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Mm-cohzcd Wqx bnngsput. you I: dden beauty. At. all leudmg t_lwgguu. Powdered Saxoltte, Reduces wnnklea and other ngo- Sx_n§< pier dissolve onu ouuoo Sgxoiika nu nlbpmt vi toh basal and use duly-‘u iaurlouon. self the time lost In looking ‘over um- oles, and to clear wanted space, such discrimination should be learned; =11: promotes good ‘housekeeping. Watches Imports Camel Test in 1856 1 Recalled in Texas The Household Mirror: in Decoration By LYDIA LE BARON WALKER Mirrors as adjuncts to decoration are enjoying a revival. It is tn-uexhnt mirrors, in themselves, have alwnys been used. Thelr fashion waxes =nnd wanes, but the looking glass is never -entlreiy out-dtxted as :1 decorative ele- ment. It is equally true that pet-lod~ lcally the reflectors amount to sigma» cance In other ways than as framed nurrors. and necessities of the 'bou~ doir. Wlraf SH«;E TOLD . . WORN~0lJT HUSBAND V SHE cquldhavc mpioachqdhim for bus mp one-mpcr--hzs {‘al_l in\ complaints. Hut wisehrnhe _> saw in hisrfrequcnt C<!lds.‘bi_l ,_;.=f‘_..;'gE:=' \ragged out.\ \on edge\ connin- . (ion the ve troub!_q sheyhemelf -had whinppz Constipation! The vexy mommg af- ' ter‘taki_n NR (Nature's Eam- '-§‘,.%;,;l~_2§.-;E=\ edy) as she ad- . vgsuf, he felt like ‘k n;*'?“‘ $ ! a)gz:ixfIu—‘- 01-‘ Y . peppy. sneer . IIII—.use sate, gependame. au- 3 vggctnblc laxauve and con-cc. 2; F t:ve—works gemy. thnr. - oughlymaturalty. Latin» ‘ ‘ ulacestheeliminative ,4 -.5’ V\ tractgoc.om§etc,mEz.lnr S5 fuuctlpnmg: on-ha it- ” tormtng. “Fry a box._ §c-at m TD - NIGHT d‘“¢f'5t3~ lUNV»n.>l\)W‘.\.iI .1-' n ‘ l'cli€f'fW,ICid ind Qt‘i‘¢‘;1‘:hea.\tburn.0n|Y1m\ THERE are ‘two de things ' whlch 11 home-mtucer has to con- sider In relation to good housekeep- ing. nnmely: time and space. Each person has an equal amount of time at her disposal. Each person has at her disposal a certain amount of space in hex; dwelling which may be a spa- clous house or :1 small apartment. The apportionment of space is unequal. sometimes by pref- Daughters, of Confederacy Mark Site With ‘Plaque. was one or the developments that dis- couraged continuance and extension of camel transport. But during the Civil war cnmeh: carried Confederate cotton—t\v9 bales to the cnmo1——to the Mexican border at Brownsville, re- turning with salt from salt lakes near the Gull.‘ coast. San Antonio, !L‘exas:—s.'In :1 remote and gull sparsely settled ‘section ‘of Kerr county, Toms. stands on old stone’ ranch house, in the shadow or which a Simple ceremony recently re» vlved an ahnost forgotten chapter in the military and ‘economic mistory .0! the United States. Electric ceiling lights are now fitted with mirrors to contribute to their ornnmentntion. Incltientaliy the -re- the power of the bulbs, Tixorefore they do more than lend ornament, but as this has nlwnys been true. it will be found that it is because oi.‘ the, vogue of looking glasses that such lighting are featured. The french side ‘lights in sconce style are bringing back the old- time beauty of reflections by having electric bulbs substituted for candle light. Here we again that it is a renaissance rather than an entirely novel idea. 0 1923, Bell syndicato.—WNU Service. After the war private owners inc- quired the government camels. Bethe] Coopwood buying sixty-six at $81 a head at San Antonio in 1866. Use at the animals in private transportation enterprises, however. did not prove pro Eventually many of -the camels found their way to cireuses; others strayed of! or were turned loose. The old ranch -house was «not always such. Once it was the oiiicers’ head- quarters buiidingnt 'Cil,mp' Verde. an Important military post on: the Texas frontier. Reputediy -inid out by Rob- ert E. Lee, latercommlmdet in chief of the Confederate army. “but -then in United ‘States coionei‘ of ‘cavalry in Texas, Camp Verde became famous as the home of the government cnmei herd imported from the Levnntduriug the administration of Jefferson Davis as‘ United States secretary of war. Crumbling ruins ‘of the camel “khun,\ or pen, part of whose ‘dobe walls were ‘sixteen feet: high. remain near the ranch -house as evidence at the experimental useot humped beasts iron) the Near East -in American mili- tary and commercial transport. Dedicate Plaque. erence. slnce there are persons who delight In small quarters, as well as those who revel In large houses. But, whetlxer e. ‘dwelling ls large or small, there stlll exists the relntlonof tlme and spnce In re- spect to the cure of nrtlcles contained in it. '.l‘he issue sim- mers down to whether the things in the home nre worth the time re- qulred for their cnre. In thls con- sldemtlon the ne- cessltles are slm- llar. and the proper care or them ls lm~ perntlve it the woman is a com- Latest Parisian Hat With the advent of prohibition re- peal R. E. Joyce has an important job. Hails the new permit supervisor of the federal alcohol control administration and decides, with the aid at the board, the quantities of liquor that may be imported into the United States from the various toreign .countries. Mr. Joyce formerly was supervisor of per- mits for the Cincinnati district. Tormented for Five Years with Dandruff She’: All-American Heated by Cuticun In the recent ‘ceremony the Unlted Daughters of -the Confederacy. (ll- vislon of Texas, dedicated a bronze marker commemorating what is left of Camp Verde, whose hallowed walls are linked with the past presence or such men as the illustrious Lee and Albert Sidney Johnston. History records that Cnmpverde, or Fort Verde, as It also was called, was established as a military post on July 8, 1856. It is sixty- miles north- west of San Antonio. \For nearly yea;-s I was tor- mented with dandrufr. My scalp ftched and burned and became. very sore and red from scratching. My hair became thin and dry and fell out in handfuls, and the dandruff scaled oi! and could be seen on my clothing. _ ~ “MINORITIES_” ~ I By LEONARD A. BARRETT pc-tent l1ome-mnk- er. For example. there must be chairs and tables. din- ing room furniture, ehmnber suites or thelr equivalents. kitchen equipments, etc., to Ill] the requirements of the size of the family; so let us eliminate these furnishings nnd center attention on the extras, which, by this very cataloguing. cnnnot be included under present necessities. Wasted space. '1‘he accepted theory is that the ma- jority rules. The legality of a vote ' depends upon the ballot. II the ma- jority votes yes. 3, the issue Involved is declared consti- tutional. Public oi‘- , - ilcials are elected , by a majority vote ,; =- of the electors. The , ‘:7 power to create _ '4\ bond issues and en- g act munielpal.lnws \\”‘ , \‘ depends upon the will of the ma- in the iinul anal- “ ysis. however, does the majority rule? Only a cursory re- view of the power of a minority con- vinces one that the majority may dele- gate by vote a certain power. but it is impossible for the majority to control that power. For instance, who con- trols the affairs oi.‘ a municipality? A small minority every time. The will or a corrupt minority\ is a menace to any community. Who controls the management of a large corporation? The number of sioeltlioiders in many cases numbering thousands of persons. have little or nothing to say. That power rests in the hands of a small minority or directors, and their dc- cislons are ‘binding upon the stock- holders who really own the corpor- atiom “I had lost all‘ hope of ever being healed. A friend told me about Cuti- cum Soup and Ointment and I sent for a free sample. The applicai tion stopped the itching so I bought more, and I used only one cake or Guticum Soap with two boxes or Gutrcum Ointment and I was healed.” (Signed) Mrs. M. L. Carruthers, Je~ tersviiic, 1711., Aug. 23, 1933. ‘ Soap 25c. Ointment 25 and 500. Taicum 25c. Proprietors: Potter Drug & Chemical C0tp.. Maiden. Muss.-Adv. One of the latest Parisian fashion creations is this beige felt hut with navy and red grosgrnin trimming. The old fort was captured by Con- federate troops on February 23, 1861. As quoted in “Texas Camel Tales,\ written by Chris Emmett M Sun An- toulo. Lieutenant Hill of the Con- federate forces reported that among other things captured at the post were “eighty camels and two Egyptian drivers.\ Jefferson Duvls, when secre- tary of war in 1855, obtained a $30,000 congressional npproprlation for the camels, and Maj. Henry Constantine Wayne. who went to the Levant for the animals. brought. the nrst ship- lond via old l'!o\vder Horn (-Indianola), Texas. Curfew in Thuriugin Ber1ln.—'.l‘he minister of education In the state of Thuringm has decreed that boys and girls under the ‘age of fourteen must not be permitted on the streets after 8:45 p. m. in summer and 6:45 p. xu. in winter. For example, let us peep into the closets unti note whether the articles on the shelves are worth the space they occupy and the time required to keep them moth-proot' or otherwise in good condition. l'robabiy the ribbon box is britnfui of odds and ends, with occasional lntmisome ribbons in with them. '1‘he lace box also is probably filled with an assortment of cheap and good length of lace, some real laces among them. By weeding out these boxes. matcriai for Iitiie gifts may be found, the quantities so reduced that email:-r containers will be suiiicieat. and the ovc-.r-crowded sheif airord Ipace for more needed things. There are [mv things so wasteful of time as some over artit-ies stored away. yet this must be done repeat- edly to see that the things are kept in good condition. It cultivates dis- crimination to do this, for one learns what in vaiuabie enough to warrant Incndim; this time and energy on. and what things are worth the space tixéy occupy. Burglar Alarm Turns on Electric Light r M‘ 69 ‘ Q N \r\’ ..a«* d~ _. 6 9 ’.—\\\I 551- ‘ V“, 11*‘: ..\oII“'h “W “ \\ 9\ °,\ s-P“'° -'-“ \‘:¢\v“““ - 6'‘ n9\'“‘ I‘-\° Q: ‘o rd‘ / w=*.w*..:..-w:...a- \ ' .\--« °\‘ .w‘\\\a-\°“.~»“‘ 3. v»-13 »~“>'~»¢°;: =-«~ \n‘\\::‘. ,.oI:\'p‘\gn “ l I §\\¢\ t.“ E A ARV V 6 ' val” 0-“\c‘r-*”““ Lepzlg, Gernu1ny.—-I\'o wires. electrical current or alarm balls are used in the latest form of burg- lur alarm. The cargo of thlrly-four camels —seventy- were imported in two sl|ipments——\vns unloaded on May 13. 1856, at Indlauola, the Texas port which long ago was swept away by a gulf storm. Although employment of the army camels actually lneludod use in the pursuit of Indians, thelr outstanding uses were in meat. W. H; Eehols' reconnaissance of the Texas Big Bend section (near the Rio G1-nude) with a camel train in 1860 and, prlor to that, Lleut. E. I\. Beale's cann:-1 ex- pedltlon to California ln 1837 to sur- vey the \Great Wagon Ilond\ over a southern route. Incldentnlly. the Southern Pncl rallroad later was built practically along that route, nnd the advance of -the steam loeomotlve 75 Were Imported The movement of a human body is recorded by an extremely sensi- tive arrangement of lenses, which in turn give nn alarm signal by turning on an electric light. The device mny be placed at the side of a doorway, where it will lie quite invisible, and the niarm can be trnnsmitted any <ilstnn__ce. The device, which was demon- strated at the Leipzig (air. may he put to a great variety of uses. it is piaced before shop windows. so that when any one approaches at night the lights in the show window instantly are turned on and remain alight until the person has passed. Miss Agnes Mm-mney Rodgers, in- structur of physical educmlon at George Wushingzton university, ‘has the distinction of helng the only girl selected on the All-American hockey team. COUAGIIS Like Woman Agmnunceu Don’t let {hem get a strangle hold. Figlxt genus quickly. Creo- mulslon combines 7 mg;,|o1,-lxelps in one. Powerful but lmmnless. Pleas- ant to take. No mm ‘stics. Yourown drugglst is authorized to refund your money on the spot If your cough or cold 13 not relieved by Crcomulslon. _ (ndv.) Rome.—Itnly’s most popular radio nnnouncer is n woman--Slgnorlna Mnrln Luisa Boncolnpngm. Most of the Italian announcers ave women. To discard valuable things is as much an error as to keep worthless ones. To be determined to spare one-‘s In any social group. especially if or- ganized into an association, club, or society, a minority can become the cen- ter of a disturbing interest which may not only cause serious trouble, but re- suit in wrecking the organization. In Germany, Hitler and his crowd. very small at ilrst, were a decided minority. No one will deny the power of his lead- ership in Germany today. When Mus- solini began invading Italy with his political philosophy, «he represented a small minority. '1‘odny he is the domi- nant power in Italian national life. While the balance of power rests in the hands of a majority, the minority exercises that power as long as the majority is content to delegate it. There is suilicient moral power in the majority of citizens to rid any city of corruption. So long as the majority is unconcerned about the moral life of its community, the minority re- tains the right of way. Who, then, possesses the greater power? The majorlty.~who by its vote delegates the power, ‘or the minority who exercises it? which has the great- er iniiuence in a nation, city, or so- ciety? D THINGS AND NEW—By Lame Bo Great Editor’s Dream Comes True EIIJIMZEH GOOD my tor vmnmn In uuunl mwnI.Ynu an- ummm um-uumunz.ruruuI.!m1 blnslnnuwnh hlkhont. («mm hnxunu M: B M. hm “l’l(‘1!H.lA}¢l|-I pdvmus nu uolwo you. wrllucar ‘£131: bank. Loan 5 AMES. Inc. 3....-... HOW’$ YOUR STOMAGH? Mrs. George xm_u d . 2527 Surnmll SL, flalcdo. Ohio, my»: “I Dr. ,,,;;L§,-_j;- g|‘r:rcc‘a1 Goltden Medial scovc I A great remedy‘-yin gone up lha . _ entire syslem~il acts on / ,'.Vj;;: the digestive organs. 1 ,.:;.',»':-’-;EE’ had quit: slot of troub- le w lh my nomad). hud much gas and felt dislrcsscd aftcr ul- ing. but the ‘Dlxcovcry’ rcllcvcd IL\ Writ: Dr. Pierce‘: Clinic} Buffalo, N’. Y. New site. tablets 50 d.1., {quid 51.00. Lara Ila, tabs at Hquld, $1.35. “V: DD 0uP SKIN IRRITATIONS ©, 1913. Western Newspaper 'L'nlon Itching of eczema, xingwo1-In’, cha pimples, minor burns, etc. quickly R relieved by’-soothing” 1 “Old lromides” Ful Woman’: Great Ambition Medford. 0re.—Mrs. Alice Hull Welch, eighty-two, ful a lifelong ambition when the frigate “Old Iron- zides\ ‘anchored ‘In Portland harbor. Escorted by members of the Daughters of 1812, she stood on the brldge or the old ship where her great-grandfather, Capt. Isaac Hull, stood as he com- manded the Constitution during the battle wlth the Guerriere. With her were her great-grand nephews, Donald Hull Snuer, eight, and George W. Hull. fourteen. ORANGE GROVE in Florida; :11 young Ina, {our-room (mug: fumiihed. OI-angu nut; to pick now. A ls-main $3,069; mun FRANK DQRRIS ‘P. 0. In 7.7; Minmylioda The dream of the late Col. W. R. Nelson, founder, publlsher and editor of the Kansas City Star, was to glve to Kansas City a line art gallery. Bis dream hasbeen realized. for the Wllllnm Rockhlll Nelson gallery or art has just been dedicated and opened to the public. Colonel Nelson’: gltts for the Imlldlng and exhlblts were about $15,000,000. The collectlon Include’: many torelgn and Ame:-lean masterpieces. A part of the bulltllng houses the Atkins museum, In which II the llbrary of Colonel Nelson. E WNU-C

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