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Long Island graphic. (Freeport, N.Y.) 19??-1964, April 08, 1961, Image 1

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- ~·\I llaf\ae . ... • ....... .. .... ·-· ............ . .,....., (j ............................. ·4.= ::::: ~ -··-··· ....... - .. - ~ a.ar• .... . ._, ........................ . . . W~tJ ' ~: fl mmt:mmL ltlCO R ported likely To Ta e Over Cow eadow for Hu .ie e Power Plant ~~.w~;:kf~ . ~~!;;~ (Trustee), Mr. and Mr.. Robert J, D SwHnty (~yor), and Mr. and Mrs . Henry ~ Aft, rt (TruttH). FrHport Justice P1ul Kelty wlR _ Idm t t Tht' l.onaiA!and U1htln1 Co b \ wtpt • 11!sultaknr re<lltu~~ 1 J 1 : t: 1 0o1ths of office to the thrH at Village H;all on Moncky nlgM at lr>!~ rc-.tec1 In aoqutrlna the .n ta~ rate rna \'I .- a p M Th bf · l ' ted ( Ph I b Os ' St clio) lin 1'10- e-re c- ~~~~~dow .rta. h.J.\e other unprovements long · • • pu \ IS nvt · o o Y carS U ___ :. : :.., U:,n.,.!;~ :::'o~ ~';'..~ I~-~ ..... !r. cll'LI r added .. ~ lETT[R TO EDlTOR del'lsser m· - -l(;jW'tl Uon Co. of ~. or whl hI ~ • (\an pl'nua~ ULC'I) to OU) L )t Hornttf'in Is p<\ld~nt , &> thP I nd. \ would lon-.·rr -ohe I Edttor · • It~ liM' • 1.000.000 klllow~t one of ~port i rrwst prt ... 5iPg L I. GraphiC For Scho · ol IJOIIoer pl•nt t h t would ultlmah•l> pt'OfU>•m•\ =-:o\' th~t the smuK•' ut • e 1 ~,. 1 PIO.OOl IJOO. nl )' p rh~ \ Th\ llorn Constt uc '''\ l'o. 1 Fr.,.,port \'tllag• £1,• , .a ba ·i~ l .. t wr. a ~mbtr of t.Jt~ flf\t' '-'hi h j :stout tc~,..\'t ~~·M m hit\ IllS t\t.l:) h@.ft'·i .d',\dY \h~ g,,n:-. a,t> port Botonl of Edu<:!_ll<ln, -.ul th' PrllP\I 1 ~ rt'lonP\1 ftu'll tnd~s bt;11g [I lin,..; '•>: dnn·n•·l o•~·le W~dM~> nlllhl at a mf'l'll • n lr) to , op•r· m•·r.t h\ :.01\ •t•ll ,.t.J In ~Ia\ ,,,. n , .. \ ;c·h ol t· ,,• ,(J, th • t'r\\'l\'rt Ho~ll hool c•all 1 {or I~>~~\·''''\' .o .o ·''\~'·:.1111 tu N-n\ ~der th tUbjec\. •lt.t T~tl' Ht•:np'\tt•id I·~·\lt!J,•J.I'l h(t tt 1d1'f't th .. t u cow ~t'ft11m\' ' t ~P~J 1 ht'dltr.,.: 1n tth.· Jj rul t.o .... uht\ th~ ronfln of th, l't.:t· ~· , Tw• <.13} ~~ I .\ ~~ ' ,.,, p<otl ad I dl t>l<t. th~ cltoll d T ·\ II U H.·mJ.-h·• I \I'>' y.uullt harf\mth lr.n .. '!M\\ftl, 1 n.. yr.t 4d • t\llrll1it \''a•n Jl.&r ('lb. ot t r N.o•d Whl.:n..t.UC · 1n1rr...,.• *L : n·oRT • hto lnntTf.Or- 1' .. r• I rt:<nleb• • oi> 'ic10.itr of . nr.inrQ~At<'cl: f i:lrmp ••d ~ 'ort.. A.uor4· ~ )' f\ T I C I! ... r ''• Pill' \',•rifitod Oatm.• ' :... 1:'\141. 1~61) Official Paper Qesignation Tbe Villa~e Board at ils organization meeting Monday in the .\lunicipal Building decided not to appOint an of- newspap er this year for the village. The announcement I\ It is the belie{ o{. Mayor Robert J _ Sweeney, Trustees M. Altengarten and ~nk W , Som o mould be de~lgmted 'AS rn dffl'i e 0 'e ~one ~hould - have an official connection with the ad· n and all should remain lndwendent to report the of publtc affairs obj eetively . All will receivE: o£ficial releases on a r('gular basis. the pre>ent time, it ~ proposed that legal notices - • 0 I 'riM new VUI~ge rd \com- prltlnt M.yor llt.o&ert J. Sw.My, with Tru1tM1 Htn. ry M. t.ltenpmn . and Prank W. Somers H '\- malority, and Tr~~~t.t l.rthur R. Mul- l l•r an4 Georp H. Fa1rbef9, tiM minority membtrt, ort•\\ lud fof' tM fltcaloi•ar \961· 62 In ecMn9llance witt. ttw Vil- le..- lew et Its flrs~••tlng In ttw Municipal S\1\_ldlng Mono day nltht. o.part~Mnt hNdl w•re nem.d, Yltancl\ on ttw varlou• board• f111.d, commit· ,.. personnel appolnt.d -and egenclfl named to carry on ttw variout Mntices. Villa~e which require publication will be placed in the Commltt ~- \Blueprint tor • 8u Island K Prnel\ ~. \\\\,... t • •· ! Mttnth\ In May trun RoraC'I t. DeLiaer, f ~ ot Per--.1 \- ' I provid..d a ltet!~rn·IA :< of this decision, persons who want to get news fairs Month, whiJe Artbur L ~~ ... formH _..,.per edltM and polnunent!l taken •t the \'iUage Boar.d meetings will have to con· oo-fOUl!CkT, Jooka oa . Mr. Grrwf the l!rllt att.ornq \'.raf.. In to read !~i' Long Island Graphic as they have in the 1 prtvata pl'8Ctln anywben 1t1 the eount.T to lied • Penonal AI · -<=- fain 1\flll'llh Commlt&N>. re the Talk of the Town lobsters TM ..Mle tDWD's bvnin' about tt-t. forttlcomint Lobster ~MtiYII WMk te be observ· .the o ~>•'rvance o! ed .t s,y Lontberdo's East Point Hous.e, Freeport, Jtartlng Monct.y ll'ight, #Ny 1 nd un- Ubra dudi Sunday, May, • ry \'.'•-k. spon.s.or· mNce, heacll'd by J . Norman boat ~ from tht Ea t Point Hou dock. Wtltlam Guton ond Arthur Y;;..\~' )f !hP Free- 1 GU)I Loll\Mrdo a has ~ hand- Le&.. and ~ lucky couple, L ' 1 •n· · Spencet . ed. the a1cna1 honof' or ~inC among of her priu \'tn~. wlll l>ll~flJhtcll.l ' \ • FamllY ct- by the Stllte ot M:.ine u Iatt'l' h.av~ din!le(' with Guy Lom · '''$ n ' ~ udltorlum ~o.arUTS lor this Natlotlai bardo personallY and then •ccom· dht' la~\ extnvar•n ... Fr:<!•)' at 7:30P.M. LobJtU Festh'Sl Week. paiiY hlm to the · Parad!M lsle \ Nil Cht!·l••n • Con!Jtllt· Freeport'a busl.-.oen ... hlctl Jo\\ sn~h Marine 'l'bntre ._..... > mty Library lncludd tM p~ Olvt.lon ot t/lOW'. Ill'~ \'Tt 15 planned tn. Cbam of ComrnPf'l'\e. btM· I 'l\M • JOnr and Qu~n · will be from g · 1..., 3 up 1DI ed by Rqy C.cd&tore •nd othe r~ CT'I)WTif'(l on ftldaY ni~~:ht , May ~. ~~01'1 r ~ m u t be ~- OC*l mak!JIJ p\aJ\5 ~ wUI ~ danclnc and enta· ..,a t I ,• ,, 0 e p.rent. ~

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