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\NJ ‘H ‘ \w Leckawenya New;-. -L,-qélsaw’-n-3-H» E“-“Y,-’n iThura-z.,1§-ax-_1L;1 932 To Aid the Traveler in .Disir' the or!-ice o! the (‘mrk at Ema Countfii under ‘Cover No. ‘C85. is »cii:;m1ngu1:-115.1‘ as sub-dlvialon Lot No. 1. 111 Block C.,» ‘being thirty-five um‘ one-hundredth‘; (35.01) feet; from and rear. by onrei yhundrecl thirty-four and seven,ty~tnree; htnnchredths (134.-'13) teen; in depth, sat-‘ umae on the east side 0! Hamburg; Turnprke, stud iprennses boring the; southeast corner 3! Odell Street and‘ said Hftlnbllkfg‘ Tumpuze. PHILIP C. EARTH. Referee. .NO%Tl¢C~E Published «on Week at ‘Luckawunng N. Y. ~ 3\ ELEC\l‘RIDGE PRESS, Inc. Business Office, 411 Electric Avenue ‘Telephone: Abbott 1181. - J. J. BARBER, .Ir,, Business Manager THOMAS‘ ‘C. BOADKIN-, Edi-tor .€«l'.l‘1' or LAc.'{-A\'v~ANN..\ 1)\‘E.\\-' wvarx $125.-t-(:0 '1';\x A.\\'l‘l(.‘IPA1\l0‘.\‘ xowns Telephone Is ‘Great Help to Coordinating Efforts’ Stra~n'de.d 'Trave‘lers- Aid Societies in -to Succor Army of NOTICE Is HEX-REBY GIVEN that. the‘ u'x1cl‘ers-Ignéd City 1‘nas111*ex' of :11‘: City or ‘Lackmvannn, New ‘ark, will r(‘C€,‘lV€ ‘ransients JOHN J. SULMVAN. Atr.ome_',' for Plaintiff. 1000 D. S. Morgan Bunulng, Buffalo. N. Y. Immigration to Am,erina_.u shores -has -been considerably -lessened (lurmg me last ‘few years, but ungratious \\'- ! the country still ta‘-he place. To 1): sure. these migrations rullut. no del‘mi:e pal- teru. and mure‘ol'!eu than not Llu-y and in t'rust-ration. ‘but yearly thousands of boys and girls. and l‘I'uquenLI_v whole families. leave home seeking, new ‘hori- zons. and sooner or late: »llnd ‘them- selves sLi'auded without ‘hlntls in some (lwlstam city ur {own Welfare work. because of ‘these mi- grating rhousands. is not con to the task of caring for people In Lheir homes. as local welmre agencies. must also render all -possible aid. to ‘these stranded ones. ‘placing them In touch with friends and relatives at home. 311011585 ‘or in parks and subways. tvlu-own with gangsters and toughn. many oi‘ mliese buys -I;lzl‘U\V away their chance in life before they ‘realize 1:. Getting these boys buc-it to their ltirlentis and families is ouelol the‘ most construct-ive things that the ’l‘raveiera< Aid ls able to do‘ in New York City alone in l931.the Society helped 2.494 boys. many of them only 14 and 15 years of age.\ While the transient boy .1'>resents the» ‘biggest problem the Travelers Aid or- ganizztftiou has to deal with .at present; Miss .\lcCa‘ll -e.\pialns that the transient ‘girl also is a dif probleln. “More than ever.\ she says. \does society need to know what becomes of girls -who Start out to mails is way ‘In a large city. The pretty little ‘Italian git} Official Paper of the City of Lackawanna sea-led proposals at his (,1I1cc‘ln the ‘City Hall, Lnckmvxunm. New York. until 3 the only newspaper pub1is1zed‘in the City of Laokawannn. N..,Y. Intered as second class matter at the post office at Buffalo.N.Y July 21 28 Aug 4 -11 18 25 Sept 1 o'clock p. m.. Ea.=.l.em Stiuulurc: Time. on the 15th any of Angus-L. 1932, for the pttrchzwa 1' ' less tn.m par and ne- crwecl lnt.91'e.-at 01 the f:>Uow'mg clescrlbecl LEGAL NOTICE Su-bscjription, - - - $2.00 Per Year Advertising rates submitted -on application STATE OF NEW YORK. COUNIY COURT. ERIE COUNTY. ANDREW MAJCHEREK and .\I:\RY—- ANNA MAJCHEREK.- h1s- wife. Plun- tlrfs. vs. ANTON I-IOISEK, and JOSEPH- INF HOISEK. ms w.1e. and W'INC)3.\i’L‘Y KOSCIELNIAK. Dewfendsmts. Tub Ant, expat-Ion Nara 01‘ 3.-.41? ‘City, '»°s.u£I.§1r 3125.000 notes in nnMcapx..tIo:1 of taxes Kn ptxrstlnxzce and bv virtue of :1 judg—- mam. of foxee1;suv'e or (1 sule duly grunt- eci by this court. tmzl entered in ms Eric County, Clerk's Office on the 5:11 my 0! July. 1932. I, the 1,1ncIe1'sdgne:l nf—- eree. duly appolntetd m this action fqr.‘ such pm-pose. will (Z<pOSe for sale um‘ aell av. Public Auction $0 the hlghesl bidder therefor. in the westerly vam- bule of the Erie Cuxmty Hall in the C ‘.5 of Bufmlo. Erie County. N. Y.. on the under an o1'd»1xmncn pLL'sL1:u'.I: to M.‘t£(:le VII of the General C1.-y law as axnenclcd. to be'(latL’(l August ‘.5, 2932. denomina- tion $5.000 each. xnmurmtz on vD-zoember 31. 1982. bezumg lntexent ac a rate not Lnckawanna News, Lackawanna, N. Y., Thurs., Aug. 11, 1932 exceeding six per cs--1L\nn per nnnum m u mulmple of one-qumrte-r of one per centum. per :1nm.un, mt,ez'csL paj- uL1c- at mntu1'l:‘,'. both prmcipzxl and mt:-rest. pnynable in gold com or ns vqwvuleui m lmvlul money nt‘ the Un'1tezlSl.nL'9s at 1.hc- 1\«I:n~me ’1r1'st; Outstaxxdixlg among orgnnlzutions de Q 19TH DAY OF‘ AUGUST, 1932 at. 11 o'clock in the for;-noon (Du._\'!;,,m. savmg tulmel or that day. ‘she real estate and mbrtgaged prssnuses directed in mxrl by said Judgment. to be sold and H1 s judgment described :13; follows: “ONE, EXTRA SL‘lCE.0F BREAD A DAY WILL HELP TO KEEP THE WOLF AWAY” Company Buffalo. New York. Each b1<\<Im.- num but frr all 01' mid uuces uucl smbe :1 ningl: rate of lutmest Llxerefcr The rlqltt is rescrveu t: re- 5 3 —‘I 3 9 3 if: Such is the advice of ‘food authorities 'w“no share the bene- fit of their expc1'im1c~o with those who would make their food dollars and dim.es go farthe~1' those days. ALL THAT 'IP.AC‘I‘ OR PARCEL OF LAND slltuate in the City of L21ck:1\\mn- na. County of Erie mud State of New York. and being 12311, or Green. mt. No. I‘\\'envt.y-one (21). ’1‘o\vn.smp Ten (10), Range E1-—:h: (8) of the BufI'IlJ Creek Indian Res91'\'at1an- lands und designated as §Lh|)'.ll\'5S10Xl lots Nlll\)bv.“.‘S 'I.‘\vo hundred fifty-six (256) MACK Two hunclrezl fmsy-seven (257) as shuuwn on :1 map filed in Erie County Clerk’: 0!- nce under Cover Number Eight hun~ dx-ed mn¢‘ty~tour (894). PHILIP C. BARTH. Referee. \(-CL 1111 bxds and mu; h.-J m::rt cov::1pl_vIng with the cams of this -1\r;-.«’.c.- \\’‘.ll be rt-jectgd. Uule-~ all tncis m‘: rejected and n- \\-in to .\‘v\1'¢'ed to the bkldcr One of them is Joseph Wilshire, who became active in the‘ food indL1str_V in 1898, and who sow, as president of Standard. Brands Inc+o2‘p01'ntccl. has 34 years of study upon which to draw fnr advice. When asked what food is the most nourishing‘, and at the same time least expensive, he instantly replied “Bread.” 1r ubiduers complymg Mth khe terms of 31110 and otfermg tn p\u'(h2\:.e sam notes In 11 xm11vt.1ple of c.u~-.ru:x.er cut one per ccntuln per nnnum. “cgummss or prom‘,- utm, provmsd ‘elm-.. at two or nmre bid- clevs .2-fret‘ no p1.u'c11sI.se szuld notes at the bom‘mg the lowest rate I C interest smted “There are fifty ciifferent kinds o.f bread,” he continued, “and with such variety we can make every meal more interes.t- Eng. Bread and milk form an almost perfect meal, and it’ would be hard to find a cheaper meal. Bread supplies the most nourishment at the lowest cost of any of our foods. JOHN J. SULLIVAN, Attorney for Plulmbiit. Ottloo and P. 0. Address. 1000 D. S. Mlorgnn Bldg\ Butmlo New York. same iowést rate 0! Lmmerezm then to such blclclm or bulclexs k:d»fe.:ng thy: July 7 11 2‘. 28 Aug'ust 4 11 18 highest price. Each bid must be enc1r.s~ea in a sealed envelope aclclressetl ‘.0 the umlex-signed City 'I‘ren.=uim- and xnaxrl-:ed on the out- side “Proposal tor Notes” and must ‘be accompanied with :1 certified check LEGAL NOIICE “in addition to helping our bodies, the eating of bread\ helps the rest of the country to break up the depression. One extra slice of bread :1 day for each person in the United States will mean sixty million more bushels of wheat will be consum-y ed in a year. That will help the farmers and manufacturers, and in turn it will bring better business to all of us. My 216- vice is to eat more bread, and to enjoy more different kinds of bread.” STATE OF NEW YORK. COUNTY COURT. ERIE COUNIY. LACKAWANNA NATXONAL BANK. Plaintiff. vs. MARTIN '1. RYAN; at al. Dztentlams In pursuance and by virtue of a judgment of torcvlosure and sale duly granted by unis Court and entered in the lluie County -Clerk's omce on the 2:-End day at July. 1932. I, the undersigned Reieree. duly‘ appointed 11‘. this aoalon (or such pur- pose wlll expose for sale and sell as Pub- Hc Auction to the hxghcst bidder mere- tor. Injzhe westerly xesubule of Lhe Erie County Hall. in the (‘my on‘ i Erie County. New York, on the 9TH DAY OF SEPTEMBER. I933 drawn upon an \n':ox'porm.ed bank or trust company or the State at New York or a cashier's or ache: uf'.1cia1'3 check of such bank or trust. company payable to the order or the City of Lackaxs-anna 101- $2,500.00 to secure the City against any loss msulnlng from the famure of any bidder to comply with the terms of his bid. Checks of unsuccessful b;d:lers Grand central Terminal, New York city. one of the great gatewayl to the metropolis. Lower Ieft: A rtamlly seeks help at a Travelers Aid booth. Lower ‘right: A youthful migrant. voted to this task is the nationwide chain of Travelers Aid Societies. which link travelers welfare activities in more than 1.900 cities and towns in the United States. and which last year assisted more than $45,000 transients. representing all ages. sexes, creeds, colors and nationalities. Within the State of New York alone almost 200 cities of 2.500 population or more other some kind or havelers Aid service. Ten oi these ciLies—l.he larger centers of population—have ex- tensive and well«or;;ani.~.ml societies. Dllrllv; 193). these group: -zerved ill. TUO cases. including many ulmuten traveling alone. runaways. old people. families without resources and a great group or young people who had left home seeking “greener pastures.” '1‘l..s service is given at all hours at railway stations, bus terminals and ports of entry. and at various he auquan ters ofllces to which requests for trav~ elers aid may come indirectly tlirough other organizations as well as from in- dividuals directly. The Travelers Aid oz‘g:imzatlon thus functions as a sort 0! clearing house for cases in this great held of social work. from a Pennsylvania mining town, who got on a bus one day and came to New York, because there were thirteen children at home and she had to work so hard, and the country girl who left her father's farm in West Virginia and‘ trzwelcil to Brooklyn in answer to an culvcrtisomem for a general house- worker. are typical cases. “Most of tlxesc girls are sent home, and most of them want to go home. but no girl is ever sent back without I better l'uture having been worked out for her. The Travelers Aid Society. in \\'huteve.r city it is. gels in touch with relief agencies in the girl's home- town and gels someone to look after the home situation, to advise the par- ents, to help Iiud a Job. or to help her find recreation and mantis.\ LEGAI. .\'0'l ICE LEG.-ll. NOTICE} 'I'I-IE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF STATE 01-\ NEW YORK, COUNTY OF ERIE. COUNTY COURT. PHILIP T. O‘DOI\‘X\‘ELL. Plaintiff, vs. HUGH J. MCGHEE :-ml ETTA B. Mc- GHEE. his wife, ct -:1 Dc-renda.nt.=. will be returned on the award at the l.l..~t€1S. Interest; at the -we borne by the NEW YORK. To JOSEPH PINKl.'J\-VSKI at ‘fen. OILIJCR. 211 me H xenoon. (Day1.g'nt Snvlug Time) of ‘Ant r‘..1_v, Ihe reul (-5- mte tmcl mortgzxgecl premises cllreotrrcl In and by s.-ad judgment ‘.0 be soxd and in said judmm-nt descrihl.-at as 'f(.1l:\vs‘ ALL THAT TRACT CR PA.R(.'l':I OF‘ LAND. situate in vhe Town of Wes. Scnem. new City of Lnckmvarlla. C;u~.*1- L5 or Eule and State at New Ymvk. being part at Lot No, 28. '1‘o\vns‘n‘.p 10 in the 8th Range of the Buffalo Creek Inclxan Re.=:e1'vat,1:1*. so-called 1.-mxzxcied and c'.e~ so:-!«bL=z1 as follows: nsces from the date of the a\Vm'cl to the date of delivery will be allowed on such and ‘If they be (lead 11 their cl1st1'l1)u- AND CASIMIRE PINKOWSKI. If llvmg, tees, '11‘ any thp-ro ‘be and be-1\rr 1‘--nh ws and X¥h-LLS .1’ cl .c 'Hll‘..l.- 01 I.;pu:*.\ -Jl' nieces of John l°;11kn-.v.s1»:x :ls¢- kuoxn as Jim Pmknx-;.sk!. lma )f the (‘My ml Buf- (011. New York. clexnls £1. 1: any thcxe be, all of whom and all (I wh<.~c- mum-s. ages. plan as of nvvlmee and post office l\(Idr-3.5595 are unlmm-.'n to 1>(\.;tI1om-1‘. STEELA PO1.I2\'SI{:\. ‘.-'l‘<.'\NK PINI{OW- SKI. JOIIN PlNl<.t'\\'.‘SKI. ST.\N1EY PINKOWSKX. EDIvlL'.‘1D PINKOWSKI. HARRY PINKO\\'Sl'(I VICTORIA PINK» OWSKI. JOSEPH PINKOWSKI. CASI- MER PINKOWSKI. CAJJIERINE PINK- DWSKI, HELEN PINKOWSKX. AND *3 all cther pa-mus who me or claim to be zlIst,rl“Lm:V..~a of JOHN l”I‘.\1KO\VSJ:<l Ill‘? of t.‘ u C:ty of I£u.'ra1r.~. N. Y.. cl.-r‘ art]. and hem: br<.:.l1ers Ur slstcxs or clos- ccml:xm..s nf b.‘ntl1m*s L1‘ 5..~atcJ‘s. If any there be. all of xxlmm and all of \\lx<‘.‘l<.~ I18-mes. -IE-'0‘. pl noes nt v\.+cl.‘nc1~ and post ulilce addresses are unlmown to peni- t\oner a‘<l can no: nft/.1‘ clue clxllg '11?!) be n=t~:-rt: m-cl. In_ pursuance and by virtue of a judg- ment 01 {,1 cc:..sur9 and sale duly grant.- nd ‘by £11.15’. Ct/urt and en.‘V'c-rod In the Eu: County Cl¢'k'.~. Office on L115‘ 19:11 any L Ju1v.‘1932. 1. cm undernignvd Ref- eree. duly nppomtecl In this iLct1<.n for such purpnss. wxll expose for sale and sell at pwbllc uuctlou to the hlghcsm bzclder thc1'eIo1'. in the xvesmerly was?)- bule of the Erie County Hall in the City of Buffnlg, Erie County. N. Y.. on he good faith deposit of .he .=-uccessful bid- The 1ppro\‘5ng -'p1n‘cn '~“ M~=~= Clny. Dillon & V.mcI.r:w.1'.c1 of Nov Yoxk rm,-. wm be f1.u':;.s.~.c-d 1': me pur\:l1z-.:s.3c Mtlwut charge. Dated. Lack2uvanna_ New York. July 29111. 1932 BEGINNING at the point CI 1nt'.e1'se:- tion or the southerly Inc of the Rldga Road with the westerly Mme of Elacuic Avemve, socsnllocl. ‘he 5.11:1 westerly line of Electric Avenue belng 1:. line distant. measured at: nght ‘angles 220 fee‘ west hum the east lme or cam lot No 23 and runnmg pm-allel to said east luv-‘. thence souxhcrly along said west line of Elec-me Avenue one htmdlvd twenty (120) feet: thence westerly at right smgles forty (40) feoa: thence northerly at: right angles one hundred b‘.V£1lty ‘to Lhe south llne of the Ridge Road: thence easterly ulong the south- erly mm or. the Ridge ‘Road forty (40) feet to vhe point of lxwglxmxlng. EDWARD L, JUNG, Referee. PAUL J. TOMAKA. C'>t.y 'I‘n.1sLu‘er Aug 4 11 2110. DAY OF SEPTEMBER. 1932 wt‘ 11 o‘clock in the fnrcnoon (Daylight 5£1Vl!l_L5Ta1]‘lL’l or that day. the re-.11 estate mu! mortgxged promises cllreotcd .n and by said juclgmvnt my be sold and In sald judgmen- described as follows: ALL THAT TRACT OR PARCEL OF LAND. sluxnte In the City of Luckn- wanna (formerly Town of West smecn-. County of Erie and State of New York. belng part of Lot T\ven.\ty-four .24; of the Gore Tract so-culled, and further cllstzlngu.-lshed as the westerly thirty- Lw‘o ant). one-half (331-2) feet of sub’- tllvlslon Four (-1) In Block H, Cover 5;); llunclred elghly (680): BEGINNING at A pnmt ln the south- erly line of Fox Street. two hullzlred seventeen and one-half (2171-2} recs westerly from the irrperaectlon or the southerly llne 01 Fax street. Wllth the westerly lzne of Wasssn Avenue; thence westerly along the suutllerly Line of Fox Street. thirty-two and one-hall 4321—2) feet: thence southerly at right angles aw I-‘ax Slxeot, one hxmzired txxemy-bxvo and !‘.\'L- one~hu:m;l1'eclLhs (122 05) feel, more or less to the sou-*.h~ erly 11118 of lo‘. twenty-four (243: thence easterly along the said ht lino thn-ty-bwo nnd elghty-six l1undrcdt.h~; (32 86) Icon. more or less to n poln! whew- u l.ne clrmvn at right. Ilnrzlos no salcl I-‘ox sweat from the point or be« glnnlmg wlll Intersect .sa.Id scvutherly line; tlhenoe northerly on said right angle llno. one lnmmcd seventeen (ll'7) feel. more or loss, to the southerly llnc of Fox street. to the palm. of beglnnlng. In all this work, llliss McCall ex» plains, it is necessary [or the Trav- elers Aid societies to build up a smooth inter-city machinery. Naturally. In thié great chain oi’ social work. communi- cation facilities. including those at- forded by the telephone and telegraph, are lntlispensnbie in the simedy and szltisl'nctory hantlling of nearly every case. The telephone is used inten- sively in making the necessary con- tacts with cooperating social agencies und individuals in each city involved in a particular case Long distance as well as local contacts are made. Fre- quently anxious parents in the distant city; when lnim-med oi the where- abouts of their long~absent son or daughter. insist on calling them by telephone and using every possible power of persuasion to induce them to return home. .\'.0'l‘l(‘E OF SALE S.\'l'lSFY A LIES PLEASE TAKE NOTICE. tlmi.‘ the fol- lowing d€.sCX‘ibQ(1 articles of personal property will be expoged for sale at pub- llc michion mid sold an the 27th day at‘ Amgusi. 1932. at No. 1576 I»i.1mbu1*c: 'l‘1.u'npike. Lacimxvmnm New York. at 2 o'clock .in 1.111} -‘oi-enonxi or the said clay to the highest. bidder- One (ii Plymouth Cnach. 1929 Model. En~,;‘ine No U 18025. Jena! No. R Y622E. Said automobile is the prsperty of one AH Mohamed and will be sold to satis- fv :1 lien nr.‘([\‘;it‘?il by the u.:_1dersigi,1eg\. Russ:-.ii Gullo. for the storage of said mxtox-mbiie. The salicl car will be ex- po-.13cI far sale at the tame and place stated herein. \Hundreds of boys daily take to the l‘9ad1.1l haves of ‘things better farther on,’ and sooner or later they end up in a local Travelers Aid station with whatever funds they had ex- hausted,\ declares Miss Bertha ML-Call. Assistant Director of the National As- sociation or Travelers Aid socieues. “Their experience is illustrated by the case of two looking Massachu- setts boys or 17 and is who left their homes to seek work on the West Coast. They got all the way to San Diego, Cali- tornia, to discover that no Jobs were available. They hitch-hiked back to New York, sleeping in barns and no: cars, and one day they arrived at the offices of the New York 'l‘ravelera Aid Society. hungry and worn out with trnmplng. and asked for help to get the rest of the way home. ‘ WHEREAS. ANNA NOWICKA who re- Hlcim n’: we City or Bumuo, New Yurk. has [)!C!l“‘!‘ltLd a pntlum to the Surro- gait;:‘2. C. urt of our Cuuu: y or Eula pray- !x1r.; for A (leer:-c than n. cormdn Instru- ment. an urmng. bemng date t Ilth (my of Aug\1=-.r, 193x. l'€:h1.ng in both real nnd. per~.~na1 p\\p91‘W. be duly proved nnd nclmlued to probate as the Last W311 and '[est.:1rnenL 01 JOHN PINKOW~ SKI ALSO KNOWN AS JAN P1Nl‘.0W- SKI Lute of the Cry of Bufiwio in the Co\Lm.y of Erxe. and SL..tc of New York. deceased COATSWORTI-I & YLIEBOLD. Attorney tar Phllnblff. Omce and P. 0. Aclclress. 438 Mum Street. Buffalo. N. Y. July 28. Aug 1 I‘. 18 25 Sept 1 8 NO'l'l(\E T0 CREDITORS PURSUANT to an order of Hm LOUIS B. HART. surrogate or Erie County. all persons hnvmg chlms agnmst Catherdne Zwipf. also known as Katherine Zwtpt and Katie Zwlpl‘ lmbe of the Town: of North Collins deceased. are hereby rcqumcd to exhibit the same wlyth vouchers thereof to the undersigned Executors of the will 0: sum cutceascr: nu the office of the Attorney for mutt Executors at 1028 Ridge Road, Lackn- wunna, N. Y. on or before the mm day of December. 1932. Dn.tc-<1 June 6. 1932. Henry Exncrllng, Clarence J. Gier, Exc- cutors . Dnc-d. Lnckmvamnx. N. Y.. Augus: '3. 1932. “To a mother especially there is nothing like the sound of her child's voice.\ Miss Mccaii observes. RUSSELL» GULLO. Awruoxxcer Thoref we. YOU and EACH OF‘ YOU. are c~1Led to show ¢:.u1.=e before the Sur- rogate's Court. of «ur Cmmy of Em-. n the Couniy Hall m the Ctty 0 Buffalo. In 21‘ Id Cvumy of Erie. . n me 7th day or S:=ptem.b.L \1032. r.t (en o'c1.-.ck in the Iorcnoon of mm: clay. \\l.y such :1 de- cree should not be nmde ‘Au-3 11 18 \Also. in locating parents and tem- tives In the distant city,\ she says. \the telephone operator plays an Important role. cooperating In every way pos- sible with ’1‘ruvelera Aid represents.- tlves.\ MANY ATTEND . GARDEN PARTY A l.u'gc- gathering mtmdecl the gm‘- den party for the beucht; of Our Lads’ or Vlct'o:'y Infant. nome much was held M: the home or Mrs. 'Ihrm}ns Errlngton. Abbott. rand, VVcc\msd.my mfternoon. Cards. m£rc.shmem.s mad xx geueml g0o'| time was enjoyed by those present. Those in charge at arrangements con- sisted of the following: “Sleeping in 10~20~30-cent lodging IN TESTIMONY ‘IVHTLREOF. W: caused the Seal of and Slu'1'L'g1\:e's Cdurt 12.: be he1'o.unx‘.: :«f TWO GERMAN LINERS GET SHIP-T0-SHORE SERVICE GIRL TRAPS BURGLARS WI'DNESS. I-Ion LOUIS B. HART. Sur- rogate of our snzd County of Ems, ‘IL Burmlo. N. Y. tms viwh clay or July. 1932. John R. Pinion, Attorney for Execu- tors_ 1028 Ridge Road. Lnckmvaxinn. N. Y. June 18 tio Dec. 15 ALL THAT TRACT. PIECE OR PAR- CEL OF LAND, stvhm.tc in the City of Lackmvnnnn. Cnunby of Erie and State of New York.. which on n cevtaln sub- cllvlszlon map of pan. of Lot Number ’I‘hl1'ty- (85). Township Ten (10). Range Eight (8) of the Buffalo Creek Rese1'\:m,lon and n1 [nuts of lots Num.b~ crs Txvcnty-{cur (24\ and Twent-:1-night (28) of the Gore ’l‘rrx<‘.t. made by Henry 1.. Lyon. Slll‘VeY(z‘:‘. for Samuel Wa rmcl med H1 Erie (Uumy Clerk‘: since uz dm: C0\.C*l’ G80, ls. .lxs.'.lngLusl\ec1 ns sub- (1 \-‘‘«.nn 1 V nu.nb('r 'l‘hrce :3) in Blue; \Il‘ ALSO Call to Police Cause; Arrest ‘Before Prowler: Escape. With a recent departure from New York of the S. S. Bremen, commercial ship-to-shore telephone service was ex- tended to the vessel from the radio telephone stations of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, located at Forked River and Ocean Gate. N. J. The Bremen is the second German liner to be included in the service. as the S. S Deutschland was added to the vessels so equipped on its voyage from New York early in May. As in the case oi’ the other ten transatlantic liners having ship-to shore connections with North Amer- ica. the firemen while at sea will be able to reach all ‘Bell System tole- phones in the United States, as well as ‘those connecting with the System in Canada, Mexico and Cuba. Tests are new under way with the S. S. Europa, sister ship of the Dre men. G. T VANDERMEULLN Clerk of the Surro;znn‘s Court. Mrs. William Awnld. Mrs Maxwell Briggs. Mrs. Louis Drlmcwino. Mrs. Ralph Brrown. Miss Alma. Burke, Mrs. Robert Cavroll. Mrs. Wllllam Cook. M[~s. Timo- thy P. C:.uLzhlln. Mrs. John Crosta. Mrs, Lucy M. Curran. Mrs. Joseph Eggert Mus. Henrietta Hagen. Mrs. John Huglies. Mrs. lilclwlrtl Keiu‘.etl\'. Mrs. Anclrew lmz. M-.'.~ Alv hex\ M.\s. Jeromlall Mc- C.n-Lliy. Mis '1‘hnin.1a Mc.Ho.=c-. Mrs. Mary l\In'.-oi1e_v. Mrs, Willlcm Oslnolrne. Mrs; Rcbvxt Rt-up. Mr-1. Ruth Re-imzm. Mrs. Clmrlvs A Rose. Miss Patlilck Rvtuly !\.‘£rs. Joscplx Schnelrlm‘. Mrs Nommn Sm:\h. Mrs Jvhn Sullwnn. Mrs. Ed\u'11'd Sum‘. Mrs. I\2L1.l‘lCk Taliy. Mrs. VV.11l‘-'31‘ Th2mpsn:*. l\I1's. Inavplw Wnlclmft‘ Mrs. Cl'\l'Il1G1 Wohar and was William V/llson. Miss Rosalln Polsman, of Brool(l,vn,. was awakened early one any recently by the sound or footsteps on the porch or her home. vnalsing hér head from her pillow, she saw two men prowling around, trying the windows and the door. Pmkod in front of ‘the house she saw a bright yellow automobile. Miss Pelsmau telephoned to the police. In the monmlmo the two men, Ilndlng the door and the windows locked, dopzu-Led. Tlmy drove away. When the police arrived. Mlss Palsy xunn dc-scribed the men and the bright yellow car um] ohm‘ n \! Search the men were rfound, arrested nnd charged with attoxnmod burglary. They ut]n1ltl.ot] trholr crime hotore Dev lug taken ‘to Jail. 4\” JOHN VV. O‘CON2\‘OR.. Attormvy for Petitioner. 1028 Rxdge Rom}. Lnck.wnn- ra, New York. Aug. 4 11 I3 2'» 1\'0'x‘ICE TO (‘REDITORS PURSUANT‘ *0 an order of H121. LOUIS B. 1-IAR3‘. Surrogsute of Erie County. all persons having clmms ngamst Ralph J. Qunle late of the City of Buffalo deceased. are hereby request- cd to exhibit the same with vouchers rthereor to the undersglned Executor of tthe W111 or said deceased at the office of James H. Quale. 2726 Main street. Bumuo. N. Y cm or before the 30th day or Sepxaember. 1932. Dated March 17th. X032. CORRINE H. Qualc. Executor. . March 24 to Sept. '.‘.2 A1 L THAT TR.\CT‘ CR PARCEL OF LAND, <1; me In :5‘ C‘.z\' of La }:mv.m- na |fn:'nu:1_\' 'I‘wu nf W’:-1.‘ :‘.=.\1u€'u (‘vu'n.v cf Eur‘ um. Smxte at New York. \m.(-'._ .n .x (\\.(‘ ::\ S1ll)('..V‘..a..IXl mu nl sun-(y of L ‘ Nu 23 A: the Bufm‘. I (‘r—~k R\*.~Dl\.1'-HI Ltd of part of Lot Nu ‘.21 31‘ the Om]-:51 Ch-:0. made To: Sreph‘ n A Hol‘m~«)k 5.1.6 A_°.hcr R-. Jaim- smz by I~‘H.~.\mrtl\ Br-Ix surseyoxs mark- ed ‘BRADFORD TRACT‘ and med an SUBSCRIBE FOR THE LACKAWANNA ‘NEWS I ful pay’ ou5’,'§7.-cc‘: ‘ii. fore you order SALE, BILLS

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