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^ a g t Tw« lO N e ISLANt ORAPH1C, NASSAU O T T ran Sweenej Blames Ex-Regime Am Freeport Plans a Tax- Rate Increase of 29 Cents fr —potT i mwnklp*] 1962^63 will total $2,5U,539,12 if Hw twitattvo flg- vroa annoimcod t h k wook by tho Viltof* Board aro fitiany adofitad. Thit budgat will Jn- crooM ttw tax rat* I r a n ttia prat ant $ 2 ^ p a r |1 0 0 to |2.49. TSo actual amount to ba rallad by taxation, aftar daduotinp aatimatad rovamiM othor than raal oatata taxat, aiid apprapria- tlaa from cash surplus, is $1,190,419.13 Tb* antlclpatad atasaaod valuation It $75,929,242. Camparativa figuras for tfw c u rrant yaar w o rt $2,300,922 grm t; $1«41S,922.24 not with an a s s a s ^ 9aluatlon of $73,450,202 for a tax rata of $2.20. This maans an Incraaao of $217,417 In th a 'gross and $274,717 nat. In submitting ttw hudgat. Mayor Robart J . Swaonay charpad th a t \dua to tha short'Slghtad pollcias of tho pray- loua a d m in lstra ti^ propor provtsigp was not.m a d o 4 n -prfar yaars fv r maattfig tha oM ga- ffOns thay Itieurra^.* #• > lh a hambted budgac Is os fol- knvs: kflalatlve. tS W ; iudIclaL $11368; axkuttva. S3.400; statf. taan.moJSQ; pubiw sataty. 164».- 64630: ttreeta, $161366; santta Oon, 8399.601; racreatton. $130,- 106. publicity. 13300; vUlaga gen* erst. 8514,006-83, aad debt rademp- don. 8403.000. From this $697300 - $547. 900 In sntldpated saoaipta from atiwr ihaa real eatale and an s p proplartofi or $190,000 in ahtlcl- patad cash surplua ia deducted to attain the net budget of $1.- $90339.12. H o nayor poimad out that the Incrotae tn tba (ax rate would mean that a Hone stsfiaed at $6300, for exampJa, would be rtguirod to pay in additional $14.90 In taxes per year. menu added up to a Ux Increase of close to 40 cents. By carefully acrutinizlng every item over the past several weeks, the admlnia* tntion has pared the total down to the present 29 cents full and complete Informs'.. _ _ expenditures, civic groups sjrs h e ing supped with a 94-page de­ tailed schedule, containing costs of all items in e v ^ department In past years only a Una sum­ mary has been furnished to these organizations.'’ A preliminary hearing vn the tu d g ^ for rapresentativea of dvt Ic aasociatlons, servka cluba and other intrrectad organkatlonM has been schaduled for Wednea- day, Jan. while a pukdle bear­ ing wm ba hald In tha Hunlclpal Building on Monday, Jan. $ at 730 P.M Tha Mayors budget atatement; reads aa foDews: **An analyala of tha ta^^get. ahowa that the oonnial incraataaci In oparatlng eoau raaulting from a larger population tniva bean offaet by the incraaatt in aaaeBa- ad valuaticm with reouhant addl- tlona] revenuaa. However due Co ahortaightad poUdai of tfib prav- lout admlnlt^Uon. propeJ^ pro-* ▼lalon waa not made In m a ts for maattng the obOgationi they Incurred. \After eight months in oifica it la obvious lo me that it la oow left to tfw new aMnlatratSoa to maar these obUgatlona all a t once. They cannot ba attfiad off any kwger without aaiiixMly bnpdlr- big iha sarvloea raqulred by (ba pac^ile c l Freaport. \Although tbeae otdlgatlCHM muii ba met this year, X am con­ fidant that tu the eoming yaar ctw and wO be abh to ravaria this upward trend and bring about a reduction la tha tax rate. Sy wmnA muagement poUdrt we plan to curb (he upward courae of Vniage azpenaca By ancouraglng new buitfwaaea to lo- caw In Freeport, and by aldbtg pceaent budnassea to grew and yoaper, we idan to tnrriaaa ae •eaaRwetJ and thus make tax rev­ enue tmm. \You w$l Bud In (be propoaed tadg^ aa hwraaaa ol approxf mateb gTOm m tta rratpuTt Pollee lime it hail I adge U«t ai aiAYOB SVnxSfSY \Establishing a new of tniracm on hto rd s y , I LEON’S BOUTIQUE TO G[ FOR NEATEST CHRISTMAS^ The street-front windewa of more than 800 Freeport Acres were inspected laA Thursday morning^ by an imperUal com- mittea to datenalna the one hav­ ing neatest and p rettlnt hol­ iday dispbky.\ Tha eommittee comportwd Jos- ttUx Qerhauaer, manager of p, W. WoQhvorth's, 64 South Main S t, and chairman of (be Retail Division of the Freeport Cham­ ber of Commerce; Harry Secor, co-proprtetfir of Bayview Pharnv x u K i i »ii< n » jiw ir Ava.. ^ and vice president of the Aae- port Chamber; and Dr. Carmine J. Caedatora. a aaember of the Freeport Beaut^cation Commit­ tee. wboae office is located at 325 South Ooeim Ave. Leon's Boutique of 94 South Main St« FT^eeport, was adjudged winner by the committee. So at­ tractive were ether lUsploya that the committee suggested honor­ able mention to other r(innerc.Qp which included: , South youth cwtw. I Store and To, Atiantl Shop. Atlantl __ _ liquor Store, iMa. Wooddaa Marine Baaa W. MoRIck] Icon’t BooMtoi m 3 aented a tro,h,d— - \ ■ v s n x M t i E | L * . M k ( » . Increaiie oollce lalaries to meet the Nasiau County ichedule. The effect of there expenditures will he iwt only to IncreaM the ecopc of iwotection prot’lded by the po- Jle, depirtment, but aJso to build ntunJe In the tone, and enable us lo obtain and keep the highest ceJlbre of men. This increase rep- -reeenU approximately 9 cents In the t,x rate. The additinnai sum oi 961.000 lepraaenu aalary tnereaaes and benefit! for Village employees Approxiraately half of this amount muat be paid Into the re­ tirement ayitem. This la manda toiy under our retirement plan. The total of_ 961,000 represents approximately 8 cents on tha lax rate. \An htcraase ol *55.000 la re sulred to meet our 1962-1963 ob- Ufettons on maturing Village bonds. All of these obllgationi re- ault from bond lasues aulhoriied by the prevloua administration. The addltloiul tunda foe debt re- drinprion amount to approximate ly T!4c on the lax rate. ■An Inceeese of *Jt,000 la pro­ vided for the SanluUon Depart mem. The 1961-1962 apprnpria lion provided by the preidoua ad tmtitatrstlon tor personnel In this tbpartuent was ao unrealistic that It covered erty eight months Of tbe current fiscal year. I am •ore that the people of Freeport would not want to be without L— opllectlon and aenttsttan •ervfces daring lour months of n>e jmer. Replacing this eaaemlal o ^ t In the budget acenum. ftir 314e on ibx rate. r a t r b t n r a d a x e m e m b e r OP WHEATOBTS TV SQUAD Kfttbryn Kxdane, daughter of Mr. and Mrx. David K. Kadane, 73 Porterfield n ., Freeport, b one ol four young women from Wheaton College who will com­ pete against a quartet of male students from Bates College to­ morrow a t 5:30 PM. in a televi­ sion quiz game over the Colum­ bia Broadcasting System's G. E. Coilege BowL Bates Is going for its fifth straight win thtg sea­ son. Tbe teams will be quizzed on the fields of American and Eu­ ropean history, American and English literature, science, phil­ osophy. current affairs, music, , and the Bible, Tlie winning tpww) receive* for Its coUege $1300 for it* scholarship, fund and the nm- ner-up 8500, T h a w l our oaregorle, alo«: P*\«» v^niDcnt nlariaa, vflhe, aakMm aiu) ktnafiia, in- dabs wdrenptloo and oan- Hottan ^ r m c n l M g M - ac- **'—* b * * CCTta of th* a em t TActMlbr tha budirel requmcs •f' <ba various vlUaga diyuih PUBLIC THANKED ^Mr«. John Schmidt, president of the RooaeveJt Branch ol the Nredlework GuUd ol America, la. sued a statement this week thank- tog aU who made the recent to- gathering a success. A total of l.«0 new garmenu waa collected and is rtiii being distributed ^ o n g individuals and orjania. FOB SALE OLDSMOBILE. 1969, twodoor hardtop, lUver. Dynamic SB hyd- n ^ t k . power steering, and brakes, radio and heater, I mst brand new whltewaB tires, ajt- ceptlonaUy clean, like nese, orig­ inal owner, 91^96. MAyfalr 35501 days; HOUis 5A969 nlghlj or Sunday. or i i v To*« ROTABIAMS MEET 8ANTA; ASSIST SALVATION ARNT Tite Freeport Rotary OUBBeUT A Christmas Party at the Elks d u b attended by over 25 m ^ - bers and (heir wives. Door prizes were won by Mrs. Thomas Por- telo, Mrs. C. J. Clark, Mrs. Stan- fey Mahan, Mrs. F. Gordon Ed­ wards, Mrs. Hairy Broraley and Mrs. Rocee Gentlldla. The affair was prraided over by Harold Certelyon, olthougii be was preempted «t one point by tbe ai^earonce of Santa Claus. Santa seemed to.be closdy related to Prank X>unn, except fetr his beard and laiher large waist In the past year the Froeport R o tary^ub hat distributed hux>- dred* oNpaira of recoBditioned Shoes to R ^ y families under the chairmaoriiip ol John and Adolph CoDins. This past weeks noemben of the Club rang the bdS for the 3aiva- tioa Army in front of F.W. Woed* worth’s. •bm. to he m A b , will take ptacaii j ' UriJay, Dec 3 #. In ccmnenifay ^ ■ project, the au m m delighted te dotua kr J * trophy to the i ed by tha IfflRutu , and hope the nfM.a^ ue. Tbe m e ich e ity i ore to be coKajriii^ratf x ing their. Narsoi m shoppers—It is tb ^ teg part In the hoW^ « r b s i o i autavs t m . DM jM r ffe-cHOi^MnpT-w. w 1$ l l EVER CATOK TOO l i ^ S3.V.C BAS ntS-TOLfi PAJm r FOR CHILDBEN Nearly 100 chOdren ol mem­ bers ol the South Sholu Todrt Club, gathered at the datfa pre- Christmoa party to ncMve a visit from Santa CbuM, tmperaoDated by Rear Cosnmodope G. George Hollander. The eommiitee te charge was headed hr JuBon S, (Oil) Knox, Harold B-1 entertoiameat sad 4 gifts to the yowBAst OWSMtS? f U W U R * m ^ ten tew . Ion he teak M m e a m IR THE FOtSTDAT 3 i t with a poteM ter x teepp Vved fr uBs a a i vccteaMei pira that beaMBM te lite s ? . .- R E I « I I B a ? H A P P Y WX KBGBMr V* UBARM Gtxjr J r . ictetteg pecMteaS i fared a eo^ o m M b a e lare e m bfe Morals I I itei- Ms Buy «r M BeM EMd» gave-nttoffeoM , Foe Q * k » a ’ 1 Barney H. Huh u w. s i m a r w r l F 8 e ^ » « X Ode, Fraadk A. Wmmo Jr. attrek h Ms M k ■■ MaadI 8^ fires nmxBj have * 0 yas F. CrcOMNQR M 9$ ' the Indateriat sad Coarai bscv insuraoee o g en^ M 1 Aa A^w.. Fra?pcet-te» te xpter ol PI Duka ItesOnn. i FRSEFOST ATPCS S e a s o n 's C m A B E l m o r e L K e o f f | Booses M T lK i^ ' Dimes campMgn te t&efr xl residents who can devot iress eosrlepes or partfe4 are urgiM ta tefepbum ^ s s Ij^VVE tF TO T K U W I O r M w Brew b i n « M ,1 th. M v e r i * K m I«4. — —• ««M u U, Om ^ SN* tS S g ' ^ LJ'-' „ __ _Mini i, vuQxin XlMIMJ M OMk My Fw lady Cosmelic t e Wiaha* T ot ■ M iotj Ubri '-OMBABOO OTM h> boint Bauat- B» wtB coBJaw. O ot ? M d ^ k out batgRi wBh a M. AOT « 1 V ot T I oot wMfft ol WOT RMfOTiW “ O FtOTOT lOT*, » t » • » • * » • Cow* M «• al. UM a RWOTta far Aa ItOe i dva tea. WHRC m 9 n m l u I n n nvDMMi w m i , r™ \OT OT iiM. « re . P f ’^ W N O OOCKtAn. I Oormao WW9M, I f «nd broeatfi* hare alOT p **W«B AH* c i r ted S OOB

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