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Long Island graphic. (Freeport, N.Y.) 19??-1964, April 01, 1961, Image 2

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iiia B T v * l o n g ISLAM* GRAPHIC. NASSAU E*ITION_ S^urd.y. lARNtlV r e u x TO lO.At H AMKKICA.N If.AM IN L'KAKI. I B a iiiev Kellx baS bivn Jcsijnal- '. 0 r„ a m g o u a .h 01 Iho A m a r e a n Boxing Te.on «bUb «iU 'oP'*- sant ihe L.S. ol the SMh Vaco- 1 blab Olympte at laraal in Aug- ujt. Banwy la tho boning coaih darts &• FLO' By L illy Sym ona i . ' \ ' L l \ i 1 i^' i HKLLO THE&E . . . D o I dc * ouhuzm for « n ibe New York MUiur> .A lji I ' w h ile s I* »hnUar to iMvinc to » pubfte tmy and fper*i« the Bergen Mali > ^ititoted la the center of a town aaoare. U affords • Boxlni Ac-ademy at Partrous. N. 1 between the writer and the reader. I t also w w * * J. During World War U he was [ pr»Lse and criticton. Mr. Koepic* ^ho so exper% ihe physical liiness olficer in | taMold tofrether each w^ek, «aa t_ •—J charge ol boxing at the Fairagut ^ writing chorea. Naval Training Station under! Commander Gene Tunney. He dl- I'm not exactly a ftranger In theae parts, haviB|, rerted the boxing clinics at Mad- yijars ol my life amongst the people of Freeport. Baldnh ladl bon Square Carden and coordin- stead, before completing my stutUes In chemistry. I'W.ahi J ated the boxing program for the a sonwwhat platonic association w ith a colleague n a e M M u i generous M i I New York City Barney FeTi* b New Tork‘i senior profetsiona] boxing refer­ ee. He will rctnain In Israel after the games to hold boxing clinics at the Wingaie School lor Teach­ ers at Tei Aviv. department of j andrl. who's been doing hit “ fVofn Me To -You” Koenig for years. S t r a n g ^ enough, t^w a s this suoa*.! who first handled the puW d ty for my perfume s a l ^ | and abroad. i n CIrcMa H im apaln. KOKOMO, the down eotortaina you «Mi Mt anHca tm d tlwnH at the (abuloge Wirth Circus, Island flardaw, W«at Hampataad, now through April 16. L e i s u r e T i m e T o p i c s . . . • ^ B y M r « . D a n i e l f> . B o l m e r m r x or SEW roRK » Ask me to relate the meet homorooa ^ my e: employer, and Fm certain to tell of the Sooday mondi| I him at hh home In q uest of hla aQatCyhig some of my fitaNhi tng a cocktail party 1 w m givtag In honor of a dtsi There’s always plenty of room wricht who has since passed em. It was ray desire to alu at the top. but* the average man ball's greatest. Cfli)t«nporary, doe D IM a n te. who has heuiq teem* to forget that the elevator tor more than a decade. service IS poor. i -After alerting Bob as to where ^le could reads Mr. our consersatlon was terminated with the understand Bob. would call me back and enlighteii, me as to wbM tend, and those who could n o t. He had much to repoil with the ex-Yankee star. The first thing he did was tt hotel at which Mr. DlMaggio.waa slaying. Once mai tlon. he asked he be pennitled to speak with Dll promptly accommodated. I might add at this polM H m * Bab's hvetj irtfe, been an ardent aAnIrer of Mr. IMBfagflo for many yeartk ^ t e d at that moment, In another part of the apartueal groMed in a t>o<^ An extension telephont at her sUa otrAKTxexT ur sis rt)“ i DO BEMBBY CXSTirY (Mi u C mi * «f IX amr I 'I or at rosuos HA.susAa ixc. I 4«p«nA*Bi ibu ri i&crrfraa i 2 «i i»4r«4 m 4 1>« i Gf tk« Sl•^L Uv ud U m It a 4 U MIMIC HALL I matte role In HeL-hi Hill-LanLa* state or sew vohs Wall Disney's \The AhRmt |i**r» ’Take A Glam Step” minded Profeasor ' U one of thr Faitelle Hemeiey s L ac statA. sanirai romedi«i. and snicker which w j based un a Broadwa> film* 1 have seen In many a y eat i{.L*:e *u'ie<i s»\era| irdson.A war*! wllh Spring fervor. rDm.^n agu ' lie as Spring Itself. .Starring ;n | The *tor> ironrerr.s nsrif w,m ^ Ihl, rom.nllc .-omnly I. Kr..l , ,, . , H«rMurr«y. N.ncy Kwti- ..pi ly. la : : an Wynn and Tommy Kitk to-i gether with a two pari Hnl,.|av i>how. at Radio City .Mu^ic* M.i.t McS esrpor Ilea ou h« Cary^rWiM giVEX IS DUrUCATB OAR ■9 SAiS u4 oincist »ui ik« LHeBrmeai of Sui* V ai I 'hr I'l'j ixf AIH mt !b* iweoijr- 'Z riyLLh ixf ol rtt:iAArr. go * < ■ -haa»A«4 OIR* bandr*u MG \ - _ _ nol of her husband's ratesiott. The eoneeraatkwi betwMi uAKJiuji^^ the great man went something Hke this. ABSAHAU H DAVt* I ixoa-r 'i-.'f.ttj «i .S, i - I ■ Hello. Mr. Di.Maggio?” \Yes who Is this, please?** ” -------------- lor Miss Lilly Symons . . . she'd like to have you M hrt | ' m : .the 29th! ' \Oh. Miss Symons, how is tl>e dear girl friiM,|| ’\io'aE«E»?\i'*RT!fl :h., . I Mr. DiMagglo. wm yoB come? \ 1 j I m H ..\iiTiirt\.-''IS. .liaTiKiesi' Thjnk you, sir, shoTJ be ielighted. I'm sum '. J u* ileV i/i-”* \ ' * **•'*'■*♦*' l^i^isggio- my wife idolizes the ground upon ’ '•rtv* '■ i? 'walk, she s seated In another room anawares that Im a iflAi 'J->* •)> t.he 4 k r t xh'.t.- . I { •>. •The Absent miniU-d F iu I cna ..! ^ ' A Gt'irr.i,'! trlla the atory q I the zany jd 't«'tUf- oj r- ventures ol an LnvenWt iviih rti* o- * fv r.k<-> unusu. 1 ftew chrmwal RUMSan.-** | M»-.lie\a. _. i i » r Rob rt Steverifcon dlivN-ie<| ihr '\'“•’rf.i. jn;-'. -A-.! A h Ir VL . 'I V - h*r favorite athlete . . . would you-be kind enough to a.«k her to pick up the extension phone?” ''Why, It’d be »r!C (}{. ,L Ittro from the Kiv^npUy hy Pill *'“»*> ‘h\-i j?n <.rrtA> Ap' t. Watch based on a itory hy Sam < m i W. Taylor. Stage show is in two petti » lih ' i 'si.a ji ii- • \Giagy of Eaater\ and ’A Spring i a'-d 't Bea^uct\ together with th» tre t-^r> f‘ u- rx .*- . dlHenai holiday prrwntalixin. T h u '* ■*' ■ Is a great Eaater Preseniatinn Oh Lisa! . . . Oh LUat . . . HEY U Z !!” W h a t t 'l i jl Fi«'k up the phone . . . somebody wants to talk to joftT! •t? ■ Ifx 4oe DiMagglo: t\ ”Oh stop fooling \around . . ■ a b s | ■ J m telling you it s Joe DiMagglo . . , howeat . . . l '» Oh ga rest yourself! \ •pteaae. d on't keep the guy waklMn DiMaggh!!\ Okay. okay. «o It'a DiMagglo . . . H e d s T j Mrs. Mmandrl, how are you?** 'Who la this? \ “ Thb ll h t * trio vfiiir husband asked me to say beDo!” Pwooon. Ealrf* B m .B U C A N NATIONAL t it» I M T m .E , Young Republic..n .Nettorv^l * Chairman Ned CuahJng tu* *- • t ' Irltefs to hU .State Cha.ur.* n jx K In i their help lo pukhmg ;ui a vwe tor the Dl»tr*rf of Cplunn..a Senator Thruatoii a MiJtu.. ftepsihhcan National rommiftr. Chairman, has enriorse'i * b..i i.. give reprramta! ion to i he D,* ?,, • f Cohimbii in the EW- mri. ■' leie- TTw YR Nataonai C'hai. man ^ : od on Ibe Young RepuhiM'ant acroos the country to get briurwt His Blast UoglHslors and urge i thoM to .taho bnmrrliate aciiop ao tiMI T b s OtMrid at Cotumoa aHH hgvs aams parricLfMUen . IM S S O V L H \ (. n d e r l i r t . . . In the Polly BersSi h'. Jsd»H 1-- -h'.':. I-KBI-Bh Sh€'s 5'T’ tall. Her dads 63\ .-i.-d s'ls-.ar ijoth go (n-er the 6*- m a rk’ . . - It's w t^N ^ I>l8rd s Barbara Madison Scher. to give of so m u c b 4 ^ -iTe ‘ewards helping the unsung perfonrerx g*t r ' *he li”.;e lady who so elegantly tedd the entertatai -c«--r named Carla Ferro, who sings exactly UM d ' ' ' \ “ie FrancU. It -‘ as nice learning that my favorite stoger P»* 1 nsmMij Chairman of the Teen-Age ConunHtee for the I * ■ M.ilttpk 'ioclety . . . A note of thanks from i h t t Monr(» sml for the king-stxe portton of ‘ Boman «-nt som„ days ago. You’re wekmiie. honey. ^ K'^f.Mlng lo a Look magazine article a p p e a r i ^ \ ^ iNvi.r Naujie Wood oaed to carry her e s A ^ ^ ni -ax rr,revs.p |t. Moral: only Wten *' It In The . pjg |„ Ripest yon ve ’ the name ^LTnons Is pmnoanced Jiwt put It a » fnm raiwj rershnmooa. Thank voa. dear reader. f«r < ■Tin or ««\ tm m H o n v N nctL-m c A iH« — Hi rmiBt* whicn ■enrd It a, VMm M R mo M«Jt tr - ■ Bmm ««M> N no *■*-•«\ -■err.aA* •Umt Man> - a I ” - ' l l » i i r HI A D E iis rnRts roRP GeMnaa*! tk» iWrtfTM LSai s , , April 1, W l MEN’S I tARTISTS: Thraa * I ggray wHh *'b#$t<OBt «*t annual masque y mm I the Sisterhood of • . H m gala affair w m I » MIroom, on N. Bo) I ora fl. to r.) Mr. and 1 Becker, and Mr. and M kaa a«m »H*4 '■ '^_V ' 4ar aaS a? OarawaU— L*” *** - a J TWOSOME; Presid«i a posts with Divid Kar ^etioto, by Oscar's Stu polis Sym I Tie Freeport l U Uinneapol ■S-seiam su eanoun' • the Vii 'rtkireM u 't drtermi T f the toHeorr t^ h f o r e r , . •' Ui, S- |S « 16. ,t : fj'ttkiw ill Kah . • M Mr “^ • ttafl

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