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Long Island graphic. (Freeport, N.Y.) 19??-1964, February 04, 1961, Image 1

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LoNG ISLA HI GRAPHIC, NASSAU EDITION . • ·- . 4 •••• • ••• •• ••• •• ••• •• • •••• : •• • ...... .. rubu .... t I ... I I I. t I It I I I II I I I I It •• f f t • • t •. + • •• • B4Jt.or · .•• , .. ••••••••••••••••••••••••···-~Ukll Why NQt Hughes or Williamson? (C.cmtmard f\\\ Pa~~ I l that th, sc;hool board \-d been seriously stu.iying the possibil · ity of hirint an outside Individual to succeed Dr. Dot$~. On Wednesday, Jan. 18, the bo.ud had announced it htd retained Dr. William EJ&tMrry of Columbia Teachers Coll.ge to heed an advisory pantt-to study selections. We are at a lou to undwstani!t this elaborate proc.clure •han hath the Assistant Superintendents have spent lengthy P.riods In the school system . As such, lhey are intimately femlll1r wlth the local tchools. They know the problems. They know the htachers. They know the tu:payers . It Is this that makes for eff i ciency and cooperation, fac· tors \ .... ntl•l to the succ-'Cful functioni1111 of education in 1ny community, especially one to complex and to changing u FrMport , The L0119 Island Graphic Is not adverse to hiring estab- lished and respected educators like Or. Elsberry nor the ._ voHnf::. time to e . umin• the credentials of worthwhile woul Supertntendentl. But In view of Fr\port's two. en· llght.l\ed end com~\' CllndiClates, we cen '\ more prudent usn forthe $5,000 or 10 the school boarclhn proposed to tx· pend for the wrvey of \outside\ , a~ndid-'es. e , also s\ two quaflfled lndlvlduels right. here In our own ~c:hool district , ' promlein~ candidates were ln - \'ited to apjlear tor--personal In· In each cue he men~ u tervlews. Again more houn ot chairm an oC a f'Ommittte or t our dPilbC'ratfon, including further tn- • ln tll.e ltlah tchool · pro!f11•1onal t'dnca1ors and a see· tervlews a~ continued until a who Ho ev r, u m~ber ot lh~ retlU'Y who wf'l\(' paid p~ar- nnal con~ensus Ia reached . N~xt \ and Ptlll· lloan1 said previous to tbt nl()C'I· ran~t'd tl\l't'< upon completion of thl're w~t\e further Interviews ot cl 11 of Atkinson and Bl)t · In no one would be bart'Nl from their work. Or. Bo rtner cited a th~ ,sel~ted can didates 1:furlng J)ll ~ ~-tv attMtdlna, fl wu entlelp3led that numb<>r o r M~mc>na to ju8tlty which thf. app li cants were given • lflrt ~~ ll&'l'lle4-to lh(•ir ~: ~~ pr~np would be trans thl• type o{ committee. They In· opportunity to as k questions and .· t'nf pCiill ~ 'tbt1 h.vo point 1 li.'O.'ed tD ..1be. malo &udl1J>rlu~n r luclrd that It places the oelecrion finally Pach prospect was gl\' en ..JI'I that 1)r . Ooda camr 10 which h a • atlna c:apnclty or o r a SUI'@rln!~ndent on a protcos- literature &-scribing the s choo l fiO't 1 the. Cl!lumbua A I~. l.OOO. Tht Lon1 l!lland Grnphk- tonal lt>vei, nomovine the cholt\\ srt.•tem Mil th e CXJnYnunlty. •llool. t ~~PPQlntMI the I wcont to P\'~ . 8 Y~llt'rda> &~t..,. from rw>..,lb l t suspicions of favor- Final ' <\llolee up to Board hllh ~hoot t•rlnclpal bPiorr !)(' noon , too ~atly lo ·gi\C' \\Y d<' 'ltl•m; help. prevPnt lndh'ldua l or In one case the names or six ~ limed 'upc · rlntl\ndcnt or I t:ula 1 \ 10 w 1 n<'tuall) tn<>k ~roup< PrE'«Ure on tl1e board , c•lndldates were submitted to the ._ .._. 1 r>lac.•, but the pro !>1'<\1• w<'re lhat he>!~ !ost~r •ood Rtatf morale b\ ' b d d 1 1 1 • '1111 .,..,_, 1 \ oar an se1 ·e n n lie otre! s .C.IIInlt- IIM'lt tht · lra~tr 'tnx 1 \oufd liC' 11 r~lher ho•rl!c .... 1 t'C'ducing the llkt>llhood at Inter- next step was the meetln& of thl p&) ' CommlttN', ht' dt'd h)' 1011 \' 1 rhlranpr; of bkkl'rlng, re board with the full commlttet at M t'utrlrill r> (\nlltns thfo Dr . 0 • !'f .• \'lrtn•-T ~ sy~t.-m mm \\ lhl' rhystcal rf'Ol<'r of de · which th~ quall!lcatlons ot th~ l~\<>ll~ M'par\C\d ha,•inl( cJ,.... 10 Whllr the ln<>mt,..,., uf th>• lll>l'r·utton Crom the board pf .l candidatE'• were considered at l . llM 11 10 11 , pctlllnn & 1d tlld not go Into c1e>nll, ...-I hr<>• thert-b)· drcrPa ing \ rumor which th .. comm l tee answered ~hlrh 11 t>lann,.•f 1 ,. fl \''i'nl ,.1 .; ln !he prn\:rtut~ to h~ fnilnw ~~ 'ut <t •fl<'•·nlall<>n and h~ips to rp que.rtlon. asked by the trustees la•t nl11h • Ml'\'lilllt ' . h)\ 0 ' F.l•'\'rr)' It was n>~t h lie~ '\\ honrd 'lf a llnll'-Consum- aimed at ampll1>1ng the written , • 'wnulrl b.• •lmil•r to. I hut ~~ 1'<1 '\t Ia k. mat~tial. Alter the tlnal cho lc co ,\ ln\ltll.lhmo huc1 lw<n ••nl to h) Oo)lt• M . Ror!n~r rh.lfi'J [)I Bnnn<'r liSL• t··n teps ta k h d ... __ :r.! ~· •~ t 1 11 · f\T ~ ( ,, 0 ' · · ' a \\\n made the cornmJt tee - T .,.,..... oq;\n .\ •>ns , a, man o n\1' >vl~ll:>n •If f.rlu· 1'>\ In thP \·lee> ion or a uperln chairman wrote to both the su c- rl,lc Htld ~·1\IC~ I hn\ .11..1 nth•·• ration or li nt'''\ Colleg ... u out ''\\ •nt halt ol \hi ·h ad\' t l . or !>'all 1 1 , tl 1 ~ · ' up· a j cessfu and unsuccesslul cand.l- 1 n \'\ 1> •'Ill t \o , I' •' d ln the Jun~ 1960 •••u~ nf !'\' ~l••ruon of ran~ldat u by ob· date• and returned the ed . J:ll\1' In lh<• ml'<'lln~;, II \ ' t•l.lll lh At_n••· h ·•n !khool Journal. to >.tln!ng all pn <lbiP d~ta f'one<>rn tlall o( the urisuc Cl' en_ Ill..! to hnJol tlw '\'\''\'~~' Ill till' -c:to•cilnl! IUp<•rtnt.•ndN•t< dullll~ lnl( lhl'm Tho th 1~ I\ t ce911ul candl c-; . n e - or ., mot datPs to the pro~ sources. I I I , I I , I I I I I I Yfltlt • .•~tric tlotlles *Ytr. ro• Ull try tlet!les AMmME-day tr •IP~ ra•..,. ~f wutlter t All eltttric cloths *Jer Is cuvuieat .. ..- u ~. . .. n. sma •or >Ke ~oar aler today a &lit , .. electric tletltu diytr ttkt •1y te k\ M , timr1cally. • • UNICIPAl ELECTRIC- · PlANT OF Y TO SEA: Vet.ran F~ . contestant, Drigg•rs (formW Mist U.SJ of Marks Ave. wilt c:t . .. QIIMftof the · Mat RKr'fttJolt Show , ~nJng today et the Gm!en , W~st H•mps , £veot sponsor-.cl by Sportsman's Life magnina of Roos• will run ( or glict. alo ) until ~&.n/.y, Feb. 13. Many F,._port boat aalers will partici· in the show. Fo,. mor.lnformation, rn Hanll.. Gr,.ne's \Along the Waterfront\ col· specia! in this issue. . ~--~--~----=----- ------------ Stateffian ' Board. PA'M'ERSOS ' ILL t.:AT FRI::.EPORT G'.O.P. HEADS The nominating conventllln o f the\ Freeport Unity Par!y w>ll be held In the Ellu cluhhou•e next Saturda.v at 1:30 P . :\f ., President Al en Kt'lloc-k at\ ngunced today . The ,party pl.•t· form also will be adopt<'tl at that tim ...

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