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,,,w1 /4, ,~_ 1;; a’/:€‘::2' 4; \ ' 2- *~ ».-:..':~‘-,1 ».:{_..-re: ‘:1’: 5'-‘§-\.-Lt‘-'-:9. ‘~.:;:' ~ ~= ‘A,’ ~'-. -‘.1.':'-i ._~, 5%.’. 1 .,,‘__~‘ . '?;’I~~*2¥:7» 3 ~ - ‘.-~*‘ ...~«. v u, H\ ,,;.‘_'._.».‘,:-.., “w; ‘ . “ ' a -v.-- — .. ,r 0.74 {‘:Y.‘}7.=i\” ME£€.4i:WA~NNA -PUSLHJ 5 « ' J ’ 1“\:s:~... s~'-It ‘I V 4' $1 73°‘ 1 , . 4;‘ «,5. “-4 w, :2; 5 ' ‘ % V.‘ L\/5)‘?/;_;f_’ ' _ I , , . . ~ 3: . \ ‘ I: V, V ‘ V V. g ‘ ‘ ). 3- h , _ E, news In General \ '1 .1 , ». “ “ > . 1 A 3 Social and ‘Sport or- $v'm_._v' i V‘ 1 /f I . \ v ’ 2 wlnckawanns _ ._ _,____ ,,, omt‘-ml Newspaper II .—.*.£%.‘~=»'s*.*:-“El \' \\ Z-\W -'7\: .533-115‘ «F ¢.:s.~x,:x-‘~*-‘».. . -.—.«'v<.<'.~\‘: '—«*“' . ..... . , -‘«~..:n4.::.:.'~.-t.m‘;»,-.- VOL. 1'7—-=-No. 24 Lackawanna News, -Lackavvanna, N. Y., Thurs., Aug. I8, 1932 ‘PRICE Sc-—-$2.00’ PER Mrs. H. Johnson h:fNew ‘lnustry Pu¥;l_¢: Winner; Here .Lac%kawan.nan:s B«ecrofme% Sailors on Annual River Cruise 0h:i:|d;r:en Will fetature %Pmgram In Labor Day Eelehraétinn Here Frolic at -Edgewater Draws A‘ Large Crowd of City and County Notables. ‘led >1lgl1tly from those or ordinary sailors. ‘such as ‘cards and vm'L'us o'.he: games for entcmnlnmem. skory telling‘ -‘(xmd there were champions -ln= the Mt present) quuvuettes, (there were some _cr.cs ‘here t:o| and stag dancing also proved -populm‘. supper was served on tine return Jour- ney. This as well (1.8 other meals was arepnred undo the supervision of 'Hru'ry‘ Wmer. famous cmtmenr. who served Pmsldem. McKm»ley ms lav:-1-. supper. /All‘ or muse pressnt. ‘huwcver. hoped that It. wouldn't, be also ms: supper l.l\z}_t he‘ ‘se-rvccl them and were inclined to make’ m'x‘n.:1gement,s on the spot tr) -en:-'uge mm for time next» mm~ua‘l nf-fndr. Here is the. soiuuion to the Puzzle The spring Perch Company, one of the -[hm Pny§ .c0m,e_5g 11, 11.5; wQQ]{s 15,-“G oldest suupplieis in the aummobiio In- .“ me Lnckmvmnm NW” l(iuVsl-ry, i:iae5 1c-c-nntiy c mp‘1e'ecl tn» 1-“- .\'xunc--.'i‘iw -llurgnlu Store. m°\“‘ ‘°‘ “'5 “-“‘“‘€‘ D'HH!» f!‘<:n‘- Bi“i€i\'.0- ,l.eu_mmm___‘\mm“ “me. pom. (.mm.. o: Inei<.\-'...m.xL N4 Y And ham are me -,v,;m._-m; I 'i\h\.< move is regnrciccl in the in(ius- l-‘lr~;t—.\lr.-a. ll. .luhu~un. G7 \W \‘ ’‘'“ '”““\“\“°\ 9‘ \‘°‘3‘(‘m i1>1‘<\*‘ lkmul. lilltfnlo. :;‘_“_n_“‘; PW‘-r‘-'5 m’1‘1‘\\.'i'f>‘UI‘crs. who S(-.(-mui~—l.or«-ttu l{y~sI.i:n. 11:11 .\i‘«-i{’In- bumoes )3!\ e:‘:)c:‘1',P ! .'\\~\ P“”“\“~\‘ 'I‘iu'n'1gix’tri1r~ srimtz study or phiit Retiums began W come in e:u.iier mm location. tins p:mcu1nr Ccn1r.~.1nv fmnci ever this week. In fact the [).\;)(‘1‘ was at pr.-ym1m1_n to mow. H n pmxft. m.m.,., out less than two hours -bet‘ 1' cine first in sou,-ae of 11;“! n1,_u.mL, mm, H, miiswers were mailed n\('orci1ng_ to the xmu-kets. ipostmor-ks no the Pnveiopcs .'I’ixis .‘s a The spun“ Porch C,.,,,.m,;.y m !m=i~ record because no -.m.=\vm‘s hum‘ been \ass 1“ B,.xd_,m,m.t m 1843 and ‘ms m_ mR\°d m Mme 9° °“\\y b°I‘”'°' Bu‘ cc'rpo1‘:m:d in 1854 as n n1\m1f'nr‘1V,u*.-r of 1\ 5‘h°W5 me Wm‘ 1“'\““°’ed ':\\°“’s\ ctuwiurve springs and curitixige htudv urn people are taitiyrg in the contest nnd mm as “$195 and hunks \ ' thm. everybody must he on their toes if ‘ tiléy expect to get their results 1.; rm time to have 21 chance for a prize. How- ever, don't. make the mistake mm. 20 ‘mtmy imve in me past. at being in such a hurry that they fail to check their answers and overlook .<.on:c minor point which naturally looses t.-hem men‘ chance for in prize. The Bargain Sucre. ioemed at 1030 Ridge ‘road. hadies u complete line of shoes for all the family at reasonable pricces and the telephone number. Abbott 5022. is that 0! Try-II. Bever- ages, Ridge road. well known makers of the best in soft drinks Julius ‘Baiorek and Nicholas A. Hegedua Chairmen of Observa ance. Mar Snm Was‘-011. Mrs Joseph Jennettl. Mrs. Jnhn P111 on. Mrs. Jane Kmg, .\'}\s. Wallum Ambor.sm. Mr: Fran!-: PUl.:m, Mr-= J-xm-.5 Redmond. Miss Mary Bonner Mrs. A1r.nsI.- Pulkow.-kl. Mrs. N E. M:-Donlud. Mrs Henry Sylvester, Mrs I‘hr/mas Bodkin. Mrs. Henry Joym, Mrs. Fr.mc.~ T.-rquznu. Mrs Anthany Llamas, Mr». J..s.-4.1’. :.iuzn\Dn. Mrs. Paul Garcia, Am. ‘RHLU-It. Mrw Mnry Jrhn‘-on. Mrs. Sally Gr.e:.. P.xtr.cl'. 1\’.’1\T':xl.on. J.‘hn L‘m;Eun.;. Guorg: Burg-rd. George P p- (.;X, Gexigr: Bucc-K. }Io'.v.-ard MCCLLlluz‘. It is seldom that reualizmlon ex:-1' equals expeomuinoa. but. such was the «case Weclnesciny. it. was -uinmnimously de- ~cid*ed by the r..e.ariy 300 Lncicwmm-.ms, whio dolled all their worries and cares and max on vinsbeucl their ‘best. holiday spirits and mr. re and joiwneyed with City Clerk Julius Bnjorek as host. up the Niagara river to Grand. ‘I.S1illiL1. le- uunlng again in 5119 evening after near- ly 12 hiO1lI‘S oi‘ frolic and funf Businessmen. lawyers, doctors. pull i- -cinns, policemenc. Iriemen. and clerks.‘ Thye were all there yesberdxiy. Manly or ‘them arriving at the moat-. of Amherst .st:i'eet ‘long before 10:30 the zippmntc-cl‘ time for smiling. so that, as seldom hap-V ipens on such occasion, the home got off at the appointed nme. It was the same‘ spirit of youth which makes children gal: up long before the upual time on ‘Christmas morning. which predcmninuteci in all or tlmse usu.x.1ly sazlcte anal x..- i- ous men and com.iuued to hold sway throughout the (lay. As soon as the gang plank was pulled‘ Lin ‘and rthe Iboats hnci their moorings .21 bulilet breakfast was ready for the '=’,‘ll6L'~.tS and everyone more than clicl it‘ justlice. So muuii so in fact‘ that it- 'began to appear that many a.ppetit.s ‘Would be ruined for the chicken (lip.- ner which was to are served 9. short two\ moms later. But is appeiared. to be more -0! an appetizeu‘ instead and mzmy were ‘the poor chickens whose careers came ‘to an ‘abrupt end to the satisfaction ('1 .2111 present. ‘Then came Edgowater on Cimnd Zs-’ land and the Laukaxvanna sailors like will othre sailors the world over whne they reach port were soon ashore. Then?‘ a varied program was soon being in-’ diiuged in by who mem‘bes with 11 ball 'game between some of the old time ri- vals tin the crown of the hig!hligl1ts.| Many also soon hunted up bu-thing .~£~uits and took mil advantage or the' .-swimming fnoll=iuies there. 'I‘hn~e who P601 um there Is no work Uwtse day.» shnuld um complnn be! re Cmy (‘A Mr. Julms nj.1‘e-R F0: 1.: 4».-ouer hat!‘ ‘h~ (\1m])l(“1l\(1 the large amount. at \\Jrk r.\mu.k-rl ur pluvmg hm. to the my Lu nhlch hn p.-wcd nn lrkzrl ‘mm M (ht trucln:-m.n1 C.ty Cle-11:3. »ut-1;‘ than he {fund hxmsnlf with nnut-hc-1' ‘b,-1 jab -01. ms mmds Mm! as gamma) Duy c‘:-lobrzulnn. which will be rm <11 lh 1n,t majc. rcny c‘o,-w:v.mt>s of the Guor,4v Waahmrtx---.1» lxr*z-n’:-nr.u1 And I crmrsc this is in nclcut.-1011 to his 1 Ms\.yor Wnluer J. Lcihr .ni\vays p p- ulnr at any ga'ti\e1'ing. eucc-x*.t.n1neri fl 1:\rg9 group ‘of the guests wit.-h his best. storlvs. _ Anrither civic fathcr, Leo Jarzmbow- sin, mayo to! Lake Erie Beach. was present and played Km impo1'mnL put 31 the soxftbnll contest. He showed plenty of his old time form and can-_ xxecteci for some imrci ones. which went‘ 0 nthe wrong side of the 1'c:u,1 line,‘ ‘h.c<\vover. and he Dinnlly struck out. City Clerk Julius Bajonek was kept ll‘.u5_V every minute looking after the «welfare or his guests but seemed to getf as much enjaymmx-t out of the work, as the others did out or play mad ui-7 ways had a smile on his moo. A rain storm came up during the last‘ few miles or the journey Mir 9. real wavy gale blew down just as the boat was docking but it {tuned to dampen any '02 Ithe spirits of the cxtnv and after -0 short wait they were soon on the way‘ home again via. many automobiles. Amng others who attended. not before n.:r.l..3nrd were Fred Hoptinger. super- intendent. of the Erie County Hall: Mr. Lnwis Romurwuwski. Deputy chic! probation amcer; Mr. H. Brown. state’ edmor at the Buffalo 'I\i.mes: Mr. Ralph I-Ilnimon. subuuvbnn editor of the But- mlo News: Lleut. M. Reid. 0:! the East Aurora police department: Councilmen. Thomas Warren. John 1’-‘. Aszider, Ed- ‘wtu-d Donowlck. Fire Chief Frank R.vs- zkn. City Judge John R. Plilion. {ormer city clerk Nicholas Hicgedus. Dr. A. S. Culmwskl. health officer; Anthony Fal-, cone, cmxumixn or the board of assess- ors nmi City Trnsurer Paul Tomuim. A('i.\‘l.\' C-lL\'lR~.\I.\N ulunr duties In cnp.u'::y at c.z;.' um-1: A.=«;..~,\11.c: Mr Bvx._1.>x'n-1: m mukmg ar- 1'nngement.s hr the event are Nmo1..=. A. I~1~ged.\1us. sc-c1'et.1ry to Maycr Lclxr ns \'ll‘E'-ChE\lI'1‘m1l1 and a large genera‘: commmee crnopa-med of many prominent Lnckm\':mn~n It-zzons. It has pIu\’!'(l wu p!ct‘u'rc«<que pm‘! In the nutqmohle xnclusm-y_ (m1! is thought. to be the first supplier of svprmgs for the nutomob11n mule. Amncg the plomver coma for Whlr-h Sp\lng Perch suppllod spr:nq= wore Oldsmobile. Sbex-ens-Dmyen. Pope-Hn~t.- 1'-ardu -Pope Tnlr‘-do. Pope Wzwtmly and the Electric‘ Vehicle Conypzmy products Ivnlucled ln mhc progrmm of the 11:)’ “'11 be a parade of Limurands or local cmldren. represom.1ng all natlonalmes In the city nnd all or the various organ- Jzzmons Following the parade which will romrcne at Lnckawnnna Stadium. south Park avenue. there wlll b: an extent.-xve prugmmf held where 1'a.Lurlng ncldresses by pramment speakers. ocu- tests or variuu skmxds. exhrbmorgs. en- uartmnment and the delayed a.th.let.c pvogrom. which was postponed from the July 4th celebration. Included on the tommlutee for ur- mngements are the following: Julius Bajorek, cnalnnanz Nicholas A Hog:-clus, Vice»-chru1rmn.n The Thmmxs Flyer which won the New York to Paris nrouncl me vzorlcl ncwe. the only AmL~:'1c21n cm‘ to enter, was equipped with Spriny Perch sprmpi. Likewise, various Lccomo'bl1e nnd Alco winners In the Vandcrpm; Cup races were swimlimrly eqwlppezl . Many of iihe original Dusenfbery rnolnb cars w1.:r:h ‘were built and driven by Dustenherg himself use dsprmgs of this mainline- utter. Annual Frolic ,1} I, The company was also prominent in warmme mnuumcture. mukln springs ‘for Pierce Arrow and Packard truck: At the present tin‘-5. n «is a supplier {or many or the leading mu/omob-11e arm- pamles. John .C. Hztwley. president or the compamy. looks upon this move as mamldlng a new em or gmwth In thr- atmlrs of the cmcem. 'Automcb1‘e ’buyers are be-cnmnig increasingly ex- acting -in their requirements. and ‘it is believed that. the opportnirles for qual- -wy equipment will be greater than mt any ulmé in the past. JULIUS BAJOREK Fourth Ward Association Will Hold Annual Outing Sunday August 28. General commIm.ee‘:———Mrs. Hattie Jack owska. clmlrrrl-n, Mrs Walter J L hr. Mrs. John Aszkler. Mrs. Edward Danc- \\-cik. M15. Walter Paryz. Mrs. Thomas Warren. Mrs. Fer.-r1 1:1-1 :. zok. M\; M: r- tha Drozdowsl-:1. Mrs. Mary Trelln. Mrs Mary S~.vz~‘.c. Mrs. Fmnces Gas:ew1cL. Mrs. Mary Joblowskl. Mrs Mary sures. Mrs Josephine Walewender. Mrs. Cur- 1'16 Ksssowskl. Rev. Richmond. Mrs Ju- lius Karsa. Mrs. Juhua. Sag}. Mrs. J.hn D. Doyle. r\'l's. Mary Kum. Mrs. L:-«us Nnrkns. Mrs. Nicholas Verng. Mrs. Ver- rm Nagy. Mrs. John Boky. Mrs. Nicholas Bodnnr. Mrs. Gabriel Moinar. Rev. Betty. Revlr‘ Julzus Zalmny. Mrs. En:/.21-baxh Grzybovuslci. Mrs. Samuel 'I‘u'.t,1e. Mrs Nollie Muhoney. Mrs M. Melant. Mrs John Crosta. Mrs. Pamrlck Kerrxgnn. Mrs Mrs. John Pemnk. Mrs. I\I.1I'§' Serbach. Mrs. Lotbie M. Avery Mrs. Clyde .-\t'h- ernon. Miss M'ax‘y Mox1ag1\a.n. Mrs. Ches- ner White-hn. Mrs. Elmer Dean. ‘Mrs. Mary wlzxdnrczyk. Mrs. Mona Gmon. Boy Secure cmn1.1iTee:-'R,ev.”— Koblc-lski. Troop 21. ‘St. Mrhnels church: Rev. George M101-:e1s,en. Tropo 23. Beth~ :1 Presbyterian church: Rev. Harry W. Rlchmcmd. Troop 22. Frienship House. Camp Fire Curls comm!t.tee——Mls'+ Bomber. Frlendslnp House. Girl Scout Conm11mee—C0mmuz.1t.y House. Miss Charlotte Bromley. Br-the-I church, Miss Bessie 1.4-gee. District. 13, Drum Ccrps. Mrs. Chralotte Bram‘ey. Honorary com.m1Ltee—Hon. Walter J. Lohr. Hon Jcihn R. Pulxon. C.1ty ’I‘reas~ uner Paul J. Tomnka. Corporation John W. O'Connnr Edward Dunomck. John A.»z}:‘lL-r, Wnlter P.u'yz. Thomas Warren. Anthony Falcone. Jxzseph Mc.La.u<;h11n., Wxmam shefrer. Ray R Guson. 1=‘.;.n): Ryszka. Supervisor Robert M. .-Xvery, wchael Joyce, Joseph B Egan. Mr. and Mrs. Coleman J. Ehrmann. Plans (or the annual crating or the Fourth Ward Demlocrntllz club whlh will be held at 'I‘omcz.uk's Grove. Abbott roa data Smokes creek Sunday, August 28. are rapidly nezuunzg cmpletlon. :: was announced thls Week by James Galllgau and Bury Rolls. who are in charge of armngements. Tickets for the event are now being sold by members 01 the vazxlous commut- tees at. 9. nomlixal prloe zmtl include acm- pons worth ten cuts each at the various oncesslons. whlcn are equal to the pur- chase prlce of the tickets. Included on ‘the pllogmm will be It In?! gmnc between two tlx-st class teams. races. entertain-‘ mom, and refresluxxanls. All too soon the baazt whistle rblew 'tmd tits one-day sailors retugrned to their duties for the cruise home. 0! course thdse dutiise may have var- In the new plant. her. Spring Perch has C\‘l\h1X’l\11lv'.’d its policy of aclvmlcecl engineering. H. C. Dow'Is chic! ex‘.- glneer. and succeeded ms father in mm poslbion. The new plant: has the hut- est devious in manuafactru and re- search faomtles. £us Service opened Monday two times ‘because of this service. The route will be (romra. loop in Me- Kinley parkway. Downing street, Abbott road and Ramona street. over McKJn- ley parkway vo Abtyatt road, to Bailey my-nue and thence northerly Ito Win- spear avenue. _As soon as consent to pernmt opemtdon .111 Bailey nvenuc be- tween Wlnspenr avenur-. ma lwladn street has been dbtndnecl from the Tovwn of Anl-henst. the company will extend the service to Mnln street. Charity Office Moved Monday Pubhcxty comm:t.t.e2—1;eona.:d King. Joseph Mccurthy. Harold Mcbovnen, Pa-‘ul To\vnsen:1. Fred. \V'1m.e. ‘Many Lnckawnnnans have been bak- ‘xng advantage or (me new Bauey-M;cKm- ‘leyl bus route of the nnter1mt.1‘onal Bus Corporation which began operation Monday morning wljm the flrst bus :started over the new route at 4:12 :1. m. tram Abbott road and Ramona. avenue, Frequent; service will be nmlntalned -dlmmg the rush hours dn the n ! and axtemoon .w11¥1le dmrlng c'l'.her hours buses will operate on n tawenty minute schedule, omdmls 01 mm company an- nounced. Memzers who are nsslstmg in m‘x'tmge- nwnts Include the fallmvlng. J. Monaglmn. J. Galllgan. M. Malmn. J. Carroll. .1. R.<-dmond. N. Eugxux, J Mc- Hugn. A. Kenms. W. Cm-roll. M. Wlnnert. J. Houseman. P. lvhxmglxnn. F‘. Skzpper. L. Cawley. M. Ryznx. W. Mlortlsscy, F‘. 0’Br.len; W. H. McDonVd. '1‘. Mcnanzxlcl. M. Hughes, J. Kelly. J O'Couners. P. Tlghe. '1‘. Warren. F, Lnngml. J. McC‘vm- mas, R. Reap. H. Dillon, E. Kennedy. J. Manning. Conference Here Held Most Succesful M‘:,udz\y morning saw con=lc1er'a»biy less acnivity about City Hall thqn hrs prob- ably ever been appment slrce the city's hantlqunmers wnre buili:—:md not be- zause any new slump has his my 0! the various city d£=pzLr’oments——«1)ut. because the aitice or Charity Commissioner Jos- eph B. Eagan has been mowed to its new mention in the Memorial buiiditig-. ’I'he.move was made necessary in or- der to provide nddiitionral space for the Chm:-i.t.y office. the former one having been entirely inadequate to accommo- date the hundreds who daily throngod there be make nppucamion for Home Re- lie! or Work R:.~1'et. As it msuxr. me up- per corridors of the City -hall were cmwded. both morning tmq afternoon. with the ovlscr from th 1.-Charity entice, biociclng access to the offices o! Mayor Walter J. Lmhr. (hrporntion Coun- ael Jom W. O'Connor, Judge John R. Piiiiion. Dr. A. S. Culkawslcl. health om~ niszliqzxet guns! oi.-‘ner !00!n§ on that ffnr. Offices Ion vaamt by Mr. Eklgun are to he turned over to the Health d£Fm!\f= menu for clinic work. 11: -was indicated. Dr. Ouikowski stated that there mu! been need for addlixionai Space his gepgmngm tor aumfisimo past anti t-— nccw oi would mp gmanly to am‘:- vinte this Iieéd City Sells . Tax Notes To Pay Employes The {are on the route is ten cents wimh Ixmversnl transfer pnivclege to the st:-net cars or Ibussazs, or both. Children between 5 no 12 years are carried for half Isle of cents. Children under years not occupying n. cum to ma exclusion of revenue passengers are car- A_ mshom W‘ Greom W‘ woods. W. rled tree. A layover pnlvelcge will be wmmen L‘ Burke‘ D. Murray. W. sk'p_ 3\‘“‘°‘‘ 3‘ ‘he S°“”‘ ‘““‘ °‘ W’ ’°“‘° per .1 Kllcullen F culmon F men. pennittlng northbound‘ passengers to J ‘Ku'O°yne W’ Sim“ E. l')us;mdo board nt. any stlop an McKinley park- J’ Mccmu; W.\ ,)o;,':n M mmley way. souyh or Ramona street, or on T Bodkin ‘J B'an;el_ \3 “nu H: Downing street, or Abbott mad. mung M‘mmch E‘, éurke ' ' ’ around the loop and oomrlnumg the! ' \ ' journey northward (or 3 single fare I The new route will provide through -‘service In McK-lnley parkway nad Beul- ey avenue from in point near me South Bumlalo city Llne practically no the North Bulstalo city mne. ‘Local reslclmts rwhuja desblwation lies along the new mute will save much tune and often the bother 01 having to mmister Irom one to Lnckawxuum any employees appeared at work Tuesday momzng with their faces wrewthed In smiles and all because of me see-1: Thee. gramous Lord “In glad obedience to Thy call. We '10 Know '1h_v w.H, to s::—.r\e 'I'hy muse, announcement made by City 'I‘r€.-asurer Paul Tomnka at. the -.:emxmon.h1y meetJ\g or the Common C;-uncll Monday night to ‘me meet that the city had sold tax note amounting tn $125,000 to the American and Laclmwanna Nanloml Bauks. our engex hearts are st.il'rd Spear 10 us -by Thy Sp-.r:L. Lord. ; As 1'0 Thy seers of old: _;’ May we from Thee wxsdom gam. our wuhng w mold.\ \The place where Thou wouldst but us serve. The work that we shoull do. To build the Kmgdom of Thy Son, Brings clearly to our view, Then may our lnmost. sulrlt. lord. 3‘ Eeépond unci Thy win. And as we wall: where Thou» dost: guide; 0 be Thou with us still.\ Season Due Hundreds Guest of Ladies Croup . at Barbecue & Field Day The I.nckn\-mnm-. Nnmanl Bunk purch- cased $65,000 of the total and the Amput- an Bank the mmnmdng 360.009. Tné tax notes will come due on December 31 or with :5 12:9;-glpgz bf espelally worth- while attractions, Shams Seneca will launch its Gleaner Enwrtalnmewlm Sea- son. beginning Sunday. This wlll mark. according to an umoruncemnnt (tom Michael sneak omoe the preoentaldmm 0! the (tab of cm: wldelythemldsed 1932-33 hereon sham. this year. All or which mums that the citys mu- nicipal employees can look lorwaxd t.‘ pnydays in the rutune an something more than just another nu:-tuber pn the calen- dar. At the present time employees have 2-12 rnianths ‘back pay due them.’ A resolution was nL=~o presented at the meeting on behalf of 28 city officials and employee: oonmbtrtzing onn days pay per month to the city welfare department to be utnd for home named’. The donatioxx is retrowtlve (mm January 1 and will ext- end throughout the aux-N.-nt year. Mamm- en 01 the vanious othexs city department including the me. pollen and. health de- ‘pamnma. hnvo pmviosly made similar contributions to the city. Father Baker Acts as Host At Gala Event Held At His I-‘um-;—-Children Have Great sical program. Entertaiinxm-I was also Iurmishbd by this grudp during the din- ner which was \ in th huge din- ing room. -Included in the events of the day W3! 11 baby parade gymnastic drills by 3 number of Father antes\: boys. and of caursa card. games too entortntn those who prefer that ddverument. Condy booths, doll booths and re- treshnjent stand: wens also much in evidence to mid their ‘part to the oc- casion. Baseball glows. hats. watches knives and‘ quoita were awarded tzhe mull winners at the contests. It was estimated that nearly 1500, people tram Lnckmwanna And Buffalo were present at the ‘barbecue and Iieid day. lnciudnig represenaaxxlveu irom every pnrvish an the two cities. and aid- ed in making the day as great a. euc- ccu financially in ii: was an other ways Proceeds will be devoted to Father. Baker’: Homcc at chn'm.y. Mrs George W. Plohi, president of the Ladies Aid society. existed Msgr.‘ Bnkhr in receiving the guests and in making everybody feel happy. She (‘so prmt the many local membars or the veu<iou5 cmnmitmen for their wrok and occornpitishmemzs in making the mtfnirs :1 success. Tuesday she sent 5:. letter to Mrs. Lucia. Curran. pvesildent oi the Ladies‘ Aid Society here, thzmkim; her and mt-mbcn; of this society for m'rnng« inn; the dinner, of which they had charge. Chairmen of the committee in charge of nrmngommts included the toll:-wing! Publicity, Rev. Ed.\vm‘d J. Fergvr trrms- portation, Rev. Bernard J. Younghluhh, nrrangcmnts. Mr. Frank '1‘. sn(.th; sup- per. Mrs. Lucie Curran; doll booths.‘ Mrs. I-‘rank T Smith: Mr. Wil- liam P. Nathan; refreshments, Mr. Frank J. Cxm-: cnrcls. Mrs. Lawrence G. Corcoran: music. Mr. Daniel J. McKen- zie nmd Mrs. Ethel Mason Lee‘; cmidy booth, Mrs. Eugone Summers; Mrs Joseph A. Mcswueney and Mrs. John F‘. M.cKinney were in chlarge of transporta- tion from Niagadu Falls xmd Lwiston. Such were the sentiments of tin nearly 250 young people who were gath. ered hem last week from al1'parts of the country to attend the sixth annuu! oonlerence at the Hungarian Christian Endeavor Uurlon or Amp:-lea. nu ma Hungarian Presbyterian church. Ridge road. The conference opened Wednu. day axtetrmoon roucaxvmg the tbrmal closing or the annuax oozxfemnce of the National Hungarian M \ ! uncen- tlcm. held earlier In the weak M. the same ohumh. and cltsed Friday even: lng. ' (Jacpb Colo) The term Greater l.'.ntcri§a~lnmeni; Sen- non is used c odesignate the launching of what. is claimed to be the finest dhqwa ever uttered in Shea’: Senses. If the i.ezitzart.ivo lineup on the screen can be talpn as 3 criterion, the entertain- ment .i’or 1032-33 mic/uicl m’nl‘o than carry out the promise cit improvuneui. in progrxuna. This promise is suppormd by reports from the iuuung pdctur epm ducera. who are doivmtlned to outdo men other in bringing to the public the world's best stories. perteet produced and featuring popular stars. Shea’: Greater Envizertainmmt season will ‘brim; bo shes’; Seneca in -in inaug- ural week an outzatxuiding army of m- umphs beginning with tum leading pic- iluns at the season for Sumiay Monday and Tuesday. The yum Million Dollar Legs and Week Ends Only. Wednes- da. ynnd Khursday they will offer New Morals For Old Inpatient Muiden. be presented Friday ‘aha Saturday with Lowe Riackei; and Spirit at the West will special child:-en's ma-ulnce Saturday. Extra mlms will be shown at the muti- nee. It would be. difficult indeed to find «min person among the hundreds or hdtmliz ma chilldnn. whio wiere the of the Ladies Aid Society of the Work- ing Boys honle M; a gala meld day Ind barbecue. held at Father Baker‘: lnrm. ‘South Park Avenue and Martina Rona. Monday diiemoon who would not sin- Aoexely any that they had one or the bean giiniea of their lives.’ And on one -onjoyed the ewim: any more than the \117. Rev. hjagr. Nelson H. Baker, himself, who acted as host to the members and ‘aunts. and fully lived up to his repu- tation of being unsurpassed in that ca- 'pocity. Nedutlier were any at the children. who ‘went: continuously romping around and enjoying themdelveo like Romans an a holiday any more active than I-‘mixer Baker; He greeted nu.-wcomem at the gate and. conduciied them} aliom. the '.iu_nn which is one of the beauty sptts -01 Western New York. H eshowocl them the cottage which in ember from which ‘the working oi the farm is mxmagml: the spacious dining room and the vari- ous facilities !or serving rctncsiimencs and !or ‘mud playing. Outside they were shown how an modern farm is operated with the most improved ‘oi 'mi1chinary in x-. qumint ‘setting of low whiln and green buildings surround- ing cenitrnl courtyard. Ai,=o- ntid'nrv 9. 'h'on1cly aspect: to the he-tiiyg where IL ‘variety at brightly ctlorczi iic\'.‘r.-‘s and m iamge Iiocck oi pigeons. g Music was furnished nlmosb co:1f.i‘t'.- ~oiusly to mid to the zest of thv \mu servcics inclutilng .1 color:-ri jazz band ion. Three orchestras ‘donated their \which made a big hit with the child- ‘ren. Daniel J. McKenzie Leo Considlnc. Mrs. Ethel Mason Ice and Miles Eleanor ‘Cox-cor9.‘n aided in arranging the mu- S. L. ‘P. PLANS OUTING SUNDAY, AUGUST 21 Arrangements for the picnic and out mg unde: the auspices 0! this socialise Labor Party Fedemtlon (bunches of Lncknwnnna to be held at Webbnvs Farm. Nbott rand opposite Fisher road. on Sunudny. Alguat. 21, no exlmpieced. It was mmvounced today by omcmla o! the party. 9 The clue! purponias of the conremnceu are to promote Clrnstlxm fellowship and to study modem prdblema and the ap- pucamon of Cm‘1st.'s teaching; to them. It wu the unanimous opinion or all who Awendcd this war’: guflfirrmg that It was the most successful ever held by ‘the group and advanced much further than ever betc/no In the accomplzlshment or its purposes. The progrant of nctivltdes included daily ‘devotional services nppoixxtxucuu. addresses. by several prominent speakcn I5-om vinrlous parts of the ~ounu-y and meetings at members or 121: four diffu- ent groups into whnch the . on werg divided. These groups each take up 3 different. deptmrtnacut. of them‘ work nnd trim on the Iuml My each group re- parts on their tmdut.-s before the en.- tnre u$cmbluge so ';mt, \all may beneflz. Can.rerenc<‘s next. year will be held n Chicago wtih a. tentative date set us the third. week an August OIfLC-C13 elected for the coming yea. include the following 2 A number 01 wxpayexs residing on W0-‘ od street and Roland avenue preeonbed a reaolutiian aainlxc mat the sanitary ae- wer 1n that diemci be cleaned as it does, not give the pmper drniimgo and during heavy rains cellars in mine homes on those sweets become The request was rcfcri-ed to tho Commissioner 0! Public‘ Works for action. The problem or cc-ihrs also bu-mI0l'h‘ residents of the Sec- ond ward zmd nxpnyc:-s (mm Electric av- enue and Mhpie Grove scahion petitioned that the Maple Grove sewer be connect- ed with the suwer on the west side of Electric avenue which {they believed wou- icl correct this condition. The request was rcfcrrocl to the city engmeer for (I report. Festivities which mu sum it 10 a. in‘. will include I barbecued lamb mast. games rolmihmunra of all kinds and dancing with good music. ‘A feature a! the pr:-gram will the xx wrestling match bebwvzon Nick Karchef! and Steve Ko- ionvns. Uwo well matched rlvnls. \ short nddmss on the prlncipals and platfoim of the party will also be given W a prominent speaker. Evuybudy is invited to Mtend and them will be no chumgo for admission. WINNING S0!’-\l'.BALLERS CHALLENGE POLICE ‘LOCAL GOLFERS CHAMPIONSHIP PLAY The Enslcc and Chmslc sofmbull Lenm. formerly the Bunglea. won I: nlp nu‘ mick battle over the crack City C:-awt nggregnblon. to the mu oat\ 5 to 3 at (he McKvm1e_v and Columbus cllamoru Inst '-I-‘rldny. Both teams were at the top at their form and the conu=st.- was in doubt unt:11 uho tlnnl ball was pitched. Manager Sherwood Oronkltle of the vlcbora ummuncetl this week that they would llke to arrange a {game with the cmunpoln I.1ack%:'w‘nim!h- Pblice team. Players 111 ms‘ clmmplonship match play of the lznckawannn Golf clno reached the semifinal rounds Sunday in the tuurmunent. being conduct/~d at. the South Park course. Rtsults of tn.‘ quarter-:‘ln+a.1s were as follows: Joe =urcol) ollxnmmed James oddy 3 and 2. Joe Schwed drfcmted his opoonbnt Tom Joyce 2 and 1; Smnley mgum clowned PM Mcoce 2 and 1, and Francis Me» !-Mgh bent Stanley Kusmierczyk 3 and 2. .Com'pe-Lltion wm ob pnblnued this week nad over the some course. A large dmegntcloxz c»: Electric avenue resld-mks appeared at the moemng vto ask relic: from conchtzioxzs c..use<l ‘from oper- zmun of bus:1-s over that street. by the Hamburg Rmllwny Comp;m,y They Lom- plmucd that dust caused by the busscs made It impossible to keep door or wind- oows open and asked tum: the company be made to operate street cars instead Aeuon was delayed pending a conference wt-m\§tnc1aJs or the Ramwny Company. Jululs Boda. Lackmvnnna. president-: Wm. Sari. Lackrtvmxnm. Isa vice presi- dent; Albert Wlok. Pit-tsburg. 2nd vlce pr’e:1Iclent;. Andrew Vavgo. Alpha. N. J. 3d vice presidemz: Ellz ৭ Komhromy. Toledo. 0, Corresponding Secretary; Elizabeth Boda. Lackawnnnn. Rc<:ard.ng secmtary: Vlrglma Raterhuy. Coxmeaut, 0.. 'l‘ren.sunc:. :.A0KAw/MA ! izma‘/mi 4 V:;g ‘Y \ - « - \' '37 . .,.~_».»:z=: If-1;; ‘- &; v ' .r« .1 ' ' ’ - [.5 ‘ z . ' . .n. S _.1 5:2 , —“‘“”‘”” 5¢’:l”‘l', I /' »- . ,5» f {O 1,.

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