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§ 19.2.- ti. 5 r.‘ ,5.‘-. ‘M 1 '1-°.k._.9.\~aI\r;\v‘~. N¢wa...l-u¢ka.w.-nun. _YL-. Thur:sm'uly 1+4.»1‘932 The LACKAWANNA -NOTICE mtnolcr 01,-‘ coxvrm‘-.103 01-.‘ min ‘L.NC'l\';.:\‘-“'AN‘,\'A N.-\\l‘l()N BARK OF 'LACl,\TA!\'AI\'.\‘A 1N THE‘ s'4r».\-'1);-‘., ul-‘ xI':\}' YORK A1‘- ’.l‘-ll,E ‘CLOSE OF BUSI- NESS ()\’ -lVl'X\l*}_ 30: 1932. ‘RESOURCES Loans and ~D1s<;c2uu:.~:, .. .1 -678 648 .13- Qij‘erd1'x_\I7ts 2706. U,. S. Govt. s'ecur1t;1_es 0\vnetl .. 662 065, 00' other Bonds, stocks tmcl -Securities o\vnecj 33-1r14_4‘1_8 Bnnkuxg House 23 000 00 Rear Esmte ‘owned uthf.-1‘ tlmn :bsmkn_1g ‘house..... 10 634 8'3 ‘Reserve with Federal Reserve Bank .. 109 2D1_ 35 Cash‘ and. due Iron) banks 1'12 867 60 Outside checks and 0_thex‘- cash items . . . . . . . . 4 380 3,1 Redemptlpn fund \vm1 U. S. 'I?x'eg\s\1x‘e:r and due from U. S, Treasurer . . . . 10 000 00‘ 011161} assets 39 374 38 payment; of the prmclpal and Interest ‘of szuld notes and in we event that a zsut amount. of such is not: ‘collected rax1d_ on ha.nc1_ mp such_ pu1:pr;:se_ .i1t the time -of mak we next: ax1nua1: Qty buciget t}_1_eI‘e shall be inclucla-d tn; the max-t annual ehudgeut to: we “SC-J1 year ,Januar_y 1, 1933 to December 31.: 1933 a s.\n_1 sut‘£1c1ez1: no pay the prtn.-L clP5|.1 and »1nLeg'es: (f sum nqtes. z\.m;r} dedtctmg the amoum. .50 collect,-:<l and -Padc1_ mo, apply tynereon. Secmoza 7. Sand -ucrtas shall be execu- ted axxcl Issued by tllé Mayor; and 'n*cas-I max of we City zud sealed wlnh me Published‘ Week It ‘Lacluw:nn,I. N. 1. BY THE’ ELECTRID‘GE PRESS, Inc. Business 0ff_-i_ce_, 411 E‘lect‘ric A-venue Telephom: Abbott 1181. < J. J’_.b BARBER, J-z\.. Busin'es,s_ Manaizer THOMAS C. B‘OD‘KIN. {Editor ‘Tue anxuuax méetmg qt? ‘Undon Eves; S.cho31D:s:trlct‘No ‘E In the ‘City or’ ‘BUILDING LGTS FOR‘ SALE--‘Fine building lot: uvonting on South Park Ave.. 'H‘ami'1ton* Ave,, Istearns A-vé., and who Martin road; no in. terest; pmices reasonable; his quire of Michael K;ixme.y'-. 1684 south Park ave», Phone Abbott I887-W. Lac1:a\vaxu1a. N. Y. mil be held at School House Ni), 1 (!:I.!gh Sohoal) on Ridge Road. A_ux,r\_1st -1932 xbecwecu the hours or 3 and -9 c'c1ock p. m. for the purpose or electAn;..j- three (84 truamees for a term of (5- yearseacn. and to bake action on me school «budget for» the school year hegmnxng July {. 1932 and endxng June '50. 1938 and unyvother business 1'hm mu_\' come ‘before the «Official Paper of the City of %La‘cAk«awa-nun who only newspapefpubiislned in the: City nf :Lack.awa.n:na, N. Y. Intared assecond class matter at the postpoffice‘ at =Buf;fa:lo.N.Y. Suvbscription, - - - $2.00 Per Year Advertising rates submitted on application T§I51T\\7R'I.TE'R. x‘opa.xi‘mg. tdbb5n‘s ant; .=rupp1_1es 1,19 -Spaulumg’ an A 0125-J. 9.2, meemmg. JOHN J. MDNAGHAN, cm-1:, t.a Boa;-g of Education c:-rpouxte se«x1n':n'.e.=te:) by the Guy Clark, '3:-on REN'rI‘—b‘urn,lshed‘ ’ nzer. with gm-ug.e. 408 Islecurlo Ave. 7 4,! Section 8. Sgld urles shall ccntrun ‘|'7l,\'.\._\'(‘l.\L S'l‘.\TE,3ll').\\l‘ a recital mm they are lsaued pur=Iu.u'1I. ‘to Artucle '1 of the Genorzu Cxty Law. and such recltgll shall be concluszve ‘evi- —I'\?l1l—n5t ‘be res-ponsifble for zmbts conmtctexl by n.!_1_YDne'bl1t. my mygell. RECEIPTS -KENNETH ROBINSON, L2\cka.\w.1ma. N. Y. June 80 July 7 14; Balance on Ham! July 1,. 1931 ....,._._.. $39'.G7Q.a1 Acaclemlg School 1\'ic;ncy . . . . . ,164,'I'.m.68 lnteresp on neposus ....._..., . ,. . £16.60: Bank Tax ........,............1.4B2.'i8 qenpe or me regulzulty of rthe issue of szwlu axoxzes and or -their vranmty, and shall further: «recw: Qhext in .nhe, 185“? anoe of such notes, ml, 1'equ1:'om.ents of law hgve been fully ‘comphletl with, «lid. no debt or» other llmlt prescmbed by the Oonsnthtutlon or laws 05 the Sane of Lackawanna News, Lackawanna, N. Y,, Thur-a‘., July 14, 1932 FOR RENT on SALE——.S-lnue, £060 Mcxmley Park\vny. Abbot: 0822. July 7-14 4 044 432 '14 Capital stock paid In. . . . . . 200 00,0 00' Surplus vF‘un,d . . .. ., . . . . . . . . . ‘220 0.00 00 Unciwmeci ;_Jra 56 95; 59 Reserves for c1Jv§dends_ conrpixxgencles, enc. . . ,. . , ‘(I5 4_00 03‘ Reserved !_or mterest taxes £51,1.<1. other ex,- penses accrued and Impala) 5169680 Clrgxxlnting notes Qtxtstagdtng . . . . . . . . . , , ._ 200 ‘000 00 Due ‘to banks including certified and cashier}-‘s checks outst_z_mc11ng . ._ 75 579 97 Demruxd Deposits .._. 309 121 41 Time Deposits 911 482 87 -LIABILITIES €£Ei1:t'turt'aI Miscellnneaus Revrmue 1.038 67 Phone Abbott 4597 School Tax 1931-32 381,865.24 New York has been exceeded. Segzuon 9. Said notes shall be sold M. now, STALTER LONG -LIFE Gutters and Conductor Pipe $580.-114.78 E-X.PE'NDI'\I URES for not less than par in the nmruxer nequlrecl by st.M.utc for the sale of bonds. TWILIGHT OF LAME DUCKS ‘General, Comrol .. Instr-uct.lonal Sex'\:1c4-9. -. -. . , .$16;5'15.,61 . . . . .321.'l87 33 Furnace Repairing 435 -EDEN A_\fE.. near Abbott Bow Heating Ose improver_nent in the American scene is marked by tire: passage of the Norr-is amendment, which is already beifore sev- eral states for ratification._ Under it, the terms of the presi-' Llent and viee—president will begin January 20 instead of 1VI'arch 4, and congress will convene on January 3. Thus each new~ Congress will get to work within a few weeks aifter its election. Under the present sy.~'.tem, the old Congress holds over for four-v months. Men who have been defeated at the polls continue to’ make laws. These are -the lame ducks.\ Under the new rule the af out‘ the nation will be randled more steadily and de- cently, says one of our leading magazines, which has agitated for the Norris mendmeni for several years. Opemuon or sent‘)! l’!ant,..,.53.036,67 Madmzexjumce of 1‘lz\nt . . . . . . . . , .5.657 70 Section 10. A copy of this orqlmance and of a certx slgned by the Clty Clerk suaumg the {acts and date of Its adoption shall be pubbishm once prior to the lssnua-nce at such notes In two‘ newspapers pqblislvect angh cun'cu1:1t1ng in tune City to Lackmwuum. Section 11. Thar. the validity or said ‘moves 1m,I.y ‘be contested -(except. on the ground am: they me Jssued ‘Ln viola- tion of the Constmmon) only in an Fixed Charges Debt service 13.(-90.29 126.-182.60 ESTABLISHED I89! A_Ll)E1ll!ll‘)' Agencies and other Sux1dx'y Actlwtles . . . . . . ,.. EYES EXAM-[NED 8.034 35 ‘BY APPOINTMENT 3545.334 60. Total 04}! 432 '74 STATE 05‘ NEW YORK. COUNTY UIF ERIE. as: DR. WILLIAM J. COOK OPTOMETRIST Balance on Hand June 30 ~' \ ‘ .« xv“ ya‘ » 45“ A». , . :- - . '-’-\';.\:~::.- ' -:..~;::;:. . « .-‘;3:§:'E':::=;:§::5. '\ ’=- .~ ' \ ' ,§.,._.. .. A . ‘ V_ _: ‘°<*'~ ..s;m:.:*- ; m.,.\.<-‘-' 1932 ‘44.l80.18 I. H_. J. MOLL, Cashier of ‘the above- named bank. do solemnly swear that ttie above statement; is true to the best of my knowledE_€ and ballet. H, J, MoLL.Gash1er Subscribed and sworn to be_1ox'e me this 7th clay or June, 1932. KENNETH A. RITTMAN, Notaxgy Public 85.5893-I4, 78 acuton or préceeding ccmmmwecl wlt.lu:1 twenty (lays alfter the publlcamlun of DESERVE SOME CREDIT HERE 'l'ENfl‘.\Tl‘l\'E BUDGET . . . . .1932-1933. . . . . this ordinance or as provided In sec~ man One Hundred and 'I‘\Ve1Ve of Article 7 or the General city Law as 1;xmL-ndecl Lackawzmna merchants are to. be congartulated on the way in which they have backed the city up during its present period of “financial embarrassment.\ This city, dependent largely on the steeel industry for its’ prosperity has been hit harder by the depression than practically any other city in the country and consequently our merchants have suffered accord- ingly. But. when, as if that didn't ‘bring enough trouble to our storekeepers and cause them a loss of thousands of dollars, the city itself had to go temporal‘-ily broke, it made things look doubly dark for many of them, but they still continued to “play the game.\ Advancing credit to masy municipal employees, whom the city hasn't been able to pay, and supplying food to numerous families, who are dependent os city charity in order lo exist. asd receiving only vouchers in returs. Of course, the the credit of city employees is good nd of course the city vouchers are gool and the merchasts will be reinbursed shortly for both. But in the meantime, they had to keep their own credit good if they were to yet additional Ifood anl clothing to meet the lacol needs, and that is no easy job under such circum- stances, Our merchants certainly deserve a hand. School Elections and Hon!-0: 9 A. M, to 0 P.,=M., oxcop! lua- hn. cloud Saturdays at 12 Noon. Phono, Walhlnglon ‘$135 (only one omce) I 4 I B R 0 A D W A Y Non mchlun Ava. Iuftalo. II. V. Ql'1'5‘00. ‘Correct attest: JOHN H. CROSTA. TALMADGE IILASS. CHAS. TROW, Section 12. Such notes shall be is- sues; Ln clexxommatsuns of $5,000.00 each. numbered sexually from X to 25. Abbomey and Secretary- Salaries .,.,...,.,....'.!.‘300.00 Tnuant Omoers Salaries . ._ . . , , ,5.5G0u0(} Supt. O1!£ce—~s\1pt. Sujaxy. inclusive. dated August 1. 1932, or such later date as me Clty Tncas1u~ev:- ~sh_all deternune and niatm-mg Decemjbexj 31. clerk's Salary , Supt, Omoe—-Expense 7.00000 . .20’J.00 NOTICE 1932 CIIARLI-‘J HERE SONS COAL. COKE. SOFT COAL. ICI and IUILDIRS SUPPUIS Oltieo: 1340 So. Put, . Abbovt W00 Sfagd: 1234-1248 south Park Ave. _ A550“ I042-J Spreading Taxes Making out Tax roll 300.00 AN ORDINANCE AL\l'||0llIZING .\'0l'l:‘.S IN AN'l‘l(‘lP.»\'I‘l0I\T OF TAXES l‘.\'DElX All'l‘I(‘l.E 7 OF “THE GENERAL t.‘l'l‘Y l._A\V\ efxect ummedistely Semnon 13. This ordinajxqe stun take Clerks to PI-lncipais, . . . . . . . . . . .,5.000.00 The questzkm of the adoption 01 the nonegoing ordlugmce was duly put to a, vote. which resulted as follows: P1‘1,YIMnE Teachers‘ Sales:-[es . . . . . . . ._ . . , 811500.00 Janitors’ Salaries . . . . . , . . . . , . .2D.5'12v.(l0 School Mechanic and Helper . . .4.000.0(J The Common Counll at the Oxty 0'! Iackawa-nna does ordain na follows: Section 1. 'I\h_e City of lnckawanxua elects to Issue notes in untxclpatlon or taxes under Article '1 or the General st -amended in the am outsxc Edward Donowlck. Councilman First}; Ward: John Aszkler, Oouncmm9,n Secs ond Ward; Jgdxslaus Paryz. Councilman Third Ward: 'l‘1Cmflnas Iwhufmn. Coun- c \ I~'ouI_1Q; Ward. “|IIl|l||“|]|'\l[|“‘: &_ Wext Books other Supplies used In Instruction 5 600.00 Commencement Exemnus and Exhibits ................,.....200.00 Anienioanizmbion ............,..4.ooooo Bond Issue No. 2 ...._........4a,'la2.72 Bond Issue No. 3 ....,..,.._...74.8812'7 City Law as amended ‘In the amount, 01 $125,000.00. Sam notes shall be issued In anticlpatdmx or the collection or taxes or the Guy at Lnokgxwnnna (cm the years 1031 and prior ’th,c-rem Iwmch have bgcn heretofore levied and are now unpmd and delinquent ‘In an amomlc in excess of One Hundmd mu] Twenty Hive ‘rheu- sand Dollars (@125 000.00). xom; None. APPROVED BY MAYOR JULY 9, 1932. WAIJIER J. LOHR. Mayor LEGAI: NOTICE Surrogates Corurt, JOHN .1. SULLIVAN. Attorney for mumoner. P. 0. A(ldrcss._ moo ‘D. s. Morgan Bldg. Burlguo. N. Y. June 30 July '1 14 21 Fuel Wsubev 11,000.00 . 1,600.00 THE P1-LOPLE OF‘ THE STATE OF NEW ‘YORK. To Amm Humenlulg, '1‘eo-. run‘ Humenluk. Hntm Humemuk Dar- mourns. \VHE'.REAS Sophia Iaolynskl who re- sides M the City of l..nckmv:_u1n_a. New York. hm. presented a petluon to the B\u'rQga,.te‘x» Court of our County 01 Erie. praying 101- a decree that n cenndx: .n- strument. In writing. beaulng date the 4th day of May. 1932. relmvmg to both Mai and personal propemy. be duly prm-\':(l and n,dm1t.ted to probate as she Lust. Wm and \1'c\=.t4\ment or osmp Humenhlk lube of the City of Lnckn-. wanna in -tzhe County of Erie. and State of New York. xlecenscq. STATE OF’ NEW YORK: 88 COUNTY OF ERIE Light: and Power . .. . , . , . . . . . . . 1,100.00 JrmdItors' Supplies and Expenses .,........,.........2.6!)0.0c Health Service ,. . . . , . . .6.600.00 I_.I~2(‘-.-\L .\'0Tl(‘E I, JULIUS BAJOREK. City Clerk at the City 0! Lackaxvnnna. N. Y.. D0 HEREBY CERTIFY that the fore-going ordinance was duly adopted by the Common Cc-uncll of the City of backa- wunna on the 9th day of July. 1982. IN WITNESS WHEREOF. I have_ hereunto set}. my hand SEAL and the seal of said City this SOME folks think (heirhomcs are protected when they have Fire insurance! STATE OF‘ NEW YORK! COUNTY COURT. ERIE COUNTY. Section 2. The purposes for whlcl-4 ‘said notes are to he zlssuc-d4 are for r.x~ penses for mumtenunte. salaries. re- pairs. current. opemupn and ndmlmstrw tlcm) of the property nnd gnvemmecut of the City payable from such taxes. lloalth Expense .. ..............400.00 Ltbmry Books ,..,...............400v00 Appnmtus Repairs of Building ............2.70II00 Repairs or Heat, Light and Pluxxmblng Equlpmt nt . . . . . . .1.400 (II) Furnltmc .......».....'70000 But what about Buzgary, Wa- ter Damage, Glass teakage, Liability and Plumbing ahd Heating repairs? .1ETNA'S new Home Owner's‘Policy cov- ers alljive of these ever-Ip:es- ent haznxds 4! one urokel Another reason why you should ANDREW MAJCHEREK nnq MARY- ANNA MnJCHEREK.- hls- wuc. Flam- txfts. \'S ANTON HOISEK. and JO.'-‘-El'~‘H- [NE HOXSEK. ‘)1-is \\'.1t and WINCL-‘.V'I“x‘ KOSCIELNIAK. Detenduhts. In pummnce nnzl bxnvlrtuo of a _|uclg- mom. or foreclosure nu! .-tale duly grant- ed by this court. mm entered in th-: Erie Cuwnty (.‘h~rk‘s C:‘ # on one 5:11 any 0' July. 1932. I. :he unclersagncd_ rd‘- orae duly ~nppDl|\L9L(l m this action by such puspo-s'e. will (--«pose for $1119 .'\_uc' sell at Publlc Auction to ‘the mghesl hidder therofo1'. m the ‘westerly vc.~9l- bme r.[ -the Erie County Hall In the C 23- 01' Buffalo. Erle Cou-xty. N. Y.. on the IDTH DAY OF AUGUST. 1932 xx‘. 1! o‘c1o<-k In the forenoun (Dgx_vh,,-ht s1v1n«.: mmol of um’. day. the lfea estate nnd xnbrtqagecl pro=nn.r.es tllrectc-d In and by said judgment. to bo sold nncl ‘n st-1:1 1ud£:me1u; descvlberl as fo)1p\\-5: ALL THAT 'l_R.AC'I‘ OR PARCEL OF‘ Section 3. The maximum rate of In-. texjest which such n-otcs am to bear is Pant-Lime Equipnnnt . . , . . . .. . . .400 00 six per ccntum Dar z-.1mu.nj1. Seoblon -1. an <.on(1\I21on.s precedent. to mhe lesunnce of such notes have been lully complleg with. > Seaman 5 The fniith and credit of 9th day at July. 1932‘ JULIUS BAJOREK Therefore. YOU and EACH OF‘ YOU. an cited to show anus? before the Sur- rogwn-'s Court or our County or Erze, at the County Hull in the City or Buf- Xalo, In said Coumy at Enle. on me 25m 'da_y of July 1932, nt ‘Len o'clock in the torenoon of that '.‘1 why such a de- cree sh_oul(l not. be made. IN TESTIMONY WHEREXDF‘. We have caused tho Seal of said Surrogates Court to be hm-exmh affixed. WITNESS. Hon LOUIS B. HART. Sur- rogate of our snld County of Erie. nt Buff-.110. N Y.. ttms Ytth day of June. 1932 Mgmua.l Tmlmng Taxes Audit .700 00 1.200 00 . 200 00 City Clerk. Jul 14 }E T N A - I Z E Let us tell you how little such a pblicy costs! Emergen0Y Athletics i0.000.00 . 1.000 00 the City of Lnckawnnna. shall be pledged tor the payment. of the prin- clm) mu! interest of» mid notes. which shun cont:-x.:n a recital to that effect. X \ a.C‘;~.‘\ ‘ Insurtmce Gymnasium Eq_1upmm~t- 4.500 00 KLEIN-HEQEDU5 CO. “INSURANCE wm-4 se NICE\ 447 RIDGE ROAD 555.540 an Reduced by Surplus Bt;la11ce...27.UU0 00 82001011 (3. The unpaid and clelmquent taxes or the City for the years 1931 and prior thereto are hereby pledged to the 1.4ACKA“’A NNA. N. Y. 528540.90 ABBOTT 0001 Loss State Money 160‘U00.0l) G T. VANDERMEHLEN. Clerk of the Eur1'ognte’s Court CLEVELAND W CROSBY, Attorney for Pumtloxmer Office as P. 0. Address. Kelley Building. 1038 Ridge Road. Lack- awnnnn. N. Y. LAND 5-Ilttmte In‘ in: Olly of Lnck:1\van- na. Gaunt-y of Ex-lo mu! State 0:‘ New York. and being 1.21: of Great ...1l Nu 'I‘\\.emy-onc- (121) 'I‘o\vnshlp mm 1101. Range High: (8. of one nurm, (‘reek Inrlmn R£‘sI'X'\'nt10l‘l I.-ndu and rIn=.m:1mte(l ns §1l1)'Il\‘$$l0ll 1015 Numbers 'I'\\'(I numlrvd fmv-sxx (256) mm Two 7‘lll1(ll'(-ll {my-s‘ovc~n (257) an alumni on I max) met! In Eue Cotxmy Clerk: 01’- f'r-e under Cover Number Eight hun- ched u-Ina‘!-v-£_oux' (894). PHILIP C. BA}‘cT.H'. Referee School Employees :-on'trlbu1.Ion to Board .. . .....15.00C00 363540.09 June 23 30 July 7 11 .»'nno1u1:t to be raised by mx . .-853 ML 00 Junn 30 July 7 M 21 221 Llii I H. \' SOCIALIST LEADER TO SPEAK HERE. THE. PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK. Tn MA_RIJ:\ GREGURiCI~I ‘WHEREAS N'l\’I\l‘!i'EW ORESKOVILI-I. \-.‘hn \'\:~4:d(.‘.'~ nl rlw (‘In ()1 Ll|L‘kIx»»\qlAlliI_. New Yum-:. hus 1m~'re\ucI (1 peulmn tn the Sun-I-m:.~.u's (‘nl‘u‘, uf our Cuzuny of Erna pvnwng for .: Lurfluu that u cutum instrument. In \\‘l'll'In:. -bmlnu: «luv the 14th clay of Jun:-. 193:2 1-elnung to both men) nnu ])¢'.]'*sull.ul prop:-11,_v be duly prnvml um! nclmnuvl tn px'obr\\:«.- an um Inuslv WI]! and '1‘:-~lum-n1 (I \I()IvIO MII.13\I‘lC‘H nlsv k-- Mu an 'I‘OM:\ MILE- TIC and 'I.‘HOM:\‘a‘ H‘!.l E'I‘X(‘H law hf Mm Cm‘ of I..nrlm\_v.mxm. an the County of Erin. mu! smr OI Nrw Yn (l'!(1('.IF(’(l '1'h9h‘|\)l(‘ YOU ..ml FAPH 0}\ YOU arr» (‘Hod tn slm-.\‘ mus: hf'f‘l‘l IL. Sur- 1‘Ogu_I 5 (.'c.'urt‘ uf om County of FHV it‘ me Cmmty Hal! m luv Guy :1 Isumxlv in 15.3“ Cnu.-trv \i.' Em. on the 1-3! rim of l\ug’1l5l_ 19.1.: .n ‘tux uslmk .. am fcwmumn of Hm\ d.n_\'. why .-«um :1 (10- (mo .5111-«zld Inn by 1u..(h- IN TE.S'II!\I()NY \‘v'HERE(JI‘ We n.:\0 caluscd the Sunl vf s...1d Su|'ru1.;.v.:( .- Court to be hon-Lu In n.f1“‘m-d WITNESS Hun i()I'1S B IlA_RT, Sur- rogate at our saw: County (If Er}: wt Burfnlo. N Y um nmh (‘my of June. 1932‘ G. '1‘. VANDE-RMEULEN_ Clerk of the NOTICE 'l‘0 CREDITORS PURSUANT to an order of Han. LOUIS B, HART. Sun'ogmte of Erie County. all persons having omms ngamst Ralph J. Quale late or the City of Bum‘u1o“clonca.-sod. are hereby request- ed to exhibit the same with youchars meteor to the undersglncd Executor of the Wm of stud deceased at the office of James H. Quale. 2726 Main street, Buffalo. Y on or before the 30th day of September. 1032. Dated March 17th. 1932; OORRINE H. Quale, Executor. March 24 to Sept. :12 Amjon M‘. O1-azlge z-xmdldnte of the Soclallst Labor Party for» govern-or of New York state. will he in Lacknmlnuxt the latter pan of this week, ‘it was an-« -nouncecl Wednesday by oflllolals of the Lncknnvmmn sectlon of one party. Mr. Orange will glv-» udtlrmses Frlglny’ and Snturtlgxy evenlngs July 15 and 16. on the covm-e or Rlclgo mul and Eteevlmvanna avenue at 8 o'clock and qt 2 o‘clock Sunclny afternoon in the F‘1'len(lalllp House uudltorlum. The Soclnllst cm1clldm'.e \vn.:s born lu- New York city in 19055. He xumendecl the (any schools and grnclxmu-cl from the college or the Clty of New York In 1926. He entered the school system that amne- ymw as n tencllcr nnd M, the saxne timo- cowulnuecl 1115 small.» at Touche:-s Col- lege of Colutunbln unlverslty. Ho l'e- delved the degree of Mnsmcr of Arts In 1928. In 1030 no (usoomlnuecl ms studies at the unlver:.1t.y xmd cntercci_ the Soclallst; Labor pally. laecomlng 0. member or that omaxl In Nov- ember or tllmt year. Slno tlmt t7lmL=, he has been uchlve in th an‘fu1rs M} 13110. party xmd la‘ also the author ‘or n pamph‘ let: enbltlecl, \-Economic Basis of Educa- tlon. which deals with the principals of the pmity. JOHN J. SULLIVAN. Attzorm-‘\' for Pmmmrr. Office S.:!‘H P 0 Arldress 1000 D S 1\'[vrg-an Bldg. Burlruu Nvw York July 7 H 21 28 August 4 11 10‘ .\ 0'l'I(' I2 ‘I'll (‘R l'Il)l'l'0l§S Pl'RSUAN'I‘ to zuv order of Thu YOUIS B HART. hwrogaw of En\ Pmum‘. nll per.son.- hnvlms cmxn-a nmzn-n. (‘;mm'xue Zjwmf. ulso known as KIIl‘n‘l‘:l 5- Zxupf uncl Ixvtzxo Zmpr ink of «h. Tun: of Nul‘.\.\ Cullins (lt’(.‘(‘I|SC'('|. rm- hm hv rc=u11Im(l to r=:u1ll)m the same \v1‘t:h \-«.ur~Im-s z.I1:=re-0'1‘ H’ the 1xI1(lm‘.~.;:nr.~u Exncmms of the “\11 of .<..ud (lvuz.1.st'(l :1! Um uf11(‘¢- nf (hr A_tLomoy for stud E.\'o(‘11b.J1'e at 1028 R:-lge Road. Lack‘.- wmmn, N Y nn 11' 1‘:L'IDl'(’ the mm d.-._\' m‘ Duconuhox’. 193‘! Du‘.-(I Juno 6. I032 Hemv Enwrllng. (‘!arnnco J C-ler. Ex: - utter.» John R. Pllllon. A‘ttm'ney for Execu- tnrs 1028 Fudge Read. Lacka\_vann.1. N Y. June 16 1.!) \Dec. 15 \ ' \ IF you wan; ,5 5» what you i want when you want‘ it-in the printing line--— WE HAVE IT!

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