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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, November 24, 1932, Image 2

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.1L:1:?s “ :*.~. <2 gt?“ »-7:%.~+.~‘=:\\a I.“ :3>~\‘*t* W smrai étaclinnia The NEWS scouts Adsinigjgi Mona unsung Aron a(¢rui~-;-gu;s%s Lrun. ‘?l'£NfD.l‘NG - Publidhod ‘I-Sci-y Wuek at Ltchsnuna, N. Y. . '3‘! 'l‘lIE'ELECTR.1DGE» PRESS‘. Inc. Buulneu _(I1“Eroet‘rie Avenue ' Telephpne»: Abbott 1181. ‘ - J. J. BARBER. J1-.,’ Business Manager THOMAS C. BODKIN. Edigor sigma. II-:,|gv.ua ii =ii.g§I’:f 0'ne'R_eceives' -Merit At Monthly Court.» €08 8AL[a‘.-*-‘-‘Flag, »ug1¢ginx ICU on .5.0'm_l~ PIT! AV\!-o lupiltim _§=ve,. ~Stétr‘nO and 501.0 =!lA.t told; no ‘giant: nrii- :r‘eu‘oniblo’.é Y? luire Vtgf Miehnel (Kinney, 1680 in.-yx :?Il‘k n.v°‘e. Phofm Abbot!‘ -~ea.1-w L 4» advanced -to the rank‘ 1:; Dual: -\C_1ns&¢ Scouza by the Cam: at Bbngm vdbtlict, Dix: -Bby S65\i!_)1: 02 America. it the monthly mw ‘of’ the court held ix‘: the Bmnmrk liighg school last week. » Official Paper -of the City of Lackuwanna Abbott 1728 he only newspaper published in the City at Lnckawgnnn. N. Y. Inbred auecond class matter at the post office at Buftnlo.N.‘Y. mwllem .119 3P3\W51'|¢ Aunt G18:-!._” _ H H u. w . Michaela & Sons. 102 .Mi<g:haels Pl. %Lack1|§Van!ia Subscription, - - - 82:00 Per Your Advertising rates submitted ‘on application Scot;-ta thus hoxnpled were: Jtigph’ nuuex, wane; ea. Gianjca ant: Sig.‘ mond Tylo’cn or Troop 21; ‘ 5}. 151011391-S, R. 0, church.’ l_1e°.tx]c @121; War street lltchael HS; ind W11-‘ llun_ same or 22. “lijf; the Prxendship Hanna, Iiqad, |':i;l~: Em ummoxm, and Norman op Troop 23, sponsored by an hethel’: -Presbyterian chm-ch. Ridge 265:3, - _ Twelve other bbys wen: elevwted 1-33 the rank or, second ‘Clan; scouts; Thsy’ «are: ‘Leonard Anzrvbom Bmnlplhixs Burma. nqxrvxn ncanmx, Joan kaspér‘e):_~ Edward Tyloch. Thddeus‘W1eriba nu-1 Walter wierzba of 'I‘«')op 21, Robert M-:-. -Clure Troop 3, Hamburg: Jens: rerims’, Troop 13. George mrcheilite. Wllilazixi Birchcutte and .1-aonard Rogers 22. , Henry Icyh, '1‘:-bop 23, sax scouts non: the sumac to--icliggye a. merit He may I_I‘II‘_d0_d .nj_mét‘lL badge in hanqlcrnm V N. B. llacndse, 23. ind ‘thi members at Tmop 8. Blhadell‘ were‘;ap- pommed, men are: ‘Dexur, gitcty, R-ha Rev. ife suing‘, andy wm (2. Scott. n|L\s1e_ )lr_ menace wzw‘ .uppnln'ted counselor In that «Id. ‘ The Iianslou of mm: can»: my -pye, sued over by Aa Dlatrlét chm- m-lzdoner .Bn.ul ‘C. Clark, Hamburg. He was assisted ‘in Arew:.v;*.‘x’:g the various applications hy cnttord W_ Ax-ni,st'1oiig;‘. Edw-:u-d G. Duaarry gnd Jams P; uh; til at Bunburz. ’ nun‘ —'noa.-mt 'Ran__n:; Co‘ok1ng_ nnqutn 1:9; noun:-, { ii scuoom, qnuas. ac, but iiutzlnndlhc “- mmnenu xbtqlliit mm seq to woo per and 100 psi an prom up sun. was: ‘Bell at novud nus, xw l'e'!t;. 1;. 14- ~ -LOCAL LEGION iopans _ =m=.-Mnmsnuv muv-5 :I.acl'hwannn News, Laciuwannu, N. Y. ‘Nauru. Nov. 24, 1932: An’. 'ln't¢n:I!'v‘c di by which I! la r:6p:d‘ 1:; ad Tat. lust numben -to me mosh’! v'.1Ia- ppened lut «week by Lackiawuunu P935, 63. American Damion, faédaidlng ttt mmouncemonl. by John J. Sl1eh._,sdj_utnnt-. The gm:-.m ‘drive vs opéning (tiller nth year of n d.¢<§£('o'n to the beam- ning 0‘! the fiscal slant ta‘ mm ;'):.:n: !_mmIApr1l. to January. They nc-vi hue. 15,0 xjxzinbezs m the «mun, Conmnmecs tog‘ tn. drive are hgIded~ by John J. Joy-n-t, mcomly Installed cmigmsnder. ‘.°'’.‘- .59 :7‘? 1‘°;’.17 3' None: or sun: an 10.30 o'c§ock an tholon-noon, of that day, the res! estate and mortgaged premises directed in and by and judg. mom to be sold and In said Judgment described as follow: ALL THAT CERTAIN PIECE OR PAR. GEL OI-‘ LAND dtuzwe tn ‘the Town ~01 Weec Beneath, coumy at me ma state ox New York and described as tollois: mm DAY or «Dwnmm, 1932. STATE: or mew YORK, coumr cotiirr, ERIE COUNTY. JAN smnz and warn» smnz, ma w Pmmam, Vs um? PALKA, De- fuuhne, M. EDW; .3‘l'Ajl.TER , LONG‘ ‘l..‘ll?I-I-,..._j. om-to -9 nu‘ I-Q!-O [ A753. Id; Ailott 1 In pursuuioe und by Vlrtuc at a Judg- ment 0! loreclwure and me duly grunt- od by this Count and entered in the; an Caumy Clerk‘: Omoe on the ad Guy at November, 1932, I. the undersign- ed Refuse duly appointed in this when for yuuch purpose. wm_ aexpono for ml: and id! at Public Auction to the high- cdt bidder theater, at 5'18 Center Benet, in the qty 0! ‘lnchwnmu, me coumy, Now Ioxk, on the 15:}: DAY or vacuum. 1932 It 2:00 o'clock in the lomnoon, mourn‘ Ituxhrd Time, of man. my, the meal mum and mortgaged pmmcu dinaud In and by and Judgment to be sold and an add Juckmont denaibed an mlbvl: BEING pm,-t ox Farm lob Number Tmrty.tour (34). '-ravmmlp ‘mm (10) _And Rnuue seven ('1) :1 the Butlalo cm: Rcaeruuon, ma being not xum. ber Scvemenr (17) In Block “B\ on I mbclmdon map oi part. at and Lot Number Thirty-tow (84) mule by chum. Boyer. Buveyer, And med In‘ Erie Oounty Clerk’: Omen my Int, 1895, under Cover 5'11, aid 10% being leaned on the sunny mac 0! Stephen- non sauce, ‘bqng thirty (80) -{cut {rout Ind rear -by one hundiud twenty-three and onohdlt (123 1.2) not In depth. mu bqng the dune pnrnlul conveyed <0 Ihiy Ilodju, by and [Inn ‘by rm. «rick Bauer sud claim, at ammo. dsted Pobmuy mu, 1906, «caused in ma Gaunt] clerk‘: omoo an ubit 1038‘ (1 Dad: It pun us, It; mm. 1906. THOIAB 1*. PAIINING. Retouc- A . 0 y; 0 > ......._ H‘ 1 E ‘HOLY GHOST SOCIETY HOLD PARTY‘ AND DANCE; Alar‘g‘et:‘ondauoyu-d \ rand tgance givan 9r1t\m!uy- evening 9:: the. 81:11 Ohm’. Uhulntyn church, Willicebnno Avenue, under the 'lu!p|(‘.¢.1 at BB. )hn\s ‘Ukmminn uooloty at the Veuumn. own no. played from mo: um; 10:00: o'clock by dmclmx til xnldxz-vlght. puny bgumltll [wiles were awn-dd, scuuna. sonic:-: -Lacxnwmm moor _n. ‘on pump an -11 nun. car -nunin. giving, We an to Inset am: Wednesday :3 dollar n mm to An Inlumuott lnurdy. an of the am uuuuxt Ingilo candy than was nold at an negtlna. um. Jonnjananuos on us run vumu pus-‘ tjoopi A platun-of our than in ‘g: Vbu‘ mun this Wedmodgy. scribe‘ $12, uyza.‘ this-_i£;an accident plutsdy in 5- : hospital had yonfll get ‘outs whole lot quicker if 1 yo|g_d‘oI'i’thav‘eto‘lie‘-tl_:ere f wortyfngmglrm who‘: so AETNA-IZE » ALI. 91'!-lA'1‘ TRACT OR PARCEL OF LAND guuntc In the any at ‘lackunn-' In. Oounw oi E119 and State at New Yolk, ‘balnc ‘put of (nut lot number minty-nine (29) Tamamp ‘An 1103 Raga» eight (8; at the Buffalo Omsk In- dhn Rnurvnuon Inna: Ind duaubed u ulaclvlnon ‘lot ‘numbers uumy-um ( sndndnaty (Do) an lied In Erie’ County Giqib OHIB6 \'n?- & Oovcr No, '14,. laid ‘lob balng (Q) an (mm by one uunnnd and tall (110) feotln depth an an tut. side at $3! Skeet. ITEHRI GOLDGTZIN‘, lhlavt. Many Attend. Golf Banquet; Bl-'.'l\?H£L SUNDAY SCHOOL HAS MOVIE PROGRAM‘ DIWHT CLINTON. Anomoy for Hnlnutt, (£100 and P. 0. Addnu. Buthlo lump Dank Ildg\ llltulo, N. Y. Nov, I‘! 24 Dec, 1 I ll 83 Wm. H. McDonald Chhirmgn of First Annual Fete. ' A lug: [n_r.Ip'u\1oyéd u notion pic. vluu exweiiiainunent piocnm [uwn 3: who Lathe] Plvibyterlnn church, .902 *l}1d¢£- Iuui. lint Pnduy evening. Tint‘ which lucludd cnmcdy run. and piuturu at an Bundly vichool pknlmlut Aumuu.-r -Ill jun unit: the t-.u;icu_-ol...th_n Sunday school qt the °h,!I:¢J- -.9w!M¢1a Pr. ..c.n-rl-9-, Inch. emu-nun. nu; <3.‘ ll, Illckdipn .'a' pair: at -the chant. ~ More than 150 penxmq xtttenglul ‘ nut unmnl banquet or the Inckiiana in Gel! club. mem'n_u:d women‘: dlvl. loan, which an héld In lune’; g«a_I_gg.__\L nut, Elihu’! turnpike and Kane shunt, gm week, Tbé um: elgzmxza the mlbdnz cc 1. Iuoomlul umuyn tor the two groups. both at wmqh were or-_ pumped last apring and name gamed- wmésprend (nor sud tau-.1: during their shon. existence. ROSE MARY RYAN “GETS CDNGRALUTIONS. o-Ir — ‘lIu,tp,IoOcO—ya4‘nllot»loIo :: _ olfinco-0. . r mmoum 3, wnxnanm, A sag pmnum, owe. a P. o. Addxup, «'1 Ridge Road, lachvnnrn. N, Y, > '\°.9”2 d-new ox. III‘. ms! l1=h.II'd.B'!u:..09 Prank- ~un no’: tutu ajnrumay «~‘.lVu'uIIy-, ‘llov_~»!2‘. lht Inn mm :on by‘!!! or her playmates who on man-hm. o..c no Hnslafvilrten exam at an manna ?'-=m*~- Till: PEOPLE or '_l‘l-ll STATE 0!‘ saw YORK, To Michael Ohryptuk, u Hung. and it he be dead, his hair: at law nnd next of kin and dmrlbutt.-‘es. namely Quvllg, Ohrypcuk A and‘ Irene chr_vptuL‘_ being me vigqgi as ‘tho ixufo mu ‘$10,; and , \ cri. _-.>t‘h» laid WHIRIMI Bdleqlaw Jnd \ V/he rt.-aids M; thé City or Lueknwanm, New York, has presented a ptnmmon 10 the surrogate’: count at our ccrunmy or Em». praying for I decree that a 0::-tavin in. strumenc, In waiting, hearing date the Sink! dny ox January 1930, mlantllng to bath real and potions! prvpemy, be duly provted and ndnllnbed to pmbate as the ma; wm and Temanumz at Anthony Chryptuk, also known as Anwnd*and' Antbnge -Chreptyk late of the any of huciawanm In the County of hie, nnd State of New York, deceased, ’!'hereram. YOU, and EACH 0!‘ YOU, are namby cited no show cause berone -the Sunlog-mac‘; court of cur said Coun. -ty or line, at that County I-mil, in the Guy at Bumuo, un laid Ocmmy of Eric, on the -u.L-JN-I-IEGEDUS co. “INIURANGE WITH‘ 3! VIOI‘ 441 RIDGE ROAD A-4.\.CKA’WANNA_. N. Y. ~ KBBOT-T. ooo1.. . !laV.8l0l’I2I&c.iI EZEE NOTICE -1'0 CBEDITOIS _* Even gdilent of snow and com‘ ,_g_1_'I'.-_,4'1r.)Jt. going to put ,1 I099 pangs; _=¢x\f\5ya aotlwhbles, M. j my iio,I;I':g‘_i§3;i§-?tihe bgnquet, as n 3;-\0! vrmtér eieixts, natal and muenc. ire being‘ pl ! A statement to pm: gy- rent was made by William H. MuDcr;;§ld,- chanrmzn of 111:: ‘cmenta-lnmen:t.'~cuu}. mmm-, .J-um-A Btrrymut, 6!) Modern avenue, Gsotse ll-‘.1l.IVI‘rII;.486 Stunt: a.vem.&9.. runsuAu'_1f, to‘ u:‘~ .}9rdet,_;§; [D018 3‘: HART. §\B’I‘:>s~Atai!.~iéI’jg!'|O- Oaunty. ill persons having chimp Igllngt Catherine Zwlpf, also know as Katharina Zwlpt and Katie Z-wvlpt late of the Town: of North Collins deceuod. are hewby nqulped to exhibit the same with vouchers ‘thereof to the underdgncd nooutors or the Will of and dacoucd at the office or the Ateorney for said Execution at man may Road. um- wamyg,_N_. Y. on or beton tho mm day at December; \1532. \* ~ - EIEIEI IF you want ‘.’-[£0,201 you want when gou want .i_t\‘l°I2_ the printing - Iz‘ne- - HAVE‘ IT!’ Bo)‘: -M-N Born to 3|‘, Md :‘oIrs,: Anthany ammo, 407 Monroe otareot _ Folzs Huber. 1347 Waunw awnue. Lambs Andmtt. 462 Wukeo ‘Barre ave. ‘..~‘l¢_ Many «prominent golfers, both lacs}; and mmnhezrs of other clubs rm thovdis; trldt. attended the social event. Joseph J. Kequng was toastmrsver and thin‘ speakers ‘included Joseph Banned, chi): rluampgqnz John P. O.1!:I:7me, chalnnwn of the gun commmeget Pam-lck M33609‘; preeldemt. at the Lacknwanna Men‘: Gum club; Mrs. wlnam I-K. McDonald. preo- ident of the Lackawamm Women's 651!- club; Mrs. Henry H. Sylvester, past; pks: men-t: Henry H. Sylvester, or the Iackzm. wanna Chamber oi Comma-ce, ma Gene Km-zeiluli, Bufmia ~l\‘L~wn l.po1{ts \mteI'. ‘ John May, 444- Canter .=.vtxeo‘.. ( weft Born to Mr. and Mrsi: Dragon ’P 109 Gkhwood Ave.‘ nue. Jahn mnjds, 104 Pmspcm: pitwe. Ndble Wheaten, 14 Meant mm, mum rem. 101 K1:-by uenue, Nicnnor Ouch-, us R.I\dg'e mad. ..u:uu.c.3 l'II\._KR SONS‘ s>0AI... COKE. ‘SOFT COAL. ICI -4 Iuswns 3UPfl.lE8 Office: 1240 So._ Purl Abbobf oooo Yuri: I234-I24! OOIIIII lurk AVG. Dated June 6. 1932. Henry Emerllng. clorenon .1. user. In cilton . John R. Pmlon, Attorney (or Incu- tgu-a_ 1020 Ridge Rcmd. lackswuinn. N. Y. Jam 10 to Do. 15 si,‘;m;;z‘sa.;u;.¢; 2.; {via %w¢;:\i;.aigs%‘1; £i‘7G} ed£'IIzz,ré.‘ i\ ‘ For Northernefs Who Would Elude “Old Man Wigtter” ITATE OF‘ NEW YORK. OOUNTY COURT, [1312 COUNTY. BOTH DAY 01\ DDOMIBER 1982, at man o'clock. In the 0! shat (lay. why such a decree should not ‘be made, X)‘: addition -ha Chairman McDonald Ion me nnangetnenta canmibtee vlvcre-‘ Prune-is J. lgoe, Joseph J, Keamng. Leo.- mer A, Weaver, Clem Caumed and wa-. Hum Harmy, JOHN TOMAKA and VERONICA '10. MAKA. his wife, Plnmtama, vs. JOHN IBUI.-A and MARY ISULA. his w 0: 11., Detenduuts. IN TBTIMDNY WHEREOF, We have caused -the Seal of said Sun-oga-te's. Count to be hemunta umxtd. m ‘punmamce and by vlrtue rt! 3 judg. ment. of tomcnosuue and sale : duly in by rum count. and enteied us the ma County‘ Clerk‘: Office on the 11th any of November 1982, 1, me undersign- nd Reterco, duly appointed In this act- ion for such purpase. will expose Xor sale and sell at ‘public auction to the mghea blade: therufor. In the westerly vesblbule at the Erie County Hall in the City of Bu!faIo, lime County, New Y\01‘E on the WITNESS, Hun IDUIS B. HART, Sm-._ of o_ur sand Gouzuty at Brlé. at Buffalo, N. Y., 2153+. dfuy or Rovem. her 1932. A BATTLE I-IALV-\ WON G. 1!. vmnmunmm, Clerk or the Surrogate’: Court, JOHN R_ PIULION, Antborney for Petttnoncr, omce &: P, O. Adclxeu, 1028 Ridge Rand, iackawnmm, York, Nov. 24, nae, 1, 8, 15 A Statement For the Opening‘ of the 28th Annunl Sale af‘ Xmas Seals oil Nov. 2561:. whuo tho state may justly reel proud: at what has_ already been uooompllruod In the or vmbercukuuls them to? will cause for grave concern and new-‘ gdtdc emort, “he «mttlo in mm only ‘hall won. ‘Pzbbubly 46.000 mien, women and children In the shame am today termg (mm mbormuontu, Damn tram than uule will occur 1n largo proymrlun during any adult lug, R-he pmduatlvb; period when the subs‘: Ilnveinmenl» In-, the »lndmc1u.nl.'ls' ~hlg'.1, with roturm junt- Jzeginnrlng, when the ohudnn an null-I young and numgr the greatest Ion, when than has tumgnly been I long period 0! disability, am when. M the nlmctad 1;. the mmeikmr Ia! the (army, N5 damn. menu nno‘thm- burden tor charity. The will have to go on «long thenmnl_Ixmu|ntha‘1-memput. Blnro there 1: as yo: no Ipoomo cure; tor tubuct this M-nnodt etfort must. be made no xmvom: thc oppclrbunmleyr for mtootnm ma to provide dumlmonsr under which lndtyldunla can build up‘ Inlltunoc ptalnlt Lnfeomon, To qld Inl can-ylng on this work ox prcmcvtupn even more etnctlvely, ‘along with own mm-e; aaequuho one o! than vdrdady «minted,- is vhv: wtmthy purrloap lowed by Ohrlutn man ualu, >2 30th DAY 0!\ DECEMBER. 1932 at 11 o'clock ‘in the wmnaon oi rthm. clay the real estate and mortgaged premises dh-ecmd in and by said Judgment to be Idld and in said judgment described as iolmm: ALL THAT TRACT OR. PARCEL OP LAND. situate in the City or Lucknwan. nu, County 01 Erie and State or New York, being part 0! lot Numbe; Twenty. mm (29). Township Tam (10), Range light (8) of the Bulfalo Creek Reset- «man and according to map unu def Cover Number 1030 is known as subdivision Jot Nlunbcr Eight (8), and tho oust‘. fiiiteen (15) feet. 0: aubdivlslion lot Number Seven (7) and being a par. eel or land torty- (45) ieqt t-roynt and mar by one 'hl)n§l2'¢d fifty (150) met in depth, Krakow street. north aide, om Nimdmu seventy (170) feet gust. of Cexvtar -street, HONOR ‘STUDENTS AT _ BETHLEHEM PARK Thgre are 46 pupils on the monaor null 101' (the first quarter M the Bethmhem Park school, which was announced; this ‘week by Dennis 1’. Kane jn, prmclpal. Third -grade, Mrs. M. McGm.w, teapher —sbave Yumziovmh. Ann» De Puquiale, Rdbert Dlnkulm, Charles Pamck, Ar. thur Boldem, Igttie Kowalczyk, Third ‘Grade, .7. Carey, 'teacher—I.gauta 13ums.1e, sum. -mnpam, Haesen Regs, Donald Jdflers. Joseph Mendy, Howifrti Russell, Mary Couchmnn, Bdbty Jane King, Fourth grgde, H, Merrick, - Fanny Patti, Vem§ur'n Kdng, Scum Cec.‘ carom, Shannen Yellch, Joseph Dquch, Joseph ‘Tom, Nancy Gonamey, Rose Rana, Lane Hedge, Jeanette B Fuunth grade, 8. Banner. Rancher- Thbmu Vent»:-e, lam: Banddah, Edinrd Schmidt, Ronald Morrison, Margaret Blaxtltspnberger, Elizabeth Mullen. mm; grade, N. Gneighrwn, teacher- Nlcuael I-lactc. 2-mu» c. nmm, zureme. sons :1, SULLIVAN. Ammey for nan:-mm, Oman 6: P, o. Auqxeas, 1000 D. 8. Mlzmnn 31:13., Bufmho, N. Y, V‘ ‘ - jgron virote. “max-nan nm\mo‘r.g!ig Ishun yet.” about the Isle: of Org|‘ee.f “nan burning ‘snppho loved spa‘ puns.‘ and Ina no known ‘woos; . _md1I_I hln poetic sunny r i ' ||at0n;iI full of eompllmehg on, 'no‘ 1 U.-who Wm t»h°..r- ThI~|‘-In otsthv. I Tint lndtg, ntgtho den; -0! qho'lJhIh<_l—- .;Iht\o.-. .-r---.o ml of romance and In‘- .tuaot.tlnt tho‘u.who.du’ulro to;go any} - bum-I_aow.r|nd;oold‘1Imo’Iunnh1j:o ind f um be ‘mom than uituaod: [ vlth 010 <0!'IP.¢ . 2; ‘ ' my 01' tvl10.WQlt‘ Indlpq COIJIQXI.‘ , Irlao.-my. poetic lure. -plrm Io.roI;'IV-mp-~f = \nor-rv mm} Inna; ~ ox olln.1.I“- 1\ Innnonéio-«I9: .Gho I_y|_um. 90!,‘ W hm to‘; , ,-room. And it sign u ‘wonglcrtulu1vnIitIin.,I_nd‘:u glllhpo df Ola. 867!‘ 'M‘on,c elpenonood snnlor an; _\wI' muun I.t_ homo; u:count~wul~'oant 9lo«po_g due; ;nuch».n_ lh_||I'Il £ho‘,D\;ghqu.g,¢ Iodlotd.‘ ‘Ion’ Jig. 7 unq ma. 1:, ms._und white 13 portrnog counting New _!oI_'t men It: ‘\_u;eq_u'_Allod‘ Ikyllxjof ind; ‘nu thoungndn ox necnéclonpv luv 'Yo_tk}f' -no adds. \(otn¢'nw'sy snduean-‘ lngmbockl ‘two bihagt. Qchufyl” on both voyqu of the Ducha--.m \ohe:n_u_n‘n.7 ’cunbbou_I‘..qnn:uu ‘bnuuum !sn.,l!unIlton. gngimndn-. when’ 1:), ~wuI,km are \-3.0 bee-3:-6. Mr’-. In no: .I)utoinoblli'q: ‘uljclj. am’: ‘Sun ‘,J\u\x:. Iuoo: then; 5:. Pierre. »=)m-tjngqua. when huforlc And‘ anu- utlnc lion: Polo; I_a;,no1'v- quthoout: um. You do. ‘tango, _lumnIquo'I aihint onpmlr MIG P 3!- uun '_l‘x-Inland with In mama ~Il'phut men Into; ma Porto! Spulp. Bugging wrung. mum one moan In ouun. Vonoguoln. 1| .n1lo\i tron mo cgpjtal, a.ooo u_ut1,bo_vovthc:.u6: and ‘light oungw, um wnlmgnutga. pace; Wu; >luglqn: “’°.!,1*.K1!I.l'I‘59,|‘,I.'.!8l!in¢ 9! -!I_mu'lca:-0'!!!‘ !oI_a1:i'nd -the ‘Faun: «onnnl: Hisibnp. ; cum‘: colour-tu _c'«p1_t.u: -Nassau an the. ! u'n_d.tho'n ‘Ilow Ion: At. (bout 012 pa. mom om ilj -luv; Now Yori for 3 M Lain‘ enun- .:on ‘lmprgu ox Auntnun. racing: unuulaon. Iaoirmudn: Kjnplnn. raln‘--‘ mam: l_-yavpnu.\'Queo:_i city at I,?~.uf [-Ant,l,lleu.\' and mum. ;BgMmI_§. .{l‘31’ov‘ Emprbll of Aupthlln. moon his ‘plsoohient. III irotld oflgigovulptuédi-v te_rnn9I_n veteran. and the ~M.-slut ol mo. Yoiohupn Out -daviiafg\ -«men who paved Mr. puurngm ma‘. Aa.ooo mucosa. ' Nov. 17 24 Dec, 1 8 15 22 29 LEGAL NOTICE STATE 0!‘ NEW YORK, NM! COUN-~ TY, C_0UN'.l'Y COURT: Bu Bavlngl Bunk, Pluhybl vs, Frank L, moan. at .31; Defendants, 1n‘pu.rauunco and by vvzrtue o_! a judgment or! rxrcqlosune and sale duiy by this Court and enrtered in the Erie County clerk's otmoe on the 11¢: \day ox November 1932. I, an un-‘ qlcx Reroute, duly appombpd in thin action (or such purpose, will ex, polo tor me me: sen at Pubnc Angtlon u um um»: bldder mmgm-, 1;: me v&x-1y vutmulo ct Erie Ooumy lull. in the-Osty at Bu Inc-county, new York, an the mam grade, A. Geacav teacher--— ‘Regina Stelmaéh, Nannan Bambuohl, John Ye11qh_, Dame] De Pasqtmle, Anna Poiiscvna, ‘The gun or seaia in Now York sum; (outside of New Yda-k City) is an-ried‘. on by 02 county or city ndaciamiona‘ under an. leadership or executive mom- -ben 01 the State ‘committee. .E!_ixth- grade, B. Dam-y, ¢eAdhem—-A'nto- ma. Vemtre, Adeline comm, ~hou'atto. 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