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Long Island graphic. (Freeport, N.Y.) 19??-1964, February 04, 1961, Image 2

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/ LONG 1$LANe GRAPHIC. NASSAU gOITIOM S t f u r ^ y , 4f MM : fEL 4 -U fe s # Boahnfi FtMunt Eibibil^ P'urt • AdaltsSl'^ - Child- 60c ■ * ■ SEE IT AT THE BOAT SHOW! I '- ' PAMULOUS AMERICAN FINN ' FOOTER WITH VOLVO AQUAMATIC Tfe* t t * f h Wood and Fiborglaoi by Croiflino on Dltplay by American Finn / 4 m e U M t t * p i t m •V* M«>M M « v t ftMRf FtIM fA FReeport 8-4550 SEE ‘THE FREEPORTER’ A t t h e S h o w Hose Co. 2 Dinner Marks 67th Year FREEPORTER \27\ ^ talH by Freeport Point Shipyord Sold by 115 Woodcleft Ave., Freeport FReeport 8-0510 Solei and Service — Tbompeon loots EvUrede Motors o About 130 persons attended the 67ih apniversjrj’ dinner o( Vigi­ lant Hose Co. } or the Freepotl Fire Department last Saturday night at the Ship's Inn. Freeport. VUlage and flremariic ottirials when called on lor remailts con- gralulated Capt. John DUlon and hla lellow olllcers on having been active for so many years. These Included Mayor Williiro F. Glacken, Village Treasurer Leonard D.B. Smith. Chlel-James H. Ryder and Second Deputy Ben­ jamin Cook. Other speakers were Capt. Dillon, Lieuts. Joseph Cam- brea and George Bi.spo and form­ er captain Har^y Wenk.of Hose 2: First Deputy Francis J. Musso Jr., a member of the company, spoke. Lionel GRtesple head- dinner committee. A long th e W a terfroaij wHb HANK GREENE Also Sp< wlHw Zarets Hear Will Increase in ’61 Once U't Krttfaftf l^n^pori'ea. weterfrimi ex^odee tailo Ite aaBtuU period • *ull activttj^i| not to n y the wstarCroMk I um been ' deod\ during: the off-* iod — far from U —* b u t Its m o ^ active .|Mrled (Oie one I this reporter gathers the material io r “ AhMy The Watn _ umns). la regarded %s those monttM between’S i Patrick's] lale hiU, weather eoadittona and pubUe hitereat deterM “ cloae-out date.'* , ThW'year, as In the past. \.Wong The WaterfronO' will season’* i»'eekiy feature of this and other newspapers of t j ^ owned by publisher Charles .W. Koenig. Until the officUdk date of the column you will, frpm to time, find this pifinJ published a s sort of a 'getting-arouml-to-it-agaln’\ effort. As-‘*f up\ raaterial l will pen events and general gedngs-on I th wUl find of Interest. Before getting on with this column. ! % you y\ti\ Freeport’s waterfront a t your earUeat convenicDih d habitues of this fabulous area have discovered w ith their v< ^ v isit bs i t boat saiga, pleasure- fishing, dellghtliii sea feedc the varied services rrievant to waterfront activity,. FREEP FERS THE FINEST — IN EVERYTHING! Lumber dealers and others from allied trades in New York and New England hesrd ptedic- tions that housing ftarta in 1961 will probaUy et^ual last year’s figure and th a t Jtotal building of all types - wUi probaMy be* up slight^. Lumber dealers attending the 67th Annual Convention and buOdlng material exhibit of the NortheasMxn Retr.il Lumbermen’s Association heard business analy­ sis report on a wide variety of topics' ranging from latest man- ggem ent methods to construction 'pro«>ects for the coming year. The main topic of conversation along the waterfront {\ .the upcoming season) U the ^annual Marine Beorea tion ShsW{ Hled^or a lOday run (Feb. 4 through 13) Wh)te; Remp<tead bland Garden. Freeport boat, dealers wIB be wdl aented at Uils 4Ui annual boat show-with at iMSSt eeven estabUsliments presenting some of their latest offerings, those displaying will be llartig >larifie, Al^Grorer, 1. L V Ted Lang and Jack Bates, all Woodcleft Ave.; C h annd Mai son Are.) and .American Finn Boat .Corp^ So. Grove S I Inoldentally, the th«ne for thla year's Marine Recreatks will feature Information on how to steretch your boatii^ through the proper use of weather. The U.S. W eather Bufii creaM the Information and a display which will be helpfG lypps of boat owners. A feature of the U:S.. W eather Bi ^ play will be a model satellite, weather balloons and latest] 'The three-day meeting Included an extensive program of business meetings and panel discussions. Among those attending were WU- liara Zaret and Norman Zaret of Zaret Lumber St Materials Corp., Baldwin. PUBLK' RELATIONS CLASS FOR RESERVE OFFICERS Reserve Officers School (NROS 3-5 1 in the Training Center a t 112 Hanae Ave., Freeport, command­ ing officer, CDR Lula E. Bejar- ano, USN. announced thla week, beginning next Wednesday. Of­ ficers wishing lo participate may enroll that night or a week l^ter. The course, comprising twenty 100-mlnute meetings will be a -Heminar on Rublic Relations con­ ducted by a group of prominent public Tclations experts through directed dlscusfions, Lday, F«brw^ 4, 1H 1 forecast machines. Another feature will be informationaJ nnd instructional I This clinic win appeal to dealera and to a U w o m alike, i to the prospect desiring answers to (inestibns before Re ^ craft or equipment. According to Fjidie Van Nostrand. 8 h ^ (or. the speakers will be selected from all fields in the manufaitf- distrlhutlon, financing and insurance fields, as well as leadhgl rpsentathes in the ' how lo rig, ” \how to cast,’* \how to Aib'T other specialty flridh. Bates Boat Sales feature entry in the show wilT be theL Correct Craft which made such a hit at the New York i Described as a ' compact r^tnobout.with power to spare,” th e » . craft Is rueged. boasts a Gray marine engine afW la capo^ ^ taming speeds up to 35 MPH. The Owens dispZay. probablv G r l cs! single manufacturer-entry in the show, win find Bates’ * m \ course on public relations , ............ - ____ , «,a>| be conducted by the Navad- *be 29-foot Owens Yacht, the 27-foot Flv Bridet-d _ ___ ; __ triaKawMan a.— . . — . V \ 6* 3 ot H ard* Mark*- / Shop » p , « «UI be (lIM i t!,*' Amerir* rraft. thove rtardy U l t I p e ^ l S * ^ m n .h o „ l,. C u n h hoplne h i , aU c U ril perm lti the display of seven hosts. c37 Rk-'hLart‘'o ^ ' ' “ '’‘7 \ * ^ <hat Woodcleft Mart* 4 pane, a-od “ uf evtThL‘3 '*.’\ \“T demoo.„«.ioo lecture,. ; 10 by IJO-too, vhow room which 1, hi., hT^ ------- - --------------------------------- --- W e , ^ I ™ . r ’ '« ' h B ^ f c e . • ' «orld record onlr «t.bm h e d • j ■wood u> . l-m, ttm , pro Inm P a m tu n n k .y ' Boat Canvas CHAMPION SAILMAKERS 195 Hudson Ave. FReeport 8-1818 designers ano manufacturers of CANVAS PRODUCTS For Beer, end Buslne,, FREEPORT CANVAS PRODUCTS CO .; INC. MS S. MAIN STREET FReeport B«tt3 flicheriz rtehr up there with the leederp Tb. dbpte, of L e n , (Continued '« n w o o j £ K » i i i 0> _ rac4*> *it s kom McDO Pure Bee Tempting Triple-Thi Golden F Thirst-Qu Delightfu Steam! n( Full-Raw Refreshii ' Ct h .*'lw T t^h 'T T : carm en, l y w « „loe.aot J ! Pelicen H»rt»r . T ' ' \ P®*' iU e a tU «e;ed 'arid ^ li ' ipaiinn aeain,- *'** * ' h> get Ed to teD of t i l Divi.ioo finally I h i'\ \ \ * UnltoUtKJ * All Raibl(< f-rv O f ,u c h I p n n l c h ^ HP Inh\i»m „r1. J *' ' “'PpeHtlon he piloted o ITfoot TrtiJNr THE FIILST . stock muca^woloe Jor 1 e i ’ e n t ’ Rh.. . 1 TO nnjsa t u t s gro ^AENT Boa, «Ueo .nd «-rvi«, recln* , M t i ‘ Merrick Rt 11831

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