAL Tto Beatrice M. Salvage Uebler and thd^nte John A. Uebler. 75 Parsons A re, Freeport, a son. Danna Gilbert Dec. 12. To Maynard J. and Marie Rose Funck, 21 Newton FI., Ttooaevelt a aon. James Allen, D e t 16. m e r c y H08FITA1, To Mr. and Mrs, Victor Novell, 197, Elmwood Avo., Roosevelt a daughter, Linda Ann, Doc. 12. To Mr, and Mra. Lawrence Gomula, 152 E Greenwich Ave., Roooovelt a daughter, Alice C a cells, Dec. 16. Tb M r.'and Mm. Max Itaicin, 101 WUlei PI, Jlooaevelt a ton, Rutaett, Dee. 1*. Power PM and Alied Depts. Hosts to Freeport Offnals, Workers at Yuletide Party SupervisiAg ofRcials and fifty em p lo y a u oC th« Municipal Power Plant, the Line and Storea D tfpartm M a were> hosts at a l a r f e O u istm a s, party given in th e stoTBraovi adjacent to the Power P lant on ttaursday n i g h t Dec. 2L n a i § P , guests included m em b ers of th e W a ter a n d I i | ^ C th e Village Board, superintendents of v a r io ts and members of their staffk. ■-‘’id Clinton M Walling, superin­ tendent of tttllitlea hi dlerge of three departmenti, w»a on htind with Chartea Whitty, sviPcHn- ^ d e n t of Ught dlctrlbutton. end Chuiee Bodtfi, superintendeat »f the povfer plant A. Wtniam Hlndenlang. chair­ men of the W ater and lig k f CotrcnUalon, also attended with ConbnlasJonen Frederkk T. Yee. Keowiton K. Boyce, TOchan! Ed wardx and WUItscn Wilson. May­ or Robert J. Sweeney was an­ other gueit as were Trustees .Beitfy hL Aftengarten and A^ thur MuUpr.' ViUsge Counsel G(l«rin '3a. Freedisan, PoUoe Chief Peter Elar. Harry Chulaeno, tu- perlntenSent «f highway* and sanitation, VlUege Ctark John J- MacDonald and his deputy, Clin­ ton MetB WUHsm B. Crevoisar ' at, superintendent of the Water Dept., former Mayor Robert L. Doxee, Alice Anderson former me- ecutlvc seoetscy to the Board and former Deputy Village Qerk Bussell gl. Hotaling were among the ether g u s t^ It was strictly an informal «I- islr with a taaiptuoue repast ke-i ing senrea buffet style. Specetaee were taboo and the only enter- Ulnnient was linglnc a la Mitch Miller. John J. Marra H»f4ed an efOctent conunUtsa wKkb made the affair a auccaaa. M W l Th, - ‘ ^ Drama Clul^ Wig. btductfd 3$^ m 4W^r at ah ’fmp^' mony. TB»r« M k m n T ^ a Mr* SCIM the \GuardsmaiT. St^tir b«* the Inductcea prompti> tmpi ijiluuiani. and Wig offleeea aip: Gasglhpr McIntyre, president: CMsM^hat .Kept, vice Felnson. secretary. a n l i i g i A a ^ * Hubbards ajO. ^ S e iw e ONttOUtAllMWNeSAr... ®*^WIN-fiELU»ot£ '■DCBAI. BAVINBB *>•» »S- ISAMa SVIL, IMSWIM 1112 * \ ntiCPORTS OWN OISCOUNT TIRE DEPT. STORE l 3 n T E 5 RUBBER CD. E.!i 9?4 r ^ fiEgElALl Tiai r V-. MEHHCK.; ormrt f't- J. j~a>-. ! IT ..

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