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Long Island graphic. (Freeport, N.Y.) 19??-1964, March 25, 1961, Image 1

Image and text provided by Freeport Memorial Library

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\.OMG ISLA 1 GRAPHIC, NASSAU EIITIOH . ate · on Key \ssues ~: o~:·~;~~~ :a:~ p:k~~ ~~li~~:r~f~ firm h h umn without the us.> or met~t s, letting a CO]Itratt tQJ\ suCh t.- ll with tl>e ow-net. to tJnd w Cl 7 the lavor said thi• could not b~ stud;· In that vWa,e. l« Pdllc10! Atte- he woUld oUer an) ron \!On n done ~lthout inrreasing ttl.> po- After leavinl the Ardiel\ St. patCilJ of 1anc1 In t.be auer. Glacken.~ ~wcr ~ 0 \Uce Iorce and as lor l!rban re· - hool the Village P dele& \$1.Died l'ellleill the uzne qUH:ton re\ h ~ 0 1 e newal \thls cannot be done q'er tlon went to the Celebrity ub hMidlciDM prom alter [.llct that teet ona ol 1 e oose- nl~rht :. It took Rorkdlle Ct.>ntre in Bennington P.anr. to ' na lhe \1•. l..al1& l'clt and ~d\O·ltnthlschthoolbodtstr_~:ur ~ ~an ~tore It received concert over whldi Cbu bY -Yoa\re rre IJIClu\'\\ n e un .... · . . t ' ld 01 IM lneorporatf!d village of partial appro•-al lor 1. 1 rhan Re- son of!tCUlled as xnaste.r o ~ ~con- r~port w1th the result wpa)'· fl('wal there. He_ concluded by say· .n ot theW dlstriCU would haVt.> ---------------:---~~~-~--~:-----....,. - to IJ'IlY fo• 1ncreued lk !\ool tacil- ltlee requtrt'd b) ' the d elopment o! 11'14! Cow Mea~ art.> wllb apartments. He said 114! did ' 1 r\OM the door to .-i\1.1\tl' tqui~i tton olthe aru If condiuon.s w~r.- \... rllhl. But to th~ present, he rt>m&rked. \we have the ke)· to tile Cow Meadaw lftuauon. Lt>t' continue to hold ~~ and lteep lt locked:' Gla,·ken confirmed the fact that fuel oil lor tit~ P<'\'~r piJnt Is bOu&ht without pubUc bl<l<.hng, but added ll wa pu!'('hBI'if' under wm• a&tm to b)· th~ State Pub lie S<>rv)eot Commr>l\hm. Kl' add ed Rockville CPnlr h\d 11 1<'11 a dUJerent luel, found 11 foul,'(! Uf tht' m chtnery •nd '\\\ It up He 1iaur~ l>oth F\ •port an<l Rockville CPnto•r l'oultl h•w to .. •v Cha~t-, w .. ~ .. lt Sixteen years of Uatty r.r+y r tt wa.s t Tu••Y · whe• the - villoCJe ,.r+y, .. d by lt. iuc . Mcy I'Citty calMA at. lo~ J. Swa ey, CJ coatrol of fr .. port's vHiofJI aclmlnlstraflon for ext fo.ar years aft.r etecthtCJ lh tltrie ca t In o clean sweep. ._.r. Sweeney, an attoney, defeated lncumb t Mayw WUIIam F. Glacken, who strvecl ~or eiC)M years, 5,467 to 5,132, a marCJin of 335 votes. Ia • vote, the laMiiest '\ Freepori's history, H ry M. AlteftCJartfll aftcl frank W. Somers, VllloCJe Party coacllclates for Trustees, polled 5,832 aacl 5,615 Ofohs, respectively, while \'''' opponents, Uftlty y :f T • ottcl Tn~stee COftdi- lentard Abbene, reeeived 4,803 and 4,87;. _ votes, respectively. '.flme for a Chan1e' Tl«'m I TTUJte.>l wiD oftlcllllly .tHkf' ol· Ul'lder thP banner. \It'a Thnt.> rit-e on April 1 and will take up tor a Chanie,\ jubll:.ht John thelr dut~ at the April 3 annuBl 'Mack. VW ge Party campaign organlUitlon meoetlnJ ot thP V\1- manager . declared, \our victory lla~e Board, when appolutmm a proves 16 yean of Unity Party o! depa1·tm~nt heada and oU\M' rule w~Jong enough. The peoplt> detlgnationa eu made tor the telt It wu ~ for a change.'' en.aulnl yt'11r. Mr. sweeney and th~ two \\\\ (Contlnu..S on Ul .~~ ~f- V~t:_ ~! -=--~ G~nc~ YP. Yt. V.J\ , •• TP. V:P . J:t.' 'II ~ ;\~ ;; tst a.u ,,. 1~ 1~1 ue S.\.~ ~ .. !f2 ~ !II H1 !Ill ltl nt 1$4 art m 171 l • m 1!1 S'7l ~ ~ !'\.A - U7 !:Sl 1 1'1~ tt

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