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° KM‘ ,,..6 .2 . , ax, __ _ _ , 1 ._ I , V —r ,, . . - . ,;‘; ’ \ C I ‘ ' \ ’ - . . ‘ “1'\f§. ; V '. ,'_‘'''_' \‘___\\\—\ . - £15 ‘« _ f _ ' , , , , V‘ : news in General '. “*3 4; ,, ‘ _‘ . , 3 _ ' social‘ and sport at ., '0 ,gqg.gm2..-*i$!!‘- 1, '«1\.$%,\‘,-x..;: ..:-:.:«\“z ’~;g*€§;\__.u.....».-1».-.v New York \VOL 117-—*N o. 26 JLe.ckawam'xa News, ‘Lackawanna, N. Y. Thurs., ‘Sept’. 1, 1932 PRICE 5c—-$2.00 PER YEA]! Annual ?Be%nAe:iit lawn Festival ;; will Be Held September 7th.?’ Mr. Edward Puzzle Winner? ' Golf Crown‘ Try-Its and All Stars Blas?h In charity liame Sunday Only‘ ‘Few More Weeks ‘Left ‘to Try For Prize in Popular; Contest». Wins ‘First Championship offs ‘Lackawanna Golf Club Af-; ‘ter Sensational Match. ‘F; ; .¢,‘§ .~! 1%!’ WM Rev. Herman J. ‘Gerlach, Gen- eral Chainman of Annual ‘Fete, For Benefit of Father Baker’: -Infant Home. Keamng and Miss. Patrick Tighe ‘Benefit I§\cr- ‘Father Baker’s in- fant Home Expected to Draw ‘Record Crowd. Bane quiet and Dance After Game. And that. as the man saw. 15 the whole works In a. nutahs-Ll The best player: -L.'.v.ck:a.wa.nn4 has proiuced, coupled .v1,m one :,.j the most worthy causes Ln the wqrld. ant. at a pzuce \\'r1r.h, is within the ‘reach of en». the shmmest of pock.et,hoo_b: That should -pack S:.nd1,um: as gr. has new er been pacj-_». cl tc \\-hen me:-e two mam.» open host..lx<t1e.~. pzonxmly at 2:30 P M Sunday attarncon. Don »Booth———Mrs. Pzmvick -Kerrigzm. Chalnrun assisted by Mzss ~Eleanor Smwsy and Miss Evelyn Callsen. Fish PLmc§—M*:ss Anna Crosta, Miss; Euzalbath Renman and Master Raul‘ Suluvan. Here is the solumcn to L1-xe“Puzz1.e,. Tkragu Pays\ contest; In Lust. weeks. Assue ‘-or the L.1c1-zawmma. News. Joseph Schwed. Sunday was CI.\;u.m2c‘. an. the flush chsxmplon of the Lackznvm-A us. G131! club. \vnmxng um houoz by \:L1'cue of a. sensational vlcvcory over‘ ‘sunley r‘1,;I.Lm. 1 up. m n. 36 h:..le 1‘.n.:: n: the ‘Su\lt.h, Pall: couxxse Schwecl. who has been prominent, ‘Jr. Western New York golf Cl1I‘(.‘lh_'€ for swerz:-1 ye-an and a ~Ie\v years mgiawepresentetl Bufmlo m. the ‘-natlon.»x.1.pu\b11c links L:-ux'namen.«‘:. 10.11- ?ed the local club when 1: was organlz~. \m 'm.~-' 5,-ruxg. All Arangemmts ‘hm-e -been completed Ice; Cream and C,andy—-Mrs. Thomas Ervmgbcm. and M1's.,\I Culxghlm. chnvirmcn, a.\=-xsbed by Mrs. William Awald. Mrs. Mkehael J. Gmey. Mrs. Jcarnuuh Mcca-rxhy. Mrs. Mary Ivmrozxey. Mrs. Asa Reed. Mrs. Charlns, A. Rose, Mrs. Joseph Su:111:I:d:e1'. Mrs. Wzllmm Smmon. Mrs. Charles Weber and Mus. Isaclare Kick. Dmner—Mrs. wlllu-am Cook. chalrm Nmne: l.alu- Erie lle\'em;,'es 'l‘elepl\one: Abb. ‘I851’ 'And here are the wumers: ‘I-‘lrst:-, I}(|\\‘l\I‘ll Gums, -H1 ‘W-nkt-sbmwe Areluu-. The cr-.-am of‘ -the csup ‘Such a term may well be applied vo {hr array of local sofqball stars. who will corrpose the All-. Star; L.aLKaw.mna team when they Inset the champion Try-IL: in what px,~.~m.se-s In 19,- the event. of the summ:..1' spurt v-e~.as..;z1, at the S:u.d.um Sunday afternoon for the benefit cf F‘....LhL:' Bakers. Infant‘ Home tor the azuxwal 1a\.\_'11 fate for the benefit . of Father B:1k0i\5 mfau: H!.:m1e L0 be held Wednesday artenmcon. and evemng, Sept.- ember 7. on the gm-.m<ls stcljommg st. Joseph's Orphanage, it was azuxounc.-~1 Tuesday. The ‘Rev. ‘Herman J, Gearhchg asau-st..x:\: .aup'ermtendend out Our Lady Victory Insmmmlons. is general chamnzm ox‘ the armn-._(3ment.s oonmxltma. Cmzperutuzxg am comxnmees from Om ‘~I..a(ly of Victory Aid Soclany. Kn-.gh.t.s uf Columns O\th‘.)1x‘r‘ Duugmzexs cl Amcvnzm. and church sodnlxtleu :£ Om.-'Lndy of Victory parish. A nuuber or ‘booths and refreshments stands hme bsun km~aug'c(l for and :1‘ ~prog'z'am or nthlemc events, games and zunusemen-as w-‘.11 be held for the ember- tamrmm. J gu. >05. HLll1(\l‘€(1a of mine rats are housed, cared far and an the Inf-an Hour. F‘-1l(..vlng the game a sumpclous han- qu:-L :~nc:ud.;ug ch.cken and all the mm- .\'m>mul: “alter ‘Haj. 458 I-2121-trlc Ave There are only -x:h_ree more weeks 19!! hi this popular puzzle oolltest being c ni- Lhtcbed ‘by your pzzprr and that includes the puzzle that you win! find in this \vee~ks issue. Hom1ovar._ interest has Kept on a coiitiniious mcmase thrcaugh and n.~u.irns have been caiximg 1n.hecn'1er every week am! this we-ek'.s YOLLITI15 also broke another !‘8(:0L‘(l in -that ‘there were more correct answers received this week man ever betore. We vzute glvactvto size that. aontastams are mining our advice and checking their answers more caiuafuliy. :hus avoiding many minor mistakes which »neverthe1'ess have sprdiled their chance a prim m the past. There wasino quesibion about. mailed theiis 9.‘ little. sooner tlmn aiiyone else as indicated by the poustmzu-ks. The Lake Erie Beverages. whose name appeared in the solumcrn true fruit sum drinks and mre located at, 419 Gains Ave. The telephone number Abfb. 1857. «is that or the M. zmve atom at 513 Ridge Road. which Handles aconlpleto line of -ho.'use- hold «iuaruismngs. mrntture and swvas, And now in this .weok'a« paper -is un- ouher puoali‘ Go to -1: ‘es won as you am. of course you may not. win. But; men you may. In any event you will have a facimwtlng working it out. And be to ‘look ‘over the list of the adw:i~r,.i.5ei*s pepresented mme PLxzz1e'I‘hatPays zea- ture in order» Ito. make suuie that thgr answeis are there. n,.ng—:. “.11 be gnven m ;rxcm,r of the teams 11: CW’ .t.':n Cnurclx Hall. Rlclgg V road. by Steutxen Yuk:-11¢ J13. preaxclenc of the Tn’-It Bottling Company The b-a.'nqj.2eL will ‘be a. .-:1~g azf£n..r and a Inni- uzd numoer of 200 tzckorz. are being L»0I(l. Nearly all hzv: been ~.<ld so. those \vLs!1- Schwetl. ex slight: £'a.vo1:t,- in the Ill‘;-1t£‘h by virtue of l;1s‘1>ng expsmenva and repumnun, nearly met lus nuzclu 111 ms .~.cmr»P)‘ aclve-.x;.~2ar3 and 1’>1ko\\' slub mmbe.r._ 1'-‘we up {ILA m.-on. as :1 rs «ult L: his tme. round 01 73. he found tr his surprise Jun ho \\\a.s to have thn ‘.mtu‘tL= rf ms. cm‘:-zvr to krrp from brwmg {akvept to cle as F‘iL:u;a no.1. only blasted out a smashln.-g '10. in the utter- ;m m. but pmvecl his game-tress by tw1'x- remadmng In me ruunmng wzth. birdies ‘when ms opponent .\-as durmle. FVigum's outgoing 35 in the afteznoon sluo-ed Schwecl‘s margix‘. to but om he- tore Joe could halt his hrullant rally by i m nxeeeelxutr 0clx‘L\f:c~bx rnwP1uP- tlenkg the next thlft‘-E‘ miles in par Sclmxwed regained two holes and became (lprmxe three hy halving the 33d but S_mn :H).1 was in a mgmmg mpad. H5- tgoled out ms ‘approach frcm off we sjreen for a bxrdle 3 to cake the 34m .mrl (hen canned a tan~fout- pubs tor -another blrcnie to mm the 35 and -became but an» (lawn with but one to play. It was no easy Llsk to pzck the All- man assisted by Mrs. ‘Lena Buechluy. Mrs. Maxwell Briggs. Mrs. Martin Burns Mus. Juhn Carson, Mrs. John Cawley. Mrs. John J. Gem-.153’. Mrs. Arum Cor- coran_ M s. Charlas Craft. Mrs. Joseph De-lt.r1ch.‘:.Vlrs Mlle Delaney, Mrs. Henry Dillon. Mrs. Ed\va1'<l E):>nneny. Mrs. waltaeas Dcwd, Mrs, Marry Foley. Mrs. John Gallagher. Mrs. George Gasner. Mrs. Thomas J. Harxg. Mrs. Rose Hesuy. Mrs. Henry Houle. Mrs. Mxohael Hughes. Mrs. Ed.\v:\td Kennedy. Mrs. John Ken- nedy. Mrs. Jane -Km-g. Mrs Carl Larson. Mrs. John McDonnell, Mrs. Michael Mc- Gukre. Mrs 'l‘houS.a.s M'Hosa. Mrs. Joseph Max-oney. Mrs. Gauhemne Mollody. Mrs. Jcihn Mxilqueen. Mrs. -,will.*1a.m Qaborxm. Mrs. Ebert Reap. Mrs. Doro. Raulmzm. Mrs. Patrick Roohford. Mls. Norman Smith. Mrs. Andrew Switzeur. Mrs. Se-Liz, Mrs. Patrick 'I‘n).!.y. Mrs. Ollver Twist. Mrs. Thonms Warren. Mrs. John 0.. Woods. Star téztm. from unong the num,=-rou.<. stars who represexw:~cl the exghz K-urn; pm't1c1pa.ung In thv back.»-\x'ann.x Mun- zcrpal L?.::_:'ue sex}: s during the pas: zen-. g to 3:031:41 snoulct rrmkr: reservations urn and .11 m<>.sL case» it V\'2t:a .2. tom-up bc-tI‘.vq;n stveral of me best for the var- ious berths on H}? ream Howe\'er. Ate: now wnh enher Szepnu Vuke.uc. Ray Thonma Bunk-1n has been dra.It,e~:l to Mu1‘!'1n$ or Tnomas C. Bacndn ct-mpl;.'.z‘g stasz.~.'::_os of all sum‘ check- mg vbauzmg and tzelclmg avenge-~. and coxxszderzzzg experience a lineup ‘.\'a.s Xm- act as tgustmaste. at this uzmzr. wmch wzu be ‘attendcri by m_m.y notables gn- which is one of the most hnpxartan-I. of all of 0m‘ Lady (.1! Vxctcrry dnstlltutlons but as also one of -the most expensive so each year the lawn fare is held to help defray the L-xp.n-s;s of its upker.-p. Mrs. John C1'ost:a.. general chalrmnn of the womens activities, hud appomtsxl me follo\\.Lng osmxnmees: Fancy BocAbh—Mrs. John Sullivan, and Miss Mildred Osborne. oh;u1rn1en. assist.- ed by Miss Margaret Coons, Mrs. Martin Dcuiglxerhy. l\§'.‘s. Nmclas Eagtsn. Mrs. Ruth Relman. Mrs. Patric}: Ruddy. ms. William Shorten-P. Mrs. Wmmm Sullivan, Mrs. August Twist. Mrs. Joseph W'cLld.rur!‘. Mrs. Robert can-011. clnzlmg Mayor V/.11Lel‘ J L,c’r:.r Jmlgve John R Plulon. Congws-man Jzunes ML, lxl ad Assemblyman J Foster Piper and c;uch,<la-be» tcr; the oma: 01 E:-2e county aneruf Frank J‘. Offerman and Fred J.. Rablnscm. James Kane. preslclem or me Amerlc-An Legurm. Softball league; John P Suluvan Commander of the South Buffalo Poet: .whlch sponsored the South. Bu cnvlslon or the league;, Stephen, V‘u:l::3lxc. Ray l\«I1.1\llms, D5-lzon F‘l.ah-2:. Rev B Badura. Councilmen John Aszkler. Edward Douowlck. Thomas Warren and Wz:.l4tt2r- Paryz. ' nlugc for the banquet will be turn:sl1- ed by the. Crcvamiorx\ String Omhestra Ac 9 P M the hall -wlll be thrown open. lo the pesnerul public and clancmg will be enjoyed untll a law hour at a very email acumsslon pmce. The Orlgxml J.:1;' Boys orchestra have been engaged for the arralr ally decided upon and Lt mrtaznally Eouks like .3 hard one to ‘beat Nauurally. tme Stags. wmners of the league cup and the Blue Banners, run,n..r up. alnchegl several places on the lunar lzst. Included on the 1:15: are sa\1.:‘al you- thful sbars who no; long ago \\'e_I‘c max mg enviable records ‘in all branches as sports at Lackamaxma hlgh schoal 'I‘n.\ nme regulars. three pitchers and four subs compzslmg the team are bung nmclmd by Vzcwr C. Cemjewskx and Paul Hegedus. Jr. 1» manager Opposing the mun-icxpal clrcuxc Sluggers wlll be the regular 'I‘:1v-Its lzneup \Vh.LJl alone ‘ls e1u.L\gh 5 <1 \\r s r-.x~\ ‘.13 -L - ft-ated many or the oe-sun Wesnenx New Ydrk and Canada during the past unec- momhs. easily overcome all oppJs.nc.n to cap the Soutwh Buffalo champnansmp ‘n the Anxe-rlcztn IJ—g'10n sexes and is now convdered as the leadlng contemer in the Lmglon p1.\yo Eerles far the champlonshlp of Buffalo. H033 and \Valter1ch_ rated as the best The Knights of Columbus will have c!x:.:gr_~ ct me z‘a ! and the blanket 'bcJoth. ‘Dinner will be served unudex‘ the awsploas of ‘the Catholic Daughters kmd the Auxlllary Am ‘So- ciety mom 12 to 2 and 5 Lo. 8 p. In Sc‘h\\-ed. however, re-fused to crack against the suupc-r1at.1ve brand, or go]! and he won the mmch and title by halving r‘h(-‘ home In par‘ Bingo Game——Mrs. Margamt. McGln- ms, Chwzrmnn asslstwd by Mrs. James Remember the first prize entaltdcxs me wlxmer to 02.00 in merchandise upon one 01 the pamoipamng stores. the second prlua to 1.00 in meu~chim\d.1u.- and the third prize to 50 vqnts ‘in trade. The number 01 przzm ‘is deterxntnzcl by the number or answers ‘to the puzzle. 1! there are only two ans-wexs, ‘as this week ‘there will be twn prizes and it three amxvers. there will be three prizes. L ORBHESTHA 6 CHANGES NAME JOHN SHEA BACK FROM CONVENTION Mrs. Parukovia Dolmatin Funmal services tor Mrs. Paraskovla D:>lma.uu, -14 yzars. or 195 Dona street. who pasaea away Saturday following a three weeks -illness were held 'h1esday m|-rams from the mmuy residence and from thp Russlzux Orthodox chlmm 01 Bvu 0! which she was a member She was him Mllfe of Rank Dolmat-In. well known local fcstdent. Burial was made in Lakeside conxenexy. Try ILs—Re;ch 2b. F‘r.zzel 3b. T Probable hneup for the game will be John Shea. ndjutiunt of the Lackin- wanna. American Legion Post. returned Saturday evening ;n~om Brooklyn where he attended the sutute convention last M- as the delegnme Irovm one local past. He attended with -the Erie county dele- gmnbn ‘headed by wumam J. Magavem. mrxvm-g m Brooklyn last. \Vecmesds\'_v xmming zsnu axwioxpzxvulng in the thres days contab the lautér part 01 the week They stayed at. the St. George hotel while ‘chem. He-my J. \Vlns1c}:. c \ of {.129 Origin-u Jelly Boys orchestra. announc- eél \Vednescia.y ythavt the name of those pqpulal‘ melody dispensers had been hanged this week to Che Palm Cour: Revelers \Valtex- Cmosta LS ass-stam curector or this ongzxnlzamion and Joseph Poloncar. business manager Schrag c:‘ L Schrag If J Gallagher, s~—:. Comvlly c B Galhgher ss. Shan- 'nu1‘lers ln this section of the state. ml! *1: on hand to I *2 1mm out for the Try-Its. and Ray .\!=ul.lms. whose work on the key sack and at bat has been om- of the Iactms m mmy or 1;.‘..~. [(‘ttn5 vu- tarles ‘.h:s saason are amcmng me lum- mues xx-no wul n Lmngs. Lough lux- the oppoaman Sunday. Mu1l:ns_ bv the way Will prU'ba.01)' ‘be, lost to the lmtals soon as from all present l.!‘.tllC.it10l1~ he will be slgned up (or a. regular blur. the Buffalo Blsons next. ymr ncn r1. Hoag p \VulLench p A1lS‘.’aI—-)Is_ych_§~x‘ Domm.ak P'.a..n‘.s SIGMA KAPPA PHI ELECTS OFFICERS r1‘ Jura..:: St.w_'-1. c. J D:mn:—‘y Blue Bumeps 3b. Marcy sags cf. Mumcn. S\€__'.s .-.>. Swtaxssm Stags in Harman. Bl'.J'.’11 Bonnets. If H-llunan. Blue 3011- ue\'.s 22;. Aghata. Stags Ruszczyli. Ron!u.s Inn. p. \'!.'rta,lInr.-. snags P: (I ggzun. Blue B3x.m-L.~'. P Deoazued came to this (my mom Russia about five years ago and during that t-xme had made in host 0! friends here she was aomve In scam} and church actnvmies be- ing pmmlnently Jclemzmed wleh the Po).- ish National Alliance. the Ukrammlzux eoolety and the Rursmn Orthodox Church association. At a meeting held at the home or Miss Amena Moses of 38 Leland ‘Drive. Saturday evenmg August 27. the tollnviug; officers were electccl for are Sigma. Kappa Phi Soronty 0! Lackaxxmna: Px‘es!dEx_-2» Miss Loretta Laamskti. V103 ‘Pi‘esk\rm: Miss Dummy Hart. Sacral Secretary. M1~s Anna Cswxxyzws. Recurdmg secruary Mrs. Herbert Vzuugmn, Treznsurer. M555 Wanda Douox-wick. This group of local musicians. which was organized over exgm years ago. have been one 0! the most popular orchestras ‘far this section durmg that tune and thcxxstxnds or \V('6LE\!‘l\ New York ps-opln lvve enjoyecl then‘ tunzs on m.m<l oc- cmxons The Jam Bcys have furmshml znusir.‘ mt nmny local functions both public and private. sodlsu and Irm.em.u, They have been engaged to play at TRY ITS DOWN EASTER BRANDS 5ub.»~—S.aw.ck1 Lohrs Zcc-. infield; Purog Dnm1n.a, P-mu». h.::r=ld Pr2e\\'- lcckx, Domlmak Rants. In Surlvlng besides her husband are one son. Max. a daughter. Anna. and a. bz\3t~ hear Nicholas Tomulo. all 0! !.nck:n.vtmnn.. ITEMS OF INTEREST Try Its Softball zeam. llmmpelons of the South Butieclo Leglon league. opened their campaign «for greater hon- ors Monday evening. by zuixnlnlszerlng a moL=rl\'e 14-6 ntafeat. to the Easter Brands lxetbre a crowd or nearly 8000 people at Cazenovia Park. Bumilo. in the frlsv. game of the playoff series for the clmnxpllonshlp or that cnty. I-long. crack pltchmg ace for the lo- cals, kept the opnanents sluggexs well ll.\.!d0r -cxntrol all the way and toured bmelve of them we. me smkeout mum. Blll Allen. the Bx1and's hurler. man‘: (are so well wmx me St:.\=.l Clty ball clouuers and they banged mm for 14 blngles. me dance to be given Sunday avemmz. Septvecbsr 4. by Snsphen Vukss-uc Jr Mr. Doimaun has fbzen a wee] 1-mown A! sldent or this city for the past 20 yrs. Fouowmg the election a (HS(-'UC\Si0l1 ensued In which prellnunary plans were made for a fall dance. ' A Iuctous'1un(‘.heoX1 was tkuzn served to the menlbers by the hostess. Miss Amelia Masks. presndem 01 the 'I‘a:y It Botztnnf Com pany. in the Cx‘om.1on Church hall. The Lackawaxma I-Ixspnno Soccer 'c!u‘.) hohbexs at the N'0Ith\\‘v‘S1.€'I'l'l New York state challenge cup. have decided nut to enter a. team In the fall 5-5-.r|_3 or the Nxagara Fronuer Jcague, It was announ- ced rec:-m.1y Most of the players 0:!‘ the xooal club are -bung mgned up by t-hen-aw Bufmlo Oxty F‘ C xuxdar who n|umge- men: of Paul He The mspano club gamed possession (I the chanenge cup in the sprmg series when they made an envxznbke mcord by defeating the nest teams An thxs sectalon oi the state. Thqusands of reszdems of Lzzcl-zawanxlzw and surrcundmg ccm.mun2\.1es ha.\'\'e al- ready .xn<-nciecl the E. .-3 Ccumy Pair opened at the Han'vurg r.x1rgx-ounds Monday and \\':11 cont..m.Le- througnom £1114 weak. c.lcs;r.g S.\turtkay \\'Jv.h 4111:.- m<..11». t.:(.‘v Dy xxx: '..xx- lug:-\. rc-owal to attend was on mud )'t‘.>l€1'day when the LaCka\\'.1.nna B.x:%.‘baJl club plays me Sprmgvxlle '-eaam m \h(‘ of mo mam I81. rures (15 the Buualo may (V.-lcbmmon Mrs. ROSA B. BUSCH PEN WOMEN'S CLUB WILL ‘BROADCAST Funeral sex-evlcexa far Rosa Bmumer Busch. age 68 yezzrs. «were held Friday Mtemoon at 2:30 o'clock from the family residence 1990 South Park avenue. Rev. A. B. Herman. pastor oil‘ the Blasdell Presbycerxan church. omoiatcd. Mrs. Busch had been a n.V.m'ber of the con- gregation ux mm church (or many years. Burial was made In Pmspect Lzuvn cem- etery. Hamburg. Deceased was a pioneer resident or this city. She had lived in Ithe vicinity for awzr 54 yeam and was here long before I.ackawnnnu known. A large number at Intends and ncqualntantps. whom she had mtxde during her many years here. attended the sarvlotxs. NEW ENGLAND VISITOR F ETED AT PARTIES Mrs. Wxllmm H Whe.1.1e.n. Nason par}:- way. FISLIXD chmrmnn of the LE‘.1g‘lle of American Pen \Vome3.\ for Erie county. announced Monday that the next broad- cast of the 14.41,-‘ue mu be g'.\'en \‘Vb<lues- clay artnrnoau. September '7. over stamon \V‘ G R Buffzuo. M: 4:30 P M 1\i:us. Edwin A Smtt. pnesldent at the Western New York F‘edc-1-anon or Women; clubs. which ‘mclud_es appmaclmnzely 5,Q.0.0Q wc-men. ‘gm be the speaker is: this occasion. Her subject will be “What ‘K I-‘edemmon Means to the Women 01 Western New York\ Miss Mkxvbel E. Beads. 0'! Boston. Mass. Q; the guest of Mrs. Wimsun H. Whenlen or Nasun parkway. A luncheon In honor of the \'|.s.1wr was gmen Saxturday by new hwtess at which ulme as guests from Laclmwanna and Bmtalo were enter- tamed. Jockb l”-‘rlzzel. ‘h-y It third sucker, led the offensive {or the victors. collecting mu: mm In chances Imcluding a homer. -two doubles and a single. He also sored Iour tumee to mare Individ- ual hdnois. Jack Gallagher was another big factor in me nwlnmng drive with a homer. single nad two walks to his credit lot a perfect; da mat the plate. Mullins. with thme bmgles and shan- non with two also looked excseptzlonally good tor the locals. Cheektorxags 'I‘o\\'n bcm-d‘s plan for On Sssturday. September 3. M. Schen- ectady. there will ha held a com-ennon of .the Union at Denxocmmc clubs of New Yorl: State. a state wxde txrgamza won or all the De-mocmuc clubs thru out .the 54 caunue.-s. \\-men was formed prior to me uncxoml convention The business sasslon mu be marked by the fommtlon at a pentlmenc orga-xmuon «,1! thc clubs and me olcctton cl: perms:-. zzent omcers. . garbage collectmn has pmg1*essed so tav~ arably to date oiirxeuus an-nounced this week, that there 15 no longer my ques- tion about the humway supernzuzandenb be-mg able to abandon coll:-cmon c‘;u'ly :u September anl set up a n'e«\\' oollecmon system that yul cover evezy par: of the townsmp It is pmposed to dxvlde the town. mus six oonecuux cusmccs and DIQYZQP. for mumcxpal eolleculon 0.’ award 0! contract. Mkss Beers has been the gw::.ts of homo at several other parties during hear stay hem. Xneludlng those who have emer- tained for her are Mrs. Edward F‘. Boyer Mrs. Go.-‘orge A. Kerr and Mrs. Robert B I-‘cote. Mina Ben: is a member of one or the olden Iammes In Maw Engiand. is a whoa‘! teacher of experience Jud h.er knévircdji: at early mstm-y has been a» source of pleasure to her friends mmng her vial’. hem. ' Surviving are her hmband Frederick C. Bmch. two sons. William L. and Leonard H. and three (hnghun. Mrs. John 1-Insalink. Mrs. Carl Baxter md Mp. Claim P. ‘Dukaland. BIRTHS Boys wane Born to Mr. and Mrax Mr. and Mrs. Kasu Bojxwzfr \Yordan Gu1ro'It\ the womexvs branch of the Mfoedonlan porltdcxu organization at! thk city announced‘ the elecstlan 0! Mrs. Agnes G. Muted! as president at their first annual pxcnlc held recently in me grove at Ridge Road and Abmt mad. It was. tthe first affair at this kind ever sponsored by the organization and drew a large ex-owb_ the comxm.:t.ee 3:: ch urge announced. Eugene A. Duesh. suoweded himself an PROMINENT LOCAL RESIDENT ILL {me comrxusaloner or District 4 :or a. term at three years at the annual election held Thurstley evening m the that Seneca Fire LIEUT. CAWLEY FOR OFFICE‘ Chief Myers Leads Way As Local Down Wellsville- The many Qriendn of Grgur Mekic. «lib Simon avenue. who xrnderwvmt. 1 action operation In few days ago at the General hospital. Bumsio. -1111 be glad ‘to know that his condioion since has been nvonble at gun as carious. ‘name has neverrbaen any man in hckawauna who was any mono popular M‘ ‘better liked than Mr. Relic. A resident here !or oven‘ 2'1 ycua, he has been prominent. in the business, social‘ and ponvlcal zatnuu at the city during all 01 that time. 1-Vom.¥'ly the prop- rie o! s meat market said grocery in Simon avenuue. he eutabnmpd thc tqmtatiqn as being I mix‘ ind capable’ bud-neat man He has uso been a mem- tbdr of the hard. at Airbctors oi the American Ban): tar scvveml years which office He selll holds. company hall. m 1.cln'rotd, Fast Seneca. Desk Sergeant John Cawley of this Lnckuxanns Police Deputm-nit was pmminenuy mentioned as o pmiwble candidate Io: my gpaedimncy pi‘ me Wuzwm New York Pvilce associnuon at the regular mommy meaning 0‘ that on-guniutalon held in Wat Senna: lut Thunduy alteemoon. John Ban (1 Ba- mm. was also mentioned on 3 poaalblo undichie tor tht omce but mnny mam- hers in the Bu xumu-hon area have .cxptuud the opinion. alt an aid. ox-ache prdidbncy should ‘be confined ‘to one 01 the Erie county towns hacause of their lade pronmitg to lmalo and the lack. that they would ‘be fam with the many pn'oh\ems dime-tly centering in this locality. This opinion would mdke Lleut. Cowley the logica choice. The Republican Town cnmmma of We at Suteca held as annual basket picnic Sunday. August 23. In Fwd Want’: Grove Ebeneder. Ball games. moan and quoits wove teatumes of the days program. Tho Martha Washington club at West. Seneca also jomed Ln ms iesmviuu. The regum: xnwting scheduled not August 30. wad putpaned until next Tuesday. 6-3 Victory Over Allegany Clamps Give Lnckawunua Big Start in Pennant Race. Two More Battles This Week-End. battle. the better the 01119! likes at. and he as always at his but in the pinches. so much more to an ddsadvamagvc at the invaders Em‘ when they appeared they xwxo met with a barrage of books and c-tmnes. last balls and slow balls. which had them round from the start. And when at was over t$he'1ackawam1a we had M strikeouts. uloxx-mg but four hirsv. and had two home runs to his credit. The Evie County Colonsd Republican lciagne. Inc.. which consists oi! rmeen Republican clubs situated in Buffalo. Lsinc-um. Depew. Sardima and this any has endorsed Fred J. Robinnon {or sun'- IM and Wu! war); tar hit clectzion. The league has established hendquartek-5 at (19 Jeuerson avemh. Bumuo. and this location will ‘be ‘used for all activities (.1 the organimtion. Mrs. Gran Best. Mrs. Sophia Gilchrist and Mrs. Basie Taber mtumed home Monday mun Brooklyn, when they at- tended the state convention as dlleeatec of my American Legion auxiliary 0! west Samoa Post 735 It -was a. dark my In Wbnsvllle Sun- day and the sham wasn't caused by clautlel skies but was came down upcn them by the bulky form to Big Clue! Myers whose Indominnble pitching aber- ed\by some stellar hitting by ham hun- am and his tgeamxnabea. mused nuorc groom In tune hU\‘.,': xawn U! the Alle- gany ulrvult. chumps than the heaviest cloudbumt. omxd have done. Manager New lbattery at Myers and Wanna) mrulshed hte highlights of the day for they -not only ket. tun oontml oi! tthlngs on the defense, collecting ion!- or the six local hits and dniving In thme run.-.. Motmk. crack shovt. stop (or the hon]: texun. oontnbtuued the otzhcr t\v~:. hmgles or the day. Smnor. deserves plenty of credit in his arrow. for the losers. for but tew hurl- em 'hnv\.= ever been able to hem the Iona) aluuggers to but six hits and he nvgh: hm'e\ {area even foefter 1!‘ his suppo:-1: had held up in ‘hm pinches, He ills) .-;L::uuck mu: SIX men xmcl Issued but. um-co tree pawes to rush in seven m- nn-igs. The ~\\'€ek end nuts “\11! pretty \\n\\ (ioume who will represent the ‘\V£\<f‘.‘,l New York lmxguo in mm‘ state champ- loushlp games which are to ‘fallow. If the lot-ans can cop Me \Vall5\\u1e game on Sunday and down Blasdcu In the labor Day tray more can be little doubt of tholr gut-having the cmwu. Slmplulcuclou of the pmsexxt cumbexscm county government. by replacing the board of 54 supexwmrs with a bmxcl of rm; county commissioners as the legis- lzmh body of the !=‘.rbe coumy govern- ment and the creation of n cou.'nt-y mau- ngcr as the :u!xn1n':stx~atz1we head has been advocated by Frank E Fm:-dnmn. fonntx counoumtm and ox-supervisor. ms pinn would ‘not only sL:.1'f_v 1\-.v -;,o\'<-nnnentr but \vnu1(l cewxmrmizw kl‘JElL'Ol'c'l')'. ‘elunln- are ox-e-rlappxng .md duplication or admi- n‘.st.mu\'e dc pa.rt,mom.».. and would cx-2.11» an exec-uuve he-id. new ‘Iacmxxg m the cctunty govorsmxuxt. he said. Mr. and Mn. Fmnk Puuon and A party or menus (ram Bolivar. N Y. mobozvd to Cxeveland, 0 last week and weate spec- tatcxzs ‘at ‘the opening 0‘! the Natxonal Air Races in that my Saturday Mr. P111- lcm is a teller at the Amenlcan Bank and is also well known as the president or the L:—zck*mvnnna Butchers‘ and Grocers asso- ctauon Airways a devout! chum): mamber. Mr. Mektc hzlungs to the Omotzlon church here and has done much 110 aid in It: 1% and gmwth. He as 3 member of vthe Croauon Cuthunc Church Macluzy. the Lncknxvnnna lodge. Loyal Order ur Moose and of tho .Cm.m! !\mbernal Union. Ha!‘ has been romlnent in .tho nr \ of all these mgamzwtlons nun esoclnlly ‘In the Inner \v)1~-my he Ins held the vxrIc.\¢'.1r nfmres (.5 prasulntn vice president and scrokmy :m:l t;::.xs- mer at different. times. The cnatdcrauou of the \l3cTa' omcer for the post was made pcmible through the recent. adoption of is new bymw by the orguiimtalani which will be effective .mnu.'xry 1. 1933. The lamr permits desk men. 00 be eligible for ($10 or 0|’ president providing they pmvlou.-,1} had ‘bmn president ofthelr home pullcc.‘ club. Cuwloy has nhvays Ibev.-‘n an acuvo \\vorK's.-1' In ‘both meal and lrged police orgnizatxuns and was formerly px-widen: of ‘the 10211 nssoc.nt.Ion It. all happen:-<1 at the Stadium Sun.- day nluzmoon :5 the Lnoknwnnnn Bnse- lmll club. cham‘,-lmts 011' me Nox\.horn dahsllon. quolchcd um pcnnrnt nsp)ra- uons or the \Ve.\wx11 temm. champions. of the Allegnny (lxvlmon. by u tll.‘Ci.5l\'t‘ margin of 6-3. 1-. “us we first gains in the plnyo «cm-.5 in do:».'mm1c the chmnplo-nsmp ‘of we \Vos'tx~m New Yo:-.< Suburbml Newspaper League Mr M T Llzwln. a tener at the Amer- xcnn Bank. Ridge rand. ledt, Monday on .1 mm Weuks vacnrélon nvm his duues there. He :5 p1.mn:ng .\ trip io New York and :\tlnn’!c C!'t._\' during tlmrume Lleut Cnwley said he is not seeking the nomination and mm, ms many an- ties here make In 4llmd\‘L<'.I»h1('. for mm to accept adtlstionnl responsibilities. We did not smro that he would decline the non-Jlnutlon 1! 111'. were actually made» however. A crowd «of u\‘€‘I‘ 5000 “rdrvt fans \\'.-.rc on ‘hand to see the contest Iuclutlim: =1 large couumgom. from \Va1lsvme.. A non‘—psu‘:ls.\n Pmn}: J Oifm'm_un fa.r-sheviif club has -bun org“<\nlz.ed m South Buffalo and as comempinung an mt.en.sd\'e drive to Md In the the ole-cucn or that. popular Bxxffalcaxltux‘ t3 the. urftéo Thl» second mjetmg at ‘the new DI‘g:_u1;- zatm was held SA‘ «rdnyevenlng and plans, were oomph Led to persoxmny cm» mx an the voters ozwblxe Scum stlcle. ‘Mr. M‘gk.lc was Ins; taken 11] Sl1OI'Li_v‘ ~r. \ retummg from me n.1L.onl;h Cun- \\0nt.1cn or the Cl‘0‘alUO11 I-‘nternnl Union In Clxllcago last. June. ‘and has been all- lng since that time. He was a delegate :from Ime local orgaxuzutlon tub um convention, of the Imzuicose committee of the Ena- The monthly nxosvu-..g oi the members Mftclx pregame mpognndn hzui piv- cedrd the vlsmxrs have us to the wicked- mess lad‘ than‘ sluggars and the ‘M-:1lIt_\' or ‘thou pitchers and the 1315; Chief was all eat. to ml:-er. it. [for me tougher the County cuunc-11. Boy Scouts of Am‘:-nca was held F1'1d'.1y evening In the Bxmalo /nh1e(.1.c<Club cnmr H._ Cotton mks Aur- ora. oczmnxihtee clxalxman. prwlded at the meeting. ‘is-Nara i 1 -‘4!.:A4§4fAV%’M{N A PUBHG U8RM%’

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