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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, December 08, 1932, Image 3

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E ....-: -«-¢«n-6-«—- s;l'I;-vi-. Y... C'l1IIIn-... Q; «*2e.»:‘- >»4¢- -. ’ M-_. ‘.:,';‘.x_w»' .~‘~u‘Apv.r:,-.~;:*.9c an-~.w.m~ V“_ I MVK V V V ‘V ‘ ‘ H ‘ ‘ . 4 OF mo county ngambajunp Emu ‘men 1:: mi 0On§_§X|1¢Il‘Jll:aI ivpluatugntg ~b;‘~asn_ -November 11 ‘I\l{I})1¢.¢I of M‘) I80.0'00.0'0.0 A you, -wnlblidtigd 0: ‘E110 County Anxericsu‘; =lnc’io;'xv‘ni'ln .ter‘m« buxagym and -dli the: ‘creation 6.; § mama with the vulva: mg nptlbnnl coma wrchmnz cam! 1.9: are wu- inmdor 111.9 ‘In Ju1'uury.‘II win 1nnou,t1- cud’ Nev“) do1p'a.rtnw the 'eununa'- ‘oed this week. The usuax ouitom or ttlctn. 0! or mpérnuoys shore murd1nz_ pxm mp. to me mm and l’I.'t1o‘n| aim nymg‘ mun, national otihién villi »bu~(o_llowod in the ‘pmnnt <proa\run‘ it in dwted. Nut- -lonnl ‘convention hndquiu-ten has set I quotazqt 10300 nxenlbisrjs ‘far 3*]: Comm ty. The Maximum Path in to aid it least 100 meii ‘(tn ! dur- ing mo drlio which Ls under 1.h'e~dn-ec.-.- 1.1011 0!. John J. Joym. post conlmandcr Budget vvlrector um’: an ough- x:‘l,t,tv.’-d (0 Acting Gov. ‘rim-berth vhehmaq. to may thjnt tho but owe:-In-ad coat 0! state. rzovornment in on its bjm_n—- o u only 030,900,000. ‘or about on;-2 in only tenIh_b(\tl\Q total ’bu,dm2¢h.!or 1932; ‘rm; 1: the overhead’ cost at an nanuix-. 1d¢jA\§H ottgéesh sh» 1'1. natgs cll_e(;-ugh xnonti. tho?‘ ‘I-Okfhlvlttlto. an. churn ‘mm t>he‘goV_lex-x;_g1§f§V oltloa; ‘1_,'he mmalndgij oi tho oaoo;ooo;ooo’ budget 1; composed oz sum Md ltexna and >exutens1v're govern- ment services added‘ =1)?‘ laws 1n‘ree’ent“ years. Wholérmund -Robert Wodlaey in link: \@~JIni and Ex. Rom‘: to live um: Viru-na'er ‘Baxter ‘will -be me» at- inowilu o’_n mo double feature pro- uiun St» Sluloanaencen n-may and Bar.- \||’d-|‘!« .negu1r.- budlnou meemng or me Lad- lga‘ Add Society 10.2 our uothex ox Cdnnsel onurcn, Blasdell was held mur. 9v§n1ng1,n.rqx9 chumhndwry, Mm‘ Paimer am! Mrs, Hammer were hoatesscs of 115116. social ;hour ihich £011- wnoed the business ineemlng. ‘two nun aslo be Sun- day‘ to '.l‘_ueaday v_r_Lm suuuay. nay um ho Blessed. lvbnt and Hot 8ct\'l\dny. Jon} Gaylord‘; -mast starrlxrg ple- fure, ‘-R rm be ‘Next Wendes-. gay and Imtuslay. ‘_ campxeneiwve puns (ox: reozuanmng VA Cut‘. held for the benefit or the Repub P3,“? mm A new M Our ‘),lath'ez.' or Good‘ counsel church omiéonrnng rthq etfeots .0 mm re0en_t'de~ masagu. in me home ox ms. Joseph. hut qt the pens and to eemn many for Gensler. Big‘ Txee road '8A(«u£day evehing the. 1934 qmmsa ‘eeunapalans um under proved ‘both a worm! ‘and \ 5110.‘ ‘action; dlscmalon amfqxg Regugbxcan mesa. A 300;! crowd atreixded a be'q.:- leadérs. nccu ! my the‘ latesrt. ammun- em _party (or who ladies A151 tuna. held cements from Wulungmn. Along with Sunday evening In the home 0! Km, 1!‘. etto 10. Qrehenq 9, which will, Iqnller or Wmvtt road. uppein to ._the ilarxiuers um ‘R6pubug:arAa7 . _ .> will stand tot econbnuéa In government Ilembers 0! the county rifle and b£sto!_ at reduction o_t taxes. tum committee of Erie County Amerl-‘ -—--—-:- can legion .-plan to visit posts which are A'qha.leup of th blfedergl board; not mm. an target won; according .tb and drum: changes an in tuncuom are Chdrmu). Paul A. Shepard at the com~ planned by Washington xepxeaéhntlveg mgmeo. At present\; sévien pants are m- at lqadlnx agrleumuni oxgonizwbiom who need In rule praottco. Ixitenaxve gxruch tn busy now llnhjng n tn. the ice-In-pn tor ~tho»com11'1_z county mu‘ rhouuo ol’ Oongren’. uccordmg to and gtatp wmpemlom is urged.‘ ‘thtem from -the Ctplwl any. It ‘is V — oxpedted. the gmve will be to reduce. the. —Shea’s, Century oiork angle and Jean Ha_x‘1ov'l are co- dumd in Red- Dust‘, sensuous dmma of China. will be vahcwm at shea's 20»: week, sta:1tImg,\i‘hurs1ay. brought bulk 11 typo;-/ular xemanu. the-.ItI_rs. In: Game Raymond‘ Aster. ‘muly Mnrsmn. nmom crisp ind others 0'! acnaen ,prom1nenca=. AI“: mica’-est1ng’surx\>u::d1ng pxoeram ~w!l Dc. lI!V~\¢l?Qd~ Sheas Hippodrome ‘nu Hat .0! In ‘Idanehu, with non: Ipgntt In \r.1_:o,:zoxa,o¢ the master issu- ue wander-worker, is Me uvtraction at Shea? luppodronje ‘smmigy. 'nu-ma of our)‘ son. from\ the uncanny labora- tay. whm~utuiu1a1 lightening and a mydafrlqun dam my are crowed Ito mm Oriéntgl mmtgn rclxmzbom tn among the blnnuo thrill not me plot rhloh chit: vln the «Ho Llmqhousa. section at hsndon an arm; vo Egypt and the orum. An gttuck at nonuulonbg numexcd after pniint. ulsinbieinhlp of {me ‘board (mm he had ‘noon navanl omokoni mom A lawn to the ‘And to nclnd up present njthbor at Compton. «Got. loixdcd Wong It uttemphv ‘at P1104: ufgzbuhuou-. Hock, the uuucdd flglllef an 1a‘ll,W|ccordln,; —————- to & nit! l‘°P°I't from that city. Wong \ _ Action on A prqaéoed merger or the vi: caught when he mat tormmu. the, New York ajtavo cuuncu or Churches chicken. by NI tutaxbou who bud pc;e,n gun has -New York Sta-3 council or Rang- lnymg in VI“ 101- me mm in ubtemp-‘. loul \ will ho hum at A 3 It-‘petition of ma ‘CHER as often no.» manna in Alhnny January 19.2. merger pans in such can .'rno juice held nu»: a-cum my mm with the spam. or the: uuttuuon mm: to mm a «rot»; and 1111191, Dr. W. G. Lxmdes. Iecn'xtm‘Y ex the new the dorendenz to H1 Ice 30 -days. um nnmbd znonp. stated tecemly. A not twins: or '|100.Vo00,0o0‘n_.yur in! The order obltaclg :4: me zeturn or Inn) approprhlcm nfl hold teulblc pmspemy to the people or -the United by noplvocnntivc On‘! Viiuon, emu-mun scam. And thg om «men may be -usnsm of tho noun Inn!’ Mulls ccuunltme quickly nqond by prompt and Imam- s | rccuit ocntqcnco with Pxuiqdnt [ant canon uc Iwuhlnxtnn. 1: ant due clock Roounclt.‘1‘hc mngor cppoitunmes to tho do called lntorgcutnmcnp wu- xu suing. according to ur. Vlmon, ln- damn, it no nccnlfy mm by Dr. H. cludo at appropriation: M. smut. puuldent of-cuumhh U. ,‘ Shea's Great Lakes vnu lawn. nvquaintly described 11 the but known pox-aonnuty In Anwmn the lnumah of King: And Qatar; and on compqman if o\p4.u‘L_ru_ of industry. ooqu to Snafu Great Lake; Thunmny 1n. the min :1 I trunp. no picture In Too Busy to Wotk. hi: nogt some lb: pmdueuogx. IUPPAID [HE Shea%'s Kensington; Wmtc-—I ha-re women without mi r’-axon. Juuml+—I like ‘am that way 0 O O O Pt,oscctor—Do you drink? W*!tness—'I'ha=!'s my fbusineeu P.\;):::c_utox~—Any otlirn-.? I O I O Slams Buffalo A mlondod program qt novelty comedy nu ‘hill! in showing at Shea’; Kenslug-_ tqn with Ge<ar_gp;Vl_l. Onhln nppearmg in “The P)§n1_nioi.I'\\l\:'uldex}t\ Jimn lqumnté 1: i‘ bo‘mey‘rc'.lé, Rm Tm\I’in Jr. in the stlxrugc, rangtg “‘Pr1-3 ox the Le~ and 1 mu’-fy moloy I wish 1 Huh ‘wings. \ -“ ....f. V- '~‘\ ————- 6 ‘ ‘ 9 now clan__8qw,—.long xwamdi $3?‘ the, ‘Que-gang p\‘\!il|¢.__1_vlll be um 0:, Sup‘: Eu dmtl 3:-gdny. in pit new ~.‘p|ct.’uiq .0331. !»l‘ei- aavage, uipuon ‘or Tiffany 'nuya1-‘s novel 0! ma game name. stolen k1s_:§g;s_.'1nu; .',)_0“..!§?(£(>t€€I, but 2: little er-:lma\a§¢1c dz-“q:'i:ve.*.~1oii»“’do.éI not hur; any.__:h1ng~. ‘ !’.r1lI!'I and Saiumayh dohblo-teatum pl‘0[_l‘Ihl has Warm: name: in the am- matic Iamation 81); HOURS 50 LIVE and any Ellen and San Lyon in “Haw Chock God\ A delighted comedy drama. Joan Cmwlmri comes w.Rien‘o Ken- slnctln !or than days beginning Sunday matinee, December ll. iin Rain. \Mad-hon Square vGn.i-den\. mnmxitxa Itoyr built nmmul thin great area at spams. wltli Jack Ookle, Hanan mxim Thcmu Meighnn and Zazu Pizza. is booked (or Nlbdnemday and Thxuuiay ennanu. Dec. 14 and la. The auqble - tectura program for ~l'ti¢Iy and Saturday. Dec. la And 1'1. in- ollidgl William Powell Ind Kay Francis lu One Way Pnnngo And lldmund have in \chuxdu\. Johnson -— Women don‘: interest me I preter the ctxxpany of my It-llmv men. '_ S-tuen-—I'm Rate 100. bnothor. n the stage as u special added nutme- mu, will he natty moon. Broadway mu- I16-ll comedy and mum singer oz note. Also on the stage svnl be Vera Gordon mt of H\‘nn9res,qua and numerous other I_c1-an evexits. In person In Hearts of mud»). [ICE IF YOU NEED letterhead: Cards Ifvitltiona Folderl ‘Statements Circulars Envelopes Billhudn or anything ei-we in the print ‘tag line. coma in and no u: Shea’s Buffalo HELP neclpnlng hlduy CL A R A I O W \CALL HER SAVAGE” on the stu- vnu uonpon In PERSON in \iiA 01' BROADWAY‘ mo: urrn moon‘ in radon ‘P1175 g/oulvewr Idiom % T01‘ 500,0 W61/Id D0 Shea’s Great Lakes :“§‘I:3-=\‘L—2§f::\E3¢rE==‘:_ -';“.‘:“-:L't~\\Az=A:$.:5~:':.‘>5::‘§‘:' ::£;:=.=:,¢.‘-’=:’r'.‘<\ s:~~\=' :v‘aA'i-‘:-.1'|e=.=' A ;: -» v~ :\‘\i‘\‘\\'\’L 3' ‘:3: IOUNIIIIC Thunldy . .=,,«, ~:.._:!n WILL R0038 I—— «I 1 AI V \ :3 ’ 4/- L———— P/6.70:?!/9 J‘}m7e é. ;E- ,s_z;s.=s' «— :\=5£§=§z¢ 425515:-lg‘ ,._:z3,:z.§2-29' L‘ .:2;‘«;2§,;-';:‘;s:=f:= ,1» —’-53.3.’ 5': :1-$5:-:s\= ' U. zitxém: ;,.. “::. #3224. \TOO BUSY '10 WORK\ I Hutu Hitch. He! Poi!!! Mad Ionmnubsoou NEEDY Shea’s' Century \910/‘g;‘e Defining Jhunday cum: any: and JIAK HARLOW --11.31) DUST w\m'a__llu-y Astor, Gem mymond and Iuromullng am ltemovo the shine {tom Clothing a piece vol‘ Ivory soap and rub It thoroughly over the inside lining of the shoes, especially when‘: the tdel and heel much, «Also rub Ivory Ionp on the‘ parts of the tee: whé the shoe: chute. Shea’.'s Hippodrome. To remove the chino from cloth- ing. make a thiék plate by dissolv- ing I'll.\ in améuil cake of Ivory soap shaved (or 2 0:. Ivory Flakes) in 1 quart lot water; Then sponge. the clothing with thin paste. .us-mg A woolen ‘cloth. Sponge again with clear water. Place A clean cloéhz over clothing ‘and press with hot, iron while still dump. ‘ or 1-11 MANOHU\ Keep Brushes Stl To keep bruahéaiatiifand in good condition. wqt the brush in a solu« tion 0.! about one ‘tqaspop of am- monia and one and a halt pints cl wqter. Then soap tire brush yieii with Ivogjy aolitkrubbing it lightly with the human. Rinse several times in tho nmmonin I¢|\INO!’i' and dry 11': nun or unr I hot ndialor, .nuad~ ing the brunt: on it: brlatin. Stunt. Jean llbtaholt To keep IIIOOI from ending the (bot. rub the stocking: or dock: wldi my Ivbry ionp--In other words lubricate ‘them. Mbo moisten vntélxr norm c orenucn ‘I //1 / / / // /E / -m .‘ ~;»:~«;x«‘.. 3'; \,‘.=,;) ;._; ~« ::‘.’.<:.?.‘.4, E33“-' W.-\ ‘r.'. : :§;.‘__t'.‘.%. .»

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