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% g M -.;,~;~_. \ _—_ ., .‘ - A _ ‘- , : um: , ;‘:_,x\ ;: ‘-- - ~ ~. ~ »_ ,_ .' ' . _ _‘-_- vv. - _,..;. . 01\’?! a, - <2“ ;; ‘,..,,.~.,. ,\.,\_ ’ ~ .. 4- _ gt; ..‘.-'.-Iiv <'~5 _ .. .;.,y 3.,-,:a‘_ ’-rm I, 2;’Sa’.'.“1:*. T L A C .y L AW VPu‘13'Lh;..L*l:B:‘iAh‘\:r ‘ } KACQVANNA AHERAL .. ,,, 1.’- [. ','13'vé't «.*..',‘~'.'1'~ mt-.75. ' \‘ n:,“' _ ‘P f \ '4 .~‘:.1‘.v,.; mu «vi? §'-‘«_:_, 3 ,1\ «._x, :~ _.~”,.¢ . VOLUME THREE-—»NUM::-ER A4 ‘LACK,-AWA-NA:N-A,_v,, N-. X., THURSDAY, OCTOBER 19,, 1933 5c ACOPY-—$11.50 A YEAR V;‘,',\‘_ 1 \.'-V *' -; -,- Alfonse Pulfkowsiki to Head .0112»: ‘ Drive~ i{.aias‘e- this Year ‘SECONl?2AND\i'~HlRD TEA-MS =.0V:E;R_WH,E|:M 'C:ANlSl:US WILBER AND —FAH£'.Y ‘FREED ‘IN =DE.ATH: -CASE ‘Tax-pay=e-rs’ Divis,i6n‘ofCl'1amber H I I ., of Commerce 'G1-‘owing .St‘1‘ong ‘Tryin-g out. the seco“'d_ an-.'~ thirdivstrings, coach Del. Fisher foundt hat the subs were able, moot only to hold Canisius =la'r‘: vwxqek but, also-, to .»wau1p the: collegi-ates in a 42-0 wa1kawa'y,'i while the varsity ssuad wa able: to see how plays worked ‘out; from At\he- side lines, Supreme Court J u sfticle ’Geor-ge A. Larkin, in ‘Supreme 1C-aurt, Friday, ordered the pe- ‘lwtse of Lazelle Wilber, 29, -:33 ‘Center Street and 'I‘h'eo—- dozeFa'hey, 29,, 418 Monroe Sheet, accused of fat-ally beat- ling John Higgins, 115 Sand ‘Street, last September. _ Justice Lark-i~n”s action fol- lowed an argument presented’ by Samuel M.. Fleiefchman, de- fense attorney that insufficient evidence had been presented to hold the two men. Alfonse L. P.u‘1kowsk~i,. cash- iar of the Ainerican Bank, who was selected‘ to head the an- nua1= drive of the Lackawanua ‘Ch*arit~_v 10rganizat-‘ion, at a meelting (of that 7bod~.y last. ‘Thu-rsd-ay, has ‘announced; tmt «the drive this year will :be for a $5,000 quota. instead of the 1932 quota of -$4,000. Assisting committees and co-wor_.ker,s will be announced ‘following the annual meeting‘ and‘ election at =Commlunvity House at 3:30 T-hursday after- noon? ‘CONCERT AND {DANCE W _ AT ST. BARBARA,’-S “‘-L” CIJUB :F«ROLIlC _ V § V ‘OUTSTANDING ‘EVENT Since the _1’_'.e’sig‘nation. of Cleveland W. Crosby, as presi- dent, and the automatic e‘lev.a-. tion of‘ Alfonse -L. Pulkowakni, vice‘-president,’-to be head of the 'Chamber of Commerce. im- ‘til the annual elention in. Dn- «cember, increased imnreszt: in the doings of that body have cronoed out. . The Chamber will imxv‘ di- rect all their activities: in per- fecting a closer organization. _ The new taxlpavers’ division is creatina‘ a yzrdat deal of in- terest and candidates of both parties have promised their ‘fullest co-operation with the the new movement. “-It has been atma-rent to all ~=taxnaver.<x that a clrwer M-om eration between the house owners and Citv officials is ne- ‘cessary to foster a. more em,- nomic rrovernmeni in the citv and assist the officials with their problems.” is the cam- naign crv of the booster: for the new division in the Cham- ber's activities. St. ‘Barbara's choir, jointly with the church, is now engag- ed on the program for their ‘-second annual concert and «dance for the benefit of the parish. if The choir has been actively ;wor-king Jon the concert since September 29, when parish‘- ioners promised their support '-to director Siiwinski and this jorganizat-‘ion. -Last year's concert made a decided‘, impression and‘ it is promised that this year's ef- ,-fort will far outshire the first ‘presentation. The affair, iamiroipriately, will =be held on \l.‘hanksg'ivin_g Eve, November 29, in the par- ish hall and-. the ‘program will include not only local but out- side t=a'lent. _ _ ,. EXECUTIVE: -REV. F. Rad- ziszemski,‘ General Chairman; Ig-natus Kaczmarek, Assisting Chairman; Vice-presidents 2 Hon. Mayor Waler Jz. Lohr; Thaddeus Sliwinski.; John Aszlcler; Bronislaus Pulinskii; Cassie Zelazna, Recording Sec- retary: Alex Druzbik, Finan- .cia'l Secretary; Rev. A. A. Cie- chanski, Cashier. . T1‘1C‘I{ET.S: Bron Pulinski. Chairman; Lottie .,Patron'il<, Recording Se~cre.tary,f Anna Grucela. Financia-zl Secretary; Alex Druzbik, Cashier; Fran- icis Tomaka and Anna Nikiel. ADS AND PROGRAM: Thaddeus Sliwinski, Chair- man: John Rojek, Secretary and Cashier. CA NVASSERS: Matthew Kaczor, Thaddeus Sliwinskiz and John Filip, Ridge Road; John Druzbik, Francis Aszk- ller Center Street; Andrew Salwa and Boleslaus Sikor- ski Center Street; Thaddeus Stypowany and Charles Rojek; Eiectric and Franklin vSt,re,ets; s\Yohn\ Seres Jr. ’and' Waiter Zablonski Kirby etc.; John R0-. jek and Walter Waciega. Ing- lnam Avenue etc..; William Amborski and Ignlstus Kac.z- marek Lackawanna and Buf- falo. A INVITATIONS: F e m u 1 e_ members of the Choir. REFRESHMENTS: Thomas Chlosta, Teophil Jablonski, Walter Kubisty, Thomas To- masik, John Wroblewski, Jo- seph Rydel. Guests of the “Lf’ club in at- tendaince at their frolic schede uled for November 4, at Dom ‘1“0‘ls‘ki, will be entertained with one of the «most imposing ;p:vo-- grams ever presented ‘by a local social orgarnliza ace :cordin'g to the plans as now arranged; Included in the -prog\ta=m is 'a floor show, con-~ fetti shower and a grand march. 'Sta.rt;n'g, out with a rush, the, sees-n‘d 1‘°5’(?‘I -COW.’-\1 two touch-' downs almost before Canis knew what it was all aboeut, car- rying the oval‘ across for the ex-: tra_points. _ ‘The ‘.third‘ s‘t1'img fail-ad to to score in‘ the second .parag'r'ph, but, lalso, held Canisiusv to, a1 goose egg‘. 4_ Fleiscman applied for writ? of habeas corpus which would’ prevent the District Attorney from presenting evidence‘ against the two men to the October grand jury. Wilber and Fahey were held by Judge Pillion» fo'lio'w- ing an inquest in the death of \Higgins but Justice Larkin’s decision over rules the local ‘court and the case is closed un- less additional ‘evidence is forth coming. John Kelly and Joseph A. Kovach, co-chairmen annoum ce he following committees: The «drive will open today ('F]iursdab,') and will continue until November‘ I9, during which time ‘every th'ouseh*o1dier and business‘ man be given an opportunity to ‘help their more unfortunate ‘fellow citi- zens. _The second‘ team opened? the third spasm and soon ran over: an tauuch down and‘ the third zstring were given. another chance to strut thnzir stuff. It was dur—‘ ing their try out that Canisi-us made the only threat they offer- ed during the: game, when their full ‘back made a forty yard try, but was :hI2:Id' for downs. -Getting their “dander” up, the “kids‘ shomed what they could do and anrorthei‘ -touchd own went upder the post. The extra points again being sconed with push overs. , Tickets, Stanley Bukaty, chairman; _ Theodore Gasi'e- wicz: Frank Malyak, Edward Kelly and Max Lohr Jr. ; adver- tising, Richard Lapis, chaire man, assisted by Sylvester Ko- lenlc-o and Stephen Posster. Door, Gustave Kovach, ‘chairman, Anthony Verbanic, Julius Karsa, Joseph Gomlis, George Kustrich, John Chon- tos and John Magyar. Wardrobe, Charles Kapinos, chairman; assisted by William Chontos, John Posster, David Tan Stephen Fitzery, Michael Toth, Michael Sanders. Reception, Paul Tan, chair- man; James Dunne, John Kust- rin, Louis Nagy, William Far- kas and Stanley Krasinski. Refreshments. Wi.l,.1 i a m Hegedus, chairman; Ned Ste- panovich, Albert Evans, Frank Malyak, Marshall Joseph, Peter Ribarich and Joseph Butka. With the constantly increas- ing need of milk for under-~ ourished ‘children in mind, Mr. Pulkowski anounces an innova- tion to \the usual program-this year. IT ‘ C‘o—.operati‘ng with the Char- ity Oijganiaation society in its drive to build a milk fund, dairy owners of the city have signified their intention‘ to as- sist by tdistributimg milk bottles with special tops, re- cep’tacl‘es for milk fund. dona-' tinm. They will ‘be placed in. w cry business house in the citv. the collection to go for milk for the needy of the city. CROATIAN SOCIETIES TO HOLD‘ MUSICAL FETE ,_ This new nropértv nwner' branch of the Chamber of Commerce is oven to everv tax’. naver in the city (or his ren- Aresentive) .at the nominal r-hsfrgen of 1'? \of his: total tax for a full membershio. This 1',’-: gives the small tax- nayer and the large famqxrer the same representation, hvgt only taxes the fnember accord- ing to their monetarv ‘interegt in the affairs of the city. A mixture of second and third string men «easily held Canisius in the closing quarter while, at the same time, scoring two more touch downs‘ and the extra points. Famaum, Putich, Ealgan Rojek and Downey wen: the back -stars, while N isoora, Potiora, Bodnar and Cswaay‘k4h \’1'is.\§ [- g-uishedx themselves on the line.’ Saturday the Blue and Gray will journey to Niagara Falls, where they will ‘stack up against their hoodoo of two years ago and, while this aggregation is no set up at any time. coach Fisher is con the Steel City can take the boys from the Honey- moon City into camp. If plans now under way can be worked out, the game with North Tonawanda will played under the flood light at the Bison‘ stadium on Friday evening instead of the :Saturday date .schodulcde+- ' Croatian societies of the city under the chairmanship of Anton Rilqziric, have united to give a Fal concert and dance at the Croatian _church\' hall, Sunday, October 22. _The fraternal societies Zora- Krasjni-k and Svete Jurji, sup- ported by the vocalists and in- strumentalists of the glee club “Sloga” are staging another\ of those delightful musical fetes which have attracted music lovers in the past and at the close dancing will be enjoyed. SPANISH AMERICAN > CITIZENS TO DANCE’ Floor, Louis Basty, charman, August Ayler, William Bajor- ek, Nicholas Balogh, John Fitzere, Julius Kovach, Victor Kozak, Walter Krause, Joseph Lalka, John Lalka, Louis Marcy, Edward Raimon, Jo- seph Morad, Henry Rosinski, Nicholas Sipos, Paul Sipos, Nicholas Tanyi and Ncholas Welchoff. BARBARA’S MOTHERS’ CLUB OPENS FALL SEASON The Spanish American Citi- zens, an entirely new organiz- ed body of Spanish ‘birth or de scent, will present an united front for political preferment in the future. And, to «inaugu- rate the formation, will hold a dance at -the Smmish hall, Ridge Road and Gates avenue, Saturday evening‘ October .2] . -~IpZli’vorced entirely from the older organization of Spanish origin, this new body will make a study of politics and give -its support as the study dictates; Hugo Taubert, who has been directing sloga since its organ- ization three years ago, may well be pleased of. the name his protegees have won in the world of music. As those who have listened to past unditions of Sioga can testify. This season ‘Sloga leaves the field of strictlv vocal music, and has entered the instrumen- tal field with a tamburitza or- chestra, under the direction of Matthew Blazin. The Mothers’ club of St. Barabal-a’s parish opened their Fall season with a social gath- erimr Monday evening. in the parish hall with the m-esident. Mrs. Mary Wlodarczvk nresid- ing_ The early part of the eve- ning being went at cards, fol- lowed by a luncheon at which the Rev. Francis Radziszew- ski. pastor and chaplain of.tlse club: Mrs. Anna As-zkler, wife of Councilman Askle;r; Mrs. Victoria Ciulis, Mrs. Marv Strzaikowska, and Mrs. Sophie Paciorek gave brief talks and vocal music was indulged by the members. T3; 33.. WHITE EAGLE DANCE AT DOM‘ POLSKI SUNDAY STORES MODIFY ' CLOSING HOURS The Republican women of the First Ward ;are opening the series of procampaign dances, Sunday evening, Octo- ber 22, at Dom Polski hall, un- der the auspices of the White Eagle Ladies’ Republican club. Bingo will be a special sattrac~ tion. 7 The closing of a new sche- dule of closing hours, which is expected to end the controver- sy among the haberdashers, -was adopted at the meeting of the Lackawanna I~Iaberdash~ ers' Association at Dom Polski, Tuesday evening. A compromise agreement was made between those who wished to stay open every night and those wishing to close at 7 P. M., except Satur- days, when it was agreed to open Monday, Friday and Sat- urday nights and close at 7 P. M., on other evenings of the week. Mrs. John Pentek, Lacka- .wam_1a’s talented soprano, is assisting Sloga in the presen- tation of the program. , Others in the cast include: John Pentek, Anton Paulich, George Popoff, Joseph Subota, Steve Yager, Joseph Gaidek. Steve Poldrugac, John Chech- kovi-c, Carol Masnec, Steve Cheman, Gus Cheman, John Cheman, Steve Sarich, Jervxv Sarich, Steve Matker. With a voting power of 125 this year, and a possibility of 200 or more next year, they: may mean the loss or gain of the First Ward to any .party they might select to stand, back of. as a body. In any -event, there is «no doubt that they will be able to place the citizens of Spanish origin in a_ position where they will‘ be able to demand recognition for. their nationalities. Time passed all to quickly. ‘ht not before the members and guests enjoyed a series of games. opened by the editor of the Herald and cloned bv !Mrs. M. Golen. Mrs. J. Zrod- jlowska, however, being the lucky winner. Mrs. Helen Kraus, wife of Anthony J. Krause, Republican organization candidate for First Ward councilman is chairman of auangements committees. PRESS: Rev. A. A. ciechan- ski. . DIRECTOR OF CONCERT: Thaddeus Sli-winski, the or- ganist ‘of St. Barbara's Church, who so ably conducted the first concert. Winners at cards were: The Mesdames M. Rozniak, R. So- bon, A. Kossa}. C. Dziechciar’-. A. Jakubowska, K. Janiga, V. Marchinda, H. ‘Klubek, Mam ko, Halizak, V. Kaczo,r S. Tomasik, V. Poniatowska, S. Kaczor, Gorczyca and G. Damstetter. , In fact, it now looks as if Lackawanna would soon have to erect at Geneva of its one in the political arena. “TOWN TIQINGS\ A GFRANB SUCCESS Assisting committees as an- nounced by the chairman are: Refreshments, Mrs. Florence March. Mrs. Stella Drozdow- ska; door, Mrs. Julia Baimen, Mrs. Lottie Drozdowskla, Mrs. Anna Stephen, Mrs. Anne Smolkovich. Cards, Mrs. Hattie Jackow- ska, Mrs. Anna Bajorek, Miss Celia Dombrowska, Miss Mild- red Drozdowska, Miss Stella Zajac, Miss Natalie Szelexvski, Miss Jessie Zajac. Bingo, Mrs. Anna Balen, Miss Sophie Krause, Wrs. Catherine Vukelic, Mrs. Fran- |ces Melewski, Mrs. Helen Rvszka, Mrs. Clara Zajac, ‘Mrs. Emily Kowalska, Mrs. Dudczak. Officers of the club are: Mrs. Mary Serbach, president: Mrs, Stella Drozdowska, fi- nancial secretary; Mrs. Anna ‘Baiorek; recording secretary; Mrs. Florence March, trea- surer. E‘ \ K . Tickets have been placed on sale in the following stores in Lackawanna: Fracis Aszkler 107 Edna PL; Thomas Chlosta 861 Ridge Road’; John Gemza 52 Franklin ‘St.; Stanislaus Godzik 470 Electric Ave. An- thony Ha-j 458 Electric Ave. Stanislaus Jarosz 489 Electric Ave. Teophil Jablonski 596 Electric Ave. Valentine‘ Jan- iga, 483 Center St. lvlatthew Kaczor 845 Ridge Road, An- thony Kij 401 Center St, John Litwin 522 Center St., Francis Letkowski 5.3 Franklin St., Thomas Maiurek 580 Center St., Michael Rozniak 458 Center 'St., Andrew Salwa 480 Center St., John Smacz- nink 502 Electric 'Ave., And‘- rew zskowronski 454 Electric .Ave., John Wroblewski 530 ‘Center St. Pick-wick club's, “Town Tid- ings” attracted !a crowd of ap- proximately 400 Monday night at St. B'arba'ra.’s hall. The feature of the affair was the display of a series of cartoons of prominent politi- cans, business men and organ- ization from the versatile pen. or brush, of Henry Lesinski. the cartoonist of‘ the club. Officers of the newly organ- ized association are: J.o.seph Llamas. president; Jesus Co- cina, vice president; Joseph Guzman, secretary; Antonio yamas, treasurer; Joseph Ro- gido, Fernando Cruz, Ysidor Fernandez and Faustino Chay. an, directors. The same offi- cers will assist Joseph. Llamas, chairman, in arranging the dance program. ~ Formal organization was perfected and the following officers e‘le‘ct’ed: S. J. Bern- stein‘, president; Carter Salem, vice-president; Michael Jo. seph, secretary and George Joseph, assiétant secretary. HELD WITHOUT BAIL IN STABBING CASE At a meeting‘ of Sigma Kappa sorority, in the home of Miss Anna Oswaykus, ‘Tuesday eve- ning, plans were discussed for a dance in the near future- Much of the success of the meeting ‘was due to the hostess, Miss So- phie Zarkovich. Frank Krossmzm, 328 Fourth Street, was held without bail by Judge Pillion when he waa arraigned on anassault charge as the result of n stabbing af- frvv on Simon Avenue. Michael Antos, chairman, and the members of the com- mittee are to be congriatulated upon the originality and suc- cess of the affair. ' SATURDAY NOON ZERO HOUR FOR APPLICANTS It was alleged that Kruge- nmn stabbed Louis Guadagno. 573 lngham Avenue in the arm during 1: fight Sunday. Gundngno was taken to Our Lady of Victory hospital and Krossmnu mas meld pending Guadagno’s recovery. Hospital authorities report Guadagnom condition as im- proved at time of going to press. Saturday noon is‘ zero hour for the filing of app'lic;ation_s tn take the Firemen's and Po- lice examinations scheduled for October 25 and October 26. Applications must be filed with the City Clerk or Alphon- ‘ se Kusmierski‘. secretary, 1394 McKinley Parkway. ,/'/ * BLUE AND GRAY MAY PLAY FOOTBALL GAMES AWAY FROM ‘HOME NEXT YEAR {Unless there is 3 vchange of heart on the part of Lacka-M .wanna’s‘ “piker” spectators, this year will probably mark the end of the Blue and Gray Home games. -fact‘ that they do not realize what it costs to bring‘ a team ‘here. Not only the above stores have tickets on sale, but also the Colmnittee and the mem- bers of the Choir have them bn hand. _Members of the organiv.n- tion_meet the second Tuesday of each month in Dom Polski hall, Ridge Road. LITERACY TEST RECORDS BROKEN According to coach Del Fish- er; it costs from $165 to $250 team plays Lackawgmna High every time an. out-of-town Sch0ol‘on the local gridirén. ‘ 3...’! V , i f .,.‘~a }.'- ‘Vim aj;‘__=‘,n‘, $3 1’ WILDCAT JRS. STILL ON WINNING STREAK Judging [from the present day outlook, it can be said that the Concert and the Dance will be a great success. The same boy, or man, who 'driv'e ‘30 or 40 miles and pay an entry fee of 40c without a tquibble, when the team is playing ‘away from home, will ‘ither jump the fence, set mtside in his auto, or stay away entirely when a game is =taged [in the local stadium. Maybe this attitude on the part of the fans is due to the .;~ ., ‘-K‘ All records for literacy tests _were =br0ke11 last week wlf3 nearly ‘300 new voters passed the tests under the ‘supervision of Superintendent Iof Schools Clarence Conway; Tests will also be held -Friday and ls . . . Whlie it is true that there are many fans who like to see the’ game played here at home.‘ it is evident that a better turn- out _will have to ‘be in evidence if the stadiaum. is to be the arena for any games next year and, possibly, for years to come‘. HALLOW£’EN PARTY AT IONA REBEKAH LODGE The Roland Wilcnta Jrs. won their fifth consecutive game by defeating Angola Jul. 19-13. The Wllcats out- played the Angola Jrs. Next Sunday Oct. 22 the Wilcau will ‘line up ggainat the stronr Viemica of Buffalo at Blaadell Field. Kickou at 2:80. »,.,.. _: L 1 -. ,.::‘,~ ,1 SN :: v.v‘.~..’,1 ‘ix . b 4‘ Members of Iona Rebekah Lodge, No. 567. I.0.0.F. will observe All Hollows E’en with a masquerade party at‘ the next regular meeting, Mon. day evening, October 23. All members are requested to mask, 5‘ r.,.‘ V33. 1 .\ f§7k‘,2: E: _n . ~ N. Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas, J Eavgan, Mrs. Rose I-goe return ed home Monday from a trip to Parkersburg, W. Va. where they _visited. relatives. j!,;;. 52 . ‘ ;«_,‘iv. 5 +15 u :5-

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