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The Lackawanna news. (Lackawanna, N.Y.) 19??-1933, September 22, 1932, Image 3

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, -:+~ —r-.»- «- :14.-;;;\' ’ ,~..«»~~'~,~:é~..vs~«§-V‘ . .: , ‘ >’::;*, .... ‘la.-chw-A. r!=‘k!.w-pun-.[ N: Y». Thu\.-» »S°P_t.-T .11.-. .1932 r '1' A L L FOR :BrEN:EFlT OF LACKAWANNA All 8 TABS BMLEY MARKET SERVICE Lackawanna Stadium South Park Ave. At Fire House SllNDAYSEI\|'.25 ADMISSIBN 25¢ 3:00 P.. SHARP smgmtioxx wrlch serves as the basis (or “70.000 Wxcnesses.\ the mystery ;nr.-lo- dx1amar\vhIch_ starts S:1ltl1l‘d~.1y at Sheafs lilppoclmxne. In the case are Chmlle Ruyglcs. Dorotahy Jordan. Phillips Holmes Johnny Magcl»: dirccwn. haw Codi’. and David Lmcluu. Au lntexestalng surround- ing program also -will be presented. Charlie Ruggles, as a mcoom-coated Unasm\m'2d. smrxtng Hylcn Twelxe-‘ trees with Robert. Young and Lewis Stone, wlll «be prcxsentecl Wednesday an ‘ Thurscluy. as :1 part. lot the double fea- ture progrmn. The othex k\ablI‘ElC1UOl1 wnl be ‘Week End_ Marriage, co-staxrmng lim- etm Young and George Brent. Also an the bill. will be Kr-azy Km. In Plano Movers. Herbert. 1vr_qcA1nn at «me gr-and organ nnu ShL~a's Seneoz; News. Locals Get Come Back Chance and Malcewicz will be Blbbcr McCoy agmlxmz Tony Fellc-e who claims ch: Italian It-:tlc. The I.utz_L--.Mnld2\v1cz and me McCoy-I-‘ellce bouts wlll be {'3 a streak will meet But}: \Ven\,'@ and Len ! In the pzallnxlxmnés Charley M.xc.z\lu:l:. will tackle George s£1\1‘.11(lC‘l’S. the latte: b0llLS l.n.u:e(l to (me P.»-.13 in 30 mluuocs I. A. C. CLUB PLANS K ANNUAL BALL The 11th annual Columbus Day Bull \1ndex- the auspices of the Italian Amen- can C4L:ze.ns club \\'xll be held Wed Eve October 12. nu tho Cnxmon Church Hall Rulge road Plums to make thus years cvem. the largest and nxosn succegaml yen Llnclertakmx by 1219 ongzuuzamoxx are rapidly bemg c xmpleted. lb was zumoun- cecl this \\'I:\‘-K b_\' ufflflals or 11.9. club A number .1 on-nuunftrca h:‘z.\'e been appOL’1 ted nu m:upI:-re ‘he du.L.I: rm the nfiu-11‘ mud .. (.1.-». 11...,» -)r('h£S?.m La.» began en- gzngm for me u-\fe~nuxg T.c!:eLs are nzuv to) ::.\l(' m .1 nommul price E\I'ry-its Will Mee: Cnmpaznaa l In Bison Stadium Saturday ' For League Championship. nmvspaper npurber provides the biggest portion or the film's comedy element. and J. Farrell MnoDonn.iti. Kenn-eth Thomson. Puul Yugo, Reed Irfowes and Big Boy Williams sxx/.'e in the. principal supporting roles. Lump and l\Ixlc<\\‘.(‘2 have mex muce (‘duh xvummg £1 c'.e- 11-um wctor) Luz.-A-.= one. or me r.ughe::— nnq Louglws. m the world nnnouxmc-s that he will fcld up am! L..ll it a o.xu.~:~r. at he mus to win the \\'ar’<l‘s clmn\p.onsh.:p dumr-.; tho nu-re1.L season Ncck nus Bren }:noc1>:1ug uv. the ¢l‘xa11I})!Jl1-'5 door fcr !.\\u wars Sheas Hippodrome Shea's Great Lakes The ‘Dry Its, South Buff-lo Le,--1-n champs. will be given uh oppurL~umn' “L xmlke u come b.uc.l: In their try hr the softball championship of Buffalo. wh-u v.-hey l1\£:cl- the Onxnpngxxus next 8 ’urcl.x,' Sepr.¢-mber 24. m Blsnu stadium. to sow];- nhelr 3-3 leuclluck of oven‘ two weeks .1_.;') The L;:un..-3 is expected to dmw1hc- hung . cxmvd In the softball history cf But‘f.x1o -s Intense lune-rest, has bran rgxnmf«~r by the Inns bhrougho\Ib the }711\).'uI{ serxes unl these twa teams besztles hwuu evenly n'I.t«.hed In all depmunama .nI the gmnc} are zmed as the b(‘.sI In ‘hm section 01 the county. Annuuucexnem or the pl-.y:sI,! was maul. Ins-L \VL'£‘k by Al Gerspzxch. cln;m_'._m rr Lhe Amencmx Legxon softball (..)nuIL.‘r Thy; Cnnxpagmts, now In the. lmtl Ia: tn» title due no their \uu‘.')lexn1sh:d 1'e..>'(I need only this game to rlIn.h LIV ': chnmp1on:h.p. \\'hue the 11- :1 =3. ‘J 12>) mum Wlll in order to we Ulx-l rnals u Murder at u foo g‘-ame! Grxma Hotel, View B»J\1m's :ensut.(m.1l with 70.000 spectators looking 01- a boy cues on the !_51.a1<l. and -nlootne secs who killed mm. That ‘Is the dranmuc none] and screen ml: which is being shown ‘(or the first mma m. p:apul.u' pmoes mt Sheus Ggrenvt Lakes, r\v1l,l:bc hell over for 41 second \vael< by poplar dcnumd The closes -.1pproxlnx:|uau of a genuine \Million Do11m\' cast is offered in t‘x1:a produv‘t.lun. \\l‘n'1(‘1h enjo_‘,'e<l lbng runs In New York and ot.l1m- prlnclpul c.t«I\}S This mcludes Greta Garbo. John BzLl\')'- more. Joan Craw1'o1'd. Wallace Ben.-ry L:one~1_ Barrynxore. Lewis Stone and J-~.1'n Hersl\o1t.. as we'll as many other On the surroundmg program-j are Chnrne cmse tn “Young Ironsldiss.\ \B0at‘o. the Lumberjuck\ n looneynoon cartoon nnd Great Lakes N:-ws. Shea's Century Blbrmr 1\Ic<.‘oy mmle n sens.:.‘.u..'naJ mt \,\‘h(-n ne \\~rc-sum .\§»ca)uso an the bull p rk .1 muntn ugu McCoy wa.-s xnacuve for an months. due‘ Lo eye trouble But‘ B1.bb.:' hils rz-gzmletl his szgnt. tum he has unug\u.u.c-<1 dl|‘11’~I\‘nSl\'L’ campaign win we cnnvn no“ xmru by De- Ohm: Wesley Eddy. eve1\growlng in popular- ity as nu:st_or of ceremonies and enter- tullrr \\'.lt.l1 hls merry musical gum: of Buffalo muslciaug, has prepared nn unusually clever stage show fad Shows Century, st:u't;lng Frlclay. when he wlll present Mickey and Minnie Mouse. in per:p.m_ in (1. mouse-loal revue. by speclgxl un‘angempnt. wulll Wnlnr, Dlsniey. cremtotl of the famous clmngctons. 0n_ the screen will be \Big Clty nl\1us.\ Ieuturlng Joan Blondell and Evie Linden. BIRTHS l%o_\.~: \\cu.- lsurn (0 \Ir. and \lr5.: Smmn B.u.m'n:.. 107 Lengau Ralph C Lee 809 lsr street Gxlber-L .lmJ~;~un. 422 Tlmd street Clarence .'\h;~x.1m- .>\bb.m Ru-ad. St,eph(*'u Pxetrns 171 Cmclxsell street Shea’s Buffalo Bvgnmung F‘rldny “TIIE KING OF Till) Il.\Dl0' qtixrley Mmmy wins 15 p:'omm.n\g ne.v:t. Mondny mgms zhoxx. axunouxxu-.> .\ :|.31c-.uule n! popllhl‘ p1‘lO€‘s (ilrl-5 \\eu- Hul'I\ tu H1‘. and .\‘J:5.: Hurcrlcl Dnl.-.. 23 Reed uveuue. Vlolur Buuzyu 106 Grape street Cunwtnnlina 191 Madison v F‘re<Iunc.k Brown. 1806 E1;-cmc avenue 'I'hed.n.<n 'I‘r!l1a. 497 Gates avenue H.~\RR\’ lH(‘lI.\l»\N with his own huge stage show On ‘the Screen O. L. V. AID SOCIETY WILL ENTERTAIN Charlie Ruggles, Clvwo Byook. Lila Lee '1‘-Ill} .\|tull’l‘ 0|-‘ Jl'NI~‘. I3\ Mex-vyn LeRoy. director of Little Ga/e_.=a1' Five Sfar Fmnl, 'I\wo Secbmls and cwmer sensmt1ox1a1 sucoes. directed -by Iuhe ple- ture from vane orlgunal clmma bc ward Moremuse. Lnlhn Hayward and More- houab ndrtpued the play -to the sreen. A curd party and luncheon “'11) be glvc-11 m.- 12.30 o'clock MLuul:)' a1fie1‘11oo11 Sepvzembet 26. at St. Nlclx-.\lm. Hull Easu Umca and Walker streets, Bulmlo. ux-cl:-r tlu: n\ls[)lc£'.i of Our I.u<ly oi Vxmury Axcl Soclety 11. was announced nus We-:-k by Mrs‘ LM Curran, prosidem Proceeds \\'lll bcxlefit. Our Lady of Vslctors Home Pedro und huge “-111 be played classified Ads lhc lead m the cxcywxde ~~n another gnune wauld be. near: Shea’s Great Lakes Tm‘ 1'9‘ 1'5 slipped buck auto ,~.*;\-u\ pmctn m Lhe pr~unn‘nLv x-.c~:- cm“ > the.- tmexm-.Ctc<l 4-3 <lefa.1t ‘at we h.md.- L! the N..sg.-m~H\1-!- H1 aggl g.‘ on mm Ag.» In the higgo : up 1 (.3 I‘ v ‘xv 1'hLs gaune “as ma. only dd: t!uz~:1.- the 9L‘h€'dll1:'(l playoff scncs \vh:r.h \'1-‘ cuxnplvabc-cl lust week but thanks to Ln:-H tleadlozk wnh the 0nmpug1..s um um monml gnnm was nmdo l19(‘.\.-at)‘ gm.-1.; the-m un.'rhL-1' chance 10 try L: the title BUILDING LOTS Sheas Buffalo €‘0R SA-LE—Fine building lot: (routing on South Park Ave.. Hamilton Ave,, Stearns Ave.. Ind the Martin road; up in. ‘crest; prices reasonable; In» quire of Michael Kinney. 1684 South Park ave, Phone Abbot! ‘E87-W Beginning F‘z‘icluy.. Second‘ Smashing Week! “G R A N I) ll 0 \1' E14 \ Harry mciixngii. the singing star who has exgtcvmintd millions with his radio programs. and who is ‘JON-’1\V!1 to hie ‘stage folloyers as the hiihliglxt. of recent George White's \Scandals\ and Fiarenz ziegrgald \Follies wiu be presentaed. in person. an. Shco Buttnio. sbzutiiig Fdiday with his own big nompany oi’ .Brou<1wu_',' m1tel‘Da)lnL’)‘b. on the screen will be The Night or June 13. with Charlie Ruggies. Clive Brook and Lila‘ Leda Charms Mann- ing will conduct the aymphondc ensemble in an overture and Herbie will preside at the console or the Wurlitzer. kin‘. Euward Harder. of 225 RUG)’ Sr. '.- Chmrmnu Résex'\'m.4u1_1s may be lYu|ClE' by callmg Mrs, E«d\\'a:(l Hx1l'dE.l‘ Luscoln 11191 or Mrs John A Hutch. 402 Wo-.-¢l- lawn Ave Cinrluekl 8029. Mrs John Crosnn Press Correspondent. with Greta (mrlm, Jmm Crmvford, John and Lionel Ilurryluoro, Wullnoe Buery HOME MISHAPS can frame you with a bill of expense that will change your whole outlook. Why take chances when an IETNA Accident Policy not only pays doctors’, hospital and nurses’ bills but protects you against loss of income, too! 0 CHARLIE CHASE comedy TYPE\vI>.1'l‘ER rc~p.ur:ng. zvibbolxs and supplies U9 Spaulr,-Lng sv. Aiibot: (H25-J. 5.1., —DEALERS \VANTE '—' REAL-_faT:s1 3 NESS OPPORTUNI'I‘\' WE can plate several In-o undo mvnkn 111-11 In ;1 pro!- Imblo b\I.-.1n«:.xs stlllng curt-ct to cor- sunu-r~ In vuur lx \ County. W;-am n_umkl\ xjvr rm» c:xu\log\1e. Judging Irom tho I‘opc-1-rs (‘mung {mm Ray Mullens camp the local clmmps are going to make Lho most of u\L1r opporx.umi;y They have lost ‘-i-h,.:t shmlo 0': ovcrcontxdenaa which was partly ‘blamed [or their uuc-x1><-.cu-.d tum!-lo and should be M the top of “tlmlr mun tor the try m‘ hnmung smt'u' Guns and his wnxmmucs Lhcur nrst deleat 01 the year. . BUFFALO MAN CONVICTED HERE Shea’s Century one more man has 1e:u'nod than Incl: (_uvun1\n Is no placo in mulch to cuuumv. tvxxmc vtclumous. H‘: Li l\I1L‘lme1 IvI1u'1)i1y age 21 or B1‘ccRe1u'1dg}(~ street, Bufmln who was rm:-<1 IL tom} 01 $45 when can vloted an L.hl‘ee c1w.1'gcs be-rout» Juclgr- John R. Pxmou in City Count last, Fmlny A fine of $20 was 1lmpo.=.\=(I an (1 cinn--:9 ox’ dJ'l\'lng \\~ml¢ lntoxmmecl brough. Ly Patrolman Stqnley serufm. and he was $25 on :1 charge of dmvmg with danproper plates. A third charge of ms oirderly conduct. rcsultocl in conv*.ct.1on with suspended sautcnoe. The o made mo arrest \vh.*_le on duty Tutu- evendng. Beghnmng F'z+1m_xy WESLEY EDDY Premnts In Person Cl C‘ HEBERLING COMPANY \MlC'l\'E\' & )II.‘\'.\'lE .\l0l‘SE\ Both Hoag crud \Vn1tewclx nre. in {me shape and are amclous to nmtch then- fast. ones agmxnst the Buffalo s‘n\ Suturgmy. , Dept‘ 1055 Bloomington, 11!. Sept. 15-22 Am; on the Screen /ETNA-IZE _!5oR‘f€1:71'1\—“GF&x{ ’s?5sxTx;,i1e-nou=F.‘ Inqurv 4-1-1 (‘ween St. or Pnotm_3 Delm- \V'~xI‘t*- 1030 If mm (‘raw m.u:s\ wnah JOAN BLONDEIIL I and ERIC‘ LINDEN Mystery Ranch. shaming George O'Brien with Cecilia Parker and Charles Middle- ton. wm be one 01 the ‘twin 1'ea.t.ures at Shows Seneca F‘z'ldz\y and Saturcluy. with nmunne Snttuwluy. The other uttrnotloxx will bo Reservccl for Dzuues, fezmturlxxy Leslie H(‘lWln‘(l. wlth Eumbeth Allan and ‘Benita -Hume. A subjects also will be p1-esexatccl. with extras at the chndrcns matinee. Today! Who can tell about wmonow? Grout Surrounding B111 KLEIN-HEGEDU5 CO. \INSURANCE wrrn sa NICE\ 447 RIDGE ROAD LACKAWANNA. N. Y. ABBOTT 0001 Title Aspirants Will Clash At Buffalo DON'T BE MISLED ONLY ONE OFFICE EYES EXAMINED BY APPOINTMENT ' HOURS 9 A. M. To 6 P. M. EXCEPT EU:-IDAYB Cksed Saturdays at 13:00 Noon \VA5h 5135 Cleve 2555 Shea’s Hippodrome The mad. but nwrry. Four Marx Bros. specialists in nonsense. are stun-ed in Horse Fmmcrs. fourth of their moving pictures. which will start :1, three (lay run at Shc-z1's Saneou Sunday. On tho sm1'voundlng program will ho the Cole Case. an 35‘ Van Dlno myst_ery thriller: Eddie Young and his Mou1rtumee1's, In Ten Dollars or Ten Days; Mickey Mouse in Bzu'nyzu‘cl Olympics; He)-hero 1VI2acAl1az1 at the grand organ and Shctrs Seneca News B:-ginning SIxtuI'(lay IF YOU NEED ‘Letterhead: Card: Imiitationn Folder: Statements Circulars A .\I(3st(-.ry -'l'hrlllm‘»! Two of the eo1|uit.ry's nuLsLnnc1lui: title chnsms. Nxck Lutze sum Joe .VI.»1- omvlcz. wm clash m it fllJ:l.‘1J\ match In ‘the. Queeusberry club's ring (In Monday mgm. Sept 2am. The \v'~:1uu-r mu 1».- pumbecl against Jack Sherry and Ed Dun Geovgc on October ‘M1,. with the vxctmj sin the latter mmbch no meet. Hour-1 Du- Cvlzum for the world's heavyxvozgm champ lonslup early in November. Splitting dencllmo honors axvith Lutze W £3:-«,.~..«; 2»-. ‘ _ )1. \iv «.'~' 2', 7%. ‘ .t-.'~*\t_'.'-f ' R-. ':'/\4.’ K,’-2 > * ... ut‘- 14. 9 vex’:-.,¢.4r - . ‘vice, :I>-VA” ‘),‘.,» . I V\‘=';'.:. ‘ if 7 ~ \«' ‘ \70 \\'!'l'.\',I? I , Clmrlln mlggles, Dorothy .)m'axu| Phillips Eny¢lopen— Bill-head: or nnything else in the print» hi‘ line, com: in and see us SUBSCRIBE FOR THE DR. WILUAM J. COOK 0I’T0.\lE1'lllS'l.‘ M2 ‘llromlwuy, 1,1:-.1; Michigan Estnbilshed 1890 ' Bumug, N, 1 Holmes and 'JI)hllll)' Mack Brown LACKAWANNA NEWS Added Screen subjects I“: —-.-, \\*';\-'r‘:'?¢f$xi\~'-‘.'?\.* ~“‘/ ,._ U . ‘ .

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