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.\:.':‘.-r-.-:.: \ vi _”- - 7\ ‘,.-.,.».»j.-..';;;:m.-,;u.s-:-‘...... . .4 W ...«..~.. . Ml: »\ .. sm--«.\\.r . .1 ‘Y. ‘ ~._,..,‘_Q.-y. _‘_‘_V X‘ ‘'‘f- ‘as: -«NV.--.:§‘ ', 1.-5.,°.k'é‘.“\\“\“.N¢W‘2 Y-». Thurs-L» -My 1.4: 1193.2. area‘ Huston -are coszamd in Nlght, Court which starts a mree -any run. at. Shea‘s Seneca Sunday. In1.ee;sx.mg ¢':u'rrQ'ux_a<llng 4prog'm‘m also wlll be ;pressnte<1. ‘r'l_vler-rlly We Go, To H:al.'\ P:u'an'lounL‘s} filmlzation cf Cleo >l..u<;s' p..pulm~ u\vel.?| '1, Jami. Take Thee, Joan.\ and co'»stax‘- mug 'F.‘L'e<1x'lc March and Sylvia Sidney, will ‘be shown next \v1\{e(me.5‘cln-y’ and ’I?hu—5 1s(lu3\-.-Others in the (get are Skesns Gall-E uglier. Adrianne All :1, Can} Grant,’ Flor-' ence Brltmzx. -Esther flu-\va\cl. Charlesz: Col~9n'1gu1. George -Irv.ng amt Kenr, 'i‘a_\'lor§ M155 Sidney is sum to g.ve a .--plendld; psi‘-tmynl of ‘the ycitulg \v'1.’l‘e who revexfsesf her own headsLro.:g courme. zmcl Yalluntly‘ rglms to stun t;l1e3c\':ur«.e -( her husma-E nd‘s lrresponslble me. Added snbjectsf also wlll be shown. scum Arm man T0 mourn «AMERICA av % mew muons CIRCUIT Bible .3fGh0_U| I f Here Water Boy tq Congresgman ‘ Record of Mead ‘Largest Class in History of 11.0- ‘cal School. Reported .'A't ‘Friendship House, Regular Transat-antic ‘Facilities Extended 11] 9:500-Mile Voxce -‘Leap to Southern i'Contme.n‘t Local rRepresehtat-ive now Pros-i pect for ‘Govemorship. l‘u.1lmk1d career when f.-2; s.x n‘)0X§|.’1'!= he was a. member of me Capxtul police force at Washington He wag on duty from m2<1n'gnt uutu 8 a m. utllzznng much of mo da;yl1g‘n.t h_La';lX‘S szuoymg law and watchm-.; -Congress :11 action. He gavu up the zzlea of being an at- tamcy. howevs-r qu.: ms cop job and ue-nt. bzuk to 1m ..1<l job of smtchmg txcx cars. When he left. \VashLngton. he Jlolcmgly hold a 11:;-‘ncl. “I'll be gack here later on as .1 Cunmasman \ Eight; years ‘later he rm}: h:s s€\at :u. the Huuse oz Represemam.-es. Mead held the ostxcc dr super-vtsor for one year Then um voters sent mm to the state leqvslateure He stayed there three years :.c:mg as spokesman far all the rmlroad legzslzmon. DLu1n.g tthds pe-:‘1'...l ha led a succeaaiul ngm, to prevent r:r.eaI or the suue‘s \tun cxew\ law .'>e\‘e:~al vxgorous at.- Lempts were znadn to K111 mus statute. bum Mead Intl ms forces and mzumged to beat aft each attack. Sheas Buffalo Wmh the pres:-n' mom on thu part of the many menus of Co.ngre.»sn1.;x: Jamse. M Mend. to :n.:l:e mm the Dem- ocxutic rurxclltlate fnr Governor of this, state. ccnsxdcrnbl mterz-at as attached to the follo\\'ln,=; nrau-x by Eudcl L MC.- Kilupe. In the June Issue of the Ra:l~ road Telegrapher. 0 rams rise frrm switchmm tr: Congress The author points out that Jim Mead. who has 9. 100 percent. labor reurd. both before and since he became of Congress. has been elected to 11.5 pres- enf. ofilce for svn couscuiave rtermv. szuce 1918 from the 42 dlemm. wmch !s (um- poscd largely of laborers He says: Cl\ll(1ren' from luux'tecn ~l.-ackn\vmfr.» ch1l1‘Che.> of 211). de1wmlna.t:;ans. z\_u_<_l creuls are gxbtemllng vthe dmly vu('.mc.n Bible school at the -F'l‘l€f.l)dS113_p lylamc. B.l<lge ro..<l. under- the supervlslm of Rev. -H. W. Rlcluncucl. Miss Czwherllxe Barber, 15 the t-eacher of xvh-2.1’: '13 pub- raibly the -largest. Bwle sohlaogl clas.. ewu‘ u1strua:ecl. m Lack:\_\\'.1n;\u(a. by a alngle tamcher. A total of 312 chllclren ut- temletl the opening (‘lass Monday and 1! ls antlclpated that this numbcv wlll be-. ‘Increased before they clam the last of July. ‘shiexfs Bxiffnlo. begimririg Friciay. will present \vii,nlt is nerzilcied as one (-1 we biggest, e‘ho:\vs or Huge an <lsoi‘<.-en ever to appear at the ace imuse. Topping the bill will b(; the St_{ll‘s of George White-‘s Scandals. it’.-at\1i‘iug Rudy Vnilee and his {amous Conxiecticw. Yankees. in per- son. with Ray Baiger. one of Bui‘f.1l:-is Iavoivite £unatei:s:- Joan Abbott. Brn.ui- w1),y‘s latest smgim; star. ll ibexy ui Bma§l\vg1y ’b$i'\_\lLlk‘S and other scs-iicial On the scree ziwili be the ‘ni_ia,ri-= nus comedy ramonce. Make Me A Sam‘. with Jean B1oi1(lell. Stuart. Emvun. Zusu Rims and Ben Tm-p._n‘. Charles Manning and symphony ensemble and Herbie at the oonsuie of the g-x~.u'id organ wil‘ pro- vigle the mu.—;ica.i (-u1eri:aunmen_t. \‘1'iie show will -be limited to sxi days be-l cause «or Vnllee‘s imtionai mclio con- tracts, closing W€Clli£,‘SdD.)' night, South‘ Africa. ‘the land of pictur~ esque Table .'\Iountain., veldts, gold and dianiottds. is now within voice range of North American telephone users. The recent opening or regular radio-telephone connections between these impontatlt regions of modern pioneering. marks the ‘tire: major ex- tension or t-ommerrial telephone serv ice from the United States to the great southern continent, Conversations are handled through the transatlantic radio telephone sta- tions of the American Telephone -and Telegraph Company. working with the British Post 011106 stations in ‘England. where the calls are switched tr‘ the Lon_tion~Cape Town radio cir- cuit. The total length of the circuit irorn New York l0iC£l1'Je Town is about 9.500 -miles. . The radio stations in A-lriea_ are owned by the Overseas Communica- tion Company of South Africa. The transmitter is at Klipheuval. the re ceiver at Mllnei-ton. both about forty miles from Cape Town. Territory reached by the service will include. he sides Cape Town. the towns of DeAar. Port. Elizabeth and other nearby points. All Bell System telephones in 4tl.e United States will come within‘ the scobe of the service. ‘together with Bell connecting telephones in Canada. Cuba and Mexico. Shea's Kens,-ingtong; “Man About ?X‘c\wn\. \m«ln'i.x1g dr.1n=l.§ Of d'p10mA‘tiC ‘0l1‘0leS. wit‘ Warner Buxteri n11‘.c1 Johnny Bumée m the comedy \-H’ Weak Eucl\ mm a scxmn novelty “WI1c1' -Men of Borneo“. The classes are in connecuon, \_v1Lh A Chrlstlzm edu0.\~t.A.Ju movement Much has been growing rr.p:uly (lwmg me -last few years 1.‘) assum who propon- tlons of an olgamzed school system. functioning on an inte1'm.t1on-at swle. witch about 40 cl1\n'ches the caamy having an enrollme-nr. of zxpprzxznxately 3000 cmldren. Classes have been held evew summe rat. ‘the Friendship l{.use symce It was bum: nearly '12 yam-:. ago “Maud 1s 27. membc-r or one of the Smnélard Rmlroml Labor 0rga.n.'z.x:.u1~.. the S\v1Luhmcn;' Umon of Norm Am- enlca. In his office «ta Washlngmn his membershxp card m that organlnuon is framed and gzven the place of lune-1 on the wall above his desk -F‘nlday‘s and S;uf'u)'d_.\y's dou.bl_e ten-bu-‘ '19 program Includes B111 Boyd m “Cm'r.l- val“ 30.11\. dramatic comeciy, and \The; Fan:,ou:1 F‘e1'guson case\ a (li.f'Ie1‘ent. and‘ exam-mg murder mystexy \\-1t1\.Jo(m Blon- -(Ieu. “Jail Bin!\ :5’ the cmmrdy and Lhej lemih episode or “Sign ~.1' tjhe wou\ mm be waddecl tn the program for vsuturchy‘ nmnjnlnee. : l’.o(n_r‘-ul P.) Labor At the .\cque5'. of urgamza-:1 labor and othrr PI’t\ .xe ran for Congress -:2 1015‘. \long before ne xvc-1' dreamd of com- ing ca Congrss he ramieci a. S.v1tch- mv:-n's card wmln \‘)\erd1ng\ DC/{ LdI\3 in dine yards 9:’ vanous railroad. lie ls now -a llfe m:'.’nb'.r 6! that untan- the orguntaulon ha\‘mL' voted hln‘ that honar In recognmon of his 1ll'£‘e1l.)Pg ubme for the rights of the people\ S‘hea’s Century hen he Came I’) washmgbon h_e was 33 years ol_d Some u! the older mem- bers of the Hausa \-;.~:c maimed to la- g‘ax'd mm as .. \1 ghixs-o:ght \ They chzmgr.-d meet up.r.1 u 1:: .~.hox*~t order. ho\vvevcr I\I'(:-ad Svx 1. became L:x.o\\'1: as one of nut mos? Ienxmss and aggressive Lghusrs un Capkm I-ml Whe.ne\er lea;.a:.u.1on nxfecmxxg the people was before C(.nE_‘;resa, X\[e.I(i was ' 1111-! r .;~L¢'xI\‘Il\ ;n the job mszstmg that than rights De respected zuu pxo-.- tectcd \~Slnuers in the Su-117'. smawt comedy cxranma of iuxmry. comes an sh_ea‘s Kenm- ngton Smudey am! M\ndey July 1,7 n_x1ol 18. Carole Lombhrd is cplcnclid rs the‘ luxury-see}:mg model in a smart: cl,c/thes shop and Chester M:x:r1:. glvez. a.f1ne_‘ per-foxjmancc as the boy-f..en<1_. Greem C1’$ll‘bh'S ‘ln »trL.mnph ‘As You Desire Me\ will be p1,‘c.~em.sd T\A8~.ll:LY ‘VVec1»11es<l.'<1§' and Thux'<.<lz1y' ‘ovenmgs July 19.20 ‘and 21 and the gmat drama by Lung] B1rande21o.prov!:1cs her every opp-. onuulty for .the display of ‘her vplencud talent. M:e1\'yn Doughs. Owen Moore and Ema ton Stmheim are an the cast. Devalopmem, of Cm1‘1-Man character uxrough creative expenencce is the pn- mmjy objectllve OI lms vacation tune stmool system. W'hlCh is dcumucutcd un-, cler the general lead of the reh- gious education clemrtlnecm. of the Oouncll sot Chu.*r\'he.= Off Eme county. The schools. are \,:'gun.zcd on the Isa it or providing Cmls-tlun education L-lnmui.-h Ilemtble, pleasant pmgmnza msteaci of the old method cf ahsorbdng names and dates. Hal L:-Roy. dance star of Z,ic-grim Fri- Hes. mm head the RKO stnge program. :1: Sheets Century s;tm'ting S.11.urd'-x,y. other acts will Include Jane and C901)- erlne Lee dancers: Vdc Olwox-. E~es Gift -to An1er!(_:.1. crmedy star: Ge.m_.;e Libby's Dn-noe Olympxcs. wuh Ida M,uy Sparrmv amt other: and Artmuj Petley in Aerial Humor. on the scrren \\-:-1 he ‘Street 0! Women with Kay Francis and Raolnncl Young. Herb Struub and b'a“.(1 also will be f'entm'e(! - Stlckn B‘; \\'orkors In ':.dcl.uon so 111» membership an me Switcthmeu. Me-at! hns been mv.-rtlxd honor-.ary cazus by Lhree other labor or- ganlzatlons she N-Ailonzd as=.oc1.n,:o:‘. of Lenpe Carnlers. the N..L:cmul F‘e(lera.'.1'-n U: Ruml Letter C:‘r:*ers. and me An‘ Una Pilots’ Assoc-mtxuu He also has a with dI;a\\'av] CdI'{l from me Elecnnal workers. And sates of other 1.-aue unions hav c-\\'r1tL,en him letters paying glowing tnbu_Lo to lus at1\'1t,.es .u Cun- gvess. He was one of vhe o-1Ls*.1ncl-mg sup- porters of me .ux~u-I.dnwnt.a w1(}emng '..he so pe uf the I~rr~x:muve Inspvcmun Act. He played a pmmmen: part .1\. helping defeat tube. .~n‘.-srnke prcxjzguon oi ‘the Cummms—E‘1.rl1 law Blble study. hymu study. h:u1<1'.v<.1‘k. :eucly of worslup and smlper-vrzccl re- c1ve~xt1'.:n are given the g1'e:nt_st‘emph‘a_s1s. Girls at ‘the local schocl are {£130 taught =£wmg and iunut and ‘the boys car- pentry. Classes are held {mm 9 a. m_. to 2 p. m. A-1 the beginaing the daily service period will be fr-rm 3:30 a. m. to 8:30 a. m.. New Y-or-k dz1._\1ig!u saving time. corresponding to 9230 a. m.—2:.'}0 p. m. in Cape Town. Later it is hoped to extend these nmxrs. Sheas Hippodrome F31-Icley and SM.u1'ds\v. July 22 and 23 t'ix_e program M111 include Joan Be1m_c:.t in \The Trial qr Vivian Ware\‘ For Mead has never voted ‘‘wrong'' on any '1eg;slan1c_>n concerxfung the workers and iamnexfs of the \mule fellows‘ um geneml. H_Ls expr.~:,'u-nces m. a rHJlr(:Jd worker gave his the uppormuuty to learn Lhrouugh actual L-xpertence. thexr prob- lems. llcuula ( uuv nluee Clive Brooks and Claudette Colbert ma co-featured for the mst tune on the xzmen n \The man igmjn Yestexrday\ whnch star-L_s Saturday at, Shears Hippod- rome. Othexs in the <z=st- are Charles Boyer, Andy Devme. Alan Mowbmy. Cre- ta Mayer. Yalt. D‘.-\vnl1. Bzuvnam Leongsyd and! Cnautard and George Davis. Added subjects and Henry B. Mmmagh at the grand organ will round out. the progx,-am. “The Man From Yesterday\ is unusual in that. 9,!-though Brook plays the um role, the isnot on the screen ¢lu..ing any or the middle sequences ad’ .t,he d_raxua', Charles Buyer. the European favorite who nuns his American sreeu. bow In ms pdcture. A ‘war Iox'.'_\ar.ce 1.‘) re- iulh in whllrlwlnd manyxage lb: Brook and Miss Colbert, one hour bemre Brook B called to the 1'x;on-t. Bmok ls shell\ mockcd and, irncnrrectlv. r.=pnm;e<j dend Corbett as Mme rlys by. ans in love with Bayer. Years pas: beture L: «.2: mu: hi.» Dolbent, each mm:-r. :.;.-.g. :. . madly in 1_ove \v.:1u ha 1.; x... .u, ERLANGER PLANS FUTURE ATTRACTIONS Previously only a single African cit)’. Ceuta in Spanish Morocco. could be connected with North American tele phones. this connection being by means of cables spanning the Strait of Gibraltar and lam: wire links to the radlo terminals in Great Britain. On bl1}S for xvorkmcxrs compensat-lon. mothers and wxcloxvs pcnsxons. shcrter wc-rkaay me-asuu\es and all legtslamon of n progressive ‘13‘.t1IL‘. he was aiways \right \ He snzocl v\y labor 100 percecnt. rlux-mg the long over the Ho'.\'el1— Bzukley bm Mead is now chu:rm.1n or the pom-rtul House committee on Post Office and Pu.-it Rcaus As a member or that c:m- comn1dt.tec for 12 yeum he has champ-. aoned all Xeglslatlan tor shorter 1101113: and 1ncrcaaed pay fa: postal service emr ployaa. BUSINESSMEN BLANK “ TONAWANDA LEGION‘ Theatre-goal‘: are assured tr. splendid xepresentzawion of dwmat-:0 atbracnzonn nexn; season through line forxnntaon Q! the American 'I'kxe:1tre society of Burma. which will work in qonjurmtion wfltl1_ the lmt-iunal o1'guniz:1t1ion 9! that lmxrie whi- ch came mu; being -a mw weeks ago win: the virtual merger) of tho ~l:qakh'1g othces o! The Thaeme ‘Guild. me Messrs. snub- Qnt and the Erlanger Amu.<.ement Ent. r- prises. The sand:-n will .begin1_1\. October with \The Pure in Heart.’ a '1‘heatre Guild production at a play by John Howard Dawson. in the cast 0: wlxicix will ‘be June Wwlkevr and Osgood Perkins. The ~nt‘t.mcl;lol_1s will play at ‘me Erlnn;._cr Theatre. ave other pl «ya. sail lye select.- de. will be included in the season, The Luokawannu Business Men sccred a 4-0 vlc-.tc|: over the much touted Amrlca-n Lgegzon aggregation of 'I‘01L\' waxizla on the 11tte~:s dulampnd Sum.l_9.y afternoon. Mead was a \railroad man“ when he was 12 years old-—-'.vm'kJng as a \v,u:er boy on a section of the Lackawanna at Buffalo. It was natural tlum. he should start his career on u ra1l:'oac1—m.» 15 a mu: generation :'aH_road, family ICALLS ’PHONE SYMBOL OF THE MODERN AGE 1t. was A mp and tuck go mam the tune _the rust ball ms f umu zhe mun Inning when rthe locals n-wxvzd Baker. the Tonuwunua pitching ace. Icr three h~us._ wxth the result. that two xmmltexjs were marked up on their Mule 01' tlhe score sheet .1‘:-fo1'e the Lumber- 3ack's huxler t.!gh‘.ened up and toss;-:1 out two men to xeure one side. How- ever. the Bgxs ! led by S and Vlkvr and Sears got their bets mvo pluy again in me sevemh ami brought In tu\'O mole runs to cgmplete the scoring $0‘: the clay. On his ramher‘s side the Meads and the 0‘Neil1s were x':nh'cgAder5 in vanous branches or the service. The name was true on the mother’: si ‘where the Kelleys earned ‘heir deny bmad by ‘wc1‘k1n\ on the :.v‘1road all the '..ve—- long day “ He Izsuxexed the ‘ow granting the 44- mm! week to letter uurlers When that measure was em\c.e;1 the Buffalo Lener Oan1ers' Union \.3.m(d their local the Janxcs M Mead Lodge 'I'h1r.ugh..:ut. the. rressm clepressun, Mcml has been bammg xncessanuy for F ! relu.-I to the ‘.r.~*mployed, puhnc wurlm mogmms and other nmcasurea to Iurnishr Jams and relieve suffering H ms nu u,m-e1e.n'u.:, I: eat wage re- ducwns and .=.r.m.- v.‘ hs mos? ouc- utandmg speeches .n the House recently hhvn been against prc/pastas to slasn lh pay :4 govemnruent xmrkers Writer Points to Increase in Its Use as Index to Our Nationa ztharacter “America's greatest ttrne-saver\ la the term upplletl to the telephone in an artlcle by F‘ D. l\lt;Hugh ln :1 recent Issue of the Solentillc American. The author declares that the tele phone has come to be almost as lm portnnt to Americans as speech Itself. and that It Is one of the outstanding symbols of the modern uge..tor but [1888 and industry could no more tune tlou without lt—-properly and at their present teu1po——than they could tuur tlon without the swift carriers of corn merce. 1\1ead's rather was 9 soot-non for:-n_mn on the Lacka\var.ng'-. \Jlnfs\ mcuuars. uncles and cousins are mum! in all b_:-anches of the serxme. Jchn was 1% fireman and pres-Idem of a B of 1.. F‘ 8: E. lodge Twu mhc-r brothels vure trzumnen The mibsrmptdou pl-an. lnmroduced to Buffalo by The: Tlxeatte Qulld. wlll be rotuxlnezl. Subscribers. as rezjetofare. will be given preferred seat locntzlon not less‘ than .b.:x-amce pglces. Mrs. Pascal Fran- chot. wlll be the mruvgng director of the Bufmlo soaleby and already ls reo.:l—- vlng nppllculvlons fox: subsnrlphlons 1:: her otfflccs at the E:'l:mger 'mle.ltl‘L-. other plays will be selvcted from a lnrm prospcculve list and me names or that-e chosen by me oonunlttoe wlll be announced In good mm). However. Buffalo -ls assured of a lull season of ex- cellnt attructlons. I3 mm‘ between duty 1. : ' unknown mun. ;m: L. n denim for h.«[)DaL.LL:s \\ In em . 3:09): is sum as inn In I ~ - uf 9. role which is not mm: M - .-\ since only recently '11: c,l.;.x.u1 me u .. -. drab in \shxmghax F.xp:css.\ Muss Colb- ert ‘la seen as the, nurse whom he marries in the hectic mat hows ‘of 3 leave of absence in Paris during :1 bomblny mid Andy Dev-me also has an lmuwrtzmt: role um-wcnng the comedy moment as the pal 0!! Brock. The notion of vtms drama ieqxured an excepl.l0_nn_I xuuount or well- nieal talent to portray. The scenes dual ewlmy with the war and M1:-t-ime Pm-lk, then mvltch to peacetime Paris and n Iucxqtioxx spa: in the S\v‘;ss A_lp.-7. Grzynh. Iwlth two smgles guul Sawick oi Lablutwunzfs. and the Baker bays. pitches‘ and catcher for the losers. led ln hinting lxoxtom for me day with each having a two base hit to ms cre:1_1_t. Vlktor. F.k. Jamot. Urban and Sears each contributed base hl-ts for the bane- M at the locals. I-11:. on the mc-zmd [or the Bu:l.nesslm\n, hurlecl 9. mmgnp game. s1.zlk.u_1g out nine. walking on}: and ullowlng but two hits. The Busm-assm’en will cross bat: with the Laclxmvunxm Aces Sunday afternoon M the Suxclluum in ‘vlxxm. promises to be l Class A ball gum-.=. There was a b.-wt 1m1.,:11'upt.1on to his conmnuzxus servxca with the Bethlehem S‘!-cl Company Nb man m the employment -:1 the ecmpany c£eserve~:- 111;: pension more than Mr 1\-Iemberger He is a real \old tuner\ and 15 cue of the few m-n “ho ;~aw the f|l‘.‘t nv cblast (alt.-aces blown m back m 1902 mm 1803 Such lrng and fuwhxul v.='.\uce cartaxnly u'c—- sexvvvs recnnlpence mu! the L.uc1-zwmnxm News jams with in snwny frlsnds m ex- temhng congrnzul 1: .cr a Banana Cream a New Frozen Delight Telephony. declares the author, with both wire and radio mediutns at its command. represents our most e means of East communication. and the degree to which it is used in various countries should be. to a certain ex tent. at fair index of national character He also points out that slnce mat llrst began to utter intelligible sound: he has felt the need or methods or send lug his messages‘ to distant polnts nnn or disseminating willely nis Ideas for the edl or information 0! all He has progressed through the com munication eras of drum. smoktv and courier methods. to the telephon- auti the promise or television. He ex plains. however. that television. whet mutle commercially practical. woult appear to be an adjunct ratlior than 2» competitor 01‘ voice counnuulcation The signillcsult rlse in the numbe- or telephones in use in the Unite: States since 1376. is shown by the far‘ that not until after 1900 were there as many its two telephones for each wt- or our population In 1905 the tlgurg rose to about live per hundred popula tlon. and ln 1915 it was over ten pet liuntlred. The twelve mark was t-eaclied in 1920. and in 1925 it was well over fourteen. The llguro now is nlmut six teen per huutlrcd population in the United States. Retiririg Member Feted By Rolanl Church LIBRARY CELEBRATION PROVES POPULAR ANY homemakers Y‘ ure looking for ,‘\T‘“« :1 simple. easily ‘ made frozen des- ‘«‘.‘l_i sex‘: of smooth, 6 \velvety\ 193- ~ ture. und dull- \)&* cute flavor. ”—l ' Here is the reel- 1-\- Llml \-.ml.~ the SP.lll‘('ll, bunann u-1'1-um. stirred ice uremns, fruzen nlth vruclml ice uml sult, lmm no meat. In the framing. - sun“-like ptll‘Ii('1(‘S nrv furnwd. one rouson fur this is the lu-utim: into the mixture of tiny uir lmhhles by thv purlulle uf tlm lumd freezer. The \\hippihg 111 of ulr ulsu ox- plulus \\h_v the fl‘('(‘7.t‘X‘ is full when ,\uu mks (lll'nllgll_. lmte-‘ml of three- quurtc-rs. as at tho start. \\'he-u ynu try this recipe you wlll also tllsvo\'0t* that the ve-r_\' small fut glnlnulc-s in r-\'u1-nrutell mllk nu-t just ns min (‘hv nir l-ululxles, in lu-.u;:in-,: tho ice r-ry.~a1uls fr--Iu gnmlug tun lztrge. (‘mum-ruilxl Ice on-uxu nnumfmzture-rs put tlw mix- ture tlu-y are in fm-7v through an lmlnr-:1-ni2'vr —~u mm-lllno that lu't':1l.~' up Hm fat into little‘ ]\.|r. till--2. ll--Inn-.;«-ulxnluun is innum- tnm fur guml tvxtun-. l'2\'up(n'uu-ll milk is lmtnuzunizml In-r.-re it Is .\\'.lll'Il in lln‘ Ilh. Ii‘:-I’ Hus I‘uu~ulx. and lu-tmme it lnm euvh u Sllnunth. (‘X‘I'Illll_\' m_-u‘~l<tx-u--_\‘. it 1% c-spm-Iull_\' m-ll gHl.\x|'.l‘Il for tn.xl.lng_frn7.vu :l1's§l'l‘l~‘, A farewell parw for M-‘rs. Jennie Lnmpkm of Spring street. who 112.’: ilns week for Wellsboxjt. Pm. where she will become the bnlqe of the Rev. Chnrles E. Swe1’engen. pastor of the Wellsboro Metlxocust Eptscopvl clhurch. 'VV'a5 held under «the auspices of me members of who Ilalnml Mathodlrsg church in the zhurch nan Friday evening Rev. Swer- ongen \VcL5 formerly pastor of— the R0- land avenue church here. Celabmung its mm b1rt.hd.u this monxth. the Lnckzmanxma Public library has been excuslng fines for Qverclu‘ books as n gift to us pzmmns. Suggested by the hbrarlans xmd Sp’n\- soreq‘ by the f.1'I.latv.‘s. me idea has been spread through me ‘.1:-wspapers. by ra-tun oy bookmx-rks dist:-nbuuted at me Im- I‘n'ry nixd by one person telling anoilx-,-r at the plan. A brief survey taken) by the llbrnrians Per the period of July 1 to ll slmws than. 163 persons !mV( had then excmecl. and that. tnnscquemly a rush- ing bu:e1ness is bmv; clone 11‘. a u<u:\ll;.' START SAFETY CAMPAIGN ii $1 gl The Luckzuwu~.u:. News received ‘his Man About Town re-.1t.u'.h\g Warner Baxter wlgth Karen‘ Marley will be shown at Sneas Seneca. I-\rmm.' mid‘ Smurday. with nmtlnee Saturday. Added attrac- tlorns. week 9. supply cf p.v~1ors from tlr .-\n‘,- s-nctm Rnnroad .-\.ss\-u‘~..\.L:(\n wk :11 IS conducung ms .\r.nu.-I summer ¢..m- palgu to brmg nbwu. .» reclu. ;on .n the Izumbor of crm:~a.x.; urcndems IL 139- boo':es' ewryrne ‘x iuul the wzLn1.u.g ls- sued by uus assoc;m.. n :n the cause or .-ufety and to Jlmwxe me \ocmxmn precsm‘.mn~ winch are pl1‘.t1.u‘E‘d out. for the bene uf me publx. on then‘ posmrs Sum 1.8 slow down pre- pare to stop. look. .n<l hsten. when you see me mxlroucl \\'.srs~'.ng .s\gn.s, \\-men are displayed a. .1 2 .i. <2.st.uuse f'n.'\ every crxssmz An sup If \'1; mu! a tram wmsue 31‘ ;f M13 uf tr:-.9 \-‘no - devices wed ‘bv -.u-.1 «ads. warn .' tlw npprm<;‘h of 9. ‘.r1.:\ .!.=.1.u1.l.11x>,.s. Ho1me§- Anita aP'.;_e ‘and Wal- Mrs. Lampkln was ». well known resi- dent of 11115 city .130 for the p;L»1. five years hgls been pltmlst and choir lc-max‘ -31‘ the R:-luncl church The party was tended her under the dlrection of Mrs. William Sadlcr. nssimc-ml by the L I club and the I.uadie.~: Aid saclc-ty. Shea’s Buffalo Beginning F‘1'l:la.y For Six Days Only! l£l'l)\ \'.\l.l.EB and his Coxmccm-ut Yankees with stm'.=. of George WhlW‘S \Scnm1'\1s.\ m.'*lucUng ll.-\\’ IBOLGH-‘.|l. Jl'Nl-I \\0lt‘I,ll on the. screen \.\.l\l(I~) .\l|~} .\ S'l‘.\|l\ with JOAN BLONDELL. STUART ERWXN. ZASU PITTS, BEN TURPIN. Many heauutul guts from the con- |>1'cgat.lpn \ve.1'e tvndt-(1 her by me Rev. Wlllmm Amuld. ;n‘:sont pastor of ‘he- church. In nppre('mm~n of her m-.m\' years of mlthful :.or\'1cu tA\m\'- as organ»- ism nnd chum-h \-.vm'ke) Tmsts Ln he‘: rumrc hnpp.ne:->5 wow proposed av Wil- lmm Sndlex. Mr»: (.‘lm1'l<~s l\vm-.un nud Mrs. /mun. Prior quiet xnumh The rmxoum. of money excused to date was $78.26. wlnch IS M1 1'lH‘|0l1l|I [!1‘04\Lr1}‘ than 15 (‘VPP 2‘(‘C£‘l\t‘l over the (leak in ma mm1th.s Oz‘ ah- lli3 {mm r‘<mIs(=.<I. r:-Is‘ 3 werv: <‘h1‘.dre.n'« \mder esphm ‘!l‘utlf‘ M.m_\' bm*:m\‘e:. hmm (‘\pI'r:s€etl L-hez; nm):ecm1...m nf ‘he fuvor. uunxlttsimz ‘hm? lzhov had '..J:.v<x ton they mvocl .1 fzvc. or lu'.d('1‘ ;‘l‘:'sm1t. huslnt-ss. «onduht-n \\~r\9 tmuble II _n.\\' It Mnnv so<‘u.;n,: znrds are mum plzyorl A c n=mon(‘o o-\: in-‘ been p1.\.r<l 1:. rlw {rum w.st1lm1c- (-1 the lxbnuy. M: -r» tho public 1% mxm-cl 1:. clnpu.s.1: any \-.yl Linn-2: \\11:(‘h ma‘; .1-\'(- .-lruycd [nm in man-.). nnd u is ...~.-.m‘od that. u que.a- pom will bv nskacl Every year. e=;».-cmllv during t‘~o sunmxcr months ‘umxsmuls of rn.tu'=‘ zre kxllml and m.n~v In re 'mm1s.m.-s m- ]\u‘(-(l an! no small pervenmg:~ cf the t.xtum..es are \uu~:u h). (-‘\~:.n: a:N- (lm-.L-. Sn 2: \v.nl -. run: U. u-* any rurm nnu muse on’ ‘he lm». of .1 can; it“ ~12-mx.u.~ n 11:11:. :1 M bu: heed ‘his \mrmng‘ .mcl us‘ 4 !.\le c.u.n'.un at. nu mxlvvml cms.~xm.r~ \‘.1..L ‘.1 the otxher hnud ‘xi. might nun-u-.1 Um‘ _uu ml) ho .\h\'e and !\.\pp‘) I~r Haul)‘ move ‘,‘c.us yet. Tho progruln for me waning m<'1u(h=(l ~1(‘1(‘ct~lulIs by the vollng lmlics qunrln‘. mm l‘u\.]lul[‘ll with Ihn 1'o.\c1ln. at n pnper by lulss Ch'n\e S:n(lle1'<tf Euscloll Shea’s Century LONG DISTANCE SERVICE SPEEDED BY NEW METHODS llieglmxlng S-.xt.urdny. 5 R. K. O. Acts. I-Icxuled by LOCAL CLUB PLANS ANNUAL -OUTING Tlm must dlllk-ult l_\‘[u- of long dis lance telephone call In hzuulle is that which has to be switchetl through more than one intermediate o In order to rcnclx the called pomt. In the past few ,vo:u's l.hel_'E' hm hvon :1 mnslnnl lluprovement ln tho .=c-twice nu this type of call. In 1929 the spevd or cumpl-~tion on lhvso (calls ml: almut. wglll. 1nim1le.<. In cum)ml'ed Milt {U1 avur.:,'o of l\\u uud mte-hall’ nnlzmtm lur all Lung‘ dis lnnco cnlls. .-\t 1111- tmurnt true the 5}lPL’ll on calls stxit ! Hll'(~'L,'l1 tun or morn lHt0l‘Ylll‘(”4\l\ (Im.t‘s' is nlmut l'uu1' minutes. while the ll\'ul'£1'-.'-' for all lune. <1:-stance cal): 1= ;llw‘.ll Sm - ‘C-Ollds‘ Thus. in the short tune ul um years. an improvement of .'.u prr (‘PM in thr- speell of hnndllng tlw.~'«—- multl-~‘\it(-110d (‘.xll.~‘. has hm-u Svllll\ 1. 'I\l::\ l.'npro\,‘e uncut has been brought. nhnul l:u'golv tllruugh the lnlroductimu uf‘ ln-‘tier on urntlng n1t\t.houls. l’ropo1'tlouate lnnn'ovc:ut»:wx in ac- curacy nml trausxnissiou on this type of call also have boon made. Banana Cream Star of Ziegfeld Follies HAL LeROY Flues will be o\‘<‘um»:l me c-.uLn'e momh ofJu1§'.nfLor Much dnze mu-.3 \\—.u again go into (‘lieu uzul Ln:-.. Iran. 101%.: to (lute must be paid I.-:' Abn. xx. Lum- xlms win 2 fmc--. ;n> 1-u‘;.=.'..'-.mlIn: all the ou.rcl~ will be mm in nu! :.br.n-«y so 1-h'nt (hr c-mv*r~ innux “:11 be .,.(- p1‘1v(;¢l of |)~l'1‘.m‘.l E; p '.\\.l£.L:u:a nrlr--~ lzncs nro mu-11.4-'1 ‘hI~ xuux.'..<h 6 lurgo bananas 2 -uI'< o\':\1-o- rah-d milk (‘house 1'11-0 hmmuus. fin-umva pm-lung: um! utusmo flhruus 1-on Hun. I'rvss hnnuuus Ih1‘uup;h a lime 1:. the n...:~'xl «I (‘1'us.-111,; -1001- ckms on \n1ex'.. '1 x..lruu.i.- fo.‘ 1931. Nunxber .1‘ me. I--;-.' -11\0 pcfwulla 21.11- c-cz. 1811. pu~<m‘.-. 'n|'.ucd. 4--5'1 And——-on the Screen Announcement was made this woe}: than su'x'm_1gm1em.«. ..1 ‘bemg cmnpletitl for mu :.l.\'(.l| .um'.un nuung of th: Ful- loyamp Club of LuCk.x\'.'u.u1m \-.hxcln wxll be -heid ..hLs year at tho Hnmbung mu- grouuntls on Szmmlay. July 23 STREET OF‘ ‘W01\IIEN\ KAY FRANCIS runrsu <iu-\v. 'l'ln-.n- shnuld he ‘.3 cups pulp, Add mill: und stir unlll ' \\(2|1 11}:-IIIIPII. (‘n-ul. I“I'I~I-/.9 \\‘It.h :1 ml.\.l.1m- of mm x-:u't 1‘:-ck, amt In c-lgzht 1-arm ¢.rm'lu-.‘1 In-. hy vulume (nut. \\ui;:ht), \'.ie-Id: 1 quart. 1-\1-nzun ul«~~\u-ris mm this our- ]I!‘I)\’hh- :1 :__run(l puI‘l|.m nt’ tho fond 1':-q'.xil'«-llwlxls u :1 lml.uu-ml meal. as \\ 1-ll 11>‘ iii‘. ul'li%H1' vlimu\. Thuy nn’m' :1 pl:-:x~.mt \\-.13‘ fnr mu entire fumiL\ In \I't‘lll‘(‘ .1 |~.u'L ut‘ the milk it nomls alully. ' ROLAND YOUNG Among 11:9 feature: being p1'.111I\0Ll fur the occamun will be (-ard gunxvs. m*u1,:e and pc-rlro. JLl[(l_()l)‘.‘ xl.unmn;: ml (1 pm- grnm o1 urLhlvt.1¢- r-vnms, Icu.uu'.nu n (‘11:\l1\_1)1n11=.1\:p hrr--.h‘o:- pm‘h“.ng ‘nu- t.(-st Antrtvl1r.1~ _L;1'ont nt.n*ac|.mn clevlserl for tho U(‘¢‘.'x5|on Is. {he nuuxv-.1y. (31‘eut Suwounrlmg B111 IF 'Y'©‘{.T NEED Shezfs I*Iippodr0,me [.eI'2ei'?1--rad.-I ~‘3a:‘s3;~1- Knvitahons ?'0IL§x‘:r3 Statemen Cmtuiara Exzvel-apes Biilbvvdw GET HEAVY FINE ‘Beghmlng Satur-‘lav. \THE MAN FROM YESTEFIDAY“ -'I‘he Folloxxamp club '15 n soclnl N.- éoulc oru.m=1x.:tm:1 (nut has n. wide :31- lowmg. fvr \vh(=1*‘vo1' the name 2:; k1.o\\n there he bnuml to be public mlcrc-s. The picnic. at Lh 1uo..1 club are fnumus ull over E1110 county. John 01¢-rlnnr-k~. 2.: (11 Buffl.-nu '».\ hum! $50 {or (lrlvnng mmnut um prop . In-onzv “hon .u‘1'::Jg:m.tl vb:-fore .hu1:o Juhn It Plllmn rs (My c-nu‘: Mr\::¢l-\ '1hr mvum‘ of tho Lu. John 1\rIx'\11:. unan of Imftuh. arm fnwu 5-15 for pm'xn1'*.:im' rm uumce.nscd op.-r:~tn1' to drive The men \vm‘e n1'rostml S'.;1\d'a\.y n1v_.;hl lay Dotochlv snmuol 'IuL1.)n mud Leo \\’lCh- mwskl. who Immd nan can upside dmul In Mc'K-lnlvy p£u_'k‘.v'.\y mar Smokes Creek. r with or anything else in (Em p:‘i.-tat» Eng line. co: se in and see us. CLAUDETTE COLBERT CLIVE BROOK RETIRES ON PENSION Adclocl Atu'act.£on BOBBY JONES m \How I may Golf‘ Added Screen Sub}ect. HENRY MURTAGH at organ SUBSCRIBE FOR THE The nuny lot‘-(Ll menus or John W. I-'{('mb«-1':.!(-1 \Vh-) now resales at. 1:1 limit-fzrk .uwnu-3, .'~vuh Buffalo. mil to planted to learn LIN,-2 he has been re- tired o nu pension after 31 yeurs cf SUBSCRIBE FOR THE LACKAWANNA NEWS I-ACKAWANNA NEWS ;- 1-. ~ __ W A . »~.._ ,_ \Riva.

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